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What is history class like in your city/region/country?
Everything that's ever been bad to us is somehow connected to the Danish people and their lust for Swedish blood and maidens.

t. Swede
>Neolithic mysteries
>Funky Celts
>Happy monks
>Those crazy vikings
>Normans not so bad
>Tudors pretty bad
>Fuck Cromwell
>Everyone dies
>Oh Ah Up The RA
>De Valera's a cunt

Then there was European history which was basically; Rome, Medieval stuff, Colonialism, Industry, Bismarck was pretty cool, World Wars, etc.

We never did any non-Western stuff.
this was some time ago,but in high school

>First third of curriculum was talking about Aboriginals and how great they were because sometimes two tribes could in theory be lead by a matriarchy
>Second was how Brit/Frog settlers mistreated/ fooled the natives, all other early events, including 1812 and even confederation are glossed over
>Extended period about Louis Riel- John A. MacDonald being an alcoholic (both which I actually liked)
>hardly talk about WW1 or 2, except for Women's Suffrage

then we talked about the 80's for the last week and that was it.
Seattle, Washington

Elementary School
>Cant remember (maybe Egypt or something)
Middle School
>Native Americans
>Freedom from Britain
High School
>God isn't real
>Europe was only powerful because of geography
>Current World Issues
>Advanced American History
>Even more Advanced American History

Never in my schooling experience did we discuss European History

>WW1, WW2, Holocaust
>WW1, WW2, Holocaust
>WW1, WW2, Holocaust
>WW1, WW2, Holocaust
>WW1, WW2, Holocaust
>Colonization and slavery
Quebec, Canada

>Canadian history
>Canadian history
>Canadian history

>Canadian history
>Canadian history
>Canadian history
>Canadian history
>20th century world history

High school
>Canadian history
>Canadian history
>Canadian history

It's terrible.
We literally all just dance for no reason
From 5 class to 10 class in this order:
-First about the Agyptains
-Then the Romans
-Then Middle Age
-French Revoulution
-Industrial Revoulution
-WW2 (almost an entire year)
-Cold War
Not true. We had stuff about bronze age, iron age scandinavian settlements, medieval kings like LadulÄs for example, the renaissance, the french & industrial revolutions, quite a good history course. There was also stuff about WW1, the black plague in europe, WW2, Hitler & concentration camps (we had a man come and talk who had been in russian conc. camp.). We also learned about Sami people, a lot about stormaktstiden, some other swedish kings we learned about were Gustav Vasa, Gustav Adolf and Karl XII. We read about viking voyages to Byzantium and to Vinland. So there was definitely a scandinavian focus on the material.
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>Jewish history
>Ancient Greece and Rome
>Medieval Europe
>Roman Judea
>Industrial revolution
>French revolution
>Greek independence war /Italian/German unification as an example of nationalism
>Herzls wacky adventures
>WW II with emphasis on the holocaust
>the pioneers and Israeli history
Canada, Northern Ontario
>Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain, Big Joe Mufferaw, other voyageurs.
>Indians were great and shit, but we killed them all
>English/french relations
>England is awesome
>Traitor Louis Riel is actually a hero because natives
>Britain is dicks to canada in WW1
>Britain less dicks.
>Yay britain!
Basically all about how the eternal anglo never stopped in canada, but we should still love mother britain, but feel bad for the injuns.
Nowhere, Texas

>Grade 3, Social Studies of communities and small municipal regions, the idea of how people working together towards a common goal create systems of governments.
>Grade 4, Texas history from just before the arrival of Europeans to the new world to current times.
>Grade 5, more Texas history.
>Grade 6, US/world history with a large focus on the US.
>Grade 7, more Texas history.
>Grade 8, same as grade 6.
>Grade 9-12, you'll need three more history courses. Texas history, US history, and an actual world history course that does not center on the US (But is still biased in that it favors the US)

We fuckin' love our Texas history, which eventually got me interested in other states' histories. Lo and behold, unless you're the original 13 colonies, people simply laugh in your face when asking about their state's history. When I asked a guy from Florida, his response was, "Well we killed a bunch of natives, but then we named places after them, so everything was k. The end."
You must've gotten lucky then. We never went through any of that.
Logically, you'd think starting at the beginning of recorded history would be a good way to go about things, but when you get down to it, I think it's easier to start with the current era and work backwards. The reason being, most people are going to be able to find a wealth of information on current events colored in all sorts of different shades of truth, and working backwards allows you to explain the preceding events that led to the current situation.
Primary school:
>WWI (mainly Gallipoli)
>Medieval times with special emphasis on the crusades for reasons I'm not entirely sure

High School non-elective (SOSE):
>WWI (mainly Gallipoli and mainly through poetry)
>WW2 but my teacher was an English teacher so we learnt shit all
>Industrial revolution with an actual history teacher

High School Ancient History:
>The origin of man, civilisation, agriculture etc.
>Ancient China
>Ancient Greece
>Alexander the Great
>Ancient Rome

Thats from the top of my head
I know no single institution focusing on general knowledge will cover all topics, but I love that out of all my school history classes, abos only had a single paragraph mentioning them when I was in the 10th grade. I had no idea these people existed until an Australian was talking to me about back home, I seemed to assume at the time that the continent was devoid of people prior to the English penal colony.
I'm pretty sure they just try and drill it into our heads that they weren't savages but it just ended up sounding like
>Look at all these different sticks they had! This ones for throwing, this ones for clapping, this ones for um spearing
Bristol, UK
>Black Death and the Great Fire of London
>The Atlantic slave trade
>US civil rights movement, mostly MLK
>Apartheid South Africa

>Dark Ages England, mostly castles
>1066 and more castles
>British Empire
>20s and 30s USA, focus on the depression and organised crime
>Cold War
>Post WW2 Britain, NHS and immigrants mostly
>Apartheid, obviously far more in-depth

In more or less that order if I remember correctly.
West Coast of Scotland, UK
>Scottish Wars of Independence
>Scottish Enlightenment (mostly cultural; Burns, etc)

>Scottish Wars of Independence
>American Civil Rights Movement, MLK and Malcolm X
>Britain and the Industrial Revolution
>Germany 1933-1939
>The Liberal Reforms 1902 - 18
>German Nationalism
>German Unification
>Birth of the Welfare State 1945 - 51
>WWI on the home front
>Red Clydeside and Radicalism in Scotland
>The House Divided: USA 1850 - 65

Can't remember the exact order, should be about right, likely some subjects missing too

>Fertile Cresent
>Athens (Democracy/Peloponnesian War)
>Roman Republic (Punic wars in particular)
>Julius Ceasar
>Augustus Ceasar
>Peter and early Christians
>Fall of Western Roman Empire
>Constantine (Christianity/Constantinople)
>Mohammad and the spread of Islam
>Charlemagne and the Carolingians
>Third Crusade and Magna Carta
>Rise of the Ottoman Empire
>Martin Luther, John Calvin and Henry VIII
>Exploration of the New World
>Early American colonies
>French Indian War and American War of Independence
>Foundation of the U.S.
>Early U.S. Struggles (Federalism vs Antifederalism, slavery, expansion etc.)
>American Civil War and Reconstruction
>German Unification
>Italian Unification
>European colonization of Africa
>English/Boer conflicts in South Africa
>Russian Revolution
>Treaty of Versailles
>Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression
>Rise of the Nazi party
>Cold War (Korean War included)
>Vietnam War

Breif summaries on China, Japan and India thrown in there somewhere
I'm surprised the Civil Rights Movement in America is taught outside of America. I figured it would simply fall under the category of universal suffrage ideals that seem to keep happening throughout history.

Seriously, it can't really be that unique of event that it warrants discussion outside of its own country, can it?
Toronto, Canada

Primary School
>Ancient Greece
>Ancient Rome
>Ancient Egypt
>19th century Canadian history

Middle school
>19th century Canadian history
>War of 1812
>Yukon gold rush

High School
>Canada in World War 1
>Canada in World War 2
>Ancient Egypt
>Ancient Greece
>Ancient Rome
>European colonialism focusing mostly on the British Empire
I don't remember too much from the earlier years, but in high school we kind of breezed through all the ancient stuff, we spent a lot of time talking about Canada in WW1, we didn't really talk about any other countries role in the war basically just that we were the most feared by the Germans. We didn't talk about the war in the pacific during WW2 at all except for maybe the teacher mentioning Japan got nuked and then surrendered, it was no more than 5 minutes of discussion, we mainly just talked about the British and Canadians in WW2. For the European empires we learnt the Portuguese were the bad guys basically because of how many slaves they traded, the British were the heroes who ended the slave trade and together we defeated the Americans who invaded us and wanted to colonise us. Some other things I can remember were my teacher telling us we saved the Dutch, Americans are useless and we did most of the work in WW1, We didn't really spend any time talking about the holocaust maybe we mentioned it for a bit but moved back to praising the British empire very quickly. My teachers must have been very pro British because there never once was a single negative thing said about Britain, my grade 10 teacher said he's ashamed we changed the flag to the maple leaf and we threw away all our culture and heritage by getting rid of the red ensign. We also listened to a lot of Winston Churchill speeches.
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Poland, Warsaw
Primary School
>Ancient Mesopotamia
>Ancient Egypt
>Ancient Greece
>Ancient Rome
>Early Middle Ages
>Poland during Middle Ages

Middle School
>World during Middle Ages
>Poland during Middle Ages
>World during XV/XVI/XVII/XVIII/XIX century
>Poland during XV/XVI/XVII/XVIII/XIX century
>American Revolution
>French Revolution
>Poles and Napoleon
>Polish fight for independence during XVIII/XIX century

High School
>Great War
>Poles during Great War
>interwar period
>Poland during interwar period
>World during WW2
>Poland during WW2
>German crimes on Poles during WW2
>Soviet crimes on Poles during WW2
>after war time/Polish People's Republic
>our times

I hated ancient civilizations tho
Primary (6-10)
Secondary (11-16)
>English civil war
>Slave trade
>Civil rights movement
>UK between the depression and the end of WW2 + Battle of Britain
>Germany 1919-1938
>Cold war
College (17-18)
(classical civilization A level)
>Persian wars
>(another classical book)
(Early modern history A level)
>Anglo-Norman England 1066-1116
>1st-4th Crusade
>English civil war
>Witches or something
>Here's a person
>Here's a date
>Remember these for the test next Monday.
I don't even remember when I learned what periods, I just know we covered most of history from the first colonists up to Reagan.
yeah, we didn't have anything that similar in the UK though, other than the suffrage movement. But it does sometimes annoy me, Britain has a shit tonne more history than the US (no offence) but we do so much on the American civil rights movement and slave trade. Seriously a 1/4 of my history GCSE was on the civil rights movement, what about the industrial revolution, collapse of our empire, or the build up of our empire.
We History at UK university now:
>Early Europe.
>Development of the nationalist state.
>Lower class rights movements (gross).
>Chinese history from BC
>Colonialism/imperialism paradigm
>Gentlemanly capitalism
>British economic history from Empire onward
>First modern economy, Holland
>American war of independence
>More Chinese history, opium war.
>Development of British law
>English civil war
>American wars for oil

Those are just the modules I picked. As for others:
>History of medicine
>American frontier
Normal History
>Totalitarian states, in depth on Communist Russia and Nazi Germany
>British politics post-WWII
>The opening of Japan and gunboat diplomacy/fall of the Tokugawa shogunate
>Greek history, mostly looking at Athenians, persian wars and various sources like the Old Oligarch and Thucydides
>Roman history, dat der Cicero but also practical history about the various civil wars.

I fucking love history, is it obvious?
Edinburgh, Scotland

Primary School (6-12):
>Roman Empire
>Victorian Britain
>World War 2

Secondary School (12-18):
>Roman Empire
>Scotland during the medieval era
>British Empire
>Civil Rights movement in the US
>Industrial Britain
>Scotland and Britain during World War 1
>Hitler's Rise to Power
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