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Tell me everything you know about the history...
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Tell me everything you know about the history of Yugoslavia during the breakup of it. I don't want opinions about ebil croats or serbs I want facts, like military expeditions.
>things of interest
the paramilitary groups
criminal organizations that flourished during it
the extent of NATOs meddling
the breakdown on a societal level
the rise of turf gangs
how it was for the average man
25 year rule
1991 was 25 years ago faggot, the rule doesn't apply. I asked about the history of the breakup. the ten day war+croat/slovene/macedonian independence took place during 1991.
this retard doesn't know THE CURRENT YEAR!!!
Also intrestred, bumping for info
1990 faggot. Gateposts always apply in the state's favour in history. You don't get to read 1991's archives on the first day of january 2016.
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Here's our documentary on the topic.

There was a great documentary solely about the war in Slovenia but I guess it was taken off of Youtube because I can't find it anymore.
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here's decent overview of events leading up to the war
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and an overview of the war itself
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I'd write something like >>554759 and >>554762 from a Slovene perspective but I won't be so long. If you want to know anything I didn't mention, just ask.

Not only do we speak a different language and are Catholics, but Slovenia was also the one republic with the highest GDP so another reason for independence was the fact our republic had to give a lot more than it received.

The late 80s were the time when things started changing. The Slovene communists were reformists, allowing more freedom of press than elsewhere and also acting as the main bulwark against Serbian centralisation.
In 1989 the Slovene police stopped the Serbian so-called Rallies of truth that were common in the other republics where there was a Serbian population - the Serbs in Slovenia wanted to rally for their own republic on our land as well, but the trains bringing more supporters were stopped in Croatia.
The next year, the Slovene communists allowed the first democratic elections. The winner was a coalition of mostly centre-right parties.
1990 was also the year when Slovenia went through a referendum about its independence; 89% of the voters voted for independence (94% of the voters participated in the referendum, the highest number in any Slovene vote). Next year came the war.

The Slovene armed forces were organised in the Territorial Defence, an organisation that worked independently from the Yugoslav People's Army. They started gathering weapons for the coming war at the end of the 80s.

On 25 June 1991, Slovenia declared independence. Here's a video of the event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLJPdh_q0g4. Yugoslav fighters were already circling over our capital at that point.

The war came two days later and it pitted the Territorial defence and the Slovene police force against the Yugoslav People's Army both in the barracks in Slovenia as well coming from Croatia.

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The JLA's main goals were to capture the border crossings in the west and the north of Slovenia, to destroy our main airport and television transmitter - all that so they could effectively cut us off from the rest of the world.

Their offensive was not successful, however. Not only did our troops encircle the Yugoslav troops in the barracks but the main roads were all blocked off with hundreds of trucks, buses and cars. Many civilians took part in the conflict - some even gave their lives for our country. Yugoslavia failed in defeating our fatherland and the war ended after ten days with a peace conference on the Brioni Islands.

Here's a documentary on the ten day war; unfortunately, there are no subtitles. But you can still see what the situation was like in Slovenia in 1991.
hiro said in the first day of /his/ existance that yugo breakup discussion is allowed
i wish i screencaped it then
Could Yugoslavia have stayed together?
What would you do to make it work?
Was it destened to fail?
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With the growing debts, it was bound to implode. In addition, Tito's death led to what he was fighting against all his life as the leader of the federation - growing Serbian nationalism and their constant push for centralisation.

But it's not like a non-communist Yugoslavia would be much different; it would probably be like 90s Serbia, except from the late 40s onwards.
Here's a version in English of the same map.
It's what the chetniks wanted to turn Yugoslavia into after the war.
Why did they want to make Croatia so small?
Because of the Ustashe backstabbing Yugoslavia when they sided with the Axis. And also because there were Serbs living there.
You'll never get any useful discussion, only Yugos shitflinging and accusing each other of bullshit and foreigners jerking off to their favorites while branding everyone else as subhumans.
This thread doesn't seem to be like that at this point...
Part of it is discussion of 25 year limit, another is posting of documentaries, and there's that Slovene who is either baiting on purpose or textbook example of the kind of people who start shitstorms in these thread.
Kek, I am literally a Slovene who also posted a couple of documentaries. I didn't know my writing came out that way. What part of what I wrote makes you think I'm trying to start a shitstorm?
>slavs trying to coexist
>serbs kill their fellow slavs because 'muh christianity'
>bosnian genocide
>kosovo things
>breakup balkanization
>everyone still hates eachother, only united by racism for migrants
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They didn't fight the Yugoslav wars because of Christianity (Slovenes and Croats are Christians too, you know), they wanted to unite the lands inhabited by Serbs. The wars were a case of nationalism going even further than that, though - they actually turned it in a ustashe vs chetnik conflict all over again.
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Well yes, it's a 1981 map.

Yeah it's been pretty tame so far, the write up were great as well and seemed pretty unbiased compared to what you usually find.
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Even if it wasn't a rightfully claimed geographical identity, we should keep using it just because it triggers so many people
there's this about 150 years old idea of Great Serbia, in which Serbian land is everything where Serbs live. I can't really remember details, but it's a myth created by serbian nationalists. What they really wanted is our sea, and used the fact that Serbian minority settled in Croatia after running from Turks (remember this part). Nationalists and radicals kept this idea throughout the decades and revived it in the 1980s, while Yugoslavia was falling apart. In 1990/1. they claimed a part of Croatia as Serbian land, called Krajina. Serbian minority, living there since 17th century, beacuse of propaganda rebelled and attacked unsuspecting croatians in so-called Krajina. They drove out 200.000 people, murdered, robbed etc. Ofc, they were well armed by Serbia.
Croatia also fought diplomatic war in Europe, trying to make the world see they were victims here. Serbs had strong propaganda and entire world didn't know what was going on until 1993,iirc. Anyhow, with growing international support and better army, Croatians started fighting back, In operation Storm, 5th August 1995, almost entire occupied teritory was liberated. Serbian army ran away, and so did the serbian civilians-mostly beacuse of strong prpaganda that claimed that cro-ustasha army is coming to murder everyone.
With Storm, war in Croatia basically ended, and peaceful re-integration of eastern Croatia was completed in 1997/8.
that's basically it, for Croatian part and in very short version.
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