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First gay experience
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lets get one of these going
>be 16
>mom meets up with the mom of a friend i had lost contact with
>our moms decide to go on a 2 day trip with eachother
>tells me i have to sleep over at the friends house the 2 days
>first day i arrive i see that he has changed alot, muscled, long blond hair
>chat up with him, pretty cool guy
>moms leave
>stay the whole day with him in his room, playing videogames, watching youtube
>he suggests watching porn together for fun
>watching straight porn, we both get hard
>he suggests to compare cocks
>hes 7 inches hard, im 6
>asks me if he can grab mine for a sec because he said mine was really nice
>he grabs my cock and after a few seconds he starts stroking it
>ask him what he's doing
>asks me if he should stop
>"please go on, it feels right"
>gets on his knees infront of me and starts jerking me off
>1 minute or so passes
>tell him im about to cum
>tells me to cum on his chest
>blow the biggest load ever on his chest
>he's about to wipe the cum off
>"wait, i think i owe you one, sit down"
>he sits down in the chair infront of me
>i lube his dick up with my cum
>start jerking him off
>minute or so passes and he has his eyes closed and is moaning quietly
>decide to surprise him
>i put his cum covered cock in my mouth and i start sucking his cock
>he's shocked a little because he wasnt expecting that
>he tells me that my lips feels real good around his cock
>minute passes
>he tells me he's about to cum
>start jerking him off
>let him cum on my face and in my mouth
>i swallow his cum and and i quickly go up to him to make out with him
>make out for a few minutes with cum on our faces and mouth
>we go and take a shower
>we get to bed

We went even farther the next day. Will post in a few min.
>next day
>wake up
>laugh at what happened yesterday
>talk about how it was really nice
>we hang out in his house all day
>talk about our sexuality and videogames and such the whole day
>nighttime comes
>we go in his room on the pc
>put up gay porn
>start jerking off
>ask if can lick and finger his asshole
>tells me that he would love that
>he gets on his knees and spreads his asscheeks
>start fingering his asshole and slowly start licking his asshole (god that was awesome)
>few minutes pass
>dick as hard as diamond from licking his nice anus
>ask him if i can fuck him in his ass
>he's not sure at first (afraid that he will catch something) but i get him to agree
>tell him to suck my cock a little and to lube it up with his spit
>i spit on his ass and lube it also up nicely
>he gets ready and spreads his ass
>i push my cock in his ass slowly
>slowly i put my whole dick in his anus
>he tells me it hurts a litle but im horny as hell so i dont give a fuck
>start fucking his ass faster while he tells me to calm down because it hurts
>he tells he starting to enjoy it more and tells me to fuck him hard
>fuck his ass for like 10 minutes straight at full speed
>he moans and scream in his pillow the whole time wich made me horny as fuck
>tell him im about to cum and if i should pull out or what
>tells me that he wants me to blow my whole load in his ass
>i blow my whole load in his ass
>he screams loudly as im doing it
>stay in the doggy style position until my dick gets soft again
>pull my cum covered dick out his ass and make him lick my dick clean
>im tired as hell and want to lay down and rest
>he tells me that that was the best thing ever and that he wants to fuck me now
>tell him im tired as hell and that he has to do all the work
>he gets up, tells me to open my mouth, crouches above my mouth, and shits the cum in my mouth
>he then roughly puts his cock in my mouth and starts mouth fucking me for a few minutes

>when he gets real hard (he was semi hard when he started to mouth fuck me) he pulls his cum covered dick out my mouth
>tells me to put my legs in the air
>he then pushed his dick in my ass and fucks me missionary style
>hes horny as hell and im tired as fuck and it hurts so i tell him to stop but he wont
>starts fucking my ass as fast as he can while im screaming in pain (his dick was bigger and way thicker than mine)
>after a few minutes it doesnt hurt anymore and i start to enjoy it even more than fucking him
>tell him that i want his whole load in my ass
>after like 10 minutes of nothing but hard fucking me he tells me hes about to cum
>he then cums his whole load in my ass and it doesnt stop for like 20 seconds or something, it felt really long and i could feel his seed just filling my asshole
>he then pulls out and im tired as hell so i immediately shit all his cum out
>notice that he cam like 3 times as much as me
>he tells me that im his dirty little whore than that i should swallow every last bit
>i didnt like it him calling me that, but i went along and licked up all the semen that i could from his bed
>he then tells me that that was amazing and he thanks me
>we then both take a shower to get clean and we change the bedsheets
>rest of the day we make out sometimes but mostly just watch tv and play videogames

This happened like 3 years ago and I haven't fucked or talked to him since because he lives really far away and I don't have much time.

The idea of the two fully erected watching eachother turns me on. Also love the idea of he being so hardcore witth you your first time.

I mean, he mouth fucked you, I have never done that in my first time with somebody
I guess he was just really fucking horny and didn't want to wait.
>be 19
>drinking with friend at new bar/club thing, celebrating end of exams
>nothing to do so just sitting around getting drunk
>friend heads to bathroom so sitting alone
>30ish semi-muscular guy approaches me from side and starts chatting
>at this point kinda drunk and generally inexperienced so any flirting goes way over my head
>Friend coming back and see me chatting with guy, knows I'm bi and makes weird go for it movements before leaving
>things click and realise I'm being chatted up
>start getting more interested and he buys me drink and stuff when I finish mine
>after I finish it asks if I wanna head somewhere else and talk
>get kinda freaked say I have to talk to friend
>he convinces me to go
>fuck it lets go

>leave with him and go sit on some wall in nearby park
>keep chatting about each other, kinda cutesy/flirty
>he leans in and kisses me
>kinda in shock but then kiss back
>start making out, can't believe it
>after about 15min making out and saying how sexy each other is he stops and asks if I wanna go to his
>try to play it cool "sure why not" actually super nervous
>apartment was around 10min walk away so really close he's kinda awkwardly rubbing his hands on me most of the way
>get in just stand there no idea what to do
>he takes control standing grabs me in hug starts making out and feeling me all up
>try to relax and do the same but literally could not stop my legs shaking
>be like that for a while until I settle and relax a bit
>get to undressing he starts taking of my shirt and I do the same
>hot muscled chest with lots of thick hair complete opposite to clean shaven face
>after this lots if rubbing playing with my nipple as I rub his hairy back
He leads me into bedroom and basically lays me down on the bed
>he's standing over me at the end of the bed can see his cock hard in his pants

I'll post the actual sexy part in a couple mind when I type it, sorry for long intro but I honestly found the lead up as invigorating as the actual sec
>sees me looking at his bulge and grins
>reaches down and starts undoing his pants and tells me to do the same
>both get undressed throw clothes away and he pushes me further up the bed and lays on top of me
>start making out and he grinds on top of me as we do
>after a while get over nervousness and start to really get into it kissing and grinding back
>takes that as a sign and starts to move crawl his way up me
>only a bit at first and pretty much presents his nipples to my mouth
>kinda weird and annoying but also kinda hot sucking on his nipples covered in hair but he gets really into it so keep going
>start licking sucking all over his chest and explore with my mouth and hands
>he starts to move again and asks if I wanna suck his dick
>yes please, wasn't too big when he took his pants off probably5in but looked so much bigger when he crawled up over me dick in my face
>start licking and sucking, trying all the stuff I'd seen/read about
>i think it must have been pretty touchy but he seemed to enjoy it kept on having really hot moans and was gently moving his hips as I sucked him
>eventually asks if I wanna 69 so he can get some of my dick
>fuck yeah sounds good any Nerves now lost completely now
>we change position me on top him laying down
>start sucking his dick again
>kinda try to deep throat but always chicken out
>he starts sucking mine, really enjoying it he deep throats and feels good but I'm like wtf sounds like a garbage disposal or something when he takes it
>i'm still sucking and he stops for a bit and asks if I've ever been rimmed
>"nope never, but love to try"
>he leans his head up and starts going at my hole, kinda trying to watch him do it as I'm sucking
>feels so good, starts really getting into it and slams his face and tongue in
>his face and the tiny bit of stubble growing backs feels so hot rubbing up against my hole

Ok typed the rest, took forever since its mobile will post the rest shortly
>start moaning and it just makes him go even harder and faster with his tongue and pulling apart my cheeks with his hands
>feels so nice and then he stops for a bit and goes back to my dick
>then suddenly feel something on my hole again, look back and see him rubbing my hole, feel his finger rubbing around the edge if the hole just teasing
>does it for a bit and asks, "so you want it or not?"
>makes me kinda plead with him to start fingering my butt
>honestly feels kinda uncomfortable but fingering is one of my biggest fantasies so let him continue
>start sort of finger fucking me as he sucks me off
>as he goes harder I suck harder and faster and so does he
>tells me he's gonna cum and asks me where I want it, kinda bit bout don't want in mouth so we break and he gets back on top chest to chest
>puts dicks together and jerks them both off together, so hot I get really close and he starts going faster
>I cum buckets all over my chest and bed
>couple secs after I finish orgasm he cums as well even more than me trying to get it all on my chest
>after that he lies on top of me again and we lie in it together

Was so hot seeing his cum soaked chest hair, and he was really nice and gentle for my first time didn't tell him but he could probably tell I was new to it. Unfortunately left after that after we swapped numbers but was too scared to text and he never did. So never met with him again
If there's room to lie them down on their back I always face fuck on the first time. Different strokes for different folks I guess
Might as well
>At party with friends, 18, everyone knows I'm gay, this was about 3 weeks ago
>Snuggle up with friend I've known for like 5 years, supposedly not into guys
>We end up face to face
>He kisses me
>End up snogging half the night
>Fast forward to 5 days later, at a friend's house for board game night
>Snuggle up again
>Snogging again and dipping into each other's pants
>Go up stairs to host's brother's bed
>More snogging
>Blow each other and jack each other off
>Wanna go further
>Using spit as lube, he tries to enter me
>He's Fucking huge and I've not had anything bigger than a few fingers in there, so he can't get past the head
>Blow each other to orgasm
>Cum all over the bed
>Turn the pillow over and hope host doesn't notice
>Go back downstairs
>Not quite sure if I've lost my virginity or not
It's his birthday soon, so I propose buying some lube and having another try :3
Is there anyway to get money out of this ? If yes how much ? I mean i am 18 , 9/10 body , have never had anyone fuck me .
File: 1347896256345.jpg (44 KB, 453x402) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 453x402
>9/10 body
>no one has fucked me
I mean no male idiot ~
okay so this happened literally last week

>be me
>be sort of socially awkward
>only have female friends for most of adolescence
>be 18, high school senior
>make first close male friend
>he's straight
>oh well
>hang out a lot, shoot the breeze
>he keeps trying to get me to smoke pot with him
>tell him that i want to suck his dick, half jokingly
>he refuses, says he wouldn't be able to get hard anyways
>throughout school year, he keeps telling me i should smoke with him
>keep telling him i want to blow him
>over at his house watching Kill la Kill bc we're anime trash
>my desire for a blowjob comes up somehow
>"you wouldn't do it even if i let you, you'd chicken out"
>he's probably totally right
>but now my pride has been threatened
>"you wanna bet? I totally would."
>"....go close the door"
>holy shit????
>door closed
>he pulls shorts to knees, and takes it out through fly of boxers
>stripping would be "too weird"
>oh well
>touch it
>much bigger than mine, and weirdly shaped
>feels totally fucking weird to touch another guy's junk
>jerk it for awhile
>doesn't get hard
>the whole thing is actually really casual
>we chat about its shape and size and his previous sexual experience
>he still doesn't get hard
>eventually just puts it back away
>continue watching anime
>he offers to smoke pot with me
>fine whatever
>never done this before
>we go out on the balcony
>he lights up
>take a hit
>holy fucking shit my lungs are on fire
>manage to take another
>not liking the literal inferno in my trachea
>go to his room
>"dude, I think your walls are pink"
>they're definitely white
>things get hazy after that
>eventually I get him to pull down his shorts again
>he actually gets hard this time
>face is now <1 foot away from massive cock of good friend
>heart beating
>open mouth and begin to suck
>holy shit this is great
>he watches porn on phone as I go down
>cums in my mouth
>swallow like a good bitch

here's to hoping it happens again
>Makes mistake
>someone jokes about the sentence
>Calls them an idiot for not guessing it was a mistake
post pictures on craigslist, say will fuck for $200.
internet prostitution.
you can even pick the least gross applicant which is a plus.
People who get money for sex A. know the value of a dollar B. Know their own worth. I wouldn't recommend it for you.
>Be 14
>Sisters 18th in outhouse
>sister messages me saying needs more coke
>friend hanging out with me
>ask friend to help me as theres 5 huge bottles
>walk in to outhouse with coke
>so much noise. People dancing. Kissing. Drunk. Place is a mess
>drop coke near door and walk to let sister know
>"how about a lap dance for your sisters birthday cutie" someone yells
>whatever. Begin to walk out.
>get grabbed by some surfie looking dude who seems high as hell. Repeats stupid question
> tell friend to go back to my room. I decide to do a quick lap dance for sister then join friend in room.
>begin to walk over to sister
> surfie doesn't let go. Smiles and says lap dance is for him.
> grabs me and makes me sit on his lap.
> he has boner. I have awkward boner. He grabs at it.
> undone my fly and flops my boner out.
> his friends grab me off him and let me go.
> go to my room. Kick friend out. Confused about it all.
I'm confused you guys had a party in a portapotty.
Woops didnt mean outhouse. More like a shed. Its a small room detached from the main house
File: 1405471234909s.jpg (3 KB, 83x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pic Related What he looks like
>Be me 15 slight chub and around 5.8
>Mom signs me up for Cross Fit with a personal trainer
>Really don’t want to but makes me because he was already paid
>The day has come and so I eat a bowl of cereal right before he shows up (big mistake)
>Meet him at the door and immediately become very intimidated
>I have always been an introvert and very self-conscious
>Has a nice short beard, with massive arms, toned legs, and a nice face, around 27 but looks younger (looks like the pic)
>Introduces himself and very nice
>Get into his car to go to his gym because I can’t drive yet
>Start doing simple stretches and come to the pass-troughs (you have a PVC pipe that you hold and bring around over-head not letting go working your core)
>Immediately become queasy
>Have to step outside and through up
>He shows up right after word and his very nice and caring
>Continue to work out with him throughout the summer and become a lean little twink when school starts
File: TheGuy.png (231 KB, 276x429) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
231 KB, 276x429
Found an actual pic of him and part 2
>He picks me up from school 3 days a week because my mom works
>I begin to get a major crush on him, he is very nice, caring and a real friend
>Still in closet so in his eyes we were just friends
>One day when my parents’ divorce just got a hold on me and had a really bad day at school he asks what is wrong, so just tell him I had a bad day
>We had become good enough friends so he knew that something else is up
>So he asks what really bothering me
>Tell him about I miss my dad being at home, and mom constantly nagging about my grades, and just not really being happy
>He tries to comfort me and decides that we don’t have to work out today
>Instead we got to a restaurant and get something to eat to kill time
>We talk and he is just listening and being there to let me vent
>Drops me off at my house (usually he just waves, and I go inside)
>He gets out of the car and gives me one of the best hugs in my life
>I can feel his big arms, and strength surrounding me, just making me feel safe
>His huge pecs pressed against my head, and resting his chin on top of my head
>I squeeze back and almost burst into tears,
>We hug for a solid minute and when we stop he just looks at me and says it will all be okay
>Then tussles my hair and gets in the car and drives off
>After that I couldn’t wait to work out just so I could see him
>We had more talks and just formed a really strong bond becoming best friends (strange b/c of the age difference but we didn’t care)
Part 3
>One day about 2 months after the hugging thing he broke up with is long time girl-friend and I was just trying to comfort him
>I usually had around two hours of free time after he dropped me off at home and my mom getting home
>So that day we went over to his house where he lived alone and I was just going to be there so he could vent
>We get to his house and he sits down on the couch, and I go to the kitchen to get him a beer.
>I hand him the beer and I sit down in the chair.
>He starts to talk becomes very emotional
>I can see a tear forming so I move over the couch just give him a hug
>He hugs back and squeezes back so hard I can hardly breathe
>He starts to pull away and I look him in eye while I am basically sitting in his lap
>I go for it, while wanting to for so long I just go in for the kiss
>At first he is so confused and just looks at me
>I go in for the next kiss and this time I know he is okay with it because he could have easily just picked me up and thrown me off of him being almost twice my size
>We begin to make out and I push him down onto his back and am laying on top of him making out
>I move my hand down where I have one hand on his face and the other around his neck.
>He has his big arms around, trapping me, not letting me be able to pull away
>I can feel his beard on my face and his tongue in my mouth
>He begins to lean up and I back away to look him in his eyes
>We look each other in the eye only inches away from each other’s face and he says “I love you”
>I am shocked and ecstatic at the same time so I immediate say “I love you too”
Part 4
>Without hesitation he pushes me down to where I am on my back and he over me
>Not lying on top of me more or less on his hands and knees over me
>I feel so intimidated and yet safe at the same time because of how dominant it was but love it so much
>He leans in for the kiss and we continue to make out rubbing his hand on my body
>He puts his hand on my chest pushing me down into the couch pulls away and we just look at each other
>Then he picks me up and takes me back to his bedroom
>He has no trouble and he immediately is over me again on the bed
>I move my hands down his body to the bottom of his shirt, and start to take it off
>I can see his amazing body over mine
>He then does the same to me
>He leans back down over kissing me
>I then try to flip him onto his back but fail cause of how little I was compared to him I was
>He gets the hint and flips over for me
>I straddle him on my knees and start to kiss his neck and move down to his chest
>Kiss each one of his pecs and slowly kiss down his stomach to his pants
>I then lean back up and look him in the eye biting my lip as I start to unbutton his pants
>He is just looking me in the eye mouth open, breathing heavily
>I unzip his zipper and pull his pants down to reveal his compression shorts holding his huge cock
>A cut thick 8.5” monster that was just waiting to bust out of those tight shorts
>I lean back down to kiss down his stomach and make my way to his cock
>Kissing it starting from the base moving to the tip
>He flinches when I kiss the head
>He start to put my fingers around the band of his underwear and start to pull them down
>His huge cock pops out and lays on his stomach
>I grab it with my hand and lick from the base to the head
>Looking up and see him throw his head back as I start to suck him off
>I struggle to keep from using teeth because it is so big
>He the grabs my head with both hands and starts to face fuck me
>I put my hand oh his leg as I gasp for air
>I can only get one quick breath before he grabs my head again and forces me to deep throat it
>He stops as he is about to cum
>I stand up and take the rest of my clothes off and look him lying on his back
>He leans up and takes my cock in his mouth
>Mine is only around 5” so not that big
>I have to stop him only after a few minutes because I am about to cum
>He then picks me up and pushes me down onto the bed on my stomach
>He picks me up by my hips and props my ass in the air and smacks it with his huge hand
>He leans over to his night stand to get a bottle of lube and puts some on his fingers and my ass
>Once my ass is well lubed he starts to tap my hole with his fingers before pushing his middle finger into my tight hole
>I moan has he sticks it all the way in
>He pulls it out after about a minute and leans into to start rimming my hole
>It feels amazing and I just moan in pleasure
>I look between my legs to see his cock throbbing
>He stops after a little while and asks me if I am ready
>I respond by shaking my ass invitingly and gets the message right away.
>He grabs my ass with both hands getting it at the right level
>I look between my legs and see him start to lube his cock
>He rubs his cock up and down my tight hole, beginning to stick it in as gently as he can
>I start to move away so he grabs my ass so I don’t move and tells me to relax in a very calm, soothing voice
>I try to relax and let him in
>Finally getting the head in I am biting at the pillow to try and cope
>Starts to slowly thrust very slowly, moaning as he goes a little deeper with each thrust
>Once all the way in he just leaves it there leaning over to kiss my neck
>Again asking if I was ready I shake my head yes
>So he starts to slowly thrust so I begin moaning in pain, but he doesn’t seem to care and just continues to pick up speed
>It begins to feel better so I push back with each thrust
>He notices this and grabs my hair pulling my head back to kiss me
>Releasing my hair and grabbing my hips he starts to thrust harder and harder
>I can feel the strength in his massive hands gripping tightly with no chance of letting me get away
>A few minutes after he grabs my body and flips me over to my back with no effort
>He puts his massive cock back inside and I moan in pleasure as he goes all the way in leaning over looking me directly in the eye
>He is thrusting harder and harder with no sign of slowing down
>Gripping the sheets and moaning I notice that this is the other side of him
>Aggressive and dominant but caring at the same time
Part 7
>He then grabs by hands and holds them down as he leans into to kiss me as I moan with each thrust
>Letting my hands go to scoot me closer, and returning to laying over me
>I grab his neck and hold on as he leans up still inside of me
>Kissing and shifting position to where we are both on our side, basically spooning
>He grabs me from behind and raps his massive arm around me thrusting continuously
>Trapping my arms under his, pressing my body against his, being completely dominated
>I can’t stop moaning and he loves it, kissing my neck and biting my ear
>Without effort he picks me up so that he is on his back and I am lying his stomach on my back
>He tells me to lift my legs, and he raps his arms around my thighs trapping my arms underneath my legs
>He lifts my ass up and pounds it with all of his might, as I moan in extreme pleasure
>He starts to moan as well and tells me his is going to cum
>A few seconds later he squeezes my legs and I feel him cum inside of me filling my ass
>I immediately cum at the same time on my stomach
>Leaning my head back I kiss him and I feel his heart beat and heavy breathing on my back
>Only just then did he let me go
>I roll off and cuddle up next to him, putting his arms around me and I rap my legs around his lying there trying to catch our breath
>By that time I was to be getting home soon so I told him I needed to be home
>We got dressed and he dropped me off
>We continued to fuck on a regular basis for a long time
I loved how dominant he was, how me made me feel like I was safe and nothing could hurt me when I was around him. The age difference was no real issue cause it turns out he was into younger guys, and I loved older guys so it worked out.
first real gay experience and I think I may have raped my friend

a couple nights ago I got really drunk and went to sleep in the same bed as him

Me being a drunk gay guy and him being a really cute probably straight guy being in the same bed with no one else around led to me predictably start to fondle him after a few minutes of lying in bed together

he didn't stop me so I got bolder and bolder until eventually i was ripping off his pants and playing grab cock

since he pretty hard I assumed he was enjoying himself so i progressed to giving the world's sloppiest, most amateur blowjob (this would be my first time in my adult life doing anything remotely this sexual with another guy)

I wasn't talking much for obvious reasons but he wasn't talking at all

I alternated between sloppy blowjob and sloppy handjob for like an hour but I don't think he came although he was hard for the entire time

then i kind of passed out thinking I suck at sex and being kind of really disappointed with acting out a fantasy i've had about this guy I've had a crush on since like middle school

It was after I woke the next morning that I got to thinking about the possibility that I may have just raped one of my straight friends while he was sleeping

I asked him how much of last night he remembers and he says he passed out pretty much right away after getting in bed with me

I think I may have really fucked up
> be 12 or 13
> have a really good friend same age as me
> because we lived so close to each other we had lots of sleep overs
> for some reason he couldn't close his door (it didn't close properly or something)
> would sometimes play truth or dare when we went to bed
> usually stupid stuff, like sneaking up to parents without them knowing, etc.
> one night his parents go to bed early
> playing truth or dare
> doing riskier things, like walking up the corridor naked
> out of no where he asks me to blow him
> protest saying it's too gay
> persuades me into it
> he's sitting on the edge of his bed, I'm on my knees in front
> the corner of his sheet is covering his little stiffy
> oh god this is it!
> his dad gets up and comes down the hall
> we leap to our beds, pretend to sleep
> dad goes back to bed
> ask if he wants me to blow him still
> he's suddenly dissinterested, doesn't want to play truth or dare anymore
> we go to sleep shortly after

I would later play turth or dare with friends whenever they stayed over and convince them do gay things with me. One friend jerked off. Another ate his cum after jerking. And it's how I gave/received my first bj

He remembers. He's just to embarrassed to admit that he got hard and let you play with his cock.
Well you're lucky, if he remembers, he must have enjoyed it, and if he doesn't remember he doesn't know you raped him.
>idiot calling someone else an idiot
recent story, as in a week ago.

> Just turned 19, college sophomore
> Going to school for aviation
> I'm 5'7 130lbs, very small
> My flight instructor is 6'4 200 in pretty good shape, best instructor I've ever had, so friendly and really hot mid 20s
> One day discussing politics
> Was telling me he was so excited that they have gay marriage now in his state
> Still too scared to come out to him or anybody
> I came back for the summer and am staying in his apartment building
> one night we have tornado warning, I'm on the 4th floor he's on the 1st...
> he calls me
> "hey anon you should come down to my apartment in case..."
> I go down, we're sitting on his futon, he's wearing pj bottoms
> never seen him like this...
> staring at his crotch, can see cock under PJs
> he catches me
> "so, I guess technically you're not my student right now..."
> I, 'heh' and continue staring at his crotch
> He gauges my responses and starts to pull down the top of his pj bottoms to expose his cock.
> I waste no time and start sucking
> he pulls me up, puts me on my stomach while I suck him he slides his hand down the back of my pants and fingers my hole.
> oh... thats what he wants.
> this point he's fully hard... at least 8" and thick
> I beg him to fuck me.
> Brings me to his bedroom, i lay down on the bed
> he rims me...
> mounts me
> hurt's so bad
> get over the pain and he fucks me harder than I think ill ever be fucked in my life
> cums in my ass while I jerk myself off
> I'm in love...
> Had to fly home 2 days later, we still text.
> Want to go back and do moreeee
That was hot
Congrats anon

This one time a faggot posted a tiny picture I couldn't even fap to on the internet. Pretty gay stuff.
Went to a gay nightclub and ground my crotch on some dudes butts.

The end. Sorry, that was a real one.
> I let a gay man in aviation cum in my ass!
this will end well
he's my flight instructor... I've known him for a year, he doesn't travel like airline pilots do. the kind of guy he is, I would highly doubt it if he's unsafe.
By 'experience' do you mean sex or just kissing a guy? Cause I had my first gay kiss years before I lost my virginity. Which one of these counts as a 'first experience' in this context? I'd love to know so I can share my first story. Cause it's a blast.
>be 21
>never don any gay stuff, but I had thought a lot about it, and it was somewhat of an obsession I had.
>eventually say fuck it, I need to try.
>create user on gay cregslist esk site.
>hit up this hot Aryan boy (17 legal in my country)
> we hit it off and talk all the time, gay site, snap face ect.
>he lives like 50 km away, so we decide to meet up one day.
>I'm on my way to the capital that weekend, so I decide to stay the night, and rent a hotel room in the town where he lives.
>we're going to meet up, and he suggests he just meet me in my hotel room.
>sitting in hotel room, nerves.
>knocks on the door.
>he comes in, hot aryan, peach fuzz on lip, slightly shorter then me, skinny. Oh yeah
>he sits down on my bed, I sit in chair across from him.
>we start talking, small chat cuz nerves.
>phone rings, fuck, it's my boss
>boss is drunk, talk about nothing,he loves my ect.
>tell him I got to go, cuz of hot "girl" In my room.
>hang up, he looks at me and smirks
> :-)
>he motions for me to come over and sit by him. I do and he liks his lips.(ps he is also a vergin)
>I look at him, and we kiss.
>I liked it, and so did he. We paused for a sec, and just looked at each other, and then start making out like crazy.
> pic verry related
>kick off my shoes, he dose the same. Lay back on bed. I start to unbutton his shirt (which was buttend all the way up) He grabs my D through my pants.
>pause, get necked. Make out, he his clean shaven. Dick is big, not as long as mine, but a bit thicker.
>start jacking each other off.
>penises rubbing agents each other
>he gets on top, jacking and sucking me off.
>about to cum.
>cum a bit on him, rest on my belly
>he starts to lick up my cum, and works his way up to my face, and kisses me.
>we snuggle and make out.
>do again after some minutes.
>in total I cum 3 times, and him 2.
>we also end up just laying there watching tv, my arm around him.
>he eventually has to go, and we part ways.
>haven't seen him in some months, but we're going to meet again in August.
>looking verry forward to it

gaysir eller? hahah
har aldri egentlig hatt noe lykke med homofile datingsider i norge, vanskelig å mote noen som er under 35 og brukbart pene
Holy shit you're lucky. Norwegian or Swedish?
moar btw
swedes are my fetish
That's Danish or Norweigian. I'm not sure.
But if you want a real gay Swedish couple(married) doing gay porn look up Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue.
You can hear it in their accents that they're Swedish but sadly they don't say anything in Swedish in their pornos(I thought it'd be pretty cool and hot with Swedish people speaking Swedish in a porn. Makes it more.. I don't know.) Only heard them say "You suck so well" in Swedish in one of the pornos.
>be me, 10 fucking years old
>I hate girls stage of infancy
>My best buddy is my 12 year old neighbor
>grew up with him
>We do everything together
>We were peeing on some neighbor bushes or somethin one day not looking at each others tiny undeveloped dicks
>Neighbor tells me, Hey that is a nice little cock you have there.
>He shows me his pubescent semi-erect cock (7/10)
>What do you think of mine? he says
>Well it is really big!
>Don't worry yours will grow too
>"Mine is big whenever I wake up" I say
>Show me then, anon!
>Do you want me to go to sleep, then wake up?
>No silly anon, I can show you a quicker and better way
>He then procedes to gently masturbate my tiny infant cock
>Get an erection (what you can call an erection at that age)
>You see anon you have a nice cock as well! Do you know how to use it with a girl? He says
>You don't want to embarrass yourself on your first time with a girl, don't you?
>"Of course not" I reply
>"Then you should let me teach you anon, I have been with tons of girls you know"
>"what do you mean?" I ask
> "well I can be a girl and you can fuck me anon"
> how??? (at this point I only thought vaginal intercourse existed)
> " I can't show you here, let's go to my house my mom won't be there for hours!"
>We get to his house
>He then drop his pants, and procedes to stuck a finger in his ass
> "Like this" he says
> I find that incredibly arousing
> "Here let me help" - He then starts masturbating me again until I have an erection
> We lay down on our side on his bed
> He directs my penis into his ass
> No lubricant whatsoever
> Hurts my little dick
> Insertion, Finally!
> Oh God Yes!
> It feels warm and good
> He starts moving as a fucking blender
> Oh God, thisfeelsgoodman.jpg
> "You see how easy it is little anon" he says
> I only nod almost crippled by these new warm sensations
> "do you want to help me practice as well?"
Well, what happens next?
>He then shows me his semi-erect penis
>"Kiss it" He says
>I reluctantly put my lips on his tip
>"No! put it inside your mouth!"
> "Why you didn't do it with me them?" I ask
> "I helped you with my hands, you'll help me with your mouth"
> Proceed
> Tastes weird
> He strokes my head
> I feel his now erect penis in my mouth
> My god this is big! I think to myself
> "I'm ready anon, are you?"
> Don't know what to say, suddenly I like the sensation and taste of his cock in my mouth
> Pulls his dick
> Spits on it a little bit
> We lay down on our sides again
> I want to guide his cock like he guided mine
> "Don't worry, I know how to do this"
> First Insertion Try
> I moan in pain
> MFG! it hurts like a bitch
> Spits in his cock again then on my ass
> Second insertion try
> Success
> Does not hurt that much
> Oh God Yes!
> thisfeelsbetter.gif
> He then starts to stroke my dick while at the same time he fucks me harder and faster
> Oh sweet Lord!
> "I'm gone to come!!!" He says
> "What do you mean?" I ask
> "You'll see"
> I feel something inside me, something warm
> Get fucking scared
> abortmission.exe
> I look back while asking "What the fuck was that? Did you pee inside of me?"
> Then I see his glorious cock still throbbing and ejaculating
> "Wow! what is that?"
> "It is semen you idiot, Do you want to taste it?"
> "Not really" I reply
> "C'mon it is good" he tastes a bit with his palm and then puts cum covered fingered in my mouth
> Did not like the taste
> "Hey that was good little anon, now you know how to properly fuck a girl!"
> "Yeahh!" I said nervously.

>That happened during our summer vacation, we did it again about 3 or 4 more times, then he moved with his dad.

> I thought it was training to fuck girls so I spent my next 6 years, unsuccessfully trying to get a girlfriend
>He came back when I was 16, he was 18 ready to go to college, and he was just visiting his mom
> We hang out, play basketball, regular teenagers shit
> One day I tell him "Hey, remember that time when we were kids? When you showed how to fuck?
>"Shut the fuck up! that never happened! you hear me? If you ever say this to anyone I'll fucking kill you" He shouted at me

I honestly thought we would fuck once again, but after that we never spoke again
I repressed my emotions and went straight for while, had sex with girls and what not
Until I saw a nice dick attached to a hot body on the locker room.

What do you think?
I have been like that but not mean. I just said I don't remember. He might have grown out of it and thought it was the most disgusting thing ever. Idk.
Mine was with my cousin when I was in 6th grade.
well I also believe he grew out of it, but I was actually asking what you thought about my story.
What happened to him?
I just did my first time today and it was sorta bad

>met someone on jack'd
>agreed to meet on his house which is near mine
>he got a cute face but kinda fat
>proceed to his bedroom
>he started to take my clothes off
>he sucked my nipples and it felt really good
>moved on to my cock
>he gave a toothy blowjob which is suck
>i opened his pants
>tiny cock around 4-5"
>he started pushing hit to my face
>i sucked it and he sorta face fucked me pushing my head in and out
>it was uncomfortable as fuck and apparently i didn't like the taste of his penis (or penis in general, idk)
>he started directing his ass to my cock
>trying to put my cock inside his asshole
>i said "wait wait i'm not ready for anal"
>he said "why not?"
>we both didn't have condom and i didn't want to get std and shit
>he agreed to just give each other hand job and looked disappointed
>gave each other hand job
>not sure how to stroke his tiny dick but i gave it a go
>not long he cummed
>he still stroking my dick
>took a long time and i didn't cum
>he said he is tired stroking it
>i stroke it by myself then
>close my eyes imagining stuff and stroking my dick
>cummed only after 10-15 minutes
>we tidied up and i asked about his past experiences since i'm curious
>he told me some but didn't bother to give details
>realised that beside sex we got nothing to talk about
>he told me he is going to take a shower
>i asked "can i leave?"
>he said "sure"
>i left and felt all wrong
>be 17
>sexually confused.
>dated girls, no sex
>attracted to guys, no sex
>try various means (craigslist,etc...) but being too young never works out
>frustrated, finally tell guy I'm 18
>we've been chatting. he's older, heavier but thinks he's god's gift
>whatever, just want to have sex
>we agree that i'll come over and we'll swap blow jobs
>just want to get this over with (first time jitters)
>go over his house
>go in and chat briefly
>ask him "so what do you want to do?"
>"get oh your fucking knees and blow me. what the fuck did you expect?"
>ok. guess i'm the new guy here so do as told
>opens his pants. average cock (would probably look better if he trimmed his pubes and lost some weight)
>steps forward and i start blowing him
>god-aweful BJ I guess because he says "just open your mouth"
>proceeds to face fuck me. my face is mashed into his belly and my nose buried in his pubes
>i'm gagging but he doesn't seem to care
>just used my mouth
>tells me to pull my pants down and start jerking off
>i can't even get hard since i'm gagging on saliva and hair in my mouth
>he's about to cum he pulls out and tells me to keep my mouth open
>jerks himself off on my face. he aimed for my mouth but it went everywhere else
>lick the last few drops of cum off his cock
>he looks at my cock and says "you can't even get hard"
>i'm embarrassed and just pull up my pants, wipe my face off with my shirt and leave.

the whole thing almost turned me straight.
this gave me feels.
I had an experience this (but with anal - he fucked me without lube nor condom even if I said I didn't want to do anal). when he finished someone called him and I just said 'bye I have to go'. I listened to the saddest song I had on my phone while riding my bike back home.
>1st of June
>be me, a closet case who also has a girlfriend
>my best friend (who is a girl) is out of town and so is my girlfriend
>her boyfriend calls me to hang out together, we're close friends too so nothing unusual
>we decide to get drunk in an empty park where no one goes and it's pretty far from any building
>finally get drunk and we start talking about sex
>"anon, I must confess I got hard when I was thinking about you last month"
>we had kissed before, in November, it was a dare, but he didn't need to be told twice
>immediately kiss him now
>we send a snapchat of us kissing to his girlfriend who has pretty much always tried to get us to kiss
>"anon, what's your biggest fetish?"
>apparently we share a fetish for public sex
>"if you suck my dick, I'll fuck you"
>immediately accept, he sits on a bench and takes his pants off
>get down on my knees and start sucking
>it's my first time, have no idea how good I am
>hear him moaning
>continue doing this as well as possible
>feel his hand in my hair
>suddenly he stops me and he makes me stand up
>I'm suddenly naked from the waist down
>bent over the bench
>feel his cock pressing into my ass
>he remarks how tight I am then proceeds to lube his dick with beer
>jesus christ is this real
>a few minutes later when it started to be good for both of us we stop
>it's not fair for our girlfriends
>I asked him next day if he regretted it, he said no
>never talked about this since
My first gay experience:

> be born
>he gets up, tells me to open my mouth, crouches above my mouth, and shits the cum in my mouth

This is known as FELCHING

> you're welcome
File: lick dick7.gif (832 KB, 500x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
lick dick7.gif
832 KB, 500x360

Dude, men are horny 24/7. Finding a man to have sex with if you are 4/10 or above is really not hard. Figure it out.
Same. This made me chuckle.
I was 7 and the guy was 12. He was my brother-in-law's youngest brother.

It was my sister's sweet 16 party and everyone was out getting ready, but it was just me, him, his mom and my mom at my house. The moms were cooking in the kitchen and me and him were in my room.

He asks to show me a trick and I deny. Then we start wrestling a little, just playfully. He then asks again if he could show me the trick, and I say okay.

He pulls down my pants, and I remember them clearly.I was only wearing swimming trunks. He puts his dick inside of him and fucks me for like a good minute or so. It was kind of uncomfortable.

Afterwards I felt really awkward about it as we stayed in the same room together. I went under my bed which had a huge space under it at the time. I remember him asking me if I could let him borrow some of my N64 games.

My ass hurt from it and I went to the bathroom to wipe because of the sensation I felt in my ass. I don't think he came in me or anything, but I kinda felt weird and that was my reaction to having anal sex.

We never talked about at all after that day, although I am sure he told some people about it because I remember going to a party and someone who was probably around 11 or 12 as well asking me if he had caused me to faint. I never replied to it, just felt awkward and walked away.

About a month and a half ago he got fired from his job because apparently he saw the light and started talking a lot of weird mumbo jumbo at his work place. The manager asked him to seek help, but it seems that he also had doctors check him and he was placed in a mental hospital for about 3 weeks. He recently got out. I couldn't help but feel some part of it had to do with me or the stuff he did in his childhood.

I sometimes wonder if he did that to someone else. I also wonder if I became gay because of that. I remember no gay thoughts prior to that experience, but I do remember having feelings for one of my male teachers about half a year after that happened.
And for anyone wondering, I think he might be bi, but in the closet about it. His outfits tell me he is a little gay, but he's engaged currently.
>be 17 at party
>friends with lots of hot guys at party, hot jocks with wearing sexy gym shorts and nike elite socks
>Everyone considers me a jock since We all play football together
>nobody knows I'm gay, some have suspicions
>everyone is white girl wasted
>all I think about it wanted to be fucked by football friends
>notice one of them, dark brown short hair, deep blue eyes, really athletic and hot glancing at me and my crotch time and again (we'll call him John)
>later that night everyone starts passing out, people leaving
>John comes up to me, also drunk
>asks where I'm crashing
>tell him I don't have a place
>asks if he wants to hitch a ride home with him from a designated driver
>say sure
>we leave
>dd drops us off
>manage to get to inside his house
>parents aren't home
>go to his room
>I fall to the bed on accident
>John goes inside the bathroom
>I'm laying on the bed tired af
>John opens door 10 min later, comes out naked except with his socks on with a boner, about 6 inches
>pretending to not like it
>John goes: "oh shit I forgot my pants hahaha" tries to stumble back into bathroom
>start to get hard
>tell him "no I like it"
>he stops
>he turns around and fumbles onto the bed naked
>climbs on the bed and asks me if I really do
>tell him yes
>(this moment I will never forget)
>John says trying to sound caring: "Carter, are you gay?"
>say yes, but tell him to stay quiet about it, assuming he's gay after what happened
>he tells me to pull off my shorts
>we start jacking off and talking about how hot some of the guys are and how hard it is to keep it a secret
>John: "I just want to have like a million friends, you know?"
>I turn to stare him in his deep eyes
>me: "I know what your feeling man"
>we stare at each other
>we start making out
>he lays on top of me, barely can hold himself up
>We make out for another good twenty minutes
>I'm sweaty as fuck, thinking about how I never knew he would come out to me, but had my suspicions he was gay
>started thinking about how hot he is in football gear
>started thinking about him tackling me
>he pulls his mouth away to breathe for a second and I let out a quick:"fuck me man, fuck me now"
>he pulls up and trying to keep balance, drunk af
>I roll over, too drunk to stay on all fours
>he starts breathing hard
>eventually sticks in it dry
>I'm too drunk to care, I've wanted this forever
>he fucks me fast,both breathing really hard
>he wraps his body around me and rests his head next to my shoulder
>really hot part for me, his Nike Elite socks rub up and down my legs as he tries to fuck me fast
>holy shit this is really hot
>we fuck for 15 minutes in same position
>he lets go of his wrap and pulls my nipples hard
>I let out a scream, but it's so hot
>John goes breathing hard: "yeah you bitch, fuck yeah, you're my bitch Carter"
>thinking of him in his gear
>bust a huge fucking nuts all over his pillows
>let out a giant moan
>John: "holy shit... I'm gonna bust dude"
>let's out a super hot man
>pulls out and cums all over my hair
>hottest sex I'll ever have
>both of us shower
>we pass out
>next morning, hungover as fuck
>decide to NEVER speak about it again
>tries to tell me he isn't gay, he was just drunk
>give him hug and goodbyes, never seen again

just share both

I have nothing to contribute myself as of now.
Here's my"first time(s)" with my friend and how it lead up to a blowjob.
>Be around 14 about 6/10
>Be at a church groupmeeting before being divided into groups
>Get divided into the groups we were supposed be in
>See this goodlooking 8/10 guy in my group
>Same age, about same height and same bodyform
>Since we were about 6 people in my group we soon get introduced to each other
>Almost immediately get off to a good start
>Found out that we had the same interests and humor
>We exchange numbers and start texting when we leave the church
>During the next months we hang out almost everyday
>Become really close
>We were really physical like one time I end up resting my head on his shoulder while watching a movie in his bed
>He asks if I could "caress his chest/stomach"
>He asks if I would tell anyone about us being this intimate
>No offcourse I'm not going to you retard
>I ended up touching his body allnight
>By this time I start to develop feelings for him
>Fast forward to New Years Eve
>My feeling for him has grown significantly even though he's a real douche from time to time
>At that time my biggest fantasy included us having sex but I didn't know if he was into guys
>I gather courage to ask him if we could masturbate together
>I Asks him
>He replies "Sure"
>I reply "But I mean like.... jerk off eachother"
>He says "Haha sure"
>At this moment I'm fucking in a euphoric state
>At next sleepover
>We lay in separate beds in his room
>Wait for his parents to go to sleep
>MFW it feels like they are never going to bed
>Finally quiet in the house
>I say "So do you want to jerk off"
>Suddenly he's being all reluctant and shit
>Though he didn't want to do it
>He proceeds to whip out his dick and start jerking
>His dick was about 13cm (5 inches) but one of the best cocks I've ever seen
>My response was to throw my sheet on the ground
>My dick was 15,5 cm (6,1 inches) a little bit longer than his and a little bit thicker
>He laughs
>He proceeds to put on straight porn
>MFW straight porn.....
>Didn't matter I only watched him jerk anyways
>After a while I asked him if he wanted to jerk eachother off
>Yet again he went into insecure mode and I thought he pussied out
>Then he leans back and put his hands behind his head looks at me and says "Go for it"
>I put my hand around his cock and jerking him
>He begins to twitch (he was probably about to come)
>He asks me if he could try it out
>I say "Sure"
>He starts to give me a hand job
>We laugh about how he though it was like jerking a banana (since at that time I couldn't get fully erect)
>We start to mutually jerk eachother off
>We jerk for about 2 hours nonstop since I didn't want it to end and he couldn't cum
>While jerking him he says he's about to come
>Jerk him even faster
>He cums in my hand
>Apologizes and says that it felt to good to stop
>I reply "Haha no worry bro"
>He leaves to clean up
>I use his cum as lubricate to finish myself off
>Clean myself up and joke about what we did
>We laid in bed talking while looking at the stars way into the early morning.

So that's how my first jerkoff was, if there's enough interest here on /hm/ I might write about the time I gave him a blowjob.By the way I see alot of spelling errors but I'm way to tired to care right now. The second part I might do post tomorrow.

sex like that has to be repeated

why even bother asking really

just post it for goddamn sakes
>be me this month
>at my friend's bored and drunk after a wedding
>i look at him and i feel an incontrolable urge to do a footjob
>start massaging his cock
>he laughs it off thinking it was a joke
>i'm drunk as fuck and don't stop
>he look at me and says "we crossed the lines dude"
>start a footjob in me
>little fem feet
>after that i start a handjob
>he replies mine
>he says "whatevs" and starts blowing me
>we do a 69
>after that he just handjobs me until i cum

Laughed and sleeped.
More plz
sad that there's a ton of people that have that level of denial

>dick as hard as diamond from licking his nice anus

r u serious

Captcha: precious kagume
Same guy since earlier here. I'm going to post my "part 2" about the time I managed to get a blowjob and how that played out.

>Mastrubate regurarly for many months
>Still have the dream of us having sex
>Thinking to myself "He has already gone this far he will probably do it"
>He asks me if I want to sleep over at his house one afternoon
>Day proceed normally, play vidya, watch movies, talk
>Night comes
>By this time he has already prepared porn on his computer
>We turned of his screen so if someone were to enter the room while we pretended to sleep they would see anything
>Wait for his parents to go to bed
>Wait another 30 min just in case
>Felt like one of the longest moments in my life
>He says "Shall we start"=
>I reply "Yeah"
>He turns on screen and starts jerking off
>My thoughts at that time were "He can't tell on me if he doesn't want to since we already jerked of eachother a couple of times"
>"Might aswell ask him"
>I say: "Hey Anon would you....."
>Pussied out
>He said "What?"
>Reply "Nothing"
>He continues watching porn I continue watching him and gather courage
>Try to ask him again "I wanted to ask you if...."
>He says "Say what you're going to say"
>Reply "No it wasn't anything"
>Him "Okay"
>Time passes and I realize this might be my only chance
>Just flat out say "I was wondering if I could try to suck your dick"
>He looks at me, but with his usual look
>He's queit for sometime
>He says "I don't know, I don't want to suck any dick OP"
>I reply quickly "No no, I only wanted to try suck dick before I get to old and it becomes gay" (my exact words)
>He replies "I don't know....."
>We continue to jerk of
>Couple of minutes pass
>He suddenly says "If you want to try it out go ahead"
>Then he shifts his body to the edge of his bed
>His dick is now 25 cm from my face (centimeter masterrace)
>I just look at it
>I look up at him and say "I don't know how to suck cock"
>He replies "You'll probably figure it out"
>He says "Don't worry we can quit any minute"
>I open my mouth and let him slide it
>I can feel his precum in my mouth
>Begin to give him a blowjob
>Try avoid teeth
>He doesn't react like I thought he would
>Perhaps he don't like it
>I go at it for 10 min when I suddenly stops
>I don't know why and that is one of my life's biggest mistakes
>He nods and we procced to jerking
>I want more so I ask him "Anon would you like to mouthfuck me since I think that feels way much better"
>Now he just stands up besides me and makes a gesture for me to come over
>I open my mouth and he puts his shaft in
>He then starts mouthfuck me
>Found out I have gagreflexes
>Soon stop
>Continue to jerk of for about 15 min before we both came
>Couldn't sleep that night because my thoughts were racing through my head
>We didn't talk that much that night and just went to bed
>The morning after it was and akward feeling in the air
>I left his house early that morning
Part 2.1

>Couple of weeks later he asks me to go with him to a rollercoaster park while staying at his alcoholic dads house
>Think to my self I might be able to blow him again
>We traveled to his dads house by train and arrive
>That day we only watched tv and ate junkfood
>We mastrubated that night aswell but didn't bring it up
>Partially since I was feeling like I was about to throw up all the junkfood
>The day after we went to the rollercoaster park and we had lots of fun just him and me
>Later that night at his dads apartment we decide to jerk
>We proceed as normally and this time I ask him almost immediatly if he wanted me to blow him
>He replies"Are you out of your fucking mind!"
>I'm stunned didn't expect this reply
>I say"I say you can cum in my mouth if you want"
>He says"No fucking way"
>He went into ignore mode and though we still continued jerking this wasn't fun
>We both came and went to bed
>Next day I leave hours earlier and lie to get out of there
>Didn't talk for atleast 7 months
>Now some years later we've actually been getting closer and closer again
>One problem, he has a girlfriend
>We almost text eachother every day and I think I might ask him if want to jerk off togheter again like we used to

So there's my story, what do you guys think I should do from this point on, any tips perhaps? And I'm not going to bother to check for spelling errors....
Sounds like he's straight
>Making out with cum
I love 69'ing till we both cum in each others mouths then meeting face to face and swapping the cum over and over again.
got a pics of him or you?
>Be 6 or 7
>Playing with another boy same age in his room
>Start playing under the covers of his bed (plastic sheets ew)
>Start playing with each others bits
>I definitely had his cock in my mouth at some point

The memories a bit hazy, I'd actually completely forgot about it until I was 19 and sucked a grown ups dick for the first time. I was like, Hey...... I remember this taste.
I was about 5 maybe...I'n kindergarden and first grade my friend and I use to kiss each other and feel each other up in the play equipment. Later that lead to me and my cousins'/friends dry humping but I've never gone further than that.
That is indeed very hot. WINRAR
>Go to mixed sex boarding school
>always wanted to suck dick
>living in house with arsehole ginger chav cunt m8
>he says lewd things and gay comments
>treat it as banter
>one day think it's serious and stick sharpie up pooper and invite him in
>If he reacts badly say I was clenching it with my butt cheeks and having a laugh
>he says he suspected I was bi and we should try stuff
>ask to suck penis
>he get's it out, not bad length
>suck penis
>enjoy sucking penis
>be 11
>family gathering weekend for wedding
>I stay at uncles apartment
>I wake with hardon - start stroking
>uncle comes - I cover up
>he says its OK and natural
>asks to see my dick
>I show it to him
>he asks how I masturbate
>I show him
>cum in front of him
>he gets lube
>we sit on sofa and wank together while he tells me different ways to do it
>he sucks me while fingering my ass
Allright, have never really talked about it since its quiet hard for me, but I'm gonna tell a little bit of the story, not good at this though so forgive me.

>Be me 13 years ago, barely 20 at the time.
>Sister drags one of her school mates home, she is six years younger than me and her friend is too.
>They do some sort of project for school
>Playing games in my room, I think it was Jack and Daxter.
>He looks pretty nerdy, brown hair, glasses, hair a little bit shorter than to his chin.
>Sees me playing it, ah cool dude can I try?
>Sure why not?
>Playing the game, taking turns he completely forgets about the project with my sister
>Sister doesn't give a fuck anyway since she allready went to a friendsplace, she didn't really wanted to make the project with this guy anyway, because she said hes too smart and a nerd
>he realizes how late it is and says he needs to go home befor his parents freak out
>asks me if he can come over and play again another time
>don't you have a ps yourself?
>No, my family can't afford one he says.

continue part 2 when I typed it.

>fast forward a couple of days
>he comes over to my place
>gaming until its late again
>talk about this and that
>feels like we are one person, litteraly have the same taste in music, the same favourite movie...everything
>become real good friends
>a month later family and friends think its a bit weird I hang out with someone constantly that is around 6 years younger than me. Don't fucking care though, he is like my bro.
>Another month later sleeping at his place
>Family is kinda ok, father is working in a store and mother is cleaning houses. Don't earn a lot though
>Its getting time to go to bed
>Its spring, cold as hell and since they don't have a lot of money, there is only a thin cheap blanket for me and some makeshift matress
>try to fall asleep but its way too cold, I'm shivering as hell
>he must have realized it because he asked me if we wanted to switch
>wow thats really nice of you, thanks
>continue to take his place in the bed which is still warm from his compared to mine tiny body
since I'm 6'5 6'6ish and he stops where my throat starts.

gonna continue if anyone is interested. Kinda a lot of pain to write it though.
go on

very well.
Go on...

part 3

>fall asleep
>wake up in the middle of the night, feel super hot
>turn around and open blanket hes laying there as close as he can without touching me, I can smell his cheap ass body wash, I look at him layin there only in his boxers.
>straight as a brick but when I saw his feminine figure laying there I was like instant boner
>realize I've been staring at him and he is actually awake
>looks down on my boxers
>I intantly blush fuck fuck fuck he is underage what is this fucker even doing in the bed with me
>he doesn't blush at all, grabs my boner from the outside of my boxers.
>panic, but also have this intense feeling inside of me, this thrill
>he is going upwards and trying to enter my boxers
>I eventually come to my sensed and realize what we are about to do
>take his hands off of me
>sit up and turn on light
>Still red but not in panic anymore, actually being mad at this point
>talk as loud as possible without the volume leaving the room

don't worry I'm gonna finnish this if anyone is sitll interested, also sorry for mistakes my native language is not english and its quiet late
yes just keep going.

part 4

>what the fuck do you think are you doing?
>but I thought you liked me, his eyes are tearing up because of me being visibly angry at him.
>Listen, I have a girlfriend, I'm 6 years older than you, I'm straight for fucks sake and you're not even 18!!! not even mentioning if our parents find out.
>he is choking back tears, apologizing, can we still be friends?

by now I realize though that this wasn't what was bothering me the most

>continue on..."Also its not just that."
>His ears perk up as if he had a chance
>You're young and I have to admit quiet cute as you can see by the reaction I had...
>You can't just fucking whore yourself out like that, I won't let that happen.
>But I like you! Since quiet a while actually, he snaps back
>Still...you see how I reacted, and if you get to the wrong person with that attitude terrible things could happen, so can you promise me you won't do something like that again please?
>...yeah fine...
>that being said, you can stay with me in bed for this night if you want to, as kind of a sorry for flipping shit.

continue in next part
>summer going into high school senior year
>family from Iran move down street
>super hot girl my age becomes friends with my litter sister
>we play "spin the bottle" one day I I get to feel her up
>later that week she invites me over to her house
>she says I can fuck her if I let her twin brother watch
>we fuck with a condom
>he watches
>we lay in bed together
>they talk in their language
>she asks me if I want to watch her get fucked by her brother
>they fuck - no condom for him..
>I get hard again
>he sucks me
>I cum very quickly
>he is hard now
>she rolls me over and hold me as he fucks me
>I cum again
I have never fucked a woman since that day

part 5

(in addition from the last part: allowing him to spend the rest of the night with me was probably the best/worst decision of my life)


>this time he is in front of me, not at my back
>cuddles up in front of me
>takes my arm, wrapps it around himself
>HEY! too much.
>take it away again.
>wake up in the morning, arm is wrapped around him
>fuck it...no big deal
>try getting out of bed without waking him but fail
>good morning
>Thanks for not completely losing it
>Respond something like thanks for sharing beds with me.

I can't remember exaclty what I said but it was very poor word choice

>He grins and I tell him not to read into it eventhough I had to smile myself for some reason.
>Few days later I sleep over at my girlfriends place
>Sleep same position like with him but on intention....doesn't feel the same....fuck I'm in trouble
>Weeks pass, and I break up with my girlfriend, because the few feelings I maybe had for her are long gone by now.
>Still spend almost everyday with this guy but nothing else happened so far
So nothing happened? man ....show us your dick lol
part 6

>tell him I broke up with my girlfriend
>his ears perk up again like that one night
>instantly asks me why
>whats it to you?
>meh nevermind, hey wanna sleep over at my place? he responds
>I guess so, I mean its not cold anymore hehe
>He smiles but I can see his disappointment
>Anyway fast forward to night
>Me on my makeshift matress again and him in his bed
>his parents aren't home
>matress uncomfortable as fuck
>also can't sleep because this night still circling round my head
>he also awake, realize he is watching me
>can't sleep?


oh sorry shit maybe forgot to mention its continueing

>nope I say.
>I don't know this night really gets to me.
>Is that why you broke up with your girlfriend?
>mabye I don't know.
>Wanna sleep in one bed again, see if it feels different? no intentions I promised
>ughh fine if you stop then

(actually being happy that he asked but not saying anything)

>crawl under thin blanket with him since its summer now
>wow I didn't realize how hot you actually are

like litteraly his temperature...he felt burning hot.

>start poking him with fingers cuz of heat, saying stuff like tssssssss and aw shit I burned myself
>he smiles and actually starts laughin, I laugh too until we suddenly look at each other and it gets like super silent.

So fucking silent

>He leans closer with his head and I instantly put a hand behind his head and pull him close
>we start making out hard touching each other in every place we could reach with our hands except in our boxers
>ask him if he is ready to do this
>can't really say if he said yes since I never waited for the response

>me be
>I was staying at a friends house for a bit because our parents were on vacation in mexico
>he was 17 and I was 16
>I had suspicions he was bi because I found gay porn amongst straight porn on his home computer
>making dinner one night, friend is smoking out back
>I go outside and smoke a joint with him
>confront him about the gay porn because high/horny
>he says he has no idea what I'm talking about
>he seems pretty sincere
>show him the links, and he say's he's never heard of any of the sites.
>believe him, we go to bed.
>I woke up the next morning and friends older brother was making breakfast
>I never really spoke to him because he'd been in college the entirety of my friendship with his younger brother
>say hi
>hardly recognizes me
>8/10 master race, perfect human being
>my friend got seriously fucked genetics-wise, because his brother's an adonis.

>sliding my hand into his boxers I can allready feel the pre
>stroking it a bit while still making out with him, he allready starts moaning a bit here and then.
>fuck it I'm allready into it too much, and I really like this kid
>pull down his boxers and stop making out with him
>go down and start to take his tip into my mouth
>first being a bit weirded out by the taste since I only ever had girlfriends and a vagina tastes way different
>start going deeper
>until I take his whole length in, which wasn't hard because he didn't have a big dick.
>says he is about to cum
>fuck it I'm gonna go for it
>let him cum in my mouth, swallow all of it
>his body was allready hot as hell but the cum was so hot I though its gonna burn my throat
>he is panting but allready pulling off my boxers
>I'm allready hard as a rock, also leaking precum like crazy
>He starts going down on me, way more comfortable then I did but didn't even get half of my length in his mouth
>his mouth was also so god damn hot
>Also about to cum
>Also ok with me cuming in his mouth
>Also swallowed everything
>After that we were just laying there smiling at each other like retards for an eternenty.
>Eventually talked about how we gonna handle shit from now on, reflected the night jokingly, made out here and then and then fell asleep cuddled up and naked.

Well thats it for the firt homo experience
how big is your dick? can i see it? Did you guys date?
This, how hung are you? Are there anymore stories?

20cm. long
4cm. from left to right (or right to left whatever you prefer)
If you're american use google.

No you can't see it, I only told the story because my therapist said it would probably help.


There are more stories, we dated, we married. But I don't know if I feel ok enough to continueing to talk about it today.
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>At a house party with friends, having had a few beers and a Xanax so I couldn't give less of a fuck about anything.
>Party's picking up, more cars pulling into the driveway, lots of old high school friends home from college for winter break.
>Car pulls up with four guys to pick up some girl, notice that a guy I had a crush on in high school is there (never did anything because I was and still am way in the closet.)
>Walk up to say hello to everyone and somehow convince him to stay a while, saying that I'll give him a ride home.
>We catch up for a few hours, have some drinks, party, etc.
>Getting late so we head to his house. I'm guessing I drove but I'm blacking in and out at this point. Don't drink and drive, kids. Luckily, his house was really close to the party.
>I remember him inviting me in, then handing me another drink, then telling me I should stay the night. I agree.
>I strip down to my underwear and cuddle with him under his bedsheets, not giving a fuck at this point. We chat a little bit and then after a while I start kissing him.
>"You sure?" he asks, but I don't even answer, just keep making out with him.
>I roll over on top of him and slide my hands under his shirt, enjoying the heat of his body against mine.
>I start grinding my ass against his crotch, desperately running my hands through his hair as I make out with him.
>I slide down on his body and take his thick cock into my mouth. It's not long before he says he's about to come, so I keep sucking until he comes a little in my mouth. I let the rest dribble out onto my face and hair.
>He lays back lazily and I excuse myself to go jack off in the restroom lol
My First Gay Experience
>be 13
>be in tent 'camping' with friend in backyard
>it's dark
>at some point our dicks came out and we're comparing with flashlight
>his was still small and hairless
>mine was at least twice his size and had hair
>he gets excited and wants to know when he'll get hair
>excitedly asks me to let him suck my dick
>tfw laying in sleeping bag as he gave me my first bj
>didn't even mind dem teeth and braces
>felt like heaven
>a few minutes of that I stopped him
>hfw he saw cum for the first time as I shot on my stomach
>he wanted me to do him
>I told him I didn't feel like it
>I'm straight btw
That's a really sweet story I think
straight on /hm/? okay hun whatever you say.
I was a boy scout when I was like 12, we would camp in a field near a forest in the summer.

I remember one day our team leader (we were in groups of 6 and we would sleep in the same tent), who was 13, thought it would be funny to compare our dicks sizes.
So I did like the others and pulled out my dick.
I was kinda impressed by the size of his dick, it was rather big.
But well, mine wasn't bad either, and we joked about how strange a dick looks like anyway.
And, in my head, I thought that his dick was... kinda nice to look at.

But my first gay experience was two years later, with my best friend, when we began discussing about girls n stuff. One day we watched porn together and eventually jerked each other off.
I eventually sucked him, and we would do that every week-end for like 1 month.
Then I went to a boarding school for a year.
And the next year, I was back in town and we still met regulary and jerk off together/suck each other.

Nothing spectacular I guess... except that this experience slowly tore us apart, he would always regret the act once he came.

nowadays I still hang out with him from times to times but we hardly speak about anything... I always see him when he's with other friends, otherwise it becomes awkward real quick to have a conversation with him
We used to have the same interests when we were kids, but now he really is different. It's hard to tell that we were once best friends.
The only thing we still have in common, is that we still from times to times jerk each other off. And then comes an awkward silence and I say that I should go home.
but what happened after that?!

Was the best time of my life.
Wow, married? Awesome!

Did it end badly?

You could say that
long story very short:

One and a half year after this we "moved" out into our own appartment, since around here you are allready allowed to move out with 16.
When he was 16 and he told his parents what was going on they didn't quiet take it well. Called him names and kicked him out, for me it was pretty much the same only that I was older allready and I hated my family anyway.
So after moving in together, me getting two jobs to pay his school and our flat another 2 and a half years passed and we got married.

Now in this next 6 years we've been married and not a lot happened. I mean a lot happened but I don't want to go through it, I got a way better job and he finished school and got a pretty decend job too. Our life was going perfect, I mean we didn't really have a lot of friends and our families still hated us but we had eachother and it still felt like day one after 6 years, we still couldn't get enough of each other.
One evening I come home and sit down to watch some TV waiting for him to come home.
2 hours after he should be home I wanted to check my phone and ask him why he didn't say anything he would come home later, but I realized my batteries are empty.

part two

I charged the batteries and when the phone turned on it said 27 missed calls by an unknown number.
I called it and no one picked up, it just said service not available.
I tried calling him but he didn't pick up.
I started to freak out a little bit because of the uknown number, and after another half an hour or something the unkown number called me again, I picked up and a guy instantly asked me if I'm mister "anonymous" and asked if I'm mister "anonymous2"s brother or in what way I'm related to him since I'm the only contact in his cellphone with the same surname as him, now if you wonder why he saved me with our surname its because I did the same thing, when we got married we couldn't get over the fact we finally had the same surname so we used it whever we could because we thought it was neat back then. I told them I wasn't his brother but his husband and I guess he was a little bit shocked or surprised because it was silent for a long time after I said that. When I finally said Hello? Are you still there? Who are you? And why are you asking me that? He finally spoke up and said he was from the police, and he is sorry to tell me but my husband got killed in a car accident.
So after that I can't really remember what happened. My therapist is trying to get me to remember what happened after this sentence but I can't at all, its straight away blank. I just know that later I got told what happened, that apperantly a woman was talking on her phone while driving and it fell down and she tried to reach for it and in a curve she lost control of her vehilce and drove on the boardwalk and right into my husband, they say he was instantly dead and didn't feel any pain, and she broke her neck and was paralized, she commited suicide 3 months later though.
First I was in trouble with the police because they thought I killed her, but at the time she killed herself I was at my therapist allready.
I went into therapy right two weeks after it happened since I 24/7 thought about killing myself. I didn't even think about her, all that was in my head was the thought of just ending it. Now three years passed and I'm still in therapy, none of the pills work and I'm still depressed, its not that I can't laugh at a joke or anything temporary, but I'm not happy.

I'm sorry man, pills won't make you happy. You just need to know that no medication or anything will work, you need to find acceptance. You need to realize that he loved you till the very last moment, and that those memories need not to fade away. Don't hurt yourself, because you know he would never approve of such action. I'm not asking you to move on, I'm telling you to find peace within yourself. It's better to love and lost, than to have never have loved at all.

Thank you very much for sharing.

I miss him so much though, every god damn day, and it won't get easier, every fucking morning I wake up I still expect him to be there. And I know all this, my therapist tells me too to get my peace with it but I'm just not able to.
>9 years old, find VHS of porn my dad hid in closet.
>steal tape and watch in secret, sexual awakening occurs
>learn about blowjobs, fucking, the word "cock" and so on
>start masturbating in my room moving on to internet porn on 56k modem
>get curious about wanting a blowjob and to fuck, and wanting to know how it feels
>3 years pass, become aggressive 12yo with massive sexual tension, hornier than ever, shooting cum now, early puberty.
>7th grader at the time, intimidated the younger kids because of my athletic build and was sort of an ass.
>masturbated and came furiously at home, one day when incredibly horny i thought up a plan for next day at school.
>i was gonna make the most girly looking boy suck my dick, and eat my cum..
>i was more horny than kind at that stage.
>knew the right boy, he was around 9, skinny, blonde, blue eyes, cute androgynous face, DSL lips.
>made my move next day with a full load,
>when i had the chance, got him alone in a secluded place and ran huge intimidation tactics.
>was easy since the age difference and he was a major puss.
>threatened him to suck my dick or else
>i unzip and teach him to suck
>he's confused and resists
>i make him suck my cock
>tell him the right way to suck it
>best feeling ever having my dick sucked for the first time
>he gags on the size, about 5 inches at the time i think, i'm now 7.5
>he continues to suck my meat with his DSL lips and gets me on the edge quick, since it's my first blowjob and because of my age plus i haven't cum in a day, this was an easy task.
>use his mouth as my first cumdump
>keep him there until he eats my young semen
>push him off once i hit my refraction period, my dick relaxed and relieved, but the rest of me sorta disgusted i used another boy to relieve myself.
>didn't care, zipped up, went to leave, threatened him to stay silent or he'll regret it.
>he didn't say anything
>i immediately started masturbating to just the memory of his lips and mouth sucking on my dick, cumming to it.
File: 0572129969.jpg (89 KB, 485x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 485x750

>didn't take long for me to get him to do it again, i wanted more.
>i cornered him again and tried to intimidate him once more, but that wasn't needed
>he sucked me willingly since then, i woke up his inner sissy
>we became best friends, he'd come to my place constantly, and suck me off to completion in secret while my parents thought we were playing video games.
>this went on for years even after i went to high school, he was my personal cocksucker and cum eater. it was the best time of my life, i didn't reciprocate as i still felt straight leaning toward bi cause it was a male sucking my cock for me, but i didn't care, all i cared about was getting my meat pole worked on and cumming in a mouth.
>when i switched to highschool, i was interested in moving on to girls, he still came over to suck me while i played vidyagames, which felt good, and helped me keep my horny levels down, but as i came in his mouth i thought of the girls at school, and their asses and pussies.
>it was never an even relationship, and he knew it, so i used him, and he was happy with that, just being a recipient of my horny cum, dick and balls.
>i must have cum at least a thousand times in his mouth, and he swallowed them all, now that i think about it, he probably drank a gallon of my semen throughout our relationship.
>as soon as i had my first girlfriend, i dumped his mouth, and never saw him again.
>i'm pretty sure he turned out to be at least bi.
*HUGS* Oh man.

Well, as sorry as I feel of you I'm also super jealous, I never had a anyone I liked that much.

It's possible to wade through depression and find a meaningful life when you lost what is most dear to you, but it sure is hard and takes time.

I was depressed for six years thanks to PTSD after a work accident that almost killed me. I never expected to recover, and I didn't want to either.

I just... kept going day by day anyway, and finally made it out after six years.


Take care man. I'm sure your husband is out there watching over you, still caring about you every bit as much as he did to begin with =)
Wow, you're a piece of shit.
why can't you fucking faggots trim your shitty stories down to one or two posts?
i was in tears while reading, thank you for sharing. i hope time will heal the pain for you, and that you would be truly happy. he sounded like a great guy and i can't imagine how it feels to lose someone like that. be strong anon

When I read the last sentence of your response I think I cried for 10 minutes until I could pull myself together again thank you.


Thank you?
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/hm/ - porn and feels.

>in tears while reading
>put down your purse


it is really sad tho bro, sorry to hear
Because trimming copypastas is too hard, cut the wrong thing and the whole fanfic wont make any sense.
>be 14, 6/10
>have a super fucking crush on this one swimmer dude, also 14
>dude has blonde hair, blue eyes. really handsome and healthy/athletic. 8/10
>thigh touching, following him around, stupid 14 year old horny shit
>me freaks him out
>he avoids me for the rest of 8th grade
>me, coming back for freshman year, hoping to fix everything and just be friends with him
>rather rocky, but success
>goes over his house a bunch, make friends with his friends, hang out and just be 14/15
>my self-confidence grows, more friends
>one time we are alone at his house, we are playing MW1
>fucking suck at it
>he teases me about it, i push him lightly, he pushes me harder. god damn it boner.
>wrestling match, he makes me tap out like 20 times, notice he has a boner.
>his mom comes down, hands us a bowl of cut cucumbers (we both love cucumbers with that GOOD SEASONS dressing), tells us to go to bed (it is like, 11pm)
>sit down and watch tv, eating cucumbers
>still panting, i'm not as horny as before
>go to bathroom for a bit, tell him i'm probably going to take a while
>don't take a while
>walk into the adjacent room to where he is
>here "fap fap fap"

go on
Goddamn these goddamn threads. They make me feel like the only late-bloomin', taking AGES to get around to it in college, thank-god-for-Grindr kind of guy on Earth.

>be like, 20. 21 prolly
>took ages to get over fat phase where no one--male, female, classmate or inappropriate adult--wanted to touch me
>finally down a significant amount of weight and trolling Grindr, often
>chat up a guy less than a mile away, in a different dorm building
>eventually walk over
>we make out, suck, rim, and fuck around in his bathroom with the shower running so his roommates don't hear
>i go back to my room
>mind not blown, but v-card punched
>also still one of the FATTEST dicks i've ever seen. absurd to think i even tried to suck it now

No but srsly, feeling like a fat uggo for my formative years did a serious number on me. Even now I feel less-worthy reading all you faggots getting action at 14 when I was the last person anyone would hop in the sack with. Then again 9/10 stories here are probably teeming with bullshit, so at least there's that!

no I'm just straight leaning bi, and I got my dick sucked to my hearts content, and he seemed like he ended up enjoying giving head as much as i did receiving it. don't make everything into a softy white knight traumatic experience, I didn't make him suck my cock for more than over a year, he did it on his own volition and gratitude. he even thanked me after letting him eat my cum.
you turned him into your personal cum dumpster. good job!

any more details you remember
Why even ask? Obviously you should continue.
>be 14
>sleeping over at best friend's house
>wake up late at night
>walk to kitchen to get some water
>notice light in hallway
>friend's older bro is playing smash bros
>he sees me
>invites me to play
>get my ass handed to me for like an hour, cheap Ness throws
>see him constantly readjusting his junk
>notices me looking
>I freak out in my mind
>I put my hand down his pants
>think wtf am I doing
>he stares at me, probably thinking wtf are you doing
>finally says "jerk me off"
>few minutes pass, pulls shorts down a bit, takes the whole thing out
>thought he was huge, but might have just been first full grown average length dick I had seen.
>grabs back of my head and shoves his dick in my mouth
>get awkward euphoria, so happy sucking his dick but feel extremely guilty at same time cause of catholic upbringing.
>blows his load in my mouth, gross but im ok with this
>exchange odd glances and leave
>never talk about it again
this story is so not true it hurts lol.
I'm considering contacting somebody on craigslist for the first time. Any advice?
try not to get aids :)
>I'm considering contacting somebody on craigslist for the first time. Any advice?

-don't be in a hurry. there's more than one guy out there. any guy who says "no more than 2 emails" should be avoided.

-be honest with your description. if he other guy isn't honest with his, walk away since you'll never know what else he's dishonest about (like STD's)

-meet in public first. meet for coffee or just to say hello without expectation of sex. this way you can walk away and decide later if he's who you want to have sex with

-when meeting the first time or for sex, avoid alcohol and drugs. they lower your inhibitions. you need to keep your head on straight

-let someone know where you are going. even if you have to send a fake email i front of the guy so he thinks you're letting someone know.

-discuss beforehand what your boundaries are. what do you like and what won't you do.

-condoms. period. if the guy says he can't stay hard with a condom on, find someone else. there are plenty of guys who can

-this >>937557
If it's any comfort I'm still virgin =P
We call it a back house, or a pool house if there is a pool between it and the main house.
>Had always been curious, set up meetings with bunch of guys on a site like grindr but would always back out
>At a friends one night, pretty drunk, on my phone, decide to go to this site
>This one guy who tried to get with me for a long time, I'd always back out, messages me. He's 40, 6.5 cut cock, good shape for his age
>Decide fuck it, set up meet, he lives nearby, make excuse to friends and walk to his place
>Enter house, he's sitting in living room already naked, tells me to sit and get comfortable
>Luckily I'm pretty drunk so I don't get too nervous, sit down, make some small talk then he asks if I'd like to suck his cock
>Yes please, get on my knees and get to work, just guessing how to get him off and he starts moaning like crazy
>15 minutes later he cums in my mouth, I swallow, he gets soft, I keep sucking
>Still pretty drunk, I suck his cock for another minute then stand up, strip down and sit on his lap and we start making out
>He eventually gets hard and convinces me to fuck, puts on condom, puts me in doggy style position
>He has trouble getting his cock in my hole, eventually it squeezes in, owfuckthathurts.jpg
>He stops, feels my body up for about 5 minutes then slides in more slowly, it doesn't really hurt
>He does two really slow pumps and it hurts no more, feels amazing, as he's about to pump I basically start powerbottoming, thrusting my ass into his hips, he grunts in surprise and it's off to the races
>Hard fucking for like 30 minutes and he cums, I get up and leave without a word
He sent me a text right after saying I gave him the best bj of his life, I'm sure he was just over-exaggerating though, I mean, it was my first time. I woke up the next morning feeling really guilty, but ended up going to his place for seconds within the week, sober. We still hook up occasionally, he's bought me a jock, dildo, and a latex suit he keeps at his house since we get kinky sometimes.

I came here to read some hot first time sex stories.

Now i just can't sleep cause of all the feels your story gives me. It's like I feel some of the pain you experience everyday.

So where do you live/come from? How are you now?
>almost 23
>had sex with girl when 14
>didn't like it
>think I might be gay
>homophobic friends
>no sex since
>school trip
>me, my best friend and this guy sleep in one room
>one matrimonial bed, one single bed
>my bf sleeps alone
>I tell the other guy I can sleep on the floor if he's not comfy sleeping with the
>"don't be silly anon"
>I felt something was going to happen
>fast forward, third night, 3am
>my bf is asleep
>anon brings up sex and we talk and talk
>in the meantime he plays with my bellybutton
>"anon you don't want to turn 18 Virgins, do you?"
>his hand goes slowly down to my pajama pants
>inserts his hand in my pants
>grabs my dick
>whispers "do you like it"
>"yes sir"
>to make a long story short, he sucks me, I suck him
>I couldn't stop shivering during all this
>he kisses me and tell me gently to calm down
>hugs me
>we kiss a lot
>he likes it rude
>we had to be silent to not wake up my bf
>sucks me, I cum, he swallows
>he finishes alone (I still regret not helping him)
>"this has to be our secret"
>3 months later I discover my bf wasn't asleep

this happened 2 years ago
btw sorry for errors, fucking iphone autocorrect
what did your friend say about it?
> Be 16
> Be out to a few friends, not really a big deal
> Playing video games at friends house one day
> Friend has cute 14 yo brother who always hangs out with us
> When friend goes to get a drink, his brother tells me he wants to talk to me later
> Later, he tells me that he thinks he's gay
> Talk about coming out and general gay stuff
> Eventually asks me what fooling around with guys is like
> Tell him I don't know since I'm a virgin
> Asks if I want to fool around
> Say yeah and we start making out
> Pull out my dick and he starts sucking me off
> Lots of teeth, but hot cause of how eager he was
> Cum in his mouth and he spits
> Ask to suck his dick
> He whips out a huge uncut dick
> Surprised and ask how big it is, tells me it is 7x6 but looks bigger cause of how thin he was
> Suck him off and he whimpers a lot
> Shoots in my mouth after a minute or two and I swallow

We continued trading blowjobs for a while. Definitely the hottest dick I've ever sucked. He fucked me a few times too.
I want to know too!!
Yas I fucking love these threads

>be 16
>older brothers hot as fuck 17yo friend comes over
>me and him have fooled around before while my brother was alseep (it was mostly oral, jacking off, shit like that)
>fast forward to like 1AM
>he's in my room and hes playing GTA and I'm just watching him
>he was seriously so fucking hot like he was a track star but he had the upperbody of a jock + he
was so cute when he talked he was so optimistic and innocent, but he was (I don't know why I found this so charming) so socially awkward
>I'm getting off track ANYWAYS
>so we were plating GTA and he stops his car and just starts rubbing my back
>not like a massage just like rubbing it and going all up through the back of my hair
>I was grinning like a lil bitch and looked up at him
>"hey anon... You umm.. You wanna like... Do what umm.. what We always Do?"
>I got so red and nervous "haha.. Okay" and I just smiled at him as he started pulling down my basketball shorts
>btw I should probably tell u what I looked like: 5'5" brown headed, skinnyish body, my legs were hairy and tan and I was really proud of them
>he always did this but this time he took his time into it
>I was kinda caught off gaurd by it but I thought he was just tired so I went with it
>he pulls it completely off me and starts squeezing and marveling my ass
>weird he never did this before either
>he told me to arch my back so I did
>next thing I fucking know his tongue is in my b hole
>VERY caught of gaurd because no one ever did that to me before but I wuz liiike 'yaaaaaaas'
>he's going HAM in my ass and I start moaning and biting my lip n being rill sexci<3
>he stops and tells me "hey umm can you flip over haha" to which I respond "okayyy haha"
>I flip over and he starts on my ass again butches going up toward my taint
>I don't know way but my taint felt soooooo much more better than my ass
>I was quietly moaning and running my fingers through his light brown hair... His hair was the best
Sorry it wouldnt fit in one post
>he started moving up to my balls sucking and licking them just gently enough to where I was grabbing the edge of my bed
>I didn't really realize how odd this was because usually I'm the one doing this to him
>but he was a fucking pro at it so I wasnt gonna stop it
>and then he got to my dick
>when I say he was the best like ugghhg
>he did this little thing with his teeth that felt like heaven like.. I know how teeth usually end up in bad sex stories but what ever he did should be in all of the pornos
>I was propping myself up on my elbows looking at this hot ass dude suck my dick
>it was the fucking best when he looked up because he always smiled and chuckled and I would always do the same back... He had the cutest fucking smile
>he stopped and started licking up my naval stopping at my belly button to tongue the shit out of it (the actual best) and kept going on to my nipples
>it was so sexy the way he did it.. Like he would get em hard then bite them gently omg it was heaven
>he started to kiss me but I was kinda hesitant because yknow... That's been in my ass
>we started kissing which was yet another unusual ass thing because we NEVER kissed like at all.. He would actually avoid kissing me while I was doing the same to him
>but yeah he was making the fuck out with my mouth and I didn't even taste or smell anything that was like gross (as I said before, b hole)
>he stopped and smiled at me and whispered in my ear "soo... you wanna get it over with"
>I swear to god I'm the dumbest piece of shit "what do you mean"
>but he laughed and played it off "haha... would you mind if we fucked"
>I could feel my face turn blood red.. I didn't clean out and I've heard so many horror stories about shit dick
>"ummm I don't umm see I uhhh.. Sure y-Yeah.." I was so scared I was going to ruin what we had going so I just went with it and prayed to the good lord above to PLEASE not let me shit on this boy
>so I told him where the lube was because I was not gonna let this lil bitch tear my ass into pieces
>if I haven't mentioned it before, his dick was fucking HUGE like 9 x 7.5
>he smiled at me and asked again 'are.. Are you sure? You promise to tell me if I uhh.. Hurt you right?'
>"haha don't worry, I'll be fine"
>I wasn't fucking fine
>that shit hurt so fucking bad like it was a California wildfire in my ass
>I think he saw how much pain I was in because he stopped halfway through pushing it inand started to take it out
>but I got a hold of his sides and tried to pull him back in (we were in missionary btw)
>he chuckled and started to push back in
>it didn't hurt this time so I was really getting a kick out of it
>I started jacking off, letting him kiss my neck, all that cute porno shit
>he kept getting faster but he wasn't being rough (which I fucking loved)
>he told me he loved when people like clawed his back when they fuck so I did just that
>that resonated pretty fucking well with considering how intense he got with it
>that's one thing I LOVED about him, he could be so intense and so fast but he was always so controlled and never of too rough
>I could feel him tensing and speeding up... I started jerking harder and leaned up and bit his ear
(tbh I really have no idea how nobody woke up because we were so loud and probably vibrating the whole house)
>he started grunting and pounding my ass to oblivion and then
>he came so deep in my ass I could feel his cum hit my right lung
>while he's blasting off I look down and see my stomach covered in cum
>he orgasms for a swear a minute and a half, spasming and gasping for air
>under him lies me, completely fucking numb and in pure ecstasy.. It was such a weird feeling but I never wanted it to end
>eventually he stops and pulls out and lays down right beside me and we just breathe and look at each other.
Last one I promise
>he starts smiling and I start smiling and we just both started smiling
>I mouthed the words 'goodnight' and he giggled and just cuddled me for the rest of the night

The next morning my brother woke us up with my uncovered ass in the open to tell us that breakfast was ready. We both glanced at each other and smiled as we got up and got dressed for the rest of the day

That's the end I guess. Like I've said this wasn't the first time weve done stuff but this was the first time we actually had the frickle frackle. We fucked a lot of times after that but none of them ever compared to that night.

>answering questions before they're asked:
He told me he was bisexual and he's dating a girl right now
We talk really often and we see each other as much as we can
Him and my brother don't really talk anymore, he moved away pretty far.
The pic in the first post was what his body looked like
This happened around 2 and a half years ago
Your brother didn't question you two in the bed with each other?
What was the first encounter with him like?
Your story was really hot btw.

glad you kept tryung

time to talk about it again, and bring lube/condom, just in case. the guy is something like bi. don't wait. there's a reason you're gifted at bjs.

Please give an update. How long has it been and are you guys still in same city, dating?

Please share.
>I'm 12
>Sister is 15
>Middle of summer holidays and we were looking around this new half retail, half office tower which had opened recently
>around lunch time and after ample nagging at my sister we decide to get lunch
>my sister wanting to be more sophisticated and grown up at the time, took me to the cafe right in the middle of the building and diving the office floors from the shops
>can't remember what I ate but my sister ordered a latte and a croissant
>we finish our lunch, making the cafe scene completely irrelevant to this story, and continue upwards
>soon we realise there is nothing but boring offices and serious looking grumpy people
>i need to go to the toilet and my sister tells me in a fit she won't wait at the door up here with all these adults so she tells me to meet her at the cafe
>i'm amazed at how clean the place is and how nice it actually smelled and. I walk to the furthest cubicle to survey the room better
>doing my own business
>notice the cubicles have pretty big gaps between all corners
>in curiosity I see if my fingers fit through the gap between the door and the wall
>yep, they do
>try on the gaps between the side and front panels
>yep, they do
>hear a sudden shuffle and the clang of a belt on the floor tiles
>realise there was a guy in the neighbouring cubicle
>retract all limbs and sit properly on toilet
>a voice says steady on and I apologise
>after a silence which felt like forever the man starts small talking with me
>i remember feeling awkward talking not because he was a stranger but because I was on the loo
>the man says my girlfriend I came up with was good looking
>i sharply reply, 'she's not my girlfirend'
>'oh right sorry, don't you like girls' says the man
>as an embarrassed 12yo boy i quickly reply saying i dont like girls
>'oh' followed by a long pause
>I felt so stupid ofc i like girls
>by now we're both idly chatting and finishing our business
>when i open the door he's using the sink directly ahead
>he stands in front of me and tells me kindly that i we should go back in the cubicle for him to show me something.
>he pulls the lid down on the toilet and sits down
>tells me to lock the door and kneel down
>he tells me how he never liked girls when he was my age either
>he leans in to whisper and says he liked old men because they made him feel good and he had fun times
>at this point I still have no idea what's going on, i wasn't the brightest kid and this was before stranger danger was widespread and sex ed introduced at schools
>he asks if i like old men and before i answer says do you have fun with your dad
>i nod and say we have lots of fun all the time
>he straight out asks me if I suck his doodle
>i'm thrown back and say no
>i think to myself he tells me to look at it when he used to bathe me
>he unzips his trousers and pulls out his junk while asking if id like to try
>im still thrown back at this point and just stare at his big hairy, limp dick.
>idk what made me so confident but I shuffled closer and said yeah
>he says thats a good boy and begins directing me on what to do
>at some point he stands up and rests his dick on my face telling me to look up at him
>he asks me if this is fun and I nod
>then he starts smearing his warm hairy balls on my face and i immediately feel bad about what im doing when i get a whiff of his musky odour.
>i tell him i dont like this anymore but he excitedly says we're almost at the best bit
>he tells me it'll only be a second and to close me eyes
>i do as he says and wait for an eternity while i here squelching and heavy breathing
>then i feel something warm hit my face and slowly drip down my face
>the man groans really loudly then sits down on the toilet
>im still keeping my eyes close when i gag at the smell of his cum
>i open my eyes and he's wiping his dick with toilet paper and asks if i want to taste it
>i shake my head and mumble uh uh
>he tells me i was a good boy and how we had lots of fun
>says we made a lot of mess and cleans my face with more toilet paper
>as i get out of the cubicle he taps my bum and says i'm a stupid little sissy
>i beeline it to the cafe tell my sister it's time to go home
>she doesn't put up a fuss and doesnt act unusual, she had nothing to suspect (i always took forever on the toilet)
>on the way home i ask her what a sissy is and she questions me on it
>says i heard the gourp of guys walking pass say it
>she tells me it's a boy who is afraid of things
>remain perplexed as to why i was called a sissy for the next 3 years.
ive always wondered where people find those latex suits as I wouldn't mind trying one out tbh
So now, are you straight, gay, bi? Does the experience now turn you on or are you creeped out by it? I'm really curious.
It creeps me and makes me feel ashamed for two different reasons. It makes my skin crawl when I think about my experience and I feel ashamed when I think about me in the man's position taking advantage of a young boy.

I turned out gay, though some would say bi. I'm physically attracted to women as well but can never see myself in a relationship with one.
Wow. I can very much see how it would make you feel that way. Thanks for sharing though.
>be 17 or so
>at church
>taking piano lessons
>piano teacher is a close friend of mine, we both know the other is gay
>he playfully grabs my crotch on occasion if i make a mistake or something
>one day he just sorta takes it out
>it's a bit awkward at first
>he starts blowing me anyway
>end up blowing him back a few lessons after
>make him cum on the first try

he's like 40-something and chubby and married with a kid unfortunately
Its not something i'd act on obviously but sometimes the though of taking someone else's 'innocence, is very arousing. I'm sure it wont surprise you when i tell you i like experimenting with bdsm and dom/sub roleplaying. Which now thinking about it, is probably why I can never seen myself being in a relationship with a woman. I don't feel the need to be a dom with a woman.
>be a 22-year-old virgin
>practically a wizard at this point
>first time at a gay club with an overexcited friend who's desperate to hook me up with someone
>get drunker than ever expecting to just have fun and not really hook up with anyone
>meanwhile friend has pimped me out to someone
>he invites himself over to my place
>start coming out of my inebriated state during the slow walk home
>realize the guy is not that good-looking
>guy also brings up that he just turned 18
>is not that smart either
>realize I find him quite repulsive
>suddenly panic and think "if I don't do him now, I'll be forever alone"
>end up at my place and in my bed
>he starts jerking on my limp dick
>keeps complimenting and sweet-talking me
>absolutely hate sentimentality and compliments so get even more turned off
>not able to compliment him back at all
>just laying there still like a corpse
>he doesn't notice me not being into it
>keeps shoving his tongue down my throat and touching me all over
>get too grossed out by it all and apologize for not being in the mood
>he says he doesn't mind, we can just cuddle
>think to myself how I just want him to get out
>he ends up staying for two days(!) because I'm too 'nice' (= spineless and pathetic) to tell him to go
>don't do anything sexual the second night
>he leaves for work in the morning
>throw away the sheets and wallow in self-pity because of how awful the experience was
>guy keeps texting for two weeks saying he'd like to meet up again
>finally muster up the balls to tell him I'm not interested
>never have any sexual or romantic experiences after that
>24 years old now
>still a virgin
>playing around with the thought that I might be asexual
My first was horrible
That is a pretty hot encounter I wanted to comment before reading more.

that sucks, I went to university, lots of guys there, had 2 boyfriends so far in 2 years, lost my virginity in the first, you're probably not asexual just find your own way

Originaly I come from Austria, a very conservative village in the middle of nowhere where everyone knows everybody, and my family never forgave me for almost ruining our reputation in the village.
How I am doing? I don't know I work, I exist I guess. Had some bad weeks when the how to train your dragon 2 movie came out, since dragonheart was from both of us the favourite movie and I know if he was still alive he'd love this movie.

read this :
Would love to hear more.
Tell us about him.

or, MOAR!
Not really because he was always the first one to fall asleep and we were usually the first ones to wake up

The first encounter wasnt really that special, I took a joke too far and he didn't turn it down like... Ok so I had to use the bathroom and he was in the shower so while I was using it I joked and put my hand in there and he grabbed it and put it on his dick. I wasn't finna decline that shit so I just played along with it. After he got out he went into my brothers room until he fell asleep then he came in my room while I was late night cleaning and asked he if could sleep in there. One thing led to another and we both sucked and jerked each other off and went to sleep.

And thanx bby?
On 4chan?
ok here goes i guess
>be 11
>move to new state
>kinda awkward and anti-social
>average build
>meet one of my brother's new neighborhood friends
>very very cute, kind of feminine but still a bro
>a year younger than me
>skater dude, medium length light brown hair, skinny but toned, athletic, plays basketball
>he's really fucking immature but the funny kind not the annoying kind
>we hit it off right away, become best bros
>i was raised in a very religious family, refused to even consider that i might like guys
>spend the night at his house for the first time
>can't sleep, rolling around
>all the sudden he gets out of his bed and crawls under the covers with me
>dude wtf are you doing
>"i think we should fuck"
>very funny go the fuck to bed
>his hand lingers on my chest just a moment as he gets up
>my heart races
>i immediately tell myself to stop thinking like that
>he goes back to bed
pic related, that's what we did a lot later on.
i'll continue if anyone is interested.
um yes!
alright this might be a tad long i'll try to keep it short
>next morning, neither of us mention what he said last night
>his mom makes us breakfast, chicken quesadillas (becomes a regular thing)
>he likes to use a lot of hot sauce
>cracks jokes because i can't handle heat as well
>he rubs my foot with his under the table
>i kick him, he laughs, i smile
>that's when it all started
>for a couple of months after that he would always find every excuse to touch me
>after awhile i started enjoying it, did the same back
>one time at the park he showed me he could do the splits
>try doing that on this dick
>"yes papi"
>lol fuck off i was joking
>he runs over to the slide
>"hold my legs up"
>i say nothing, just walked over and put his ankles on my shoulders
>a girl was there, a close friend who supplied as weed, and she laughed and called us gay
>he smiled at me, i pushed his legs off
>that night we go ding-dong-ditching, we get down to our underwear, do stupid kid stuff like throw rocks at shit
>we did delinquent shit all the time, had lots of fun
>eventually we go over to his house
>second sleepover, this should be interesting
>we go to his computer room, he starts playing runescape
>we played that shit on the daily it was our favorite pastime
>eventually i get bored watching him and ask to play
>"nah dude lemme finish"
>you've been playing for over an hour
>"then make me get off"
>his computer chair didn't have arm rests, so I just sat down directly behind him and grabbed his waist
>i pushed up to get him to get off but he didn't budge
>i sat there for a little watching him play more
>he started moving his hips
>i push him off
>he punches me playfully
>i get up and pin him down on the floor
>hit me again i dare you
>he hits me, laughs
>i straddle him, hold his arms down
>one more time dude and i swear
>"what are you gonna do? teabag me?"
>reverse psychology. it worked.
>he starts licking the crotch of my pants
will continue
>u done?
>"dude get off"
>now i'm confused, thought he was enjoying it
>get really conflicted and get off
>nothing else special happens that night, next morning his mom makes quesadillas
>we hang out all the time still after that, we start a little business dealing weed, other stupid shit
>fast forward, I'm 13, he's 12
>group of people at my house, video game party
>he and i get bored watching, go to my bunk bed (i made it into a fort, no one could see us)
>he'd just gotten back from basketball practice
>"anoooooon. i'm sore, help me out."
>you want a massage?
>"yeah." he lays down on his stomach
>i have a little turtle massage toy
>start rubbing him
>although the other kids are loud, it seems dead silent
>most intimate thing i'd ever experienced
>work my way down, he's still in his gym shorts, I massage his crack
>after a lil we decide to go over to his house
>on the way there he messes with me, pushes me a little
>i grab his waist, pull his ass against me
>quit it bro
>we get to his house
>on the top bunk in his room
>the top bunk is where shit always happened. always dry and "in good fun"
>except this time
>he wants me to continue the massage
>i straddle his ass, help him remove his shirt
>rub the small of his back, work up to his shoulders, take my sweet time
>he's smiling the whole time
>I make my way down to his venus dimples, start casually pulling his shorts down
>he kicks my back as he's laying down, playfully
>dude i'm trying to help you out don't kick me
>he laughs, keeps kicking
>i pin his arms down, try to pin his legs down with mine
>massive boner
almost done i swear
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I don't get it.

So many stories without any real lube. I guess I'm just tight as fuck but I have to use fucktons of lube reapplied every now and then, and even then I risk bleeding (lightly, nothing serious) from a light fucking from a normal sized dick.

Can someone be too tight to the point it's uncomfortable for the top? I've never had complaints but when I cum my body clamps up like a vice trap so it's even tighter.

yall got some serious self lubricating anus technology nobodys let me in on?

First time I had sex was pretty disappointing but first time I really kissed was pretty cute I guess.

>my 14th or 15th birthday party
>qt metalhead with soft long auburn hair and chiseled nordic features and bright blue eyes, like a wolf
>taller than me, nice body
>drag him into corner shower behind Jacuzzi, start to make out, mostly me tonguing my way up and down that long neck
>he kisses along my jaw- I'll never forget and I've never had someone kiss me the same way since, but something about how he touched the notch just under my jawline made me melt in a way I'll never forget
>dad brings out pizza have to awkwardly stumble out and act like we weren't up to no good
>dude stop kicking me
>"nah, fuck you"
>i quickly get up just enough to pull his shorts all the way to his knees and get right back on him
>dry hump to the max
>as always, he's smiling and laughing
>pretends to struggle, super submissive
>he starts pushing his ass up against my crotch
>i can't handle the friction
>i unbutton my pants, pull them down just enough
>"niggaaa. why are you so gay"
>stfu you like it pussy
>rub my cock between his cheeks
>he has the cutest butt ever, firm and soft, not big but just right
>i'm cut, was about 5 1/2 inches at the time
>can't take it anymore
>flip him over, pin his arms down with my legs
>crotch in his face
>suck it
>he looks up at me
>holy shit that face
>he licks my tip
last one coming up
>for a newbie he's fuckin pro
>i knew he would be, he had total DSLs
>still one of the best bjs i've ever had
>i pull out of his mouth, precum drips from his mouth onto his chest
>he starts trying to wrestle me
>i get him in a missionary position
>he's moving his ass, trying to make it seem like he's struggling but he's just massaging my cock with his ass
>he's laughing again
>i throw his legs up over my shoulders and get into position
>at this point i'd already watched a lot of porn, even a lot with him, so i had a good idea of what to do
>i pushed up under him and got his ass up in the air
>to this day rimjobs are one of my favorite things to give
>i hold up his ass and go to town
>"awww fuck nigga"
>we were both white boys but we said nigga all the time, it was common but w/e i'm off topic now
>drop his ass, pull his thighs closer so his ass is up against my dick
>"fuck me daddy"
>damn this kids got a fetish
>don't have to ask me twice
>fuck him for a solid 10 minutes
>he moaned like a bitch
>loved holding up his thighs and ramming him
>blew my load inside of him
>"dude your face is red"
>yeah because i just fucked the shit out of you
>poor choice of words, i know
>we get cleaned up and go to bed

we messed around a lot after that, i facefucked him occasionally
we would dry hump all the time, it always started out as wrestling or slap-boxing
or i'd get on top of him when he laid down on his stomach playing video games
but we never fucked after that
eventually we started to drift apart
he started acting real straight, got in with some bad kids through the weed business
then i moved states again
found out he had a girlfriend
still fucks me up to this day cause i kinda love the guy. he was my first after all.

I've been fucked a lot and never used lube, not even the first time.

I'm a cocksucker and love sucking off a guy before I let him fuck me so his dick is usually nice and wet from my saliva before he shoves it up my ass but other than that I havn't used anything.

I was 13 the first time I let my best friend stick his dick in my ass and it hurt like fucking crazy for almost 5 minutes but as soon as the pain went away I let my friend try it again and there was no pain and I ended up loving the feeling of him fucking me. After that I he started fucking me 2 or 3 times a week for the next 4 years until he moved away.

Between the times my friend moved away and the time I started going to bathhouses (about 6 years) I used to shove a computer joystick up my ass as a dildoe while I'd jack off.

But then when I went to a bathhouse, I mostly sucked dick there but this one guy who was sucking my dick started fingering my ass as he did it and I needed to let him fuck me to I begged him to stick his dick in me and he did with no lube and I fucking loved it.

Been getting fucked ever since and still have never really used any lube.
Fuck all these multi-post stories, you are the only one who reads them cunts..

Anyway, mine is a bit underage but let it slide.

>10 and its this time 2010 (August)
>A half a year prior, best friend goes to Thailand to live
>Webcaming him every day to catch up
>Find out I'm going to travel Europe with my new family
>Have a stopover for a day in Thailand
>Organise a date to meet up with him and my family approves
>Meet him two hours after we arrive in the early morning in Bangkok (he goes to the International Co-ed school in Bangkol)
>I think it was the tallest building in the world, 69 stories tall I think (forgot the name)
>Level 65, playing truth or dare with him
>We are home alone, two white kids, he was 13 but I was 10
>Sucking each other's dicks in the window hoping someone would see us
>No idea why
>Give anal a go
>hurts too much but I have to say, pure white and a little red ring, it was so hot, I don't even know what I looked like but probably the same
>He cowboys me with his brother's condom on (his bro was ~15 and could get them)
>About to cum and ask him to get off like I'd make him pregnant or something
>Last sexual part of the encounter
>Play a couple of hours of WoW together, periodically feeling each other up
>His mum comes home with mine in tow and we sprint to his bedroom to get dressed
>I leave and am in fucking Germany about 12 hours later
Also with respect to this, we were literally both oozing this gooey shit from our dicks. I think it's not abnormal and it's called precum? Anyway, that lasted for everything we needed to do.
So would you like both of my stories in green text or would you like them plain text? I have two.
whichever you feel will make your stories more appealing
he seemed kind of angry and upset. we were in a library once and all of a sudden he said "so did you enjoy sex with anon?" but immediately changed topic like if he regret the question. now it's like nothing happened, I think he accepted that.
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>20 yo
>go to a nighclub to celebrate a friend's birthday
>we get quite separated as he goes with his other buddies and I just stay on the dance floor
>some guy shows up and wants to dance with me
>isn't really my type or hot by anymeans but since I am still a virgin scum I keep dancing with him
>when the lights go out he says that I am really cute and that he thinks that I danced really well
>he invites me into his place
>for some reason his friend wants to come with us at his place to drink
>don't care
>at his place get some drinks and that dude's friend opens this guy's lap top to get some music
>while we are drinking the guy starts kissing me
>feel a bit awkward that I am having my first make out at a complete stranger's place while his friend is browsing his playlist
>proceed to bed
>he starts taking off my shirt
>Start entering his private areas
>the guy is impotent
>he tells me that nothing has made him erect lately, not even few others he had invited at his place previously
>feel a bit disapointed, resist the urge to tell him to see a dicktor
>cuddle for a while with him and we go to sleep, his friend left after he realized that there will be no fuggenings
>I wake up before him in the morning and take my leave

Well it is okay I guess, he smoked quite a lot and his breath smelled a lot like cigarets which wasn't so charming after all. This hapened this year and planning to visit a real gaybar at my other friend's birthday party (as he is planning to go there) S-some day I will have my chance, r-right?
>on /hm/
>14 year old knows what 4chan is

Lemme guess, Reddit?
in 2014 everyone knows what 4chan is at this point.

>see 14 yo on 4chan
>not shocked

thats why i dont let grandmama use the googles chromes
how are all of these virgins on 4chan? grindr, a4a, gay dot com, bbrt, bgclive, manhunt, craigslist, backpage, growlr, scruff, recon, jack'd, hornet, gay bars, squirt dot org, manplay, manjam, houseboy dot com, and (it got shut down but hey you bitches APPARENTLY wouldn't know) connexion dot com
Maybe because virgins aren't looking for some sketchy random hookup to lose their v-card to? Not everyone's down for sex with strangers.
because you meet someone on the internet doesnt create a contract to fuck them sleazy ho. is that refresh rate squeezin your brain too tight heifer? get to know someone before you fuck them.

>hurr durr i cant sleep with strangers
>need to bang someone i know
>hurrrrrrr never heard of dating

kill yourself. die. today
so mad
he called you daddy
and had sexual perversions at a very young age
even trying to induce intimacy through sex
you ever meet his dad because it really sounds like he was sexually molested
sad you werent with me first time
>how are all of these virgins on 4chan?
>Still haven't done anything with a guy
>only jerk off on camera for them
>trying to force my self straight
I've only kinda kissed a guy once .I don't want to loss my virginty to a stranger
I really should have updated the page before I posted mine
not everyone wants to get pozzed by 20 niggers for their first time
>be 12
>first time visiting /b/
Surprisingly it didnt hurt me at all, I have a job, a healthy relation to sex and have other hobbies than 4chan.
Everyone is a stranger until you get to know them.
File: neverspeakagain.gif (545 KB, 150x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
545 KB, 150x150


also, MOAR!!!
Just happened 10 minutes ago! First time I've been with a guy, in all honesty second time but the first time where it went well I suppose.

>Few weeks ago browsing CL
>Either see an ad or had someone respond to mine
>I'm 18 and a bit chubby, white and very tall
>Guy that messages me is 18 a bit chubby as well and Asian
>We text for a few weeks and almost meet up a few times, exchange pics
>usually cancel because too busy with family/schoolwork.
>also chickened out a few times
>text him earlier on tonight
>I'm drunk
>we pick a spot and meet up
>small talk, etc.
>as we are walking to the spot to the spot he says
>"so I got to tell you something sorta weird"
>I'm sorta freaking out now cause I'm scared of what he's gonna say
>"I'm pretty sure I had a class with you"
>stop dead in my tracks
>I ask him what school he went to
>same one as me

File: coooooooach.png (372 KB, 782x659) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
372 KB, 782x659

You deserve every bit of the slow, cancer you're gonna get.

>recognize his face as soon as he said it
>didn't remember his name and had to ask him
>we have a lot of the same friends
>sorta internally freak out cause I'm a complete closeted bi
>he must have seen it in my face because he laughs and says I won't tell if u don't
>on the way there talk about friends we thought were cute
>we get there and all of a sudden I'm feeling really happy I did this
>sit back against the tree, undo my pants
>7 inches
>he does the same, he is a bit smaller at around 5 and a half
>sits over me and start sucking
>this is fucking great
>take turns blowing each other and jerking
>he starts to lean over me and goes on top of me to blow me while lying on me
>I cum on his face and in his mouth
>he swallows
>I blow him but he can't stay hard and admits he's a bit nervous
>just say it's fine and not to worry about it
>must have gave him a confidence boost cause he gets hard

>start blowing him again
>he is starting to get close
>his dicks tensing up in my mouth
>he starts moaning
>taste pre cum
>he cums all over my face, panting

After that we both clean up, promise to do this again, and start off for home. He is only around 10 minutes away, and he has his house free for the next few weeks. We talked about it and we both want to try fucking each other.
Maybe more stories to come, super happy right now, about to fall asleep as it's 230 here and I'm hammered.

Hope people enjoyed the story!
pics of you guys?
>guy messages me from my school
>need to get rid of gay v card so
>go to his room, nothing all walls
>no sheets, just a blank room with a TV
>no chair so I sit on bed
>tells me to lay down and relax
>creepy as fuck
>"do you want to take your clothes off? "he asks
>" sure?" end up naked next to him spooning
>he's fat, so very fat , he was so skinny looking in picture
>he starts feeling me up
>it's so uncomfortable so I don't touch him back
>offers to give me a blow job in the morning
>ask him to blow me now
>he does, I immediately leave
>he wanted me to stay and cuddle
>3 days later he text me to tell me I have herpes...
>I'm not stupid, I don't have herpes, he was just butt hurt

Not to romantic but I got my virginity out of the way
It's SOME comfort.

I'm just jelly of those guys who were getting it on secretly in my high school with one another (all-boys' school, everyone played fucking sports but me... sigh). I wish I was so lucky to be a genetically skinny little cunt who could get it just by thinking about it.

captcha: School squity
>Be me, 14, my older brother is 15
>grew up in Georgia so a lot of running around outside and general roughhousing
>We were both going through puberty, so we're horny little fucks
>We both have blonde hair, light brown eyes. I was pretty skinny and hairless for the most part, basically a twink
>He was a little hairier and muscular, starting to grow a mustache
>One day, our parents were out grocery shopping, he was watching WWE (he loved wresting, especially Dusty Rhodes)
>wanted to try a few moves on me, I said no (he was usually too rough and I ended up with the majority of the injuries)
>But he was stronger and told me to, "shut up, I need to practice for school anyway."
>Pinned me to the floor in some sort of chokehold where he was basically sitting on my face
>I could see his bulge through his gym shorts, couldn't take my eyes off it
>ohgod boner please not now....
>Somehow he notices my erection without moving, and smirks down at me
>"Looks like you do like this after all, little brother"
>"n-n-no I don't.."
>"Yes yo do you queer, what do you think mom and dad would do to you if I told them you were a fag, brother?"
>Nothing good, they were super conservative
>I'm pretty sure he can see in my eyes that he had total power over me
>He stands up, saying, "I'm about to run wild all over you brother"
>He looks even stronger than before, he must have been working out after school
>Slowly takes his shirt off, revealing a very well defined, if not super muscular body. No six pack, but his abs were defined, covered up by a small happy trail leading down his pants
>Next, off come the pants. His bulge is huge, puberty had been much kinder to him
>Tells me to strip, so I take all of my clothes off, using my shirt to cover my (much smaller) dick
>He smiles, tells me to lie down on the floor again
>The floor is still sweaty from where we were wrestling before
>He slowly walks over my body, so that his body blocks out the light
>oh god oh god oh god
>I have to admit, I had fantasized about him before but I was still terrified he would tell our parents
>He proceeds to sit on my chest, I can feel his cold bare ass putting all his weight on me
>He maneuvers a little, so that his huge dick is just in front of my lips
>“Whatcha gonna do brother?” He asks, smiling down at me, “you want me to tell?”
>“Face the truth brother, you’re just a sissy…”
>End up giving him a forced blowjob, he doesn’t cum
>Eventually he gets up, grabs me, and flips me on my stomach with my ass in the air
> oh god oh god oh god oh god
>“It ain’t over yet brother…”
>“Whatcha gonna do? When this 24 inch python destroys you?”
>He thrusts in
>I am immediately engulfed in Hulkamania
>I am the purest form of man, brother, I thought I played it straight brother, but my brother showed me true wrestling spirit, brother.
>Immediately transcend human form in a whirlwind of pure hulkster energy
>Reincarnated as two 24 inch pythons
>Each seeking each other to bond into one hulkster, brother, to reach the plateau that my brother had showed me brother
>I am the beginning and the end, yin and yang, brother
>>be 22
>>closeted and shy
>>try grinder for the first time
>>guys start chatting me
>>this one guy says he lives close to me, and from pics he looks cute
>>hes 29 and bearish type
>>go to his place, nervous as fuck
>>obviously he's heavier than the in his pictures
>>we chat, then he goes "its okay if i touch you?"
>>mfw never been with a dude
>>tell him its my first time
>>he says hes not experienced with guys
>>he slowly starts touching me, we go to his bedroom
>>we undress each other, its dark, slowly hes kissing me while i'm lying awkwardly on bed
>>we kiss, he start sucking my nipples then my dick
>>me trying dick for the first time, and i kinda like it
>>we go on sucking mutually
>> we 69, he says he's close
>>after some more sucking we both cum on his chest
>>we have a smoke i say goodbye, we exchange numbers and realize we dont know each other's names.

anyway the sex was just ok, it wasn't the most intense orgasm i've ever had, maybe the finger in the butt ruined it. i was more turned on from the expectation rather than the sex itself.
i'm starting to doubt my attraction for men. feels fucked up.

still have the taste of dick in my mouth.

need advice here anon
try fucking someone you're actually attracted to. should help
Omfg YES! 8/10. You only got 8 because at the end of the first part the story was obviously fake
>be me just a few hours ago
>get blown off by two guys I found on Grindr
>feeling pretty bummed
>get a random message from a married black guy
>tells me he's actually really close to where I'm at
>not doing anything atm, why the hell not?
>we meet up in a parking lot to chat
>he's actually really nice
>I follow him into a private bathroom at a fancy hotel
>Tell him I've never done anything like this before
>Tells me we can take it slow and I can back out at any moment
>Present my skinny white ass to him
>He gropes me with both hands and tells me my butt is very soft
>He lubes up his finger and inserts it slowly
>Feels fucking amazing
>He fingers me for a few minutes
>Tell him he can fuck me if he wants
>He puts on a condom and I bend over the sink and present my ass to him
>He slowly inserts his 7 inches in my hole
>Never had a cock in my ass before so it hurts at first
>He gets it all the way in and starts moving slowly in and out
>Feels like a dream, even though it still hurts a bit
>He picks up the pace and fucks my ass proper...for about a minute
>He cums in the condom and tells me he's finished
>He flushes the condom and his wife calls
>Tells me he's got to go
>Leaves me rock hard with a gaping asshole in a hotel bathroom
>Oh well, it was nice while it lasted
>Finger myself in the mirror while I stroke my cock
>Cum hard in like 45 seconds
>Wash up in the sink
>Get a soda from the lobby
>Drive home
>Hopefully will be better next time
Are you me?
Past few years, this is practically my life
black guy

>black guy
>7 inches
That was not a black guy
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Well if you say so
>Summer before senior year of high school
>At a friends party
>Thought there'd only be like 10 of us but people keep pouring in
>Everyone is fucking wasted except me
>Be at the peak of a glorious high
>See cute half Japanese guy from my school walk in
>he pulls out some weed and we smoke on the roof
>not formally out but I know everyone thinks I am so I don't bother
>Friend brings out bottle of vodka and we sit on the roof getting increasingly more drunk
>friend leaves
>Me and cute guy start joke flirting
>Exchange numbers night ends
>Starts texting me nonstop
>Asking if I think he looks good in whatever he's wearing
>Adds me on Snapchat
>Jokingly ask for nudes
>Pic above very related

Cont.? it gets good
yes, i can haz moar?
Nope, he is me.
>Got blowjob
>Lost virginity

OK I guess that wasn't when I lost my virginity but it was my first experience, I meant virginity in the sense that I've never kissed a dude before that
>summer before senior year

Underaged detected.
That's hella awesome! If u want u can add me on snap aswell =) itsjeppe
That's hella awesome! If u want u can add me on snap aswell =) itsjeppe

are you retarded?
or do you not understand the difference between past and present tense?
>be 22 and a high school teacher
>learn from a friend that your co-teacher is a closeted bisexual
>do the moves
>finally got him interested
>piss him off by saying he's a liar
>meet up by night and have some drinks
>go to a secluded part of town afterwards
>suck him off awkwardly
>be glad that the rumors are right about his above average cock
>pounded like a pro
>be his boyfriend for 10 months now
It says pic above very related, snapchat didn't start to get popular until the last year or so, therefore there's no way they are over 18.

>Are you retarded?
Are you?
and just how long has Snapchat been popular doofus
How old is he?
File: mkad.jpg (250 KB, 500x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 16
>step brother 15
>i'm thin, in shape, hairless, twink basically
>step brother is a jock, more muscular, pubes, armpit hair, bigger bulge
>sleep on floor together one night
>sleeping head to toe
>he is facing away from me
>i nonchalantly place my arm over his hip
>think nothing of it until 5 minutes later
>feel something press into my palm
>size of a ping pong ball and warm
>mfw i realize it's his cock through his bb shorts
>keep hand where it is, see where this goes
>he lightly starts to hump my palm
>i know hes awake at this point
>he moves dick out of my hand
>i think fun's over when suddenly
>he flips over on his other side
>tip of his cock is pressing on his bb shorts which is pressing on my mouth
>holy shit holy shit
>i relax my mouth and let it press in more
>the fabric only lets a little bit in
>he moves away from my mouth and i hear shuffling
>I feel a warm cock head rub on my lips
>i relax my mouth, move my teeth, and he pushes in
>id seen his dick but it felt way bigger in my mouth
>struggled to fit it in
>he slowly humps my face
>my nose is buried in his pubes
>i begin to pitch a tent in my sleep pants
>he fishes my dick out of the hole and lightly sucks me off
>jerks me more but continues to fuck my mouth
>i'm in heaven at this point always having had a thing for him
>he pushes back harder on my throat and I take all of my willpower to not gag
>gag anyways
>doesn't stop him
>still pretend to sleep
>i feel his 8inch cock grow in my mouth and tense up
>I think he's going to shoot down my throat
>instead pulls out and nuts on the side of my face
>i'm in horny shock
>i hear him shuffle for a minute while he cleans his dick
>falls back asleep next to me naked with his flaccid cock hanging next to my face
>mfw insane blue balls
>forced to sit and whiff his cock for 20 minutes until hes asleep
>go to bathroom with his dried cum on my face
>beat off harder then i ever have

pic related its him
omg how did you get a hold of his pic and more pics of him?
File: pic.jpg (10 KB, 480x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 480x400
long story but we still mess around once in a while, rarely oral, mostly just mutual jerk off or just jerk in the same room
for the record this picture is from after his 18th birthday
damn hes cute and its that you right next to him? post more
File: image.jpg (112 KB, 411x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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he was 18 at the time but anyway

>surprised he actually sends me the nude
>we continue snapchatting
>gets increasingly sexual
>He sends me a bunch of nudes/videos of him jacking it
>shocked because I didn't think he'd be into guys let alone me
>He asks if we can fuck almost every day
>Finally give in and say sure why not
>fuck I'm nervous
>Ask him to bring pot to calm my nerves
>He comes over and we both sit on the couch in my basement and we smoke for an hour
>Eventually he starts nuzzling his face in my neck and rubbing my hair with his hands
>My whole body feels warm from the pot
>slowly start kissing him
>moves his legs so they're over mine
>he starts opening his mouth and running his tongue over my lips
>we make out for like 15 minutes

File: image.jpg (64 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 640x960
>he starts rubbing his crotch on my thigh
>I unzip his pants and pull them down just below his boxers
>I start rubbing his hard on through his boxers, 5.5 inches but really thick
>he starts moaning into my mouth while we're kissing and it makes me rock hard
>He leans down and kisses my neck while I continue to slowly rub his cock
>feel the precum start to soak the fabric
while he starts kissing lower and lower on me
>he quickly takes off my pants and underwear and licks up my shaft from the base to the head
>We haven't said a word to each other yet but probably for the best
>He gives me head for a few minutes before I lay my back on the couch and he straddles his thighs across my head presenting his perfect pink hole with just the right amount of hair in my face
>rim the fuck out of him for a whole while he deep throats my dick
>he spits on my dick and asks if I'm ready
>tell him I don't have a condom
>said he never planned on using one
>he bends over the arm of my couch and grinds his ass on my cock
>I'm in heaven this shit feel so good
>I spit on my dick and his hole and slowly push the tip in
>It's so fucking tight and warm and slightly wet
>His body quivers and he reaches back and squeezes my arm as I slowly push the rest in
>Start slowly pumping in and out
>I grab his shoulders and increase my speed and start to hear my balls clapping against his ass
>He's grunting and sighing with each thrust and he makes these cute little moans whenever I thrusted as hard as I could
>Tell him I'm about to cum
>he leans back and presses his back to my stomach and pushes my head down into his neck
>I lick his neck and ear as I bust probably the biggest load of my life in his tight little ass
>I feel his ass pulsing and I let my dick sit I his ass
>He pulls my face next to his and we have a long deep kiss as I pull my now almost soft dick out of his ass
>He pushes me over the arm of the couch
>Says it's his turn

fuck hes cute. show us the videos of him
it's shit like this that makes me scared to meetup with someone
>friends small party, like 15 kids from school
>get a text from a guy that most people think isgay
>"are you going to the party tonight ;)"
>chat a little bit throughout the night
>everyone is super super drunk and "spooning on a bed"
>like 8 people males and females cramped on this bed - little spoon to big spoon
>im the little spoon to the gay dude
>blatantly grab his hand and put it down my pants
>its cramped af no one can notice
>put my jacket over his hand going into my pants
>he rubs my dick for a while
>everyone deciding to go to bed
>he sets up matress - i go lay down with him
>everyones sleeping, i put my hand on his cock
>pull it out, start stroking. he does the same
>start making out .. not really into it
>go down and suck his dick for a bit, its thicker and longer than mine.. hes completely shaved.
>he sucks mine for a bit
>not really keen so i turn around into little spoon again and grab his dick
>put it in my ass
>he fucks my ass for a bit .. doesnt hurt but uncomfortable cuz no lube
>i tell him to flip over and let me fuck him
>im big spoon now.. hes way to fkn tight im trying to shove my dick in his little hole
>its not going in
>get bored and drunk, told him well finish it another time..
>text him the next day saying I want to meet up etc..
>had a wank and realised that was a bad idea
>sent him a paragraph saying I didn't want to
>he was chill, i see him at school but we dont talk.
File: image.jpg (95 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 KB, 640x960
>He aggressively slaps his cock on my face
>oh shit I'm actually about to suck a dick
>He straddles my chest
>He rubs the tip around my lips and lets out a loud moan
>meanwhile my cum is slowly pouring out of his ass onto my stomach
>I let his dick slide in and it tastes so perfect with a little bit of precum
>I'm kind of in an awkward position but he doesn't care so I grab his ass cheeks and force his cock down my throat
>He takes this as a sign and grabs a fistful of my hair and begins to face fuck me
>I start to gag slightly and he says something in the sexiest rasp I won't forget
>"That's right, take that fucking cock baby"
>Damn it I'm hard all over again from hearing it
>He keeps face fucking me and I use the cum from his ass as lube to jerk off
>He throws his head back and tells me he's gonna cum and asks where I want it
>He pulls his cock out of my mouth and furiously beats his dick. He closed his eyes hard and opened his mouth and jerked till he shot his cum all over my neck, chin, and mouth.
>As soon as I felt his warm cum on my face I beat my dick as hard as I ever have till I shot again on his back and my lower stomach
>He looked down at me and smiled and slowly wiped his cum off my face and put it in my mouth
>What the fuck?
>Went along with it and it tasted fucking amazing and felt so good
>He licks up our cum on my stomach and leans in and we both make out and share the warm cum
>Holy shit that was amazing
>Asks if he can shower
>We both wash each other off and kiss and cuddle the whole time
>He says we should do that again some time
>Talk every once in a while over the summer
>School starts and he goes out of his way to call me a faggot and make fun of me
>oh okay
>Still got them nudes tho

And that's the story of my first gay sexual encounter
I've never loved another like you have loved him. You've experienced a loss too great for me to understand.

I hope to one day find such a connection and shared love.

Peace to you.
So I'm sixteen years old. Just today I got messaged by this apparently closeted bisexual boy who is only twelve years old. I'm a virgin, never done anything sexual with anyone. This boy sent me a picture of his dick. He wanted me to dirty talk him, which I didn't, and he wants to have sex with me. He told me that he had had sex with his older brother and that he wouldn't tell anyone if I fucked him...I don't know what to do. I kind of want to go through with it. This is my first opportunity to actually have sex with someone and I kinda don't care that he's only twelve. (Almost thirteen.)
do you actually know this person? if someone you don't know messaged you out of the blue like that it's definitely a good idea to ignore it - it's hard to imagine a 12 year old that daring/sure of himself. and while a difference in age of four years isn't a huge deal, you should definitely think about the moral side of it - if the kid's legit, he might not be as ready for sex as he thinks he is, especially if his brother abused him at all. not to mention that if you got caught and word got out you fucked a 12 year old, it wouldn't be a good situation for ya
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>shits cum in my mouth mout

police pls.
>this is what people who get aids say
>be 18 approaching the end of senior year
>see mutual friend at a scholarship presentation
>after exchanging pleasantries friend says we should hang out
>never really had an attraction to him but he's good-looking
>two days later
>we meet up to see amazing spiderman 2 together
>movie's decent
>he asks if I wanna hold his hand
>i oblige
>movie ends and friend asks if I was uncomfortable
>tell him no just get clammy hands
>we laugh and then just drive around town for a while
>he asks if i wanna park somewhere and talk
>i park in a target parking lot
>he stretches his arm across my seat
>smell him and start getting hard
>i give him a look
>he says "you're really cute anon"
>i giggle like a japanese woman and then lean in
>he leans in and we start to kiss
>feel his stubble and like it alot
>he tells me my face is so smooth
>we go to the back seat, this is a challenge for with my two door car
>I climb on top of him and commence making out
>he starts grinding his crotch against me
>feel his boner against me so I rock my hips back and forth
>fully clothed we are rubbing wood
>bear hugs me and moves me to the other side of the car
>so strong
>Ieaking precum like crazy
>ask if I can blow him
>he lowers his pants and whitey tightys revealing a pleasant 7 inches
>kissing his fuzzy thighs working my way up
>wrap my mouth around the tip
>start sucking
>he reaches down my back and into my pants
>as i work his cock he rubs my ass
>spits on his finger then slips it in
>let out a weird sound but continue with his dick
>he starts thrusting
>i can taste the pre
>he slides his finger out and grabs my head pushing down
>basically getting skullfucked, uncomfortable but pleasant
>says he's gonna cum
>feel his warm cum shoot into my mouth
>I look up and realize just how foggy the windows are
>he grabs my face and we kiss with his cum still in my mouth
>drive him home and drop him off with a kiss goodbye
>good first date
>contemplate just how slutty gays are
c-can we see a pic of yourself?
Same thing happened to me... except my friend woke up, and he doesn't talk to me anymore, claiming I raped him...

I think you're fine though, honestly. Even if he knows, he's too embarrassed to bring it up, so just act like it never happened
Great story. How are things with you two now?
I Agree!! I want to see his face!

That's two closeted Indiana athletes on /hm/ right now. First, Brian and now whoever this kid is.
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Pic related
We're still dating but we're going to different colleges and we don't have that much in common. He's really into theater and older literature so I'm probably gonna end it to free myself up for school but he is very sweet
>that face

That's one of the hottest stories I've see, ultimate twink&daddy romance

How did you break-up?
hot, hot, hot

We want more,too! LOL!
text 3107494927
first time posting here so...
>>20 year old virgin
>>always wanted to know how it is with a guy
>>get grindr
>>find this italian muscle guy
>>told him i've never done something like that
>>he says it's okay
>>met last weekend
>>got out of train and looked for him
>>he was under a bus stop. hes a bit smaller than i expected.
>>shake hands
>>do smalltalk and go to his house
>>his aunt and his brother come out of the house
>>tell him to walk around
>>go to a track across the fields
>>he starts to kiss me gently while he rubs my crotch
>>little kids on bikes are coming
>>pretend like nothing happened
>>he starts to unbutton my pants and sucking my dick
>>say i feel uncomfortable on the track
>>tell him to go somewhere lonelier
>>go under dense trees
>>he starts to suck me again
>>tell him that we should do this at the evening
>>go to his house again
>>watching tv with his aunt and brother
>>eventually tell him to go upstairs
>>we go to the room
>>he starts to undress, me too.
>>he kisses me on my neck
>>he tells me to lie on the bed
>>he kisses me more and goes down on me
>>he tells me he wants to enter me
>>he slowly enters me as he kisses me
>>fuck it feels like i'm bleeding!
>>tell him it hurts a bit but its okay
>>eventually he starts to go faster and deeper
>>it starts to hurt when he goes too deep
>>tell him to change position
>>he pulls out and tells me to suck
>>i swallow
>>i didn't came, just couldn't get hard :/

we did it a few hours later again.
Global Rule #2: "If you are under the age of 18, or it is illegal for you to view the materials contained on this website, discontinue browsing immediately."
Never green texted before, and english is not my first language so, let's see how it goes

This happend about a year and half ago.

>Be 21, be at friends moving home party
>Introduces all to his lil bro, 18 years old
>Lets call him Jim.
>Jim silently spends the 3 first hour of the party in a corner
>Even after several attempts to include him in conversations
>Party's almost over and we are preparing for town
>Friend asks me if bro can tag along with me, because we are splitting to 2 pubs
>Im going to the 18+ pub because of chill and music
>Sure, Jim ends up as my shadow for the next 2 hours on town, barely uttering a word.
>i buy him some drinks as further attempt to include him in our circle

At this point i had no clue he was openly gay, growing up in a real conservative farm community, ive never met one, and not really given it much thought, didnt even see the signals that are way to obvious after getting to know him.

>at closing time of the pub another friend invites me to a afterparty
>Me havent had nearly enough alcohol so sure
>Jim suddenly speaks up and asks if he can join me
>says he is scared of the dark and dont want to walk home alone
>Im living in the same street as him, so i think why not, ill just get him home after this
>Afterparty ended up being just, me, Jim and host
>me and host smoke some joints and listen to weird techo stuff he likes
>Jim is as good as glued up to my left side in couch, thinking ok, small couch, whatever
>Host sits on floor behind couch with laptop to controll music, because short cable to speakers
>can't see him without twisting around and had to do so to speak over the music
>Everytime i do this for the next hour, my foot gently brush Jim's
>This somehow arouses Jim, and when he had enough of it he suddenly whisper into my ear.
>Im going to give you a blowjob,
>At that point im properly baked and drunk so, my only tought was What? and quickly forget it without responding to him


>After a couple shots and another beer i cant bother with the whole twist and turn to reach host
>Decide to just hang my head over back of couch and stare upside down and talk
>A couple sentences in and a long song going on
>Jim decided to pounce on me, before i had any time to flip my head up, he had one hand down my pants fondling my dick, the other opening the pants
>First thought, what did i smoke?? and had i drunk to much
>Before finishing this thought im hard and he is about to go down on me
>This is really happening, flip head back to watch host if he notice, Nope
>Gently start massaging his hair while recieving best blowjob of my life
>while talking to host about what next song to play
>Host is to wasted to get up so i figure he wont notice, and if so sure wont remember
>15 minutes into the slow and godlike blowjob, Jim stops and tell me we have to finish up somewhere else alone.
>Amazing blowjob from a skinny little blonde, gave me the first known gay thoughts of my knowledge, and quickly agree
>Need to Experience this, im extremely curious about everything, so wonder why this havent occured before
>listen to one more song and finish drinks to let boner calm for the long walk home
>Say goodbye to host, he just waves us off without even glancing towards it, to stoned and focused on flashy youtube music video
>When we got back to My place, its 06:00 and starting get brighter outside
>He suddenly apologizes about taking advantage of me, but said he liked it
>Say what now? if you had something to be sorry for i would have stopped you
>Jim says Maybe we can finish some other time, im to tired now, and my parents are home
>Kinda dissapointed but dont want to force it, im agreeing and we split for the night

In the end we never got to finish, but i started developing a desire to find a twink of my own, and whenever im drunk and im around someone i find out is gay i discreetly flirt with them hoping they try to come on to me, im a bear btw

Yeah ok
hey dude, thanks for sharing your story! Believe me when I say someday you will be fine, we're never the same after losing a loved one, the pain never goes away, you just learn how to live with it, I'm sure your hubby would want you to live your life to the fullest,I'm sure you will maybe hate me for saying this but there will even be a time you will love again, so hang in there…

PS: Don't worry about your english, your story has touched my heart more than any story written by a native speaker, it was sweet and very sexy, would you like to tell us more about your life together?
>be me
>be 14
>looking at qt boy in the shower after PE
>catch him looking at me
>quickly look away
>boy comes up to me during break and asks me to come with him
>we go down into an old part of the building not too far away from PE hall
>asks me if I was looking at him
>I freeze and start sweating and hyperventilating
>he says he was looking at me too
>still look shocked
>he kisses me
>looks at me afterwards and asks if I want to come over after school
>I say okay sure
>after school we walk to his house, talking about random things
>decently sized, multiple floors, not mansion though
>his room is on the loft floor
>we go in
>start talking more random things
>eventually he asks if I liked the kiss
>I really did
>he asks if I wanna do it again
>we kiss
>I feel my dick being adamantium hard
>I "adjust" my trousers (an excuse to rub it a little ofc)
>he asks if I wanna stroke together
>at this point I was convinced my dick was going to explode
>we get naked and start stroking ourselves while looking at each other
>came all over ourselves in like 5 minutes
>I went to get TP to clean us up
>after cleanup we were hard again
>naked kissing ensued with our dicks touching
>reached down and touched each other's dicks
>laid back down on the bed and stroked each other
>came 5 minutes later
>cleaned up again
>had to leave because dinner
>spent entire evening stroking
>be 16 at the time (long time ago)
>be kissless, sexless virgin. like no clue as to what gay is (but had thoughts of guys)
>friend at school sort of like me. small, nerdy
>asks if I want to go over his house after school Friday
>take the train to his place. rough neighborhood.
>go inside, say hi to his mom, go upstairs to his room
>he immediately takes out weed (my first time for weed, too)
>we smoke, listen to music, shoot the shit
>he asks if I watch porn
>"of course I do" (lie, only watched it a few times)
>we watch VHS tape of porn (yeah, that long ago)
>he asks if I jerk off. tell him I do
>suggests we do it together
>embarrassed but why not
>both take our cocks out and start jerking
>he says we should trade and takes my cock and starts jerking it. I do same for him
>both jerk off until we cum
>mother yells up and asks if I want to stay for dinner.
>eat there, head back to friends room
>more porn
>more jerking
>getting time to go. it's dark and shitty neighborhood. friend suggests I stay the night
>call my mother, she talks to friends mother, we're all set
>right back to the room and jerking off and smoking weed
>friend asks about blow jobs and asks if he can give me one
>kind of buzzed so say yes.
>slides my cock into his mouth. never felt so good
>after a few minutes he asks if I'll do the same
>put his cock in my mouth. he slowly fucks my mouth (probably because my cocksucking skills were zero)
>mother knocks on the door telling us she's going to bed and not to stay up too late
>wait 5 minutes and friend says we should get naked and get on the bed
>do it
>end up 69'ing with me on bottom getting face fucked
>we had watched some chick get ass-railed on the porn tape and he suggests we try it
>I go first. I try to get it in his ass but he's so tight I end up cumming before it goes in
>he spits on his cock, lays on top of me and pushes in
>uncomfortable but not bad
>fucks me for a few minutes and cums
>watch more porn
>sucked and fucked all night
>Be 18, 4/10
>Best friend is 17, 8/10
>Perfect mix of handsome and cute
>>Shoulder length blonde hair
>>Green eyes
>>Skinny Body with belly flab
>>Bubble Butt
>Have history of getting eachother off(Pornswap, ERP, etc.)
>Friend is depressed
>Comes to me for help
>Goes on about how no one loves him and how he feels like burden to everyone
>Begin crying
>I hug him
>He hugs back
>[slight boner]
>Rub his back
>Whisper in his ear, "You know, I like you."
>Crying completely stops
>Want things not to get awkward and break the hug, but it feels amazing
>Begin caressing his hair and scalp
>Hit this small part of the back of his ear
>He makes a sexy as fuck moan
>[Boner Intensifies]
>Keep rubbing it
>Falls limp in my arms and begins nuzzling against me
>[Boner at full capacity]
>Say, "W-wow... I-It's like you're a kitten.."
>He likes the title, giggles
>He fucking purrs
>Break the hug
>He sees my bulge
>Hide in shame
>I look at his crotch
>Red as fuck face
>He has the same
>Compromise on not doing anything sexual
>Lay in bed and cuddle, he's on top
>Rub his back, nuzzle, shit like that
>Occasionally sneak a peck on his cheek
>He giggles and pecks me back
>Goes on until we go to sleep

We did more stuff later on. I'll post if you want, but right now I've gotta make a food run.
post more. is he really that cute? got a pic
He wants the D
My sides, but yes i would like to hear more.
So I was 8 when it all first started with my next door neighbor. Just simple kids expermenting with each other kissing playing with each other. We even tried on womens cloths. We wouod do this for hours haven't hit puberty yet
A few years pass best friends with benefits alwayz slee8ng over and stuff, find out another neighbor and him where also having fun days we where not. One day we all go to my bouse home alone 13 or so and 3 guys all very horny. Starts out kissinv each other playing truth or dare. I always very shy with other guy there [got a form of micro penis] there both naked infrint of me half hard there willing to do any thing

Continue? Wang pic of my dick?
Go on
I have posted my story here a few times on this board before but here it is again.

>be 13 and recently moved to a different town during summer vacation
>invite friend over from my old town to come hang out for the day. around the same age
>goof around play video games usual boy stuff
>end up wrestling around playfully
>not sure who started it(it was probably me) but some jokingly crotch grabbing happens
>we go back and forth "trying to prevent each other from grabbing each others dicks"
>eventually we let each other grab it without no resistance
>we both whip them out and sit back while we jerk each other
>Dead Awkward Silence
>Decide to be adventurous and get on my knees and start sucking his dick
>not that big so it was easy to get the whole thing in my mouth
>stop and sit back and he was kind enough to do the same for me
>he couldnt get my whole dick in his mouth but boy did it feel good
>he keeps going and i cant take it anymore i came so close to shooting my load in his mouth
>stop him right before im about to bust because i was nervous
>we both kinda stop and dont do anymore
>he leaves and we never speak again
File: npa5yMn[1].gif (551 KB, 245x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fast forward 7 years!

>Find out through some mutual friends that he is getting married to some girl
>"Wow i am happy to hear he found someone and is happy!"
>Decide to look him up on facebook and send him a quick message saying congrats
>He accepts friend request
>Send "Hey man i am happy to hear you got married congratulations!"
File: 1403909089261.jpg (50 KB, 800x534) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be 11 about to turn 12 about 5/10 slightly chub
>Move to my mothers house one town over
>New family moves in down the road
>>Dead end cul de sac so everyone knows everyone on our street
>One day me and my sis were playing out in the front yard and the new people are walking down the street
>I notice that they have a kid around the same age as me and my sis
>We invite them to come over and we introduce ourselves
>I didn't have many friends at this point so i was excited to finally have someone to play with other than sis
>We all become best friends and me and anon find ourselves hanging out more since we were boys
>One day we were jumping on the trampoline behind his house and we got tired so we sat in the shade
>He gets up, pulls down his pants, and pisses in a bush fairly close to me
>I realize i can see his dick so i do what usual kids do and laugh and say something like "Dude i see your dong" or something like that
>At this time i don't realize that i was feeling weird when i saw his dick because i wasn't grossed out by it
>I told him can i see his so we can compare each others
>He agrees and we whip out our little dicks, but his was just a bit bigger than mine
>I was fascinated by it, i couldn't stop staring and at one point i wanted to touch it
>He had just a few pubes and i didn't have any at the time yet
>We compared for about 10 mins then we went and got ice cream or something along those lines
>About a week later, im at school and i learn about jacking off and i went home to try it after school
>MFW HolyShitThisIsGreat.jpg
>I'm jacking off every fucking day at least twice a day
>I'm hanging out with anon when i ask him if he jacks off
>He says no and asks what it is
>I tell him and he wants me to show him
>I feel like showing him would be wrong but i felt like fapping so we went to his house and i showed him
>MFW i got him to jack off in front of me

I've got a lot more stories to tell after this one if you guys want me to keep going...

Pic unrelated
>other hobbies than 4chan
That 4chan is a hobby for you at all is all the proof we need for lulz.
>Summer before 9th grade, moved across town
>Be skinnyfat gamer nerd who moved around too much to have many social skills
>Next door, is guy a few months younger than me, we will be going to same high school
>He's the hottest guy I'd ever seen and I have immediate massive crush on him and am too embarrassed to be social, We don't hit it off right away.
>Our fathers however become friends and insist we hang out with each other.
> He tries to show me motocross, I try to show him everquest. Goes over like a grease fire.
>He introduces me to his friends, who I get along with a lot better, and over the fall the 5 of us really start to like each other, somehow we got over our differences.
>As a pretty boy, a lot of girls go for him, and once after a breakup, his ex says to everyone he's gay.
>He rolls with it and says that I am now his boyfriend, I'm not out and I know its not real, but that is exactly what I wish were true.
>He didn't even ask my opinion on it, but he continues to tell girls he doesn't want to be with that I'm his boyfriend, those girls start to get all in my shit too.
>Finally, one girl demands he prove it, so again without even considering me kisses me in front of her.
>Feel so conflicted, this is exactly what I wanted, but feel violated at same time.
>Say fuck it, and start aggressively making out with him, and suddenly he gets really uncomfortable, but can't stop while we are being watched.
>The next day he calls me over to his house, when I get there he surprise punches me in the face, knocking me to the ground
>Wants to know why I never said I was gay, he never would have played that game if he knew
>Bleeding on his floor, I tell him he is the biggest crush of my life, and that now i hate his fucking guts and wish we had never met.
>He apologizes for being an ass, I apologize for not telling him sooner.
>Word got around about the makeout session and he denies everything, and i become that fag that got what was coming to him.
Consider myself to be mostly straight, every once in a while get the urge to look at dicks though. Anyway:
>Be 14, sleepover with best friend also 14
>Stay up late playing vidya, find parents stash of alcohol
>Take 2 shots don't feel anything, see excuse to finally see friend's dick and b8
>Say "Wanna take a naked shot?"
>We strip and take a few more shots, sit and talk and look at each other naked, and run around
>Never seen another dick before
>It's uncut too, just as long as mine (about 5in at the time) but thick, and when it was soft it was still about 5in. Turned me on like no other
>Eventually watch porn, masturbate together (without touching). I cum only a couple of drops but he cums so hard it shoots over his head. Then we just fall asleep
>Never done anything gay before or since
do go on

The one compelling read on this thread. Way to go man, that's a doozy of a story
File: 1371018838172.png (380 KB, 650x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
380 KB, 650x800
I don't want to post a pic, but he's a dead ringer for Skyward Sword Link, just with shorter hair and a cute beard
Anyway, continuing

>Time goes on
>Continue petplay
>Turns out he really likes the whole kitty/master role
>Begins acting like a cat and talking about fantasizing being a neko
>Idly pet him while we hang out and play vidya
>He nuzzles into me, sometimes purrs
>Lazy afternoon, hanging out
>He's feeling lonely
>Cuddle and reassure he's still my big kitty
>Says he wants to try something
>Heart beats as he says that
>Undresses down to his boxers
>His cock is 8 inches, and hard
>Says he wants me to pleasure him
>Grab him and begin kissing all over his body
>He goes limp
>Work my way down
>Suckle on his nipples for a few seconds
>Kiss across his belly
>He's moaning loudly
>Pull down his boxers and begin kissing at the head of his cock as my fingers play with his balls
>He's beginning to spasm and lose control on the bed
>Stick his cock in my mouth
>He tastes delicious
>Moaning as I suck
>He's practically screaming in pleasure at this point
>Reaches his hand down
>Runs fingers through my hair
>My hand reaches up and meets his
>We lock fingers as I go deeper and deeper
>He says he's about to cum
>Hold my mouth down
>Moan pleasurably as I rub my hands across his belly
>He lets out one final moan lets his thick, sticky, delicious cum in my mouth
>I swallow without thinking

>He soon recovers
>Gets on all fours
>Turns his ass towards me
>Wiggles it back and forth
>He cleaned and shaved it
>"P-please, Master.... K-kitty wants some cum too~..."
>Practically tear off my pants
>Stick my face in his ass
>Lick and suck
>He's moaning and twitching
>Begin tongue fucking him
>Reach hand around and begin jacking him off
>He cums again in a few seconds
>Take his cum in my hand and lube my cock
>"P-please fuck me~!"
>Position myself
>Press tip of cock in his ass
>He's moaning loudly
>Grab his hips
>Thrust in
>He screams in pleasure
>Begin slowly fucking him
>He backs his ass up into my cock as we continue
>Clearly hitting his prostate
>I reach around and jack him off again
>Other hand reaches across his chest and pulls us together
>Twist and tease his nipples
>Begin kissing at the back of his neck and cheek
>He's moaning louder than ever before
>"Y-yes! F-fuck my ass more~!"
>Begin making out with him as we fuck
>Goes on for ~10 minutes
>Switch positions
>Go missionary
>Wraps his forearms around my neck as we fuck
>Make out continues
>Reach hands down and begin fondling with his balls
>About to cum
>Let him know
>"C-cum inside me, Master~! I want to be filled with Master's Man Juice~!!"
>Cum with the intensity of a thousand suns
>He reciprocates and cums all over his chest
>Pull myself out
>He moans as the thick, hot, man batter pours out of him

>Lay next to him
>He wraps his arm around me
>"I-I love you, M-master..."
>Hug him
>Kiss his cheek
>Stare into his beautiful, green eyes
>"I love you too kitty~..."
>Cuddle and have the most passionate and heartfelt makeout session I've ever had
>Drift off to sleep cuddling eachother
Therapist? Did your marriage end badly or something?
God damn.
I love me some asian-white half breeds
>be 14
>friend asks if I want to rollerblade
>lends me a pair
>we go rollerblading

First Gay Experience
But if it's in a 3-way there's some leeway.
this isn't a story about my first gay experience, but rather rhe culmination of it.

>be 14.
>40 y.o. dude from netherlands adds me on messenger.
>seems pretty eager and prying on my public photos and w/e but I am too beta to block him, just as I never actually blocked anyone on facebook or messenger (only deleted).
>initially I'm 100% straight, even seeing hair on porn is a huge turnoff.
>talks with this dude become more and more dirty.
>we get more and more friendly.
>by the age of 15/16 I'm doing lewd things through the webcam.
>at the age of 20 he buys me a plane ticket to stay over for 1 week.

Turns out I couldn't cum without gay porn running. Like, ever. I'm not joking : I got hard, he'd jack me off and blow me, but I never came without watching porn.

Totally convinced me I was straight, but 4 years later, and all I get a hardon for is gay porn. (still get hardons for girls, but it's harder, and only when in intimacy : porn doesn't work unless I jack it)

So here I am, making up my mind on wether to fuck guys for a while before settling down in my 30s or not.

>tfw the want for an older, protective figure never went away.
>be 9
>see porn on hbo
>tell friend (8 years old) we should imitate
>convince his little brother to join in
>we take turns kissing each other
>we suck each other's dicks, nobody cums
>we rim each other because we thought that the guy in the porn was licking the girl's butthole (he was actually licking her pussy)
>their dad almost walks in on us, so we stopped

We fooled around a few more times, but they moved away soon after.
>Be like 11
>Sitting outside with friend's cousin
>He asks me if I wanna try something
>I say yes
>He takes me down to concealed spot in driveway
>I stand against the wall
>Starts dry humping me
>His dick grinding on mine
>Get first erection
>Feels good
>Stop before we get caught
>Wanted to do it again ever since but I can't muster up the courage and do it without my family catching on
>be 11
>get first erection

Nope. Why do people think this is the case? Boys get erections from the time they are in the womb. You don't have to start puberty to get erections.
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