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Your imaginary historical game
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>FPS as conquistador in the mesoamerica
>go to tenochtitlan with Cotez
>hurr durr we iz aztecs n sheittt
>blow their shit up (eventually)

into the >>>/trash/ can it goes
I would enjoy a game where you actually had to face the impossible odds against you as Cortes, and build up enough strength to finally collapse the empire.
Would be fun.
first person view of human sacrifice and shit would be cool
>play as a French peasant in 1793
>Levee en masse what's that
>in the army now
>no shoes
>no uniform
>just this stupid red cap
>here take this musket and kill reactionaries with it
>no tutorial missions
>firing controls don't work for shit because your character doesn't know how to use a gun
>march to Italy
>march to Egypt
>march through Germany
>march into the Low countries
>90% of the game is marching
>press F to steal food from Bavarian milkmaid
>get shot in the leg at austerlitz
>rest of the storyline is you limping back to camp to get your leg amputated
>you bleed out and die
>roll credits
>ww1 game
>play as German
>starts out in July crisis, get player all hyped for the upcoming war
>sent with the opening waves into Belgium
>slap the frogs' shit
>oh fuck the Russians are in East Prussia
>get transferred east just in time to slap the Russians' shit at Tannenberg
>get transferred back to Western Front just as things stagnate
>experience all the horrors of the trenches
>men drowning in mud
>everyone getting trenchfoot
>artillery bombardments lasting days
>brutal hand-to-hand combat
>all your comrades calling your sketches shit
>start taking part in sapping and mining missions
>build resentment for all your comrades who are increasingly anti-war
>especially that one fucker Goldstein. Fuck him
>more transfers to other fronts to keep the game from getting monotonous
>slap the Russians' shit again in 1917
>slap the Italians' shit at Caproetto
>back to Western Front in time for the Americans to fuck up everything for you
>end of the war
>positions getting overrun
>get shot
>fade to black

"several days later"
>wake up in field hospital
>slowly pull yourself out of bed
>walk over to the mirror, start preparing to shave
>slowly shave away all but a simple toothbrush moustache
>roll credits
Only if the shaving scene is interactive.
That will never happen.
Hitler got hit with gas, not shot.
>Anabaptist rebellion the game
>play idealistic young rebel
>most of the game is a city-building one as you restructure munster in accordance with your faith
>try to defend Munster from the invading troops
>get stomped
>long interactive cut-scene as the church tortures you to death
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Colonialism map.png
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>3rd person free roam RPG in late 1800's colonies
>each region (Americas, Africa, Asia_ has a different campaign
>choose a colonial power to fight for, fight with the natives, or become your own leader
>have to manage resources, manpower, etc. and also fight foes (other colonial powers and possibly natives or both)


>post-Mongol Empire MMO free roam RPG
>fight for any of the existing powers or establish your own khanate
>have to constantly fight for and manage resources while also defending your lands from raids
>can raid other areas
Ive always wanted to try and build an easy RPG about building a rebel group in the 60s from the ground up.
>Pick an idealism: Communism, fascism, capitalism, theology, etc etc
>Pick a backer: USA, USSR, China, etc etc
>Now try not to get stomped out by the government
>Organize raids, have to buy arms, set up ambushes
would be cash
>RTS Like Total War but without the shitty kikeness
>1453, you play the role as the Commander of the Roman Army defending the last bastion of Christianity in the east, the hollowed city of Constantinople, against the Turks who bring forth thousands of troops to take on your measly 5000 troops.

>Good Luck, Commander
On this topic; Paris Commune game
As long as there's a Turkish campaign too.
>This, but with Malta
Get in here CA

How about we add a twist, the "reinforcements" the Venetians were "going to send" actually arrive along with, lets be honest, godtier navy and helped out the Romans? Maybe that Might even out the fight.

Also malta would also be bae af desu
>adventure game
>you're an Egyptian scribe.
> and the Pharoh has just returned from a battle, hard fought but lost.
>run around interviewing surviving soldiers.
>once you've gathered enough info, put it in the Royal Chronicle.
>have to recast it as a victory; if you're too honest, they chop your balls off and burn your papyrus.
>score is based on how much truth you slip past the censorship squad.
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>Wake up in a farmers bed, surrounded by the family.
>"We found you in a artillery strike. Nursed you back to health. Who are you?"
>Choose between a Heer soldier, Red Army soldier, Panzer officer, Russian tanker, Commissioner, Einsatzgruppen officer, Waffen-SS, NKVD, Partisan Fighter or White Russian/Ukrainian Collaborator

The Studio that brought you S.T.A.L.K.E.R presents: Hell on Earth: Eastern Front, 1942
Something in the vein as the Koei Warriors series, but instead of having anime-style super exaggerated portrayals of historical figures from Three Kingdoms period China or Sengoku period, have similarly styled historical figures from World War II.

So Josef Mengele being a mad scientist figure wielding a giant scalpel mowing down tons of Jews, Hirohito being a super honourable katana user massacring loads of Chinese at Nanjing, Paul Tibbets in a nuclear powered robotic exoskeleton called Enola Gay, Mussolini as a stereotypical Italian ladies man, Winston Churchill as a massive John Bull type brawler chomping in cigars.
>implying everyone wouldn't play as a comfy Einsatzgruppen officer
>implying they would let you play nazi soldiers
RPG set in Classical Greece, Post-Persian War, Pre-Peloponnesian War
Paradox grand strategy, but more complex.
Pops, a good economy, deep politics, shit to do other than blob, etc.
Op go look up expeditions conquistador.
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Mount & Blade set in the Western Balkans in the 14th Century, with RPG & building mechanics.

I just want to be able to go hunting, mine ore, forge a blade, build a fort, and then fight hordes of invading Saracens. That's all I want.
You run a kingdom like a Paradox game but you do it by proxy of your advisers and generals. They'e AI controlled and tend to be retarded, although you can choose different people and they AI behavior is different based on their attributes. You can lead armies in person but it hands over the entire kingdom to another retarded adviser while you're away. The whole game is just you trying to juggle these retards who have radically different personalities and each of them is retarded in their own unique way. No matter what, your monarch always dies with the succession uncertain, the kingdom in a precarious position economically and militarily, and the cycle repeats itself with the new king
This, my life needs historical RPGs. Why are there so few, are they particularly expensive to produce or something?
Naval Action/Age of Pirates, but all your sailors are meticulously rendered and when you give an order they physically carry it out. None of this psychic sail setting business, I wanna see a nigga climb up there and tie that shit. Hell, I wanna zoom in on him and hear his dumbass conversation about how he saw a mermaid once and how he's mad about the half rations I put everyone on.
I want to know my crew, get attached to them and then get sad when a heavy wave knocks five of them overboard.
American Civil War strategy game.

Think Ultimate General Gettysburg, but a whole campaign. Cities and Governance is automatic, but you control armies. You are given regiments by the AI government, which you can form into brigades, divisions, corps, and armies. You can assign commanders and artillery batteries as well. Army management is complicated and requires a careful balance of available forage and logistics capacity, number of troops, sickness and desertion, etc. There is also extensive fog-of-war and cavalry are needed to determine enemy positions etc.

Battles can play out over several days and through several phases. The terrain is also based on historical elevation map survey data and is as close to historically accurate for the ground as possible. Units generally appear as brigades and batteries in battles, and have morale bonuses when fighting as a division or corp.

Basically, an incredibly in-depth and complicated TW that focuses on realism as much as possible.
This, but with the added caveat that it doesn't shoehorn you towards the major battles, instead allowing the game to naturally form its own turning points and major milestones. If you want to divert all your dudes to Gettysburg for a big battle, so be it, but the biggest battle of the war could be the Battle of DC or Nashville or something in your game.
>Your imaginary historical game
Just realize a historical version of Mount & Blade with god tier gameplay and an actual storyline.

Also Mehmet II would like a word
>Not playing as a Partisan
An MMO similar to elite dangerous, but instead of in space, you're some guy in the american west. You can become a merchant, bounty hunter, bandit, hunter, lawman, whatever. Either that or something similar in the golden age of piracy.
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