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Comfy background noise
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This may be dumb, but I can never work unless I have something playing in the background, i'm sure some of you can relate to this, so, what do you listen to? Music? Podcasts?

What are the art youtubers you listen to?
what music do you listen to, why?
Field Recordings do it for me.
Try Radio Aporee.
I don't listen to many podcasts... Only The F Plus and 99% Invisible. I find myself not paying attention anyway.

Music... Tracks like these have me feeling relaxed yet give me a groove to move my head while I'm drawing, if I'm not into the work yet. Nothing too heavy on the untz.


forgot to mention i put music on the background as well usually pandora with music like deep house, some jazz or classical something without too many vocals
Nightcore or Touhou Music is my usual go to. The fast pace is great for me to forget how shitty I actually am. I occasionally watch Markiplier, but most times I get too distracted and start watching him instead. I listen to Northernlion play BOI a lot too since he has a calming attitude and I know what the game looks like enough to not really check unless it sounds like he fucked up.

Used to listen to thisamericanlife podcast too and harry potter Audio Books but I think listening to "new" content is better when you're already past the sketch phase.
In terms of music, i always go with stuff from Hiroyuki Sawano. Or just orchestral stuff in general. And i try to avoid anything with lyrics while im either drawing or doing studies, tends to make you zone out.
As far as podcasts goes i have yet to find anything else than Sleepycast that i enjoy having on in the backround. If anyone has any good podcasts to recommend please do.
Anything really.

The journey and ori and the blind forest osts are godlike. Also, Grimes new album is like sex for your ears.
Aww yea glitch hop my nigger. That's the shit, too bad you didn't post the best artist.

Clementine music player has background noises, only few by default but you can download more afaik. I usually use rain+lightning or the sound of warp engines on enterprise that one is ultra comfy and included by default.
Sycra to be honest
My go-to for podcast bg noise is Mega64's. I actually like to put on speedpaints too while I work, it's comfy drawing while someone else is.

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loving the merzbow grooves

I wish The F Plus kept more of a schedule they stuck to.
Not that you care, but I usually loop this shit.


it's all theraphy for me.
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I love me some portishead
I don't always listen to music when I draw, but when I do~


Susumu Hirasawa

Flower OST
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Vidya and anime music mostly because I'm a fucking loser. Sometimes I listen to thunderstorm sounds to help with the anxiety when drawing.

I'm listening to this right now
Sleepycast or Norm Macdonald Live is good to listen to in the background, I kind of tune it out eventually.

If not that then Eastern music, it's oddly soothing



When I am doing layouts for strips and detail work,I like audio books about half the time,usually well known favorites I need not devote too much attention to appreciate. Otherwise I like instrumental music New Age stuff,Enya or electronica. I find doing dialogue with serious vocal music for a background conflicts with my thought process.
My nigga. It's mindless fun, and doesn't require too much focus on it that might distract me from drawing. It's also kinda motivating because they're artists too.
Mechagamezilla's Mean Bean Machine, Super Best Friendcast and Sleepy Cabin for podcasts.
Otherwise it's Instrumental music and soundtracks.

Some say you shouldn't be listening to anything at all, but fuck that.
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Alright you plebs, heres the real deal.

Adam and Joe

Yogpod (way better than their youtube garbage)

And if you're a true patrician, XFM
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