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ITT: Slutty fantasies we'll never be able to achieve IRL because they're dangerous. Here's mine.

>Be in dank dungeon/basement setting
>Be restrained like in pic
>Hairy, older top with mask comes down
>He fucks me raw and cums deep in me
>No talking, kissing, foreplay etc. Just fucks me and leaves
>Several dozen tops do the same thing to me one after the other over an indefinite period of time
>After taking countless loads, host of the facility calls a cab, but won't let me leave until I take his load
>Get sent home filled with cum

I could never do that, but I'd be lying if I said I don't fap to the thought.
Aw hell, here we go again...
Honey, where the fuck you've been at?
Since come out of the closet day, many dungeon sickfucks already crawled off from their holes and are "proud" of their dangerous "sexual" activities which include fisting, scat, public gangbang by random strangers, dogs and master on the streets, glory hole addicts, self-harming orgasmers and what did I miss?
Heck, there even clubs for this activities. These stuff are no longer in hardcore porn production, darling.
Don't you feel proud of our community? I bet you do.

Straight people go to club to mingle and drink beers.
Some gay people go to club to be treated like trash and drink urine.
Reason why I always hang out with my straight friends (male and female) a lot.
For the love of god please stop calling people honey and darling here it's infuriating and NOT CUTE
>Step 1: go on PrEP
>Step 2: get tested every 3 months
>Step 3: ?????
>Step 4: profit
>Drug me
>Get tied down on sling ankles and wrists are tied
>get barebacked and loaded by many men

Soo pretty much the same
Aww honeybunssnugglebabuly what's wrong?
Bless your heart, sugar. But I ain't gonna stop using the word honey and darling 'cause you said so. So have a lovely day, honey.
>implying I plan on doing any of that
>>Get sent home filled with cum

Which'll be leaking out of your sloppy hole. Get plugged if you wanna keep his cum in you.
The only problem with PEP and PrEP are the side effects.

I've done PEP and it fucked me up hardcore.
Jaundice and vivid dreams.
Which wasn't too bad, but I'd look in the mirror and say to myself "You'll never drink again."
And the times I woke up freaking out over dreams that didn't make sense...
Like being mauled by a lion in the middle of suburban USA...
That's part of my problem.

With 3 "boyfriends", I want to be chained fucked - but I don't know if I want a sloppy hole or a plugged one.
My fantasy

>get on cl
>make an ad wanting to try light bondage
>Latino daddy replies
>I go to his house
>tie my wrists to the bed posts
>face down ass up
>he condoms up
>starts fucking me
>he can't stay hard
>says its the condom
>takes the condom off, I'm begging him to not fuck me raw
>fucks me raw anyway
>keeps going for about 45 minutes
>only stops to not cum and take hits on poppers
>he finishes, goes and watches some TV while I'm still tied up
>comes back later
>does it again
>falls asleep cuddling with me
>let's me go in the morning
>I text him a few days later
Muh manliness
So many salty bitches over a fantasy. And darling, just because straight people on the surface seem normal, doesn't make out the case. The majority of dungeons and fetlife.com are "heteros." So go pretend you feel the moral rapport of the straight people stay in your own fantasy and stop judging others for their fantasies that they known are fantasies at the very least compared to you.
Neither jaundice nor hallucinations are part of the registered side effects for either PEP or PrEP. You should probably get checked out.

Jaundice in particular makes it sound like you have something different with your liver that PEP is magnifying.
Misread, fever is a side-effect, but shouldn't last more than a day at most. If you're past 2, obviously don't continue to take it.
Desperate for attention much, sad faggot? Here, I feed you. Catch. *throws a bone
>Calls others salty bitches
>Acts like one
Bye, felicia.
That actually sounds hotter.
I'm getting a bit of a "he claims you" vibe from this. My god, the idea of a man marking you as his property by unloading inside you is such a turn on.
Unplugged is certainly more degrading, you can end up with a noticeable wet patch on your ass.
File: 1451499545382.jpg (49 KB, 470x352) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this guy who used to fuck me loved dumping his cum in my hole in public park or shopping mall bathroom knowing that i would have to walk to my car with my ass full of his cum (and he had huge cum loads) and then try and drive home while his jizz was trying to swim out of my butt. i never made it home without a huge slimy puddle of hot cum in my briefs and a wet spot on my jeans. he was the perfect dom. he treated me like a worthless cum dump and i worshipped him for it.

pic related: his cock
Ok kid
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Thread images: 2
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