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post your dad/brother insest stories
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Post some hot stories
>be me
>be horny 15
>parents divorced
>wake up and go to the bathroom at 3 am
>hear noise from dad's bedroom
>door is slightly open
>dad's jacking off big meat
>my dick gets insta-hard
>i start jacking off
>dad's 9/10 Divore make him hotter
>9/10 uncut dick
>i furiusly jack off
>make a lot of fapping noise
>he stops and looks at the door
>I'm batman blending with the darkness
>he keeps on going
>i star jaking off again
>Make noise again
>He stands up and walks towards the door
>i hide on the bathroom next to his room
>he open the door and looks arround
>i see him trhough the reflection of the shower glass
>he back to his room and locks the door
>try to go and go through the roof and look through his window but fail. Too cold for me.
>i go to my bedroom and start fapig like if im going to get 1000$ for my cum
>I cum and fall asleep without cleaning myself
>i wake up next morning.Im in the exact same position but im covered with my blankets.
>Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck
>My cum is all dry and glued the blanket with my chest & belly together.
>there's also cum on my side. (under my armpit) and yellow stains on the sheets next to where i was laying.
>I didnt came there. Someone else did. I live alone with my dad.

After that a lot of shit happened with him and one cousin But i guess one is enough.
any pics? :X
Of my dad? No Sorry.
Not him but look like him (pic related)
>be me @ like 14
>brother and i hanging out in my room late night just chillen, I have no idea what we were doing until he decided we play truth or dare
>bj/sex ensues
>happens again, perhaps about 18-20 times
>don't remember anything except specific details of certain nights
>I never fucked him, he's 5 years younger and disliked using his hole haha
>the first night we boned he was doin me like a doggie and we were silent (me because parents) and he was like "what are you doing?"
>me: what?
>him: moan! (All under our breath)
>(inner kek, someone's been utilizing the internet) I learned to moan while I was "pretending to be a girl for him" lol
>highlights include me riding him in my grandparents basement bathroom whilst he licked the tip (lol size differences are funny sometimes) after which I festively wished him a happy thanksgiving and left
>I like to remember when he came while sucking me off after fucking me (bastard, I had just asked him to come in my mouth for the first time)
>I once paid him a dollar to suck me in a rec center shower hahaha
>16 yrs old
>younger bro 13, brown hair is scruffy long around ears
>playing vidya late on weekend
>hot summer night
>we both only have boxers on
>brothers soft dick and balls are hanging out one side as we play
>keep staring
>he notices and slides leg down to ground blocking my view
>notices my hard dick through boxers straight after
>asks about size
>5.5 inches
>we decide to compare
>I'm hard as diamonds
>he's wanking furiously facing the other way trying to get hard
>I wrap my arms around him and say I'll help
>my dick is between his cheeks
>sweaty down there
>stroking his dick while thrusting in between his cheeks
>both standing awkwardly in the room
>he gets hard maybe 5 inches but as thick as mine
>we turn to compare
>he grabs mine
>we jerk each other off for a while
>I drop to my knees and start blowing him
>sitting on beanbag I pull him down as I lay down
>so sweaty and musky
>he fucks my mouth while resting his mouth on my cock
>swallow his tiny load
>I reach down and hold his head to fuck his mouth
>5 minutes later we've both swallowed each other's load and playing vidya again

Happened more times but mostly me blowing him as we went through puberty.

damn, your dad sexy af then
i cum thinkin bout your dad

>Fast forward 2 moths afer the fapping incident
>Brought a friend home.
>Dad's making burgers on the grill on his shorts (Summer now)
>I go play games with my friend. (not a crush but he's quite cute)
>we go to eat the burgers and dad ask on the table if we're boyfriends
>"No sir we're not. Anon and i are just friends"
>"Dosent matter if you guys are gay"
>Fastforward several hours.
>We went to sleep and me and my friend stayed on my bed. We improvised a bed for him cuz mine is too small.
>he's asleep so i start choking the bald boy
>my dad opens his door (my room is at the end of a hallway and my dad's room at the begining, next to the staircase.)
>i'm having a fun time so dont stop, he's probably going to the kitchen
>Leaves door open and i can see the light of his TV from my room (my door was slightly open. Cuz "no closed door on my house" shit and so on)
>weird shadow cuts Dad's Tv light.
>He's watching. I know it.
>i keep shaking my snake
>i can clearly see his face. He's not batman like me. He adopted darkness. I was born on it.
>I cum and spread my cum on my chest (was really horny having someone watching)
>Put Underwear on and try to sleep
>He thinks i didnt saw him or at least he pretend that he didn't
>Next morning my friend wake me up with a nut bust (Not Burst a nut but a bust in my nuts AKA kick in da ballz!)
>"Anon, you'r dad is jerking off on the couch and i want to watch some tv"
>i quickly stand up and walk downstairs
>i walk on him as hes faping
>"Oh sorry dad didnt knew you were here" (Bullshit i can see him from the stairs)
>I realize im still on my underweare only
>"Oh im sorry kid'o" he says quickly covering up "single dad you see"
>he put on the underwear and leaves
>he saw my masive boner and the stain of precum made on my undies

What awonderfull day... Also. my friend catched me when i was faping on the bathroom minutes later.
>What awonderfull day... Also. my friend catched me when i was faping on the bathroom minutes later.
English as a *third* language.
Please post more stories with ur dad omg
Sorry if isn't perfect. English is not my main lenguage, but i think i speak it pretty well... Well... Write it...

Sure. I'll prepare another one in a few mins. i will go canon tho. cuz it might get really fuzzy on what time happend what.
j/k We do all want to read more about Dad, please.
Fuck, this is pretty much exactly what I wanted to do with my younger bro when I was 16. I used to steal glances at his junk all the time.

>After that i Went to mom's place for a week and then go back with dad
>i ejoyed the most being with dad cuz he was more often at home and was more relatable with guy's stuff
>when i came back he was behaving weird and distant
>You ok dad?
>Yes anon wny?
>you are acting weird
>its nothing
> i keep on going with my day
>Fast forward til bed time
>Im laying on bed waiting cuz i know he's gonna come to check on me
>he comes to check on me and i start fapping when i see the light of its tv.
>he stands for a while and slams closed the door
>i got jumpscared by my dad while faping... wow
>i was shaking and the horny juice was gone so i was just scared.
>i wake up adn go to dad's room. He;s not there
>Dad? You here? i shout over the house
>i go to my room and start fapping to the thought of my dad watching me and jacking off as he watches me.
>finger myself
>Moaning quite loudly for a 15 yo kid almost 16
>Im about to cum
>i cum and lay on bed naked with my hand on my dick and my fingers inside my ass. Wasted
>"Hey anon" i hear from the stairs
>quickly get under the covers
>"Sup dad"
>"Hey anon. We need to talk..."
>he sits next to me on the bed and he notice the huge stain of load that i shoot onto my bed a few seconds ago.
>So fresh that the covers havent absorbed it yet and still looks whitey like
>he takes it with is hands and smell it "What is this anon?
>He's not stupid he know how cum looks like! AND I KNOW IT ASWELL!
>Taste it "You spilled apple pie?"
>OMG he didnt did that....
>Well i think it can wait.
>He leaves towards his room
>Hole time i had a hard on
>JAck and finger my self off again under the covers at the memory of him tastin my cum.
>Cum again
>Clean myself up and dress aswell and go towards his room
>I can hear he's faping. And he's also uncut (i think i said it before im uncut) so hes quite quiet. So those sound only mean one thing
>I walk in and he's sitting on bed
>He dosent stops


>He cums
>He moans outloud as he does.
>He turns arround and pretend he's surprised and cover himself
>i know he's faking cuz the sound of the door opening is too obvious to be faded by the sound of your own orgasm
>"Sorry dad" and walk away towards the living
>He comes a few mins after and sits next to me turning off the tv
>"That's what i wanted to talk about anon"
>"No anon... Us... This game we're playing."
>I nod as a stupind 15 yo kid
>"I'm your dad and i BLA BLA BLAH!"
>"i think you better visitme on weekends"
>Wait wut?
>We figt and i sleep outside that day
>He comes out and ask me to get in several times
>He brings a cover and try to sleep with me.
>It's early summer so some days are colder. That night was a little cold.
>"I don't know what game you're talking about dad"
>"Yes you do. Promess me it won't happen again and i'll let you come the wole week."

Long story short: I visited my dad only the weekends for one year. And friday saturday and sunday i spend my whole time jacking of with my door open and fingering myself on the living room...Ok i didnt... but i tryed to make him very horny every time
was he a boxers or briefs dad? ever see him bulge or jerk off sniffing his briefs?
>was straight at the time, 16
>good friend of mine is gay and out
>had discussed him with my father many times
>had gotten into a fight because of him (someone bullying him) and had ISS for three days
>friend is coming over to my house Saturday for cookout (mother works weekends)
>last minute father tells me to go to store since he forgot rolls
>happy to do it since just got my license
>tell him friend will be by but will be home shortly
>go to store and come home
>walk in. no one around
>go upstairs to find my father
>hear noises in father's bedroom
>peek in.
>father is stretched out on the bed, pants around his ankles and my friend is sucking his cock
>panic. don't know what to do
>go downstairs, slam the door and yell "I'm home"
>put away the rolls and father and friend come downstairs, act like nothing happened

after that when my friend came over for the night I'd see him sneak out when it was late and I'd see my father leave his bedroom around the same time. I knew they were doing something together.
hot! was your friend and dad hot. how old was he and your dad.
friend was my age (16). father was 44. friend was more twinkish. semi-long hair, thin.

never thought of my father as "hot". heavy-set from working in the building trades, hairy, Billy Mays type beard.
My 19 years old brother and I (like 15 at the time) used to suck each other and I would fuck him as well. He tried to fuck me once but I couldn't take it (I fuck now and then with my best friend nowadays).
My bro is gay now and my friend and I are straight but for some reason we enjoy fucking and sucking each other out. No kisses or feelings involved.
Be 12 and just see a scary movie and want to sleep with my brother. Hiding under the covers when I feel something warm on my cheek and reach out to feel my brothers rock hard cock on my cheek. After touching it my brother starts to grind around and I'm not sure if he is asleep or awake. He is 18 and his cock feels like it is as big as my arm. I decide to see if he is asleep or awake so I begin to stroke it real softly and can feel his legs start to move back and forth. Before long I feel the head of his cock and it his wet so I start to stroke it a little faster and he let out a moan. Now I know he is awake and hasn't stopped me so I continue. It didn't take long before he exploded all over my face. Now what? Just as I was about to come out from under the covers I feel my brother pull them up and get under them with me. Before I know it he had my cock in his mouth and was sucking what was then kind of a small dick, but none the less felt like heaven. I had just started to come and it didn't take long for me the explod my small load in his mouth. After that he took his undershirt off and wiped my face off and we both went to sleep. After that night, I would think of excuses why I should sleep with my brother and we suck and Jack each other off as often as we could. After my brother went off to college we never did it again and to this day we don't talk about what we did in our younger days.
moaaaaaar pls!!!!

this is so hot! What was the hottest experience you both had? How's your relationship now? Do you openly talk about it? Does anyone else know? Do your parents suspect anything? Did you have any close calls?
he was like 9 when this started. gross
>Parents divorce right after I'm born
>See my dad for about one weekend a month
>Is an old hippie stoner
>Would routinely remind me that he didn't want me bringing any 'bad habits' home to my mom but that I could do them while we were alone together
>This included drinking milk from the jug, leaving dishes in the sink, and most importantly, going naked
>He was a naturalist, used to say clothing wasn't good for the body
>Was cut, left me uncut
>Lots of cuddling growing up, got real used to falling asleep with his body nestled against mine
>Start to get boners, realize he would sometimes get halfhard
>Find him stoned out of his mind one night, watching straight porn in the living room
>"Hey, Junior, you're old enough to see this stuff, right?"
>Sit next to him as he starts jerking off
>Start jerking off as well, acting like I'm watching the movie and stealing looks at him
>Finally just openly watch him stroking while he watches me
>Grabs a rag and blows his load into it
>Pretend like I'm about to cum so he'll toss me the rag
>Smear his cum onto my dick and cum for real
>He falls asleep there on the couch shortly after
damn, i knew pot heads were good for something
>bicurious at the time, 15, bro was 17
>sleepover at a friend's house
>we share the same bed
>he falls asleep, a few minutes later I feel the tip of his hard cock poking out of his boxers
>he starts squirming around, his cock eventually gets in between my thighs
>i try to get out of there, but his cock rubbing against my balls and thighs made me hard
>confused and scared af, didnt know what to do
>decide to stay still but wank a bit in the bed
>bro turns around and faces upwards
>fuck it, i start jerking off my cock while grabbing his
>start jerking off his cock, go down between the sheets to get a few licks in
>full-on blowjob after a while
>he cums inside my mouth and i swallow
>go to the bathroom to blow my load

I'm surprised he never woke up. Or maybe he did and just went with it.
Did he act strange the next morning? Did you guys do anything else?
1258730 here.
All of the experiences were hot as fuck, it used to start with jokes between us saying to each other: "you don't have a penis", "if you do, then show me". And then he would ask me if he can blow me, which he did pretty well.
Our relationship now is pretty normal, but we don't talk about it, I guess he remembers about it well because he was like 19 at the time but we haven't talked about it. My bestfriend which is the one I fuck with from time to time knows. Our parents never knew about it nor any close calls
Jockstraps kind of dad... I mean. you can see that he's quite liberal from five block away.
>me 14, cousin 12
>slept in the same bed when he came over
>would drink my dad's whiskey
>wait till he was asleep/passed out
>slide down his PJs
>suck a little or stroke his semi hard cock
>sometimes try to touch penis tips together
>did this a few times
>dont know if he notices though
>try to
Pretty much the only sexual situation we've been in. Next time we were forced to sleep together I made some remarks, telling him "not to get unnecessary boners", but he didn't get it.
No one knows, mom kicked on a locked door once, that was our closest call. We don't talk about it really, I just used to help him get his rocks off. I only came in front of him once, usually went into the bathroom to wank after he blew his little non-load lol. We used to play horse but with the word cocksucker, and whoever lost had to start that night lol
nice, how was it after you were both finished? Was it awkward? How did it start?
how old were both of you the first time you boned?
>I'm surprised he never woke up.

He was awake and enjoying the fuck out of it. Trust me.
It wasn't awkward, we would just stand up, pick clothes up and leave for our rooms, and I don't remember how it all started, I just know it would start with jokes every time, as I said, he would tell me that I didn't have a penis, and that I should show him I indeed had. And after that, he would touch it and ask me for permission to suck it. I would love to bring it up again and fuck him or let him fuck me, but I don't know how he would react
>me 13, friend 14
>he would come over for sleep overs
>slept in same bed cause room was small
>one night watching movie on portable dvd
>he says he has a movie with a lot of boobs
>end up being soft porn
>gets horny, doesn't know if he would mind
>i "accidentally" touch his tip
>then i see its hard
>grab it, really big, biggest cock I've ever seen
>to this day
>pull down pants to actually see it
>cut, beautiful
>he grabs mine
>super hot
>we end up switching up on each other all night
>started staying more often
>he gave me head and it was great
>i never sucked him,sadly
>biggest regret i have
>he is still good friend nobody knows
>still want to fool around
>don't know how to bring it up cause it happened so long ago
did you ever confront your friend or your dad about it? that's some heavy shit
Ask him if he wants to come over and watch a movie with a lot of boobs.
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Not exactly incest, but close enough that I feel weird about it:
>my best friend growing up was like a brother to me
>he had a pretty rough home life, so he spent most of his time at my house instead of his own
>he had a sleeping bag in my room, but usually just slept in my bed with me when he stayed the night
>we started fooling around with each other as soon as we hit puberty
>kind of an off-and-on thing at first, since I had a lot of guilt/uncertainty about my sexuality
>he was always the "more gay"/submissive of the two of us, so he mostly sucked me off, with me occasionally returning the favor when I was really horny
>then my mom cheated on my dad, and moved out to live with the guy she cheated with
>after that me, my dad, and my friend had the house to ourselves, and the atmosphere became much more relaxed
>I started fooling around with my friend more frequently
>dad knew it was going on (walked in on us a couple times)
>he occasionally teased us and cracked jokes about it, but seemed surprisingly cool with it
>I eventually found out why
>woke up in the middle of the night and discovered my friend was missing
>didn't take me long to track him to my dad's room
>door was closed, but from the sounds they were obviously fucking
>surprised the hell outta me
>but it was a huge turn on
>I eavesdropped until they finished
>went back to bed and pretended to be asleep
>few minutes after my friend snuck back into bed, I rolled over and started getting frisky
>he was into it, but neither of us said anything about where he'd just been
>started rubbing my dick between his ass cheeks
>he was already lubed up and slick
>I'd never fucked him before, but he didn't put up any protest as I pushed in
>barely lasted a minute before I blew my load in him
File: 142163055461.gif (496 KB, 500x258) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
496 KB, 500x258
>>1262273 continued
>after fucking my friend for the first time, it became part of our regular routine
>sometimes I'd fuck him when we went to bed, and then he'd slip off to let my dad do the same
>sometimes I'd wait for him to visit my dad first, and get sloppy seconds when he came back
>this was an unspoken arrangement at first
>but over time my friend started making veiled references to it
>this broke the ice enough that eventually all three of us were casually joking around about it
>then one night, the three of us are on the couch watching TV, with my friend between me and my dad
>at some point the two of them started getting frisky and feeling each other up, right next to me
>I watch for a while before cautiously joining in
>doesn't take long before all our dicks are out, and my friend is taking turns sucking/jerking both me and my dad
>me and dad keep nervous banter going to help defuse the awkwardness
>then dad tells me to go fetch some lube
>when I get back, my friend is completely naked, on his knees in front of the couch, blowing my dad
>dad tells me to "get him warmed up"
>so I get behind my friend, lube up, and start pounding away
>I go a lot rougher than usual, guess I was trying to show off or something
>I say when I'm getting close
>dad tells me to "fill him up"
>as soon as I finish blowing my load and pull out, dad turns my friend around and shoves his own dick in
>my friend just clings to me while my dad fucks him
>I kneel there feeling awkward
>then my dad grunts that I should "help him out"
>I don't suck dick very often, and feel really weird about doing it in front of my dad
>but I go for it anyway
>friend barely lasts a minute before busting in my mouth
>he's not even finished cumming before my dad gives him a few really deep/hard thrusts, and I realize he's cumming too
>feel super awkward afterwards, so I GTFO to get cleaned up
>only threesome we've ever had, and we've never talked about it since
Hot. Describe your dad. Think he'd be into fooling around?
File: 1397676078108.jpg (313 KB, 762x1068) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm fucking jealous of your friend. Assuming this was all consensual, and he wasn't just letting you and your dad use him as a cockholster just so he'd have a safe place to live. What's your relationship with him now? And what's his relationship with your dad like?
File: 1409194470626.jpg (55 KB, 500x373) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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He used to be in really great shape when I was younger (i.e. when most of this was going down), but he's gone a bit soft since he changed jobs. He's still pretty good-looking for his age, though. He's way hairier than me, so either I missed out on those genes or I've got that to look forward to when I get older. And I definitely missed out on the big dick genes -- from the few times I've seen him hard, he's about the same length as me, but way thicker.

I'm... not really sure if he'd be into fooling around now. I think he'd probably have been up for it when I was younger. There was a fuck ton of sexual tension between the two of us back when we were dancing the thing we both had going with my friend. And I feel like that threesome would've gone very differently if I'd been a little less shy during it. But I was too uncomfortable with my sexuality at the time to make a move on him, and I guess he didn't want to pressure me into anything, so nothing ever happened. Our relationship is a lot more "normal" now that I'm out of the house, so I doubt he'd be up for anything like that these days.

I'm still really close with my friend. We basically consider each other like brothers. And we still hook up sometimes, but it's more "casual" than it was when we were younger, if that makes sense?

His relationship with my dad is... weird. After high school, I moved out and went to college, but he got a job and formally moved in with my dad for several years, basically taking over my old room. I think things got kinda intense and overly intimate between them for a while there. And eventually they had some sorta drama or falling out that ended with him moving out. Nowadays they seem kinda awkward and frosty around each other... but I'm pretty they're also still fucking? Sometimes? Neither of them like to talk about it, and I don't pry, so I'm not sure what's going on.

this is one of the hottest stories I've ever read! More stories with your friend? What was the hottest experience you remember about him? Do you think anyone else besides him and your dad know about it? Are you still really good friends?
File: 1325130916578.gif (449 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
449 KB, 500x281
>More stories with your friend? What was the hottest experience you remember about him?
Other than the threesome, I've never really done anything particularly kinky with him. Just typical awkward teenage shenanigans when we were younger, and casual fuckbuddy hookups as we got older.

The hottest time I ever had with him was probably the event that marked the transition between those two phases for us. Sophomore year of college, I started dating this girl I knew, my first serious girlfriend. So of course I stopped hooking up with my best friend, first time we'd ever stopped for any real length of time. This is also the time where he and my dad were going through whatever weird phase they were having. That went on for a little over two years before I went through a really nasty breakup with my girlfriend (caught her cheating on me... sigh...).

Shortly after that, my friend decided to cheer me up by taking me out on camping/fishing trip for a long weekend. First time we'd had a chance to hook up in over two years, so yeah, I jumped his fucking bones. I should mention that my ex hardly ever put out, so over those three days I poured out two years of sexual frustration into him, and he took it like a champ. I also ended up bottoming for him for the first time--and that set me down the road towards finally opening up and exploring my sexuality more.

So yeah, we're still really good friends. We've even kinda-sorta experimented with getting romantically involved a few times, but so far we've resisted going too far down that road, out of fear of ruining what we've already got.

>Do you think anyone else besides him and your dad know about it?
I don't think so, unless he's told somebody (maybe one of his ex-bfs?) about it. Very few people even know that I'm bi.
File: 1447996501041.jpg (32 KB, 650x366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 650x366
i need more stories. this thread is life.
>be youngest of three
>only me and older bro home alone
>he pops in porn like any other time we would be home alone
>jack with him right next to me
>this time he wants me to jack him off
>hesitant at first
>but do because big bro
>he loves it and starts to moan real loud
>instant diamonds for me
>i start jacking while I'm jacking him
>both cum at the same time
>He ask if we can do more next time
>say YES anything for my big brother <3
Have more should I keep going?
Yes I need more
more but less lies
Im 19 and back from school for the holidays
staying in a hotel in town cause no room at home
always get horny in hotels
download grindr
put "anon hooded sex wanted door open" in bio
also add hotel name and room number
douches and lays toys out on nightstand
opens poppers
wait naked on the bed with ass in the air
gets messages on grindr from guys saying their coming over
first guy knocks
pull my hood on
fucks me hard
shoots in my ass and leaves
second guy comes with a friend
spit roast me
get really rough
knock me about a bit
one shoots down my throat
other shoots in my ass and leaves
third guy walk in soon after
makes me sniff hard on the poppers
almost pass out
ties me up
fucks my ass bare and hard
keeps handing me poppers
pulls out of my ass and fucks my throat with everyone elses cum on his dick
goes back to my ass
tells me "your good at this"
gets rougher
shoots in my ass
makes me clean his dick with my mouth
later that night at home with family
playing pictionary
dad says "your good at this"
I almost pass out
my dads cum is still in my ass
should mention how great your hotel room is and tell him the room number
I guess i'll contribute

>be me 12 staying at relatives house out of state
>cousin is also 12 and staying for the summer
>one night we find dirty movies and start watching
>get weird feelings and nothing happens
>next night we play super nintendo and he says "lets play a game"
>fast forward to me sucking his dick then him sucking mine
>wasn't my first time so i was eager to slurp him down (we shared a room with 2 beds)
>by that point havent cum yet because I didnt know I could
>bob up and down and lick his balls like ice cream
>eventually he says he's close but i didn't 'get it' until i tasted cum
>not a lot. like a squirt and a half and he started breathing heavy
>we were done and next day aced like nothing happened
> we fooled around every night for the next month until we went back home
>saw him later at his grandpas funeral (3rd cousins)
>we hung out and were like bros, no sex tho

i was a cock hungry kid. got filled up by my aunts husband and dated a 40 year old lawyer when i was 16
File: 1361595194023.jpg (89 KB, 640x431) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>got filled up by my aunts husband
Details? I grew up with several hot uncles who I fruitlessly lusted over, so it always makes me jelly when I hear about a guy who actually managed to hook up with one of his.

Like, even if you're both down for it, how do you even start something like that up? I feel like the taboo nature of it and the potential embarrassment/awkwardness would be too extreme for either party to make a move, even if you were both down for it.
here's my story /hm/

>parents divorced when i was 7
>dad moved to new mexico from NJ
>talked to him over the phone on holidays but that was it
>be 14 and terrible
>just realized im gay as hell
>skipping school most days, failing, and smoking tons of weed
>fighting with mom a lot over grades and shit
>ask her if i can go visit with dad (talked to him about it beforehand) for the upcoming summer vacation
>she's so fed up with my behavior that she says yes
>finish 9th grade with okay grades because the thought of seeing my dad cheers me up
>pack my shit up and fly down with my cat
>haven't seen my dad in 7 years
>notice he's handsome as hell
>nice tan and dark brown hair like me
>he lives in the middle of fucking nowhere in the desert
>huge yard, you can see sand for miles
>lives in a one bedroom trailer with one double bed
>i say ill sleep on his couch but he says no, he wants me to be comfortable
>he's got a bad back though so we'll have to share the bed
>i say that's fine

fuck i hate typing greentext. but that summer was so fucking nice i want to document it
File: 1338611668530.gif (1 MB, 176x144) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 176x144
Not the guy you're replying to, but I started hooking up with my uncle when I was 17, and yeah, it was super awkward and embarrassing at first.

>youngest uncle is only 15 years older than me (my dad's kid brother)
>when I was a kid he was my cool, favorite relative, who always played vidya with me and took me out to theme parks and camping trips and stuff
>as soon as I hit puberty, I started developing a bunch of very confusing feelings towards him
>didn't help that he was (and still is) a very good-looking, athletic guy
>tried to play it cool and keep my crush on the down-low, but looking back it must've been hilariously obvious to him
>like I'd ogle the fuck outta him whenever he was shirtless/in swim trunk, try to spy on him and catch a glimpse of his dick when he was changing clothes or taking a shower, etc
>first time I clue I ever had that he might also be into me came when I was 15
>an impromptu play wrestling session with him (something we used to do all the time when I was a kid) caused me pop a boner, which I ended up jabbing him in the stomach with
>instead of stopping when he felt it, he just pretended not to notice and kept going, and I eventually realized he had a boner too
>our "wrestling" slowly turned into blatantly grinding on each other for several minutes
>but when I tried to take it further by actually grabbing his junk with my hand, he snapped out of it, abruptly ended the wrassling, and played it off like nothing weird happened
>this kicked off about two years of awkward flirting attempts from me
>he always brushed it off like I was just kidding around
>but I could tell he was into it, and each time he let me get away with more and more
>one night he finally gave in and let me get into his pants
>he kept muttering "we shouldn't be doing this" over and over as I sucked his dick
>but things quickly escalated after that, and it only took a few more months before I finally talked him into popping my cherry
>17 at the time, Asian and lean build, cousin is 13 also lean and shy type
> I always sleep over to their house at their room with 2 older brothers, 15 and 19
> we are close so he is okay me sleeping beside him
> one night I got too horny and try my luck feeling his dick
> I know he's awake because he sometimes roll by his side when I try to rub faster
> he got really hard and rolled facing me. his eyes are closed
> i go down under the sheets and push down his boxers
> put his smaller but very hard dick in my mouth and start flicking my tongue
> he keeps squirming and almost kicking his feet
> then he blow his load inside my mouth the first time
> taste too sweet so I keep his dick in my mouth until he sleep
> the next night he touched my dick and try to do the same
> we end up doing 69 everytime I visit and sleep over to their house
> we still play around even if he's already 19 today
my aunt was 45ish and married a 27 year old hottiw from jamaica. light skinned black guy with green eyes and built like a fucking greek statue.

we were watching tv while my ant was out running errands and i got tired and started leaning on him. did that for an hour until i felt him start to get rock hard.

i looked at him and he kind of blushed and i was like "whats going on?" he ended up trying to rearrange it and hide it more (didnt work) and i went in for the kill at that point.

i grabbed it and started jerking through his pants and by the time i unzipped he didnt even notice. i blem him on the couch and swallowed it all.

i was 16 at the time and had been a pretty big whore. the next time we were alone i made sure to clean out and pushed him on the couch and start making out with him. then i slowly convinced him to let me sit on his dick.

it was awesome. but he and my aunt divorced after 2 years of marriage, not my fault. he ended up being a bisexual lush with no job
Please more
Sounds pretty hot. Got pics of him?
My uncle flew me up to stay with them for a month, and I could do my school there since it was all online. He had like 4 kids and was expectign another. One of the older kids was 2 years apart from me and there was another that was 3 or so years apart from me, but he was really quiet and reserved and he never talked much to anyone. He would say a few words and then go quiet and avert his attention. He walked in on me one day as I was fapping, I'm sure it was to ask me for the laptop so he could play games on it or something and I covered up and slammed it shut but he paused before turning away and then he quickly left silently.

The older one was overly sexual for no reason. You could tell he was hitting puberty hard. Because everything was "That's what she said" and "Dicks, butts, holes" and stuff. He also said super homophobic things all the time.

A few days afterward my younger cousin walking in on me I started waking up super tired, exhausted, and sticky. I used to have wet dreams when I would wake up covered in my cum, and it was awkward that it was starting up again. But it started happening more as time went on to where one time I had stirred in the middle of the night to being hot and wet and pinned down and slowly realized that my cousin was riding my dick, but I didn't say anything. I just let him do it. This went on for like maybe a week or two and I noticed during the day he started to open up to me, ask me to play games with him or watch movies with him. He would initiate conversation and everything with me, it was different.

I had woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and as I was peeing I heard a small shuffle from the shower. It was a walk-in and had a halfwall with a window on it so part of it was hidden. I went to take a look because *paranoid* and I found the younger cousin riding the older's dick on the shower floor.......
.....I said nothing and left went back to sleep. The next few days were quiet. Both cousins avoided me altogether until a few days before my aunt gave birth. I was trying to go to sleep one night, but I was really horny and started to just stroke off when i heard the room door creak open and pause. I stopped and listened carefully and I could the sound of foot steps come in on the carpet. We were on the second floor so some spots would creak a little and the footsteps would stop for a brief second then start again as it moved closer to the bed. The steps stopped right in front of me and I pretended to be asleep for what seemed like a minute before i heard the voice of the younger one say that I was asleep. Then I heard another set come in, close the door and walk on the other side of the bed. I could hear alot of rustling and then I felt the warmth of the younger ones ass against me and he said to the other one, "come on, he's fine". The older cousin slowly got into the bed and spooned me from behind. He had an athletic build, i think he played JV lacrosse or something, but he had a big dick, because he pressed it right against my back. And they would both grind on me and the younger sucked my dick as the older one teased my hole with his dick. he had so much precum I had never imagined such a thing. But eventually he ended up inside of me and bottomed out and I blew my load into the other's mouth and moaned loudly. The older one covered my mouth and started fucking me. "I knew you were awake,,," he would nibble my ears and pull me close as he fucked me and the younger one put his dick in my mouth and face fucked me. and when we were spent we woke up and continued on the next day as if nothing happened.

The last few weeks of my stay when the others were gone or asleep. The older would come and fuck me in the bed or he'd want to fuck me in the shower until one night my aunt almost caught us. And we stopped after that.
How'd she almost catch u?
More details
My cousin "Billy" and I played cops and robbers, cowboys and indians a lot growing up. Billy has golden blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, and at the time was seven years old. I was 11 and I had darker features. We both had shitty parents and were basically free to play and roam whenever and wherever we wanted.

One day, the pursuit led to the basement of my grandmas house. I had chased Billy around for hours trying to "take him into the station" when he ran through the walkout basement doorway. It was dark and damp, and noone ever used the basement, except for laundry every few days.

When I finally caught him, he stopped abruptly and as I ran into him, he rubbed my crotch and grabbed at my shorts as he fell. They came halfway off, and I quickly pulled them back up. Out of breath, Billy gasped, "You know, you can show me your wiener if you want to. I won't tell anyone."

I froze for a minute -- I had wanted to know what my friends dicks looked like for about a year now, and had just started ejaculating when I rubbed mine, and I was even lucky enough to have sleepovers with my best friend, Alex, a few times where we rubbed one another and simulated sex with inanimate objects. But this was the first time my cousin, Billy, had ever mentioned anything like this.

"Well," I stammered, "I guess that's okay." Suddenly my mind raced at the chance to see Billy naked. I hadn't thought of it before, but damn, he's really cute I thought for the first time.

I pulled down my shorts and showed him my erect penis. He stared from the time I touched my waistband until I pulled my shorts back up, a good fifteen seconds. "Yours is bigger than mine, that's for sure!" he exclaimed. "Of course, I'm older than you, that's normal. Let me see yours," I replied.

He lifted his shirt and pulled down his red basketball shorts exposing his tiny thing, purple head and all, like diamonds. I smiled. As he pulled his pants up he asked if he could see mine again.
I happily obliged, and this time pulled them all the way down and started waving mine around, smacking it with my hand, and jerking it off. Out of nowhere, Billy reaches out and touches it. He smiled as he started softly stroking it. "Does that feel good?" he asked. I smiled and nodded. "Come here," he said as he started walking toward the back room, used for storage and next to the furnace and water heater, away from any line of sight and very secluded.
"Lay down, I wanna play with it some more." Billy said. I laid on the cold concrete floor, pants at my ankles, while Billy continued rubbing, touching, tugging, and tickling my balls and dick. "If I play with yours more, will you play with mine after?"
"Sure." I said, ecstatic. Then, without any warning, Billy leaned in and took my chubby in his mouth and started licking it like a lollipop. When he got it nice and wet, he closed his lips around the head and started sucking my cock for a good two or three minutes. The feeling was amazing -- The first person to ever suck my cock -- my cousin Billy was very good at it. Suddenly his head popped off of it, he pulled his shorts down to his ankles like mine and said, "Now do me!"
I happily did. "Oh wow! That feels so good!" he said. After about 2 or 3 minutes, he started panting and then his whole body started to shake, subtly at first, and then like tremors. I stopped for a second to make sure he was okay, then continued. When I went to suck him some more, his hand grabbed my hair and pulled my head from his crotch and he started giggling. "Okay! Stop! That tickles!"

He took a deep breath, and then started jerking me off again. I sensed the end was approaching and said "Watch out!" Then I came all over the basement floor. "Wow! You can do that too?!" he asked, which confused me, as he wasn't able to ejaculate.

We got up, and Billy looked at me with a huge smile."We can do this whenever you want to! I mean it! This was fun!" he exclaimed.

"Okay!" I nodded.
Since Alex had moved away a few months prior, it was nice to find a new outlet for exploration, even in the unlikeliest of places.
A few days after our basement fun, Billy came down to my house. We went upstairs to play with my toys and quickly got bored. He started poking me to annoy me, and we quickly began tickling each other.
We were on my bed when the tickle fight began, and then morphed into wrestling. Wrestling for about ten minutes then morphed into grinding into one another with our hard cocks. A few minutes of grinding, and next thing, Billy's hand made its way to my crotch and we started rubbing each other, fully clothed.
"You wanna play again?" Billy asked, that wide grin appearing again. Without saying a word, I pulled my pants down and he immediately began sucking me.
We went at it for a while on my bed, sucking each other until we were satisfied.
From that point on, we started playing together far more often, about three or four days per week. When I got out of the shower and he was there in the living room, I would pull my towel open and expose myself while my family sat in the living room watching the TV. Only Billy could see me, though. He smiled and loved how risky I got. A few months later, we went to a state park and on the ride home, he pulled his cock out when we were in the back seat on the ride home, and just kept it there for me to touch and suck whenever I could find a moment of opportunity. We rode on bike trails together and pulled off into the woods to suck one another.
Any chance we got to get naked and play together, for the next three years, we took it.
We played doctor, we swam together (and skinny dipped when others werent looking) constantly grabbing at each other's crotches, and one day, when we were wrestling, he pulled down my pants, sucked my dick for a few minutes, then turned over and pulled his pants down, exposing his hairless butt. I rubbed my dickhead on his hole, but we never penetrated each other. I would just rub my hard dick between his ass cheeks until I came, making a gooey mess.
We would play hide and seek, and whenever he found me, we would start fondling each other. Finally, one day he commented on my dick size, saying, "Dillon's is so much bigger than yours!" I asked, "Who is Dillon?!" He said, "My cousin!" (other side of family, not related to me). Then it clicked. He had been playing around with Dillon ever since that first day we played in the basement.
I laughed, and he asked, "Have you played with anyone else?" I had -- our cousin Teddy. Teddy was one year younger than me, and had an enormous dick. But that's another story.
By the time I was getting ready to turn fourteen, Billy had started to worry that we would get caught or that he would be "gay". We played a few more times, I found a condom once and put it on for Billy and his friends down by the river, and they were all frozen with disbelief as I jerked off in front of them. Billy laughed and jerked with me, but his friends were too shy to join.
By the time Billy started cumming down my throat regularly, he decided to call it quits.
It had run its course, I guess, but I was fine, as Teddy and I spent weeks together during the summer, and many weekends sucking each other off and swallowing each others cum. Teddy was closer to my age, and had a much more impressive dick, so I wasn't upset.
Today, Billy is married and has three kids. He is your typical straight redneck country boy. He hunts and fishes with Dillon, but we haven't said more than twenty words to one another since we were kids.
Teddy is straight and has a fiancee, living in the city.
I am a proud cocksucker, and have been openly gay since I was fifteen.
The choices we make, eh? :)

To this day, I miss our connection and the fun times we had. I even miss his dick and wonder what it looks like now.

I would suck off my cousin in a heartbeat if he ever asked, and I would love to be his little fag bitch.
She had fell asleep in the baby's room I guess and she possibly stirred from the noise we were making. The bed squeaks a little, but in order for her to get from the baby's room to the room I was staying in, you have to have the hall light on to move across the balcony between the rooms. So the light coming on was a hint, he hid in a corner behind some clutter and i just slipped my undies back on real quick. She figured I was just having a night mare or night terrors and she made me tea. Nothing crazy.
moar stories pls?
Why did she almost catch you? Do you still talk to him?
Really hot, I think that's the first time I've ever cum all over my own face while masturbating
Where is this guy from a few threads back, who fucked his dad on a fishing trip? I thought he intended to do more during the thanksgiving weekend?
so who was molesting you guys?

your cousins raped you.

your uncle was grooming you for sex but felt bad about it.

u and ur dad literally sexually abused an unstable homeless child.
File: incestr.png (164 KB, 737x692) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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y'all fatha-fuckas need jesus!
Not an irl encounter but I prob had my first incestual dream about my dad last night.

>dream Im visiting dad
>he's fatter than usual
>find him in my room playing with my dildos
>not in a sexual way, he's drunk and just waving them around laughing
>asks me about them
>squirts hotsauce on one (its a dream remember) and sticks it in my mouth for me to suck on
>he seems to really enjoy working the dildo in and out of my mouth
>wake up

I know weird as fuck but I'd never thought of my own dad that way (despite incest being one of my kinks) and now I guess I have something new to fap about.
When I was younger like 9 if I have a family friend he pick me up to go to church... He had a car so I always thought it was so cool and he would undress me in the car and then play with my cock.. He would finger my ass and tell me that I was just good boy and play with my dick and suck me off in the car and I always liked it so I never told anybody. One night he brought me over his house to spend the night with a couple of other friends from church and he got us the hook up with him in his bed and suck each others dicks and fuck each other in our assessment. That was my first... Now I'm hard lol
What does that have to do with dads or bros?
> MORE stories. Need the details on cherry popping. God this is hot. Also, describe you and your uncle.

my uncle fucked me on a camping trip once. i came but it kind of messed with my head for a long time. he has 8 kids and a couple of years ago his wife divorced him because she caught him fucking a 15 year old boy. now he teaches college in taiwan or somewhere with his underage bf so i don't see him, which is okay, i'm still kind of freaked out about the whole thing.

turns out two of his sons are gay. they want to hang out since they know i'm gay and everyone else in the family is religious but it is so awkward. i'm afraid i might say the wrong thing or, worse, find out that he had been doing them too. i think there is a reason incest is taboo: it makes everything weird.
You should have a threesome with your cousins. its not like you're all gonna get pregnant
more stories please
Not dad/brother, but since this has quickly turned into 55 different flavours of incest, why not.

> Cousin (17 at time) and I (15 at time) used to hang out all the time
> Play vidya and whatnot
> I get a new laptop
> Download gay porn to it
> Cousin's bi too
> Put some on
> We both watch because we're fuckin awkward as shit dickwad nerds
> I slide my hand across his leg, start feeling him up
> Shit his dick is like 7 inch and thick
> Tfw his dick bigger than mine
> Eventually we just say "fuck it" and jerk/suck each other off
> First blowjob
> Came in minutes
> Kept doing this for like 2 years on and off
> He turned into a dick one summer
> We don't talk anymore
> Lowkey still dream about the dick
Not really dad/brother but still incest
> Be me age 14
> Weird nerdy kid huge glasses braces plus I get really sweaty if I'm nervous/stressed out
> Came out to my Italian family at age 13
> Everyone was pretty ok with it
> Family used to tease me about it jokingly
> Go to some second cousins wedding or what not
> Big Italian family gathering
> Everyone drunk off their ass
> Been eyeing my 20 year old cousin the entire night
> Tall, semi built, was always good with girls, always nice to me
> First ever crush
> I noticed he was drinking a lot and probably drunk
> Face all red super sweaty
> fuckyeah.jpg
> See him go to bathroom
> Follow along awkwardly
> He starts peeing in urinal
> First time seeing his dick
> My face turns red instantly
> "Are you staring at my dick bro"
> "W-What? Of course not dont be stupid..."
> Starts stroking his dick while looking at me
> "If you want to touch it just ask"
> whatthefuckisgoingon.jpg
> Go into bathroom stall
> Give him a hand job until his dick is hard
> Eventually blow him
> Hot incest cum
> "Keep this between us ok?"
> He goes out first while I wash my hands
> Made my entire night
I probably have pics of him on my pc. I'll post if you want
Yes please!!! Post them
Are you fucking kidding?
Not sure if you have read one to many supernatural daddykink fanfics, or if your life is just... Weird and golden.
File: 1399410708894.jpg (8 KB, 266x258) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 266x258

Ohhhhh... Oh sssssssshit yes let this be true. Hurry up and post pics, you dumb faggot! My boner could be used to bludgeon a Russian to death with right now!
>not gay
bull fucking shit
Sorry for keeping you lads hanging there. I saw that the thread wasn't updating so I went to run some errands. 1/3
and that's it. I'm sure I have more pictures of his but I cba to look for them now so just enjoy this for now
He's sexy.
Ever done more with him?
Not really and besides I like him way too much to do anything sexual with him I like our close relationship and making it sexual would only complicate it
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>i think there is a reason incest is taboo: it makes everything weird.
This. I started fooling around with my older brother several years ago, and it really messed things up between us.

We used to be really close and open with each other, I always looked up to him as this mentor figure that I could talk to about anything... but once we crossed the line and started hooking up, the sex quickly "took over" and started dominating our whole relationship. Now we've always got all this weird guilt and sexual tension and shame and other confusing feelings hanging between us, especially whenever we're alone together. It feels like we've downgraded from being brothers to just being secret fuckbuddies, and at this point it's not looking like we can put the genie back in the bottle...
What's the source of the gif
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Going to have a twink cum over in 3 hours should I post pics maybe take request he's bottom in bi I closet top I'm 27 he's 20
wrong thread bro
does stepfather count?

>mother and father divorced when I was 3
>mother dated off and on but nothing serious
>when I was 12 she started dating Sean
>while other guys my mother dated were white-collar types, Sean was in the building trades
>rough, muscular, beard
>always nice to me
>one night he's taking care of me because mother was out
>go up to my room, put on headphones and decide to jerk off
>having a good time, open my eyes and Sean is standing there
>I cover up but he says not to worry
>tells me if my mother found out she'd be pissed (mother was very religious)
>tells me he won't mention it and sometimes he does the same thing
>asks if I mind if he joins me
>to afraid to say no
>he sits on the bed next to me, opens his pants and pulls his cock out
>it was probably average but to me it looked huge. thick, uncut (I'm cut so fascinated by his cock)
>he starts stroking it and I just watch, amazed how his foreskin glides over his purple cockhead
>I'm not even stroking now and he notices
>he takes his finger, wipes a bit of his precum off my cock and brings it up to his lips and lick it off
>then he takes a qipe off his cockhead and gives it to me to lick it off
>I'm still not stroking so he leans over, takes my cock in his hand and strokes us both at the same time
>I'm so horny that I cum in about 30 seconds
>he just smiles at me
>jerks himself off now. he's breathing heavily, slight moaning
>when he cums it shots straight up and back down all over his hand and cock
>lays there for a minute
>asks me to get a towel so he can clean up
>when I bring the towel in he asks that I clean him up
>when finished he pulls his pants up and tells me we can never tell my mother because she'd kill us both.
Anyone have any stories about step brothers, where it wouldn't be illegal or nasty?
My brother moved out a while ago, but whenever he comes over and spends the night he sleeps in my bed. Once when we had a party he got wasted and sleep on my bed. while hes sleeping i played with his dick
anyone got any legit dad/son vids other than that rhett jr/sr one??
That is Jamie and Estaban from SeanCody.

Ever done more him? Is she still with him? Do you guys still do stuff together?
Im really interested in this?
made my dick twitch.
more please. <3
An anagram of incest is nicest.


That was just the first time. And, by the way, he had been drinking. In the future when I saw him drinking and we were alone I figured (hoped) it would happen again. First BJ with him:

>about three weeks later
>we had done a few more hand jobs similar to what I described
>mom goes out, he's drinking
>get the usual "let's go upstairs" signal
>go up, take out pants off and start stroking as usual
>he asks if I'd like to try a blow job
>figure why not
>he moves down the bed, takes my cock and slides it in his mouth
>tells me to just lay back and enjoy it
>feels really nice. warm wet mouth, talented tongue, pays attention to my balls
>comes back up and asks if I'll do the same to him
>I move down on the bed and grab his cock
>never done this before so basically just shove his cock in my mouth and lay there
>Sean has to give me instructions. in and out, lick the head, suck on the balls
>finally get the hang of it I guess because Sean's laying there moaning
>feel his hand on the back of my head pushing it down little by little
>go in too deep and gag
>Sean pulls me off his cock and apologizes
>go back to sucking his cock
>he tells me he's close and to keep my mouth on his cock
>he groans, hold my head still and blows his load into my mouth
>tells me to swallow it. I do. kind of tasteless
>he tells me to lay back and he starts sucking my cock again
>takes all of 30 seconds before I cum. at this age very little cums out but what came out he swallowed
>again admonished never to tell anyone
>refers to me as his "little cocksucker"
You got pictures of him? Doesn't have to show his face just his cock is more than enough. He sounds fucking sexy especially since he's uncut.

Keep telling the stories. Go more in detail about how his cock is.
Definitely share more, man, he sounds like a fuckin stud
>Mom and dad are out
>Left me with cousin
>He's 19, me 13
>Start talking about jerking off and girls he fucked
>I get a boner, he notices I'm horny
>Asks me to join him to the backyard
>Takes dick out. I can't stop seeing it. Was the biggest one I had seen (at that time)
>I ask if he ever got a blowjob
>He says no (liar)
>I try to show myself off and suck his dick
>starts moaning and ends up cumming on the grass
>Asks me if I'm gay. I wasn't out, I said no
>He walks away and I jerk myself and cum over his cum
>Have not seen him ever since
>Parent's anniversary, decide they want to do something special, go to Hawaii for a five day trip
>Let my brother (15) babysit me (11)
>As soon as parents leave, he says we should totally spend the week naked since it's just the guys
>Don't even think twice about it, clothes are off in seconds
>Spend all day playing games and watching TV, doesn't force me to read a book, having a blast
>Night comes, he says it's bed time
>After about five minutes in my bed, get scared cause our parents aren't home, what happens if someone breaks in
>Go to brother's room, ask if I can sleep with him, he says sure
>Lying under the covers, both of us naked
>After about five minutes I feel his hand on my back
>It moves down, lower and lower
>I don't move, kind of nervous
>Feel him squeeze my butt, poke my butt hole
>Takes his hand away, I think it's over
>Feel something hard poking against my butt
>I roll on my front so it stops poking me
>I feel him get up, put a leg on either side of me
>I ask what he's doing, he tells me to relax, it'll feel good
>Feel him rub something really cold against my ass, rub it into my butthole too
>After a while, he stops rubbing it on
>Feel that thing poke against me again
>He tells me as long as I relax it'll feel good
>Everything so far today has been fun, no reason not to trust him, relax
>Feel it go inside of me
>Clench up a little bit, he tells me to relax, rubs more cold stuff on me
>Keeps pushing until his hips touch my butt
>Starts fucking me slowly, it actually does start to feel kind of good
>After a couple of minutes, he stops, pulls it out of me, lays down next to me
>Asks me if I liked it, I tell him I did
>He tells me never to tell anyone or they will actually kill me, but we can keep doing this when mom and dad are gone
>Spend the rest of the week having fun in the day, having fun at night

8 years later and I still let him use me when he comes visits.
Hooooooly fuck. I'ma need more stories.
About 10 years ago me and my cousin (10 and 16 at that time) used to spend lots of time just hanging around at his mothers house ( I lived about 100mi away and visited them every 3 months). His mom was in the livingroom and me and my cousin were at his room playing video games when we both decided to get naked. We did somekind of roleplay-thing pretending we were stone age humans and suddenly his cock got hard but he still walked around the room talking to me.

Biggest cock I've seen in my life since then.
Well, there are three other stories I can think of right off the top of my head. There was the time later that year that he took me snowboarding, the time he took me to the beach, and the time his girlfriend confessed she had a thing for guy on guy incest. Take your pick.
Let me see... I pick every single one of these. Post a series, please.
Fair warning, I'm fairly new at green texting, so updates will be slow, and won't start until I get home tonight, or tomorrow morning depending on how late it is. Any preference in which one to start with?
Beach pls
Damn, that's probably the least interesting one. At least, it's the least meaningful to me. But your wish is my command. Will be tonight or tomorrow morning, depends on when I get home.
All three

>Couple of months later
>Spring break
>Parents get us tickets to some resort in Florida
>Parents send us alone so they can get some peace and quiet
>Get to the hotel, unpack
>Realize brother 'forgot' to pack my swim trunks
>Brother goes to local mall to buy some
>Comes back with a speedo
>Put it on, a little bit uncomfortable, butt cheeks poking out a little bit
>Go to the beach, play around in the water, have some fun
>Brother grabs my ass under the water a few times, got my ass grabbed by people not my brother a few times as well (including a girl my age, which was awesome)
>Starts getting dark, we get out of the water
>Brother stops me from going inside, instead takes me to the hot tub
>Water was nice and hot, bubbly, could barely see under the water ohiseewherethisisgoing
>Look around, place is surprisingly empty (we had a late spring break, so I guess it's not much of a surprise)
>Only life guard was sitting at the pool reading a book
>Brother pulls speedos to the side, pulls out his dick, lowers me onto it
>Look down to be safe, looks like I'm just sitting on his lap, relax a bit
>Slowly start moving up and down
>After a while, brother grabs my hips, starts thrusting
>Cums inside of me, pulls out
>We go play in the pool some, go inside, have some fun, go to bed
>Rinse, repeat for the next 3 days

Alright, one down, two to go. Any preference in which goes first? Thought of a couple of other interesting stories to tell, but will reveal them once we get the first three down.
Let's hear the snowboarding one
Tell him you miss being able to talk to him.
>That Fall
>Parents send us skiing
>Go to Uncle's cabin (doesn't live there, but has it for the family to use when they feel like)
>Have fun on the mountain until I eat shit hard, we decide to call it a day
>Sitting watching TV until it gets dark, brother decides to turn on the fire place
>He sits next to me, pulls me onto his lap
>Instead of getting frisky, he just holds me against his chest, enjoying the fire's warmth
>We start talking, at first about dumb shit, but soon we get into some real emotional stuff
>Feels totally different from all the other times we hang out together
>Felt less like two brothers who happen to fuck and more like a pair of lovers
>I'm melting to putty in his hands
>I have a sudden impulse
>Turn myself around so that I'm straddling him
>Put my lips to his
>Wait, panicked, worried I overstepped
>He parts his lips, his tongue separates mine
>My brother is my first kiss
>Spend a few minutes sitting like that, just kissing, his hands rubbing my body
>He puts my arms around his neck, lifts me up, carries me to the bedroom
>Plops me on the bed, pulls off my pants, grabs some lotion from his bag
>Lubes me up, lifts me up again, sits on the edge of the bed
>Lowers me down slowly onto his cock, us face to face
>First time seeing his face while he fucks me, it's beautiful
>Feel kind of funny down there
>Grabs me, pulls me chest to chest with him, him thrusting into me, my dick rubbing against his body
>Start to feel amazing, cum for the first time in my life
>He sees what happens, sends him over the edge, cums in my ass, lays on his back, me resting on his chest
>Fall asleep like that
>The day I fell in love with my brother

Sorry it's so late, got caught up in football. Will probably post the girlfriend one sometime tomorrow morning. While I'm here, I'll give you guys the next three options: The time his gf made me a trap for him, the time he got one of his friends to join, or the time our uncle caught us.
last two plz
>Brother pulls speedos to the side, pulls out his dick, lowers me onto it

I've tried to have sex in a hot-tub and it is very difficult without lube underwater. You must have a loose ass or your brother has a small dick.

I call bullshit on all your stories. I doubt anybody would brazenly fuck their little brother in public like this. Incest is disgusting.
>First time seeing his face while he fucks me
>cum for the first time in my life

so he fucked you doggy style before but you never came?

i was orgasming when i was six years old just from playing with myself but nothing came out. i didn't start ejaculating semen until i was 12.

are you saying your brother was fucking you all this time and you never orgasmed?

your stories aren't believable as written.

you're probably some gross old pedophile imagining how hot it must be for two young brothers to fuck but you're getting all the important details wrong since it never actually happened to you.
A. I never said it was comfortable. In fact, it's the reason I can't get into water play at all. B. You've clearly never been a stupid horny teen. Or at least not one who got much action.

Also, are you supposed to cum from getting fucked? Cause I can count the amount of time it's happened in my life on one hand.

And finally:
>i was orgasming when i was six years old just from playing with myself but nothing came out. i didn't start ejaculating semen until i was 12.

And I'M the one making stuff up. Right.
the one where your uncle caught you guys please please pleaseeeee
don't mind them, my best bud has also done stuff with his little brother and the experiences are fairly similar. I've tried to get him to reveal some more details, but he says those days are over now, they're both 22 and 20, so you get the idea. He doesn't know how crazy I am for brother on brother incest.
Honestly, im more into dad/uncle or unknown/random men fucking boys.
This brother on brother shit is nasty and a big turn off.
Please post according to my liking.
( - 3 -)/
Fuck your likings.
Let's get to the ones involving a girl please. :>

Sorry, no pics. My mother and he broke up about 18 months later.

Like I said, his cock, at least to me, seemed average. Maybe 6" and average thickness. I was fascinated by his foreskin.

Not a good time:

>screwed up at school
>had been fooling around in class
>mother at work and call comes in from school
Sean takes the call
>comes up to my room
>he's drunker than usual
>tells me about the call. I try to brush it off but he's bullshit about it
>tells me he's going to spank me
>I laugh at him. Probably not a good idea
>he grabs me and pulls my shorts down
>tells me either he can handle it or he'll tell my mother
>he sits on the bed and has me lay over his lap
>starts spanking me. real hard.
>I know spanking can be a fantasy for some people but when you're on the receiving end of a drunken spanking it isn't
>after about five minutes he tells me to kneel in front of him
>he drops is pants and just starts face fucking me
>I'm gagging and spit is running all over the place
>he doesn't give a shit. thinks this is good punishment and says so.
>about 15 minutes of this because he's pretty drunk
>pulls out and starts jerking off while he has a fist full of my hair
>finally able to get himself off. blows his load on my face
>uses his cock to smear it all over my face, in my eyes and nose
>tells me he better not get a call like that from school again
>ass burned for days


>That year, brother got a girlfriend
>Total scene chick, blue hair, fake lip piercing, the whole nine yards
>Brings her over to our house a bunch
>Is weirdly handsy with me. Nothing inappropriate, just weirdly physical for someone I've only met a few times
>One day they're talking about highschool stuff watching a chick flick
>Bored, tired, decide to lay down to rest, his gf lets me use her lap as a pillow
>Can't sleep cause of all the noise from the TV, but I guess she thought I was asleep
>Starts twirling my hair (I had long hair at the time,) telling brother about how cute she thought I was
>Straight up asks him if he's ever fucked me
>He tries laughing it off, tells her no
>She tells him it's a shame cause she thinks that would be hot
>She asks him if he's ever thought about me sexually like that, pulling my shorts down a tad so that I flashed him
>He doesn't deny it
>She asks him if he would do it for her and let her watch
>He tells her that if she can get me on board, he'll do whatever she wants
>She seems satisfied, changes the subject to something else, I actually fall asleep after a bit
>After she leaves, brother begs me to let her 'convince me'
>I'm hesitant cause I barely know this chick, don't trust her
>Later that week, she's over, brother goes to the grocery store to get us some snacks, leaving just us two in the house
>She wastes no time, goes right into assault mode
>Asks if I think she's sexy, don't lie, say yes
>Asks if I've ever seen tits in person before, say no, she pulls them out
>No 14 year old deserves to have tits that big
>Asks if I want to touch them, go to cop a feel when she stops me
>Tells me she'll let me feel them whenever I want, but I had to do something for her first
>Pulls me in so my face is in her tits, grabs my ass
>Tells me she think's my brother's hot, but thinks I'm cuter, wants me to do something for her

This one's going into extra innings


>Tells me if I let brother fuck me once in front of her she'll let me feel her up whenever I want, I tell her okay
>She pulls my shirt off, pushes me onto brother's bed, pulls my shorts and briefs off leaving me naked in front of her
>She quickly joins me in nudity, pulling her shirt off and dropping her skirt to the floor, revealing she wasn't wearing panties at all
>She grabs some lotion from brother's bed stand and gets to work lubing me up
>She hears the front door close, flips me onto my stomach, sits on my back and lifts my ass into the air, spreading my cheeks so my hole is pointing directly at the door
>Brother walks in, stops what he's saying mid sentence to try and take the sight in
>I hear his door lock, his pants hit the floor, and felt the bed rock as he got onto it
>I felt his cock poke my hole, then slide right in all the way to the balls
>His gf leans over and whispers to me "You've done this before, haven't you, you little slut"
>Brother gets into the motion, rocking the bed back and forth, moaning louder than ever
>GF gets off my back, sits in front of me with her legs spread, lets me watch her masturbate
>One of the hottest moments of my life, start moaning, something I've rarely done before
>Feel brother start pounding harder, know he's about to cum
>Push my ass against him, let him cum balls deep
>He pulls out, I lay there, exhausted,
>Feel the bed shake more, look up in time to see his GF's legs wrap around my head, pull me against her pussy as she came
>The three of us lay there for a solid 15 minutes
>She asks brother when we started, she tells her the story about how I slept in his bed one night
>We hang out like normal, just naked, til she goes home that evening
>Brother asks me if that was okay, if it's okay if we do that some more, how I like her
>Tell him that it was great and that I like her now
>Get dressed, have dinner with parents when they get home, go to bed

You know, it just now occurrs to me that I never did get to feel her up that day. Anyways, that's it for the first three, what order do you guys want the second three?
I came
Stories are good but photos/videos are much better. Has anyone got them?
Very nice. Thank you. n__n
I'm bi and this is the hottest thing I've ever read.
Wish I was your brother.
You havent heard from him ever since?
If i were you ill start looking for that man.
And was the sex enjoyable for you?
He sounds wonderful.
The one where your uncle caught you!
Ignore the other asshat. If he didn't wanna read the stories, he shouldn't have...
The uncle, then the friends joining in, then the trap please
>reading this thread
>horny as fuck
>turned on by all those dad/son stories
>dad suddenly comes into my room
>asks me to search something on the internet
>gets really close to me
>i can smell him
>instant turn off. eew.

how odd is it that I'm super into incest but I'm not turned on by any member of my family, and the mere thought of having sex with them disgusts me?
I'm the same way, my dad's ugly as fuck and I have 0 interest in him but dad/son turns me on like crazy
I'm pretty into incest as a fantasy and I even think some of my family members are conventionally attractive, but I'm not at all into the idea of having sex with any of them.

Never heard from him after he left.

I did enjoy the sex. Can't deny it. A little painful the first time he fucked me but after that it was OK.

Apart from molesting a young boy, he really was a nice guy and he made my mother happy. Unfortunately mom was a bitch and he wouldn't put up with her bullshit.
Sorry, first finals weeks got me stressed to hell. Last final is thursday, so I'll get back to typing around then.
>be 11 years old , parents divorced , sister is 9
>dad moved into old farmhouse, spiral staircase up to bedrooms
>the way the spiral staircase was angled I could stare downstairs without being seen
>one night sister long asleep , im supposed to be
>look downstairs , dad watching real sex
In sweat pants stroking what looks to be massive cock through pants
>jerking off cock with pants on for 10 minutes
>finally erect cock flops out
>its huge , dad is 6'3 , cop with wide shoulder build and hairy chest 6 pack
>jerks 8" thick cock for a couple minutes
>wish I could go down and play with it
>finally cums in his underwear
>I wait a minute then climb back into bed and rape my pillow until I cum .... a few feet away from where my sister was sleeping

A couple months later I found polaroids of my dads cock that he took to give to his girlfriend. I stole em and still jerk off to them on occasion now 20 years later
It's not that hard to figure out why the idea of incest turns you on but you don't want to have sex with your family members.

It's because none of them are your type.

Wow. Is your mind blown?

Okay. Try replacing them with someone about their age with someone or a celeb that is your type and imagine they are now that brother, father, uncle or whatever and then put yourself into an incest scenario with them.

God, I'm a genius.
I don't think that's it the majority of the time. While I can acknowledge that both of my siblings are actually pretty attractive, I still don't want to have sex with them.

I think the answer has more to do with psychology rather than physiology.
>incest is based on psychology not physiology

yeah, ok
Obviously not incest itself. The answer to the issue of why people are aroused by incest as a fantasy but not a reality.

Did you not read the earlier posts, or are you just dumb?
Yeah, two strangers can have an incestual experience as long as they are in the mindset.

It's called a fantasy.
I wouldn't really call it an incestual experience myself.
Enought??? Really ??? Im hard as diamond mooooaaaaarrrrr... pls
postpostpost polaroids!
File: Waiting on OP.jpg (10 KB, 220x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Waiting on OP.jpg
10 KB, 220x180
>thursday came and went
>anon still hasn't posted the last couple of his stories
>be me, fapping my head off reading that right now
Mine isnt daddy incest...but i was molested and raped by my cousin( he was 14 and i was 10..)
Sure why not
Background information
me and older brother are somewhat masochistic, though we didn't know it at the time,
that will explain our need to always make up small rituals and explain why we liked to be punished
lived in a small village/town, no internet, no TV porn
we discovered porn when we found our dad's old magazines, some of them were even in black and white

with that out of the way...

>be me (11) older bro (12)
>found dad's (or mom's) porn magazines
>smuggle in our room, read it at night
just reading them become boring
>feel weird in between legs, no idea what it means
>always played pretend games with our imaginations (not lot to do around here in the 1980s)
>pretend that we did some crime and we are being punished by being stripped
>take turns at being stripped
again just being naked started becoming boring so after a while it somehow evolved and we had our small rituals and games

Example 1
>be not long after we discover porn
>go to bed in pajamas (pajama top, bottom and underwear)
>wait until 1 AM till parents are sleep
>get up and put a pile of pillows on one of our beds
>play rock paper scissors to decide who becomes the 'loser'
>become 'loser', dick already hard like diamond
>stand in middle of the room, imagine i am being restrained
>brother slowly strips me, takes off my top, bottom
>takes his time with underwear, gives me wedgie, caresses dick through fabric
>don't touch our dicks directly to heighten the experience
>takes off my underwear, points at pile of pillows
>imagine i'm going to my painful punishment while inside my stomach is filled with butterflies
>the punishment was to dry hump the pillows until we got "that feeling" still no cum
>dry humping while brother watches
>after 5 minutes feel that good feeling
>get dressed and play again with brother becoming the loser
Example 2
>be another night where our blood boils and our dick's are hard
>wait until 1 AM
>get up, pile up pillows to make a tower
>play rock paper scissors
>brother becomes the loose
>stands in middle of the room, pretends to be restrained
>take off his top and bottom, keep his underwear on
>point to tower
>he leans over the pillows making his ass stick up
>lower his underwear a bit so that the front still covers his dick
>start palying with his bare ass,
>caress, kiss, slap
>after the warm up i try to stick my index finger in his ass
>get as much as i can in, enjoying his gaspps and moans
>take out finger and smell it, enjoying the new fragrance
>pull up his underwear signaling that i finished my turn
>wait in middle of room for my turn

We did these things for years and i have tons of stories, so if you have any preference then give me a themes/locations to jog my memory i'll write down the closest thing we did.

Hot... How did it progress?
You brought it on yourself.
You sound like a fucking idiot.
Post Polaroids. Don't be a tease.
Write me handsome... Ajairana@gmail.com
this is all so cringe worthy, you were all either molested/ raped or molested/ raped someone..
are you all okay?
File: Untitled111.jpg (119 KB, 390x299) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My bro's cock
I'm assuming that you're baiting, but this is such a dumb assumption. It's a fetish, just like anything else. I for one have never experienced/done any of that shit, but incest stuff is one of the hottest things to me. For (most) it's about the fantasy more than anything.
how did you get it?
got a facepic too?
Personally i think most of these stories are made up, everybody knows it but as long as nobody comes out and says it everyone can indulge in them.
>>i can smell him
>>instant turn off. eew.
>how odd is it that I'm super into incest but I'm not turned on by any member of my family, and the mere thought of having sex with them disgusts me?
Pheromones are a strong negative reinforcement to prevent incestuous behavior which would lead to weakening traits due to inbreeding. Seriously.
If you think that incest is undesirable for the sole reason that you're not physically attracted to your siblings than you actually are a fucking idiot.
how did you find it?
>how did you find it?
Looked betwixt his legs, I'll warrant.
more ?
What have we learned today kids? Anonymous grindr hook ups can either get you murdered, give you AIDS or accidentally make you have sex with your closeted father.
this post is /hm/ hall of fame material
>put "anon hooded sex wanted door open" in bio
>also add hotel name and room number
>douches and lays toys out on nightstand
>opens poppers


Are you sure you aren't 52?
Really? This sounds pretty standard to me. You obvs haven't been here long
Young sluts not that out of the ordinary, actually
This is actually true...
File: 135198546629.jpg (39 KB, 337x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 337x640
>Be me 15 yr old, with 14 yr old little brother who I’ve always been really close with
>Summer vacation; I have just discovered weed
>Bring home some weed all excited to share with my little brother
>Holy Shit; get properly high for the first time in my life
>My brother is high for the first time in his life too
>I start feeling really horny….
>Literally high out of my mind, I fucking just go for it
>I say to my brother “remember when we used to play doctor when we were little”
>Yeah man…?
>I say “dude does getting high make you hard”
>He just laughs and looks at my dick under my pants…
>I just go right out and say “Let’s play the first porn video we see and do whatever they do”
>The suspense….before he says “ok haha…”
>I fucking go to redtube.c o m,
>Start pulling down my pants
>Pull up first video
>It’s of a guy fucking a girl
>Yeah, neither of us are ready for that…
>I go ahead and just stand up with my dick out, kind of push his face into my dick
>H.O.L.Y. S.H.I.T…This was the first blowjob I’d gotten
>I’m so high and so horny, pre-cumming all over my brother’s mouth
>I start pushing the back of my brother’s head and start deepthroating him
>He starts gagging, will only suck my balls for a couple seconds (mother fucker!)
>Get him to start sucking my dick again, have to be careful not do deepthroat him too hard…
>He tells me not to cum in his mouth b/c “that’d be gross”
>A minute later I hold down his head and cum in his mouth :)
>That awkward feeling after 2 minutes is brutal
>We both feel guilty, avoid each other for a couple days
>Finally we talk about it, both agree we regret it. But fuck, I still secretly jack off to it ‘till this day…
>haven't seen or talked to my dad in years
>live in different states
>hear from old family friend who ran into him
>he's apparently gotten fat and has taken to wearing overalls everywhere
>chubby guys in overalls is a big turn on for me

Christmas bump
And bump again
bumpity bump bump bumpity bump bump look at frosty go
File: 1320774893988.gif (3 MB, 230x130) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 230x130
>be 13
>mom gets remarried
>end up moving and have to share a bedroom with my new step-brother
>he's two years older than me, very good-looking, and has no shyness about being naked in front of me
>I'm pretty sheltered/ignorant about my sexuality at that point, so this causes a lot of confusing/guilty feelings for me
>tried to keep it to myself, but it didn't take him long to pick up on me ogling him
>at first he just makes fun of me for it (while I deny up and down)
>but he also gets more and more exhibitionistic
>starts flaunting his boners in front of me, and lets me "catch" him jerking off
>especially in his bed at night when he knows I'm probably still awake
>one night he's really putting on a show, fapping loudly with his covers pulled back, even moaning and grunting and shit
>I'm laying there trying to pretend to sleep while my dick is rock hard
>then I decide "fuck it" and start fapping too (though under my covers)
>he suddenly stops and asks if I'm awake in a pissed-off-sounding tone (though I later realize he was going for "husky" rather than angry)
>oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck I fucked up
>lay there playing dead with this horrible feeling of shame/embarrassment/fear making me sick to my stomach as he makes his way across the room
>then without a word he climbs into my bed and slides up behind me
>I can feel his boner pressing against my back while he reaches around and starts playing with my dick
>we spend the next half hour grinding and rubbing on each other, not saying anything aside from a few short instructions like "turn over" or "like this"
>he gets me to cum in his hand twice before he finally cums while hotdogging between my butt cheeks/thighs
>then he retreats back to his bed
>happens again the next night, and the night after that
>doesn't take long before he's got me sucking his dick, and a few more months of fooling around before he finally starts fucking me too
>we've had an on-and-off thing going ever since
>surprisingly drama free so far
File: 1443915349147.gif (2 MB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x281
>be "straight-acting" bifag
>fooled around with my step-brother throughout my teens
>liked it, but we both felt increasingly guilty about it as we got older
>this led to a recurring cycle:
>creeping guilt/shame would lead to a mutual agreement that we should stop
>followed by a long period of growing sexual tension
>eventually we'd cross the line and start messing around again
>after fucking like rabbits for a while, the guilt/shame would start setting back in
>this whole cycle repeated about a dozen times
>then in college my step-brother started getting serious about this girl he was dating
>I didn't expect much from it at first
>but sure enough, he shrugged me off the next few times I tried starting something
>eventually I gave up, figured he was over his experimental phase or whatever it was we had going
>few years went by and my relationship with him became more "normal"
>neither of us talks about all the gay shit we used to do, basically act like regular brothers
>I get comfortable with being bi (but stay mostly in the closet about it), date a couple girls and one guy, nothing serious yet
>step-brother gets engaged to that same girl about a year ago, good for him
>but shortly after that, their relationship starts falling apart
>it's a long, ugly mess, and this last thanksgiving was apparently the final straw, cause they finally broke up a week later
>both me and him visited home last week for Christmas
>expected to spend the whole time drinking with him, listening to him vent about the bitch, typical post-breakup support stuff
>and we did do plenty of that
>what I didn't expect was him also jumping my bones
>I actually tried to turn him down at first, but he was fucking desperate for it
>spent the whole week screwing like rabbits, like we were teenagers again
>and now he wants us to "hang out" for new years later this week, so I guess it's not out of his system yet
>not sure if I'm setting myself up for a big mess here or what
So basically you're his fallback slut. Nice.

Read this>>1283545
File: 1390011313872.gif (999 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
999 KB, 500x281
Heh, yeah, pretty much. It's not too surprising, that's how it was when we were teenagers too -- our "breaks" often coincided with him him landing a new girl to hook up with, so it's hardly the first time I've been rebound sex for him. It's just been so long since we last fooled around that I thought he was "over it" and had gone completely straight, since he always felt guiltier about our "gay shit" (his term for it).

It doesn't really bother me, since I feel like I've gotten over all my own guilt and angst over this crap, I just hope he doesn't get all weird about it. So far he's been very, uh, "eager", but I'm worried he's still carrying around all that old baggage... I don't want us to get trapped back in that whole fucking guilt/tension/sex cycle we had going when we were teenagers, that shit was exhausting.
No need to feel guilty. Just share some nudes of him/you and all is forgiven
I'm gonna need to hear more.
File: 1369092342984.jpg (72 KB, 500x675) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 500x675
So he's still fucking you now? What's your relationship with him been like through all this? Do you have any "brotherly" feelings for each other, or are you just fuckbuddies? How often do you guys hook up, and have your parents ever caught you going at it?
sauce of the gif?
How is it going so far? Do you think a relationship can form out of this?
Seems like you were in love with him for a certain period of time.
Fucking cringe. These stories border between fun and molestation
File: 1316183276094.jpg (84 KB, 600x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 600x450
Well, so far this is still pretty new... I mean it was just last week that this all started back up again. At this point it's up to him where things go from here. Though judging by the thirsty fucking texts he's been sending since we last saw each other, it's looking like a pretty safe bet that I'll be entering 2016 with his tongue down my throat.

I don't expect or want any sort romantic relationship to come out of this, though. That's just asking for fucking trouble. Even if I thought he was "gay enough" to be capable of a full-blown romantic relationship with another guy, and even if we weren't, y'know, technically related... he's also not exactly my type. If that makes sense? I mean we've always had amazing physical chemistry... but aside from sex we've never really "gotten along" very well. It's not that we dislike each other, our personalities just clash too much, and we've got almost nothing in common. We're both more chill towards each other now, but we actually bickered all the time when we were younger... quite a lot of our fooling around was in the form of grudge fucks or make up sex.
I know its weird and creepy to ask but i will love to see at least how he looks like.
He comes off as the jocky buff aggressive muscular type while you seem like a calm and average build cutie.

Describe how he is. Dick, body, etc.
File: 1399531339036.jpg (168 KB, 708x1064) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168 KB, 708x1064
You're not too far off. He's certainly taller and broader than me... not sure if I'd exactly call him "jocky" though, he had more of a clean-cut preppy blonde fratboy look going on when he was younger. And nowadays he's a salesman, and definitely looks the part. Spends a lot of time taking care of himself, and has the body to show for it. Not super buff, but very firm and toned. And he's pretty well-hung... probably only an inch or so longer than mine (and mine's a dead average 6"), but his is way thicker, easily the "meatiest"-looking dick I've ever seen outside of porn.

In contrast, I've got black hair, average height, and a bit on the gangly side... could probably pull off an "otter" look if I worked out more, but right now I'm too scrawny for that.
File: 1426367937272.jpg (66 KB, 467x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>used to date a guy who had a weird sexual history with his step-dad
>when he first told me about it, he was super embarrassed, and glossed over it saying he'd gotten "felt up a few times" when he was a teenager (without naming who)
>but he obviously needed to talk about it, so I stayed supportive and non-judgmental
>he eventually opened up about it over the course of several talks
>first he told me it had been his step-dad
>then he admitted that he "kind of enjoyed it"
>then he admitted that it'd been much more frequent and much more involved than he first let on
>like instead of just getting "felt up", he was regularly giving handjobs, frotting, sucking cock, getting fucked, the works
>and instead of it being "a few times", it was practically every day throughout his high school years
>throughout all of this he was very evasive about calling it molestation or rape or anything
>when I finally questioned him on that, he got very defensive of his step-dad
>that led to a serious talks where we got to the core of his conflicted feelings about the experience
>namely whether or not it had really been "consensual"
>apparently for the most part, he'd been an active and willing participant and enjoyed the sex, even "started" a lot of it
>but he also admitted that the sex sometimes got way too rough and degrading for him, and that his stepdad sometimes got way too "dominant" and used guilt and threats to pressure him into doing stuff he didn't want to do
>in the end, it seems like just talking about this stuff with me helped him work out his issues, cause he eventually dropped a lot of his guilt/shame about the whole thing
>at the end of college, we broke up amicably since I was moving across the country for work and we didn't think the long-distance thing would work
>last time I caught up with him, he told me he'd moved back in with his "folks", meaning his mom and step-dad
>he didn't say, and I didn't ask, but I could tell from his tone that he was back to his old habits
Back when i was 10 and my friend was 13 we would be playing consoles and stuff and regularly sleeping over at each others house. One night we decided to compare sizes... I showed first then him, he was massive compared to me, well into puberty where i hadnt even started. I didnt have any pubic hair and had tiny balls and a little thin cock but his balls were huge compared to mine, we measured and one of his balls was considerably bigger than my whole scrotum and balls. His cock was about 8 inches, thick and hairy, i was fascinated by it. He tought me how to wank by letting me watch him jerk off for a good 5 mins then squirting cum, i had never seen cum and didnt have a clue what it was.. He then made me wank in front of him and after about 10 minutes nothing was happening, i was hard but wasnt getting much pleasure, he told me to just keep going, i did, and 5 mins later i went insanely tingly and had to stop. I had came but nothing came out.. He became dominant and would make fun of how small my penis and balls were compared to his, would would put them together and size them up, his was twice as wide and about 3 inches longer, then i'd cup and rub his balls for ages as they fascinated me so much because they were huge compared to mine, hed grab mine and squeeze them together tight making a ring with his index finger and thumb then put on of his big balls next to both mine and his one ball was much bigger than the 2 of mine together. I secretly loved the fact i was so much smaller than him and he'd do weekly size tests on me to see if i had grew any, i never did as i hardly reached puberty till i was 16, i remember having the same small junk all through school, but it didnt stop me letting girls give me handjobs and stuff, every time it happened i would hear all the girls talking about how small i was but in a way i liked it, probably due to my younger experiences with my friend. Anyway back on track and me and my friend would start to wank each other and try to....
Make each other cum, he came more easy than me, and it would shoot all over his chest, i had started getting a slight dribble when i came. We eventually tried sucking each other, it felt great but i didnt like doing it to him (wish i had my mindset then that i do now). His balls grew even bigger over the next couple of years and we'd often play doing things like cock fights, he'd always hammer me and get on top of me and grind his big balls and cock off my little one, eclipsing mine. I havent seen him for about 10 years now and wouldnt dare mention anything if i did, but id love to see his cock again, mine would still be much smaller!
This is noit incest
File: 1412968648524.gif (882 KB, 500x235) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be only child
>best friends growing up were a pair of brothers who lived down the street from me
>they were year older and a year younger than me, respectively
>spent most of my free time as a kid hanging out with them
>mostly at their place, since their parents were loaded and they had a pool, trampoline, and every fucking video game console
>more importantly, they had their very own computer with internet access (not a common thing, at the time) in their rec room/basement
>so when we hit puberty, they were my first (only, really) source of porn
>and of course, watching porn together led to jerking off together
>which quickly led to trading handjobs, and eventually sucking each other off
>wasn't long before we were fooling around pretty regularly
>at first it was usually a group thing
>but we got more shy about as we got older, and it became more one-on-one
>I knew they were still fooling around with each other at least as much as they were both fooling around with me, though
>and of course we were all guilty and insecure about our sexualities, so we gradually developed this whole system of stupid euphemisms and "jokes" to obscure what we all knew was going on
>then my 3rd year of HS, the older brother "got religion" and started getting all uptight about it
>not only did he stop fooling around with me, but he kept busting me and his brother whenever we tried to go at it
>eventually I stopped hanging out with them and drifted out of contact
>heard they both got steady girlfriends in college, so I figured it was just a phase they grew out of
>then about a year ago, they got back in touch with me, wanting to reconnect
>seems they both mellowed out, even gave an indirect apology for how they acted "back in high school"
>turns out they're sharing an apartment together now
>I didn't ask directly, but it was obvious what the situation was
>especially once they got me liquored up and started jointly getting in my pants
>been (slowly) getting back to our old habits since
Fuck it, not familiy but still

>be 11
>have freind sleep over
>hes 12 and precocious
>he asks me
>"whats gayer getting fucked by a guy or blowing him?"
>i answer "getting fucked by him obviously"
>"so how we blow eachother?"
>after some hesitating i agree
>i get down to him and we get naked
>we guide eachother to our dicks
>his is huge 14cm (5,5 inch) i mean the guy is 12!
>mine cloked in at 7cm (2,7 inch) kek
>we wank eachother off
>he cums the first time
>he starts blowing me
>worst bowjob of my life, all teeth
>i tell him to stop, it hurts
>we wank eachother off again (he was still hard i guess)
>"ill take my turn"
>try to blow him, his dick is massive, i cant get it in my mouth, i cant
>he sais i owe him
>"ill you let me fuck you to settle the debt?"
>i reluctantly agree
>he has trouble getting his (for the proprtions) massive dick in
>he does
>it hurts a lot
>he starts fucking me
>i kinda get used to it
>he cums again
>we go to sleep

blew him again at 16 he was at 20cms (7,8 inch) then "becaiuse i owed him" (yeah i knew i didnt, but i wanted to suck his dick)
Hes also one of the few people im out as bisexual too
File: 1305436823708.jpg (289 KB, 982x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So wait, did you guys ever get beyond "just" blowing each other? What was your sexual relationship with them like at its peak, before it fell apart? And whats your relationship with them like now? Are they still doing shit with each other, or do they both just hooking up with you now?
Found this website:
Not my stories - can't imagine doing anything with my dad (& no brothers), but I can spend an hour just reading these.
My favorites:
File: yeah.jpg (39 KB, 550x606) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Literally all of it is pedo shit. What the fuck
have you ever been to the sitee? I've lost boners thinking i was going to read a hot fantasy then the "son" ends up being some 7 year old boy. I personally get off to grown men with adult cocks to grab while you fuck them.
every nifty story ever:
>be 35 y.o. divorced dad with an eight year old son
>won full custody of my son over my wife bc shes a bitch #mensrights
>i'm not that athletic, just run a couple marathons a year and live at the gym
>totally a normal guy tho
>son takes after his mother, in that he's a total whore...he's eight, but i can tell he's BASICALLY an adult
>something something long eyelashes somethign something the word "nubile"
>anyway one day i'm showering/sleeping/walking around the house nude (but not in a pervy way)
>my absolute slut of a son tempts me like he's fuckin potiphar's wife
>but since i am such a normal and well-adjusted man i would not ever fuck a child
>i fuck my child anyway
>have momentary second thoughts but realize that it's 100% ok because really when you think about it my son coerced me into this
>his asshole just completely engulfs my bafflingly large penis with no trouble
>any residual guilt i have washes away because he clearly does this all the time and thus this is totally acceptable
>continue having sex with my son until his balls drop and im no longer attracted to him

you can tell that it's aimed at....a certain audience.
Yeah that's basically how all those stories go.
Nice one, now go to that selfsuck thread and post a picture of a bird, or you might as well go to an armpit thread and post a picture of your foot. Endless possibilities.
fucking hilarious
Or the wife is dead, and the only way to heal the grief of the dad and son is for them to fuck each other.
>>continue having sex with my son until his balls drop and im no longer attracted to him

top kek
great summary, would not read (the original) again.


>Be me age 14. cousin age 13
>Our dads are real close
>Go over to cousins' house one night with my dad
>His mom is out with my mom doing mom things
>We all sit in the living room
>My uncle nags my dad he wants to show him something
>'You two keep playing ya vee dee ooh games we'll be out in just a sec'
>We both don't take our eyes off the tv and just whisper ok
>15 minutes pass
>'Anon I'm getting hungry'
>'Yeah me too where are they'
>We both go out to check them
>They're in his parents' room
>Dad is a short kinda stumpy mechanic
>Uncle is a tall taxi driver with broad shoulders
>Both moderately hairy
>They're watching straight porn
>My uncle is jacking off while my dad rubs his dick thru his pants
>We stare for about 30 seconds thru the key hole
>They finish
>We run downstairs
>Cousin is obviously distraught about it, slightly shaking and staring at the ground
>I go 'hey dad we're hungry'
>They make us hot dogs
>I keep stealing looks at my cousin making phallic imagery with the hot dogs when our dads arent looking
>I convince my dad to let me stay over the night
>While everyone is sleeping we check out the history on the computer
>'Anon w-we shouldnt be doing this..'
>'Hey we should try what they did'
>'J-just kidding dude...'

To this very day i have a hard time looking at my dad and uncle when they're together in the same room. I have a couple more incest related incidents
File: BIGBRUTHA_01.jpg (76 KB, 500x833) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>We stare thru the key hole

things that actually happened
File: 1318301853774.jpg (68 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oh come on, maybe he grew up in an old Victorian manse with old-school ward locks on the bedroom doors. I'm sure that's it.
File: 1329993077292.jpg (94 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>family was pretty poor, so I grew up sharing a bedroom and bed with my older brother
>we had no problem cuddling up with each other, especially in the winter when our room got cold as fuck
>then I hit puberty, and things started getting weird
>can't even really say who first "started it" or when, it was such a gradual process
>cuddling just turning into half-asleep mutual grinding/dry-humping
>that led to feeling each other up, and eventually to jerking each other off
>we also experimented with oral a couple times, which I enjoyed immensely
>but that was crossing the line for him (because "that's gay"), so we mostly stuck to handjobs and grinding
>and sometimes our grinding led to us "fucking" each other between the thighs/buttcheeks
>which was my favorite thing, and even led to some partial penetration a few times, but we never really went all the way
>we never talked about or even acknowledged any of this outside the bedroom
>and even when it was going down, we didn't talk much and had all sorts of unspoken "rules" about what was okay
>went on for several years, up until my mom got remarried and we moved into a bigger place
>even after we had our own separate rooms, we still continued sneaking over at night to fool around for a while
>but between worrying about getting caught, and our growing guilt over the whole thing, it slowed and eventually stopped
>haven't talked about it since, it's like it never even happened
>did have one more semi-drunken encounter with him years later, but I'm not even sure he remembers it
I know it sounds dumb, but I miss the cuddling way more than I miss fooling around with him. We're both very reluctant to show any physical intimacy these days, due to the guilty memories hanging over us.
this is so funny
I love people being militantly moral in an incest thread.

Then again, I love irony.
> be ~15
> have a cousin with the same age and religious, like a fusion between a redneck and a social awkward kid
> spending our summer vacations in our house in the beach with our grandmother
> the house has two separated floors and our grandmother only lives in the top one so we had all the privacy in the lower one
> one time in the lower floor we started to talk about sex and girls (i didn't knew i was gay until way later)
> i get my hard dick out, start to masturbate for fun and to show him
> he finds it weird and doesn't know what i'm doing
> i decide to show him how to cum
> he saw me cum and ran away scared (maybe because he tough i was peeing myself, idk)
> next day i taught him how to masturbate
> a few days later we start to masturbate each other
> he introduces me to porn, mainly gay porn and say "we should try this", "they do it like this"
> we tried anal, we didn't like very much maybe because we didn't use lube, we did it with condom and without
> we tried oral but it was dirty without condom for him and pleasureless with condom for both so we did it only one or two times
> we did just mutual masturbation and rubbing our balls and asshole. from time to time we tried to fuck again
> we never kissed or cuddled
> we also did it a couple times in the forest between our houses and in our homes when our parents were away, it was almost every time when we were only the 2 of us, we even tried it when we showered together
> when we get 18, we started to become more distant mainly cause i went to college/university and he started working in a nearby village
> I accepted myself as gay, still in closet, out to closer friends and ashamed of what we have done
> he still tries (indirectly) to get me to do it again but i always refused
> we're 21 now
> i already had a boyfriend in college and he is still alone and not a single evidence if he is straight/gay/bi
> and now i'm wishing that we isn't also gay and just stays slut up about everything we've done
Sounds like the next big creepypasta
So spoopy
I mean that's entirely possible. One of the houses my dad rented once that was an older big house that the landlords split into two by sealing a doorway. The upstairs bedroom had old style doors with keyholes. Not sure if they worked or if anyone actually had keys.
> be 12
> mom just divorced, had to work late nights
> a couple of times a week during summer vacation 15yo bro and a couple of friends would get together to watch porn, drink beer, and smoke in the basement
> they would always lock me out and I would sit outside the door listening to them (didn't even know what they were doing, but I could hear the sounds of the porn)
> constantly begged my brother and his friends to let me join in whatever they were doing but was constantly denied
> one day, sitting outside the basement door snooping on bro and his friends, the door opens up
> they tell me I can play with them if I do anything they say and promise not to tell, I agree.
> they walk me in the room and present me with a one-piece pink dress belonging to one of the guy's younger sisters
> I initially refuse but they threaten to kick me out if I don't
> before even really agreeing they strip me down and force the dress on to me
> the dress is so short it just barely goes bellow my ass
> the guys have me act as their maid, bringing their drinks, and lighting their smokes
> they had the beer cooler placed next to the TV so that when I would go get them drinks I'd have to bend over
> as I passed around drinks they would take turns fondling me - cupping my ass, pinching it, rubbing my cock once and a while
> it went on like this for a few sessions
> time went on and they got bolder
> they would have me sit on their laps and they would rub their cocks between my thighs or in my butt crack
> it was my brother who first suggested I do oral, and since I had been curious about it for quite a while, I took to it quite easily
> pretty soon the porn they were watching became secondary - we were the porn now
> they'd play games to see who could cum the fastest or the biggest load, or how much cum I could drink
> the next step for them was to fuck me, and they wasted no time exploring my ass
> they started with just fingers, then that progressed to popping the tips of their dicks in my ass, to eventually ramming their cocks balls deep
> they would edge themselves in my ass, passing me on to get fucked my the next just before reaching climax
> don't know if this is what made me gay or if I was just already gay, whatever it was I knew that I wanted it
> the frequency of these "parties" tapered off as the school year began
> either they gained self awareness or lost interest but eventually the guys stopped coming around
> so then it was just my brother and I
File: 1443448813093.jpg (98 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98 KB, 1280x720
micheal is gay
>be horny
>Go to dads room when hes changing with my dick still hard
>he is caught off guard
>I speak first cause I know how easy hes gonna be to get into bed, I was a confident kid
>"dad I know you want me and I know I want you"
>dad stares, awestruck
>speaks after a minute of silence
>anon get out of my room thats fucking sickening
>i fap and come to the idea of him lying about wanting my ass
>both mom and dad dont look me in the eyes for years to come
Best orgasm ever.
At first i didn't believe but now at the end i want to believe.
this is stupid
not incest, but here it goes
>be me, ~12
>have karate classes where i meet and become friends with a 7 year old boy
>parents become friends and we all start hanging out.
>one time at my house, me and the kid r playing videogames in the room upstairs while everyone else is downstairs (big house)
>i win everytime in the game so he starts booing at me and i boo back at him
>booing intensifies
>our tongues touch
>i start getting hard
>whip out my dick and say "the referee wants some of this!!!" (it was some soccer videogame)
>he giggles and instead of putting my dick back in my pants i leave it out waiting for him to do sth
>he grabs it and kisses the tip
>i urge him to take it into his mouth, which he feels grossed to
>"if i do it, will u do it?"
>he says yes and he proceeds to take off his pants
>take his tiny dick in my mouth
>first dick i ever sucked
>he then does mine but doesnt fit in all the way
>things start escalating and i rub my dick on his hole, which he said he enjoyed, but never penetrated
>he wants to lick my asshole
>i allow, feels good
>he wants me to lick his
>i do and i hate it
>feel kinda guilty and ashamed afterwards
>time to go home

we did more stuff for a few months but his mom found out and she told my mom and my mom confronted me about it and that night i tried holding my breath until i died.
so there is my story about how im a possible pedophile.
>little kids licking their ass holes
sure jan, it did happen

I'm 99% sure I've read this in a story on Nifty.

>just gotten out of coast guard
>caught an apartment back home
>getting around to revisit family
>finally see my uncle and he comes over
>he's almost 40 and my dad's baby brother
>we get drinking beer and he's asking me about my 'experiences' being a coastie
>he's trying to pump me for sexual history, you know, to get excited about
>ok, so i tell him about some of the girls, but he wants to know about the dudes
>like he knows i've gone and done everything
>so, when i finally start telling him about an experience i had with another coastie, he goes nuts
>starts pulling out his dick and fisting it ( gee, he's smaller than me or dad )
>i get hard
>he reaches over and starts rubbing my crotch
>that's all it took
>end up sucking each other, then heading to the bedroom, more beer in hand
>i fucked him during the night
>nothing special, sorry to say, like we were drunk and he was too tight and it was dry
>next morning i felt like shit
>his arm was stretched up and i kept seeing his platinum wedding ring
>never did anything like that again
>never talked about it again
>i wonder what really got up with him and dad when they were kids?
it actually did believe it or not. the dick sucking was just putting the dick in the mouth and leaving it there, in case ur considering how kids r naive.
okay the sucking, but butt licking?? I want to believe but...
>day before my 30th birthday
>Hadn't had dick in 6mo
>Aunt had two girls my age and then another batch ten years later- 2boys, 15 and 17
>They're both up cause their dad is in the hospital so aunt and 15yo are there, 17yo chilling at my place
>conversation has been weirdly sexual for about 30m and he's talking about how nudity doesn't bother him
>"If it doesn't bother you, show me your dick?"
>he's a little nervous, "how long?"
>He's not sure so i sit in the floor between his legs
>Ask "you ready?"
>"it's not very big"
>Say "idc about that" and start unzipping his pants
>Pull his dick through his boxers. Lots of pubes, kind of thin dick but with an avg sized head
>Jerk him for about 30s and he's hard
>Grab lube, a little vile of vegetable oil i keep on my dresser, use a quick squirt and it obviously feels way better for him
>he lifts his shirt up, scoots down on the couch a little and relaxes
>Few minutes later, "uh... What do i do when... I don't want to make a mess or get anything on my clothes"
>"Don't worry, I'll get it"
>Start sucking him off
>He grits his teeth and starts making light panting grunts "ah... uhh... Oh..."
>as i'm blowing, start to panic and think twice about it
>"Dude, are you okay?"
>"I'm chill. Like always chill."
>"This is kinda fucked up"
>"Just consider it a birthday present"
>Start sucking him again, noises continue
>Lick his whole shaft then pull his balls out
>His balls seem really small, half the size of mine, maybe smaller
>Maybe i have huge nuts? Literally size of buckeyes
>His are more like marbles in size
>Take them both in my mouth while also sliding tongue up and down his taint and jerking him with free hand
>"It's close!"
>All at the same time:
>Only his head in my mouth, tongue moving in figure eight, around the left side, up the slit, around the right side, down the slit
>Tilting head side to side
>Left hand cupping balls applying gentle pressure on prostate with knuckle
>Right hand alternating between dick and rubbing stomach
>he says only "fuhhhhhh"
>Cums hot saltwater into my mouth
>As i pull off, some drops right onto his pants
>"damn, you definitely have skills"
>"i know, thank you. You sure you're good with this?"
>"I'm fine"
>"okay, but you know that no one can know. Your mom would send me to jail over it"
>"then we shouldn't talk about it at all."
>We watch Netflix before he leaves to sleep in the guest room

The next night, my birthday, I have a threeway with 24yo straight male who had turned down my offers many times but we had still been friends and Phil Hoffman fanatics for 8yrs and with a 19yo girl, shaved head, piercings, close friend for 2 yrs.
>We played Never Have I Ever while taking whiskey shots for about an hour before she just says "Happy Birthday" and starts fucking around with him. I join in by sucking him off while she's making out with him and sucking on his nipples. After, he says, "That wasn't as strange as I thought it would be."
>"As you thought it would be?"
>"No, it wasn't strange. I just thought it would be. But it wasn't "
>"I knew what you meant"
>"I mean, I'm still not gay"
>"I don't think getting a blowjob means you want to marry a man"
>"Yeah, exactly"

We were all pretty mature about it. Took a week off from eachother than all got together for an intentionally non-sexual hangout. Things felt fine. Back to just being friends and watching movies and eating at places. Glad it didn't blow up like half of my previous threeways did

God damn, what a great weekend that was.

one of the guys is a 'father' from catholic church
>my 30th

You miss the whole sexy daddy phase though.
>sexy daddy

Sir, there is no such thing. No such thing exists and I would prefer if you didn't spread such blatant falsehoods.
All of the sudden, bears worldwide felt a disturbance in the force
I'm that 30yo. I've never been with anyone older than 24. Had 33 partners so far. You have your tastes and trust me, nobody gives two shits, but stop pretending that nobody likes older men. May you deal with your younger self when you get here.
>I'm that 30yo

>be 17, brother is 14
>playing a game, make a bet that whoever wins this round has to do whatever the other wants
>he wins, literally tells me to touch his dick for 30 seconds
>pull down his pants, biggest dick ive ever seen.
>already rock hard and had to be at least 8 inches
>i was probably a solid 5.5
>really embarassed
>young brother is bigger than me
>i grab his dick, jack it off for 30 seconds
>he asks me to show mine.
>i reluctantly show my noticeably smaller dick
>hes surprised that hes that much bigger
>says i still have to do what he wants,
>tells me to suck it
>i get down and slowly put it in my mouth
>hand on the back of my head, pushes me down
>oh shit
>suddenly im gagging on his dick, trying to take it all down
>cant believe whats happening
>get all the way down, balls on my chin
>he blows down my throat, im gagging like crazy as he does
>pulls his still hard dick out of my mouth
>says he better return the favor
>sucks my dick until i cum

we fool around a bit more, on and off
>be 13
>dad goes out on business three or four times a month so I go stay at my uncle's small apartment
>he's 30, single, pretty cool guy with sweet TV set up for vidya and movies
>one night wake up at 2am to go to the bathroom and hear moaning sounds coming from the living room
>sneak out to see what's going on
>my uncle is seated on the couch wearing only boxers, dick in hand, watching gay porn with sound on practically full blast
>even at 13 be so naive and ignorant of sex I think he's watching some kind of wrestling video
>dick gets hard almost immediately and rub myself through pajamas while watching
>don't really know how long, but an hour later he finishes himself off and turns off the TV
>I sneak back to my room and try to fall asleep but heart is racing
>he would do this almost every time I went over and I would wait until i heard him start to sneak out and watch
>can't help but be ultra turned on by watching these guys have sex
>a few months later I point blank ask my uncle if I can watch a "wrestling" video with him
>he tries everything he can to deny it, face goes red
>i tell him that I've already seen him do it lots of times in secret so he might as well let me
>he eventually agrees and we sit down at each end of the couch, keeping our distance, to watch our first gay porn together
>we both discreetly fondle our cocks under our boxers and when he has to cum he goes to the bathroom
>this routine continues for a few months and I'd ask questions about the sex acts being performed on screen
>uncle becomes a kind of sex mentor and he teaches me about the birds and the bees, the difference between straight and gay
>I immediately "decide" that I'm gay but he warns me not to be so absolute since I'm still young
>one night, instead of sitting at the far end of the couch, i plop myself down right next to him
>he nervously puts his arm around my bare shoulder as the porno starts
>midway through I slide my hand in his briefs and grab hold of his hard cock
>he pretends not to notice and keeps his attention on the screen, then he slides his hands down my boxers and grabs mine
>we stay like this for a little while until we both unconsciously start jacking each other in earnest
>have 1st really intense orgasm in his hands and pretty soon he blows a load in mine
>from then on we start watching porn butt naked, sitting right next to each other
>he teaches me how to edge him, jack him off to near climax, then hold off
>sometimes I'd sit in his lap with his cock in between my butt and he'd fondle me
>one night, while sitting next to him, I surprise him and take his cock into my mouth. Something I'd wanted to do for quite a while
>he protests weakly but I know my mouth is too good, i'd been practicing on various objects for months
>within minutes he cums a huge load in my mouth and I gulp down as much as I can, having previously tasted cum after licking his spunk off my fingers when we masturbated together
>he was always hesitant to let me suck him off, but what red blooded man could resist? Not him
>i desperately wanted him to fuck me but BJs was as far as he was willing to take it given my age and the fact that I was his nephew
>I never understood that logic
>2 years later, at 15, he got me a dildo for my birthday, his way of compensating for being too scared to have sex with me
>a year later, at 16, he had to move away for a job so I couldn't visit him anymore
>we're both in relationships now, but we keep in touch
I hope you're all making this up because this shit is disgusting
I'd say 50% fake, 25% badly exaggerate accounts of real things, and 25% true stories.

You should consider that most "first gay experience" in the US is with family. Because most young gay teens are in small towns and rural areas before they grow up and move to the city. Nobody is coming out of the closet in Mississippi, but they all have cousins.
Me 16
On a Birthday of a Friend
Consumed a Lot of Alcohol
After all dudes Gone Home me and another guy, 17, slept at the Birthday dude..
Me and the 17 years old dude had to sleep together on a Bed / sofa thing. Very small Not much space..
The Birthday dude slept next to us in his bed.
So ive never Met him before just played with him and my friends CSGO. Nice dude and kinda cute.
Idk if He is gay, i am..

While sleeping, i moved and touched him with my Ass by mistake..
Seemed like He liked it, after this i felt his boner at my butt.
I had a boner too. I turned around and He was awake.
He asked me in silence: Can i suck your dick?
I was scared, because we could wake the other guy up. But i agreed.
After i came, i sucked his dick. Much bigger than mine..
We went to sleep, but maybe a hour later He poked me again, asked me to fuck me anal. I agreed again. We both were scared the other guy could wake up, so we didnt. But i sucked his dick again. It was so fucking nice.
I know its no dad OR brother but i think it belong to here
Oops. In my defense, between break starting and my brother coming back for break, I haven't been spending a lot of time on 4chan. Mainly only come on between classes. I'll get it done either today or tomorrow since I have a lot more free time since brother's classes started.
you fuck your bro between classes? And I thought my weed dealing relationship with my brother was awkward..
brilliant! he'll know what you mean
File: BringingUpFather.jpg (152 KB, 800x784) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152 KB, 800x784

>be me
>super horny 14 yo
>nobody can tell me nothin'
>try to get into everything
>live with strict, but doting grandparents
>my dad's only 30
>sort of lives with us sometimes
>he's a fucking rummy drunk and drug addict
>he's useless, but in an almost endearing way
>frightening-handsome man
>i'm home working on gramps' pickup
>they're out visiting (fucking jehovah's witnesses)
>my dad tools in with some skank in a sportscar
>starts giving me grief
>(gee, i hate you too, you useless excuse for a father)
>wants to fuck the cunt inside the house
>she's like in high school or something
>start arguing in front of her
>she says she can't deal and leaves
>daddy's pissed (makes me happy)
>he goes inside
>go inside after i put the hood back down and put away the toolbox
>dad's in my room, pulling up stuff and looking for shit
>more arguing (i'm territorial)
>calls me a 'fucking mistake'
>cue fight
>i'm big-boned, but no match for him
>he's lanky and powerful, throws me onto the bed
>i got a boner
>he sees it, stops roughing me over
>laughs about it, smiles evilly at me
>suddenly, i'm frightened
>keeps me pinned by the neck and shoulder
>starts rubbing my dick through my shorts
>says 'someone's been growing where it counts'
>works it down and out of my pant leg
>'you're a big boy'
>starts pulling it
>i stop struggling and stare into his eyes
>he brings me off quickly
>wipes his hand on my rag
>stands up (i can see his boner)
>he pulls his out (smaller than mine)
>pumps it a coupla' time
>'you want this don't you, you faggot'
>tucks it back inside with a smirk on his handsome face
>laughs at me and leaves the room
>i hate him so bad
>after he leaves, i pull myself off again, hating myself the entire time
>a year later, he died in some drug den downtown
>got a bad batch of heroin
>mfw i cried for days
>i wanted him so fucking bad
>put my grandparents through hell for another year until i got 'straightened out'
>daddy issues are the fucking worst
File: lol.jpg (24 KB, 480x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 480x480
this is my dad with my younger twin brothers a few years ago. I proper want him inside me.
I kinda want him inside me too...
that photo is unsettling
File: 1332259860170.jpg (64 KB, 560x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 560x420
>be sexually-confused, hormone-crazed 14yo
>shared a bedroom with my 18yo brother
>laying in bed horny as fuck one night
>libido gets the better of me and I creep over to my brother's bed
>very slowly and carefully feel him up while jerking myself off
>extremely paranoid that he'll wake up, but doesn't give any sign of it
>finally cum
>immediately feel guilty as fuck and swear to myself I'll never do it again
>but of fucking course, I end up doing it again the very next night
>becomes a regular habit, with me pushing my luck further and further each time
>turns out he's a really fucking heavy sleeper
>aside from a few close calls, he never seems to wake up, even when I suck him
>I'm even able to get him to cum sometimes
>feel guilty as fuck about it, but can't help myself
>convince myself it doesn't "count" anyway, since he doesn't even know it's happening
>finally stop about a year later (cause he moved out of the house for college, not because of any self-control on my part)
>spend the next several years repressing my own memory of the whole thing out of guilt/shame
>he ends up being one of the first people I come out of the closet to
>I'm super nervous and overly dramatic about it
>he's pretty much like "lol no shit, I figured that out back when you kept waking me up to play with my dick"
>my jaw hits the floor
>I was so certain I'd gotten away with it, and I'd pushed it out of my mind so much I hadn't even thought about it before I came out to him
>I start freaking out and apologizing, feel like I'm gonna throw up
>he just casually plays the whole thing off like it was no big deal, eventually calms me down
>every once in a while he still brings it up out of nowhere to tease me about it (mainly when I'm being a smartass trying to zing him)
>at this rate I'm never ever gonna live it down
File: 1409259271264.jpg (72 KB, 323x323) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 323x323
>i'm big-boned
This thread is against Christian mores and I'm disappointed in every one of you.

To be gay is one thing, but to create perversions within the family structure...
I need to stop making promises. Uncle first.


>Second summer after we started fucking
>Just bro and I at uncle's waterside apartment
>He's laying down on the couch, I'm between his legs ass up blowing him
>Suddenly hear the door close
>Turn around and make eye contact with our uncle who decided he was going to surprise us with a visit
>Total fucking silence
>Tells me to come to his room, I follow trembling
>"Oh shit he's going to bite my head off"
>Locks the door, tells me to sit on his bed, I'm still naked at this point
>I sit next to him, he tells me to tell him how this started
>I flubbed the story a bit to make it sound like I was the one who made the first move
>Uncle is visibly relieved, tells me there's nothing wrong with what I'm doing if I'm the one who wants to do it
>He tells me to call my brother in and to wait in the living room
>After a few minutes they walk out, uncle promises he won't tell anybody
>We relax, sit around and chat like normal, only brother and I were naked
>Eventually it got later and brother said he wanted to go to a club near by and left
>After a few minutes of us just watching tv, uncle said that it wouldn't be fair if I'm the only one who's naked
>Strips down, we sit around watching tv, I keep eyeing his cock
>It's meaty, definitely thicker than brother's, a bit longer too
>Uncle tells me that I can touch it if I want, realize I've been looking at it for the past five minutes
>Grab it, barely wrap my hand around it, can feel it start to stiffen
>Lick the precum off of it as he gets fully erect
>At least 8 inches
>Start to blow him, can't even get it halfway in my mouth, straining just to stretch my mouth around it
>After a few minutes, he picks me up by the waist and carries me to his room, locks the door
>He bends me over the bed, lubes me up, sits down next to me, pats his lap


>I sit on his lap facing him, his cock rubbing against my ass and back
>Tells me if I want it, I have to put it in
>Crouch over his cock, grab it, try putting it in
>So much resistance, having trouble
>Beg uncle to help
>He lubes me up a bit more, grabs my waist and starts pushing down
>Doesn't stop until he's balls deep
>Gently raises me up then thrusts into me
>We fuck like that for a few minutes, then he picks me up and lays me face first on the bed
>Lays on top of me, sticks his dick back in, resumes pounding
>After a few minutes feel him cum inside of me
>Pulls out, lays on his back, pulls me onto him
>We lay like that for a few minutes before he gets up and tells me to wash up
>Tells me not to tell anyone, not even my brother, and we can have more fun like this when I'm at one of his places
>Haven't told a soul yet

Ever since, whenever he heard my brother and I were going to one of his places on vacation, he'd always make a surprise visit and we'd have some fun.
Is it even legal?
Yes, it was the perverted 12 year old who corrupted his father. No molestation here.
It's probably hosted in croatia, or it's a honeypot. Either way don't visit it if you're from the west
If it's just text, then yes.

You people are idiots. Nifty Archive is hosted in the USA and has been around for almost 25 years.
I still dont understand how its legal. Either way though, I'm sick of that site. Good cotent but too much underage shit.
but mostly badly written nonsense
Are there any other sites you would recommend? Any other that I've found has had worse and less content, but at least they tend to not allow underage shit.
there's several

literotica sometimes has OK ones, but it's all a mixed bag of tricks

In America, you can write stories about the assassination of the President and rape of women, too.

How do they get away with it?
File: MyDickDontCare.jpg (78 KB, 480x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 480x720
>be me
>sneak into my brother's porn stash
>threatens to beat the shit out of me if he ever catches me, but whatever
>he gets dad's old shit, plus stuff he scams off the clerk at rite-aid
>i went there once to peruse the hustlers and got chased off by the manager--HE gets them for free
>he's got a different selection this time
>muscle mags and men's 'health'
>lots of 'roided up dudes and big bulges
>my dick takes notice
>it's exciting, the size of their arms and chests
>lay on his bed, pull down my hospital fatigues ( sleepwear ) and start whacking
>start fantasizing about doing it with one of those body-builders
>completely oblivious to everything else
>my brother walks in
>( busted )
>pulls me half off bed, starts slapping me around
>then sees the magazine i was 'using'
>things get quiet
>"you like this shit, jimmy ?"
>told him it was 'different' and got me really hard
>he said it got him off, too, sometimes
>he looked at me sympathetically
>told me to get out, and NOT to tell dad about the mags and to stay out of his room
>he kept watching me when he didn't think i was noticing for a handful of days
>i got a lot of boners thinking about the fact he got to see me jerking
>spied on him jerking in his bedroom through the keyhole, my first glimpse of 15 year old brother boner ( just like mine )
>he called out my name when he came
>later, 'politely' asked him if i could borrow one of his 'muscle mags'
>( knowing look from brother )
>he actually gave me one
>as i left, told me to go to page x
>page x was two guys posing while looking at each other
>wore that mag out
>brother gives me vulnerable looks for next two years
>i want him bad, but too scared
>so was he i guess
>fucked my first guy in senior year
>dude looked a little like him
>nothing special, except you know, FIRST time
>and i got to jizz in his ass
>brother now has family
>a real body builder with 'gym bud' he does everything with
>never talk
>i still want him
1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America Bill of Rights:

The 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.

Freedom of Speech is just about as sacred as you can get to the Western World.

4chan and Anonymous couldn't exist unless it existed.
In the UK you can't even call Scientology a cult.

I guess that's why the rest of the world doesn't understand--they've never experienced the same freedoms so it is inconceivable to them.
Pretty soon, you're not even going to be able to 'criticise' Mohammed

Then the Muzzies are guaranteed to win the world, because this is how it starts

I can criticise L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, the fucking Pope or tell people Bernie Sanders should be shot for being a moron, BUT I'll get expelled from Uni if I say anything 'critical' that could 'hurt someone's belief system', so...the Political and Educational Elite have already started whittling away at the First Amendment.

I don't think Obama, Hillary Clinton and others really believe in America, our freedoms or Western Civilisation that much, but they're going to be horrified once it's too far gone....
how do you /hm/ and like donald trump at the same time
this places is like full of some ugly self loathing fuckers i'll tell ya
life is irony
>be me 15
>living with grandparents cos mom died of cancer and dad an hero'd
>their house is in the countryside
>uncle comes for christmas
>single dad with a kid my age
>me and my cousin share the bedroom for the holidays, with two beds (former uncle's and dad's room)
>we always got along rl well, since we were little kids
>one afternoon
>cousin and I are just walking in the woods, making small talk
>subject changes to girls and that sort of stuff
>suddenly i remembered
> "hey anon, i found some of dad's old porn mags in a box and hid them in the barn, wanna go see them?"
>we get back and sneak into the barn
>climb a ladder to the upper floor, which was dad's and uncle's sort of playhouse, it had an old couch
>hid the mags inside one of the couch's pillows
>we look at the women in the mags for a while
>i notice he is hard (and so am i)
>his bulge looks smaller than mine
>i tease him about how his dick is smaller
>"wtf anon, u lookin at my dick?"
>he laughs it off and says "its not that small"
>after a couple of seconds he says "wanna see it?
>i think about it for a second and say yeah
>he pulls down his pants and underwear and sits, making his balls stick over the waistband
>his dick looks just like mine, which i say to him
>i decide that "its not fair thar ur the only one that has to have his dick out" and do the same he did, sit down with my junk out
>hes surprised that they actually look the same
>we look back at the mags, dicks in hand, slowly stroking our dicks

not with dad but with friends dad
>be me 14
>friend has ultra rich dad
>visit him
>he has pool
>next to pool around a wall shower
>dad is about 40
>go in dressing room and change
>i have a cute dick and ass
>was almost hairless
>go in pool with friend and his bro
>his bro forgot his trunks and decides to go without, hes naked and has cute little butt and dick
>see the dad get a bulge as he looks at the bro
>we get out
>they go in shower quickly and go upstairs
>i go in shower
>his dad is still supervising me and sitting near the pool
>I go in shower, hear his dad walk up on behind me
>oh shit im naked
>turn around, his dick is through the zipper
>get hard-on
>he looks at my dick and smiles
>i get shy and nervous
>he grabs some lotion and puts it on his dick
>i rub my dick and turn around
>he slowly inserts it into my little ass
>after a few minutes i come
>he says that we have to go
>go up
>next day
>i run around the house and slide and get a splinter
>tell the dad we go to his room i set my foot on his lap and he starts to rub it
>he takes off my pants and starts to stroke my dick
>proceeds to fuck me
>cums in my asshole
>the bro walks in
will continue
tell us about your friends joining
moar pls
My grandpa becomes very drunk at the weekend and I sometimes like to suck his dick when he is asleep. I live in the Mexico.
>me 13
>friend is 17
>had a sleep over because of family friends
>watching a funny movie together until early in the morning
>next thing he said he had to go to the toilet
>heard weird noises so I went to investigate
>the door was open so I saw a quick peak at his dick
>turns quickly and sees my face
>both shocked, don't know what to do
>next thing he almost drags me back to his room
>pulls down my jocks furiously and starts licking my butt hole
>I was very aroused
>he then continiues to shove his penis inside my tight, dirty bum hole
>he fucked me so hard I had cum dribbling out of my cock
>he kept fucking me, things got a bit uncomfortable
>and then he turns me over and blows the fattest load of cum all over my wet penis
>we haven't spoken since
bump ... was about to expire!
Don't stop!
File: 2guys_jpg.jpg (41 KB, 404x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bump but its not saving this thread
File: 1283723465919.jpg (139 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Need more stories....
Finding your fag sniffing the bed you sleep in, smelling of sex and sweat, instead of doing his daily chores. Why the fuck haven’t you vacuumed son?

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