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share stories, pics, whatever. Would love to hear cheating stories from a femanon!
posting a few greentexts I've saved.
I cheated on my girlfriend once with a chick who was good at making me feel good when I thought my girlfriend was being a cunt, and it actually ended up being one of the worst fucks I can ever remember, completely boring, no spontaneity, she sucked at riding on top, and didn't wanna do it doggy style, she wouldn't suck my dick. She came twice and I faked it and came none just so I could leave.
that's not even appealing
eh, depends on what you're into I guess.
Hey it's me!
Post new stories!!! :)
>living with girlfriend at apartment complex
>shit sex.
>started juggling another girl
>convinced her to fuck outside at the apartment park area.
>came in here. went back to sleeping girlfriend cuddled with her
>not sure how I got away with it.

You people are fucking weird. Looks its ok to Racemix. BUT this is to god damn far.
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I've cheated on my bf but he wouldn't get off on being a cuckold. The two things aren't always compatible.
true, they're not. care to greentext the story?
File: toomanycucks.jpg (122 KB, 723x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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HAHAHA holy shit this guy got rekt by that alpha.

But that girlfriend agreed after knowing the stakes, so she basically wanted it for even trying the 50/50
I'll share some later, busy with friends at the moment.
So I've always been really turned on by these cuck stories, but from the point of view of the guy she's cheating with. Does a bull always have to be huge and jacked? All I've got is a big dick.
kk, can't wait :)
>Does a bull always have to be huge and jacked?
Not really. Personally I prefer my men to be slim and athletic to 'huge and jacked' guys, but I don't really discriminate one way or the other.
So this is what has become of us? Cant control our fantasy and now we just do this CUCK SHIT? Im 21 AND I FEEL like a god damn 50 yr old. THANKS GUYS! fucking way to go.
>bf was a lazy arse, borrowed money off me, never repaid it
>used to go to strip clubs (which I didn't complain about) but got jealous whenever I went out
>ironically one time I did go out I bumped into someone who knew him and what an arse he is
>we got on, fucked
>met up and fucked about half dozen times until I finally dumped bf
>still have other guy for occasional fuckbuddy
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My bf never wanted to have sex so I came across an ad for porn and so I went (I live in SFV) for an interview and eventually got started on small shoots
>did some cam whoring
>boy/girl girl/girl shows
>bf has no idea
>same day I started I had caught him on tinder
>oh the fucking irony
> I got on tinder myself and found this really cute English dude
>coaches soccer for college nearby
>we met up smoked and I sucked his cock while he drove to a park
> we fucked and he is my first uncut white guy lol
> feelsgood.jpeg
> Brits have amazing cocks
> Brits are fucking hot
>I still think about him because he was sexy as fuck
> bf has no idea
> about anything
>mfw pornstar/producer T Real is booking me for a couch casting scene for $3,000

>white people

>pls go
this totally doesn't sound like a british guy wrote it
Is this thread right for me if i want to pound my white poz seed into a black guy while his gf watches?
I have not seen all that many good looking British folks in my life. Most of the time it's the teeth. Yee gads! Those teeth!

Never met any exceptionally good looking British people, but then again I'm an ugly mug myself.
where in UK u at?
I need my boner seeing to in London
Lol. SE London but I'm from Sussex really.
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mfw you"re just going to end up on a fake back-room casting couch to never be called back if your story is real (I don't actually believe you, so it's whatever)
My boyfriend introduced me to this fetish. We first started slow with me just being dominant, then I started to sissy him. While we would play I would say things like "oh I need a real dick not your little clit" and how I need a real man in my life, he finally told me that he would love for me to go out, fuck some hung dude bigger than him, take pictures, and then come home for him to clean me up. So I did
how did it feel getting fucked better than your boyfriend could fuck you? do you feel sorry for him and still look at him the same way you did before? did he "open your eyes" to bigger and better things?
Actually its made us closer, the sex was good but not mind blowing. Really its only an indulgence that we've acted on thrice. Im personally a sub so its out of my nature to do it, kind of awkward.
would you say the sex was better though than with you're partner?
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There he is. There he goes again.
Look everyone he posted it once again. Isn't he just the funniest guy around. Oh my god.
I can almost see your pathetic overweight frame glowing in the dark lit by your computer screen which is the only source of light in your room giggling like a little girl as you once again type your little cuck thread up and fill in the captcha. Or maybe you don’t even fill in the captcha, maybe you’re such a disgusting NEET that you actually paid for a 4chan pass so you just click submit? I imagine you, little shit, laughing so hard as you click it that you drop your Doritos onto the floor. But its ok, your mother will clean it up in the morning. Oh that’s right, did I fail to mention? You live with your mother! You’re a fat fucking fuck up and she’s probably so sick of you already. So sick of having to do everything for you all god damn day, every day, for a grown man who spends all his time on 4chan posting "epic" cuck memes. Just imagine this, she had you and then she thought you were going to be a scientist or an astronaut or something grand and then you became a NEET. A pathetic copypasting NEET. She probably cries herself to sleep everyday thinking about how bad it is and how she wishes she could just disappear. She can’t even talk try to you because all you say is “CUCK. CUCK. CUCK!.”.
You became a parody of your own self. And that’s all you are. A sad little man laughing in the dark by himself as he prepares to indulge in the same old dance that he’s done a million times now.
And that’s all you’lI ever be.
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My girl went out with friends last night. I thought she was dressed too slutty when she left but I figured it was just to fit in. Found these today hidden in the closet...they are the ones she had on last night. Is that cum? I'm kind of turned on.
How many girls are turned on by the idea of having permission to fuck other guys?
Video for those that are interested
>Jew girl continues cucking her Jew husband
That looks like cum to me, especially if they were "hidden" as you said.
I'll post an interesting story

>Be me at 28
>Been with two or so couples (was living in a big city with plenty opportunities)
>Chat with couple on AFF, meet at hotel
>She's a total trophy wife
>We go up to the room
>Talk more
>She goes for my pants
>Hubby is a total cuck, biggest one I've ever met
>They both get on their knees
>She sucks me, he watches
>She and I move to the bed
>She's tight, last 15 minutes
>Doesn't matter had sex
>Cum in her mouth
>MFW she spits it all into his mouth, he swallows
>They want to have me watch them fuck
>She talks shit to him the entire time
>She gets on top of him, guides him in
>Laughs, looks at me
>"Now I can't even feel him"
>Go home
>Proud as fuck
Sadly, that's been confirmed as a role play - he was totally into it. His thing was feeling powerless to stop it. But hey, if that's your thing.

Also, anyone know where to find good cheating videos? Male or female cheater, idc.
I would post but you guys would kill my grammar I've cheated on a couple boyfriends
Just get your point across. We'll forgive the grammar.
It's not something I've done as a fetish with a bf but IDK how I'd feel, whether I'd enjoy the freedom or just feel contempt for him. Sure I've looked at other guys while I've been in a relationship but I've only cheated the once and that was after real provocation.
i just set up an arrangement with a girl from uni to fuck her at least once a week that the boyfriend back home doesn't know about

Most aren't in fact a majority of cuckold relationships are instigated by the guys and their women go along with it because they like pleasing their significant others.
>Have lame boyfriend that never wants to do anything
>Go out with male friend for a drive
>Suck his cock in the car, cums in my mouth
>Get dropped off home
>Give bf a long kiss and drag him up to the bedroom to fuck me
>He wonders what has gotten into me

I tell this story to my current bf who loves being a cuck. He can jerk off all he likes to it <3
no man, that's just her wetness dried up
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>be me a couple of weeks ago
>have a bunch of people over my house for dinner
>wife is wearing these sheer brownish colored stockings with black boots
>after party, everyone is gone except for my one friend, who my wife an I both know has a foot fetish
>continue drinking for a while
>wife takes off her boots and is now walking around in her stockinged feet
>friend asks if he can give her a foot massage, wife says sure
>he proceeds to massage her feet for like a half hour
>friend leaves shortly after
>wife tells me it was the best foot massage she's ever had
>mfw I am now a foot cuckold
Dont wanna greentext. Im on my phone so i'll get the point.

I came home early from work one day and and i walked in on my girlfrend getting her pussy eaten by an unknown girl.
I stand in the doorway and i smirked like a motherfucker. Didnt know she was bi.

She jumps up and starts saying sorry and she loves me and all that shit.

I still look blankfaced. Ask her how long she has been doing it. She says 2 months. Walk over to the chair in our room and recline it, activate the massager. I look at her and tell her " continue".

She says "what?" Very surprised at my reaction.

I told her " i said continue i just got off of work and im relaxing. Ehat did you think id me mad". She is still in disbelief that im serious. She thinks im being sarcastic or its a punishment. I told her it was a huge fantasy and make the atmosphere a little better through chit chat. Tell them they are both hot. Eventually they start making out and they are back to it.

The girl is finger fucking her and looking me in eye. Goes on for about 30 more minutes. I dont join in this time. But the next time i did and fucked them both. Took them to dinner and told them they could keep fucking only if i can watch and join in whenever i feel like it. They both agree.

Long story short i have 2 bi gfs now. One 23 and the other 18. Best day of my fucking life. Never letting go.
I want to believe
I bet that's just her dried up juices. But that also means she did something that got her all wet and shit.
Both ways, she did something back there.
Women are hilarious.

My wife thinks I'm only fucking her.
My girlfriend thinks I'm only fucking her and my wife when I have to.

Meanwhile, I go out trying to (and succeeding) in picking up women from bars and clubs. I go for the ones who have boyfriends but the boyfriends aren't there (typically trouble in paradise). From there, fish in a barrel.

The only women I can say I semi respect are those who also willingly and actively cheat on their partners. Which is counter intuitive
Cuckqueaning needs more love.
If only they were into it
No one ever believes. Ive come to terms with that a while ago. Only when im at the clubs, or out at dinner and i kiss both of them do guys come up to me out of nowhere and ask me what the fuck did i do to get that situation. Its one of those "if i told you, youd never believe me" situations. And even then people think they might be hired. You learn to laugh it off though. Bi girlfriends are the best though. Anywhere you go, no matter how awesome someone looks or seems, you cant hold a candle to a guy who smacking and grabbing two asses in public.
>two weeks ago
>argument with my boyfriend
>go to best friend's place to cool down
>bff offers to buy me a drink
>we dress up and hit the club
>flirt with guys, get free drinks, ignore boyfriend's calls
>bump into an ex
>he's still hot and still an asshole
>but i'm horny
>say goodnight to bff, she promises not to tell
>back to his place
>hop into bed
>tell him to fuck me bareback
>he always wanted to but never got the chance
>fucks me hard, cums inside me
>spend the night, fuck again before i leave
>tell boyfriend i stayed with bff
>she tells him the same
>make up with him, we have sex
>make him wear a condom
Well, if it's a troll, at least it's a hot thought. If you are telling the truth, congrats man. You're living the dream and I envy/admire you.
these are great want more
Yes indeed we are ;)
goddamnit. it's painful to read but my dick loves it.
>roughly 6 months ago
>im going on my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend
>bff is dating mtf transgirl
>says the sex is amazing
>be kinda jelly cause i had a crush on her
>then they both ask me for nudes
>they both think im hot and want to hook up
>me and bff shower and make out and lightly finger each other
>we take it to the bedroom
>eat her out, use my vibrators/dildo on her, she cums and is loving it
>the gf is feeling weird jealousy shit, has trouble staying involved
>after this occurrence bff and i hook up several times in private unbeknownst to their gf and my bf
>now my friendship with both of those people is over

i cheat on every person i date though, terrible gf, no excuses, you dont need to tell me
I'm still thinking about whether I want to hook up with my ex again. We weren't a great couple but the sex is really good.
Bi girls man. A bi girlfriend is key. Bitches love bitches. Notice how easy it is for hot girls to fuck another girl. They dont come off creepy or threatening. I still laugh because i technically got cheated on. But would you seriously get mad? I couldnt. Ever
My girlfriend is bi and we both really want a threesome. It'll probably happen soon since we've heard that an acquaintance might be interested. I doubt, though, that it's going to lead to a two girlfriend situation.
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I like posting pics of my gf and hearing what other men want to do to her. Anyone like me?
What's wrong with it being a role play? If done well it doesn't matter.
Only every limp-dicked spineless piece of shit that makes up the internet, anon.
What a fucking whore
Are you really that filthy slut?!
Oh yeah American deme generates are strong in this thread
Ladies and gents- an actual whore! Congrats u made your family proud
What a filthy pig. Die slut
Dried pussy juice you idiot
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