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Losing your virginity
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Didn't see one in the catalog, so here's a new thread about losing your virginity.
File: 20141023_215857.jpg (2 MB, 2448x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2448x3264
OP here, lost mine today, I already posted on gay gen but no one cared. Anyways...

>First bj 2 weeks ago (I gave head)
>Still insatiable thirst for cock
>Make Adam4Adam account a week ago
>This morning get a guy hitting me up, profile name TopLatino3423 (I don't know what the numbers were)
>Set shit up, blah blah blah, comes and gets me, drive to his hotel (I know I'm a sleazy faggot, I don't care, penis) keeps telling me how I'm so handsome (okay?)
>He's not that hot, 34, decent body (not fat), like, he looks like a mexican who would stand in front of Home Depot for a job, and didn't speak perfect english. Funniest part was he had a golden tooth, I don't care penis.
>At the hotel, kissing, kissing, kissing, kissing his body, kissing all over his body.
>Give head
>Every time I look up at him he wants to kiss me.
>Get head, 69, he uses his fucking teeth...
>Get fucked, It wasn't that great.
>Calls me his baby boy while I ride him (weird)
>Fucks me missionary
>Pulls out cums on my stomach, as do I.
>He came pretty quick, I had to wank for like 5 minutes at max speed while kissing him to cum.
>Tells me I'm beautiful, have beautiful eyes (mfw everyone has called me ugly since forever)
>Lay in each other's arms for like 10 minutes (I had to contain my laughter at how stupid it was)
>I got hard while laying there
>I want more
>Lick everywhere again
>Eventually get fucked again

Pic related, his cock.
File: 20141113_102200.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
>Better this time around
>Doggy, him lying on top of me while I'm face down, Laying on my side, Missionary
>He comes on me again
>I try to come (fully erect) but I'm so used to edging that I can't do it.
>He wants to rest again. I'll give him a break for a bit, I'm still hard
>Get up and rub his stomach/crotch
>Suck limp dick
>"Can I try fucking you?" "No anon"
>"Well, I wan't to make you come again"
>"I don't think I can"
>Make him hard
>"I won't be able to come unless I fuck you again anon"
>Suck for a few more minutes, "I want you to fuck me"
>Get fucked again
>Doggy, He lays on top while I'm face down.
>This time he comes inside (condom)
>He's done for sure now.
>Remains inside, dead weight on top of me (god yes) for about 2 minutes
>Kiss, rub, hold
>Calls me a fireball.
>First time someone has made him cum 3 times.
>"I want to see you again anon" "lol, okay (I don't care)"
>Buys me some food, takes me home, kisses me good bye.
It was okay, after his first cum I was like "wow that sucked", but getting him to do it a few more times made it better. Altogether it was like 4 hours of kissing, licking, sucking, fucking, holding/kissing/licking, repeat.

Pic. related, me getting fucked, I was surprised at how pink my taint was.
The thread is right here:
Need to scroll down when checking the catalog...
>First gay experience = losing virginity.
Virginity implies more
Meet 50 year old who says he's 42 years old.
Thick 8 inch cock, amazing blue eyes and asshole.
Good fuck tho.
Green text? Pictures? Details in general?
>be 18 year old kissless chubby virgin
>talk to "42" year old on grindr
>wants to fuck
>sends huge dick as pic
>meet up 2 weeks later
>we start making out
>suck him off, swallow after he says so
>he eats my ass for what feels like an hour
>fucks me, which was painful
>told me he's 50
>sucks me off
>says I gotta go because he needs to sleep before his next shift
>go home smelling like sex
Losing virginity means having sex with someone, meaning all the bi and "straight" guys should post all their stories about fucking pussy. That's not the purpose of this board.
Here's one

>My friend and I, both 16
>Getting into adolescence, things get hormonal quick
>He does a lot of horny stuff when we hang out, moaning randomly and such
>A year into these outbursts, things are getting gay
>"asshole", "ooh fuck me", and others thrown around, at first don't think of it too seriously
>I start to get turned on by it
>Have to jerk it once in a while at his house in his bathroom because he gets me hard as diamonds
>Dry humping once in a while, childish stuff
>Flashes me once in a while

Okay, here's where it gets good

>One day sitting in the basement
>He gets up, says he's got to jack it, goes upstairs. Normal of him at this point.
>Go up stairs with him with excuse of boredom/acting like I don't think he's serious
>Sit next to him in chair while he's on the bed, he boots up his laptop and goes to xnxx
>Sitting for a while, commenting on porn "ooh yeah that looks good"
>Eventually, behind the screen, so I can't see to well, he's obviously stroking his dick in his pants
>Sudden courage
>Touch his arm
>He flinches a little
>Moves downward
>Suddenly stroking his dick through his pants
>Unbutton his pants and blow him, not experienced so fumble around alot
>He unloads in my mouth
>Go to bathroom to clean up, don't speak of it for a month

>A week ago
>Smoke pot, do normal hoodlum stuff
>Blowjob was ~2 months ago
>All friends split up, I go to his house
>Sitting on the couch watching normal white dude shows
>He reaches over and grabs my dick
>Pretty soon it gets hot, no making out, straight to sucking
>His parents aren't home
>He goes up and takes a shower, I want to join him and he probably would've let me but too nervous
>He comes back down
>Go to guest room
>Eat his pretty pink asshole
>Slip a rubber on
>Tight anal sex
>When I'm close, I get him to suck and he swallows my load
>Had sex once again since then, fucking awesome.

Also first 4chan post
Then I guess bi/"straight" guys can preface their stories with "this was the time I lost my gay virginity, I'd been with girls before."
Basically, blow jobs don't count as losing your virginity.
Hot, except you're still underage. I wish I could've started that early, but I was a fatass at 16.
How old are you now? How many guys you been with?
That's very subjective. It's called oral sex because it's a form of sexual intercourse. There are plenty of gay men that don't have any I interest in anal sex, and I wouldn't call them virgins for not engaging in it when they do plenty if other sexual things with men.
>There are plenty of gay men that don't have any I interest in anal sex...
Most gay guys who are sexually active have at least tried it though. I considered myself a virgin still when I had just given a bj.
Pretty much everyone agrees that the virginity line is broken once you've been penetrated or have penetrated another person below the belt.
Stop arguing and post your story about the first time you dicked an ass or assed a dick.
more pics op? i love a blonde hairy ass lol
(and white boys)
Already posted it in the first gay experience thread, no point in reposting.
File: 20141113_102136.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
I only have one more from the event. It's me getting fucked doggy style
>tfw 24 and still a virgin
So jealous of all those that are with cute guys. ;_;
i really like dat ass :(
if only you were in SoCal
gimme your email
I'm 22. Been with plenty, daddies are not picky.
Sounds like I need to start slutting it up.
My first time was quite awkward and hilarious to be honest.

>19 yo
>Openly gay, to friends atleast
>Been best friends with this straight guy since kindergarten
>Live together
>We have a really close relationship, we playfully flirt and openly talk about sex extremly detailed.
>He's thrown "jokingly" comments like "Hey anon, can you give me a blowjob". Which I'm sure he would accept if I'd agree
>In a way, he's much more open about sexuality than I am
>People often tease us, calling us a married couple, but we have no sexual or romantical interest in each other

>One night
>Talk about sex and stuff
>Subject drifts into anal
>He gets interested, but I've never done anything penetrative
>Suddenly "what if I would be your first?"
>Long talk and convincing me
>I agree, but we make a lot of "rules"

>We finally get to fucking, which is really awkward at first
>Lots of struggle to get a boner etc.
>We finally find that the best position is reverse cowboy
>I don't need to see him and can imagine something else and he can do the same too
>Manage to cum and for my surprise it was quite enjoyable
>He comments that it felt awesome and then throws awkward compliments to boost my ego
>I tell him that he owes me clean pair of sheets

>Things weren't even awkward after that
>Experimented (kinda) with each other only once after that
>Friendship same as ever
Damn, that was hot, anon.
File: 1399139380982.gif (2 MB, 310x325) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 310x325
>Been best friends with this straight guy
Aw I really like that. I usually hate these threads but that was a great story tbh. Good fuckin' vibes man.
i want to be a gay, i cant found handsome guys. so im still virgin. bu i have 5" plug in my butt now
probably the weirdest story about losing virginity you'll hear

>answer CL ad
>"mature" guy giving massages with happy endings
>I'm down for this
>email back and forth
>go over and get massage
>he looks about 55, built like he's worked construction all his life, thick gray hair
>he likes playing with my ass
>uses toys, fingers
>always blows me to completion
>never does anything else because he has ED (and I noticed since he barely got semi)
>says it's more frustrating to try and not get off
>one day I suggest we just get into his bed and fool around
>end up making out, he's blowing me, fingering me
>I decide to blow him
>working on him for about 10 minutes. he gets fairly firm, like the bottom half of his cock (about 7") is hard and thick and the top half is softer
>he tells me to lay on my stomach. figure he's going to play with my ass
>he gets right up on me and pushes his cock in
>starts fucking me. a little painful as the thicker part gets into my ass but eventually feels good
>hear him grunt and he blows his load in my ass
>rolls off and just smiles. tells me that's the first time he's fucked in about 10 years
>find out he's 70 years old.

tldr: lost my virginity to a 70-year old guy
What a twist. Lol.
Thanks I guess.
I'm assuming that being so cock hungry for so long but having no outlet allowed my fantasies to fully develop my intense sexuality. Plus, it allows me to truly appreciate a dick and a man's body. I can't wait to make more men cum.
Me and the guy who already fucked me have been texting a bit too. Basically the next time he comes to my state we're gonna set up a whole day for bedroom play. He says he loves how submissive I was and wants me to be his private bottom boy. I guess pushing up my ass like a bitch payed off.
interesting story... what do you look like? why did you hook up with him?
>Was 17.
>Had only jacked off/been jacked off hadn't done anything else
>Chatted to a 28 year old guy on Grindr and I agreed to go to his to try sucking for the first time
>Turned up and was on his sofa, quite quickly he got me sucking his cock
>His cock was about 7.5" so struggled a bit to avoid teeth scrapes (it was my first time lol!)
>Tried deepthroating but kept gagging too much
>He got impatient I think and got me to pull down trousers and boxers.
>Bent me over the sofa and tried to finger me but was too tight tight so he started wanking me from behind
>Without me noticing he had lubed his cock and stood closer behind me
>Got his cock close to me, held my hips very tight and pushed his cock hard into my ass.
>I screamed with pain and squirmed as he slid in, I didnt say stop so he carried on and pinned me down.
>Put his weight onto me and started fucking me whilst it hurt like HELL.
>Kept telling me for like 10 mins that he was nearly done
>Got rougher as he shot his load inside my hole
>Pulled out, stood up. Grabbed my trousers and pulled them up to my waist.
>Told me I was a bitch and to let myself out of his flat.
I felt like a slut after but was kinda glad that I'd been fucked by a dominant guy
wow thank you man, now i can get fucked myself
I had no idea coffin-dodgers were so popular.
I'd rather remain a virgin. :/
>there are people on /hm/ right now who still lie in first time threads

God these threads still are the best thing on this cancerous board
you like the lies? you're a lie lover?
I guess you could say that.

The lies just make the stories more funny and make this board less of a shit hole
Which story sounded like a lie?
File: 1367157771391.gif (972 KB, 401x172) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
972 KB, 401x172
>be 17
>been sucking off my friend's dad (hot closet case in his 40s) for about a year
>really want him to fuck me, but he already feels guilty about the situation
>apparently getting head from his son's jailbait friend is fine, but whoa, buttsex crosses the line for some reason?
>takes me forever to finally talk him into it
>had to catch him in a really horny mood, and also lie to convince him that it wasn't my first time getting fucked
>despite all his reluctance and worrying about hurting me and shit, he's surprisingly aggressive once we finally get down to it
>he lubes up, mounts me, shoves it in all at once, and almost immediately starts pumping away at full speed
>it hurts like FUCK
>but I don't want to ruin the mood and scare him off, so I just whimper into the pillow while he plows the everliving hell out of me
>the only part I really enjoy is him growling a bunch of dirty talk into my ear about cute I am and how tight my ass is, which is a surprising to hear from him
>I almost get to to the point of wimping out, but he thankfully finishes pretty fast (thank god I'd already warmed him up with a BJ)
>after he finally blows his load in me and pulls out, he immediately starts feeling super guilty about it and starts apologizing for going "too far"
>I have to pretend like it was the best thing ever and that I loved every second of it, cause I know if I don't he won't ever be willing to do it again
>when I go to clean up I'm actually a bit bloody... definitely don't mention that to him
>limp home with a sore ass and jerk off multiple times while replaying the whole encounter in my head
Sexuality is fucking weird. Even though it was an objectively painful/unpleasant experience, I still somehow got a ton of psychological pleasure out of it, and it's still one of my hottest memories. Go fucking figure?
I'm masturbating furiously to your greentext.
man, i haven't been able to masturbate to text since i was in high school. even pictures don't work anymore unless they're really fucking special.
You're one lucky faggot.

Always had a crush on my best friend's dad. Pretty sure he had the hots for me too, since he tended to tease me in a very flirty way. But he always backed off whenever I tried to make something happen. Oh well.

So did the guy continue fucking you after that? Or did he get cold feet after the one time? Did he ever figure out that he took your cherry?
How'd you manage to suck off your friends dad? That just makes me feel uneasy and awkward
I think he used his mouth?
File: 1340029475107.gif (568 KB, 341x269) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah, it took a lot more begging and seducing on my part, but it eventually became a regular thing for us. Took me a while to get used to what a rough top he was, but once I learned to take his dick and started visibly enjoying it, he finally got over his remaining guilt and became a lot more eager about the whole arrangement.

I did eventually bring up the virginity thing a couple years later and admitted to lying about it. But he'd figured it out anyway, said it was obvious the first time he'd fucked me and that's why he felt so bad right afterwards.

Had a crush on him ever since I hit puberty. Guess I got a little too obvious about ogling him, cause he eventually called me out on it one day. Embarrassed the hell out of me at the time, but he did it in a teasing way that made it obvious he was cool with it.

That kicked off a long saga of clumsy/awkward flirting and escalating sexual tension, until I screwed up the courage to actually start making moves on him. He turned me down the first few times, but in a very reluctant way. Eventually he just gave in and started letting me get into his pants.

Looking back, I'm sort of amazed that I had the balls to push my luck so far in the first place. Teenage horniness is a powerful motivator, I guess.
I think I kinda fall under the category of "closeted fag who wants a quasi-girl." I really WANT to be with guys, and I WANT to be able to consider myself pansexual. But mostly I just like traps and girls, and EXTREMELY girly guys.

First time I was ever with a guy was super awkward and awful.

>Be 19
>Have blown guys before, all quasifags who liked that I looked really, really feminine
>Got my eyeliner on, hair straightened, best clothes on, look hot as fuck, wanna get laid
>Get on CL
>Post an ad, and within a few minutes responses start flooding in
>All old guys and bears
>One guys is kinda scene, got blonde hair, piercings, tattoos
>Good enough
>He picks me up from my house
>Is a little chubbier than I expected, but I kinda find it cute
>LONG awkward, silent car ride
>Decide we should go somewhere just outside town, and do it outside
>We get there, and I can see mosquitos buzzing all around
>No thank you, I don't want bites on my fucking dick
>We get out, go to the backseat
>I pull down his dick, and he is TINY. Like, MAYBE 2 inches, hard.
>He bends me over the console, spits on my ass, and starts shoving it in WAY too aggressively
>I say "Gentle"
>"Fuck that" <-Exact words
I am not really enjoying it, he is kind of a sleazeball
>Remember actually rolling my eyes when I hear him start grunting and moaning really weirdly
>He slips out as he cums, goes all over my leg
>We pull pants up, super duper long car ride home, SILENT.
>As he drops me off he says "I figured you'd be tighter."

And that was the end of the night. Went back inside and jerked off furiously at the thought of having my ass fucked, but tried to not think about the guy that did it.
>"I figured you'd be tighter."
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Thread images: 7
Thread DB ID: 21423

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