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Rape Stories
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/hm/, I need rape stories: Greentext, copypaste, online text/archives, anything.
Even better if wyith age play or pain.
Will bump with bears.
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Other bump
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Rape and sexual assault are not nice!

This thread is rude
you must be new :(
>calls other person new

>on 4chan
>expects morals and ethics
not every "oldfags" (is that the way yall call each other?) are mean and bitter. it just made me nostalgic to see how anon tried to spread some morals because i was like this the first time i came here but now i'm just used to those rape/incest threads.
yall are so rude omfg this is why i never post, just fap.
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moar bump
this interests me
r9k's IRapedMyDadOnABoatGuy's stuff are amazing.
Does coerced count?

>be in sales
>boss was going to do a trip to his biggest client
>something comes up. tells me to go.
>tells me to keep client happy. he's 50% of our biz.
>fly out to San Francisco
>meet with client
>he looks like >>879657 except heavier
>do presentation at his office
>go to dinner 2 bottles of wine
>takes me to local bars. more drinking
>takes me to one bar that I can tell is a gay bar. whatever. half in the bag anyway
>back to his hotel (he was from LA so staying in hotel)
>drink in bar until last call
>tells me there are no cabs at this hour and can crash in his room until morning
>drunk, don't know where I am, have no choice
>get to room. immediately he's groping me
>tell him I'm not sure about this
>he tells me no one will know. just between us.
>tells me he's sure my boss wants him taken care of and not upset
>tells me to make myself comfortable so I take off my suit jacket
>his idea of "comfortable" is stripping down and laying on the bed
>he's waving his fat cock around and telling me it needs attention
>not totally unfamiliar with sucking cock so figure I'll make a go at it
>sloppy blow job ensues
>he says "I'm ready" and starts undoing my pants
>room is spinning, feel nauseous. just concentrating on not passing out or vomiting all over client
>he pulls my pants off, turns me over and lays on my back
>forces his cock into my ass and fucks me
>feel like I'm being crushed under his weight. that's worse than the pain of getting fucked dry
>he cums, rolls off, falls asleep
>I pass out
>he wakes me up during the night fucking me again
>can't cum from fucking so he turns me over and jacks off on my chest
>wake up next morning, pull my pants up (still had my shirt and tie on) and get a cab back to my hotel
>client tells my boss he wants me on the account from now on
>I quit about a month later.
Why not?
Personally I find all non-fully-consensual sex exciting.
It's okay if they don't pay you for it. I bet he felt like a whore after that.
Nope, I prefer them because they have good descriptions o fthe feelings of the bottom, and I like those things.
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>meet older guy via grindr
>go to his place one night for quick jerk
>arrive to find two other older dudes in living room
>me and grindr guy go to his room
>I start to undo my belt when the two guys walk into the bedroom
>say I'm not doin a 3 way
>they start touching my junk anyway
>it's out of my hands at this point so I sigh and end up getting fucked by all 3 anyway
>as I'm about to leave they ask me if I want to "buy the video"
>they filmed the whole thing and heavily implied they would share it
>pay $120 for the SD card and leave
>about a month later find the video on xtube anyway

Never used a dating app again. Messed me up bad for a while, couldn't even hold my dick to take a piss.
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Your instincts should have told you to leave the second you saw the two other guys at his place. It was pretty dumb for you to think they wouldn't share the video, especially after what they did to you right before that.

Is there anything you could do to get it taken down, at least?
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The guy is being sarcastic, what are you on about
Why the fuck didn't you leave?

link, please
hahaha this bitch. But I agree, at least put a trigger warning on this thread ffs
>meeting older guys for random sex
Serves you right.

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> Being in France.
> Drunk after a too heavy dinner.
> Deciding to test again the local naked party backroom.
> Drinking more.
> Lurking a long time without finding a mate.
> Looking to the orgy bed : whores begin to be fucked by others
> Approaching to see more clearly
> Trying to grab balls so close to me
> Being sat on the bed and asked to suck a dick
> Accepting with joy
> Changing position to be fucked on the bed on my back, legs wide apart
> Passing out
> Waking up while being hardly fucked by another one
> I managed to go out and go back to my apartment
> Having butt hurts for two days, not remembering what happened.

Pic related (not with me inside, but it was there)
Nice quads m8
>trigger warning
>on 4chan
>Not leaving the second you saw two other guys there

Do you have zero common sense or naturally lack a survival instinct? Nothing about meeting up with a random stranger and discovering two other guys are also there struck you as suspicious. Yeah i know meeting up with him at all is risky, but fuck, unless you were well armed i dont know what made you think things were on the up and up. Maybe i'm just too distrusting of others but i'd have nope'd right out of there.


>"Nobody should ignore the reality," the book claims, namely that "every 24 hours 13,000 thefts, 2,000 attacks and 200 rapes" take place in France – figures far higher than official national statistics.
>impling Marine Le Pen is mentally sane
Oh god more
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There was a trigger warning, it's called the thread is entitled "Rape Stories".

What this guy said
holy fuck people please share *fantasies* not actual occurrences of rape. this is for fapping, not therapy.

for the guys sharing, I'm really sorry that happened to you
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>be in cop college
>sharing dorm room for special training far up north
>me and three other guys in two bunks
>all my country's version of rednecks, none of them are attractive in the least
>I tell them I am gay upfront so that if they feel uncomfortable changing or doing whatever in front of a gay guy they can do it somewhere else, and not feel like I'm perving on them.
>trying to do the right thing.
>not allowed to drink, smoke or do drugs obviously but people sneak it onto the compound anyway
>bunkbuddy offers me a drink and I think maybe we'll get on alright after all
>wake up on my back getting pounded by one of them, try to push him off but I'm so drunk and probably high and don't want to be discharged
>get fucked by all three of them all night
>wake up sore in the morning and covered in jizz
>they tell the hall officer they don't want to room with a fag, I end up getting the room to myself and never talk to them again

it could have been worse I guess, sometimes I jerk off to thinking about it and that makes me feel guilty.
>be 19 and openly gay.
>at a a frat house party.
>get my drink spiked,
>wakes up on a bedroom surrounded by 5 guys.
>start freaking the fuck out, can't move because of five guys.
>continue getting fucked for over an hour.
>3 more guys come in. 4 guys but in me, 2 on my face and a few over my dick and balls.
>in the end try tell me I can join them next week when the fuck another kid.
>I'm ashamed to say I did every week for a long time
i always warn people about frats
Maybe you can share what frat this is?
it is 4chan after all
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>used to be super repressed about my sexuality as a teenager
>had a really fucked up sexual relationship with my step-brother, started some time in middle school
>we would regularly "force" each other into doing sexual favors
>mostly giving each other BJs or handjobs, though anal became common as we got older
>usually this happened by one of us "blackmailing" the other, usually threatening to spread word of each other's faggotry or claim rape
>sometimes we'd get into some wrestling match (either playful or pissed) that escalated further
>the sex was always really rough and degrading, and neither of us ever admitted to liking it even though we were both obviously into it
>I felt horribly guilty about the whole thing and constantly tried to convince myself that I was straight, and I'm sure he did the same thing
>this went on all through HS and early college
>ironically, it didn't stop until I finally came to terms with my sexuality and came out of the closet, which spooked him out of wanting to do anything further
>we never talk about it and actually have a surprisingly good/normal relationship now, though there is still a lot of awkward lingering sexual tension
Not "really" rape, I guess. It was more like a weird unspoken ritual we developed that allowed us to screw around without feeling too "gay", especially since we usually dropped the pretense of resisting once our roles were established. It seems so dumb and obvious in hindsight, but it made sense at the time.
>spooked him out of wanting to do anything further
>there is still a lot of awkward lingering sexual tension
Since he's still repressed about it, you realize he probably wants you to continue the "fake rape" thing to help save his pride, right? Have you made a move on him since coming out of the closet? What would you do if he made a move on you?
>you realize he probably wants you to continue the "fake rape" thing to help save his pride, right
Probably? But the thing is, he really freaked out when I first came out of the closet. He pretty much avoided me for several years, and even now that we've mostly gotten over it there's this awkward feeling hanging over our heads.

So, I don't want to risk fucking up our relationship again by trying to start anything now, even if he does want it. The closest he's come to starting anything happened a few months ago when he started randomly play-wrestling with me (like we used to do when we were kids). He started getting grabby and I was ready for it to turn sexual, but then he got a call from his girlfriend and that threw cold water on that.
I ended up dating one of the guy's who raped me, managed to make it not as awkward as assumeded would have.
Don't make this die

Thanks for this, I came hard. Do you mind sharing any details on the rapists? Out of shape, lean, hairy, cut or uncut? This is a great story because it seems real and I'd like to fap to it a few more times but more details would help. :)
gif sauce
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Any interest?
Told this story before.
>be 14, about 5 feet tall, 100 pounds
>best friend lives next door
>best friend has a cousin come to live with him.
>cousin is about 20, handsome as all fuck, tanned, athletic, suave, cool, nice, about 5’10”, 190# . We know he’s gay.
>we call him Cowboy because he came from Texas
>tries to teach us how to dress, how to act but we’re all still jerk-off teenagers
>I try to listen
>he takes an interest in me. I start to have a crush on him
>parents are going to a wedding. Will be gone entire July 4th holiday
>they ask Cowboy to just check up on me. I’m old enough to stay on my own but they like a responsible adult around just in case
>all my friends’ families have more money and they are all gone for the weekend
>Friday night and Cowboy asks if I want to join him for pizza for dinner after I finish cutting my lawn
>I say sure.to me it’s like a date with my crush.
> He says take a shower and come over later
>go over. have pizza.
>he’s having a glass of wine and pours me a little cup
>we’re just shooting the shit. He’s fills my cup up a couple of times
>when we finish he asks if I want to watch a movie
>say sure
>he says we should watch it in his bedroom since it’s about 100 degrees outside and his bedroom has an air conditioner
>go in and sit on bed
>asks what I want to watch. I’m not sure so he says let’s watch something from his “special” collection
>pulls out straight porn and starts it up


>gets on bed with me and we watch for a while
>turns to me and asks if I’ve ever kissed a girl. Tell him no (I’m a kissless virgin at this point)
>”how about a guy?”
>tell him no
>he leans in and kisses me. Feels nice
>we talk for a minute. He tells me nothing wrong with guys kissing but not everyone is so agreeable to it so we should keep it to ourselves.
>starts kissing me again
>works down to my neck, shoulder, pulls my t-shirt off and kisses my chest down to my belt line
>comes back up and asks me to do the same to him
>kiss him the way he kissed me
>lays me on my back and kisses me again, this time he opens my shorts, slides them down while kissing my stomach and ends up sucking on my cock
>head spinning die to wine and blow job.
>comes up and asks me to do the same to him
>I do. Get to his cock and try to suck it. It looks huge (probably average) but thick.
>he brings me back up and kisses some more
>”want to feel something real nice?”
>goes back down on my cock but then slips a finger into my ass
>starts rubbing my prostate. Holt shit!
>feels like he’s stretching me out and it feels great
>comes back up and kisses me more
>tells me he can make me feel even better
>has me lay on my stomach
>tells me he’s going to tie my hands and feet to the bed like in the movie
>I was kind of into self bondage back then so this just turns me on more


>ties my hands and feet to the bed posts
>feel something slippery on my ass. Cold at first but then his fingers are inside me again.
>feel him lay on me, some fumbling near my asshole then blinding pain as he pushes his fat cock into my ass
>tell him to stop and that it hurts. He tells me it will feel better soon
>I still protest
>he takes my underwear and stuffs it in my mouth
>continues to fuck me while I’m laying on the bed crying
>he cums in my ass and just lays on top of me. Eventually he falls asleep
>seems like hours later he wakes up
>starts kissing my neck and back, gets hard and rapes me again. Again, I’m in pain and crying
>again he cums in my ass and falls asleep
>later that night he fucks me again. He can’t cum from fucking me so he pulls out and jerks off on my back
>unties me. Tells me that if I tell anyone everyone will find out I’m a fag and I’ll get beaten up
>brings me into the bathroom and makes me take a shower
>get dressed, go home. I’m an altar boy and had a funeral to do Saturday morning. Walking around church and it feels like cum is leaking out of my stretched out asshole.
>Cowboy apologizes and for some stupid reason I believe he’s sorry and still have a crush on him
>goes on to pimp me out to one of his friends.
>goes on to pimp me out to one of his friends.

...go on

>still have crush on him
>exchange blow jobs, sex when we can be alone
>asks me to come to a friend's house
>tells me that his friend doesn't have anyone "special" and wants me to be his "special" friend
>I don't like the idea but like sex so OK
>get there. friend is older (about 50), overweight, hairy
>suck him, he sucks me. fucks me but has a hard time staying hard
>jerks off while I'm sucking his balls
>he cums on my face
>get cleaned up and come out of the bathroom and hear friend say "yeah he was worth it" and he's handing Cowboy a wad of bills.
You were 14 for all of this?

15 when I had sex with his friend.
did he ever force you again?
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>I need rape stories

OK, true story, not proud about it, but happened when I was younger and couldn't see past the tip of my cock


>be me
>be 23
>super horny all the time
>like fucking all.the.fucking.time
>have sex everywhere
>butt-fuck a guy in the head on campus
>got sucked behind bus stop
>hook up guys in dorm rooms, apartments, etc. and manage to fuck most of them
>hook up with frat boys during parties
>drunk frat boys are stupid fucks
>try craigslist
>fucking goldmine
>hook up daily, sometimes 2, 3 times
>lotsa' different guys, lotsa' repeats
>start buying me shit, paying rent
>really IS a fucking goldmine
>all about poking for me
>meet shy guy at his place
>super shy, good-looking manlet
>feel strangely tender
>get him to suck me, but gags too much
>do lotsa' frot, poking between his legs
>convince him to try anal
>start to ease into him
>he freaks out, ease out
>he wants me to try again
>start to ease into him, start slow poking
>he freaks out--again
>pull out
>calm him down
>he wants to try AGAIN
>turn him over, face-2-face
>look deadeye
>matt, i do it THIS time, it's going in....period
>ok, DO IT TO ME !
>turn manlet over
>rub my thick prick all around his sweet hole
>start to poke it inside
>push in all the way
>hold the fucker down, pinned to the bed
>fuck him like a sex demon
>yada.yada.yada.over and over again
>push his face into pillow, hand over his mouth
>fuck him good and hard for like an hour
>totally empty my balls into him the last few thrusts
>super rush
>yank out, wipe my prick on his sheets
>go in bathroom, wash off my prick at his sink, then take quick shower
>come out, drop towel on his chest
>get cleaned up
>stupid fucker's crying--snot coming outta' his nose and mouth
>geez what a schnozzle
>"you liked it--you'll get used to it"
>lift $100.00 from his wallet
>let myself out
My thing is getting in 'alpha' or 'straight' ass by acting nonthreatening & submissive until I've got the guy opened up after rimming & rubbing his hole while I suck him off.

They think they're just getting tongue worshipped right until I stick the head inside em. Took 3 guys cherry that way..makes me feel bad now. :(
>lift $100.00 from his wallet
>be bi in small town college, hard to find other gay guys
>find a couple regular hookups through craigslist
>hook up with both of them once every couple weeks
>really horny all the time still, get greedy and try to find one more
>find guy on adam4adam, about 10 years older than me, lean, muscular, great abs, 7 inch cock
>make plans to go to his house
>i get there, tells me to go in his garage
>has little hangout spot, couch, rug etc.
>had previously agreed to trade head
>he sits down, i kneel in front of him, start sucking
>at first its going great
>keeps trying to grab the sides of my head and kinda facefuck me
>resist against him
>he stands up, think its to get more comfortable
>when he stands up, grabs the back of my head and forces me to deepthroat him
>come up for air, gagging
>tells me to stand up
>i stand up, thinking maybe he's just weird and that it's my turn for him to suck my dick
>sort of wraps me up
>struggling against him
>laughs, "my profile said i was a dom, you should have known slut"
>he's way stronger than me, makes me bend over
>rips my athletic shorts down, spits on his hand and rubs his dick
>feel it against my hole, i was very tight, had only been penetrated a couple times before
>trying to struggle against him, pretty useless, has his arm leaning against me, i'm bent over over the arm of the couch
>goes inside me, pain
>fucks me pretty hard, it hurts but i can't help but to feel pleasure
>he' keeps spitting on his cock to lube up, occasionally missing and spitting all over me
>slapping my ass til it hurts
>eventually can't take it, cum all over my shorts
>he cums in me not too long after
>throws me my shirt, tells me let him know if i ever want some more, goes inside his house
>I walk home in cumstained shorts, spit all over my back and leaking out of my ass as i walk, running down my leg
>got home and immediately fapped to it
>realized my sub side
>met with him like once a week
>be sub as often as i can now
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>>tells me there are no cabs at this hour

I too would like information about which one this is.

I always hear these frat stories and i'd like to know which ones are more likely to group fuck me when i go to college.

"force"? not really. kind of coerced. I still had a crush on him and wanted his affection so I'd do things that I thought pleased him. That included him fucking me and letting his friend use me.
so hot!
Post maor
When I was 17 I was raped by 2 guys! And now I love it in the ass when I was raped I had been thinking about trying it out but was not ready 2 guys jumped me in my way home knocked me out ANd I woke up to one of them inside my ass deep and this kid didn't have no small dick he was filling me up it didn't hurt to bad it kinda felt good I started getting hard and then they pinned me down and they both suck ther dicks in me at the same time I came when they did that after they wer done they left me I never saw them again
U-unf. Got any more?
>best friend is body builder and strong as fuck.
>gets dumped by his gf, gets depressed and drinks.
>visit him one night have a few beers and go to sleep on his couch.
>wake up and he is lifting me up and pull down my pants.
>try and fight but no use.
>get my asshole wrecked by his huge cock,
>doesn't play with my dick or touch me, just destroys my Virgin ass.
>cums in me and makes me suck his cock clean.
>fucks me again then cums inside again.
>leaves the room and goes to bed.
>he doesn't remember anything the next day.
>calls me a faggot and a liar when I try and show him my cum stained underwear from him.
That pretty much turned me gay.
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3264x2448
be me be 12.
my parents go out of town for business wilk be gone 3 days 2nights.
Have a babysitter shes 19 real cute petite body perky tiys ass to die for horny like most girls her age.
first night I van hear her and a guy in the living room. I sneak down the hall to peek in and see her naked sucking a big dick.
I see her man he was 22 nice body. he had a physical job so he was muscular but not huge. but he had a big cock close to 9" and thick and nice big low balls.
I was fascinated watching her suck him off. I was a virgin and I had seen porn and a few naked people but never witnessed sex.
I took off all my clothes and threw them in my room and snuck in closer for a better view. I was able to get real close. I was on the other side of the coffee table peeking through it pretty much completely out of their view. I was rock hard and started jacking off. I got too excited and moaned. her man looked across the table and saw me. ohshitfuckme.png
He picks me up sets me between them and started to fondle me. he was bi I found out later. my sitter started to protest immediately but he pulled her away from me and said something to her. she got this ashamed look on her face and said om whatever he wanted. she came over and he had her stand in front of me and turn and pose to get me horny he had me touch her and lick her pussy and ass and her nipples. the whole time he was touching me all over. he then had me lay down and she sucked me then she got up and sat on my face. I felt him suck me then I came then after he swallowed all my cum he licked my balls then my ass then I felt something move around my ass it was his cock. he tried but couldn't get it in so he fingered me real hard and made me suck him off which was him ramming his cock into my throat while I gagged and choked while he was ramming 3 fingers in me. he finally came real hard and then he had the girl do somethings to me to make me feel better.
the next night he came back over and they pulled me into my parents room they gave me a spiked drink and he put some cream on my ass that made it numb he had me sit on his cock which I did I sank slowly down in one motion till he was balls deep then he had me sit there and my sitter blew me. by the time I nutted I was starting to get feeling in my assm he started slow at first. I told him I didn't want to do this but he kept telling me it would be fun. eventually he had my legs pinned to my chest and he was really pounding me hard. I remember him cumming I remember him eating my assnout and my sitter licking my ass and balls. I remember seeing blood on their faces from my ass. I ended up fucking them both and doing alot of stuff with my sitter. about 4 years later I ran into them again bi was bi at this point and we went to their apartment and had a 3 some. I enjoyed that. I never spoke to them after that. still think about all of it from time to time.
Out of all the things that never happened, this happened the least.
Are you me? That sounds an aweful lot like my sex fantasy!
you don't happen to be in MD, do you? Dude tried this on me once before
did you let him in? I bet you did, slut.
>How did they react?
I'm not that guy, but every time a guy has told me he wouldn't let me bareback him i'd eat his ass for ten or fifteen minutes, get up like I was switching positions, and then get my wet head in. I'd follow up with "It feels really good, right?", if he mentioned a rubber i'd tell him I didn't have one or that 'they're in the car. it's cool though i'm clean.'

Not once did anyone tell me to pull out. I think it's kind of like a "well, he's already in and precumming so the damage is done" kinda thing.

p.s. i've done the same thing to every girlfriend i've ever had, too. barebacks where it's at, I can't cum otherwise and I like the domination aspects of filling up a container with my seed.
Nice. But to straight guys? How would they react?
straight guys don't get their asshole eaten out by men.

do you mean married? I've done it to married guys. No one has reacted negatively other than "What about the rubber..?"
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me again. ima just leave THIS here
>Be a typical white woman, ugly but short skirt and makup makes men think I am easy and give me attention, which makes me think I am pretty and validates my existence
>Go into a bar one night, looking to spread my legs because it is my right as a strong sexy independent empowered western woman
>Just have one drink (I'm on a diet) and not drunk
>Pull a guy who is very drunk
>Fuck him at his place
>Wake up the next morning with him next to me
>Decide he is not good enough for me
>Get up, go home
>Phone the police
>Tell them what happened
>"I've been raped"
>He did rape me because he took advantage of me when drunk, and even though I said yes, acted attracted to him and wanted it too, it is my right as a woman to change my mind
>He is in jail now, the dirty patriarchal scum
>I am receiving counselling for my trauma
Cool. I'm going to start doing this to entitled scene fairy bitches just because they deserve it.
>go on grindr
>look for older men
>take fat loads up my boy pussy from rough muscle daddies
>make sure they fill me up good
>drive to police department
>file a report, request a rape kit
>I am receiving counselling for my trauma
If somebody has sex sober with a drunk person it is technically rape. Drunk people can't give consent because they aren't in a rational state of mind
So really she raped him because he was drunker than her, or am I missing something?
or as claimed not drunk?
I don't think you can call drunk sex rape: you drank knowing what it implies and accepting the risks involved, like terms and conditions of use for a program or a site.

My thoughts exactly.

Shhh, don't ruin the fantasy
>straight guys don't get their asshole eaten out by men.
Sure they do, alcohol can make a lot of them quite heteroflexible. Unless you're the kind who thinks that anyone who performs a gay or straight act automatically makes them that orientation forever.
i'm not talking to people who compound their own words in an effort to remain politically correct.

guys that take my tongue up their ass are fags, and I treat them like it.
>*tips fedora*
more like this ?

I don't know whether I should feel bad about this because of what it technically is, but I would be lying if I didn't say that it sounded a little hot, hopefully this didn't scar you, from what you wrote it doesn't sound like it. I hope it was just a nice pleasurable experience for your first time
no, you have no idea what the law entails. Your computer science analogy does not follow. shh
The issue on if drunk sex (as in 'drunk', not 'blacked out') is rape or not depends on how you look at it from a legal perspective. assuming that one defines rape as one of the parties involved did not give consent for sexual intercourse to occur, then must answer the following:

Can a intoxicated person or a person under the influence give consent? Assuming that consent is given, is it an informed consent? In order to give informed consent, the individual concerned must have be able to understand fully what is happening or will happen.

A) If one's thinking is impaired due to alcohol, then one cannot give an informed consent - then the question becomes how much alcohol is 'too much' before informed consent cannot be given. Given that the alcohol tolerance of everyone is different, the law becomes murky as fuck.

B) Also, this raises another issue. Does impairing your own thinking via voluntary ingestion of substances such as alcohol factor into the defense? I personally know people who know they do stupid things and make bad decisions while drunk and still drink. While these acts may not endanger others, they are still liable to be prosecuted due to any crimes they have committed while under the influence, regardless of the severity or if they endanger others are not.
And i'm not talking about people who fetishize a broad spectrum of sexuality. Just because someone does something gay does not make them gay. It's as simple as that

I've kissed girls before, but that definitely doesnt make me straight, as i'm gay as fuck and wouldnt want to be intimate with them in anyway now.
>Be me, 27 years old
>Casually walking down street
>Professional wrestler comes out of nowhere
>Touches me inappropriately
>He sexes me
>Records the whole thing on his iPhone 5s
>I'm not even gay
>>I'm not even gay

It's ok anon,you're safe here.
please post more
>be me, 12 years old, just discovering porn and my own gayness
>father is arrested for child rape, but commits suicide in jail
>year is 4039
>first born child must serve parent's crime
>sent to giant space alien monster child molester jail
>cry as dicks as big as your forearms are shoved in both holes by all the other horny inmates
>get torn apart and put back together by future medicine
>sentence: life without parole
I've actually two stories, except I was the one doing the forcing... 1st:

>be me, openly bi sixth former, 18
>crash on friend's sofa one weekend
>friend has cute little brother, 16, sweet kid, kinda awkward, effeminate, no real life (see: your entire adolescence)
>always 'pretends' to flirt with me, grabs my crotch, winks etc, then claims he's straight, everyone just rolls their eyes at him because it's so obvious
>Sunday morning, just us in the house, he's pulling the usual routine
>I always wake up hard and sleep in boxers, he sees this and laughs, calls me a faggot
>flicks it
>I grab him by the shoulders, look at him intently, pull him closer
>"go on then"
>we wank together a few minutes, he's still into it at this point, smiling up at me with these big anime eyes like all his wildest dreams have come true
>so fucking horny now, stop thinking
>start rubbing his hole, he squirms
>push him down, rim him, get Vaseline from bathroom, finger him good
>keeps asking me to stop but I'm well built and he's still young, still doesn't put up a serious struggle yet
>tell him to push out, he does, start to slide it in, he panics and thrashes out, says no, try again but he keeps moving
>slam his head down on sofa, slap his arse, pinch his neck, all while telling him he'll be fine in a caring voice
>he's scared now, starts crying
>take him to his brother's bedroom, tie him to the bedposts with belts, pound his boypussy hard and fast, doggystyle
>he cries and whimpers in pain the whole time
>cum in less than a minute
>suddenly feel terrible
>really quiet, we cuddle, shower, I feel the need to be super affectionate, he's quiet now but warms up to my attentions, looks up at me as if in search of approval
>brother comes back to find us chilling on the sofa playing Mario Kart Wii
>doesn't say a word
>we have sex a dozen more times, always slow, loving and consensual
>I leave for uni, a few months later I hear he's come out and is a lot more confident and social nowadays

Now do I feel bad about this? Absolutely, but it's happened now. People can be capable of extraordinary ego management to justify their own libidos. I think it was just easier for him to tell himself that it was consensual than to admit he was raped. He did want it after all, just not like that. Oddly it seems that experience was exactly the push he needed.

Will post the second if there's interest.
>be 20, stuck at home for the summer
>ex bf wants to hang out
>drinking vodka and talking about his current bf
>feel uncomfortable he's moved on
>eventually he gets buzzed and asks me to make out
>as we are making out he rubs his ass against me
>start to pull down his pants
>he protests
>i stop
>he starts to rub himself against me again
>i start unbuttoning my pants, stroking myself off
>he tells me he only wants me as a friend
>continues to kiss me
>worked up too much, i lay him down and fondle his ass
>he tells me, no no, I start to ignore him
>eventually he tells me he doesn't want to cheat on his bf, because he wants to be the perfect guy for him
>he touches my dick and rubs the head for a while
>tells me to calm down and just relax
>puts my arm around him and we lie underneath a quilt and he continues to grind himself against my cock
>get irrtated and grab his waist
>ease his hole against my dick head
>it's dry and loose
>"anon, stop, i have a boyfriend"
>mfw this guy dumps me for another guy
>i ram my dick into his ass
>ouch, for both of us
>but it feels so good
>continue, and he's starting to freak out and trying to push away from me
>i keep going at it
>it's 3 mintues later and he says it hurts and i enjoy his pathetic whimpering
>cum and wipe my dick on his quilt
>smells like shit
>lie back and enjoy the moment
>he's crying and becomes quiet
>i stay the night to make sure he's okay
How'd this happen?
Well, he wasn't bad looking nor odd except for the whole date-rapey thing.

He underestimated my speed of recovery from 'knocked out' to 'Where am I? What you are you doing? Why are you inside me?"

It didn't feel that bad, so I just told him to keep going. He came, I was happy he came. We came to an agreement that he not try that stuff on me and we can probably go for a second date. So we did.
All you did was sense your prey was available and you took what nature offered.

Read a few entries of this blog and learn something about your natural instincts as a hunter.

>blackbullsex on blogspot
> that story where he fucks his roommate...unnnf
>smells like shit

This is why gay rape doesn't work. If you give them an enema beforehand you lose the element of surprise.
honestly, without lube shit can be a kinky replacement

or find a creative way to force out shits
File: 1352181240775.png (3 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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all i see is a man with an upside face and a unibrow
i was raped when i was 13
but i know this boards penchant for getting mad at people who post their stories like that
so ill only post if anons ask for it and promise not to joke about it and/or what happened to me
Do tell. Be very careful though, you will be tested on just how well you're coping with it.

Do so at your own risk,
File: 1383796420128.gif (474 KB, 200x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
474 KB, 200x150
>be me, 17 yo, live in a gated community
>best friend lives right next door, we're both in the senior soccer team
>I'm in the closet, have a grill and no one suspects a damn thing about me thinking of cocks and boypussy all day long
>best friend has a brother
>15 yo, dark haired, pale skin, a little chubby, big muscular arms and an incredible big butt
>best friend travels with girlfriend
>need to study but don't have any annotations in my notebook as usual
>ask bf for his, he tells me to go get it at his place
>it's in the afternoon so his parents are at work
>go to his place, everything's quiet
>on my way to bf's room, pass by his bro's room
>he's jerking off, boxers by his heels, my facebook profile picture on the screen
>he gets blue/red/white/yellow at the same time when he sees me
>I can feel my cock precumming already
>go to his room, grab his fucking head and push it to my crotch
>"you fucking want this meat, you bitch. tell me you wanna gag on my hot cock and spit my cum on it you fucking fagget"
>I think he's about to cry, he doesn't answer and he's shaking
>I pull him up from the chair and french kiss him rough
>my cock is already rock hard and I put both hands on his cheeks
>he's shaking and asking me to stop
>"p-please, man, s-s-stop it"
>throw him on his bed and demand him to spread his cheeks
>he tries to fight me but I'm stronger
>I spit a massive saliva load in his ass
>rub my big head on his tight hole
>he's hard, precumming like a bitch
>I bite his ears, pull his hair, smell his pits, lick his neck while rubbing my dick on his tight boypussy
>he's got a little hair and it gives extra friction
>I can't take it anymore so I put my dick in and ram him like I'm fucking a plastic doll
>he screams and start sobbing but I cover his mouth and keep pounding the shit outta him
>"you love this fucking dick, don't you, bitch? you wanna feel this massive prick inside your hole, yeah? wanna walk weird tomorrow, fagget?"

I keep fucking him and pounding that bubble butt
>the sobs don't stop and his face is all red
>I can't keep it anymore so I cum my hot sperm inside of him
>I'm sweating a lot, clothes still on, his bed is a mess
>I take my cock slowly, he's whimpering, his hole is red as fuck
>he slowly start to spit my cum from his hole and that makes me wanna pound him again
>I get to his whole, french kiss it, lick it, suck all my cum from it
>go to his face, grab it with both hands and spit my cum to his place
>"next time you wanna jerk off to my image, have some decent balls and do it to my face, you lil' bitch"

looking back I feel bad as fuark but at the time that made me feel alpha as fuark. Freud probably explains it.
I don't get it. Why were you being so violent.
>Implying this happened.
ok whatever, prepare for long story
> like i said it happened when i was 13
> at the time i was enamored with my older brother and his friends.
> they were 17 at the time, and though of me as that pesky little brother who wouldnt leave them alone
> favorite thing to do was follow them to one of their families pools
> mostly they would leave me alone to swim in shallow end, couldnt swim well, and listen in on their talking, once in a while one would be nice and talk to me, and once in a while i would annoy them enough for them to get pissed and throw me out or just tell me to go home
> they were nice guys all of them, including my brother, he never did anything to me
> i guess they knew some bad people i guess
> guy with the pool had an older brother, serious asshole the few times i met him
> his friends came over one day while we were over there and swimming
> generally being dicks to all of us, one of them started picking on me, calling me a girl and a baby, one of them snuck up behind me and threw me in the deepend,
>brother and one of his friends fished me out before i could drown but it really freaked me out
> brothers friends laughed for the most part, more of a nervous chuckle
> they ended up following these guys around, including my brother, even though he bitched about them to me every time we were home
> so my brother and his friends wouldnt constantly hang out with these dicks, i only realized years later it was basically for the same reason i hung out with brothers friends
> i tried to tag along but usually i got picked on so i stopped trying
> about three months after the i met them the first time i was walking along a street, i had gone to pick up some comics, mostly because i was bored
> car stops next to me, i remember it was an oddly light blue color and looked weird, like someone had just bought spray paint off the shelf and painted it with that
> of course it was assholes
> one in passenger sit said, " hey looks it that little girl that follows dipshit around"
> tell them to fuck off
> got laughs from it
> one in back is whispering to driver, they both laugh
> one in back scoots over and opens his window,
> apologizes for his friends, tells me they were just goofing around and think im actually pretty cool
>say i should come hang with them
> yeah i was retarded to agree, but i was 13 and wanted nothing more to seem cool
> so i got in the car, and we drove to one of their apartments, which was actually a small carriage house someone had reinvated and rented out
> its funny i dont remember what we talked about on the ride, whatever it was it got me to relax and joke around with them
> for some reason i remember the odd cracked black pleather seats rubbing into my back, and i remember the car smelled faintly what i found out a year later was pot and cigarette smoke mixed together, probably got me a little secondhand high i dont know
> i also remember there being a hole in the back of the seat in front of me that looked pacman
> anyway we got to their apartment and i was lead inside, i remember one guy had his hand on the back of my neck, thought he was being friendly, probably to prevent me from running
> things happened pretty quickly when we were inside, one of them picked me up and threw me over his shoulder before i knew what was going on
> into the small bedroom we went, one grabbed my shirt off me and pushed me onto the bed, started taking off my shoes
> could see the other two laughing and looking at me, one of them was rolling a joint on the dresser
> this was when my mind caught up and i realized as much as my limited knowledge of the subject let me,
> started to struggle kicked guy taking my socks off in the face and got up to run
> made it through the bedroom doorway before one grabbed me around the waist and pulled me back in slamming me down onto the bed
> im screaming now, not even sentences, words like help and no
> holds me down, feel other two on either side of me, "hear little bitch kicked me, i bit my tongue"
> feel him punch me in the back hard, did it a couple of times, i started crying, remember thinking how much of a baby i was for crying
> all three hold me down as one takes my pants off, underwear they took off with an old shitty swiss army knife
> showed it to me and told me if i ran again they were going to cut my balls off
> i remember staring at the lime green stucco wall and hearing them debate who was going first a few feet away
> whichever one won came over, i never looked up, i didnt want to know
> called me a little girl again, and told me little girls were for fucking,
> i felt him start to finger my asshole with some weird cold lube, he wasnt gentle about it
> felt him lay on top of me and enter,
> i dont know how long it had lasted, i do know when he pulled out he kissed me on the back like i was he was trying to be sweet
> heard the door open and close, second one flipped me over, he wanted to watch my face, i guess, made a point of telling me how small i was when he saw my dick, told me i was a girl after all
> i didnt see his face either, i had used my forearm to cover my eyes when he started flipping me, i just didnt want to see
> he was very derogatory, called me a little slut, and talked about how i took his cock like a pro, probably being doing this for years, said shit like with my small cock i might as well buy some panties and make it official, i remember how he pulled out and just came onto my belly, felt oddly warm as it ran down the side
> third one came in afterwords,
> didnt say a fucking word, just entered did his business silently and left,
> they did it a couple more times, one tried to get me to suck him off, but i wouldn't respond or cooperate just layed there
> eventually they pulled me into their shower, cleaned me off, including spraying out my asshole
> got me dressed, and just pushed me out the front door, after telling me i told anyone they would kill me
> remember walking home in the semi darkness, not really walking as much as limping in a stupor
> got home and convinced my mom i was beaten up at the park, never told anyone except my brother
> afterwards i stopped hanging out with my brother and his friends, never really spoke to them again, somehow i figured out how to blame them for a while
> got heavy into drugs for a while, mostly pot
> the part that mostly gets me?
> when i was 17 i admitted to my brother when were both drunk what had happened
> he asked me when
> told him the exact date, march 14, 2002
> told me he was fucking there, he had gone over there to hang out, but they seemed really worried he was there, and one of them was in the bedroom with the door closed. so he left
> figured they had some girls over and didnt want him hanging around cramping their style

thats all i can remember, nowadays im doing ok, got a nice job and living ok, try not to think about it
You stupid faggot.
Fuck man... I feel pretty bad now..
After you told your brother did you get like, psychological help? Or have you just worked it out on your own? That's pretty fucked up. This is my fetish and all but the more I read this the more I felt like shit.
>awkward boner
Fuck I got turned on reading that, I feel so ashamed right now. :(
i didnt, my brother got super pissed off, told me i should have told someone, and he would have torn their throats out if he had known, like i said he's a good guy, shouldn't have told him. all it did was make him feel bad
but i didn't want anyone else to know, so i tried to work through it on my own, i made it out ok, hope those fuckers still arent out there doing it though, thats the only part that bugs me now really
told a therapist a year or two back, but he didn't offer me anything but platitudes and things i had already told myself for years anyway
You know you can still sue the hell out of them right? Since they were three, there's a good chance at least one will break and confess. Seriously buddy, go talk to a cop, it's a little late for a rape kit but it doesn't hurt to know your options. You can still decide not to press charges and no-one will know
i guess maybe it couldnt hurt to at least look into it, i dont know, ill think about it
Talk to a lawyer first, should the lawyer think you have a case, then go to the cops.

The biggest issue is that if all of them not as stupid as you think, you won't be able to get anywhere because it'll be your word against theirs as the physical (DNA, fabric..etc.) evidence will be long gone by now. If they all say "I do not recall, no. Nothing of this sort ever happened." then you have no case. The crucial part of this is whether they crack under interrogation.
This is the reason rape fantasies never make it out of 4chan for me.
> I'll think about it
I dont think I met anyone this pussified in my life

TELL SOMEONE. I mean srsly
> If you tell anyone I'll kill you
People believe this?
why'd you quit?
Wait, so were you gay b4 the rape or did the rape turn you gay? Did they come inside you? Did you secretly like it? How attractive (out of 10) were you back then? Sorry but this fap is only gonna work if you were above a 7, cant fap to uggos.
watch that edge m8 may cut yourself
how is that edge, this is a fap thread for rape fantasies
You don't actually "sue" people that commit a crime, you prosecute them. And it wouldn't be the victim that does it, it would be a prosecutor working at the district attorney's office. If this crime happened in 2002, then it's very likely that criminal charges cannot be sought against the assailants, as the statute of limitations has likely expired. At best he could seek damages in civil court but would surely not be granted any if the assailants were not charged and found guilty of the criminal charges first.
Stop trying to seem more moral than me. You're in the same rape stories thread, I assume because rape turns you on and you wouldn't hesitate to do it if you had the chance and could get away with it.
I'm not that anon, but I definitely wouldn't rape someone even if I could get away with it. These stories are fine as fantasies but not when put into practice. Forcing someone to do anything against their will is wrong, including sex. Rape is an assault. These are very clear matters of right and wrong. They're very simple concepts that I hope you understand. If you rape someone then you've done wrong and are a bad person.
cool fanfic bro
Fake or not
Best Fap Ever
>be 14
>have my best friend over for the night
>wrestler guy, pretty hot and strong, whose 14 also
>watching re-runs of family guy in my room
>its 11 at night, everyone is asleep
>both of us are bored, not tired
>he comes up with a game
>says that we each get 60 seconds to tie each other up with extra computer chords and cables and if we can't get out then the other chooses a punishment
>thinking: wtf is this kind of game, but i like it
>I start off
>I grab for a couple cable out of a box, I see him laying on the floor
>I start to get a boner
>sit on top of him as i try to tie him up
>really really hot now
>feel my hard cock rub up against his back as i tie his hands above his head
>I think he notices
>scared af that he thinks im gay
>60 seconds are up
> adjust my boner so its not as noticeable
>so hot watching him struggle
>manages to get out
>sort of hunched over, trying to hide something
>notices he has a boner poking through his shorts too
>tries to rush past me to hide his cock
>"now its your turn dude"
>I lay on the ground, huge throbbing cock
>he lays on top off me, tying cables around me, ties hands up,
>ties my legs with a chord tiefd to my arms behind my back
>see his hard cock
>thinking: 'holyshitthisissoweird
>its way past sixty seconds
>tells him that he's cheating
>finishes last tie around me
>stuggle, but not too hard
>I tell him "I cant get out"
>I know I could
>he thinks it hillarious
>I think its so hot
>I feel him sit on me
>he tells me :"now I choose what happens"
>says "before I do, i need to tell you something"
>he sits in front of me
>opens up to me about how he's bi while im tied up
>open up to him too, doesn't seem to matter to either of us since were both horny af
>both agree not to mention anything
>asks if he can fuck me as my "punishment"
>i say sure
>props me up on my chest with my ass up
>he pulls down my basketball shorts
>I cant believe this is fucking happening to me
>I dont know what to expect
>screaming in pain
>covers my mouth and whispers in my ear to keep quiet
>hottest fucking thing ever, but i hurt like a bitch
>he force fucks me, pounding hard
>Im screaming while he covers my mouth
>"shhhh, stay clam,"
>he keeps breathing hard in my ear, try to tell him to stop because it hurts
>starts fucking really fast
>I start to cry
>lets out a huge moan
>inside my ass gets all warm
>he stays in for another 30 seconds, just lays on top of me, breathing really fast
>Im crying because it hurts, but i love it
>he pulls out
>he has shit dick
>blood over the floor
>showers in my bathroom
>Im bleeding, feel like i need to shit
>sit on the toilet and weep to myself while cum and blood come out of my ass
>hear him crying in the shower
>wipe my ass and man the fuck up
>tell him to talk
>he cries to me, tells me he doesnt want to feel bi, afraid someone will know
>tell him I had fun, talk like bros for another hour or two
>ass hurts like hell
>lay in the bed with him, curled up
>best fucking night of my life
>wake up, he leaves, a bit awkward
>I move a year later, never spoke to again
>he cries to me, tells me he doesnt want to feel bi, afraid someone will know

Another case of homophobia ruins potential bromance. Fuck i cant wait until this becomes less of an issue. In the next dozen or so years.
has a couple of nice archives inlcuding a nonconsensuall one
most are straight stories buts theres gay ones too
he wanted it but he also wanted you to be as forceful as you were so he can justify that it wasn't cheating in his head.
nice pasta
>i say sure

this isn't rape at all, gtfo
Shared this story before
I was 13
2 friends who were 15
they wanted to play "gta in real life" and I got to be the bad guy and they would be the cops this one time.
They knocked me to the ground, "hogtied" me and then took turns shoving their dicks in my mouth and after they came they started shoving random household objects into my ass.
Was not fun but I still fap to it now and again while feeling guilty as fuck.

I said "hogtied" because that's the word one of them used, they tied my arms behind my back and all the way around my front, and bound my feet at the ankles.

Ricky and Sean were their names.
I hear a lot of stories like this regarding younger boys coming out. Does /hm/ think this is an initiation of sorts, validating one's homosexuality or purely the effects of rape?

Depends on the "rape". If you define rape as a violent act I don't think so. But if you define rape as any sexual contact between a older guy and younger guy, it may. The reason being is that a younger guy may have been told that homosexual contact is wrong but when he experiences it for the first time (legally "rape"), he may find that it's not "wrong".
Less discussion
More porn
I was in the room when one of my two best friends essentially raped the other.

>be about 13
>"Nick" is big and muscular, has a weight set in his basement
>"Kyle" is shorter and lean
>the three of us are still in the "young experimentation" phase
>hang out at Nick's every day, watch porn, fap each other
At this point I'm aware that I'm gay, but still sort of in denial. I tried not to participate in the gay shit they did because I felt guilty doing it when I was actually gay.
>be on Nick's computer downloading music or some shit
>they're on the couch behind me under the same blanket
>talking to them with my back still turned
>hear noises and giggling
>turn around, their hands are under the blankets rubbing each others' dicks
>turn back to computer
>hear more shit, turn back
>Kyle's head is under blankets, Nick's laughing
>pattern continues, keep "catching" them acting out increasingly gay things
>50% joking like they're doing gay shit when my back is turned, 50% actually doing gay shit when my back is turned
>trying to ignore it because I feel guilty that it turns me on
>don't turn when I hear giggling anymore
>inaudible whispering
>hear giggling and "shh! shut up! shut up!"
>Kyle is on the ground, shorts around his ankles
>Nick on top with shorts pulled down to mid thigh
>they're both laughing, act like they got "caught" again
>ignore it, but aroused
>hear more whispering
>turn and ask "what are you doing?"
>Nick is smiling and says "nothing"
>I can see his ass and thigh muscles flexing
>Kyle's face is red but he's smiling too
>next thing I hear little "mmph!" grunt
>hear Nick whisper "shut up"
>they're still going
>Kyle's face is blood red and he looks uncomfortable
>Nick is smiling and says "uhh...don't look!"
>think to myself that this is a little far to go for a joke
>turn around
>"oooh! no, stop"
>Nick says "wait"
>"no. stop, stop"
>"wait, hold on"
>"ow ow owowowowOW! STOP!"


>Nick is holding Kyle's wrists to the floor
>He's balanced on his knees, feet in the air, slowly thrusting
>Kyle's face is purple, hands are white, looks like he's about to throw up
>not sure what to do in this situation
>Nick tries to go a little faster and deeper, but lets out a barking sound and falls off
>clutching his groin like he just took a baseball to the nuts
>Kyle reaches behind himself and tries to pull his pants up without getting off the floor
>partially successful
>Nick is laughing but in pain
>I turn back to the computer and try to pretend nothing happened
>a little while later Nick wants to play video games
>Kyle doesn't want to
>me and Nick play Halo for about a half hour, Kyle just sits there and doesn't say anything unless directly spoken to
>Nick says Kyle is acting weird, asks if he's ok
>"I'm fine"
>resume Halo-ing
>Nick wants to watch a movie
>Kyle says he doesn't feel like it, he'll just go home
>Nick gets mad, says Kyle is being a pussy for wanting to leave so soon for no reason
>tries to get me to back him up
>I say "whatever, if he wants to go what's the big deal?"
I should point out that this part isn't necessarily unusual: Nick was spoiled at home and used to getting his way with friends, so he occasionally threw fits like this when people didn't want to do what he wanted to do.
>Nick's still pissed
>says Kyle looks like he's crying
>Kyle gets annoyed
>"I'm not crying!"
>just wants to leave
>drowning in an ocean of awkwardness
>decide to leave when Kyle leaves
>we start walking home
>he's walking funny
>ask if he's ok
>says he's fine, but that Nick's an asshole
>proceeds to go off on a rant listing everything he hates about Nick
>never mentions what just happened, or anything sexual at all
>we get to my street
>mention that he's walking funny and ask again if he's alright
>says he's just really tired and wants to go to bed



A couple days later Nick mentions to me that he had to go to the doctor for a hernia. I start to ask if it had anything to do with the thing with Kyle, but he cuts me off mid sentence and says it was from weight lifting. That was the last time any of us acknowledged it.
don't let this die, pls
I need moar and I need sauce. That was the hottest goddamn thing
C'mon guys even well written fake stuff will be fine.
Porn pls
Link or GTFO
If people are desperate I can link AO3 rape stories that I found actually decent in comparison to most of the shit on there.
>Set in the past, military themes and families of power
>basically a son of a noble family is hated by his entire family and gets fucked a lot
Super long but very good in my opinion, lots of suffering and humiliation. From what I remember it takes a bit to get into actual sexual content. There is rape as well as consensual throughout it, some of the consensual is rough and/or fucked up though.

>Gay kid gets taken by Nazis during the holocaust and gets kept as officers pet/fuck slave.
I really liked this one, very brutal and quite a few fetishists catered to. This author's other stuff is good too.

>cute slave having a hard time in a brothel.
Lots of rape and inner turmoil during. I think it's set in Roman times? I honestly can't remember. Hasn't been updated in ages.

>boy gets gang raped during bank robbery
Not as well written as the others. Also been abandoned by the writer. Still really hot and pretty much purely rape.

>Okay ones
>Cinderella is a boy who gets raped by his step brothers and goes to s&m parties at the castle.

>twin brothers get picked up by gang boss.
Ones treated kindly other one gets fucked up shit done to him. It's okay. Kind of more S&M than rape. Reminds me of bad yaoi. haven't finished reading it but like I said it's okay.

Might add more later if people want me to. Sorry for the shitty summaries.

Because he was raped, anon.
>be me
>not open with it
>home alone during summer
>in bathroom
>using bad dragon dildo i managed to sneak in
>hear front door click
>walk to it with dildo in ass
>some sorta burglar
>he looks about 19
>looks as shocked as i am
>"need any help?"
>thinking this is a fantasy
>i lead him to my room
>he asks to try something different
>he ties my ankles and wrists to bedposts
>im belly down
>he goes in dry
>im biting on my pillow
>starts to feel nice after a few minutes
>he does a super thrust
>hit my head on laptop which i shouldve moved
>knocked out
>wake up 6pm
>its been 4 hours
>hes still fucking me
>ass is sore as fuck
>he unties me and i give him head
>his cum isn't the sweetest
>still swallow not to be rude
>hear electric gate open
>my parents
>he gives me his phone number
>i let him out the back door

Not exactly rape but gsus cristo 4 hours?
>gsus cristo

>butt-fuck a guy in the head
really bad misspelling of jesus christ?
>has dragon dildo in ass
>guy goes in dry
>bites pillow

All we ask is a little consistency in these made up stories.
pic is me story is not rape but
>be dumb me at 15
>go on grindr
>find ok guy with a nice v line
>ask to hook up
>hes into underage
>go to quiet secluded beach
>find other guy waiting
>other guy is ok too not very muscular but still toned and alright face
>i said i wasnt gonna fuck i was just gonna try rimming and sucking
>they fuckin tackle me and rip my clothes off
>grindr starts rimming me and other guy starts sucking
>grindr starts fingering me
>grindr says "theres enough spit im going in"
>earlier on grindr we said we'd use protection
>he fucks me bare, cums on my ass
>other guys uses that as lube
>cums in me
>they jack me off
>they make out with my cum
>grindr drives me home
>gives me his #
>never speak again
>not rape

yea that's rape bud.

you're pretty cute though :) at least from what i can tell of that photo
well, if they were just in the living room at first, they could've just as easily been roommates or friends of a roommate. it's 20/20 hindsight that would make you immediately think two other men in a living room is automatically trouble.
Well it mostly depends on whether or not he was told they would be there, if the guy said he's be alone. Not only that but he said older guys. Judging from quite a few stories it's always the older fuckers that cause trouble. But yeah if i was told to meet up with someone and they didnt inform me before had people would be there that's a definite red flag.
>barebacks where it's at,
HIV isn't
I hope you have sauve cause that was hot
Moar pls
>be me, 20
>have bf but meet cute guy in art class
>break up with bf
>cute guy does not want
>cries for a year
>moving on
>mutual friend comes out to us
>hes hot
>start hanging out
>over at his place, watching movie
>start fucking
>miss 2, 3 weeks of school bc we wont stop hanging out all the time and fucking
>tells me that our other friend took his virginity
>hes in love with him
>leaves me
>one last good bye handjob in his car in the parking lot
>take him back to my dorm room
>throw him on bed
>more rough than usual, but not too bad
>hes hesitant
>i bite his lip so hard he starts bleeding
>he wants to stop now
>dont let him
>fuck him bareback for first time
>hes scared
>more rough now, hit him
>begs me to stop
>i dont
>roommate comes back
>probably looks like im trying to murder a guy
>ras intervene
>get kicked out of school
>lucky dont get arrested, but he doesnt press charges
>hes bfs with guy he left me for
>still fuck him occasionally

If you're not kidding, you're pretty much a horrible human being and I hope you get hate crimed. You're the reason gay men don't get taken seriously. I hope you grow up someday.
you're cute, hell I'd rape you
head is bathroom
>About a slave, bit sappy. Looks like it would attract a tumblr crowd but it was okay. Ongoing. There is mind control in some of it but it didn't have today with sex in case someone has that fetish.
About fairies and stuff I guess? I know nothing about mythology so I didn't get a fuck load of it but some may like it. If >you read it just for the rape/torture it's not bad. Aggressor is too apologetic for me. Game Theory was the one I read around half of.
>guy gets raped by rich guy, needs money goes back to rich guy
I liked it but it's more mental anguish of dealing with the rape. This chick's other stuff is Russian mafia stuff that is pretty good but there is hardly any rape, more dubious consent than anything. Also ongoing. I read it mostly for the story because Russian mafia sounded hot.
>Same author as the Cinderella one in the last one. Rape at the start then weird falling in love with death god thing after. Wasn't that amazing
>Boy get's kidnapped at 16 and kept as the replacement of a middle aged man's boyfriend because he is a fucking psycho. First few chapter are very rapey (technically he gets consent but read it and I doubt you would say it was consensual) and very good. Later it's all just kind of how fucked up this kid gets because of it because of how long he has to pretend to be this guy so he won't be beaten and starved.
If you feel like searching things yourself then my only recommendation is to not read anything tagged mpreg, no matter how good the other tags looks. They will be utter shit.
Might add more stuff tomorrow, I have to re-read/skim some to make sure they are not terrible.
Fucked up my formatting. Pretty much worse than rape.
>Me at 10 years old
>No parents, only cousin
>Cousin is totally fit
>Caught him watching porn
>He saw me and said to come into the room
>He grabbed me
>He started touching my dick
>Pinned me down on the floor and started rubbing his huge cock against my ass
This goes on for a year or so
>At one point made me suck his dick, like the smell of it and then feel of it.
>Be me now, openly gay.... Thanks cousin
>This goes on for a year or so
Who even has the stamina to rub against an ass for a year?
>Be me, 16 years old, skinny, average looking, pretty naive for my age.
>I was curious, never done anything neither with women or men.
>A guy that was 22 years old added me on facebook and started talking to me, he was a 7,5/10.
>I was kind of scared but i talked like it was a friend so it turned to be fine.
>I didn't knew he was gay or bi or nothing, i didn't asked, because i was supposed to be straight so....asking would sound suspicious.
>We really hit it off, we talked generally a little very day, become kind of friends...i mean, virtual friends, since i was scared to meet him.
>He says we should meet, as friends.
>I get kind of nervous and start dodging him
>2 days later, he speaks to me again, saying i've been acting strange.
>I say i was busy studying and he believes it.
>Start talking about nonsense, yabada yabada and we end up talking about Super Smash Brothers.
>He tells me he has a GameCube and we should play sometime.
>I agree and tell him that as soon as i finish my tests, we should, trying to push the meeting..
Fast forward 1 month
>He asks how my tests went, i say great.
>"Now you don't have any excuses to not comming now! haha"
>He's right, and i can't keep pushing this, we're friends, nothing else.
>Go to his house, it was pretty near, like....3 miles away, so i go running.
>I show up and i feel awkward as fuck.
>Press the doorbell and wait for him to come out. It was a pretty house, not huge but big, so, as shallow as it may sound, i felt i could trust him.
>"Come in" a voice says, while the doors open.
>I'm sweating because of the run, so he welcomes me, trying to do small talk so i don't feel awkward and offers a glass of water.
>"Sure, sorry i'm all sweaty" i say and smile. Now i see how that could sound like filtring.
>He smiles and asks if i want to take the shirt off, take a shower or something.
>I was naive, but not that stupid, so i refuse but thank him.
>I say "Okay, now let's play some SSBM, since that was my promise"
go on?
Dat reaction face. I lold
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Go on with it!?!!
File: 6258978973.jpg (64 KB, 576x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 576x576
Where's the rest of the story?
i would fuck him, and maybe let him fuck me.

mfw i'm 6'3", 185, muscular, and 7/10, into older guys, blah blah blah.

some bear-y guys like this truly turn me on so much, and they think i'm tricking them and just playing mind games because i'm fit. like they don't have self-confidence. da fuq.

wish i could find a guy like this for my own - if he's bearded - that is comfortable with himself.
fuck you!

take your shit and stain some other thread, you judgmental ass wipe.
Sorry you feel guilty. Sounds like you need to get right with the world.

Ignore that ass requesting details.
Damn women, lol
Sorry i took so long. It's just not easy to remember this stuff, i thought it wasn't going to be this hard, but memories scared a little for a while, i'm really sorry, i'll just keep going.

>He looks to me, smiles and says "Alright"
>Takes me to a room with a big TV, the console and some couches.
>He starts it and trash talks, saying how he will "fuck my ass" in the game.
>I laugh awkwardly
>Game starts, he throws me a controller, "Bring it on" he says.
>We play some matches and everything got a little bit cooler, he is a little competitiv.
>We talk while we play so the awkwardness just dissapear.
>He and i are sat on the couch, pretty next to each other.
>I won a match and i see him getting a little angry.
>I won another match and at this time im basically unbeatable, he sucks
>He gets angrier.
>Pauses the game and says "Okay little fuck, stop fucking with me, play fair, don't be a fucking pussy"
>He continues "Why don't you try winning without grabing so fucking much?"
>(Grabing is a SSBM movement)
>I laugh a little and he gives me a death stare.
>I win again, grabbing like fuck.
>He throws the controller and looks at me in disgust
>"Relax...buddy....maybe i could teach you" i joke, not knowing he was REALLY angry
>Punchs the couch and starts screaming gibberish.
>I say to him to calm down and he starts calming.
>He laughs and starts coming closer to me.
>"Uhmm...what are you doing?" i say, while laughing awkwardly, placing the scenario so he can say he's joking.
>"Now it's my turn to have fun" and he starts placing his hand in my crotch
>I take the hand away and say to stop being a fucktard.
>He gets angry and jumps over me.
>Forces me down.
>At this time i'm laying on the couch, with his knees on my arms.
>I try to escape but i'm too tired from running
>Still trying, throwing some punches that land nowhere, because his knees just limited my distance.
>I say "please, let me go home"
>"Didn't you hear? i said now it's my time to have fun"
>Give my best to try to take him off, move like crazy, but he's much bigger than me
>He roll his eyes and says "Don't act like you didn't knew this was going to happend dude....knock it off"
>"No, please, i just came to play some videogames"
>"Yeah, right, whatever"
>He leans his head and tries to kiss me, i try to give him a headbutt but i fail.
>"So you want it rough, don't you?"
>He slaps me like 4 times.
>At this time i'm accepting the fact of what's going to happen, i can't do shit.
>He slaps me again, trying to show some dominance or some shit like that i believe.
>I sigh and start breathing heavily
>He says "See? easy, it's not that bad"
>He starts unbottoning his trousers and his crotch is right before my face.
>I start moving like hell again, but no amount of energy can get me out of here.
>He punches me lighlty in my right cheek.
>Impotence runs through my veins, as i know how this will end.
>He grabs my face and says "Aren't you pretty?" with a higher pitch tone, like when you talk to a dog.
>I just look at him with saddness, praying that this will make him let me go.
>He takes of his trousers while holding me down and makes puts his crotch all over my face
>I feel humilliated as fuck, i can't believe i'm not able to do anything
>I don't have energy nor strenght to stop this, that's what afraids me the most
>"Lick it" he says
>I look at him in disgust
>"LICK IT" screaming and punching the couch
>I refuse and he starts choking me
>I do
>"Yeah, be a good boy"
>I can feel his dick growing while i lick his underwear.
>He starts touching my legs and crotch
>Unbutton my pants and starts rubbing my dick
>"So you ARE kind of hard" he says
>"You like this, don't you?".
>I just look at him with rage
>Slaps me hard, "You DO like this, don't you?, don't lie to me!"
>I don't know what to do, i know i won't get away, and if i keep refusing he might hit me even harder, just with the same result
>He sighs and presses his knees into my arms
>Takes off his underwear and starts rubbing his cock and balls with my face
>"Open it"
>I close my lips and shooking my head
>"You're not getting it, aren't you?, this IS going to happen, so you may as well make it quicker"
>I look up and he says "Oh god i love that look"
>Forces me his cock and i end up opening my mouth
>"Yes yes yes, take it"
>I'm about to cry from the humilliation this means
>He looks at me and says "You're even prettier when you cry"
>He's fucking sick
>I thought about biting him, but it would end up in my being fucking beaten to death basically
>He keeps fucking my mouth for like 7 minutes, dirty talking like i'm enjoying it
>Then he stops, slaps me again and says "Now the best part".
>He stands up and tries to sit behing my ass and i try to escape, but he catches me by my whirst and throws me to the couch
>Takes off my trousers and underwear
>"Wow what a nice ass bro"
>He rubs my cock so i get harder and starts stroking my ass
>"This is why i love young people"
>Lifts my legs even more and i feel his tip touching my butt.
>"Mmmmh...i don't want you to be hurt"
>Takes some lube and uses it
>He presses against me and i feel it inside me
>"Oh yeah....good god....is it great isn't it?"
>It hurts like hell, i can't believe what it's happening
>He goes faster and harder, he tries to kiss me while he fucks me
>I refuse, so he lets go one leg and grabs my neck
>One of his hands is big enough to immobilize me.
>Kisses me and whispers "I'm about to come, are you?"
>He starts masturbating me with his other hand
>I came in my stomach and i feel how he's "proud" that he made me cum
>Starts going faster and faster until i feel his coming
>He collapses over me and kisses my neck
>I'm breathing heavily and i'm exhausted.
>"That was great, wasn't it?"
>I agree so he let's me go
>"I knew it" he says
>"Wanna play some more?" he asks
>I say "No, i'll just go home now...."
>"Okay...i can take you there if you like"
>"No...thanks, i'll just walk i say"
I got away and never talked with anybody about that, spent all the way from there thinking about what happened, if i really was suppoused to know that it was going to happen and million of things. Now it's just a bitter memory, and he contacted me a lot of times after that, he still does sometimes, he told me i was the first one that he did anything like that,i try to play it cool as i'm closeted and i don't want any kind of relation with gay sex on my public life, he's hot and everything, but i just can't be with him after what he done to me.
damn. im sorry to hear that. Guys like that give us all a bad name. Hopefully you are doing better now.
sorry to hear about that anon, but boy am I glad this shit is anonymous because I came so fucking hard thinking about this happening to me
I can give you a picture if you want. I don't give a shit about doing so.
Not that anon, but do you mean a picture of the guy that assaulted you?

Also, I'm curious, what year did this event occur in? I'm just wondering for context purposes. I'm imagining it as happening sometime between 2001 and 2008; the first being the year Melee was released and the second being the year Brawl was released.

If you're interested, we should play the new SSB game together when it comes out later this year.
lol he's not falling for that trap again
That actually made me laugh.

But in all realism it's 2014, we'd be playing together over the internet from what I imagine would be hundreds of miles away.
File: smh-o.gif (329 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't know what this means..I'm sorry..
Yes, i mean a picture of him.
It was in 2006, the game was kind of old, but as i've never owned a GC, i never played it before.

I appreciate the offer, i really do, but i've never played it again after that, any of them.
Ah, I see, I think I should apologize. I didn't really consider the effects of it might have had on you, even in regards to things like video games. I'm sorry.
if he's as hot as you say, post his pic pls
if you really want to post a pic

it'll help me with my fantasy as fucked up as it is

my feels. thats awful
Yes, post it please.
Thank you so much for Schadenfreude and Home Trained For You.
Really enjoyed those two stories.
File: asd2.jpg (48 KB, 309x399) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nah, you didn't knew so it's okay. But yeah....bad memories i guess. But it's good to take it all out once in a while.

Okay, here is the picture.
He's pretty hot, shame he's such a scumbag. If he just respected your boundaries he could have been quite the nice lay. I get off to rough sex and all but going full blown rape mode should never happen.

''Guys like that'' ? You mean you are part of a group of friendly rapists, or nice people who fetishize rape?
Well, can't deny that he's actually handsome, it's a pity that he's also a rapist shit :/
Did you thought about going for the police to have a rape kit exam?

Last times he contacted me he tried to be more "communicative" or talkative let's say. If he never done that to me, i'm sure i'll fell for him, but well, bad luck i guess.
I meant, as soon as he did raped you, as it was really violent, you could have easily proved what he did.
Well, no one knows how you felt at that time, so the last thing anyone can do is judge you, and, if you hid it, you had your reasons.
I just hate the fact that he did this to you and wasn't punished, and still try to contact you, pretending that you liked it and what he did was normal.
Well....you're right. But i was more concerned about my private and public life to be honest. I know it sounds self-centered and wrong, but i didn't felt like doing anything about it.
Yeah, he contacting me is kind of annoying and i don't really understand it. But at least he's not blackmailing me or something like that...it's a fucked up way of thinking, but well....i'm getting over it.
I need a picture of him without shirt, because of reasons.
Why don't you ask for his adress so you can go there to get raped?
You think he would give me it?!
You disgust me.
But i'm here to ask for more stories so....
Well....as soon as i'm on the computer i'll get one, so if you can wait, great.

I know i sound kind of depressed when i talk about this, but i believe that i already moved on, so don't feel pity for me, although i appreciate your concerns.
what was his dick like?

you're pretty lucky to get raped by a hot guy.
You're right anon
The worst thing you could have done is letting this bring you down.
Don't misunderstand me, but this could have it's good side, I mean, I'm sure you no longer are that naive boy that could trust anyone who was nice with you
i'm crying holy shit
don't you fucking people know about lubrication? anal lube? spit? even piss can help, but no, for god's sake you gotta fuck and wait for the blood and shit to make it easier, fucking assholes
File: asd2.jpg (82 KB, 531x620) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82 KB, 531x620
Ok, here it is...

Well...i can't tell you specifically because i tried to forget those details, but it was above average, that's for sure, bigger than mine. Uncut and pretty veiny. Not trimmed at all.
I don't get how being lucky for being raped works but whatever you say dude.

Hahha i don't get how not being able to trust people is an advantage but well....let's say now i'm way more cautious than before.
Fuck this guy is hot, why's he got to be a rapist piece of shit?

But i think what anon means is you're lucky in a sense because the guy who raped you is rather attractive, instead of some old fat guy with aids or a group of thugs or something. A sexy guy in their early 20s doing it is like the thing those "rape" fantasies are made of. Of course the actual act itself is messed up, and it's not like it justifies what he did.
This thread is a joke. If you want to talk about rape 'fantasies' then by all means go for it, but if you are discussing your personal trauma then you need some serious help. This is the very last place you should be doing it. I mean fuck, do you even fucking realize where you are putting this information anymore? this is a fucking gay porn forums, its just so fucking hypocritical of you. At least go to a ptsd forums or some shit with others that have had similar experiences. Better yet, see a fucking therapist. God only knows how longs its been since you fucks have had human interactions.
Looks and sounds like a guy I'd fall for, especially with the rough sex.
What country are you from? I get the feeling you're not from the US.
You're plain right. Sorry.

I'm not from the USA btw, i'm from Uruguay. And yes, i'll far for him too, but the firdt impression wasn't the best hahaha.
What about that address?
File: image.jpg (47 KB, 584x298) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Does statutory rape count?

Qt twinks are my obsession, once I met this kid on MySpace (it was a long time ago; I was around 20 then) that was adorable as fuck, cute face with big puppy eyes and a sweet smile. We met up after a while and he asked me to be "boyfriends", and I said yes.
He was so fucking sweet you have no idea, really quiet and sheltered, but dumb as a post, bless his heart. I remember having to repeat all instructions twice because otherwise he'd just blink at me and stare until I repeat myself.
Anyway, later I found out he was a 15yo virgin (age of consent is 16 in my country) and pumped and dumped that one night when drunk. That whole week I've been receiving text messages of him asking me where I was and how he missed me very much until I blocked him from everything.

I saw in his Facebook later on that he started actually dating this Viking-looking metalhead with a beard. I wonder what they're doing now.
That was close, never chatting up kids again.
Details on the rape part pls
>Statutory rape
oh god, I think I know who you're talking about
Obviously I meant the sex part.
>be 14
>big brother did something stupid at old school so we transferred
>awkward me didnt have friends
>joined swimming team since i was already a swimmer before
>newby so treated like shit
>only one nice to me was asst. capt. 17
>he was really nice. he help me improved my time and even helped me with my studies.
>i trusted him
>have growing hair on legs and he told me i should shave it. most in the team does since it lessens drag and improves time.
>asked coach about it and he said it was true
>so i shaved my legs but have cuts all over
>17 sees and laughs at me
>says he will teach me how to do it
>go to his flat. surprised to know that he lives alone. his family lives in another city.
>didnt think much of it.
>we talked and played a few games on his ps3.
>ps3 was just released so i thought it was really cool
>he said we should get started
>followed him to the shower
>he had a bathtub and a removable shower head
>told me to strip
>i took of my jeans and shoes
>told me that we would be using a lot of water so my clothes would get wet. i should get naked.
>didnt really think much of it because were both guys anyway.
>he told me to go sit by the tub with my legs in it
>i did
>saw him removing his clothes
>again, i didnt see anything wrong with it. were both boys anyway and his clothes might get wet too.
>he was cleanly shaven. no body hair. no pubes too.
>he goes in the tub and kneels in front of me
>puts shaving cream on my legs and starts shaving
>after my legs, he puts cream on my crotch
>i stop him but he just looks at me and says "whats wrong?"
>he acted like it was no big deal
>i figured it was part of it so i let him continue
>i didnt have much pubes but he put cream all over my crotch and balls
ill continue this later
go on please
any pictures of the viking-looking guy? at least i can imagine him raping that cutie.
>be me age 15
>talk to this really nice and sweet guy on facebook for 2 years
>we tell each other about our daily life and vent out out problems
>we become really close and I never over-think it I just know that he's a friend that I can talk to about whatever
>one day I post pictures of me and some friends in a near mountain , we went hiking and it's pretty far
>we we talk later that day he tells me he has a little shack in the forest near the place I just visited with my friends and how he needs to go clean it up soon
>he just blurts out that I should meet him up and go there to keep him company (mind you we have met a couple of times to just hang out or maybe have a drink)
>he's in his late thirties but he looks really great he's like one of those 0% fat weightlifting fanatics
>but has a butterface
>anyway I say I can't because the idea creeps me out
>fast forward 1 year
>we become even tighter and he's like my bestest of best friends
>it's summer
>we talk about travel and vacations , and he tells me that he had taken a few days last month and went to that shack situated in the forest and cleaned it up
>I say cool
>he tells me what if we went for a couple of days there since we both are free
>I consider it , since he promises to teach me how to fish in a near lake
>I end up agreeing and we take off to the shack

it's too long and I suck at greentexting and I don't know what parts to leave and what parts to cut , if anyone is interested let me know I might continue

>îc related he looks like him
yes please
are you there op?
Who? was he ginger?
Whelp, I don't think I have a rape fetish anymore
Yes, more please, don't leave anything out if you're not sure
Not much to say, he was a virgin and scared out of his mind and apparently didn't even know how it all worked. I had to coax him into everything and calm him down several times because he was shaking so hard. At first it was cute but then it just became annoying since I just wanted to get it over with and fuck him.
I feel kinda bad for it but he seems happy with the guy he's now with.
sorry. its kinda getting fucked upped when i try to remember it. ill continue.
>he cups my balls and has his thumb on my cock while he shaves me
>he does this weird massage thing with my balls and cock
>stupid 14 year old body reacts and i get hard
>i feel really humiliated but he just continues shaving then rinsing me
>figured that he understood that i was young and get random erections
>tells me that i need a shower after shaving so skin doesnt get irritated
>i thought he would leave and let me shower but he says he would clean me so i would learn the proper way how
>i let him
>he lathers me with liquid soap
>me standing there like a total moron with a needle dick pointing out while he rubs me everywhere
>sees hes hard too but doesnt say anything about it(hes acting so casual about everything so i thought it was normal and i was hard too so it didnt matter)
>tells me to face the wall
>i do because i still think its part of it
>he tells me to bend down with my chest on the wall
>thats when i notice something is weird
>he just seems irritated and says i should just do it so he could check if i have cuts
>still reluctant about it so he positions me
>he pushes my back and pulls my hips and i look like one of those gay pornos
i talked to him about it some time after and he admitted he was using me to fulfill those porn dreams
>i didnt talk back because i didnt like it when he sounded annoyed. he was my only friend at the time and i didnt want to lose him.
>he continued with soaping me but his hand was spending a lot of time on my butt
>he starts rubbing my crack
>ask him what he was doing
>he replies with "cleaning"
>he sounded so fucking calm
>being me, i actually thought it was normal
>he suddenly slides finger in me
>i got scared and moved away
>he looks at me with "whats wrong?" face
>i didnt know how to say "you had your finger in me you fucker" so i just said ummm
>he looks at me like im stupid and says something like "you dont clean there, do you?"
>feel ashamed because i didnt think i should have
>he said it was ok and he will help clean
>go back to position
>finger goes in me
>feels weird and the soap stings
>notice that the finger before was just half in because a whole finger goes in me and it hurts
>tell him im uncomfortable
>tells me to relax and ill get used to it
>he moves finger in and out so i try to move away again because it hurts
>he huffs and sounds annoyed again
>i stop moving because i dont want him to hate me
>i tell him to stop because now it hurts and i would just clean by myself later
>he tells me that i just need to relax
>he says i need a distraction
>he starts touching my cock
>feels good
>he moves his finger in me while giving me a handjob
>i didnt know if it felt bad or good but i just let him
>probably felt good because i came
>i apologized quickly but he says its okay it happens
>saw his dick was really hard but it looked really big to me and i thought it was gross
>not sure if he asked me to help him out. he just said something like "im hard too"
>i shake my head "i cant" "its weird"
>hes obviously disappointed but says its fine
>i try to apologize more but he just smiles at me
>he says its okay. there are just guys who dont like to do that
>he rinses me but he still touches me a lot
>he tells me we need to go to his room to get a towel
>i thought it was weird since there was a towel hanging behind him
>tells me that it was his and he doesnt really like to share those
>i would drip on the floor but he says its just water
>i was to tired to care so i followed him to room
>he takes a towel then wipes me down
>i figured he liked to do things for others so i just let him
i still think about how caring he was with me. if i just said yes maybe he wouldnt have gotten violent.
>i ask for clothes but tells me to sit on bed
Plz go on
>says i needed to be lotioned first so skin wouldnt be itchy
>i let him because im real tired and hes been really nice
>tells me to lie on my stomach
>i do
>he massages my legs with lotion
>it feels good relaxing
>his hand move up to my but and his finger goes in me again
>it still hurts so i tell him to stop
>he doesnt and just shoves his finger in and out
>i scream but he covers my mouth
>i smell the lotion on his hands
weird how i found the brand and put it on me now.
>starts to really hurt because he has two fingers in me
>i pull his hand down to my mouth so i could bite it
>he gets mad and shoves my face down the sheets
>he tells me hes going to put his dick in me
>i try to wiggle out but he has his hand on the back of my neck
>i think he has his weight on my neck or hes just strong because i couldnt move
>i keep screaming for him to stop
>crying by now
>tells me that im selfish and hes been nothing but kind to me. he got me off so why could i do the same for him
>i cry harder because i didnt know what to do. i didnt want to do it but i didnt want to disappoint him
>he fucks me
>i feel so dirty and humiliated
>i took the sheets and covered my head like an ostrich
>i stopped fighting. i just wanted to hide.
>it hurts so bad. i just wanted him to stop but he didnt.
>he kept telling me it would feel good and that i should just enjoy it
>i think he was kissing my back or it was his hair or chest or soemthing
>i try to not think about it. try to remember that im just swimming and it would all be over soon
>he screams at me for not enjoying it
>he flips me on my back
>im still pretending that im not there
>hes not moving anymore but hes still in me
>he starts jacking me off
>stupid body reacts and i get hard
>he shouts that i should look at him
>he squeezed my dick until i opened my eyes
>he starts moving again
>i cum
>he cums in me while eye contact
>i just stare ahead
>he carries me up the bed and lays beside me
>he acts as if were a couple who just made love
>puts his arm around me and my head on him
>i let him. i couldnt move.
im not sure but i think i was having a panic attack at that time.
>he tells me that i was good
>that i shouldnt cry because he knows i enjoyed it. he did make me cum twice
>he leans down and kisses my lips
>more tears come but not crying out. just tears.
>that was my first kiss and my rapist took it. he took my virginity and first kiss
>we just lay there
>me quiet while him talking about shit. he was acting like we were a couple because i think he was telling me about his day
>after some time i cry again because i could feel warm stuff moving down my butt cheeks and thigh
>it could be blood or cum but it just scared me
>he keep telling it okay and hell take care of me so shouldnt cry
>kissing me like were together
>i want to go home so i kiss back
>he looks really happy and i just smile back
>i tell him that i need to get home
>he says okay and gets my clothes
>wipes my ass clean with some paper towels and dresses me up
>drives me home
he was really kind to me during those times. he even held my hand as we walked to his car.
>when i get home he says "see you tomorrow"
>didnt tell anyone because i wasnt sure if it was rape. i came twice and did a lot of things he told me to do out of my free will
>i lie to my parents and dont go to school for the next week
>called my coach to tell him i quit

we talked when i came to school though. he keeps telling me to join the team again and acting like we were closer than ever. i think he thought we were secret lovers. i dont think he even knows what he did to me but i think its partially my fault. he fucked many more times. i didnt have many friends so i kept going to his place. not sure if its counted as rape anymore because even if i told him no, i knew what he would do to me. i guess, i started liking it at some point.
>if anyone is interested let me know I might continue

Yes, I'd like to read your story.
Damn, feel sorry for you anon.

When does this happened?
thanks but i try not to think about it anymore. i focus on my relationship with him now since thats whats important.
it happened about 7 and a half years ago.
That was an interesting story
Not really rape but I will tell anyway.
>Winter of 06
>Me 17 white not overly attractive but thin hairless body. 5'4 120lbs
>Family decides to go to Jamaica for vacation.
>Upper middle class so get my own room from parents at resort.
>No idea what to to since outside the resort is fairly dangerous to just wander around.
>Get drunk on shitty rum and red stripe and pass out in my room.
>Sleep naked of course because lets face it. Feels awesome
>At some point I had rolled over onto my stomach, twisting the sheets so that they were only covering my back basically.
>Morning comes drifting in and out of sleep.
>Having a dream someone with a large hand is massaging and groping my ass.
>Feels really good
>Feel a single finger slide between my cheeks and rub against my hole.
>Pressure between my cock and the bed causes me to actually wake up and look around.
>See fairly large, yet attractive black male house keeper quickly exiting my room, leaving his cart in the hallway.
>Little creeped at first, then aroused by wondering how far he would have gone if I had just pretended to be asleep.
>Sadly didn't see him again.
Sorry to disappoint you all.
so he eventually became your bf...?
I've posted this a couple of times. Anyways...
>be 19, virgin. Live in a very conservative area.
>Super horny all the time. I've chatted with guys online but never done anything
>Finally build up the courage to meet up with a guy I met on manhunt
>Waiting near the pizza shop on my campus when a black Lexus pulls up
>I recognize the guy through the tinted glass, hop in
>He's at least 10 years older than his pics were... I'm disappointed but at this point I'm so horny and ready I just go with it. He's still pretty attractive.
>He tells me that he lives around 20 minutes away, but instead we can play at a house he rents out that is empty currently
>We go inside the house, we walk into the back and he slowly turns down all the shutters
>I'm sweating bullets, heart pounding, thinking "oh my god this is actually happening"
>he turns around and immediately kisses me full on the lips, I can feel his scruff against my face
>we make out for a good 5 minutes or so, I start massaging his chest and back while we kiss
>he grabs my dick and I'm rock hard, leaking precum all over my boxer briefs
>starts jerking me, I move my hand down to his crotch and feel his dick. It's rock hard as well, and really thick! I'm pleasantly surprised, the pictures didn't do him justice in that area!
>we both start to strip
>his body is similar to >>879576 but a little less chubby and little hairier
>I suck his cock, he makes me gag. It's pretty average in length, probably 6-7" but really fat
>he tells me to hold on, quickly throws on some pants and a shirt and runs to his car, comes back with a mat
>we lay on the mat and continue to make out
>we try 69ing for a little bit, I'm totally in heaven
>he asks to rim me, I hesitate and say go ahead
>he rims me and it feels incredible, then he starts to rub his cock against my hole
File: bearamat0038.jpg (36 KB, 392x595) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 392x595
>I'm pretty shocked, I told him I wasn't ready for anal
>Pull my ass away, tell him no anal this time, sorry
>He apologizes, says he just wants to rub against my hole
>I say okay, go ahead, it feels good
>he continues to rub his cock on my hole
>after a few minutes, he tries to penetrate me again
>I jolt forward in surprise, repeat myself, pretty angry this time.
>"I'm not ready for anal, especially if we don't have lube or condoms..."
>he pauses, then says "just let me fuck you a little bit, I won't cum inside you"
>I don't say anything, I'm so horny at this point that I actually want to be fucked, but not by a stranger with no condom
>He continues to rub his cock on my hole, while reaching around and jerking me off
>He once more tries to penetrate me, at this point I'm so horny as well as intimidated by this older man that I just let him continue
>He forces his dick in, no lube. It's really painful, I whine a little bit out of discomfort and pull away.
>He grabs my waist and rams his dick in again, this time it goes all the way in
>Oh my god it's so fat this really really hurts
>I silently cringe as he starts to fuck me harder and harder
>once the discomfort subsides I start to get into it
>Start moving with his movements so that he fucks me harder and deeper
>After 10 minutes of fucking he starts breathing heavily and ramming my ass really hard
>He pulls his dick out of my ass and immediately cums a huge hot load all over my back, hands free
>He lays down on the mat to take a breather
>We continued to make out after that, and probably 10 minutes later he jerked off and came on my face
>We clean up, he takes me home and has his hand on my inner thigh the whole car ride home
>Next day I start to panic about the whole situation
>Get tested multiple times over the next 2 years, I'm clean
Never again. Was definitely hot, but not worth the stress.
yes. but not immediately. i didnt really feel anything for him before but when i graduated high school he helped me get into a good university. my parents couldnt afford sending 2 kids to college at the same time so he helped me get into the same one as him with a full scholarship. he has a relative in the board of trustees or something and they gave me scholarship because i was a good swimmer. i just focus on how good he is to me. hes changed a lot and no longer forces me to do anything i dont want to.
Ok I'm confused, you sounded like you still resent him... Seriously bro do you really have no friends?
Although this dating your raper thing kinda turns me on lol
That is seriously fucked up. I don't know if this is copy pasta, but you need to report him and tell your story. Go see a rape counselor immediately, even if it's been years ago your story will most likely be enough to convict him.
Unsubstantiated story alone is enough to convict someone several years after the fact.
>you're living in a fantasy world
it's a good thing that we don't convict people on things that flimsy
i resent him for what he did to me but i cant ignore the fact that hes the only person who loved me like this. i guess i love him back too. i gained a few friends through the years but hes the only one who actually cared for me. he helped through so much and now im in a good college because of him. we plan on living together after i graduate.

what happened was a long time ago and hes changed so much. we were both young so its probably because of puberty and hormones that he became aggressive. i see the him 7 years and the person he is now as 2 separate people. i dont think its right to convict the him now for something that was done out of youthful exuberance.
Shut up stupid.
He was old enough to know right from wrong, and he took advantage of your shyness, naivety, and loneliness.

Still I'm impress by your view on it, that's a really mature and intelligent way to handle it, and I respect that view.

Sometimes it's hard to remember what and how deep exactly a person hurt us, and we think they've changed, but they haven't. I've forgiven and been deceived too many times to be able to forgive people now, even if deep down I want to, I won't let myself forget how I felt when these people hurt me. No, I wasn't raped.
>>880343 you shourdave clenched yer asshole and bite their cock if they try to make you blow them
since you're a couple now you should rape fuck him and see how he likes it lol
>gay rape stories
>not on /r9k/ for some IRapedMyDadOnABoatGuy 10/10s

sorry I had to go to sleep n let me see if I can finish this , it'll probably be messy but whatever

>get in the car
>we drive for almost an hour then I notice we're not heading where I thought we were
>panic and tell him why the hell he's heading towards the next town
>he tells me that his sister has begged him to take her 13 years old son with him
>I somehow feel less stressed since there will be someone else with us in there
>we pick the kid up , sister knows me somehow and greets me
>fastforward we get to the shack unpack , it's spacious but only two rooms with one bed each
>find out that the kid is a brat and demands his own bed
>I tell them I can sleep on the floor , the guy tells me I am his gust and he's the one who's going to crash on the floor
>first night nothing special went out to explore shit , dense forest , animal noises all over , it's so secluded
>go back eat hot pockets and soda then we hit the sack
>the dude strips completely as soon as we enter the room I'm surprised , and he just grins like a fucking cunt and tells me that's how he sleeps
>late at night woken up by moans and grunts , look down he's "dreaming" or faking I don't know I just look at the ceiling and try not to let this phase me
>I should probably say I was sexually confused I had gay tendencies but I never admitted it to myself
>next morning I don't say a thing and he acts normal , the kid cries and moans about wanting to go back
>He asks me if I want to tag along to drop the brat I say I'm ok I'll just collect twigs and explore some more
>he drives off I go out to the forest , hike up the mountain then go back , he's not there yet , take a shower then sleep
>he wakes me up later it's almost dark outside and too late to go fishing so he whips out a liquor bottle
>I tell him I am a lightweight drinker , he insists
>the bottle is halfway empty and I'm buzzed the fuck off I tell him I'm going to lay down and call it a night


>I doze off almost instantly
>I wake up to someone fiddling with my legs I try to each out to see
>something tugs at my hands , I realize I'm tied to the bed and he just finished tying my legs too
>I am too drunk to scream or protest in anger I barely say "what the fuck man ? what is this"
>he shushes me with a disturbing sound and tells me I'm going to enjoy it .... sits there for a couple seconds then adds .. Eventually
>I am scared shitless and wriggling around but I am exhausted and drunk and the ropes are tight around my limbs
>he suddenly tears my t-shirt and it's stuck on my neck , shokes me and it hurt like hell until I see scissors which he uses to cut both my shorts and underwear at the same time
>I am trembling from fear and frantically begging him to stop , while trying to free myself , only making the pain caused by the ropes tied around my limbs tightly worse
>I feel some kind of liquid on my beck and in the crack of my bum , I smell lavender , it was some oil or lotion I don't know
>he jumps on top of me and I feel his weight crushing me and shorting my breath
>he them commences to grind up and down with his entire body , and it's excruciating and tormenting
>and in a sudden movement I feel a sharp pain jolting up my spine and causing my eyes to almost pop out of their sockets as he enters my anus
>one continuous thrust intil the fucker was balls deep and I was in a pain words can't describe , nut the emotional scar was even more painful
>at that point tears are streaming down my cheeks as I continue to mindlessly and pointlessly pleads for him to stop
>all he kept saying , you know you like it faggot ? what did you expect was going to happen in here ? stop struggling and enjoy it
>he went at it for what it felt like an eternity just pulling out until he's about to exit me then thrusting in until his balls hit my taint
>I was shook , and traumatized , everything hurts n my mind can't process anything I'm just crying


>I was pulled out of my daze when he bite me in my neck like a fucking rabid dog and started trembling and heaving
>I screamed out with whatever force I had left in me to no avail, we're in the middle of nowhere , as he climaxed within me then letting himself rest on top of me further crushing my bones
>he got up slapped me on the ass then told me soon you'll be begging for more and headed to shower or piss or who god knows leaving me like that
>I let out a faint plead for him to untie me but he didn't look back or answer just walked away
>I was out of my mind and out of my energy I waited and waited for him to come back , he didn't and somewhere in the middle of that waiting I went to sleep
>I woke up to the noise of some rattling in the room he was dressed and had just put a mug of coffee on the stand and leaned to untie me
>I couldn't say a thing and wouldn't because I was afraid he'd force me to do other things or keep me in this remote shack , and the worst thing is that nobody knew where I was
>I didn't even tell my parents
>I acted as cooperative as possible , he told me to o shower , I did , then got dressed , came out and eat breakfast with him
>then he told me we were going to be fishing today
>at that point I just couldn't take it anymore I sprinted for the door and ran outside
>like a maniac running through bushes and trees until I found a road didn't even hitchhike
>ran all the way home and never told anyone

so that's what happened /b/ y'all are the first to heard about this
Did he come looking for you after that?

I deleted , blocked him from facebook , then when he kept bugging me with other accounts telling me h's going to expose me and threatening that he filmed the whole thing (he's just bluffing) I deleted my facebook once and for all , and we never seen or talked to one another , the awkward thing is that I met his sister like tw months ago and she still remembers me and asked me why she never sees me anymore

I think he was the one who was behind these weird fetishes that I'm into right now , I even consider role-playing rape rn even if it sounds stupid , I look back at the memory with conflict , I hate him for what he's done to me , yet I feel like I lowkey enjoyed it but too ashamed to admit it

>eternal boner acquired
that man was fuckin disgusting

what an ending , I feel sorry but I am hard as diamond
didnt notice cuz too busy fapping
>I deleted , blocked him from facebook , then when he kept bugging me with other accounts telling me h's going to expose me and threatening that he filmed the whole thing (he's just bluffing) I deleted my facebook once and for all , and we never seen or talked to one another

If your story is real, reactivate your facebook (all you have to do is enter in your old login info and everything will come back up). Then call the police, because you have permanent online evidence (in the form of his chat logs) of him confessing to your rape. You don't need to prove it wasn't consensual because you were under the age of consent, which makes it automatically considered rape. Since you were underage I believe most/all states have no statute of limitations, not that statutes of limitations would apply anyway for a crime that happened recently enough that the victim was a 15-year-old who'd been on Facebook for at least two years.

That guy is a terrifying pedophile rapist (and murderer, for all we know) and needs to be put away as soon as possible because you were almost certainly neither his first nor his last victim. Not to mention what he did to you, of course. It's normal to have confused feelings about a traumatic event like that, especially when it's your first exposure as a naive gay boy to sex, but you should explore those feelings emotionally with a therapist or sexually with a loving partner (or at least one you've consented to), not by protecting that monster to avoid resolving your feelings. Just because you find some aspects of your ordeal arousing in retrospect or even at the time, does not mean that you are in any way to blame or that what he did to you is any less monstrous.
It's sad that you only love him because he loves you and gives you benefits.

Sounds a lot like my story here >>885324 except I stayed with the guy for a while.
haha nice thought but i dont think i could hurt him like that.

never thought of it that way but it kinda is because despite the problems we have a happy ending.

how the fuck do you even know i love him for just that?! there are a lot of guys who could give me the same stuff he does, even more actually, but i stayed with my bf. i could have easily left him for someone richer and who didnt steal my first fuck but i chose him. 8 years is a long fucking time so many things change. there are a lot of shit that happened.
am i still hurt for what he did? yes.
would i change it if i could? yes. yes fucking yes. but its not easy getting over something like that.
would i change the past if i could? yes but only because i dont want our relationship to start that way. i would still want to be with him.
would i still stay with him if stops giving me stuff or as you say "benefits"? of-fucking-course.
i want him and he wants me. we love each other and were happy.
Have you ever told him how you felt about the first couple of times? And when did it feel like it changed from a forceful relationship into a consensual one?
He consented twice. Not rape bruh
yes. but he tells me he remembers everything differently. he says that it has always been consensual and i was just playing hard to get or that was obviously into rough play or that i just needed to be given stern directing so i could relax and enjoy it. he always points out that after sex we cuddle and takes care of me so well. he says sex abusers dont do that. weve already had too many fights about it so the subject was eventually dropped.

it changed somewhere between him leaving for college and years after when i was going to one as well. we didnt see each much anymore when he left so i really missed him. i was the one to call him. he would visit as much as he can(about 1 per week, 2 if not busy) and i would almost always initiate the sex. when i was about to graduate high school, i found out that he got me a scholarship at the same uni as him(he new i had no plans of going to college). he wanted it so that i could leave my parents place and we didnt have to sneak around anymore since my family was extremely homophobic. the day i left for college is the day i told my parents i was gay. my bf was beside me at that time since he was the one driving me there. i really surprised him because he knew i never wanted to come out. i never once called him my boyfriend before but i did in front of my family. we were an official couple since then. being out in public has really improved our relationship. im really happy about college because of that. its a little sad that i lost my family though(mom still calls me on my birthday but thats about it) but its ok since i have him and were happy.
Why can't I be in a relationship like that ;_; Also do tell you and your bf's stats (cuz of reasons)
im leaving out a lot of parts so of course it sounds nice. i did mention that i was disowned did i? my brother is having a child and no one told me about it. i only found out because i stalk him on fb. i really miss them but they really dont care about me.

my bfs about 190 cm, 70kg. bigger than a medium build since hes also a swimmer. if your asking about his dick then hes a bit over 6 inches. hes just average but i love the way it curves upward. a total prostate fucker.
i wont tell you our ethnicity and hair color because some of you might try and find us. i dont think hell like me spreading the story of our first time.
the past is the past
hope you guys are happy together :3
Your parents didn't notice you missing?
This. OP you have the power to stop that man. Who knows who else he's hurt or is going to hurt
Hasn't happened yet, but me and two buddys have been wanting to roofie ourselves and go to a bar just to see what kinda crazy stuff happens. I'll try and post what happens if I can remember.
File: 1367994029085.png (278 KB, 600x488) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That sounds like a really bad idea.
Bars better than the frat house....maybe...
were you gay before he raped you?
dont know. i masturbate to straight porn and had crushes on girls before i met him. i was too young to know if i was gay and just liked what everyone else did.
ive sometimes wondered if id be gay if never met him though.
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