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Tits Translations Project, Thread 5!
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Requests not following the very simple rules won't be considered!

Steven_Even here, Tit Translator! Time for some tits!
This is the 5th installment of ,"The Tits Translations", where people request old untranslated works and then maybe getting it translated by me and edited by some of this board's editors. The project so far has been a success and has been appreciated by many.
We've released some 15+ works through requests made in previous threads and it's my hope that we can continue doing this going forward through 2016. We've built something nice here and I hope it can last!


1. Link an old Raw Manga. Please use any source but exhentai (preferbly nhentai) PLEASE check so no other group has already translated it, or will in the near future. This is IMPORTANT.

2. Make sure the girls have big, bouncy TITS. That's the point of the project. See the OP picture's collection of titties for a hint about preferred boob-size!

3. A bit of curves and meat in the right places on the girls are always a big plus in my book. Girls with personality and being a prominent part of the story, "taking the lead" is also a plus.

4. Write a short description to why you would like the work to be translated, why you like it, what your favorite part of it is. Pitch it to me, essentially.

5. Post the hottest pic from the work as your post-picture, easier to keep track of the requests that way. I won't consider picture-less request as high as those with a picture.

No /d/ stuff, nothing involving kids and no incest, please. I prefer vanilla with some love and emotion, myself. Please avoid mind breaks and rape too. I'm in it for the girls and the boobs, if you won't somethhing else, I'm sure other translators could fix it for you.

"One-shot", around a maximum of 20 pages is also easier than stories belonging to a series or a broader context.
I will continue posting translated pages for the two works now in progress.

Well, enough talking. Start requesting!
Here are some examples of previous request by 4chan users that got translated by me and edited by someone in the thread! Please use them as "reference" for what we're after :)


Also, a small disclaimer:
I'm no native japanese speaker and I've only studied the language (pretty intensly though),for some years, while I do think I'm capable enough (as proven by above links) to get moste of the japanese in hentai-scripts right most of the time, do know I do this for free based on my current skill and that I might get things wrong or interpret someones meaning in a way that might create errors...
Japanse is a very hard, very context-based language with a lot of dialects and slangwords... So errors will occur.
That said, I do feel I at LEAST get 90% of the scripts right, since most of them tend to be pretty basic stuff!
I will also post a collection of links soon with my tops picks for future translations from previous, as of yet not translated, requests!
Here's page 2-3 of "Drunk Love", by 212. Continuation from Thread 4!


Page 2:
Frame 1:
B1: And, well...You see the client's section chief.. what a freak..! It's like he's licking your whole body with his eyes...!
B2: All the guys that shows up at a reunion are loser virgins? That's what they say right, well there's clearly no truth in that! Vultures...!
B3: And all the women around me keeps quitting their jobs due to marriage and family.. Geeez~!
Textbox 1: This girl is my seven year old cousin, Meguri...
Frame 2:
B1: Hey~! You better be listenin' to my story here..~!!
B2: Yes, yes , of course I'm listening...! Here you go, here's some water...
Textbox 1: Because of my studies and the commute, I nowadays live alone away from home...
Frame 3:
Textbox1: But since I have my own place now, when Meguri misses the last train, my place usually turns into her hotel room....
B1: Why is it I never end up meeting any decent men...? Darn it...
Frame 4:
B1: Hey?! Why is it like that?! What do you think's the reason?!?!
Text over head: Whoah....!
B2: Well, if this is how you act when you've been drinking, I could see why some people would look the other way...!

Page 3:
Frame 1:
B1: I'm sure you're thinking "what a bothersome old lady she is", right about now, am I right...?!
B2: Ah... No... I didn't...!
Frame 2:
B1: Well, at least my body is still attractive, right...?
Frame 3:
B2: Tetsuya-kun, could you look at me now, and tell me your honest opinion....? What's your... Thoughts...?
B3: T...t... Thoughts?!
Any editor up for editing this one btw? I really think it's a great one!
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This one, Steven. It's about time it gets translated: http://nhentai.net/g/144981/
File: sp1.jpg (284 KB, 1200x1680) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This has been sitting around forever. Someone did part one a dog's age ago, but never did the others. It fits your criteria and I wouldn't have a problem doing the cleaning and lettering if you translated it.

File: 5.jpg (431 KB, 1200x1755) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's outside of his comfort zone.

Asahina Hikage is a great Vanilla artist with a cute style. The only translated story in this tankoubon is the one starting at page 28, I think. All of them are great, imo.

can you please at least translate 1 flat chested loli chapter! please man plz!
First of all, thanks for all the work so far Steven_Even. I feel that amidst all that Fakku subscription bullshit, we'll need people like you more than ever. I'm also eternally grateful for the translation of Maru Marui's succubus harem manga. It was just too good, right down my alley with all the impregnation stuff going on.

Now, I'd like to reiterate a request posted in the other thread. It's that CG set where mother and daughter (both with ample bosoms) have sex while in santa costumes and end up getting pregnant.

Couldn't find it on nhentai, but here's a regular e-hentai link:

I feel like a CG set would be a good change of pace, as they are a great medium to deliver h-content. This one also has a text-less version, making editing trivial. In fact, I'd gladly do it myself. And sure, Christmas is over, but that doesn't make it any less interesting.

If this is not the kind of content you're looking to translate, then I apologize. I'm only reiterating this request as the original post got no replies. If by any chance you saw it but it didn't peak your interest, I'll understand.
Nope, sorry, I just don't want to go anywhere near that genre, for personal preference reasons. The works I pick has to be enjoyable to me too, and that genre never is.

I've seen those requested earlier, a couple of stories there cat hes my eyeI'd say at least one of them will make my "would like to translate given editor willing to edit" list. Thanks for the share, we'll see what happens!

See. This requested before, I like many things about it, busty and tanned gals always gets me going but, it's a tall order, and would probably suit some other commission group better than this project, sorry. It would take ages to translate at my capacity, time available and speed... Thats's why I usually stick to shorter 20 tops pages works.

As previous poster mentioned, It's not really what I'm into, I'm sorry. Since I do this for free on my own spare time, the works has to have something in them for me too and I'm not into any of the more extreme genres I'm afraid.

Krizalid has said he'll be doing it.
Merry New Year!

Steven my man, it's been a while since this baby got mentioned: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/562391/9a68165e5e/

Is she still in the running?
Thanks for the kind words of appreciation.
Yeah, I did see that briefly in the last thread, sorry for not replying. So mich going on sometimes, I forget. That some hot stuff and the body type sure is right down my ally but, CG-sets, the way they're written and the way the text is presented etc is a lot of extra eork for me, funny as it may sound, bubbles and frames in "regular" comics really help imensly fiving context, while CG sets is more like straight down novel text.
I've tried it in the past but never really managed to get it to work, it's so much harder and not as rewarding as shorter mangastories. I don't feel confident in my skill enough to do them, partly.

But if you have any manga that is in a similiar style to this I'd be interested.
Ah I see, completely understandable. I can't even begin to fathom what is like to read japanese, but now that you've mentioned it, I can imagine longer strings of text against a busy background being harder to interpret.

I have a favorite folder in my other computer where I put all worthwhile untranslated stuff that I happen to come cross. There ought to be something worth translating in there that fits your criteria. Will reply if that's the case.

Thanks again for all your work.
>I'm also eternally grateful for the translation of Maru Marui's succubus harem manga.

He didn't translate that. Dynellen organized a translation of it, like with most other Marui Maru stories.
File: 186.jpg (1 MB, 1055x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1055x1500
my pitch would basically be tits and tanlines

File: 000AAA_TOP_788.jpg (1 MB, 3582x5060) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3582x5060
1. http://nhentai.net/g/86766/
2. check!
3. check!
4. cause okuu's my waifu. this particular doujin focuses on her nice, big titties. also check out her panties. fucking perfect. but i wanna know how exactly the story in this one goes.
5. there are 3 but i like this above all because of how it's erotic in an introductory way. manga nowadays is too abruptly hardcore.

do eeeeeet!
Thanks for the share, we'll see what happens! Really like how this girl looks, but works based on other works and such usually gets a lower priority since it's for a smaller audience and it takes more time understanding that work's lor and such than just translating one-shots. Wasn't that much text in it at least, always a plus in my book.

I had it on my list way back too but, since it's basically up to what the kind editors in the thread wants to fix, it's hard to say. The link is posted now at least, we'll see what happens!

All the pitch I need, that one hits the mark on many levels, will most definitely pick that one up sooner or later! Great find and request!
One more page of drunk love done, getting some work done on "Peeking at the wedding ring" from the previous thread too. Will post soon.


Page 4:
Frame 1:
B1: Hey...! You're just drunk and not yourself...! You've clearly had too much tonight...!
B2: Nhh...
Frame 2:
B1: Me..meguri...?
B2: Heheh~ How about that, I'm beat, I give upppph~!
Frame 3:
B1: W..whaat..?
Frame 4:
B1: Up you, go~! (On the bed)
Frame 5:
B1: Geez..! She seems so peaceful and kind now...
B2: But she sure has a temper sometimes too... As I've learned many times...!
Frame 6:
B1: But man.... They sure are huge...!
B2: She's drunk and fast asleep... Maybe now could be my chance to...!
Sfx tits: Jiggle~!

Thank you so much for offering this OP!

I have quite the request on my hands.
But if by some chance you do find the time and energy to translate this, you will have done this anon the greatest porn-related favour of a lifetime =)

>but works based on other works and such usually gets a lower priority since it's for a smaller audience and it takes more time understanding that work's lor and such than just translating one-shots.

90% of doujins are so generic that you don't need to know anything about the source material to follow them. Very rarely do they interact somehow with the original series.

I'm sure that the majority of people fapping to Kantai Collection or Idolmaster doujins never played the games. Same thing goes for Touhou.
thanks, i'm looking forward.
>Very rarely do they interact somehow with the original series.
that is correct
>Same thing goes for Touhou.
that is incorrect. you're not entitled to a waifu unless you beat her in a danmaku. and even secondaries played some 2hu.
There's a difference to fapping to something and to translating it though, I often need at least a basic understanding of the series a doujin is based on, it's really hard to make sense of the script otherwise since the work often assumes you know the original series in and out.
Another page done, probably the easiest ever translated!


Page 5:
Frame 1:
B1: Wh.. Whoa!!
B2: N..nhh..~
B3: So... So ...soft...!
Frame 2:
B1-2: Haa~ Haa~
Frame 3:
B1: Aaah..!! They're amazing...!
More pages from Drunk Love, easy going right now.


Page 6:
B1: Meguri's... nipples, for real...!
B2: Nn..nh~!
Frame 2:
B1: Her breast have a bittersweet taste...
B2: Her soft nipple filling my mouth... i can't stop...!
Frame 3:
Frame 4:
B1-2: Meguri...! Big-sis Meguri....!
Sfx bubbles: Haa~ haaa
Another one done!


Page 7:
Frame 1:
B1: ...-kun..?
B2: Hey...! Tetsuya-kun...!
B3: Hh..?!
Frame 2:
B1: Aah..! Big-sis Meguri...!!
B2: Making advances on someone who is sick and asleep in bed, that's not the way to do it, young man!
Frame 3:
B1: Hehen~ You were so peacefully absorbed in my boobies, but your dick was still throbbing hard against me...! It woke me up...!
B2: Ah.. Well, that's...!
B3: I can't believe an old lady's body like mine would turn you on that much~! <3
B3: Ah..! Ghhn...!

(Old lady!? Wtf is wrong with the japanese view on age...!)
I had no idea you were still making these threads. Thanks a lot, Steven!

Requesting this work from Pixiv. It's not /really/ a manga per se, but it's still a good gallery I think should be translated.

You're welcome! "Fans" of the project is what keeps it going, after all :)

As stated above, I try to avoid CG sets for a number of reasons, so if possible, if tou have any other manga you'd like to see, request that instead.

In the future I might do sets but, with my limited time, for now, I stick to short mangas works on 16-20 pages.
Will you be doing any other great works by 212? There's one with tanlines and another one with a gyaru.
I might, if it catches my interest! Do post links, and we'll see.

Great shares both, the second one I really liked, will probably try to do that one in the future sometime.
File: 22.jpg (547 KB, 1200x1730) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
547 KB, 1200x1730

Alright, I didn't see that statement, sorry my friend.

There's one I REALLY wanted you to translate but I can't remember what it was for the death of me, so I'll request another Gatchaman Crowds doujin. It's a sin there aren't more of them being scanned

Also, you wouldn't happen to keep any of the translations you did in the past, do you? I think you translated a request I asked for months ago but I never had the time to check back.

Dammit, forgot the link.

teekyuu parody

i want this shit because
1) its hot and
2) it's done by one of my favorite hentai drawers (matsumoto drill kenkyuujo)

check out the neon genesis evangelion one that he did if you need any more convincing
Most of it is up on sites like nhentai, if you just search for "Steven_even".
File: osu_mesu_54.jpg (568 KB, 1200x1694) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
568 KB, 1200x1694
A lot of works from Yumeno Tanuki seems to remain untranslated for some reason.

(C88) [brilliant thunder (Yumeno Tanuki)] Oya ni Naisho no Iedex

(C89) [brilliant thunder (Yumeno Tanuki)] Oya ni Naisho no Iedex - Toshikoshi-hen
(sequel but i don't have another link)

[Yumeno Tanuki] GO-ON! (COMIC BAVEL 2015-08)


[Yumeno Tanuki] Osu Mesu Addiction

[Yumeno Tanuki] Jc-t

C86) [brilliant thunder (Yumeno Tanuki)] Ota Demonai Joshi ga Comiket 4-kkame ni Asobi ni Yattekita in Melon

His works seems to have quite interesting relationships going on, so feel free to give a look.
Hey Steven, I know you said you didn't like CG sets, but figured you might get a kick out of a new set that Shiki put up for Sakiyama, one of your earlier works.

From a couple of threads ago, I don't think you ever answered. Any chance of seeing this translated? someone did say they'd edit it. http://g.e-hentai.org/g/818976/814e9969b3/
It does meet all but one of your requirements sadly. I's a cute chubby very busty girl and lovey dovey hot couple sex. There's just a little bonus. Would love to see it translated.
I'm making three requests in hopes that at least one gets translated.

This is a part of a series featuring the Ghod tier milfs, Akiko Minase and Sanae Furukawa.

http://g.e-hentai.org/bounty.php?bid=13766]View Full Bounty

Hitodumatachi no Gogo 3 (CLANNAD) [Digital]


Hitodumatachi no Gogo Nii


Basically these stories are about Sanae and Akiko having sex with various men because they are lonely and bored.

Not much to it but the pics are wonderful.

If you don't translated it, at least add to the bounty. I had to repost it after my bounties expired while I was in the hospital
File: 162.jpg (790 KB, 1246x1800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
790 KB, 1246x1800
Ozaki Akira's Birdy Body Go!!


I really love Ozaki Akira's work, and most of his good stuff has been translated, but not this (or anything older than this) which is a real shame because he is the only one who does netorare scenes like this. Its very playful, casual, and sexy.
I didn't know there was a tier beyond full censorship. That's amazing. Not in a good way.
File: 18.jpg (408 KB, 1200x1722) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
408 KB, 1200x1722
insert (Gatchaman Crowds) by [Abradeli Kami (bobobo)]
Mostly because there really isn't that much Gatchaman Corwds hentai around.

"Chapter 3" of this series is the Best.

Hope this get translated
I'm not steven but the entire thing being hand drawn dialog would be hell to translate. Bobobo was mean in that one.
Another Gatchaman one. Nice!
I was going to request that one but I thought the other doujin was a bit better. And there are quite a few more doujins (especially of Hajime), but the only scans I can find are cut into distorted panels and it's pretty hard trying to piece them together into pages.
Would anybody like to help with that? :^)
donate friend
Do you guys have a website for reading scans online?

Sadpanda delisted some of your completed work (especially Wani ones).
Do you have a lot of credits/hath?

My doujins need bounties
Steven disappear again?
I know it's against the rules but this stuff can't be found anywhere other then exhentai

preferably this one:


these are some extra:
The Ranma community would really love this
>I know it's against the rules but this stuff can't be found anywhere other then exhentai
Wrong. It's on Hitomi as well. exhentai isn't the exclusive place for most Hentai like many people think. All of the content except the Western stuff, random image collections and galleries expunged within hours (Lilith) are on nhentai and Hitomi as well.
Also, none of these have Loli, Shota or Bestiality, so you could have just replaced the "ex" with "g.e-"
Ooh ok my bad!
You still there, Steven? Guess not.
Hope you finish peeking steven. really like that.
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