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Any occultists on this board?
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Any occultists on this board?

Care to share your knowledge?
If only there was a specific board for occult and paranormal stuff...
Occult as in spooky /x/ tier succubus summoning shit, or the study of Hermeticism, Alchemy etc?

I think it's best when it's the latter -- you can apply the principles of Alchemy in a self-improvement style.

It's a shame many on /x/ don't know what a metaphor is.
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But more importantly,
/x/ has disappointed me on this subject greatly. I have seen more discussion about chaos magic etc. on /pol/.

The latter, yeah.
I've been reading some books on hermetics lately and wonder whether there were any practicers on this board.

The more I read about this, the more it seems to me that "magick" is simply ancient self-improvement.
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>The effacement of history now occurs through an education centred on its own tenants
I've lived to see the day holy okay
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Plotinus is GOD TIER !!!
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Have some qt.
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All hail the king.
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Have fun inviting demons into your existence to perpetually use you like fodder and feed off you. You are entire soul will be stuck in a cube in hell for aeons. You have been warned.

Lower vibrations = hell

You are not edgy and unique. You are clueless, blind and dumb
whos that guy?
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What is a "vibration"? What is doing the vibrating?
As in energies. Dark energies.
I have studied a lot of this stuff on my own, I plan to write a book about it, it has strong links to many strands in a few religions, I draw most heavily from the Gita and the Christian Scriptures.

What I have discovered explains a lot of imaginary found in the main iconography of Rosa Crucianism (although I did not make these connections from being inside the order). And also the icongraphy of the ancient Shinto Religion.

Basically my book is about the philosphers stone, but I wont call it that, it will be about psychology predominantly, still havent arrived at the tone of how to present in the book yet.

But my research is extensive, and my knowledge is fairly massive on various issues, although perhaps not quite collated in neat subject areas... My book definately won't contain the depths of everything I have disocvered, which will require more outside help to develop, perhaps brain scanning, and pyschometric testing.

I do not know a lot of occult stuff though, but I believe I have a better grasp as to what things probably pertain to than most.

I have had first hand experience with many occult type forces though, as to what these things 'are' is always open to controversy,but my work gives me a framework that allows me a greater grasp as to ever pinning anything down. So often even if I find what I consider very reliable source data, I take the report seriously, but the meaning in the account weights with me.

You asked to share some knowledge, so I will give some useful summary in some respects at least:

Truth is its own economy.
that is what makes is separate and gives it power over all.

To tune into it, you must detach from what is untrue.

This is both explained in the Gita and the bible.
Detachment in the former, and hate in the latter.
When you find your moms toys

Knowledge of Good and evil (or of either), is a lie, don't even try to attack it though, displace it with an object of real love of truth; this is not automatic, it must be discerned, and again, its not automatic, the scriptures even say: fear and trembling... discerning is made of everything, even hate... or you can't be aware of kharma to leave it, and live beneath and before kharma.

Life is immediate, kharma is displaced when intentionality drives all events, which is mean enlargening your mind to cover everything (the account for everything); this is not hard to do conceptually, but is tough to do by REAL discerning, and not in hidden resistance for the truth.

t People read the bible and have only ever heard their own voice speaking; that voice has a tone made of knowledge; know truth, not good and evil, or you hear: themselves.

^ I just gave you a rundown of the cliff notes of Gensis and insight into the Greek system of faith as encapsulated by the inscription at delphi.

SW cpt ZA
>dat art
that's about as shallow as it gets
ill give you some advice
dont even fucking start bro you dont want to see the truest depths of human suffering just be chill and happy
>That picture
What's the diffrence between "dark" and (I guess) "light" energies? Wavelenght?
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Hello Reddit
Isn't energy simply a tool and the decision make it "dark" or whatever?
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