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What a wonderful app

> Horny
> Dry spell would have lasted a year come august
> Did I mention horny?
> Download grindr
> Talk to some guys that don't make the cut
> Give up until late at night my phone buzzes
> Some guy wants to meet right then, decent looking guy in late 20s
> I still live at home
> I tell him the only way is to hook up in the apartment's pool area
>> its very hidden from neighbors and has a large section hidden under balconies
> We do poppers and blow each other
> He's nothing amazing but who cares
> He fucks me in the ass with my face smashed against the wall
>> One of those retarded uneven edgy rocky walls, who the fuck even made these
> Cum on aforementioned wall
> Someone walks by, he pussies out and leaves
> I don't have to make him cum, yaaay
You forgot the part where you get AIDS
OP, first story was yesterday, this ones from tonight

> Cute older top, probably late 40s, messages me
> Very to the point, no nonsense
> I literally just have to walk around the corner and cross the street
> In his apartment's elevator he reaches up my shirt and we start to make out
> We get out on his floor and smoke a joint out on the outdoor hallways
>> Maybe they aren't called outdoor hallways
> As soon as we're in his room I'm in love; sophisticated design with Portishead playing
> The TV is playing some bad ass super hi-def videos of fish
>> It might not sound cool but I swear it was amazing
> All I did was take off my shoes until he tells me to get on the bed
> He strips me of my clothes and proves to me why nipple play is hot
> Gives me killer head and gives me first rimjob
>> Its swell
> After a lengthy blowjob he fucks my ass so right it felt wrong and cums inside (with condom)
> He takes his condom off and I suck his dick some more, I think they were flavored because that shit tasted like cherry
> We clean up and cuddle in his bed as he shows me awesome art on his ipad
> Turns out he's rich as fuck, owns several lofts
> Walks me out, smokes more weed with me, then sends me on my way

Will DEFINITELY be back to this guy because god daaaaaaaaaaaaamn
Pics dude
I remember before grindr when gay.com used to be packed. Fuck smart phones.
>Smart phone is broken
>Can't find any hookups without apps

Geolocation too strong
>tfw live in a hotel so can basically have fresh cock every night without going anywhere
>tfw no cell phone

>tfw living with parents this month so no cock anywhere

Feels bad
>not having the guy park down the street so you can sneak out and suck him off in car
this isnt porn, see rules section
I tried it with bluestacks and it didn't seem like location worked, and it stuck me with a bunch of people without a location

that was the original plan but it was my first hook up on grindr and I was nervous, didn't want him to drive away
> On grindr looking for fun
> Get messaged by hot latino dude
> Wanna meet up later at night
> mfw he cant find the place
> finds place eventually
> drive to secluded spot on street
> hot makeout session followed by blowjob
> average 7in but thick as faq
> he returns the favor
> we then try to put a condom on but he goes flacid so #barebacktime
> hes clean and im virgin so this leads to hot rough sex
> thibgs get steamy and we cum at the same time, he comes on me
> best fuck ever so we drive around gettind deep talking about life
> go back to original spot and we fuck again
> we cum again but this time he empties a hot load in me
> cums dripping out my ass hnnnng
> oh boy rimming! Hes got the hottest asshole on earth but is a top
> after 10 minutes were back at this time doggy my favorite position
> rams that dick in me hard
> got me moaning like a cock slut
> starts raming it in so deep I think my belly button popped out
> cums in so deel I feel it pooling in me
> best 1st fuck ever in my life
> decide we should do this again some other time
> mfw it 4 in the morning and weve been doing it till 12 and family is up haha

Pic related: its him, lost my virginity to like the most chillest dude who really knows how to fuck
>be me 18yo depressed student drowning into sex to put my depression aside and have a bit of fun
>find a fairly attractive 34yo Italian guy
>meet him
>he is actually smart, gorgeous, educated, kind and charming
>have hot foreplay
>we get hungry
>he cooks great Italian food for me
>ask me if I'm allright because Im quite moody
>I didnt want to lie and started crying because I had no friends, was closeted, scared, lonely, empty, depressed, had suicidal thoughts, etc...
>he hugs me, kisses me, comforts me ...
>we talk for hours and hours
>he sees himself through me as he went through the same thing when he was an 18yo gay student
>it gets very late
>he invites me to sleep over
>we make love in his bed
>we fall asleep spooning
>he becomes my bf for the next months till he leaves for work in a foreign country
Fuck that it's text porn, the original erotica
> we then try to put a condom on but he goes flacid so #barebacktime

I literally lost 50 IQ points just reading this
So you're IQ is -50?
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>you're IQ
I've installed some apps but people around me cools me down, never got laid with that shit.

moar stories pls <3
yeah i'd call that a very successful grindr story
Jokes on you. I was just pretending ;)
I've got tons of stories.
>inb4 you're a slut
Getting that, and I don't give fuck.

I don't have pictures for most of them.
>sorry not sorry

>last Saturday
>let a friend borrow my car thinking I wouldn't need it
>stay the night at his place
>get on Grindr
>Italian guy three miles away "visiting"
>dark skin, godtier scruff and dem cheekbones
>7in cock uncut
>can't traveler host
>my friend has a bike so I offer to bike over
>>it was NOT three fucking miles, Grindr lies
>get there sweaty as fuck
>meets me in a park
>he's into the sweat
>head to the back and he pulls me down on the grass
>make out for at least ten minutes groping each other furiously
>throw clothes into the rocks
>sprinklers turn on
>get on top of him and start thrusting my cock into his ass
>he's really fucking tight
>he pulls out some lube and I get a condom out
>fuck him senseless
>getting mud all over him
>we're both soaking wet
>he cums handsfree
>I keep going
>he cums again
>pull out and cum all over his chest
>lay there and make out until sprinklers stop
>he grabs a towel he brought and starts wiping me off
>says he'll just wash off with his hose
>>pretty sure the guy was married
>bike back to friends house
>still got dirt in hair
>classy as fuck

I'm meeting him again tomorrow and we're doing it again.
If this is real I am so mad and jelly
>>he cums again

How I know this is fake. do your homework retard.
>implying you can't cum multiple times
You must be new.
Holy shit this is so made up. Try harder faggot.
>dude cums twice
>how I know its fake
It's the constant inconsistencies that made me realize it was fake. Oh and the complete bullshit scenario.
File: 1403740166014.jpg (41 KB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Please just don't. Your first story obviously didn't happen. Nobody cares about your fantasies except you.
There's literally no part of this story that couldn't be true, or even isn't likely. Moderately good looking people who use Grindr tend to do so because they have high libido and are prone to cuming multiple times, 7" isn't that long and since our statistics are shaky might even be under average for all we know, automatic city park sprinklers do turn on automatically, good hook ups might realistically bring a towel.

poster even provided a date, said they ran into transit problems, and had to jerk themselves off. fictional stories don't usually include things like than and when they do those details are disconnected from the rest of the story and offputtingly stiff. yall are just shit disturbing jelousfags.
>be bicurious
>decide it's finally time to try experimenting with a guy
>still really insecure about this shit so I go on grindr looking for the most feminine, nonthreatening twink I can find
>don't have much luck
>the few femboys I find all seem to be really catty and picky
>get messaged by a guy who is definitely more on the "handsome" than "cute" side
>almost immediately write him off for being way too masculine until he mentions that he's never been with a guy either
>we get to talking, sounds like he's in the exact same position I'm in
>just a "mostly straight" curious guy looking to fool around for the first time
>he seems pretty clean-cut and chill.. probably the least sketchy/intimidating option I'll ever get for a random hookup
>we are both worried about creepers so we agree to meet up for lunch first, to be followed by trading handjobs and MAYBE blowjobs
>we meet up, he turns out to be a really cool guy and we hit it off immediately
>after lunch we agree to go back to his place
>both feel awkward when we get there, end up shooting the shit and playing vidya for several hours
>finally I have the balls to go "soooo.... about that gay shit we were gonna try..."
>he laughs, we start nervously feeling each other up
>I went in expecting his masculinity to be a turn off, so I was really surprised at how attractive I found him, especially once I took his shirt off
>we finally pull our dicks out... he teases me for being a bit smaller
>we jerk and frot, it's really fucking hot
>he goes in for a kiss outta nowhere... we end up making out like crazy
>we eventually start taking turns sucking each other
>I'm really surprised by just how much I like giving head
>end up swallowing when he cums, then he returns the favor
>we agree to meet up the next day just to "hang out"
>FWB relationship quickly turns into serious dating
>we've been together for almost 3 years now, been living together for a year
Next step is coming out to our families, I guess...
I've seen more plausible stories in low budget porn. Don't be mad for being called out.
Accept it. Learn from it. Move on.
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Omg this melted my heart. Please tell me this is real.
>that giant Sansa
Holy shit this is amazing
>we finally pull our dicks out... he teases me for being a bit smaller
As a bifag, this is one of my favorite things about hooking up with other guys, the whole subtle back-and-forth power play. With girls, you are both expected to fall into the strict gender roles of man=dominant, woman=submissive. But with guys, you have this fluidly shifting dynamic that's all based on personality, sexual experience, horniness, body size, dick size, etc.
thread totally derailed. it's now all about that picture
>attractive latino dude messages me asking if he wants to hang out since hes in town visiting family
>agree to meet at diner
>turns out hes not attractive and a cokehead
>flee to bathroom to call friend and complain
>he follows me
>"so you just couldnt wait to have a piece of me" (something to that effect)
he paid for my dinner, which is success enough in my book
File: 1401659664226.png (406 KB, 717x323) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>those quads
You're either from Cali, Jersey, or Florida.
Ok for other apps/sites except grindr?

>Regular fuckbuddy too busy working (He calls it a fuckship though hehe)
>Be on fabguys, new guy on, 20 mins walk from me
>Hes a chubby top, 1 year older than me. Perfect.
>No profile pic but has a kik listed
>Msg him pic of my ass in a jock and say hi
>Takes hours of chat to get a face pic out of him, hes just split up from a LTR with a very jealous ex apparently
>He's a hottie with a 7 inch dick, perfect amount of belly and a beard, bingo!
>Go to his, start kissing as soon as I walk in the door.
>He's strong, forceful, starts pushing me through to the bedroom while kissing me
>He lies on the bed and gets me to strip to my jock in front of him
>More kissing on the bed, then I take off his shorts. Dick goes boing and taps me on the nose, we both laugh.
>Get sucking on that bad boy, more foreskin than I've had before but really tasty
>have my arms wrapped round his amazing thick thighs, head bobbing up and down on his dick
>He's doing this weird breathing and his dick keeps going hard then soft then hard again
>He says its because he knows tantric sex techniques and has been edging all day
>Um ok, don't think about how silly that sounds cause I'm sucking a fat boys fat dick and am in my happy place.
>He lights up a joint while I'm sucking. I'm discovering I have a fetish for guys smoking while I suck them, this is the third guy thats done it with me
>After I've been down there a while and he done with his joint he tells me to come back up
>More kissing, I'm hard, his keeps going up and down, he starts jerking me off
>I'm sitting kinda awkwardly, right hand behind me on his dick, kneeling beside him while his right hand jerks me off
>He knows I've not came in 4 days and hes really going for it with jerking me
>Tell him he gonna make me cum and I don't want to until hes fucking me
>'You're gonna cum again'
>Shoot all over his chest
>I lick it up then kiss him with it on my tongue

Sorry, I always make these stories too long.

>We kiss and hug more after he made me cum, his dick is still going up then down
>Ask what I can do to make him cum
>He says I should start fingering myself in front of him
>Go to the end of the bed, face down, ass in the air, start spreading my cheeks.
>He passes me some KY jelly, never used that before.
>Start fingering myself, 1 finger, 2 fingers. He's making appreciative noises
>He says to flip over. I go round on my back, legs in the air
>He's looking at me and stroking himself while I'm arching my lower back up and trying to get 3 fingers in
>He's suddenly on top of me, his hands behind my knees pinning me down
>Can feel his dick pressing against my hole
>'So are you gonna let me bareback that ass?'
>Say no, but enjoying his taking control. I wouldn't have had much choice if he'd just thrusted it in
>reach behind me with difficulty to my jeans and fetch condom from my wallet
>He orders me to finger myself while he puts it on
>Then hes on me again, powerful thrusts, holding me down
>never been with anyone as forceful before, holding my hands down while fucking me missionary, completely pinned
>then flips me onto my side, never taking his dick out
>Not hitting my spot quite as well as some other guys have but his power is really turning me on
>Eventually gets me round to doggy, usually my fave, and its feeling really good.
>Can feel his balls slapping against mine
>Get the first wave of feeling like I might be getting near cumming again
>Really getting into it, moaning, breathing heavy, clenching my hole on his dick
>He pulls out
>Disappointment, emptiness, confusion.
>Says hes not going to cum.
>What if I suck you some more? Nope
>I'm feeling pretty inadequate
>Says he can't cum cause of how much hes been edging (?)
>Reassures me that I was good and he would have told me to go if he'd not liked me
>we dress and I leave and he msgs me on the way home saying hes glad I came up

Unsure how to feel about it still, but was still good fun overall.
>flavored condom in butt
Flavored condoms are for oral sex only. The more you know.
>move to Japan
>horny, download growlr because I'm a fatty
>decent amount of older beefy guys in my area
>message from good looking 40-something
>he's kind of far from me, but I'm enjoying the Japanese practice so messages are fine
>he offers to come visit me the next morning before I have to go to work
>shows up at the train station, better looking than his pics, 100% my type
>"What should we do, Anon?"
>immediately take him to a bathroom in the train station and we have sex
>great body, good kisser, cock about the same size as mine, and great a sucking my dick
>I cum, he's still too nervous about bathroom sex to blow a load
>we go and have lunch, he pays
>head back to the station, stil got like 45 minutes before I need to head home to get ready for work
>head to a different bathroom, repeat
>this time I playeed with his ass a little but no lube and condoms meant no fucking
>he still cums, I cum again, and we have a really funny/awkward kissing session while we wait for some guys outside to leave
>he heads home, I go to work and feel like a boss the whole day

A few days later I got a message from a guy my age and we've fucked. I'm going to be seeing bathroom guy again tomorrow and we're going to just head to a bathhouse or sauna or something and look at cocks together.

So yeah, if you want success stories just move to countries that aren't America? Worked for me.
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Sweaty Phteve.jpg
3 KB, 125x125
>Be 16 go on grindr
>Say 18 bottom looking
>Basically virgin
>Sexy kinky 21yr old with a 7-8incher catches my attention
>Meet up at local park and cruise around
>Not awkward as it could have been
>Says he has rape fantasy
>Oh Boy. Boner betrayal.
> Go back to park and sit and talk
>Sister calling phone, house is less than a km away
>Tell him I have to go home

this is where it gets good
(Copying from another thread I posted this in)
>He starts kissing my neck
>Lucky it's dark no one can see
>pulls my hand to his crotch
>he's diamond is dick hard
>start giving him a handjob through it
>First time really giving a hand job
>So excited, i ignore I'm so close to home
> lead him to behind bushes while stroking his cock and he kissing my neck
File: Al Bundy of Fun.jpg (5 KB, 256x176) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Al Bundy of Fun.jpg
5 KB, 256x176
>As soon as out of sight get straight on my knees
>He shoves his cock in
>Even better in person
>Face fucks me
>He wants more though
>bends me over and tries fucking me
>Don't even know if he had a condom lel
>Don't know how far he went in but he had fun
> Moaning like a gay being fucked in the ass
>Turn around and suck him dry
>Spit out of suprise
> Go home and masturbate
I'm pretty sure once they come off they leave the taste behind, unless his dick had a flavor
or maybe flavored lube.Idk now
File: Circumcision01_AH.jpg (370 KB, 667x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>gayromeo has app(s) as well website, works like a charm
>who ever needs grindr

fuck you amurica.
Story 1: meet crazy boyfriend
Story 2: meet not crazy but less attractive boyfriend

Unsure of what to feel
Better than everyone who don't manage to meet anyone at all
Hope the sex was good, at least
jersey, but the event happened in north carolina
Jersey here also. This state is full of diners and coke head Spanish fags so I just assumed
hah, yeah. i figured it was because i said diner
Meh, NYC is pretty easy. Just gotta be picky. I usually only open grindr when I'm in midtown, my search area in the Bronx is fucking nasty
I know this is for stories, so sorry for the thread derail-ment...but I'm a big dude, about 290 lbs, I'm pretty sure I categorize as chubby, I'm not that hairy more on the smoother side...I'm interested in either dudes as big as me or a bit bigger, doesn't matter if hairy or smooth...would I have better luck on grindr or growlr? thanks in advanced
Not sure if I should go with growlr or grindr...pros and cons of each?

>721 guys in UK on there
>basically all anon accounts
Well I got Bluestacks now anyway, so let's see if that works.
Oh yeah, forget to say, made a silverdaddies account like...3 months ago, that site is dodo-dead. Also have grom-- Shit, another anon told me not to talk about that one.
just got done with a real successful hook up. kid was 21, white, lived literally in the next subdivision over from mine. had him come over my place, made out, exchanged bjs, I topped him for about 25 minutes, blew a load all over his ass, he came while I was finishing cumming. We made out a little bit after that and I left. Deff one of the best and easiest encouters I have had on there. PIc is of him
And then there's squirt dot org and similar sites all with the same layout which is a bit dubious, also you don't get full access of the size even as a normal member, what about a4a?
"white". you must live in the 'burbs where anyone that isn't black is "white"
Poster here.

I think it's pretty funny anyone thinks it's fake.
>shit disturbing jealousfags
>doesn't matter had sex
>I'm not even mad
> Be me, 15....total closet case but know i'm gay and jonesing for dick, don't know how to get any
>install Grindr
>no pic, short profile....say i'm 18 and looking to suck my first dick
>get some messages, all are pretty much the same shit about the other guy not having a place to play
>finally get a message from a guy, he is chubby and older....53....but he is in from out of town and has a motel room. MFW
>tell him he needs to pick me up, he agrees and tells me what he is driving and says he'll be by to get me
>picks me up at the end of the block, looks even fatter in person and i'm nervous a shit but get in anyway
>takes me to Motel 6 a couple miles away....on the drive there he looks at me, asks me if i'm really 18. i tell him yes, even though i definitely look my age.
>get in room, he locks the door and starts taking off his clothes. There's a bottle of Jack on the nightstand and he tells me drink some if i want. i say no but he kind of insists. Drink a bit, tastes like fucking lighter fluid. Oh well. Don't want him to think i'm a pussy so drink a bit more even though it's making my stomach churn a bit
>He's standing there naked, his dick isn't even hard. He tells me get naked. Still nervous as hell but i'm here, so ok....slowly take off clothes.
>Standing there naked in front of him, he looks me up and down. Tells me to suck him. Kind of easy to drop to my knees, they were pretty much shaking anyway. I take his cock in my mouth and start to suck him....probably not real good BJ, first time. After a bit he asks me how old i am again. i tell him 18. He says 'bullshit'. i finally admit i am 15
>His cock gets rock hard in my mouth. Grabs my head and starts moving it back and forth on it. Suck him a while then he tells me get on all 4s on the bed. i tell him i have never been fucked and really don't think i am ready for it, he says he won't fuck me, just eat my ass.
>Curious about that, so get on all 4s, he gets behind me and sticks his tongue in my ass. OMFG.

>Feels better than anything i ever imagined. His tongue is working my asshole and i am rock hard, i start to jack my cock but he knocks my hand away, tells me not to play with my dick. i don't know why but i figure WTF i'll stop for now.
>His tongue in my hole feels amazing, by this point he's got his thumbs on my ass cheeks and spreading my hole open. Can hear and feel him spit on my hole.
>-Starts working a finger into my hole. Not quite as good as his tongue, but WTF still feels good and he pulls his finger out every so often and uses his tongue too. More spit.
>After a while, more fingers.
>Hear him spitting but don't feel any hit my hole. Feel something press against my anus, realize it's his cock.
>i'm about to protest when he pushes on in. i am a bit loose from his tongue and fingers but still hurts like a bastard.
>i tell him it hurts, take it out, he's not even using a condom
>he just says 'take it, just take it' over and over as he fucks me
>asshole is hurting like hell now, he fucks hard and fast....hear him groan and speed up, then hold his dick balls-deep in me for a bit
>pulls out. i collapse on bed, he takes a big swig of Jack. He tells me he has to meet up with family and running late, can't give me a ride back
>gives me $20. Feel like a cheap whore
>get dressed and walk the 2 miles home with his cum leaking out of my ass
>beat off furiously every time i think of it
Virgin here and interested in finding a hook up but nervous as hell to follow through with the guys that message me.
Anyone have some truly bad experiences that i should be worried about or am i just being a pussy?
>had him come over my place,
>We made out a little bit after that and I left
>I left

Wait waht?

The worst I have had is the dudes being a little older and/or more unattractive than their pics.

The first time I ever went over to someone's place I left a note on my desk stating the address I was at, in case something DID happen to me.

Grindr can work really well sometimes too.
Why'd you leave him in your house?

Growlr, fabguys and squirt (web app) is your best bet

Just practice some basic common sense. Txt a good (non judgemental) friend the name and address of where you're going, I use my str8 best mate usually. I find I get the best results when I meet up with guys I've been msging for at least a few days, you've got a far better idea of what they're like mentally. If I've started msging a guy and then met the same day they tend to be the ones that want sex and then never want to speak to you again even though you both had a good time (I've never understood this.) Also stay off the alcohol or poppers on first time hook ups.
hmm okay, I'll check those out...I mean I figure I'm in a big enough city (Phoenix) that it shouldn't be that hard to find something
>290 lbs
If something good happens to someone on the internet they have to be lying. Good things dont happen to anyone, no one is born with such luck
oh I'm sorry is that obese nowadays? What is the fag equivalent of a land whale?
Yeah. That is. You fat fuck.
File: 1379126911032.jpg (86 KB, 391x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 391x1024
Very much so! Holy shit what has American culture done to peoples perspectives?
>what is the fag equivalent of a land whale
>be 24, living in a small city in US
>have a girlfriend but have always been curious about cocks, wanted to suck a guy off
>girlfriend is gone for a month (gradschooltrip.mp3) and i get extra horny, curious
>dont want to get grindr in case my gf ever sees it on my phone or whatever
>make a random gmail and start checking cl everyday at work (in the bathroom)
>looking for guys staying in hotels for a night or two wanting oral
>message a few that don't work out bc they wanted pics of my face or they didn't answer
>one guy wants absolute discretion and is staying at swanky hotel, agree to meet at the hotel bar when i get out of work
>i sit at my desk with the biggest boner all afternoon nervously daydreaming about this guy's dick
>think about bailing when i leave work but decide to give it a go
>after a 15 minute walk to the hotel i find the guy in a purple shirt sitting alone at a table for 2
>he's a handsome, somewhat fit guy in his 40s and we hit it off over a couple of drinks each
>feeling a little tipsy and he asks if i want to see his room
>we get on the elevator alone and he presses me against the wall and starts kissing me
>i hadn't wanted to kiss a guy but i was enjoying it after the drinks and feeling his cock growing against my lower stomach
>we literally jog down the hallway to his room and fall onto his bed when we get in
>he rolls me on top of him so i'm straddling his hips and we kiss some more, rubbing our cocks together through our pants
>i ask if i can suck him off, he says please do
>slide down the bed and unbuckle his pants, pull them and his briefs off
>his cock looks huge, maybe 9 inches as i take it in my hands
>it feels incredible to hold another guy's firm, warm dick
>lower my mouth and start servicing him
>try to keep it sloppy wet, stroke the base with my hand, play with his balls
>i feel him get close a couple of times and stop to lick his balls for a minute each time
>he's talking dirty to me, calling me his cumclut, asking if i've really never done it before
>it's been almost an hour of me worshiping his cock and i want his cum
>he says he wants to cum on my face and tells me to get on my knees on the floor
>i lick his balls again while he strokes himself a few times and then puts his hand on my head
>i open my mouth and look up at the thick head of his cock
>a couple big ropes of cum land across my face
>some landed in my mouth, honestly tasted kind of gross but it felt hot to take it
>a few more smaller spurts shoot onto me and then i take his cock back in my mouth to suck some out
>he uses the head of his cock to rub some of the cum around my face, telling me how cute i look
>i wipe my face with a towel and we make out on the bed again
>he gives me a hj until i cum
>we talk about meeting the next day and i leave
>call my gf on the walk home just to chat, don't tell her anything
It really depends. If you work out a lot you could be classified as a bear, but unless you're pretty damn muscular you a fatass
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>mfw unsuported device since latest update

what do?
Not Grindr, squirt. Happened literally an hour ago, don't know who else to tell, feeling pretty shit right now.

>be me, 20, Irish
>small village
>join squirt and gaydar a few months ago
>guy starts chatting to me, gives me his number
>judging from his user name and where he says he's from, work out he's my neighbour
>guy in his 40s, typical dumb farmer, bear type body
>he came out as gay a year or two ago
>tell him can't talk anymore because I know who he is (too close to home for me)
>guesses who I am but I play dumb, end phone contact with him

>other guys on squirt start talking to me
>one starts asking about who I've been talking to
>tell him about neighbour (Noel)
>sympathises, keep up contact for a few days
>about two weeks ago, new guy lets me know he's Noel on a different account (you can have more than one on squirt with just one email address)
>don't know what to think, keeps pestering me, eventually cave and we start texting again
>this time talk about all the closeted guys in the area he's hooked up with
>one of them is my next door neighbour who's one year older than me, always thought he was gay
>have phone sex two or three times, still not sure about meeting him
>he's getting odd, talking about how he's fancied me for a long time
>eventually set up meet for tonight
>shitting a brick
>go to local pitch (just behind my house)
>waiting behind big tree, hear him come up, stinking of drink and smoke

>decide fuck it, start kissing wanking sucking rimming all the rest
>tries sticking it in me once, too tight+no lube+no condom = no deal
>I eventually cum in his mouth, swallows it all
>he can't cum he's too drunk
>all the time he's been trying to interlock hands with me, asking me how much I like him, saying he's wanted me for so long
>at one point he grabbed my face and held it there, then said "I can't believe I'm here with Anon AnonSurname"
>start feeling shit, ask him to just cum
>he can't, eventually decide to call it a night
>he says he'll make it up to me next time (as if)
>leaving pitch, mfw starts holding hands with me
>asks about next time, tell him I'll see, I'll let him know
>come home, wash mouth out and wash face to get rid of his smell

So I'm just sitting here on the internet not knowing what's what. I didn't enjoy sucking his dick or kissing him, refused to rim or finger him due to him probably not being clean. I thought I was into daddies but when he was on top of me I felt so trapped and vulnerable, didn't like it at all.

I feel super shit now that I know I'm going to end anything with him. He has the potential to ruin me here, he knows my whole family, goes drinking with my dad. I'm not out and if he reacts badly he could end me.

Feel like crying. Probably not my best first time meet
I take it you're Irish?
i feel a tiny bit of your pain on the small town thing
i never go on grindr or anything in my hometown because i know everyone and its awkward.
almost met this dude once, asked him his last night half curious half suspicious, it was my middle school friend's little brother. way too awkward
You need at least 20-30 minutes in between each orgasm
might as well share my story, happened around 3 years ago, not a success story, but i think its worth sharing
>first week or so after joining grindr
>barely just turned 18
>guy messages me
>early 40's late 30's bear
>halfway decent looking guy
>have intelligent conversation for about a week or so
>seems completely normal
>asks me if he thinks hes cute
>flirting turns into exchanging sexy photos
>hes average size, maybe a little below average
>hes asks if i wanna meet up and get coffee
>i have no car at this point, still living with parents
>says he can pick me up
>dont want him to know where i live
>tells him to pick me up at local mall (this is how horror movies start i think)
next day
>mom drops me off at mall because i told her that i was going to see a movie with friends
>waits on a bench in front of old navy
>im staring at my phone nervous as all fuck
>look up, its the guy, but he looks about 20 years old than his profile picture and 50 pounds heavier
>want to ignore and pretend i didnt hear him, maybe he'll go away
>decide not to be rude
>the most casual conversation you could ever have for about 15 minutes hoping i can get out of it
>"so, do you want to get coffee?:
>"uh, sureee."
>we walk away and i notice that hes walking kinda funny but i brush it off
>get coffee, decide to go through with it
>drive 20 minutes to get to his apartment and realize he has the same taste in music in me so i focus on that
>get to his apartment, ghetto, pretty run down
>halfway across town, no backing out now
>wobbles into his building
>apartment on top floor, no elevator, smells distinctly like cigarettes and cheap victorias secret perfume
>wonder how hes going to murder me and what picture they'll use for my missing persons poster
>he opens his door, its actually pretty nice aside from the naked man sleeping on his couch
>"be quiet so we don't wake up my roommate"
>look around the room for a way to kill myself
>get into his room
>pokemon bedsheets
>mlp posters
>action figures/ponies everywhere
>mlp merch everywhere
>i mean everywhere
>lord jesus save me from this brony hell
>"want something to drink?"
>don't feel like getting roofied today
>lay in his bed on top of his pokemon comforter
>flips on tv
>take a wild guess what was on
>"do you mind if i get comfortable?"
>shake head
>gets butt naked
>he has a prosthetic leg
I told him i had to use the bathroom, got up, left his apartment and began walking down the street to the nearest drug store, called my friend and offered to smoke him out and to buy him taco bell if he picks me up from the ghetto.
>deleted grindr
>blocked the brony on imessage
>deleted grindr
>took a long shower
LOL you hit the jackpot
>be 22
>haven't had sex for nearly a year
>spend a week or so looking for someone that isn't awful
>no luck, very few gays in the city
>settle for this guy with a below average face/body in his thirties
>great looking dick though
>agree to meet late at night at his hotel
>get there about 2am
>knock on his room door
>he answers in his underwear
>shorter and worse looking in person
>he immediately goes in for a kiss
>push him away and ask to talk for a bit first (was having second thoughts)
>we each sit on a bed and chat
>i only half listen to what he says, mostly just weighing up whether i want to go through with this
>stare at his bulge and convince myself it's worth it just to get the dry spell over with
>say something to get shit started
>he starts undressing me
>i work my way down to his boxers
>pull out his dick, it's about eight inches and quite girthy
>look at his balls
>nope, ball
>he definitely only has one ball
>remember his dick pics were all from the side
>ok, do i mention the one ball thing?
>no.. he's probably self conscious about the one ball thing
>fooling around continues
>i suck him off, face fuck him, he rims me, fingers me
>lots of uncomfortable kissing
>eventually the idea of him fucking me comes up
>start doggy because honestly i just want to pretend he's someone else and not seeing him would make that easier
>he wants to look at my face so we switch to missionary
>try to zone out and imagine he's this guy i fancied for a while
>furiously jack off a limp erection trying to come asap
>splooge on my chest
>he asks permission to do the same
>comes, i take a shower, leave
>get a text that says "that was great, hope we can do it again some time"
>feel really off about the whole experience
>question ever wanting to have sex with a man again
>go to local bar and get insanely drunk

Not a success but there's two sides to every coin. Sometimes you should just have a wank.
>Not a success but there's two sides to every coin. Sometimes you should just have a wank.

This is so true
>be last year
>gay, in college
>find guy on grindr, lives like 5 streets away from him
>talk for a little bit, decide to meet up
>says he can host but he's not out and his roommate is asleep, have to be quiet, etc.
>walk to his house
>somewhat sneak to his room
>i care that he's not out, but everyone knew i was gay so i was kinda eh
>get into his room
>minor small talk
>he starts sucking my dick
>says he wants me to fuck him
>he's not great in the face, but has a nice ass
>pretty inexperienced, very tight
>takes a bit to comfortably work in there but after a while we're having some above average sex
>things heating up, i'm pretty close to cumming, pretty sure he is too
>i'm balls deep in this dudes ass and his roommate opens the door
>"wooaaah what theeeee" door shuts
>full on panic attack mode
>i leave
>roommate sitting awkwardly in the living room
>go to a fuckbuddys house
>still get to blow a load

overall successful lol. still see that kids roommate around campus like all the god damn time. somewhat awkward.
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old guy.jpg
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>>look up, its the guy, but he looks about 20 years old than his profile picture and 50 pounds heavier

What of it? This is standard for apps/internet hookup sites.
> brony w prosthetic leg

You win, bro, I can't top that one, and I thought I had some good ones.
>Be in hometown, rural MW, first summer having grindr.
>At a bonfire at a friends house nearby my parents (where I'm staying for summer.)
>talk to guy on grindr, previously chatted with him but nothing more
>both want to have some fun but can't host
>decide to meet off trail in a wooded area in our neighborhood.
>leave bonfire, tell friends I'm going to see a family member that stopped by and pick up my bike so I can drink that night.
>walk through the trails and meet him.
>20 at the time, he's 25. I think I used to ride the bus with him.
>average shape/body, scruffy beard. The hottest thing was how curious he was about doing gay stuff. I think I was his first.
>We suck each other off and I cum in his mouth lying in the dried leaves and dirt.
>I walk home, he messages me about how we should meet and I should fuck him.
>carry on with evening, go back to friends bonfire, go home and go to bed.
>4 months later text him at the number he gave me.
>I don't say anything sexual just like "hey man I'm here this weekend let's hang out."
>he's like "idk who this is but I'm married leave me alone."
>he then proceeds to try to call me multiple times but I ignore the call.
>still jerk off to memory, wish it would have been a more opening experience for him.

But I maintain that part of what made it hot was hanging out with my straight friends then just walking less than a mile and sucking a guy off.
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what a faggot
That's what I said

I know, you go into it thinking it'd be so hot having a bit on the side that's friends with someone in your family or someone you went to school with, but if it doesn't work it's just shit
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Not grindr because britfag but Squirt

> 20 year old crossdresser
> Dressed in my lingerie at computer, decide I'd love to know what it's like to feel like a complete slut, to just be fucked and left
> Sign up to squirt
> Messages come flooding in, profile is very popular (probably because I'm the areas only crossdresser under 45)
> Popularity turns me into a complete diva
> Find a guy fifteen minutes from me, can accom, 6 1/2 inches, handsome eastern european dude into bdsm
> Tell him I don't want him to start any conversation, I just want him to fuck me
> Turn up at his house, light makeup on, corset, stockings, and lacy underwear underneath my clothes
> Find out the dude is exactly who he said on his profile, fits his description almost perfectly
> He slams me against the wall as I walk in and forces his tongue into my mouth
> My dick transforms into solid concrete
> We go to his room, he fucks my throat while I'm on my back, my face gets absolutely covered with spit, could barely see
> Start jerking off and fingering myself as he's doing it
> He puts a condom on and fucks me from behind, spanking me and slamming my face into the pillows
> I end up cumming on his bedsheets
> He cums all over my back
> I am a quivering, shaking, sloppy mess
> Activate: Overwhelming urge to cuddle
> Guy tells me he has to leave to meet his friends and he's already late, sadface
> Meet a few times over the next few weeks until I found a more attractive guy
> MFW everything went super well
wtf do you mean not grindr because britfag. i literally hooked up with someone on grinder on thursday.....
Don't let this thread die!
I can't breathe good lord
mmm cross dresser. ...
i haven't tried this, but on theory it should work:
>install bluestacks on your computer
>after you get set up, install a launcher (go launcher, nova launcher, apex launcher)
>from the launcher go to settings, then developer settings and enable mock locations
>google for a GPS spoofing app for android
>find your coordinates using google maps (the coordinates will be in the url)
>spoof your location using the app and your coordinates
>install grindr from the play store and see if it works
good luck!
Yeah it works, used this for months before getting iphone.
You mean that you do. New to the thread and had to call out this bullshit. I've made guys cum a lot closer together than 30 minutes. All depends on the guy, can be 5, can be 50.
I think if women were more like men I'd be straight. But its not easy to find a dom top female and even when you do, they still want to fall back into their gender role, even as the top. Its so weird
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I've met my boyfriend on Growlr, he's 39 and I'm 21.

We have been together for 4 months now.
Also in Phoenix here. I've had very good luck with Grindr hookups. Most guys aren't too pushy and they usually look like their photographs when we meet. Plus you can just block creepy guys on Grindr. I don't know why anyone hates it, really. The only other alternative here is Craigslist; dry thing else is dead.
If they don't ever want to have sex again and sort of avoid you afterwards, they're probably riddled with herpes and don't say anything about it. You're probably better off.
not a success story, but needed to share this nonetheless

>be 18
>no experience with guys whatsoever
>be tonight on grindr essentially looking for weed
>guy who has been hitting me up before saying 420 friendly so i say fuck it
>plan to meet up later and he'll give me "a few joints worth"
>he then says he wants to fool around and I say I'll give him a kiss for the weed
>"more than 2 seconds?"

>meet up across from a gas station
>go to park bench, he's more decent than his profile pic, but late 30's and looks it
>we smoke a joint he's a generally cool guy, but not very attracted to him
>tell him to just go for it
>he comes in with a wide open mouth and just shoves his tongue in my mouth
>sloppiest kiss I've ever had, going so fast just opening and closing his mouth shoving his tongue in, and wiggling it around
>groping makes it a little better
>he lets out a weird moan and I start to pull away
>ask if its cool if we stop, he says yea reluctantly and pulls out the weed and gives it to me
>tell him its just my first time and we could meet again
>he says you don't need to say that
>we exchange awkward "thanks" and I walk away

jesus what the fuck I knew this would be a gongshow but my face hurts from beard and the area around my mouth was covered with man slobber

you disappoint me men
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>prosthetic leg
i love sloppy kisses like that, gets me so hard.
The reason you didn't enjoy it is because you were whoring yourself out for the pots.

Prostitutes aren't supposed to enjoy their work, faggot.

>but seriously you're a dick
>next time just buy your own fucking weed
I offered to pay for it dickwad, and he only added in the hooking up part at the last second. It was his idea and I just said fuck it because I've been looking since I got here weeks ago.
and instead of bitching out, I decided to actually try hooking up with a guy to see how I'd like it and he fucking sucked.
hi guys I need help, I have already kissed a man, a friend of mine who is bi, we fucked his wife together (they are libertines, and so I am), they are good friends and later I wish the man of their couple could anal fuck me like a bitch,like his wife (what a nimpho... her wife dominates me sometimes, also).
my question is that I start to feel a real desire for man atm, I mean Id really appreciated to be blowed by a man and fucked by him. I am starting to chat with some men online i don't know irl. and I want them to fuck me.
Is it safe if I suck or he(online guys) sucks me without condoms ?
Is it safe to get fucked in the ass with a condom by a random guy I met online ?

I have already been fucked in the ass by a mistress (the wife of the couple, we are both switch) with a dildo and it would be my first time with a dick, should I wait and do it with my friend when I'll see him(the couple), or do you advice me to try some random guy on the Internet for the first time ?
which is safer for disease and better for pleasure ?

thx guys !!
I'm married and always though of myself as fairly straight. I just get these cravings some times to suck a big hard cock. It just drives me wild to think of his hot sticky cum filling my mouth. My wife and I have arranged to meet with a guy for me to play with while she watches. I've never sucked cock before.

Any tips? This thread seems like the most appropriate place for hook up stuff.
BJs with condoms are of course safer, but they feel like absolute shit.
I'm also married and I used to be sucked and to suck clocks on lunchbreaks for 4 years without condoms and I've never had any problem. I also sometimes fucked beautiful twinks with condoms and also no problem. I've been fucked only a very few times (the guy had to be very handsome as it's not what I prefer. Anyway guys usually prefer me to top them as I'm quite muscular and a bit dominant)
Phoenix here, too. Top?
Well I met a top, 40s, handsome, fit. We met from grindr, and the first time was hot but I'd rather talk about yesterday.
>Wake up in the morning, feeling really crappy, call in sick then go to sleep. Wake up at 12pm feeling pretty good
>See that daddy has messaged me, saying he had a doctors appointment and doesn't go back to work until 3
>Head over there, enter his house, strip in his lobby, see he bought me a jock as a surprise, put it on
>Enter living room, to my surprise the room is dark, I feel daddy approach from behind and lead me to couch, rubbing my ass and pulling on the strap
>He lays down and I get to sucking, working his cock for a good 10 minutes, sucking his balls, kissing up his shaft, he loves cock worship
>He then gets up, and leads me to his coffee table that has a pillow and blanket on it, lays me back first, and is positioning my arms, I'm confused
>Suddenly hear clicks and fastening on wrists, realize he's cuffed me under the table
>Proceeds to facefuck me for another ten, so hot
>He pulls his cock away leaves the room it sounds like, I'm moaning and begging for him to put his cock back in my mouth then I hear him walk back
>Slides me to the end of the table so my ass is slightly hanging off, then I feel him lubing my hole
>He fucks me hard bb (we've established we're both clean) for 20 until he cums a huge load, then uncuffs me and sends me on my way
There are no Grindr success stories for a dude who lives in Texas but doesn't like latino men....
You know this couple so why not stick to them? They know you take it in the ass (toys so far). Just let them know you want to bottom for the guy.

The couple is probably safer... if they have a disease you probably already have it. Plus you know they aren't killers. A random of craigslist? Not so sure.
>My wife and I have arranged to meet with a guy for me to play with while she watches. I've never sucked cock before.
>Any tips?

I think you're about to get one fella.
never tried anything, but yea I would probably be a top
Chatting to a hung guy on fabguys. He says he never does bareback and he has been verified by a few people recently. Would it be safe to suck him? I'm afraid of STDs
File: 1359128600395.jpg (119 KB, 1440x810) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
119 KB, 1440x810

>using Grindr

No thanks. I enjoy having no Diseases.
>suck clocks on lunchbreaks
anon, pls
I know how you feel, I personally get turned on by big throbbing grandpa clocks
Killed it.
I rarely cum when I'm with a guy, I'm pretty much a pure bottom and I take pleasure from getting a guy to cum in or on me. I like getting sucked off etc. but cumming's not crucial for me.

I always worry about making a guy feel like it's just him not being able to satisfy me when it's not that at all, so if you enjoyed being with this guy I'd say go for it again.

This one was hilarious
>come out as bi to gf
>she's okay with me having a "special friend"
>don't know where to start looking
>be twinkish guy in seattle for the international
>big burly ginger irish looking guy starts chatting me up on growlr
>he's pretty hairy, has a musclegut, and is super nice
>he comes to pick me up, his car is a little run down
>start chatting about vidya and stuff on the way to his apartment
>get to his apartment, its cozy as fuck
>start to make out, pulling each others clothes off
>he rims me for an hour
>he's beyond amazing with his tongue
>I fucking came from him just rimming me
>he fucks me for a few hours, cuddling and kissing during it
>literally the best sex I've ever had [spoiler]I haven't had much.[/spoiler]
but anon asians are gross as shit
File: 1397440212422.jpg (32 KB, 280x233) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>call my gf on the walk home just to chat, don't tell her anything
YAS. Leave women, fag. Fuck that bitch.
sup Plamp
i want to see those gorgeous eyes looking up at me with his beautiful mouth full of my cock
Do you time everything you do when you have sex?
Depends on the ones you've been around.
fucking sounds more fun than the finals
You have to use the flavored kind, they're made just for that (obviously). It's still not great but could be worse.
I hate the fact no one uses condoms for oral.
City for the summer

>Talk to a guy on Grindr - 40's, married, built like a man and South American
>Married, but open relationship because his wife is also bi and they are binogamous
>He takes me out on great dates, we stay at many nice hotels
>Amazing sex (he is 8 inches and uncut)
>Have seen his place, met his wife
>Did a little digging from what info I knew (he gave me a fake name)
>Find out he is actually a really high ranking person who has attended white house dinners, was an executive of a very well known company, dabbles in government
>Still great sex but so scandalous
Holy shit. Please tell me you're still in touch with him.

Fuck me...

Still seeing him. We have an interesting dynamic. Definitely know that he has intentions of climbing higher in government. He takes care of me - not in terms of gift giving or anything like that. We have nice dates and fun nights. And we've had serious conversations. Debating whether I should let him know whether or not I know his identity.

It is crazy how much he does tell me/brags about himself, though. He is completely self-made and is very wealthy. Hermes shirts, Rolex watches, weekly travel and the like.
He must be really handsome. You're lucky, enjoy while it lasts.
Just be careful who you meet. Take care guys.

jackd, or adam4adam.

grindr really annoys the fuck out of me. it gets repetative after a while.
Not really sure where to post this but
>Meet guy on grindr
>Fast forward to today
>More than one month seeing each other regurarly
>No one has fucked each others ass
>Says he gets slack when he puts on a condom
What do? /hm/?
I want him inside me
Just happened on Saturday afternoon

>start talking to guy through craigslist
>be talking for two months
>share a lot
>me, 20, not fully out yet but close, doing undergrad course at local college
>him, 28, bi with gf, doing PhD at same college. >she doesn't know anything at all, he's been meeting guys to wank and suck them off for years
>finally decide to meet him on a whim when I'm in city centre and he's in college doing whatever he does
>texts me directions to a disabled toilet in an empty enough building (college is dead this time of year)
> on the way to toilet pass him on the way, smile but he stares straight ahead keeps walking in other direction
>go into bathroom lock door, about to text him then hear three knocks on door
>he comes in I start kissing him straight away
>start sucking him off, he keeps pulling my head off saying he's too nervous, he'll cum straight away
>dive in anyway, milk him dry
>he repays favour twice, swallows load both times
>almost gags on second load
>leave separately, keep texting, gonna meet up soon again

All in all pretty good. Once he dumps his bitch gf I can finally start trying to convince him to try some ass play with me. The only thing that's ever touched his hole is toilet paper, such a shame
Confirming this.

So far haven't found an app that doesn't work with it + spoofed gps.
>in long term open relationship of 5 years
>On grindr
>See boyfriend's brother's neighbor
>solid 8.5/10
>message him and small talk a bit
>small talk becomes sex talk
>exchange nudes
>dude has a huge 8in uncut monster cock. The most beautiful thing I've seen.
>find time to meet up
>Go to his place. Boyfriend's brother isn't around
>Go up to his room and immediately start sucking his dick.
>I can deepthroat easily, but even I had a tough time because of how thick it was
>Pushes me onto the bed
>He rims my like no tomorrow
>Pulls out the lube and rubs it on my asshole and his cock
>He begins pushing his cock inside me
>It hurt so bad, but felt so good.
>He thrusts a couple times and then begins picking up steam
>Bucks his hips like a mad man and pulls my hair.
>All the while grunting and making deep growling noises
>After about 10 minutes he pulls out because he almost jizzed.
>I look him in the eye and tell him to cum inside me
>I push him onto the bed and climb on top
>5 minutes later he starts panting hard and bursts a huge load in my ass while kissing me
>I jizz because he jizzed
>After we spent about half an hour talking and cuddling.
>Became regular fuck buddy and neither of our ltr boyfriends know
>See eachother at barbecues and family events often
Actual story that happened to me here
>be me, 23
>living in capital city of muh homeland
>working in retail store in the city full time while I decide what I want to do with muh future
>be total daddy's boy
>not even into guys roughly my age, only 40+ Next door types
>grindr open
>see profile saying 2 men looking for hot fun or something
>2 farmers in flannel shirts in picture, both are taller and bigger than me(6'1" and muscular), one is 6'3" the other 6'4"
>my cock went from 6 to 9 just from how they look
>message them with face pic and they say to text a number. They're in town for a concert at the stadium
>had stalkers before so I don't give it out
>be at work
>both men walk in and I do my usual hello etc
>try to confirm from photo if it's the same two. A bit of a coincidence if it was
>it is them but I have to confirm and they don't recognise me from the photo understandably
>one gets separated by another salesperson and I talk to the taller one
>"so what are you in town for?"
>"a concert, we have flown up from xxxy town"
>heart pounding, if I'm wrong I'll look like an idiot
>"d-do I l-look familiar to you?"
>he looks at me and tilts his head
>"yeah, you do actually. Where from?"
>"we talked...online"

>he gets a smirk and stands a little closer
>"oh yeah, you keen to have some fun?"
>we are just staring and being flirty
>I'm getting a diamond dick, must unload
>"perhaps we could play now"
>"where? Changing room? No the others will see"
>"the toilets of the building we are in, I'll show you"
> the other guy escapes and they both leave and come back a few minutes later
>they'd discussed it and came to confirm
>I said to follow me and I went to a paraplegic toilet in its own room
>they follow and I sneak them in
>start kissing the taller guy, he's a bit more attractive than the other. Fondling his hard bulge
>swap between them as they hold me close and share me
> pull out their cocks, taller guy is 8" and thick from head to base and cut, other guy is a 7" and decent thickness uncut
>sucking away while I'm jerking myself
>"hey anon, do you mind if we fuck you?"
>they had purchased a small bottle of KY lube surprisingly when they discussed me earlier
>big guy tries to put it in bareback and it hurts but I grin an bear it for a bit.
>eject, not ready for him
>smaller guy gets it in alright and starts fucking me for a minute or two
>he pulls out and manages to cum in me and a bit falls on to my pants causing a stain
>we slip out, I don't cum. I've been gone from work too long, it's only been 10-15 mins
>hot experience to happen out of chance like that but I'm keen for more so I arrange to meet tomorrow morning before work for a proper threesome
Continued pt 3
>I barely sleep that night
>get up early, shower and head to their hotel room which is near the store I worked in
>Saturday morning 7am
>I walk in and the 8" greets me, takes me up the elevator and the 7" says "good morning young man" with a grin
> we strip off naked and I climb in to bed between them
> this is hot
>8" is darker skinned from a life outside, an old tattoo on his chest too. Hairy body, forearms and legs. Small bum and broad shoulders. Muscular but not from the gym, covered in a comfy layer. Nice set of full nuts too. He hasn't shaved his beard in a couple of days so is a bit gruff looking
>7" is cleaner cut, moustached and has light skin. Pretty much hairless apart from lower chest and bit of a snail trail over his small round belly
>we are kissing and grinding and nibbling each other. Rolling around in the sheets, I like lots of foreplay but 7" goes for my ass after a few minutes and shoves his tongue in deep. They take turns tongue fucking me as I'm on my front. Ass up
>7" runs his wet cock up my crack and pushes the tip inside me as he lays on top. Belly filling up the small of my back
>8" comes around the front and lays down while I tongue his balls, ass and cock. Apparently he is usually the bottom
>7" takes an amyl nitrate bottle out and we share it around
>makes me relaxed and uninhibited
>have a glorious tall hairy daddy with huge thick cock to play with as his husband is pounding my ass
>he's pulling me back on to his cock as hiss balls cover my ass and slap back and forth
> 8" starts moaning, oh no
>he cums early and I think to myself wen are you ever going to fuck me?
>"well you'd cum too if you had the view I have"
>7" and I decide to fuck in front of 8"
>go through all the positions, 8" sometimes lends a hand or a mouth where need be
>I finish with 7" fucking me hard from beneath as I ride him and cum on his belly
>clean up and go to work and message them later to say we need to try again
Continued final

>we message back n forth and arrange another session the next morning on Sunday

>turn up and it's just 8". Apparently a secret
>7" works for a travel company and is meeting bosses for breakfast while he's in the city
>we get around to naked fun and I'm practically gagging for his dick but don't know if I can fit it
>he wants my hole too, foreplay is short and sweet. Riming and blowjobs
>get the amyl out and take his cock inside me bareback as I start to loosen
>filled with pleasure and pain
>get around to having a pretty sloppy hole for him after some additional lube applications
>I'm riding his cock like I rode 7" when we came in front of 8
>jerking as he's pounding me from below
>"you like daddy's big cock up you don't you boy"
>"yeah daddy, fuck the cum out of me"
>"you want my load up your boy hole ?"
>"yes daddy"
>the dirty talk was putting me to the edge and I shoot over his belly and moan and try dismount
>"oh no I'm not done with you yet boy"
>8" flips me over and fucks me face down as I'm soft and my cum is now rubbing in my own back
>"you're gonna have a huge load in you boy"
>keeps fucking, sometimes slow, sometimes fast and hard
>when it's hard it's on the cusp of being too deep
>I'm on my knees being fucked doggy style and start to get a semi again
>somehow managed to work through the post cum soft sage to get hard
>I flip over and 8" is holding my legs as I jerk my cock
>jerking is faster as he's fucking me
>gets me hard and I see his getting sweaty
> throws his head back and shits his eyes
>let's out an almighty moan and dumps a big load up me
>this sets me off and I cum over myself and we fall on the bed panting

Apparently 8" works as a horse trainer and was unhappy with 7" hence why they were playing around with others. 8 told me his life story basically and then I cleaned up and went to work.

Later that day around noon, 7" came in He sensed something had happened and said " so you've got an ass full of cum then?"
Did you guys become friends or you won't hear from them again?
Not really. 7" apparently came to my shop looking for me one time he was in town a year ago but I had the day off and I'd deleted grindr. 8" has emailed me a few times but nothing has come of it other than swapping some pics
"You know nothing jon snow"
> be me, bifag, 20, former fatass but cute face and kinda built body now, still absolutely no self confidence
> browse grindr, gayromeo, mainly waiting to be talked to because don't have the balls to do the first step, even though I don't put pictures of me because closeted and affraid
> guy says hi, he's bi, 18, medschool, we talk a bit, I realize he's super great, very funny, all these shit
> we talked A LOT, at this point I just think he's like a lardass ugly piece of shit, because y'know, they're the nicest people
> we show our faces to eachother, think "don't care if he's ugly, he's awesome as hell)
> ohmydeargod.jpg
> he's like a solid 9/10, 10/10 according to my tastes, how can he be so nice
> realizes then that he has some trust and self confidence issues too, he probably has a social life only because of his face, otherwise he'd be rejected I guess
> we keep talking

And then we're now. We're planning meeting next week, but I don't know, this all seems to be too fucking beautiful to be real. The worst part is that he says he wanna cuddles me and all these shit, but I think he's a straight guy that goes for me only because he has troubles talking to girls.
Has anyone ever been in this situation? He's the perfect husbando. t.t
haha, this is my story bro. after almost 2 years we had sex for the first time a month ago.
And then how did it go? I mean, are you like together now?
nah, we live +1k km from each other. I'd love to be with him, maybe the next year I'll move to his city (my parents used to live there so there wouldn't be any problems with a place to stay).
we had great time. he was a virgin and said he loved it. I'm no longer a virgin since a long time and I have to admit that having sex with a person that your love is a completely different story and a lot better than sex with a random saturday night guy.
now we are 'very close Internet friends', not boyfriends.
his personality is very similar to mine, we both have low self confidence and are introverted and shy types. I think this is why our relationship worked and still works
Ow ok then
We live like 30km from each other, we're almost in the same city. Plus next year he's going to leave 500m from me, but since he's going to attend his first year of medschool, he won't have any social life, so I think it's dead. I'll have to maintain the platonic relationship we have for a year... t.t
don't let it go, fight for it ;)
btw idk why but the idea of having a med boyfriend turns me on aw
>best Fuck ever
>first fuck
Not a lot to compare tho
he wanna be a neuro surgeon. oh my fucking god hgnnnn
Suck him off for a bit then quickly pull out a condom and test out his theory.
Tell him to stop being a dipshit liar cunt.
Use a fucking condom. Bring your own, and lube. If they say no, get the hell out. Same thing goes if they're not as hot as you thought. If you can't stand up for yourself before/during sex, you shouldn't be having sex.
>always hear about how good grindr is
>closeted bi-fag with little to no experience
>visiting different city for a couple days
>decide to try it out
>start out j/o sessions, then get blown, then blow some sexy guy, now been getting railed constantly by this other sexy as fuck guy
w-what is happening
i never respond to the blacks anyway.
:( I don'r even act black, gimme a chance
File: 1397615869889.jpg (66 KB, 581x660) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's over.
xD xD
was just kidding lol
I think you may like cock.

Say no. No condom, no anal sex. Period.

-Guy who caught HPV from a guy who said he couldn't use condoms because he'd go soft
Did you beat him up?

barebacking a Grindr hook-up is a damn mess... you might have HIV, now.
You can get HPV with protected sex. There's a reason it's the most commonly had STI in sexually active adults.
Are some of you really so stupid you'd not use a condom with a Grindr hook up?

Christ, kill yourselves.
Speaking of grindr, I now know how to get pics people send me from the cache. Sweet. Bluestacks is fun.
And that reason is that it is already widespread with no symptoms in a lot of people.

There are many, many types of HPV that have different effects in different people. ~90% of genital warts are caused by HPV. And a high percentage of cervical cancer in women is caused by types of HPV.

In a lot of cases you could have HPV and have no symptoms, yet pass it on through oral sex and give your partner throat cancer.
When you are playing with yourself stick fingers in your mouth and suckon them and deep throat them.
How is this done?
will post a tutorial tomorrow if you want, read one that showed me what to do but it left out a couple things...possibly easier with bluestacks but shouldnt be hard to do on an actual android
That always gets me. All these guys talk about how they want to have sex but don't want to catch anything, like they've never heard of using a condom.
It's just not the same as feeling them cum inside and their semen dripping from your butthole.
I wonder if anyone has ever done that then said "btw i lied, i have HIV lol"
Some people are psychos. Lots of people just don't want to bring up their status until it's too late.

FYI if that ever happens don't freak out. Go to the ER and ask for PEP within 72 hours. Get on them and you'll be fine. No shame in making sure you don't get HIV.
> be 18, 5" 9, 6.5 inches, closeted.
> inexperienced, been fingered, rimmed, and fucked with a small dildo
> usual top doesn't turn me on
> find other guy, lives a few towns over
> instant boner: 49, fit- not skinny or bulky, businessman, also inexperienced, ex-closet
> exchange nudes
> nothing for a few months
> fap over him
> message him again, exchange texts
> get to know him, awesome guy
> find out has 8 inch penis
> want the dick inside me but scared
> start fingering myself, loosening my hole regularly
> we meet up, drinks, chat
> go to cheap hotel, make out, trying to conceal my raging hard on
> he whips it out
> he's no liar
> I play with it, fascinated, my first big dick, suck on it, he's a bit forceful
> we're both naked now, I'm sucking him, jerking, having fun with the dick.
> he's fingering my hole, my dick is jumping and the inside of my ass is humming
> he's fully hard - I'm terrified
> starts rimming me, more fingers
> missionary, starts sliding it in
> it's so big
> so uncomfortable
> make girly screaming (that I hate) as he slowly rams in deeper, he likes it, I feel his dick jump inside me
> slow fucking, oh God, so fucking big, I feel like taking a huge shit
> 10 mins, steady fucking, kissing
> The dick feels sorta ok now
> I'm moaning like a slut
> starts full on fucking me
> legs around him
> anus throbbing, dick leaping, afraid to touch it or I'll um
> he starts moaning, he cums, pulls out, get's condom stuck in my ass. As I pull it out, one hand on my dick, I cum like vesuvius
> he licks it up, goes for a shower
> can't move off bed
> feel like a dirty ass slut and I love it
> comes back, more kissing, my ass feels numb
> we end up staying the night in the hotel, not fucking, just talking and watching TV
> ready for next encounter
Right and actually if you are a bottom you can get anal cancer from HPV just like a girl gets cervical cancer from it. Tops get oral warts or throat cancer from rimming.

Just very stupid not to wear a condom, especially with someone from a hook-up app.
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Hooked up with this guy on vacation a few weeks ago.
Did he shave down there?
>tfw only ever sucked one dick 5+ years ago and it was 8.5 inch and super thick
>tfw now a non-acting bisexual size queen

I want to be bi-sexual, but I can't get into it unless my dick is literally dwarfed by his. Are any gay dudes actually into this? Would a big hung dude even want to hook up with a smaller guy? I don't even know where to start...
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