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[Dwarfsoft] Teisoukannen ZERO Translation Project
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A translation project was started here for Mizuryu Kei's visual novel, the original thread has been archived since.

I make a new one as I have made a patch which could make things easier for anyone willing to translate/edit/mod the game in any way.

Download link : https://mega.nz/#!Jg9zkDSR!70DMc-DbFRZWMGgNfjyleUxagomosBeqk1SD6_-ILjI

To install you just extract in the game folder and apply the patch.

The first time you launch the game, this will dump all the image and text files of the game inside a "modding" folder. This is pretty long as there are around 577MB of files to be extracted, so it can take a few minutes depending on your hard drive. It is done at the launch of the game and it can look like the game froze, but just hold on, and once it is complete, the game launches normally and you have all the files in "modding" ready to be modded.

After that, you can modify the script files (all .tjs and .ks which are text files) inside the modding directory, and the game will use those instead of the original ones. Though if you make any changes, you will probably need to relaunch the game to see them.
where do i download the game
Here's the download link of the game from the previous thread :
I cant get the patcher to work at all on the exe
Have you launched the patcher from the same folder as the "tzero.exe" ? It is a very basic patcher so it will only look for it in its same folder.
I'm having this error when I try to run the game, what am I doing wrong D: ?
I just download it from here >>4157568
I had this same error. Change your display language to Japanese and it should work.
Just download it from nyaa. The OP link has problems with the exe file.
thanks anon
I tried the patch, and while the images and .tjs files are just fine, the .ks files are still been unreadable using a text editor :\
What text editor did you use and have you tried another one ?
The .tjs and .ks files are handled the same way, the main difference is that the .ks files have way more japanese characters as it has all the scripts. That's why I'm suspecting that it is a text editor problem
I was using Windows notepad and Notepad++, I just tried it with Sublime Text and now all is legible, I guess it is an editor problem, but I don't know what, encoding perhaps?
Any other editor suggestion btw? I feel betrayed by N++ D:
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It is probably an encoding issue, the files are in UTF-16, but not all editors and fonts seem to support the whole chararcter set.

I use Notepad++ myself, and it detects the encoding correctly and prints it on the bottom right of the window, so you could check if you have the same thing and change the encoding eventually.

I don't know any other text editors (with sublime) myself, I am hoping N++ won't fail me.
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I changed the encoding but the text didn't change at all, and the global font I use in N++ is Consolas which I always used to edit other similar files.
I also noticed that when I open any of these scripts, it opens with (pic related) properties, still don't know why...
I was intrigued so I tried on another computer where I have the latest Notepad++ build (6.8.8), and I had the exact same issu as you, it is detected as Chinese and changing the encoding doesn't change anything.
The Notepad++ I am using is an older version (5.7) and is detecting things correctly. So they seem to have broken something unfortunately.

On a sidenote, Windows notepad doesn't read those files correctly on Windows 7, but has no issues on Windows 8.
I made a new version of the patch that can be downloaded here :


If you had already set up the previous one, you don't need to patch the exe again, just replace the previous dll with the new one, and it will not impact your current "modding" directory.

I added a fallback in case a file is missing from the "modding" directory, so that the original is loaded. This way you can publish only the files that you have changed.

If there are requests, I could make further improvements.
I've launched the patcher from the same folder as the "tzero.exe" but it still can't find the file.
im getting the same issue as well, i've tried selecting the exe itself in the patcher too and it won't pick it up
guys, i figured it out how to make it work. just launch the patcher in japanese locale.
From there it will recognize the tzero.exe and work
Nice, I looked at the problem but could not reproduce it as I am always in japanese locale. Do you often switch ?

I'll add this in the readme for the next release
Thread replies: 21
Thread images: 4
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