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I just finished pic related to get a very low level understanding of general Greek history. Where should I go from here? Just whatever interests me or is there a good next step to take if I want to know more about Greece?
Play Europa Barbarorum, Rome: Total Realism or Haegemonia.

I learned alot about ancient Greece from those games.
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Next step:

Check out VDH's "The Western Way of War".

And you might want to also look at "The Greek Myths", by Robert Graves

Neither of them are a systematic Greek history, but both give a lot of insight into a lot of Greek day to day life and social organization.
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>The Western Way of War
That was actually on my list of potential followup books. I'll look into that more.
That's actually what sparked my interest in Greek history.
I'm reading Mythology rn
Napoleon the Great (alternatively Napoleon: A Life) is arguably the best biography l've read and one of my favorite /his/ books in general.

If you're interested at all in the Revolutiomary and Napoleonic eras, you should give it a read. It's not only a great biography about the man, but it's also a very good intro into those two eras.

Do you like it? The last part kinda ruined it for me.
:^) we're gettin meme'd on so hard friendo
Serious question - how reading about ancient philosophers can help someone in 21 century?
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Here's sort of a guide for fags wanting to know more about Roman history. This is more for newbies, but eh. Maybe someone can make some sort of chart, because I'm functionally retarded

>Rubicon - Tom Holland
Although Pop-history, it's relatively well written pop history. Focuses on the last 100-125 years of the Republic up to the Battle of Actium. Since it's the most famous period of Rome, there's lots of information, and it provides a good background on Roman culture, so its a great place to start if new to Rome or history in general.
General Roman Chronology
>The Romans: From Village to Empire - Mary Boatwright
Basic college textbook of Roman History courses, provides a good outline without too much detail
>The History of Rome Podcast by Mike Duncan
Not literature, but well done enough to get people into the
Roman Culture
>Themes in Roman Society and Culture: An Introduction to Ancient Rome - Gibbs
Another standard textbook, provides a wide range of various aspects of Roman Society

Early Republic to 3rd Punic War
>Rise of Rome - Antony Everitt
>Carthage Must Be Destroyed - Richard Miles
More of a history of Carthage, but invaluable for looking at the greatest superpower clash in the last centuries before Christ
>The Punic Wars - Adrian Goldsworthy
More on the tactical end of the conflicts, but read very well.
>Mastering the West: Rome and Carthage at War
Never read, but highly recommended by friends

Late Republic to Early Principate
>Caesar: Life of a Colossus - Adrian Goldsworthy
One of the best biographies I've ever had the pleasure of reading, covers more in depth about Caesar's life than Rubicon does, and is very well written.
>Augustus - Adrian Goldsworthy
>The Roman Revolution - Ronald Syme
>The Spartacus War: Barry Strauss

Imperial Rome
>I, Claudius
While historical fiction, Graves is a masterful storyteller, and the fucked up dynamics of the Julio-Claudian line is too irresistible not to love. Take some conspiracies with a grain of salt
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Imperial Rome Continued
>69 A.D.: The Year of Four Emperors - Gwyn Morgan
A great transition book to the Flavian Dynasty, demonstrates the hinted turbulence of the upcoming shitty centuries right before the Nervan-Antionine dynasty
>The Roman Emperors: A Biographical Guide to the Rulers of Imperial Rome 31 BC-AD 476 - Michael Grant
Michael Grant, while a bit old, is a staple to have in the library. An easy access to all the numerous characters of Roman power
>Rome and Jerusalem: Clash of Ancient Civilizations - Martin Goodman
Good look at the issues between the Jews and Romans, the Jewish Revolts, and some of Josephus' life. Also does some background stuff of Christianity.

Late Roman Empire - Early Byzantines
>Byzantium: The Early Centuries - John Julius Norwich
Gives a great narrative on mostly the emperors from Constantine to Irene, but focuses on the transition of the seat of power from Rome to Constantinople, the Latin to Greek, and the final death throes of Western influence and expansionist policy that marked Rome so chracteristically
>The Fall of the Roman Empire: A New History of Rome and the Barbarians - Peter Heather
A huge book chronicling one reason why the Empire collapsed, primarily on shit-eating vagabonds, but this is not the only reason. Also a good prepwork for the tribes who later were absorbed into the empire
>The Fall of Rome - Adrian Goldsworthy

Roman Warfare
>The Complete Roman Army: Adrian Goldsworthy
Absolutely essential for any Roman miliary fans. Pictures galore, tactics, weaponry etc.
>The Roman Army: The Greatest War Machine of the Ancient World (General Military) - Chris McNab
A bit pricey, but if you want to see some glorious Osprey artwork in close detail, then get it.
I don't believe Primary sources should be recommended to anyone beyond avid readers of Roman history, most people would take shit like Theodora being fucked through the nipple as fact since Prokopoios was butthurt. Gibbon is also a bit outdated, but I think if you ignore his Christfag ramblings, then read if you want.
Adrian Goldsworthy's presence on the list many times is personal bias, I just think he's really accessible.
Anyone can make further adjustments as they wish.
Do you have an interest in Philosophy/the universe you live in/what is good etc? Then yes, definitely.

Do you want to self-improve? Then yes - but there are works that are more direct for this from Plato and Aristotle.
I'd disagree, I read Herodotus/Thucydides after only reading a brief history and enjoyed it a lot -- as long as you take everything with a grain of salt, check the notes by scholars etc you'll be fine.
Greek history is different. If it were greek history I would totally agree, thanks to the Landmark editions of Herodotus, Thucydides, Arrian, Xenophon etc. Those books are awesome.
this was the post that triggered me the most, out of every post i've read on 4chan this entire month,
I didn't realize tumblr browsed /his
How about you answer him instead of acting like a moron ;^)
I suggest someone like Marx instead.
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