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Who's from amond the Norman theory supporters, first belongs the conclusion that the Byzantine sources suggest the existence of not one but several tribes with the name "Rus".

Why nobody want's to enter this thread?
What is the Norman theory?
Reported to the dean for cheating. Enjoy your expulsion.
According to the theory of the Norman Rurik was the a Varangian.
And according to the Slavophile theory, Rurik was Russian
>9th century

Well he wasn't fucking Russian. At best you might suggest a proto-Rus slav.
Sorry man. I ddin't know how to translate Pycич to English

No problem, if this is your second language then you have far more English than I have Russian.
Yea, my English have much problems with lexicon.
By the way, history of Russia - real rare theme at Western world. I did't find any articles on Wikipedia about Russian medieval history
And one fact about russian history before 1300+
Most of the problems associated with the interpretation of the chronicles, very much Etymology
Most Western historians who aren't specialists think that the whole thing is a god awful mess until the Novgorod state forms.
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I think it is related with the low popularity of the theme and very low part of material in English
Definitely, but the impact of Russian Nationalism within soviet historiography doesn't help at all. The amount of "Rus-ish slavic tribes are necessarily 19th & 20th century Great Russians" at the obvious or the interpretive level stains that tradition of historiography for the western reader.
Im too lazy to search the sauces but the actual history in muh interpretation with the latest discoveries goes like this
> be "rus" lands
> be proto eastern slav
> be around 500 CE some years after the mass hun rape
> the steppes still have rider tribes and sammis mind their bussiness
> goth states are falling apart everywhere, which means is not the first time they had contact with "scandinavians"
> east slavs/lithuanians who believe in the dindueuropean pagan polytheist religion local variant are the majority of tribes/micro kingdoms with one or two misplaced turkic remains from huns and blonde as fuck goths now getting cucked (crimea will keep them for a while tho)
> contacts with the reformed greek-eastern roman empire, mostly mercs and trade
> start to copy them, on everything
> le proto-kievan rus, not a country, just a kind of common culture
> muh proto cyrillus
> muh proto metodius
> be now closer to 700-800 CE
> meanwhile, goths, as good travelers they are manage trade and get a "religious reform" and helped by the hottest climate in ages start to cuck the world non stop,
> this cucking include the rus tribes, now a culture of slav ethnic base, some asian hunnic/turkic small features, greek priests and viking traders, now turned opportunistic
> russian tribes debilitated by a lot of things, many have already have already fallen to their new viking overlords who are still a minuscule yet powerful minority (this explains varangians, black sea raids, and cultural simmilarities)
> then rurik cames exiled from a feuding conflict, vini, vidi, vinci
> sets his capital in novgorod, starts going south and for the first time its kind of unified again
> still he has to be brutal, he is part of a minority ruling over squatting slavs
> fast forward, suddenly mongols
> the end, go to sleep
Early soviet historiography real crazy, yes.
But 60-85-th historians is real good.

Ok, i can do some threades tommorow about russian history.
> still he has to be brutal, he is part of a minority ruling over squatting slavs
> fast forward, suddenly mongols

You lost more than 400 years of history, dude.
That it is not present in the English Wikipedia.
>But 60-85-th historians is real good.

One of my former colleagues was a western specialist on soviet historians. I'm not saying soviet historians weren't good. But they had "requirements."
If you are still there ill write about those 400 years
Ok. :)
I will write about son of Rurik in 5 min.
Oh, stop.
You want wrrite it for me, or do you want me to write?
> rurik (which by the way is an obvious slav deformation of roderic) settled and conquered finding an extremely inhospitable panorama
> deus vulting from the west (the each day more independent an conspirating roman church de facto independant from constantinople since at least uncle karl)
> hre clusterfuck as the last true karolingians feud to their doom
> his northern cousins, greedy and zealous wont stop raiding
> the eastern raiders are starting slowly but steadily to recover, we get some lols from kazhars (aka zion v1.0) and crimean goths
> to the south the always corrupt Greek roman empire
> rurik, who was very probably a trader in mindset wasnt dumb and after a few attacks and raids realize its better to ally this strange perfumated literall cucks who also are having big trouble on the inside and outside (aka iconoclasm and sand coons)
> he agreeds to turn slowly rus in a orthodox states which in those days meant a loose vassal contract to the greeks, he was a staunch odinist yet this gave slowly christianity to the russians >oleg got further into this, vladimir actually turned christian, note oleg/olaf was the last with a kind of viking name, vladimir was the son of olaf slav/greek wife? Who knows
> he starts the first moves to put the capital in kiev, and ex trading post which he seized from another viking
> also the always forgotten yet always powerful ruthless russian elites (ethnic slavs and vikings equally) start to already plot roderic`s demise
> He dies god knows how
> his states are divided into his sons and "friends", with obvious kiev getting the best share and begginig the kievan rus face
> day by day, ethnic vikings start following the slav culture and viceversa forming the backbone of russian culture, architecture, the art and culture is clearly from constantinople. Common folk lore is just pagan tales who survived
> be now close to 900
> eternal jew in khazar/jazar form starts to cuck the shit out of this new yet powerful state
> first combinated action between byzantines and russians
> damn nigga, those horses are scary, maybe i should use them too
> remaining khazars are now slaved and will be the proto cossacks (in russian its spelled like kazaks or shit, you get the point)
> Russia got it all, shit ton of clay, rebellious horsemen, trade routes from greece to skane, manpower to spare, greek religion and culture
> still they lack two things who stop them from roflstomping the world: a decent happy climate and a truly unified states since the eternal elites succeded in replacing rurikurids on the control of estates, we now welcome to our new boyard overlords

> XI century is khazars 2, now weve got turks edition, the state is getting more and more decentralized and ruriks more and more cucked but still they aknowledge their past and russia is after all part from this misterious eastern europe
> Greeks are getting so fucked up down there than the first moves to put a ruling patriarchy in kiev are set
> XII century is corruption everywhere and decadence, the contact with the steppe corridor meant more and more frequent raids, also cossacks turned muslim and each day more rebellious
> mongols come
> kievan "princes" say, analther steppe coon we have defeated them twice, go say to your "khang" fuck you
> oh shit nyukka is the angry impaling mongols, complete utter and sad destruction and clusterfuck of kiev, no survivors, genocide in horrendous scale depopulating the crimean region for centuries
> kiev is so cucked it will have its culture replaced by a rape mixture of slavs and mongols, ak the ruthenian and modern day cossacks
> moscow, a medium sized settlement becomes more militarized and one of the most powerful vassals of the golden horde
> meanwhile good old novgorod is still a kind of independant city state on interest conflict with moscow
> you know the rest
Yep. This is a very short and incomplete, but yea, it is how it been. Thanks man
Lol, it's school basics
>Igor comes to drevlyans to collect tribute
>Collect it all
>On the road to Kiev:"Hey, guys, I have a real great idea! Go to Kiev, I will return for some more tribute"
>-Hey, drevlyans, here some jewels, fur and honey!
-Hey, why are u taking ur swords?
It was just a joke!
>drevlyans 1:0 Igor
>-We killed him, and what we will do now?
-Maybe become independent from Kiev, and strengthen our early statehood?
-Pffff, no. Let's send matchmakers to Igor's widow in Kiev with the rook. Yea, it will be real great.
>At year 946 Iskorosten was burned up
Dead thread :(
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