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Post Big Latino Cocks:
Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Brazilians, Spanish, Colombians, Venezuelans, Argentinians, and any other Hispanic nationality you can think of...
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Efrén de Guasave.jpg
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jfc i want so bad
Spaniards are not latinos, this thread will be fullfilled of spanish guys cuz their are white and more acepted in gay world
If youre not gonna contribute then get the fuck off and kill yourself.
Source on this hot stud?
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Bel Gris for the win
Oh my. That body... I wonder if he lives in the Tuscon area.. tehe

looks like Monterrey Mexico tbqhfam
Was probably amazing before he had his ass gaped by endless 9+ inch dicks, wouldnt go near that hole now.
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Antonio Biaggi is easily one of my fav tops in porn. Really good size but the guy knows how to fuck regardless. Most all his scene partners seem to genuinely enjoy him too, as opposed to just going through the motions like you often see
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Think this guy fits thread nicely, lil mexican guy with gigantic cock
pretty sure he was from one of those really ghetto "latinthug" pornsites originally, he had a few jack off vids too but I never saved any. This showering vid has gotten pretty popular on tumblr etc tho

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File: biaggi and jorge.webm (2 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
biaggi and jorge.webm
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pounded ass.webm
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lucas river.webm
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mexican construction workers can be so fucking hot...
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was in the Caribbean last week, fucked this guy and left me wanting more
if you guys want to hear the story I've more,
Also this one, Had a 9' dick
>if you want to hear the story

>Went to Caribbean
>found this trick
>fucked him
>The end
File: CJ50diuUsAEzmzA.jpg (53 KB, 600x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If it floats your boat

Tell the story of both.
Im really interested in knowing how you fucked these two.

Where were you specifically?
Puerto Rico, dominican republic, or what?
Latinos are soo hott
Would love more information about this guy if anyone has it. This is just one of my favorites.
File: image.jpg (351 KB, 879x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Colombian guy
File: 1406966431255.jpg (363 KB, 995x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OMG que grab Pene lo quiero
File: ray04_anonib.jpg (20 KB, 400x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fuck whooooooo is that
File: image.jpg (268 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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is it just me or is good facial hair required on latin men like 80-90% of the time
>latin men

Men in general, actually.
Asian look much better when facial hair.
And so does whites. Specially when they have thin lips.
I fucked the one with pierced nipples a few years ago. Nice guy haha
File: Attachment.jpg (238 KB, 2048x1152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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well I think its more the dark hair for me actually. Jet black hair just makes for the best facial hair for me personally,rarely a fan of blonde guys with beards/lot of facial hair (and no that doesn't mean they have to be a twink or something)
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2014-07-11 14.36.21.jpg
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Why it's so hard to find nudes of Brazilian guys?

Their gay men are hot as fuck.
File: latin-power.jpg (32 KB, 433x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Why it's so hard to find nudes of Brazilian guys?

it's not.

google 'dotados'
Buena verga pana.
De que ciudad es ?
>Why it's so hard to find nudes of Brazilian guys?

Gawd man, just google Kristen Bjorn. For like 10 years in the 80s-90s every porn magazine was full of them from him.
please, post moar of this semen demon.
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Pablo Villanseca.... papi!
I want a latino bf with a plump juicy ass
Eww the piercings and guages ruined him
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File: gz4ez9uJ91tsyksd.jpg (128 KB, 576x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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errrm it looks just like my cousin... who is this?
File: hairyonholiday.jpg (359 KB, 1200x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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omg moar



File: yPvsM7cP.jpg (41 KB, 600x399) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: julianocazarré.jpg (315 KB, 500x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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But he's right tho.
File: Esteban Meloni.jpg (45 KB, 504x639) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Esteban Meloni.jpg
45 KB, 504x639
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Ronnie Ortiz.jpg
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Hook a bitch up and pass those digits
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>new in town for school
>go out to levi/leather bar looking for dick
>get a beer, walk thru the bar not seeing anyone that really piques my interest
>standing by the pool table watching some bears play pool
>latino guy walks up to me says 'hey' - he's not really my type so i say 'hey' and look around planning my escape
>i start walking away and he grabs my arm
>'wait' he says and spins me around
>he has a really firm grip and is stronger than he looks
>grabs my hand and puts it on his crotch
>i feel a hard cock beneath his jeans
>i laugh embarrassed and try to pull away
>'you feel that?' he demands 'yeah' i say and try to pull away again
>he hold my hand there and i feel his hard cock swell even bigger
>i give it a squeeze 'no way' i say and try to pull away
>'whaddya mean no way?' he demands still holding my hand on his cock
>'that thing is fucking huge' i tell him with a laugh 'that can't be real' and i try to pull away
>'oh, it is real' he says looking into my eyes 'you want that?' he says making it jump in my hand
>i don't say anything embarrassed as fuck looking around to see if anyone is watching but everyone is doing there own thing, drinking, playing pool, talking. we are in our own little world just me and him.
>'let's go' he says and pushes me toward the door.
>i'm kind of excited now. i've never met a guy who was this forward before. he is couple of inches shorter than me so i'm not scared. i could take him if he tries anything. i follow him out of the bar.
>it is cold outside and he is standing waiting for me. 'where do you live?' he demands
>'pretty close' is tell him. 'let's go' he says
>'you wanna go to my place?" i ask "yeah" he says
>'okay' i say and start walking. he follows me in silence to my car. 'what the hell' i say to myself 'we can have a drink at my place and see what's in his pants and if it's no good we'll come back here.' can't think of anything to say to him so we walk in silence to my truck.
>he doesn't say anything the whole way home and i'm just thinking about what his cock felt like through his pants. i can't wait to see it out of his pants.
>get to my house, unlock the door go inside and he immediately grabs me and starts kissing me with tongue before i can even get the door closed. before i know it he is pushing down on my shoulders and forcing my face into his crotch. he is still hard and it feels really thick and smells really good.
>he pulls his belt off and opens his trousers, pushing them down his thick hairy thighs. 'wow this is getting good' i think to myself.
>he's holding my head with both hands rubbing my face against his hard cock still in his briefs and moaning.
>i look up at him and spits a big thick wad that hits me square in the face. it shocks me. i didn't see this coming. he slaps my cheek with the flat of his hand and rubs some of the spit across my face smashing my nose up like a pig's then he grabs my face and rubs it back on his hard cock. 'get it wet' he growls.
>i open my mouth and start salivating on his white briefs trying to get them so wet that i can see through them. his dick is starting to ooze it looks like as there is a big wet spot at the end of it spreading out into the fabric.
>i can feel his warm spit dripping slowly down my face and into the neck of my shirt. my knees are killing me on the tile and he's pushing me backwards.
>i lose my balance and fall backward hitting my elbow on the floor. 'get up, faggot' he growls at me as he plops down onto the sofa and pulls his trousers down around his ankles. 'get over here and get this wet'
>'do you want a beer?' i say getting up and looking for an excuse to slow things down. 'yeah' he says unbuttoning his shirt to reveal a hairy chest.
>i grab a couple of beers and turn on the tv to muffle the noises in case my neighbors are listening.
>he is kicked back on my sofa with his jeans around his ankles still wearing his briefs with his shirt undone but still on. this guy looks amazing like this. no wonder he's not into small talk.
File: claudio.1.jpg (67 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>'you got any porn?' he says as i hand him a beer. 'sure' i say and dig around for an old dvd i think he'll like. 'take your pants off' he says drinking his beer.
>i put in the dvd and take my pants off. 'your boxers too' he commands 'but leave your shirt on.'
>i do as he says then drop to my knees and bury my face in his package. he puts a hand on the back of my head and pushes it into his still amazingly hard cock and asks 'is that what you needed?'
>'mmmmffffkyyymmm' i manage to moan into the shaft of his thick dick. his balls are the size of large eggs, warm and full. 'take your shorts off' i say coming up for air. he slaps me pretty hard with his free hand across my face and takes a swig of beer then spits it directly into my face. 'don't tell me what to do, faggot.'
>he stands up and kicks off his jeans then slides his briefs down his hairy legs, picking them up and stuffing them in my mouth with one stroke.
>his big hard cock swings out over my face and his huge balls are inches from my nose.
>god, he smells amazing, clean and manly like soap and sweat and balls.
>he holds my ears and starts humping his cock across his briefs that are still in my mouth.
>i can hear the porn in the background "fuck that jock ass!" some boy is moaning over and over to the sounds of wet sloppy buttsex.
>the man is standing over me humping my face watching the porn and drinking his beer. above my face his hard cock is drooling out a big long string of pre-cum from his piss-slit that is swinging back and forth with his thrusts.
>he looks down at me and pulls the wet briefs out of my mouth and throws them on the floor. 'pick 'em up with your teeth' he commands pointing at the briefs.
>i bend over to grab them with my teeth and he reaches forward and smacks my ass hard with the palm of his hand then puts a foot in my neck pushing my face into the wet briefs and the cool tile of the floor. 'you got a nice ass, boy' he says to me taking a long gulp of beer and setting the bottle down on the coffee table.
>he bends over and takes an ass cheek in each hand grabbing them firmly then spanking them loudly one after the other before dropping backwards onto the sofa. 'suck my dick, fag' he growls.
>i crawl over to him with his briefs in my mouth. i'm starting to really like this guy.
>he slaps me across the cheek and tells me to get him another beer.
>'take off your shirt' he says when return with it.
>'suck my dick' he says again when i'm standing in front of him completely naked. i drop to my knees and hungrily inhale the scent of his balls then lick my way up his long shaft to the uncut head focusing on the underside sensitive part while he watches tv and swigs his beer. his cock is long and thick. probably the thickest cock i have ever held in my hand, my fingers barely touch around it and i have big hands.
>i guide the head to my lips and gently pull the skin back revealing the big red glans that swells out of the confines of his foreskin. this is a mushroom tip if i've ever seen one and it is dripping clear white liquid all down the shaft and onto his thigh.
>the head barely fits in my mouth. i'm careful not to scrape it with my teeth and i try to get it back into my throat but it is simply too big. my lips are stretched tight around the shaft just behind the head and there are two or three hand-widths of cock that remain high and dry no matter how hard i try to take it in.
>i feel him leaning forward rubbing a big hand down my lower back and onto my ass. i tense for what is coming and he smacks my ass hard, then rubs it and smacks it again. this time he rubs his hand down between my cheeks forcing a thick rough finger into my tender asshole. i haven't been fucked in a long time and i'm tingling and starting to sweat with anticipation.
>i'm lost in the smell of his cock loving the feel of his rough hands on my ass when he pushes me back. 'let's go in there' he says pointing to the bedroom.
>i follow him to the bedroom thinking 'how far am i going to go with this guy - when should i put on the brakes?' when he turns around and grabs me in his strong arms and forces his tongue between my lips again. 'you're so fuckin sexy' he says then spits directly in my face again. i can feel it dripping from my nose. it kind of pisses me off and i want to spit back at him but i'm not sure what he would do so i don't. he laughs and pushes me roughly onto the bed face down.
>he kneels behind me and i feel his hands on my ass cheeks pulling them apart then his tongue darting into my sensitive hole. god, my cock is hard now and leaking onto the mattress. i'm glad i showered before going to the club. 'a boy scout is prepared' i think and then shiver with pleasure as his tongue thrusts into my asshole. 'fuck, i gotta be careful' i think, wondering if i still have rubbers and lube. it has been so long since i had a dude eat my ass!
>'lift your ass up' he says grabbing my hips and pulling them up. 'arch your back'
>he spits on my asshole and i can feel him rubbing it into my hole with something, not his finger.
>oh fuck. he found my toy!
>with a single painful thrust he jams the toy into my ass.
>it must have been under my bed where i left it after the last time i jerked off. he must have found it while he was eating my ass.
>'bark like a dog, faggot' he yells laughing at me and slapping my ass.
>he stands and grabs a fistful of my hair yanking my head back, peering into my eyes.
>'you didn't tell me you were a pervert, boy' he says laughing and then forces his tongue into my mouth. 'i'm gonna fuck your ass so good' he hisses 'roll over on your back'
>i'm laying on my back with my legs in the air.
>he is standing over me naked, his big cock jutting out in front of him.
>he's holding my ankles in his big rough hands.
>'scoot your ass over to the edge of the bed, man' he tells me pulling on my legs
>i slide over to the edge and he forces my legs back so my knees are near my ears. i'm feeling really vulnerable but his body is perfect and he's doing all the right things.
>'where's your lube?' he asks.
>'in the door next to the bed' i say trying to reach over and get it but he finds it and pops a big glob of cold lube on my ass hole and another one on his cock and then starts rubbing it into my ass crack with his cock while he rubs it on the shaft of his cock with his free hand.
>'are you ready for my cock, boy?' he asks pushing his giant cockhead against my asshole.
>'umm, wait, don't you need a rubber?' i say
>he pauses, looks at me and then says 'do you have any?' 'they're in that drawer' i say. 'you can't miss 'em.'
>'oh' he seems disappointed. 'yeah. i saw those.'
>'put one on' i tell him
>he looks at me 'they're not gonna fit' he says
>'yeah, they'll fit. c'mon put one on.'
>'no. they hurt my dick.' he says 'and they usually break. let me fuck you without one.'
File: asshair.jpg (54 KB, 683x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 683x1024
>'dude, you can't fuck me without a condom. i barely know you." i say and he glares at me.
>he leans over me reaches a big hand down and around my neck choking me. 'don't tell me what i'm gonna do, faggot' he growls into my face tightening his grip around my throat.
>i can feel his hard cock pushing at my asshole but it is way too big. he's not gonna get inside me without a fight.
>'lay on your stomach, boy' he tells me then slaps my face really hard with his free hand while choking me with the other.
>'roll over.'
>he grabs my arm and tries to flip me over onto my stomach. surprised at myself i roll over and stick my ass up. 'you better not have any diseases' i say into the pillow but loud enough for him to hear me.
>he is holding the back of my neck with one hand, pushing my face into the bed while guiding his cock into my asshole with his other hand. he is pushing really hard and i am clenching really hard. i'm terrified if i relax it will pop in and tear my ass in two. the first time i ever got fucked i bled and this guy's cock is a lot thicker. but i've had a lot more practice since then.
>'relax, fucker!' he yells at me trying to force his cock into my butthole.
>'dude. it's not gonna fit' i tell him.
>'it will fit' he says 'we just need more lube'
>he releases his hold on me and i hear him squeezing more lube onto his cock then feel the cold as he squeezes more onto my ass. he starts fucking me with a finger, then two, then three, opening me up with his rough hands.
>i lay there like i'm drugged as he penetrates my hole. he is in control. he is going to fuck me. this man owns my ass. there is nothing i can do. there is nothing i want to do but lay there and let him violate me.
File: bfass.png (165 KB, 400x291) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165 KB, 400x291
>'relax your ass, fag' he is breathing in my ear
>i can feel his cock head pushing against my stretched hole. laying on top of me, he is trying to force it in.
>'it's not gonna fit' i say
>'it's gonna fit, fag' he says grabbing a fistful of hair and yanking my head back so he can see my face.
>'i wanna see your face when i put it in'
>he is pushing hard now. his dick is incredibly thick but it is also incredibly hard and my ass is incredibly lubed up. he is starting to make progress and i'm worried. i'm worried it is going to pop and rip something. i need my ass to shit. i can't be having it torn up and wrecked, left for dead. i need to think fast.
>'do you want to smoke some pot?' i ask
>he stops trying to force his cock into me and his ragged breathing slows while he thinks about this.
>'yeah, maybe we should take a break'
>relieved, i wait for him to climb off me, then i get up, find the bong and a couple of dank buds and load a bowl. my ass is wet with sweat and lube, so i put a towel on the bed and sit on it. he is sitting on the bed with a hardon watching me.
>'i like you, faggot' he says to me 'you're pretty cool'
>i inhale a deep lungfull through the bubbler and pass the bong to him. 'no thanks,' he says 'i don't smoke weed.' caught off guard i don't know what to do, so i take another couple of hits. by this time i am feeling amazing. this amazing man is in my house and he wants to tear my ass up. i love life!
>'put that shit away and open a window' he commands.
>i do as he says then he pulls me on the bed and starts roughly kissing me, squeezing me in his strong arms. 'you taste like ass' he says to me 'so you're gonna lick my ass.'
>he rolls over and pulls up a leg exposing his tiny furry asshole. 'lick my hole, faggot. you know you want to.'
>now i don't know about you but i've only licked an asshole once before and it wasn't really my thing.
>'lick my asshole!' he yells and grabs my hair forcing my face into his butt.
>'okay, jesus!' i mumble into his ass. it is sweaty and hairy but clean and smells like irish spring. i gingerly extend my tongue and tenderly lick his hole. it tastes kind of metallic and i think 'what the fuck, just do it' so i force my tongue into his hole.
>'fuck yeah!' he moans, pushing on the back of my head, smothering me in his ass. 'eat my ass, faggot!'
>i'm pretty stoned at this point and i feel like i'm floating surrounded by his beautiful ass. i'm really tonguing him now, excited by his groans of pleasure i'm burying my face into his butt, forcing my tongue into his hole.
>then he farts in my face.
>i'm disgusted. he clearly did this on purpose and it stinks. bad. what an asshole.
>he pretends like nothing happened but holds my face there so i can't move, forcing me to breath his fumes. i know he is humiliating me. showing me he's boss. he's the alpha. he owns me. i'm the beta. i won't fight back. he could do whatever he wants with me and i would let him.
>we lay still like that for a few minutes while he asserts his control, my face in his ass, his hand on my head holding me down. my dick is diamonds. i've never been owned like this before.
>finally he moves, standing on the floor next to the bed.
>'come suck my dick, fag' he orders me and i crawl over the bed and start sucking like the fag that i am.
>he is still hard. in fact, i've never seen his cock soft and he's been here at my house now for over an hour.
>he's groping my ass while i slobber on the end of his fat cock, wondering if i can make him come this way.
>'watch your teeth!' he yelps jumping back and cracking me on the jaw 'or i'll know them out'
>that hurt. he is getting rougher now and there is sweat streaming down his sides from his densely furry armpits. he smells like a man and i know what i have to do.
>'i want you to fuck me' i mumble.
>'what?' he yells at me grabbing a handful of hair and jerking my head up.
>'i want you to fuck me, ...sir' i say, my cheeks flushing red with embarrassment.
>'i know you do, fagboy' he says with a smile 'i know you do.'
>he slaps my ass. 'lay on your stomach' he says 'and relax your ass. i'm gonna fuck you.'
>i feel the weight of his body pressing down on me, his strong arms on either side of me, his thick cock between my ass cheeks pressing down against my backdoor and i concentrate on relaxing. he is warm and comforting, he surrounds me with his manly smell, he overpowers me with his manly strength, he owns me with his manly cock.
>he is pushing in and i am relaxing, relaxing, relaxing and i feel my hole stretching and stretching and stretching then i feel a pop and incredible pain like getting kicked in the gut or kneed in the balls only in my ass. he's got the head in.
>he's breathing heavily on the back of my neck pulling my head back looking at my face as i'm grimacing with pain.
>'good boy' he hisses 'we're almost there. relax your ass' and he pushes and i can feel him slowly entering me, opening me up, stretching my hole wider than it's ever been stretched. he is owning my ass and it will never be the same.
File: fuckyou.gif (730 KB, 500x494) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
730 KB, 500x494
>he's going deeper.
>'i'm not gonna be able to shit after this' i think, but then decide to just go with it. the pain is slowly throbbing in my ass, but diminishing.
>i don't think i'm bleeding, thank god.
>he is still thrusting. 'jesus, how fucking long is his cock' i'm thinking as he keeps sliding in deeper and then he hits bottom and i feel a sharp pain deep in my gut like when i got my appendix out.
>'is it in man?' i ask sounding more worried than i had intended.
>'not quite' he says 'i think i hit something'
>he thrusts his hips and the sharp pain returns
>'wait!' i scream 'don't tear anything'
>he laughs but doesn't stop thrusting
>'we just gotta work through it' he says slowly flexing his cockhead deep in my bowels so that i feel like a pig on a stick.
>'there's a bend in your colon' he groans and thrusts and then he's in up to the hilt, i can feel his huge balls laying on mine and his warm furry crotch on my ass cheeks.
>i'm pinned to the bed, his weight holding me down, his cock controlling me, i couldn't move if i wanted to, but i don't.
>i just want to lay here like his fucktoy, completely controlled by him...
>and then he started fucking.
>pulling out of me seemed to take forever, draining me, leaving me empty and then
>slowly thrusting back into me, his hard cock taking ownership and pinning me down under his weight.
>in and out
>in and out
>his thrusts were hypnotizing.
>i was fully under his power.
>he held me down and piston fucked me into a pool of jelly.
>my ass was his fleshjack.
>he had turned me into his personal fagboy fucktoy.
>the pain had worn away to a dull throbbing and a slight pinch when he hit the bend in my colon and forced his huge head through and around it into my lower intestine.
>i thought surely i would never have a normal size shit again in my life. he had wrecked my hole so thoroughly. but what else mattered? i couldn't remember anything before that meant half as much as this man owning my hole.
>my life was meaningless until he filled me up with his enormous dong.
>'you like my big cock?' he asked breathlessly as he pounded it deep inside me. 'is this what you needed, fagboy?'
>'yessir, i love your huge cock sir!' i moaned as he stretched my asshole with his girth.
>then he really started to deep-dick me.
>he was pistoning in and out of me now in a push-up position.
>i could hear his breathing rapidly increasing as his thrusts got quicker and deeper.
>'are you ready for me boy? are you ready for my load?' he cried out to me and i could tell he was getting close to cumming.
>personally, i never let anyone cum in my ass because i didn't want to catch a disease.
>'pull out and shot on my face!' i moaned into the pillow.
>'what?' he yelled.
>'cum on my face please sir!' i yelled but i could tell he wasn't listening.
>'do you want my load in your ass boy? do you want me to breed you?'
>'cum on my face man!' i said as he held me down by the neck and deep-dicked me furiously.
>'you want me to cum on your face?' he yelled
>'yeah, cum on my face! please! sir!' i cried as his cock swelled up inside me. i was going to feel this tomorrow.
>'oh god, your ass is so tight!' he yelled pushing my face deeper into the mattress 'i wanna cum in your ass boy!'
>'no, don't cmmmmmmfffffwwnnnnmmm' i yelled my mouth full of pillow.
>'i'm gonna cum in your ass, faggot!' he yelled and i could feel him tense up and yell 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!' as his cock started pulsing deep in my asshole and i knew he was dumping his load inside me, holding me down with his strong arms. i struggled to pull away to roll out from under him but i was pinned to the bed as he held his huge dick deep inside me, his heavy body heaving with one final thrust as he dumped all his man juice inside me.
>i couldn't get away. he was breeding me. he owned me now. i was his cumdumpster. he had planted his seed inside me and staked his claim.
>as his cock slowly stopped throbbing and his breathing gradually returned to normal he lay on top of me and inside me. i was his fucktoy. i was his fagboy. i was his cumdump. he owned my ass.
File: asleep.jpg (120 KB, 944x1233) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120 KB, 944x1233
>finally he rolled off me and pushed me away as his long thick dick slowly pulled out of me for what seemed like an eternity leaving me feel so empty
>he was breathing quieter now.
>he had rolled over and was spooning me in his sleep. i could feel his warm furry chest on my back and his huge thick cock in the crack of my ass. it was still semi-hard. this man never got soft.
>his gentle breathing in my ear was comforting but i couldn't sleep.
>i was worried i might have aids. or syphilis. or gonorrhea. i hope he would have told me if he had a disease or something but you never know. thank god we weren't in san francisco or somewhere. he seemed healthy. still, i was worried. my asshole was tender and i could feel it leaking. i knew he had cum a lot. and now it seemed to be wanting to get out.
>i didn't want to wake him, but i knew i needed to try and shit his cum out. before it forced its way out. i was worried i would fall asleep and awake in a bed filled with shit and cum. it felt like i had lost all bowel control. i was worried he had wrecked me for life. would i have to wear a colostomy bag? would i need surgery?
>i had to get in the bathroom and inspect my hole for damage. i had to know the worst.
>quietly i tried to lift his heavy arm off of me so i could sneak out of bed. his forearms were so hairy. i realized i still had an erection. i had ejaculated into the mattress at the very moment he was cumming inside me. but i felt like i hadn't cum yet. my balls were blue as though i had a two-weeks load still in them.
>maybe i should jerk off in the bathroom too.
>i tried to lift his hairy arm.
>he moaned and squeezed me tighter.
>'i love you' he said.
>'what? did he just say what i think he said?' i thought
>he had said 'i love you' plain as day
>he had said he loved me.
>this man was fucking with my head.
>and then i felt his hard cock push up against my devastated asshole.
>'you ready for some more?' he mumbled in my ear
>'you want this dick again boy?'
>his rough hand was on my ass and a thick finger was inside my asshole.
>'you're fucking wet fagboy' he moaned in my ear and i felt his him guide his huge cock head toward my poor stretched asshole and start pushing inside.
>this time it went in easier. a push and a thrust and a groan and he was inside me again.
>he was the big spoon. i was the little spoon, with a broomstick up my ass.
>he put his hand on my hip and started guiding me back and forth on his cock, rocking me.
>every now and then he would pull all the way out and my wet hole would slurp and -pop- on his giant cock head.
>'fuck your ass feels good' he moaned as he used my hole half asleep.
>he reached around and grabbed my hard cock in his rough hand.
>'i want you to cum on my dick' he commanded as he rubbed the slick precum from my head down my shaft and fucked me from behind. he owned my ass and now he owned my cock. a few more thrusts of his huge cock into my ass and his rough grip on my cock made me explode into the sheets as he came a second time inside my ass.
>we lay there connected for hours as he slept, his cock inside me and his hand wrapped around my cock and balls. he wasn't going to let me get away.
>at 7:30 my alarm went off waking me from a restful sleep. his huge cock was still inside me. it had never gotten small enough to slip out of me. his hand was still wrapped around my junk.
>he woke up when i reached to shut off the alarm and he kissed the back of my neck and gradually pulled his schlong out of my ass with a long belch and a splatter of wet cum. my ass was a gaping hole.
>'i-i have to go to work' i stuttered.
>he looked at me like i was talking crazy talk.
>'i have to be to work by nine' i said and he groaned and rolled over and went back to sleep.
>i snuck quietly into the bathroom and tried to get a look at my ass in the full length mirror. it was loose all right. but it didn't look ripped or torn. i sat on the toilet and emptied myself of the two loads he had planted in me.
>it was a lot of cum. this man had more cum than any man i had ever seen. there was at least a half a cup of cum floating in the bowl. thank god i hadn't had anything to eat last night.
>his cum had long since turned watery but it was still milky and viscous. it hung in the water in the bowl like a swarm of jellyfish. i was fascinated by his virility. thank god i couldn't get pregnant!
>i was going to be late for work.
>when i got home from work he was gone.
>but there were flowers in a box from a local florist with a note and his phone number.
>he's back with his ex-boyfriend but he still fucks me on the side several times a week.
>i think he fucks other boys too.
>i have tried several times to surprise him but he is never around and has a strict schedule that prevents me from getting close to him.
>i am his cum-dumpster. that's how he likes it.
>he knows i will do anything just to be able to take his load at his convenience. sometimes he won't return my call for several weeks and i go wild wondering who he is fucking.
>then he'll show up on my doorstep and force me to my knees and all is forgiven.
>i'm just a hole that lives to be filled with his huge cock.
fake as fuck
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1 MB, 2592x1936
Nice! Would suck
i feel like he'd age so nicely and could probably plow me for hours.
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i thought it was a nice bed time story, now im ready for sleep, ty anon who wrote it

moar pls
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