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graduating and anxious
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Hey /ic/,

Fine arts painting major (I love it to death) going out into the real world in May. As obvious as it sounds, it is frightening to know there isn't a 'job' for fine arts majors. A toooon of "experienced graphic designers with 3-5 years of experience."

I am interested in design. I know /basic/ photoshop and illustrator and a little bit of after effects. I /can/ draw digitally but it just isn't as natural to me as using a brush. I don't want to get another degree, but I am interested in taking more classes or something towards the digital world ($$$).

I dunno. Anyone else graduating soon? Any professionals with advice? anyone? : (

pic is a mastercopy I did this semester
that painting. kid, youre fucked.
Your degree should open doors for you as far as like, graphic design and so on goes; you'll just have to make a portfolio of some sort. As critical as I am as far as degrees use when pursuing actual art jobs, a fine arts degree sounds great for a normie job like that you can do while daydreaming about the painting you're going to do when you get home.

all the normie jobs want experience too. I know this sounds stupid but how do I prove that I can use Microsoft Office Suite?
to add on, I guess I'm stumped at "3-5 years of secretary experience" -- I know I can pick up basic office software, but not necessarily how I go about it. do I take a class for it?
fine arts major here. tho currently taking a long break and making up for lost time (for my personal project shit).

i know that feeling but you gotta suck up to digitally painting shit and graphic design. get used to painting. or i'd suggest finding right brushes or roll with corel painter / sai paint tool.

first of all:
don't let fear and doubts fucking get you. that's my biggest horrible mistake for delaying my job hunting for almost 1 year. now im getting back on my feet from my shitty depression. im not worried about not being on the same boat with others, what matters is getting better than i was before.

>do alot of digital shit, not only just painting but also illustration. you can do it. create shit for yourself first. then they'll come to you.
>do alot of traditional paintings. market yourself out on facebook.
>GOOGLE ALOT about what stuff you wanna learn in digital world (graphic design, 3D and shit)and make yourself a schedule for learning shit.
>take some classes in what skill you're in interested if you can afford.
>ok, so if you can prove that you use microsoft office suit, put that shit as one of your skill set. if you're clueless about that microsoft or non-artsy skill, don't let them know that because you can always research what you gotta do to solve that problem.

Remember- journey is more important than destination.
google shit first and consider it. if you feel like it's not enough, then take some classes.

"3-5 years of secretary experience" - hmmm
find synonyms like sufficient management/organization, etc i think..
yo what's that painting with the dead guy being cradled by the other guy and that dude's eyes are hella wide and his face conveys some crazy emotion, legit question tho pls help been looking for too long
I just started my masters degree in fine art - where im studying we dont have to choose a major. my biggest advice is to attend lots of exhibition opening and events. One thing i;ve noticed is that the people who ATEND EXHIBITION OPENINGS are the same people who get shows. I hate to say it but its as much to do with who you know as how good you are. Atleast when youre starting out.
Crap, sorry for bad spelling etc in last post.
hey seriously guys you're all smart art majors I'm not help me pls
Can you give more detail about the painting?
What do you gain from your master's degree? I plan to take that course one day
(And noted your advice, imma start visiting exhibitions as i can despite the shitty traffic)
I'm a painter too but work as a photographer to pay my bills, so for me masters is a chance to work within a university environment to extend my skills while I make more connections. While studying, I have access to all of the university's facilities (darkrooms, my own studio etc)
I started doing photography because it was in the creative field and made money, painting will always be my passion but bills need to be paid, I guess thats the reason youre looking to design ect too.
Found it after consulting other art major friend lol, Ivan the Terrible and his Son Ivan. Thanks tho
dramatic lol, if youre into that sorta stuff Goya is good too.
thanks and i love you, full homo.

thanks man.

yea, I've been trying to keep up with local and international art scenes with magazines etc. thanks for confirming my suspicion!

right, skills networking and equipment. those are the reasons I'm considering an MFA too. nice to hear that you're taking advantage of the degree : )

yea, exact reason I'm looking into design. I'm at least of use to college staff who apparently don't want to pay the school graphic designer?? i dunno
no prob, your love's welcomed. appreciated it bro
just don't want you (and anyone who takes my advice) to make same terrible mistake as I did.

ah forgot to add more shit:
you can ask for internships. be creative w your life and its options. also dont be scaredy cat by not asking shit. ask others. what worst shit can they do? by just saying no lol

don't buy too much artbooks, choose which one has most profound shit on you (your favorite style etc)

also dont forget to read good inspiring books (tho i think you saw it in other thread but anyways)
robert henri's art spirit is pretty good
art and fear by david bayles
creative habit

as for guide as artist or portfolio etc-- i haven't read 'em plus most of em aren't available locally so yeah you're better off to research more about it

any good habit books can do tho imo
my personal recommendations + plus portable so narrowed it to only few books
manage day to day
mastery by george leonard

if you still get scared and shit because life's being asshole
'how to stop worrying and start living' by dale carnegie is fucking classic. i tried reading others and this one is better and straight to the point plus it fits in your hand. it may not be art related but it helps alot.

also 'how to win friends and influence people' the title could be better and it's not manipulative shit (unless you want to know how power and shit--> 48 laws of power while this book is more of right manners and shit not to piss people off)
give it a try (dale carnegie's books), it helps when you wanna make connections.

(check pdfs and see if it suits your preference. if it's worth buying, then go for it)

don't stick to one medium, explore more possibilities. what things you can buy can be invested in your future or something on long term

just google more some shit and collect info that interests you. that's what i did so yeah

hope this helps you out. good luck
had it as my wallpaper a long time
love you. hope we run into each other IRL at somepoint and have meaningful exchanges. hope things all go well for you this year!!!
This is probably the most positive thread I've ever seen on /ic/.

Never compromise. Fuck digital, fuck design, fuck marketing.
Fuck getting work. Fuck food that isn't instant ramen.
your brosh stroke dont make sense
your lighting is horrible
your colors are muddy
and this is a study, how fucking horrifying. i am glad i did't go to art school to end up like some miserable and pretentious shit like you.
Post your work faggot. I bet you won't.

I work for a company with like a 70 person marketing department, with 3 graphic designers. I work in a different department but the graphic designers here all had no formal experience other than schooling, and got the job based on portfolios and personal projects they had worked on. Pays not great but lower middle class and not bad for a single person with one kid. This isn't a prestigious advertising agency or anything but they are hoping to use it to step up to a bigger company more focused on advertising. So jobs are out there for graphic designers, you just have to be able to show some work.
eh there's always McDs. you can join all the other peeps with useless degrees if things don't work out.
I have 4 years of concept art working for EA and most companies STILL won't more experience than what I have.

As in "must have worked on a top 10 mobile game or a game with high critical acclaim" which is the dumbest shit every. Unless you know someone in the company, if you don't have those two thingso nyour resume you get thrown in the chance before they even look at your port.
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Op, if your focus is traditional art and want to stay on that track, selling your own work is still very viable.

Grats on graduation. You still have a lot of road to cover, but it's obtainable, bro.

Attend some workshops, toss them in galleries and learn the online game.
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