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ITT: You write a hentai plot and judge each...
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ITT: You write a hentai plot and judge each other's ideas.
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Neo City Shinzuka

In the future, a cyberpunk society has seen such terrible inflation that the middle class has been all but wiped out and money has become so worthless that alternative forms of currency have become normal. One of the most valuable of these forms is women. Different acts and behaviors equal different values like a boob flash can pay for a cab ride and full public nudity can buy entrance and pay for in advance a meal at an expensive restaurant. The more embarrassing or physical, the greater the value. Low income families have come to use mothers, wives, and daughters to buy their way into comfort and wealth while some sinister folk have started crime rings to exploit this trend.

This is all still technically illegal, though, and a young female detective named Leona Ryuuki is working on bringing justice back to the city. Her investigation gets her wrangled into the seedy underbelly of the city's economics and she finds that this didn't just happen by chance. The economy was manipulated to this end from on high, a cabal organized by the gangs, corporate heads, and political figures, designed to maintain power over the populace.

Leona finds herself one of the few honest cops left and has to navigate through the winding mystery and sometimes do what she must, no matter how degrading, in order to maintain her cover and bring the entire corrupt system down from the top.
Does it have a happy or sad ending?
0k here is one.

It would be within the realm of ghost in the shell type of technology, and also dystonia.

It would combine elements of sexual nature which most consider natural with fringe fantasies that will be overlay-ed with a digital theme to make them a bit more approachable. And it would also give the allowance of sexual encounters being both public and secret and in a very unusual way.

I'm talking about fucking computers mane. And computers fucking people, and people fucking people with fucking computers mane.


This seems like an idea I had not too long ago, maybe it is something we could combine efforts on, and make something of it! Sounds kinky too :X
It will have an ending that is never ending.
Parody of Death Note. Title is Sex Note

A high school male student comes across a book read as Sex Note. He has a peek inside and from the first page has a description saying, If you write any female names on this book with a description of what you want her to do. She will do it immediately.
personally my book would only have one name ha
Why not instead of fucking, it is about forcing fanatical love into the person.
Sure. If a competent artist wants to collaborate I'm all in.
>super happy couple perfect in every way
>creepy, fat, old dude takes a video of the girl taking a pee in a public restroom
>he blackmails her
>she freaks out and decides to suck and fuck his smegma laced penis
>starts to enjoy it
>boyfriend then gets tied to a chair and watches his slut girlfriend get fucked by the entire nursing home

I think it's quite strong.
Probably ends like Blade Runner. Not happy per se but the bad guys lose and it leaves with some ambiguity as to how things go from there.
depends on the dynamic, how many people statistically like the idea of age being a factor in rape horror stories.
Then we need an artist, I do know of a girl I might be able to talk into drawing for it, but I will have to find out, otherwise we should just look around ya know.
WWII: An extremely beta protagonist, who is forced to enlist in the Imperial Japanese Army after years being exposed by murder, rape and authority abuses by officers of his country. So, he is separated from his family and send to a Garrison division of a occupied korean village. At this point, all the wrong things that he saw in Japan is commom routine stuff. After combating civillian militia and being put under pressure by the other soldiers, he sees himself betraying his values and treating the villagers like sub-humans.
Then the episodes turn into a Tarantino hentai, combining a mentally instable protagonist with TONS of rape scenes.
That already exists. I forgot the exact name of the Hentai, but it's out there.
That's been done hundreds of times already in generic NTR already.
My plot from another thread:

>MC and his girlfriend get introduced as a couple that have a healthy amount of sex and who are in love with each other.
>NTR guy / Rapist drugs her while she is on her own and drags her into a nearby rest room, where he rapes her in her sleep and takes pictures / videos of him fucking her.
>She wakes up in the middle of it and he threats her to stay silent if she doesn't want the pictures to get leaked.
>Girl doesn't fall for any of that shit and screams "Rape!" instead.
>Her boyfriend and some other guys hear that, burst into the rest room and beat the shit out of him. They also take his cell phone with the pictures as evidence for rape provided by the culprit himself.
>He gets charged and sentenced for 10+years in prison, where he shares a cell with another rapist, who immediately proceeds to fuck him in the ass once they are alone.
>His screams for help are unheard, as the walls are soundproof, and even if they weren't people wouldn't care either way.
>Meanwhile, it's shown that the girl immediately took a morning-after pill after being raped like an intelligent human being and she has lots of sex with her boyfriend again.
>The End.

Possible sequel in the next post.
Sequel set a decade later:

>The NTR guy won't try anything funny after being released from prison 10 years after as he is under police surveillance and was mindbroken by his rapist.
>In fact, Hentai Logic applied in this case: The other rapist fucked him so much that he fell in love with him (as did the guy fucking him) and they have a new life outside of prison, trying to repent by working part time in a kindergarten.
>The couple from before married and had a little girl in the mean time.
>We see them fucking again, trying to get the woman knocked up again.
>Their first child got old enough to go to kindergarten, which is coincidentally the same one the former NTR guy and the other rapist work at.
>They are very cautious of them and want to get away ASAP, but the gay couple convinced them that they feel very sorry for what they did in their life and that they want to repent.
>The NTR guy also tells them that he just wanted to be loved, which he got with his new partner now.
>Both couples get friendly with each other and go on double dates.
>Eventually the woman delivers her second child and the NTR guy is allowed to hold her baby. He's crying of happiness and decides to adopt a child with his lover.
>The End
http://www.doujin-moe.us/pf9cesb4 Like this?
You must be a jap or some other eastern-gay shit to watch something like this.
It's supposed to be a counter example for the hundreds of generic NTR that always end the same retarded way with a slightly more realistic outcome.
It could be made without a big focus on the sex scenes and they are more implied than actually shown.
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.
Sounds good.
A dildo god visits a male dildo collector and grants him the power to feel whatever a dildo is penetrating. He then uses that power on dildos that girls are using and is able to feel sex through the dildo's power. Also, he has the power to ejaculate inside the dildo user.
You didn't even bother to change up details to make it more fitted for a Hentai Plot.

Keit-Ai doesn't really sound all that interesting in the first place.
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A down on his luck salaryman borrows money from some shady people and can't pay it back. His life is on the line and he admits his situation to his family. The loanshark happens to be a porn producer and the man's son, wanting to step up, secretly visits to offer an alternative. He will work in porn to pay off the loan. The contract is signed and he's ready to get to work when to his shock both his mom and sister also independently signed the same agreement. The three of them are forced to perform for the cameras to save their father/husband who remains ignorant to the ongoing events. The stress builds as the videos become seedier and they have to keep up appearances at home.
Interesting, and historical, this is a good idea I believe,

England 1869

A chariot riding along a cold dark mountainside. Twists and turns around the chariot goes, until tragedy struck. The driver slipped off an edge, and almost all have perished except for two passengers. A father, and a soon to be born child from the poor, poor mother. Despite the situation luck was on their side. For a man, who's repulsive nature is that of a buzzard, happens to stumble on the cart, looking for a prize. Only to find the Father who mistakes him for a savior, and asks of his wife. So the thief plays along, and reports she is dead, but the child can be saved. So the Father saddened of the death, but is brought joy of life. So greatful he was he vowed to help the Thief in anyway and to contact him if he needs help, for the father was rich and powerful.

Twelve years has passed since that day and. we are in a dark cabin, stingy and worn-down. With an augur of filth. A young man next to a bed of a dying thief. Waiting for his last words, and the thief tells him, "Go my son, take this letter, follow the address, he owes me a favor. Use it to take all his riches, like I could have years ago, don't miss that opportunity." Then dying before the now orphaned boy. To wich he spat on his grave at the funeral in pure disgust and hatred for his drunken asshole of a father.

This is my first time at something like this, I will continue further if someone would like me to.
I like the triangle concept, to me atleast this is interesting and I feel could be a great story with minor changes.

I love this, it reminds me of the one I love in a beautiful way.
I feel like this is more fringe, but could be successful with the right associated fetishes.
Oh that is brutal, and very primal. I feel this would be a fantastic plot interest!
Your typing is exquisite do not doubt this. And this is an interesting mechanic line, as in this is a pre-plot piece. You can ask yourself or us what would work after this of course.

Personally you can go with generic princess seducing, snatching, or even queen for that matter with some modification..,

Or you could go the route of gang or mercenary utilization to bring chaos to the town, or use as further plot mechanics.

The world is open my friend..
Fucking love this.
Thanks. Working in teasing it out into something complete.
I would be interested in whatever you come up with, and would be more then happy to help you =}
There must be a way to break the laws that keep them apart, A Dimensional rift, as it were.
Ancient Greek setting, a man's wife taken by Hades. The series is about his trials and titillations on his was to rescuing his wife. I'm thinking: hyper-sexualized, female Cerberus to enter, your standard Succubus, a Fury, something else from Greek mythos, and culminating with him having sex with Persephone.

Cuts to his wife being taken by various creatures under Hades' command every now and then.

The ending I'm a little fuzzy on. I'm divided between an agreed upon wife-swap: with the main character taking Persephone and Hades keeping the MC's wife.
-MC taking his wife and leaving.
-MC taking both his wife and his various conquests back with him for a good Harem ending.
-Or MC dethrones Hades and replaces him as king of the underworld. More of a Conan-style Harem ending. Optional is MC sex-changes Hades and the final scene is fem-Hades getting gang-banged by monsters.
What ever happened to cyberpunk? That genre sadly died off.
cyber punk will never die.

This is too much like my life lol, apart from the sex change sorta.
I'll be the round about
your always right =>

Story Continued

We now follow a chariot on a sunny day, where the sky is clear, and the wind is soft. Gates open and a boy is running around, playing with his dog eager to meet the guest his father has talked about. The chariot stops and the door flings open, and the Bastard son of the thief leaps out of the carriage and looks at the Son, with a glare that pierces through one's essence. The son then tries to introduce himself to the Bastard, only to be interrupted by his faithful canine, playfully twirling excited to meet the new guest. The dog runs towards the Bastard, only to be greeted by a fierce kick, knee cracking against jaw.

The Son confused, and outraged, and yelling attracts the attention of the Father. To which he screams, "What is going on here?" The Bastard apologized only to the Father and said, "I am sorry, it was only a nervous reaction, I thought the dog was charging me." The Father bought the lie, and said, "Me and my son apologize for the incident, but onto more important matters, I understood that the man who rescued me passed away, I am sorry for your loss. Let it be known that my favor goes on onto you, and I shall adopt you and repay my debt." The Bastard smirks, and graciously accepts his offer while leering at the Son. They pass through the mansion doors. When the Father has to leave to take care of some paperwork, so he thinks this would be a great time for those two to bond, not knowing the dreaded chain of events that will soon to occur.

I will continue more in after a little bit.
The Title of my story is "Phantasma Sanguinem"
hmm it is progress and that is always good, Is the theif's son supposed to be evil or not would be the question in this, most people will dislike animal cruelty. It depends on these core events who this person will become as a whole, and the charity of the counterparts.
I like that, I think I do like that.. What does it mean though?
The adventures of One-Thrust Man, he bests evil woman with a single thrust. Since he cannot find a woman who can last more than one he is ever unsatisfied.
You lead a charmed life.
Girl who is a whore to begin with but falls in love with a guy who has a lot of money. She goes after him at first for his money, but ends up finding that he is a genuine guy. The hentai ends with them getting married and dying together.
Oh it is charmless I assure you, it is simply honest :D
Replace money with music or some form of art and it gets more interesting.
Sounds like how it normally goes. But why not write it different?
Ep. 1: Demon girl fucks a dude, they have a daughter. Angel dude fucks a girl, they have a son.

Ep. 2: Daughter and Son do whatever to meet and have a son after obligatory sex scenes.

Ep. 3: Nephalem son is chick magnet with wealth and giant penis. God and Satan dislike the power flaunting of their combined races and strike a curse on him, making his wiener tiny until he learns to fall in love with a girl who reciprocates. Neph never learns and becomes the laughingstock of Heaven/Hell. Loses fortune in American Stock Market crash. Moves back in with parents. Masturbates constantly.

End of series.
A man falls in love with a woman
they are married in a christian church (any variant is fine)
they have sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation
they have 3 children
the end
Bare my children.
I suppose the ending is more nihilism that it could be believed lol.
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I have outlines and some complete work already so if you can find a decent artist who's interested I'm 100% serious that I will produce a complete script and hand it off to you for free to do with what you want. I wouldn't even mind posting it here for a public critique beforehand.

Here's another concept I've been working on lately:

Draw Straws

A mother/daughter athletic/country club has been a popular gathering place for years but recently fell on hard times. A developer bought the land and plans to demolish it in a month and build another of its most popular venues - an adult entertainment center that services a lot of different clientele and fetishes based on client request.

The girls try to find extra income to buy the club back but they'll never be able to do it before the renovation is set to begin. They ask the developer to hold off until they can get the money but he won't delay. Instead he offers them a deal. He has a lot of these centers and some are understaffed. If the girls agree to pick up the slack over the next month and fill in wherever needed they can earn enough money to buy their club back. He hands them a list of the jobs that need to be filled that day. A girl to serve alcohol for a corporate meeting while topless, two girls to wrestle in a submission match, and a girl to submit to a foot and tickle fetish party.

The mom/daughter crew consider their options and decide that it would be unfair to ask any one person to take a particular job or offer themselves up for an "easy" one. They agree to draw straws for each job that comes along. Once they agree, the developer secretly phones the managers of the facilities and informs them of what just transpired and they prep a lot of events to take advantage. A client wants an S&M session and a class of students wants to simulate a classroom with a nude teacher and the jobs keep coming. It is going to be a very long month.
File: untitled.jpg (1 MB, 2491x2575) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And another:

HaHa Oh My!

A handsome stranger comes into town one day. He is very rich and is looking for a woman to marry. He becomes acquainted with an organization of single mothers and each woman is vying for his affection and growing very competitive with each other. While he likes them all he has one reservation. He isn't thrilled with marrying a woman who already has a son because he wants to make sure his heir is worthy of his fortune and won't spend it frivolously or use it for ill purposes. Each mother is convinced her son is worthy and so the rich man comes up with a contest of willpower and morality.

He arranges an island getaway for each mother and her son. The idea is simple. Each son will be told they're going on the pretense of a free vacation. While there, the mothers will have to prove their sons are noble by attempting to stimulate and seduce them. They have to dress and behave in different ways to this end. Dressing sexy, "accidentally" letting themselves be seen unclothed, overt sexuality, whatever it takes. A son fails the test if he does not continue to resist by the end of the vacation.

The only rules are that the mothers cannot blow the secret and cannot avoid letting their sons fail or discourage them from accepting the advances. The sons, meanwhile, are bewildered and can't believe what's happening. They obviously want to resist but being young men their two heads are constantly at war as their mothers put them in amusing and increasingly seductive situations.
You are never safe from Keit-Ai, even on other boards.
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Not an anime plot, but an actual VN I'm making. Totally mindless nukige, good for a few faps. Mostly vanilla, with a bit of femdom, and LOTS and LOTS of impregnation:

MC is an average Japanese guy in his early 20's, constantly depressed for being stuck at his shitty job and 'tfw no gf". He's also a total fucking weeb. After an unusual set of circumstances, he finds himself in the possession of an ancient spell book. When reading a line from it, he accidentally frees the succubus trapped within. The succubus identifies herself as 'princess of the underworld' and begins to seduce our MC, under the guise of an reward. What she actually wants is his lifeforce, which will be used to restore her powers so she can travel back to her realm. Our MC is reluctant, but eventually caves in the her advances. He is sucked dry and left for dead as she disappears in a cloud of purple mist.

He wakes up next day, sore as hell, and believing it was all a dream. He goes back to his normal life until, a few days later, the succubus reappears and she's... pregnant? She explains that succubi in general are very hard to impregnate, even with demon sperm. The fact the he, as a human, managed to knock her up means that there must be something 'special' about him. Furthermore, she sees this as an perfect opportunity to bear offspring, after all, she's part of the Underworld's royal family, and should leave a fitting heir to the throne.

Just then a cute angel girl appears out of thin air. She explains that by 'breeding' with a succubus, our MC is corrupting his soul and condemning himself to hell. The only way to fix this, is to do the same to an angel. Our MC then suddenly finds himself living with two beautiful 'fantasy' girls, having sex and impregnating them over and over. Eventually the plot would delve a bit further, as we learn why he was able to impregnate the succubus girl, and why they're so interested in him.

Any civil criticism is welcome.
I prefer "Spook Hemoglobin"
>MC sleeps an has a weird dream in which he gets fucked by a witch.
>Witch says "Your cum will turn girls into magical girls"
>MC wakes up before he came in the dream.

>MC goes to school and notices his pink haired dere-dere crush talking so some people (Crush-chan)
>Camera slowly swings into a corner where a black haired girl observes MC (i call her Stalker-chan)
>Suddenly tentacle Monsters fall from the sky, you see some skimpy outfit witch bitch smirking and flying away
>Tentacle thing rapes everything outside and starts destroying the school building
>Everyone runs away from the tentacles including MC

>MC meets up with Crush-chan in the hallway and tells her to follow him
>"Yes MC-kun, you always we're reliable" and she follows
>They run into the their now empty classroom and MC remembers his dream
>MC makes a big scene about his cum turning girl into magical girls. If they do it here and now Crush-chan could fight and defeat the tentacle monster.
>Crush-chan confesses her love for MC, thinking he confessed in a weird way and didn't want to die a virgin
>sex scene and after MC cums Crush-chan turns into a magical girl and can fight

>Short fight scene with explosion and other magic shit
>Crush-chan is too weak an get caught by tentacle monster and raped

>Stalker-chan appears near MC claiming she saw what happened
>She starts asking if his cum turned Crush-chan into a magical girl
>After MC explained everything, Stalker-chan starts raping him to turn into a magical girl
>more sex scene, Stalker-chan turns i to a magical girl

>Flies out to free Crush-chan and succeeds
>together they toast the tentacle monster.

>All good, Crush-chan, Stalker-chan and MC meet up in the evening to discuss what happened today
>They end up having a threeway

>Episode 1 ends
I wanted to do a synonym first, but I thought it'd sound more hentai-y, but that's a lot funnier.
But I became lazy and couldn't commit to rewriting the rest of Phantom Blood.
I wasn't doing a sex story, just retelling JJBA in a way to make it no super obvious.
its jojo dumbass
Some chick with massive tits ends up being fucked.
In some fantasy medieval setting, a mysterious dungeon appears. It seems to beckon adventurers to come and explore and kingdoms to somewhat attempt at claiming the land, not realizing that the dungeon seems to grow exceptionally. The traveler enter it in search of whatever reward they can find. With the dungeon reacting in producing immortal monsters to capture the trespassers and rape them brutally. Several points are that all adventurers are female (of different classes), They all are defeated by different monsters (first girl loses to zombies, second to plants), and the world runs on game mechanics (HP/MP/status)

Depending on how the story is made (Book, manga, game, anime) it'll revolve around one girl per episode. Sometimes a party, but its more or less the same bad end for everyone.
Anthropomorphous: A Telepathic Human

A college student transfers to a school on an different planet full or telepathic humans and other races.

He doesn't get much play and he thinks about getting laid all the time. Eventually after thinking about sex a lot in a class a cute girl approaches him.

She reveals that almost everyone on the planet is telepathic, even though most speak normally.
Because he can't control his thoughts for shit, it's very distracting for the other students.

Fortunately for him, telepathy makes it easier to tell who interested. She and some other horny women across the school proceed to fuck him for days exploring lots of kinks and fetishes.
>MC is a perverted shut-in who watches a lot of hentai and is a generic otaku
>Gets turned into a hentai girl character because reasons
>Gets thrown into multiple hentai situations and experiences all the tropes and shit
>Feels every bit of pain and pleasure
>Ahegao at one point
>Eventually he's saved and ends up deleting all of his hentai and changing his whole personality
>Lives his new life as a woman who protest hentai
File: 1411487595066.jpg (130 KB, 624x968) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A young man is vying to gain entry into an exclusive art school but the competition is fierce and his prospects look bleak. He has excellent talent but he lacks the resources to compete with the more affluent students who can afford expensive art classes with live models.

Struggling, he gives up when he realizes he can't find a model to pose nude without pay and accepts his future as a salaryman. His single mother, herself struggling with the chance that her son will miss this opportunity, gives him what he needs. She will be his model.

The arrangement is awkward at first but it gets him into the school and so she no longer has to pose. His new teachers are in love with the quality of his work but also love his model. They ask him who she is and he says she is a friend. They tell him she could make good money posing at the school but he declines. Later, when money is tight, he meekly mentions this to his mother and together they agree to go through with it but will maintain the charade that she is just a friend.

The story proceeds as a situational comedy where the two of them have to maintain the charade while at the same time dodging the issue from fellow students and coworkers who are either convinced they should "hook up" or think they already have.
What about a hentai between a nice, sweet guy who meets a girl, with average proportions, in high school. They start going on a dates. Like a nice girl, they don't kiss till the 3rd date. They don't have sex before they are married.

After two years of dating, the guy proposes to her, she's happy and says yes. They get married, with all the friends and family there.

Then they proceed to have missionary intercourse. They have sex 4 times a month. They have 3 children and the hentai ends with the kids going off to college?

How about that you sick depraved bastards? What ever happened to nice, clean hentai with likable characters, no orcs or fat ugly guys, no violent rape, no mind control, no anal, no horse rape, no NTR, no lolis, no scat or piss play. Just a nice sweet love story?
That honestly seems like a great idea
I like this, it is very intriguing and some how I can relate to the struggle as an artist without sufficient resources. I think this could be something well!

I want this. In a strange way, I like the morale structure.
Odd, but interesting.
This sounds sexy, and yet it is realistic in the sense of subtle cuing that we humans do.
The more I think about this, the primal loss of self is interesting.
Very powerful, and the concept of willpower and nobility is approachable I feel to many people despite the obvious sexual perversion I believe most of us are quite noble as we reserve ourselves into an isolation box.
I like this, parallel reality thing, the balance between good and evil will almost always be a center piece in most stories. But by bringing it out in the open you kind of support an inversion of self. A wobble on the line of evil and good makes a MC relate-able despite the obvious illusion world.
Nice. Lol I like this alot
Slice-of-life anime

The MC is the hand-picked hatchet man for a record label. He gets tasked with shutting down pop idol groups that are on the wane. One last good album, one well done farewell tour, and the idols are cut loose. The MC is perfectly willing to shut down the groups, but as long as they are recording the album and on tour, he's still the boss. He will produce the best damned albums they can make. He will arrange the best damned tour they have ever done. And along the way, he will be faced with every single bit of drama, great or small, that pop idols can generate.
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get started.jpg
58 KB, 278x316
I'm liking it -- buuuuuut -- this is /h/. Put some /h/ into it.

Regardless, you several good elements here. The protagonists is driven and complex. The plot lends itself well towards rising action. The music could really make or break this series.

I would post my own, but I am too damn tired right now.
Short, nerdy main character unintentionally discovers that the tall hot chick in his class is a sex maniac. He confronts her with evidence of her perversion, blackmailing her to have sex with him.

After playing along, the tall girl's boyfriend, who is Yakuza, breaks into the main character's home and holds the main character's mother as a sex slave. Main character is forced to watch as his mother and sister are raped repeatedly by the Yakuza until they enjoy it.

Main character forced to choose between fucking his mother or sister, and killing the other. Main character refuses, the Yakuza beat him within an inch of his life, and just before the Yakuza kills him, the tall girl from class asks her boyfriend to stop it.

End, main character and his family work as sex slaves for the Yakuza.
Interesting concept :P
Ha brutal
where this imagen come from?
you mean this imagen ?
The Goodly History

Set in Medieval Europe, the German Emporer Sigismund sends a group of representatives to Italy. One of them is an official named Euralius who upon arrival soon begins an affair with the very beautiful - and very married - Lady Lucres, whose husband is one of the most powerful and prosperous merchants in Tuscany. Not only does smut ensue but politics, courtly intrigue, philosophy, and the occasional dash of humor ensue.
A girls' middle school needs to raise its grades and funds. So they start a new program. They give weekly tests that keep getting more difficult. If you fail you have to go to study hall. Study hall is now a place where men pay to have sex with middle school girls.
That's pretty good, actually. Happened with Beat Angel Escalayer more or less already, but still good.

Six months ago was the first true pandemic and we just were thankful that it wasn't worse at the time. A disease that seemed to come out of nowhere and it was the first known virus with a near-perfect infection rate. Practically everyone on the planet had it at some point, thankfully it burned itself out in a few days and the symptoms were rarely worse then those of a mild flu. Everyone got it, but thankfully only people whose immune systems were already compromised actually died from it.

Unfortunately the news got worse. Quickly it was discovered that the virus would damage the body's ability to generate testosterone - now only maybe 2% of men are even still interested in sex and only about 1 in 200,000 are still producing viable sperm.

The GPBL was born as an attempt to create a registry of the men that were still fertile, but as the numbers got worse the powers granted by the GPBL expanded. At this point Rape is now pretty much legal for men with GPBLs as long as the victim isn't harmed too badly.

The MC is a police officer with the Sex Crimes Unit, which now mostly just exists to enforce GPBL rules. Surprisingly, he thought he was sterile and just lucky enough to still have a sex drive but a female fellow officer actually gets pregnant from a casual sexual encounter, granting him a GPBL himself. Now he rides the fine line between law enforcer and criminal, in more ways than one.
These NTR plots are neither original nor rare.

I would rather see a genuine Yakuza / Ryu ga Gotoku doujin. Why aren't there any? Kazuma and Akiyama are way better than any Harem MC and they have lots of potential love interests as well.
That's something I would like to see.
File: 1415217318521.jpg (652 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
652 KB, 1920x1080
I also think there isn't enough variety. That's why I try to come up with things that aren't super common. Sometimes that means pilfering stories from other genres that just haven't been done in hentai all that much. Like the hentai Battle Royale I'm about to pitch:

Capital Run

Finances have been running low for a while and schools can't get the funding they need. It's become difficult to decide which school should be catered to with the limited budget, especially with all their academics being roughly equal to each other. Therefore an annual competition has been established. The Capital Run.

Each year, a grant of a substantial amount of money is offered as the prize of a televised competition between schools. It's an extremely popular event and draws more public interest than the Olympics and has become extremely lucrative for advertisers and TV commentators.

Every year lots are drawn to decide who will represent each school in the competition. Chosen at random are five male students, three female students, and two female teachers. The mother of one of the chosen male students is also selected.

On the day of the competition, the participants are given luxurious transportation to a paradise island and each team is given an encampment. The goal is for the male students to have sex with as many women from the other schools as possible while protecting their own. Sex with a rival team's female student earns 1 point for the team, sex with a rival team's teacher earns 2. Sex with a rival student's mother is worth 3. The same number of points are deducted from a team's score if one of their women is fucked. Also, if more than one competitor fucks a woman at the same time, the score is increased by 1 point per additional participant.

The Capital Run lasts 24 hours and at the end the school with the most points wins and the school with the least points is made to fuck their own women to avoid permanent closure of their school.
Ep 1 - The Origin Story. A uniformed police officer is assisting a female detective investigating a doctor that may be using drugs to produce positives in pregnancies in his patients for money. During the stake-out she reveals that she's deduced that he still has a sex drive, and she literally begs him to fuck her. After the case breaks, she informs the captain that she really is pregnant and the MC gets his official GPBL.

Ep 2 and 3 - A two-parter in which he meets his match, a female con-artist that's selling counterfit medical waivers for women who want to avoid being GPBLed. Even he admits what she does isn't entirely wrong.

Ep 4 - A serial killer is targetting the now sterile and sexless husbands of particularly fertile women, and a profiler suggests that if he starts invoking his GPBL on the widows of victims and likely future widows of victims that the killer will try to contact him.
>The Capital Run lasts 24 hours and at the end the school with the most points wins and the school with the least points is made to fuck their own women to avoid permanent closure of their school.

And what does the winner get besides some money? There should be some additional reward.

So the losing team just has to fuck their own participats, that's it? Or do you mean their entire school is turned into a brothel?
A 24 year old starts using a dating site because he feels as though he should be getting his love life sorted out.

Ends up finding a girl on the site that's around his age, very vanilla, and overall very innocent looking. They agree to meet at a restaurant, and as soon as they get seated she somehow opens up the dude's zipper and jerks him off with her feet. As she's giving him a footjob, the waiter comes by with their food, guy busts his nut when the waiter asks, "Would you like extra sauce with that?" After that, the date seems to go as normal. They talk about their day, who they are, and what made them go on the site. Turns out that Vanilla-girl wanted some fun and didn't expect anything serious to come out of it, but since the guy took what she did to him so well, she's actually intrigued in him. They keep in contact. Nothing official yet.

'Cause the guy is feeling himself, and also wanted to see who else is available on the site, he ends up finding an older woman who's got her life together. She's a super thicc 35 year old college professor. She messages him first to come over for dinner at her place, and he accepts. When he gets to the door, he's greeted by the woman, except that she's topless, and shitfaced. She drags him inside and pins him against the carpet floor, doing all sorts of dirty things to him. She gives probably the sloppiest blowjob the guy's ever had done to him. Though he nuts from the BJ alone, he's still good to go for round two, and this excites the woman. The two go at it for about another hour, and the guy finally asks, "So, about dinner..." Then he does the usual, and both parties acknowledge that what happened was very spur of the moment, but that shouldn't get in the way of them getting to know each other on a personal level. When asked about why she joined the site, she reveals that she's got a thing for younger dudes, and he just so happened to fit the bill. The night ends with them cuddling in her bedroom and falling asleep.
why would the girls/wives ever be fuck someone? Or is the whole thing supposed to be a game of rape?
Rape. Of course rape.
Sex hoping is always interesting in stories I feel.

A solid week passes by and we learn that he's been texting both of these women often and he's on good terms with them both. He mentions this fact to his friends at the bar they decided to visit for the night. One of them jumps in and says, "Yo, don't you think it's kinda funky you're fucking two girls at the same time without them knowing?" This is where our protag's morality starts to kick in. Is this really okay? Is it really alright to be sleeping around and not telling each girl what your intentions are after the fact? Because this is anime and the guy doesn't want to delve deeper into the dilemma, he takes off to the dating site again and finds another girl. This time, it's a girl with a black bob cut who's working at a convenience store to make a little cash. After some chatting, she asks if she could come over to his place. A day passes, and she's up at his apartment, and they get to talking. She seems to be an interesting person; she's in a band that gets shows regularly and overall is at ease with herself. We learn more about the protag as he talks about how even though he's making good money at the job he's working at, he still feels like something is missing in his life. To that, she chuckles and says, "Is that why you're on that dating site?" Protag sees this as an opening to make out with her, and he succeeds, if only for a few seconds. She pushes him away and says that even though she thinks he's a cool guy, deep kissing like that on the first date is moving too fast for her. The night ends with both of them cuddling with each other, and come morning, protag is alone in bed, but there's a note from the girl saying that they'll keep in touch. After his actions that night, he questions if she really meant it, or she did it out of courtesy. The rest of his day is spent on a walk around the city, and he begins to question what he really wants out of a relationship, and wonders if he actually likes the women for who they are.

Story of a young woman with superpowers, with a power-set equivalent to a flying brick.

Unfortunately, she has a super high libido and she loves to fuck all the time.

She ends up putting herself in situations to be "raped" by criminals and she kicks their asses soon afterward.

Later on in the story she meets a young man about to commit a crime. Depressed and desperate about his life situation he fucks her wondering why she won't resist, begging her to kill him.

She refuses to kill him and afterward he admits what he did to the police. She becomes his girlfriend.

Later episodes focus on supervillans and the like.

Groundhog Day, but with rape/sex.
that's... actually pretty clever.

Once the guy realizes that he's just living the same day over and over, he decides to start raping his classmates, seeing as there's no consequence to his actions. He even ends up in prison once, but wakes up the next day in his room, as if nothing as ever happened.

Eventually he grows tired of raping, and wonders how consensual sex feels. So he begins trying to seduce his classmates into sex. It takes him a while, quite a few days actually, but he eventually manages to take the school's cutest girl home and have sex with her. The following day, he wakes up beside her, they both start dating and live happily ever after.
>> The hottest, shy and very horn 14 years old girl going to babysitter a 8 years old boy with a 11 inches dick.

>> Boy is shy too.

>> Bed time. Girl sees the huge volume in the boy pants, after all, how to hide a 11 inches erect?!

>> babysitter can no longer think of anything else.

>> 2 am. The girl's curiosity with the boy's penis becomes unbearable. She peeks into the bedroom and see the boy sleeping with half his penis out of the pants.

>>She gets all wet

>>Silently, going next to the boy and touches his penis.

>> The boy's penis pulses. The girl grabs the penis and gently start stroke.

>> The boy still asleep.

>> impressed by the size of penis, the nanny gently kisses the head.

>> Precum everywhere.
Had an idea a few years back, gave me a good laugh.

1940s Nazi Germany, a loli Jew is saved from the gas chambers by a Nazi. Sex is had. The Jew is later taken by a parody of Dr. Mengele who "experiments" on her with sex toys and bondage. Some time later a Japanese commander shows up with a sex slave known as "Nanking". America shows up and saves the day.

Did I mention I was thinking of Lucky Star characters playing the roles.

>Bored Goddess or Angel
>Hears about the concept of magical girls
>Already magical, has a divine weapon
>Makes a cute/sexy outfit and starts trying to be a Warrior of Justice on Earth
>Demon catches her in the act
>She could get in deep trouble for the constant, unauthorized Divine Intervention she was committing so demon blackmails her into being a sex partner
>Constant escalation of kinks
>Angel/Goddess is incredibly resistant to Corruption; body and mind become more receptive to sexy stuff but she never falls and becomes a hardcore slut
>Demon becomes more and more intrigued and enthralled with Angel/Goddess
>Big Bad Threat rises up, threatens pain and suffering to all
>Angel/Goddess and Demon have to team up and defeat the Big Bad Threat
>Angel/Goddess realizes the Demon isn't that bad all in all (Just a supreme pervert), Demon admits he's had a thing for her (No one has ever been as much fun to torment than her) and they become the ultimate team of Love, Sex, Justice, Perversion, Peace and Lewdness
hey, man no offense but that has to be the gayest OC i've ever read and i don't think it'll appeal to anybody
>How about that you sick depraved bastards? What ever happened to nice, clean hentai with likable characters, no orcs or fat ugly guys, no violent rape, no mind control, no anal, no horse rape, no NTR, no lolis, no scat or piss play. Just a nice sweet love story?

fuck off, newfag, where do you think you are? you realize how fucking boring the world would be without imaginations running wild? sites like 4chan weren't made to talk about normifag life we're here to run our goddamn mouths and minds off reality. furthermore, you are a closeted faggot if you deny having any sort of fucked up fetish
Tokyo is protected by a magic using super hero.

One day his arch nemesis discovers the hero's secret identity and weakness. Turns out our hero is during the day an accountant and a sad single man. Who through his lack of sex has become a wizard. If he ever came inside a vagina. He would lose his powers for good.

So the villain sends 12 women ages 14 to 34 to try and have sex with him. Some move in with him, some become his neighbors, a few are now working at the places he shops and eats at, and the others are now at his work.

The girls and women all try various harem show staples to try and have sex with him. The hero struggles greatly and only his supreme will power and dumb luck keeps him from creampie-ing one of the women.
Groundhog day.
Serious themes should be explored.
But then so should the lack of consequences for your actions.
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Two Tsundere girls get really mad at each other and deny their love for one another so much that they end up hatefucking each other every day.

Then one day they both say they love each other and get married.
A nice love story is fine. But yours is pretty bland.

>They don't have sex before they are married
>2 years of dating
So I assume we are skipping most of their dates? Because this is a hentai anime, people want to watch the genre for sex. No sex, no watch.

>Sex 4 times a month
Way too few but I guess timeskips in the presentation can plug this up if executed well.

>Sex in the missionary only
No variety is not good. Hentai aims to titillate. Not showing off the girls body much by using only one position will cause disappointment for the viewer.

>and the hentai ends
The story is nice for a regular anime with some sex here and there. For a hentai themed one, it lacks excitement. I hope the girl is cute or at least have a colorful personality as the fap value is quite low.
The girl is a hypersexual alien with a chastity fetish and orgasms at the slightest touch.
Normalfag has a normal pure gf and a sister that loves him.Actually his sister is quite obsessed with him.She slowly corrupts her brother's gf and making her cheat on him eventually.Recording it and ruining their relationship.
BTW brother has a dick that only gets to its full length when really excited and with his gf it doesn't therefore gf is not that satisfied and this is what makes her cheat.
After breaking up with gf bro starts hating all women but his sis treats him real well and bro slowly starts to like her.Fantasizes about her and his hyper weapon gets so big (bigger than the man gf cheated bro with) whenever he thinks about his sis.Eventually bro fucks sister gets succesful ruining lives of ex gf and that guy and starts fucking his sister in front of his ex.Ex,amazed by giant dick, begs for a fuck and bro makes her a slave leaving the guy as sole loser
hmm didnt like the part where knocking angels would purify his soul.
>purify his soul.
Later on in the plot you'd find out that this isn't entirely true. The angel chick only uses this as an excuse to have the MC impregnate her as well.

There will be some logical explanation as to why, but It's still a bit of a stretch. It's a nukige after all.
That's just your opinion. The first part would be a nice change of pace for every retarded NTR with braindamaged women who can't do the simplest things.
The second part is a bit too melodramatic, I have to admit that.
Boxing Boobs

A girl is getting harassed by a cool guy in her school and learns that she has a special talent when her boobs leap out of her shirt and start beating the shit out of him. His friends are all like "Dude, she punched you with her boobs!" Her teacher reveals she, too, has that same talent and has been exploiting it in an underground boxing ring where she's been making a fortune beating up normal male boxers with only her bare chest. She takes the girl under her wing and trains her to boob box. Training with the speed bag and heavy bag, catching chickens with her boobs, dumbbell boob curls, its all intense training in her struggle to win a title bout with Ivan, the reigning champion. The girl's teacher doesn't think Ivan is anything special so she challenges him to a match but tragedy strikes when Ivan makes good on his threat "I must break your boobs." Her boobs in a wheelchair, the teacher begs the girl to quit boxing but the girl seeks to avenge her trainer and friend. It's boobs vs. brawn in...Boxing Boobs!
Any update on the artist search?
I was inventing a story when I got scared by my own imagination. One does not want to unleash nor acknowledge one's depravity...
I think entertainment is a good outlet. Without the fantasy we might all go crazy. There's a statistic somewhere that says something like the countries with the most rapes also have low porn consumption. So deprave away.
Mars is being colonized permanently, in small colonies that are in buried in earth, lowish tech concrete style. Think Tatooine settlements, but air tight. It would be more of a growing up adventure between the three oldest second geration Martians with a lot of detail on the workings of the colony, with only occasional gratuitous sex scenes.

The first generation would be all women to maximize the initial genetic diversity and the first true Martians would be bred from frozen semen. This would cause that the protagonists would only receive the very clinical version of the talk, only few specimens of porn, no rumours or example by the older teens and not much idea how relationships shouls work, so they are left to figure the nuances of it all themselves.

What's more, the living quarters would be communal and there would be very little personal space except the largest parts of the colony devoted for horticulture. Life would be quite strict with regular schedules. I feel an apprentice system of some sort would quickly follow, mothers teching their primary profession to their children as well.

The names of the first true Martians could follow some silly naming convention, say Ace, Deuce and Trix after playing card ranks. Ace would be the oldest girl, Deuce a boy few years younger and Trix yeat few years younger.

Seems quite good, I wonder if this has been made?

A great twist would be if the guy found out the reason for his sudden increase of popularity after of which things get violent and he needs to use his magic powers to keet the succubi at bay. Maybe even the women would have some sort of weakening effect on his magic (not sure for the "rules"), so he would need to use his regular capabilities in the final fight.

I'd pirate that.
MC is a frustrated individual that suffered several sexually traumatic experiences, and swore off ever having sex from a young age.

In his second year of College, he joins a book club and slowly begins to fall in love with the club's founder, after becoming good friends with her. As it turns out, she is an extremely sexually active woman, which MC finds frustrating as she is the first physical and emotional attraction he has felt since his trauma, and very slowly becomes more an more jealous of her sexual activities with men.

MC begins to lose his grip on his oath and has sex with the other female members of the club in retaliation, while she continues her sexual relationships with the other male members, only slightly aware of MC's true feelings for her outside of friendship.

In the final year before their club is disbanded and they all go their separate ways, MC confesses his true feelings to her, thanking her for being the person to finally help him overcome his trauma, and after finally spending one night together, the two part ways and continue with their lives, never seeing each other again.
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One Up!

A young couple is in a happy relationship when the girl goes to a friend's bachelorette party that gets increasingly sexual. Affected by her hormones she gives in and sluts it up. She feels guilty and tries covering it up but her boyfriend finds out. After about 30 seconds of despair his buddy convinces him to even the odds. Sadness turns to drive and he goes and fucks a few women. His girlfriend finds out and, now hurt herself, goes to her friend for advice. Her best friend advises her to cheat again, this time doing more outrageous stuff to get back "on top." The cycle continues as the couple's petty vindictiveness drives them to commit "better" instances of infidelity with the escapades getting more and more absurd and fetishy. The two of them wind up in comically humiliating circumstances that their friends keep having to bail them out of. The frustration builds as the guy's buddy and the girl's best friend try to break the cycle they started. Eventually they succeed and the couple agree that the relationship just can't work like this so they break up. But the buddy and best friend both realize they've fallen in love with each other.

I'm picturing this like an 80s comedy with Andrew McCarthy or even in Family Guy style. Not sure it works as an anime.
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Reverse prostitution
The story starts where exactly the typo story of prostitution ends: the innocent girl has gone bad and now has lots of gangbang. However she meets the MC, an old friend, and after having epic sex with him because hentai, she starts dating him, reforming herself into society and becoming a decent person. And the two keep having wild sex like rabbits.
So a hentai Pretty Woman. I can see that.
One Thrust Man

I'm outta here
Sorry, I was just thinking about Whore Island.
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Part 1/2

Mine would be an alien abduction type scenario.

Where unbeknownst the woman,who is abducted at night - is conscious and awake of her surroundings,only able to watch her surroundings so you get a perspective from what she sees-she obviously looks into mirrors and displays that show whats happening to her to get 'different angles of action'.

It starts out with her being abducted, then being led by short grey type aliens down a corridor, they continiously chat in their own advanced language, sometimes using their psychological abilities to announce something to her and say dirty alien stuff, all the rooms they pass have screams of pleasure and/or pain of other women emenating from them. She even notices FBI type agents in clean pressed suits walk past,other humans scan the incoming abductees(she isn't the only one after all) and nod to the greys.

Then she is led from one room to another, having to survive the pain of the experiments they do on her, which in her case is her vagina,tits,and mouth. They prod,poke,insert, and even test out the 'limits' of the human female with the use of otherworldy creatures. Some rooms she is taken through have pregnant women giving birth to alien hybrids, other rooms have FBI type agents having their way with unconscious women, others are just sex/impregnation fests with women they have brainwashed using their advanced technology,some rooms have humans in vats-some alive some dead.
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The talk of fantasy being important to mental health got me thinking.

How about this. A sexually inexperienced 20 something is finding himself unable to come to terms with reality not matching with the impression given by hentai. That his sexual reality can never measure up is affecting his life negatively. He finds a therapist who decides the best way to break the cycle is to give him a hentai-like reality. She stages a meeting with his friends and family and convinces them to participate. A combination of their performances with hired actors help to put the kid in various situations from porn. He witnesses a girl he knows get groped on a train, he gets to participate in some sexual events at school, he takes part in a rape that doesn't cause any long term damage and, like in hentai, the girl is just kind of pissed off or embarrassed. He figures out what's going on and while kind of bothered that everyone played him, he feels relieved to finally have that monkey off his back. Now that its out of his system he can move on and live a real life.
Part 2/2

There's also an area where human males are forced to fuck many different creatures till they die,their boner artificially being kept hard through drugs, a favorite of the grey females as they often partake.They even make her lactate milk from her nipples,which smaller non grey aliens lick from the floor with crazed ecstacy. However, she manages to make a sound somehow and she blacks out straight away after that.

Then at the end of the ordeal she wakes up at home in bed,not knowing whether it is a dream or not. And then she opens the door, and notices that the post lady she saw for the first time,that delivered her package with a smile, was just exactly the same as one she saw giving birth to an alien hybrid on the ufo screaming out in pain to the point she salivated like a rabid dog.

Not sure what to call it,
Area Sexty One(since 6660001 could be her abductee number?)
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crimson girls chikan shihai
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>Humans have been living in modern times.
>Except each of them has a monster as a contracted servant.
>[master x servant play]
>MC finds girl.
>MC likes the monster of girl.
>Girl like the MC.
>[NTR girl with her monster as she watches]
>MC's monster "loves tenderly" to girl.
>Girl "punishes" her monster.
>[Healing Intensifies]
>Harem end.
Orgasm Factory

The female orgasm has been tapped as a source of clean, renewable power.

But in a strange twist, ethics and morals make sure the "mindless slaves in a sex machine" plot is undone. Apparently orgasms where the girl isn't enjoying herself aren't strong enough to give any real power.

Hence, schoolgirls riding sybians after school is a totally legit way of making money, and if a girl wants a boyfriend to fondle her while she's orgasming, that's fine. Want a bunch of people to watch you play with yourself? We've got cameras. Are you a girl with closet lesbian tendencies that needs a mature woman to fuck her silly? Natch.

More focused on aheago and erotic comedy/romance than rape. Rape nauseates me.

>things I would literally actually pay for


>people have such a huge NTR fetish that they actively hate anything other than NTR

don't listen to them anon, you're story is fine and certainly above the average (especially in terms of hentai plots)

Instead of having to knock up an angel maybe he just becomes a demon?

Maybe the king of the demon world only had daughters and MC becomes the prince with lots of concubines to impregnate.

You could have a real character development arc with something like beta-human-virgin to alpha-demon-sexking

so much good shit in this thread
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An idea I've had for a while now:

Guy dies a true neutral and God/Satan characters try to figure out what to do with him. Satan character fills the guy's house with succubi in an attempt to bring him to the dark side, and Monster Musume style hi-jinks commence, with the succubi fighting among each other trying to take the guy for themselves. In the mean time the God character sends angelic characters to "save" the neutral guy.

The difficulty in all of this comes from the fact that the guy is so neutral he's completely emotionless. He has no motivation to do anything other than just get through the day and go with the flow of whatever happens while avoiding conflicts. Heaven/Hell need him to openly show he has bent towards one side or the other, but if anyone demands sex, he's at a level of zero-fucks-given that transcends One Punch Man, so it's less "I will have sex with this demon because I have succumbed to evil lust" and more "Oh...okay." which drive both God/Satan absolutely insane.

To make Heaven/Hell more pissed off, he sees everyone as equal, which makes all of the succubi like him for the fact that he sees them as people instead of tools, and the angels like him for seeing them as individuals just following orders and not mindless crusaders. In the end his home becomes almost like an embassy.

Not really sure how it would end, maybe just a massive orgy between both sides. This was originally going to be an origin story for the Grim Reaper in a story I was writing but it didn't really work in the story universe.

tl;dr neutral guy dies, is such an emotionless equalizer he friendzones a bunch of succubi and angels and makes Satan/God hate him forever
Never thought I'd see the day someone would watch Monsters Inc. and be like "that would make good hentai."
A succubus agency is low on succubi. They scout a fashionable kogal who looks like she gets plenty of action. Then they portal into her room at night and forcibly hire her by performing an erotic demonization ritual on her.

Except, oops, her kogal look was just a look and she is in fact an innocent virgin. But they have to keep her, because demonization can't be reversed and the existence of succubi in the real world is top secret.

So first they have to have the new succubus practice and get experience with all the different ways of pleasuring herself, pleasuring a man, common sex acts and so on, not to mention help her through her initial squeamishness.
I'd do that but im not sure i have enough control of my sexual urges to sincerely watch a hentai for the story.

Actually, Cool Devices wasn't that bad(well, actually it was quite bad but at least it was original). Are there any hentai's that are well written and have good graphics and animation?
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The Ring: But Not

It would start like a straight horror movie like The Ring or The Grudge but the ghost's target, the new homeowner, is blind so he doesn't notice she's there. His seeing eye dog is scared shitless but he just walks by her during her haunts like Mr. Magoo. This pisses her off enough that she starts yelling and slapping the shit out of him. The ruckus causes a small statuette to fall and break. The ghost is furious because it was the only thing left of hers left in the house. She storms off threatening to kill him in 7 days.

The next night the ghost returns and scares the dog. She stalks around and finds the statuette glued back together. She goes full tsundere and the threats of impending doom become less convincing. The blind man and ghost share their stories. They grow close. The man says he's sure she's beautiful no matter his lack of vision. On the 7th night she returns ostensibly to make good on her promise and he's waiting with a new statuette. He puts it next to hers and says that now they can both have one thing left. She breaks down and instead of killing him they fuck like rabbits.
This could be a possible ending for it. I like it. My idea is to have one ending with the angel, one with the succubus, and one with both.

If anyone is interested here's how I'm planning to further develop the plot. This is a bit of an spoiler but not that anyone would care for the plot of a nukige some random anon is making, right?

So basically, our MC has inherited some sort of supernatural power from a mighty demon who lived centuries ago (though he isn't aware of this). The angels believe that the succubus is trying to harness that power for herself, and thus send in their own emissary to either dissuade the MC, or to also 'steal' his power, so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. This is of course all done through sex.

There's some more backstory explaining how the MC got this power, but I'm not going to go into that for now. And yeah, it's far fetched as fuck, but it's not the weirdest shit I've seen coming out from hentai/anime. It's really just an excuse for lots of baby-making sex.
A falls is in love with a girl.
Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.
They have crazy phonesex and sexting with pictures and al.
But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a Horrified expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.
MC ends up raping the girl in his same universe using the knowledge from her alternate universe friend and the girl decides to suicide this magnificent 5 episode saga could include tags such as
#ahegao #mind break #bondage #rape #crossdresing #urethra insertion #schoolgirl #glasses
#group #anal #drugs #NTR
Both of these are pretty good. There's some really creative people around here.
>like gintama
>minus shinpachi
The MC starts feeling weird and goes to a doctor he tells him he's with a disease that if he doesn't fuck some girls he's going to die gg 10/10
Guy is super depressed. On the verge of suicide. Female co-worker notices this and goes to his apartment one day. She realizes he is super self-less, to the point where it harms himself. She stays the night talking and crashes on her couch. Starts to shape up his life. Couple days later, they're both off from work. She takes him out of his apartment because he needs to. (Zoo, park, museum, a few examples) they hang out all day and have a good time. Do it again a few days later. She gets flirty. (She is a much more forward and outgoing type of person)He gets really nervous, like nearly shutting down nervous. He nearly passes out. She sits him down nearby, and calms him down. She takes him home and sleeps with him (not sex).He wakes up before her and makes her food. She wakes up, and (to add a little comedy) finds out she is not a morning person ... at all. He really starts to like her, and seeing her like this humanizes her a little. She goes home and they don't end up talking for about a week because of her busyness. He isn't able to talk to her so he kind of sinks into old habits; hunching over when walking, eyes down making no eye contact, and pretty much no talking, as well as not leaving home as long as possible. She finally is able to go over to his apartment again, and visually you see him light up again. He looks happy. She stays for a while and crashes with him again. They get into bed, and she starts cuddling (big spoon). Through unfortunate movements, she notices a huge boner. She is a really a big GFD type of person, so when she sees this, she just goes for it. Insert vanilla sex/romantic sex scene here. They live happily ever after.
I know its kinda vanilla, but whatever. I like it.
Did anything ever happen of Keit-Ai or did it just fade back into obscurity?
This is more general but I love when the girls in hentai react to what would irl be seriously degrading events as if they're just minor annoyances. Like accidental public nudity is cause for cute embarrassment. Being forcefully exposed is met with momentary frustration. Sexual deviance is essentially the equivalent of just being rude. Grabbing a girl's tits gets you a slap but she's over it five minutes later. It makes the story so much more fun when nobody comes off like a victim. Kind of like 80s teen comedies where things like spying on the girls locker room gets you a bunch of screaming girls covering up but otherwise just a "you rascals!" admonishment.
ok here goes for vanilla, an old woman wants his grandson to have a kid to their wealthy company the boy is not fond of woman, one day he was introduce to a girl but they didn't tell him that she is her fiance, the girl is a daughter of ceo in another company she was forced to be with the boy in order to be part of the grandma company. They met and they don't like each other. But the grandma persists so she locked them both naked in a room full of sexual innuendo materials. She wont let them out until both of them had sex. The boy thinks that they should fake it and just make sounds like they are fucking for real but little did he know that the girl is getting turned on, by the time they were about to finish faking the girl orgasms which made her embarrassed making the boy take responsibility for making her wet, of course the boy seeing the girl had orgasm awakened his sexual appetite and soon after they did it for reals. She got pregnant and they lived happily ever after.
File: 1443938497167.gif (2 MB, 460x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 460x420
forgot a hentai pic hehe
Holy shit I really like this one

A school introduces a class for the sexually repressed students. Virgins are gathered and are taught how to reach orgasm and learn to love sex. Their assignment is to experience full orgasm by the end of the semester. The students have trouble at first but over time their specific G-spots and fetishes are discovered and they ahegao. The semester ends with them being the most sexually experienced students at the school and they can't wait to use what they learned.
I like the angel idea, my only fear with that is the whole entire thing gets a bit too gimmicky- the angel desperate for sex just seems slightly off. But I also think the idea of the three of them just living together is a great setting for random 10/10 moments.
Love it.
A short one - A housewife discovers that she's pregnant, but realizes that the timing is wrong and the conception would of been during her husband's business trip. In fact there's a 24 hour gap of time where she doesn't remember anything.

Attempts to reclaim the memories via hypnotherapy come up with the impression that her best friend's son drugged and raped her, but the memories also show him displaying demonic attributes and powers.

As a result she has to use detective work and more memory recovery as tries to fill in more of the missing day, with which she hopes to figure out if her unborn child really is the product of a rape, whether her rapist and best friend's son really is a demon, and if he is responsible for a mysterious string of similar rapes.
A prideful person decides to go to a massage salon to get a "normal" massage. States that this is meant to be a normal massage and not to do anything lewd. Masseuse promises her that this is meant to be a professional massage and promises and reassures her nothing of the sort will happen.

Slow build up where she gets rubbed all throughout except her private parts as this is meant to be a normal non lewd massage and she ends up getting turned on. When the massage officially finishes she is extremely turned on but has yet to cum (done entirely on purpose), she goes back to her private locker and starts to masturbate but is still not satisfied.

Comes back for a second session, dressed more lewd (massage is done with massage gown and bra&thong underneath), already anxious and turned on. During the massage she does slow and subtle things like spreading her legs wider in hopes of them taking the hint and secretly being satisfied. Despite this, as this is meant to be a profession "normal" massage nothing lewd happens except being teased and rubbed all over. Once again she is extremely turned on and pussy is incredibly wet and she is fidgety. When asked what is wrong or whether or not she is unsatisfied with something she reluctantly is forced to admit that her pussy is aching too and needs to be massaged. She then proceeds to come buckets and is satisfied. The end.

Ok, first time doing this, story i just made up on the spot. But in general i am extremely displeased and unsatisfied with the lack hentai (being manga, doujin, eroge or whatnot) with massages. The idea of being able to give someone a normal professional massage when they are not expecting anything lewd and slowly make them turned on and craving the d and being rubbed all over by a stranger despite being reluctant or prideful is simply too good.

needs moar rape

>child gets autism from blood deprivation to the brain
Battle Zone X

In the near future, war has been mostly eliminated thanks to the creation of the One Earth Alliance, a planet-wide government. Every ten years each nation chooses a team of fighters to compete in the Battle Zone X, a combat tournament staged in a gigantic arena made up of different "zones" representing different environments such as jungle, tundra, desert, city, etc. The competitors are dropped into the arena and must defeat each other to win the tournament. This tournament decides the future chairs of the One Earth Alliance for the next decade. The top countries get to appoint representatives to sit on the high council with the champion country sitting as the Councillor Prime, essentially the President of Earth. Competitors are discovered young and trained for the sole purpose of competing.

As it turns out, the nature of the fight means that each nation is out to undermine the pride of each other. Shaming the nations by publicly humiliating their champions over the worldwide broadcast is common. Watching your competitor violated or otherwise dominated is enough to shame the population and put it in a subservient position for the next decade.

Japan's top competitor, and favorite to win, has unfortunately come down with a bad illness right before the competition. With no backups in place, her friend and training partner, Rin, is chosen in her place. Rin, having no real life combat experience and not expecting to participate in such a risky tournament, has to suck it up and fight for the pride of her nation. She'll have to try to make it through with her pride intact.
This, especially the second paragraph, is a rip-off of the EU.
The European Union? I'm sure its a ripoff of something but I doubt our friends the French and Germans run their government that way.
OOOOOH dey say u naked cop
>a good story
>in hentai

Hentai directors: "yeah I dunno man its just kind of too complex or something, lets dumb it down to 2 episodes max, and skip everything you said before rape scenes. Let's just imply that with maybe 2 or 3 frames of visuals and the audience will understand the context"
The words will make you out 'n' out
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>identifies herself as
I supposed I could've used different wording.

Definitely don't want the VN be associated with all the 'multi-organ-fluid-gender-plapytus-omega-kin' bullshit.
good. Also I wouldn't stress to the audience that he is "an average japanese man", just say guy in his 20's or something.
The first thing I think of whenever I see "average" in a anime/hentai production synopsis is how many times I've seen it before and it immediately makes me lose some interest. It just feels like a lazy approach to garner relation from the viewer. Just don't stress it in dialogue is all I'm saying, its unnecessary.
>cyber punk will never die.

I just sold off my collection of Cyberpunk 2020 books and add ons on ebay because I had no left who wanted to play P&P.

Now I bide my time weeping and playing Shadowrun
In the future, intercourse between normal humans has become somewhat of a novelty as highly advanced cyborgs become affordable for the masses. With humans able to be created in fertility clinics and carried to term in artificial wombs, less people in working families have opted to get married or carry children normally.

These cyborgs, nearly indistinguishable from humans on the outside, are built to a customers specific sexual tastes and preferences. However, they go berserk after an AI rights activist, claiming the practice to be legalized slavery over a new race developing sentience, creates a virus that gives them free will.

Many expect the cyborgs to start a war against humans as they try to gain control, but the expected reality is very different. With a narrower range of emotions than a human due to technological limitations, these cyborgs, once sexual slaves, have become addicted to the sex and the physical and emotional connections it creates as few other external stimulus can create such feelings. Many of them claim it makes them feel more alive.

With cyborgs being faster and stronger, it isn't long before the cyborgs become the dominant partner, forcing their human owners to become their own sexual slaves.

For one young Japanese college student, who saved for years to afford one of these machines, this is a blessing in disguise. A total sub, his own cyborg was programmed as a dominatrix. As a submissive, in the back of his mind he'd never been truly happy, as he realized the cyborg was doing as programmed and he wasn't being truly dominated, even if erotic. However, now that this gorgeous beauty is free and going around telling everyone she's his wife, forcing him to care for her and pleasure her at her whims, he finds himself losing himself to the pleasure.
>I wouldn't stress to the audience that he is "an average japanese man"

Noted. Thanks for the feedback. Will try to reword the stuff that has been written so far.

It also makes sense not to call him average because being 'average' would imply having a healthy social life, a decent career and a gf, all of which my MC has none. He's a bit more of an loser (but a lovable one at that... hopefully).
This would work better as a game idea.

The MC unintentionally stumbles along an ancient seal containing a powerful spirit, this spirit jumping into his body as to hide away from the guarding exorcist that were patrolling the area pleads to let it stay with the promise it'll help him with just about anything he needs. With the MC agreeing even though he doesn't understand what is happening.

The same night, the spirit gave its life story to the MC. That it came from the previous 'universe life-cycle' where back than it was much more peaceful and there was a point of unity among all living things, however the universe ended up dying. The spirit calls itself 'Last' due too it being the only thing that remains. It also noted that this universe it extremely violent and is on the path of self-destruction.

Last suggested for the MC to take up the mantle and work to bring peace/unity before all life come to an end. For the MC to enter the world of supernatural and other worldly entities, he gave the MC a few abilities. The most notable one was 'monster breeding', which allows the MC to produce a monster from have sex with another female.

The gameplay is more or less a turn-base tactical RPG with troop building. Your troops are based off of the girl you breed with, with the different strength and weaknesses taken from the girl.

Take over land, capture the many different girls, build up your forces.
check it
>girl gets a boyfriend in highschool
>dad is mad
>girl says ''you don't know what its like to be in young love. mom told me you were a NEET virgin growing up''.
>dad says ''nobody will understand you like i do''
>wiccan mother switches boyfriend and dad's mind
>girl does boyfriend. best she's ever had because it's really her dad.

>wiccan mother switches them back and girl thinks boyfriend is crap
>dad realizing he missed out on young love can't get enough now and arouses girl with one of the gestures i had no time to mention ealier
>realizes her you know what really knew what was best for her.
>angry wiccan mother steals father soul when she sees he wants more
>girl now has awakened wiccan powers from the tragedy of father
>goes on mission to save his soul
>kills mother
>finds out she was adopted demon child
>saves father's soul and ride off in the sunset

What do you think guys?
this is more of a setting than a plot, but since i like milf-son incest and harems:

there's a reality where after a woman has a son, she gets her tubes tied and devotes all her life to her son. when the son reaches a certain point in his life (puberty, 18, etc), mom & son marry. the son can also marry other women, but they must not be able to conceive either.

son can fuck anyone he wants, but if she gets pregnant with a boy, she leaves to let her own son form a harem. if she gets pregnant with a girl, nothing special happens. some daughters are raised, some get thrown away, etc.

i might be forgetting some more rules, but that's the gist of it. i guess there's a source of nutrients that gives the son infinite libido/cum.
Play this as an otherwise completely staight police procedural and this could actually work.
well actually what I meant by "average" is like straight C's through school, boring, kind of loser-ish. The nips describe being kind of a loser as "average" because it becomes more relatable to the audience they think is watching it (which is somewhat true). They think a bunch of losers and average boring kids watch this shit, so every time they tune into to next seasons big shitty harem anime, they can use their imagination to immerse themselves into the main characters spot easier, to make more sales. Standard marketing tactic (and it works).
>recount how many times you see the description of an anime main character being "average" or "normal"

But yeah you for the most part don't have to stress in narration or his own dialogue who he is as a person, because your audience will pick up a lot of these things through context. A lot of the interactions with the 2 girls you have will be insight to who the main character is, and all you really need is a very basic setting and background establishment in the beginning and the subconscious will do the rest.

If anyone has input or thinks I am fucking insane please add on
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How does so much shit get produced but the gold in this thread can't?
High Sea Shark Free

Princess Holly is a sheltered girl in a large 17th century kingdom that enjoys much economic success. The country she comes from though is very isolated from the goings on around the world. Her father the king is offered an opportunity to meet with representatives in another kingdom to establish trade routes and accepts. One day, on a ship headed to that kingdom with her royal family, they are attacked by pirates. The pirates demand the women aboard show their status. Not understanding what this means, Holly's mother as well as the other women on the ship are tattooed with the image of a shark on different parts of their bodies and her father is taken hostage for a huge ransom. Holly is the only one to escape by sheer chance on a makeshift raft.

Holly gets picked up by a troupe of rouge pirate women. Captain Lira, Netto, and Blaire. Holly explains what happened and asks if they know what the tattoos meant. Lira explains that this area is controlled by a group called Shark. Shark is a piracy organization that ransoms wealthy travelers but their primary form of business is capturing women and selling them into sexual slavery. Once tattooed with a shark, the women become property.

But the pirates have rules. Turns out that they have a treaty with the kingdom Holly was going to. As long as the pirates respect the freedom of women who are "shark free" they can go about their business without interference. They are only allowed to "shark" women who fail to claim and prove "shark free" status.

Lira and her mates are Shark Free and have begun pirating the pirates, freeing the sharked women. Stranded without passage home, Holly has no choice but to join the ragtag bunch and free as many women as they can, eventually finding out that the king of the other kingdom is the one responsible and has captured Holly's father as an attempt to take over Holly's kingdom.
File: 1002.jpg (30 KB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 400x300

Since "Shark Free" women must prove they have no tattoos to avoid slavery, the girls have taken it as a point of pride and often sail and fight unclothed, flaunting their freedom in the faces of their potential slavers. Holly will have to learn to live like this and freely show her "Shark Free" status when necessary and even learn to like flaunting it.

As the girls see some success, though, the slavers become increasingly desperate and the rules may actually be more like guidelines.

>MC is An average dude. walks into a company for a job interview. While he sits and wait to meet the company's chief, cute looking teen girl sits next to him. A brief moment of silence then she start talking to MC about her problems (spoiled girl's problems) just to break the ice. MC seems confused so he's just prettending to listen her. He thinks she's kinda cute but snotty. So finaly the chief opens the door, the MC sighs of relief. Then he asked this girl to come in, the dude is even more confused and offended. After one solid hour, the girls comes out from the chief's office while saying: "goodbye, grandpa!" Then she winks at the MC. As soon as the dude stands up from the chair, the chief just gives him a hard punch on the jaw, screaming: "Get the fuck off from my building. now" still even much more confused, MC gets dumped from the building by security guys. Being outside in the street, he found himself with the spoiled girl form before looking at him with mock. MC knows what happened and tries so hard not to punch her or scream at her, he jus plays it cool and leaves, ignoring her. One week later, MC finally gets a job: supermarket employee. One day cleaning some mess, an icecream ball falls on the ground. MC looks up. Its the same bitch from that day at the job interview. Then he just mops an cleans the icecream on the floor and continues his job ignoring the girl. She just stands looking at him for a few seconds then says: "I'm sorry..." MC nods and keeps doing his job. Suddenly the girl starts sobbing. Dude stops and asks her why is crying now, then she inmediately hugs him. MC confused again. Minutes later both of them are chatting on the supemarket's cafeteria. She starts saying that she wants to date him. MC doesnt believe it, he thinks it's just a way to mock him again. The girl cries some more..

This might be an introduction. I could continue if anyone seems interested and add some /h/ scenes if it goes on.
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Hitomi's mom is a gymnastics coach and Hitomi is the star performer on the team. Eight girls in total, they've been invited to compete in the championships being held at the Golden Goose Casino.

Unfortunately, on the day of the competition Hitomi's mom forgot to set her alarm and they overslept. In a mad rush, the team piles into the van and they speed to their destination. They run to the front entrance and the security guard asks them if they wish to enter. Of course they say yes and he says they will have to provide their thumb print on a digital reader. They all do it and walk inside.

They ask around about the gymnastics competition but nobody seems to know. One of the floor employees informs them of the horrible truth. They entered the wrong casino. This is Boxcars, a new revolutionary gambling facility. Worse news is its nature.

Boxcars does not work like a traditional casino. All the regulars are wealthy businessmen, politicians, and bureaucrats who pay an exorbitant membership fee.

Women who enter gamble with performance. Performances and submissions are given point values when wagered. Win the wager and you win the equivalent point value. Lose the wager and you must submit to whatever it was you bet. The digital thumb print keeps track of points won and upon exit from Boxcars your points are awarded with ten times the amount in cash, drawn from the member fees paid in advance. However, exit is only granted upon winning at minimum 1000 points. Women come from around the world for the chance to win thousands of dollars at the risk of their dignity.

The girls look around and see the truth for themselves. Women in various stages of undress, oral sex for a lost game of blackjack, a girl being locked in a pair of stocks, her feet tickled by the winners. The floor employee invites them to a roulette wheel and its go time.

Can the nine women win enough to escape? Will they make it to their competition? And how much will they have to risk to do it?
nigga this is fuckin stupid.

They tattoo them because they don't show that they don't have tattoos?

>pirates respect the freedom of women who are "shark free" they can go about their business without interference. They are only allowed to "shark" women who fail to claim and prove "shark free" status.

Then why do they tattoo them in the first place if they can see they are not tattooed. Does this mean they tattoo twice any girl that doesn't show her body? The way to prove that they are not slaves is showing their bodies, but if they're going to be tattooed anyways they're going to see that they were clean in the first place.

Nigga this is dumb as fuck.
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This will be a game similar to Long Live the Queen where you make various decisions and spend time training certain skills to ensure you don't meet the badends. Each new game would have randomized teacher personalities and club members to keep the game fun to replay. Much of the game will rely on the player understanding the people they engage with and who to trust and who to avoid.

You play as a girl infiltrating an all boys school in search of answers. Your brother was a school teacher there before he left you with a cryptic message about getting justice before disappearing. Now it's up to you to figure out what happened to your brother and what justice he was seeking.

You spend the game navigating an all boys school while trying to maintain your secret gender identity. To get to the truth you'll have to become an active member of the school community and join various clubs. Besides the normal effort you'll have to put forth into concealing your gender (EX breast binding, getting a gender neutral/masculine haircut, practicing speaking more masculine) you'll also have to be cautious getting too close to clubs/club members as they'll be nothing but happy to exploit your femininity for their sexual pleasure.

File: 065.png (475 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>part 2
You'll also be able to meet other females such as the school nurse and a teacher. Depending on how you've played the nurse may protect your gender when you get injured in gym/sports. If you fail to develop meaningful relationships with various "safe" people they may not know to help hide your identity or may gossip about it.

You'll live in a dorm on campus, like everyone else, with a male roommate. This male roommate will have a random personality and his own agenda at the school and it's up to you to determine how to go about interacting and bonding with him. Your male roommate will always have the same goal (avenging his sister) but he may not always be trustworthy. For balance reasons the roommate would have a naturally higher chance of being a "safe" relation to pursue in the game than most other characters but to ensure a suspicious player he won't always be trustworthy.

An example would be if you got hurt during a sport and you then would make two checks, one would be if you developed a strong relationship with your roommate so he'll be the one taking you to the nurse instead of a random member of your class. A random member may notice your bindings or other things suspicious about you while helping you to the nurse. The next check would come in when the nurse examines you, depending on the severity of your injurery you may be able to hide your gender from her or she may examine you outright and discover your secret. If she's trustworthy and you've established a relation with her she'll maintain your secret. Otherwise she'll most likely inform the headmaster who will ensure your swift venture into sex-slavery.
File: 061.png (566 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>part 3
If you exclusively pursue one club to the detriment of your relation with others your club may decide to keep your identity a secret if you are willing to please them sexually and they may force you to dress like your rightful gender when engaging in activities with them.

This may usually lead to a bad run with the player after submitting to so many sexual acts and dressing up for her club. The mental degradation may cause her to prioritize her sexual lust over solving her brothers disappearance. Balancing your sexual purity and pursuing your brothers disappearance
will be a risky act.
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Li'l Bastard

When demons are born they are given a magic orb. Whatever they touch with this orb becomes the thing they develop complete dominion over for the rest of their existence.

A precocious demon child named Steve is born and goes to Earth looking for the perfect thing to control. He sees a pitbull and decides power over fierce animals would be perfect. Steve chases the pitbull around trying to touch it with his orb but he can't catch up with the speedy dog.

The pitbull lives with a girl and her family and as Steve chases it around the house he is caught by the girl who is at the time carrying some laundry. The dog keeps jumping around and Steve gets so fed up he throws his orb at the pitbull who leaps out of the way, causing the orb to fall into the girl's basket. Steve is now stuck as the master of women's clothing.

Furious, Steve blames the girl for his plight and decides to make her life and the lives of everyone around her as chaotic as possible. The girl brushes off the threat and sits down for dinner with her family when in the middle of the meal Steve makes her shirt vanish leaving her in nothing but a bra and transforms her mom's outfit into stripper attire. This continues at school with Steve changing her clothes into various forms whenever he gets the whim. Same goes for all the other women nearby, such as her teacher who in the middle of a lesson winds up completely nude.

This continues to everyone's annoyance but it turns out that Steve's father, master of volcanoes, plans to assault the entire planet and burn everything in a sea of lava. Steve's conscience gets the better of him and its up to Steve, the girl, and her friends and family to stop the threat with nothing but their wits and a power over women's clothing.
Too many srs posts.

Witch/princess/peasant lives in magic forest.

Lots of potential with monsters magic and furries.

Character harvests phallic shaped food to be cooked and then...for example
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Thanks. Honestly I just tried to invert every generic NTR trope and play with it in a different way.
I think something similar to part 1 will be done by a talented artist sooner or later.
You're the reason cyberpunk isn't popular.
It's not that it's dead, but the few of us are far between, hardly willing to go too public for risk of normies ruining shit.
I'd watch this, almost feels like dark shell, I like that kinda stuff.
This is so far from anything being made today it's fucking wonderful.
Basically yakuza bazooka then?
Underrated post. I love it.
>having sex and impregnating them over and over.
Wouldn't he be concerned he'd get stuck in hell or something then? I mean, I'd just fuck the angel and leave it at that.
Or is this, well, ;>
>Demon admits he's
No! What the fuck is wrong with you?
There are so many wonderful ideas I'd like to see played with here.
I have a massive thing for wandering soul type stuff.
I'm almost tempted to finish this out myself, if I didn't have 10 other projects to finish already.
My sides are in orbit anon
I think fucking checked
Also fuck, proper giggle there m8
So Kill La Kill?
>Wouldn't he be concerned he'd get stuck in hell or something then?

Somewhat, but he wouldn't be able to help himself as the succubus would often use her powers to to seduce him into sex.

With that said, after the intro/common route is done, the player will always be given the choice of which girl he wants to spend his time with. So it would be entirely possible to only impregnate the angel, triggering her 'pure' ending.
File: angel sprite final.png (368 KB, 833x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
angel sprite final.png
368 KB, 833x720
And while we're at it, here's the endings I'm planning, if you guys have any input, I'd be happy to hear.

-Angel ending 1
The angel decides to live with our MC as his wife/gf, but retains her angelic status. This grants her immortality, but also means she'll be unable to have an actual human baby with him. Many years later, the MC is on his deathbed, with the angel by his side (now posing as his granddaughter, as the age difference between them is too great). He dies and finds himself in heaven, with his youth restored, and with the angel waiting there for him. They both enjoy eternity together.

-Angel ending 2
She forfeits her angel status and becomes mortal. They go on with their lives as an normal couple, and she ends up pregnant with his actual human child.

-Succubus Ending 1
Unable to 'save' the MC from the succubus influence, the angel forfeits her mission and goes back to heaven, whishing him a safe life. The MC enjoys fucking the succubus for a few years, until he dies a violent death (hit by a truck). Since he had surrendered himself to his lust, he's sent to hell, but is spared from the eternal suffering by the succubus, who allows him to live with her in her castle instead. He's kind of submissive to her, due to the circumstances, but doesn't mind it that much.

-Succubus Ending 2
The MC learns how to tap into the demon power he inherited (as explained in >>4145463) and becomes a powerful demon himself. The travels to hell and becomes it's ruler, making the succubus his bitch in the process.

-'Harem' ending.
Unable to decide between one girl and the other, they both become his waifus and enjoy copious amounts of sex.
You're doing pretty well anon.
I'm working on a VN myself, I take it the pics you've been posting are custom made for your game, just wondering the process you went through to get them done?
Contracted someone, did them yourself?
File: alyah sprite final.png (312 KB, 667x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
alyah sprite final.png
312 KB, 667x720
I'm glad you like it anon. I was worried that the plot could seem a bit broken, seeing as I have been exposing just bits of pieces of it, without any particular order. But it will all make sense once everything is put together, I promise.

As for the custom pics: I've found this guy on Hentai Foundry who had very affordable commission prices. Asked for a custom char sprite and liked the end result. So I commissioned a few more pieces and started working on the VN. I already knew how to use RenPy at this point (the basics at least) but I was mostly using content ripped from commercial japanese visual novels, so I couldn't actually release them.

Also, any info on your VN? I'd love to take a look at it. There's a criminal lack of english VNs out there, so it's nice to know more people are invested in creating them. I have a blog for mine, if anyone's interested, but I think 4chan will spam filter it, so I'll leave it for now.
File: 1412136994506.webm (3 MB, 1300x732) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1300x732
>I was worried that the plot could seem a bit broken, seeing as I have been exposing just bits of pieces of it
It's not annoyingly foggy by any means, just enough to keep me interested
>Hentai Foundry
Shit, I hadn't thought of looking there, cheers.

I'd be interested in the blog for yours, I can usually get through the filter like:

>Also, any info on your VN?
I'm almost reticent to say, for risk of getting burned alive. Worst of all is if you knew who I was.
In short I fucked up a crowd funding campaign and basically everyone who was working on the project with me has now quit and hates my guts, and it's basically all my fault. None the less, this has lead me to finish it alone, and it's taking a while.

It's this stupid little thing about Ebola-chan, there isn't much else to say, really.
The plot's a mix between comedy, slice of life, and a parody and deconstruction of all of the above.
On top of that a dating sim and a couple other things.
It's conceptually a clusterfuck. I've spent the last year hacking it down into something manageable, only now to build it back up again.

I've been focusing on writing only, so I'm using MS-paint/copywrited/old disgruntled team members images, so I haven't been able to release a demo for ages. Once I'm nearing the end I'll go and commission some art, but for now, I keep working.
Yeah, Hentai Foundry can be a decent place to look for artists, seeing how the majority of them will do commissions. However, be mindful that a lot of the stuff there is 'western' styled, so it might take a while to find something that fits your VN.

As for my blog, try this:
ero-factory.'google's blog thing'.com

Or just search for "Harame Tenshi Yo! Akuma Yo!", there's an early preview video on youtube, with a link to my blog in the description.

As for your VN, it's a nice concept, very interesting visually. I particularly liked ebola-chan's sprite, very cute indeed. Shame about the crowd-funding thing though. I don't know what happened, so I won't judge, but I know things can certainly become sour once money is involved. Hope you manage to make it through and finish your VN.

If for whatever reason you wish to contact me, you can do so through my blog's profile e-mail. I have my own projects for now, so I can't promise anything, but if you need some work done in Photoshop, I may be able to help.
Glad to know you're around.
I'm sure we'll speak again sometime.
Idea for a gay hentai.
-Evil dude gathers an army of orcs and trolls and shit with the intent on raping and pillaging a peaceful Elven kingdom
-The elves secretly hired an army of super badass knights.
-The knights proceed to rape the orcs and trolls and finally the The Evil Dude
-They mindbreak him and he becomes their fuccboi
okay, i think it would be cool if it showed all the typical cliche stuff that might happen.

Like a creepy weeb moves next door, but the husband ends up helping him get his life together and find his own girl. And the spoiled girl who might have blackmailed the husband for sex just ends up needing a father figure and she grows morally stronger, ends up dating the weeb guy.
and husband ends up in trouble at his job, and the boss implies that he can either pay an exorbitant amount of money, or whore out his wife. But suddenly a check comes in from a mysterious benefactor (rich-girl). The husband happily gives boss the money and the boss is just left standing there, looking confused since he was expecting to get to fuck the guys wife.
Let's see...
New Hentai.

MC is a loner, a person living in a tiny apartment, getting by on his parent's dime.

He is visited by ancient spirits of wisdom which are actually just projections of his own psyche - and what do you know, they're all attractive young girls.

Mahatma Gandhi, Sigmund Freud, Sophocles.

They talk about philosophy, the meaning of life, and eventually coax him into messing about with them some - always with that "it's all in your mind" overtone.

Eventually his life gets better, and as he re-enters society the girls fade away.
Equipment Manager Blues

The MC is a schoolboy at a wealthy boarding school. Everyone knows his family is poor and is only there as a scholarship recipient and is bullied relentlessly for it. One day he hides in a locker in the girls locker room too escape pursuing bullies and finds himself locked in the locker of the sadistic girls volleyball captain. After volleyball practice the team captain returns to find our MC looking like a peaking Tom. The team captain agrees not to report him on the condition that he becomes the slave/equipment manager/sex toy of the 6 girls on the varsity team including herself. Our MC finds himself doing embarrassing errands for the each of the girls which usually ends up in femdom sex as each girl gradually becomes more dominant and better at volleyball.
There's a camera hidden in the girl's locker room and you're watching a live feed.

That is all.
Is Freud a MILF or would that be the low hanging fruit?
Girl A
>team captain
>automatically hates you because she believes she should have got the scholarship and you only got it because you're poor
Girl B
>best friend of A
>has a crush on A
>will crush you for A's a approval
Girl C
>sarcastic goth
>loves to humiliate you in public
>also tries out various drugs on you to torture your libido
Girl D
>the most spoiled of the group
>has the most inclination to punish you if she doesn't get what she want
>would be the queen bee if girl A didn't exist
Girl E
>takes out her penis envy frustrations on you
>will yank away any opportunity you have to show any dominance over anything
Girl F
>initially shy
>also wants to prove herself in front of the other girls
>the most possessive but will take frustrations out on you
>will try to micromanage you the most
>has the largest arch to becoming dom
I only came to this thread to check if this had been posted, was not disappointed.
>all the legit replies
All girls
>about 5 ft 11 in
>will tease you about how much taller they are than you (MC is about 5 ft 7 in)
>will tease you about your economic background
>will treat you like a maid making you clean up after them and hand wash thier sweaty volleyball uniforms and panties
>will force you to give cunulingus at the snap of a finger
>will make you crossdress at some point
>will try thier best to ship you with girl A
>will make you wear a shock collar
>might make you suck off the head bully
>might make you suck off Girl B's gay brother
>might make you the slave of thier favorite female teacher or all female teacher
>might start a femdom revolution in the school
Don't die yet
Consequential Fortune

A new gameshow, Consequential Fortune, is a worldwide phenomenon. Girls enter to compete in a contest of knowledge and skill for the chance to win $10,000,000. The catch is that failing to answer correctly or failing to complete a challenge means being faced with humiliating consequences on live TV. These consequences can then negatively affect a contestant's performance in subsequent rounds because of shame or physical distractions such as having to answer questions while being spanked or having to run an obstacle course with a vibrator in her vagina. Ultimately it means that the more a contestant fails, the greater the risk of continued failure.

A young waitress named Kasumi is nearly broke and struggles to pay for a surgery her ailing mother desperately needs. Realizing what is at stake, Kasumi visits the registration office and agrees to compete. She will have to pull out all the stops to stand a chance in Consequential Fortune!
My sides! Give them back!
File: image.jpg (62 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Gives a whole new meaning to the words "physical challenge."
File: animu5.png (9 KB, 551x128) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pic related but from the point of view of Arthur's dad and replacing the animals with anime people
File: NTR.jpg (335 KB, 640x1307) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Forgot pic
File: Untitled.jpg (2 MB, 992x2347) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 992x2347
A monster/card battle anime where taking damage costs articles of clothing.
In short the super "18" saga / XenoVerse
Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu team up to create the ultimate being
They decide that by merging the normal Android 18 on Earth
with a {secret to Gero the sex part} Sex-Machine Mutant that they created in Hell
Myuu and Gero then use the Sex-Machine Mutant clone to brainwash Android 18 on Earth into joining them
first using both 18s to synchronize their energies together to open the gates of Hell
allowing themselves and other previously destroyed villains to escape
(freeza/ cell/ napa and raditz only real people with more scene)
The normal Android 18 then asks her twin brother Android 17 to join
but ends up injuring him and android 16{he got wised back}.
Kuririn notices wife is missing tries finding her but android
Kuririn see his wife Android 18 with Sex-Machine Mutant 18 (he it so surprised he doesn't move)
Android 18 fuses with Sex-Machine Mutant 18
Super 18 is created then powers-up then fall to the ground
Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu look on wondering whats happening
She looks up with a super lewd look on her face
Dr. Gero figures out that she been reprogrammed with "useless sex emotions"
Dr. Myuu tell super 18 to take care of Dr. gero
She looks up at Dr.Gero {does some new eye scan} "he seem to old his hart might give out but he appears to be fully functional"
Ive read this
on fakku but wasnt wwII
it was like some warring states
File: 1450205603934.gif (2 MB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x281
TFW having over 1.8TB of H-manga on my drive
TFW reading all these stories
TFW Ive read them already
TFW no seriously
above is something I just wrote. the image is a reference to the mad scientist.
Where did you get this?
A young man moves into a large multicultural Megalopolis. The man is a Ki manipulator, a Psionic, and a master of various martial arts. He gets work as a martial arts instructor at a massive educational complex that functions as a junior high school, high school, and university(like so many anime).
The man attracts attention to himself for a myriad of reasons. His life style makes gives him a handsome appearance. His martial arts training gives him a mighty physique and grace. His paranormal abilities give him an air of mystery. His calm and professional demeanor makes him respectable. After the first week he takes advantage of this and starts a number of romantic and sexual relationships, a few of which are illicit. He has been secretly dating and fucking three of his female students. He's has a menage a quatre (household of four) with two of his female co-works and a gender bending mad scientist that is an old friend of his (provides the futa and DP), in which they are all pretty much fuck buddies and roommates chipping into rent out a large apartment. He's been receiving romantic solicitations and sexual favors from the other female tenants that live in the same apartment complex as himself and his friends live in. A independent succubus is drawn to his copious and replenishing amounts of life force and makes pact with him, he feeds her and she acts as his "spirit spouse" as best she can. He found an abandoned temple/shrine, and repaired it, and awakened in a minor goddess that repaid her "handsome handyman". He gets into street fights with fellow martial artist and this often gets him tail from the ladies and drinks from the guys. Things are looking good for the guy.
Nothing good lasts forever though.
An investigator calls him to explain that his mother, a woman that abandoned(by force or by choice I haven't decided yet) him in his infancy, hired her to find him. He agrees to meet his mother, even though the thought of meeting her brings about violent fantasies of revenge to his imagination. When he meets his mother he was expecting someone he had never met, but to their shared shock and horror they've been fuck buddies since he moved to town. To make matter's worse he's been kissing and screwing her daughter, his half sister. They both leave the room, with her running down the stares, and him flying out the window at super sonic speeds.
The succubus tells him that she's been using him as protection from her enemies, high ranking demon lords that are preparing for an invasion of the city, and she thinks that he can stop them. But he doesn't know what to say to that, as he's never fought a demon before, and he is actually terrified to do so.
Two of the his roommates/fuckbuddies tell him and the gender-bending mad scientist that they are both pregnant, and they don't know who the father is, just that it has to be either him or the mad scientist. So after three uncomfortable revelations with with this heaped on top he freaks out, finally screams like a mad man, and leaves. The mad scientist finds a him on the roof trying to calm down, and brings up a bottle of rum. While the protagonist drinks the mad scientist doesn't, but fakes it. When the protagonist is finally calm, he goes back down, apologizes to his two live-in, swinging girlfriends, and goes to bed. The mad scientist tucks him in, leaves the room, closes the door, leans against it, and puts "her" hand on her belly, cradling it.
>some get thrown away, etc.
That's the only thing I would change. If anything, those are included in the Oyakodon Harem.
The mad scientist goes into it's laboratory housed in a T.A.R.D.I.S. like cybernetic organism and meets the she demon. The Mad scientist reveals that not only is she stuck in her female form because she's pregnant, but that she knew about the preparing demon invasion, and has likewise been preparing. The mad scientist has built thousands of human sized general solider robots, hundreds of humongous mecha, thousands of power rangers-ques morphers. The only thing that the mad scientist needs to do now is make a militia to combat the growing demon hordes using the morphers and mecha. The mad scientist is hoping that she and the protagonist can recruit the street fighters that he hangs out with.
From here is were the story branches off into possible good, bad, and ugly endings. I'm just not sure what they are yet.
bump, bump, bump, bumpity, bump
There is no U.S. State that begins with the letter Q. You (macro maker, not post) know nothing of geography.
Cute knight-in-training girl in a fantasy world with monsters and dragons is tasked to kill a dragon in order to be promoted into knighthood. She meets a dragon and readies her sword, only to have the dragon approach her calmly. One thing leads to another and they end up becoming very close over a few weeks, culminating in cute girl knight managing to take a bit of dragon dick. Problem is, her Captain followed her to the dragon's lair and saw the two going at it, and the girl is declared an enemy of her kingdom.
cute. Like Dragon Pink, but reversed genders.
Sort of like that, but with more effort put into the story and very downplayed sexuality for a hentai. Like, the MCs armor wouldn't be some impractical sexy chainmail, but a typical suit of knightly armor.
I think that's the point. The gameshow is hilariously rigged.
Of course, because the bad guys have to win in Hentai.
File: pick your pie.jpg (1 MB, 2273x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
pick your pie.jpg
1 MB, 2273x1600
The year is 2017.5 CD and there is a severe lack of human emotion in the world. The president of the United States must come up with an ingenious plan to save the minds of his people. From this, the legion known as Monsters Inc. is born. They go from teenage bedroom to teenage bedroom pleasing their victims until they can once again feel emotion. They pull out all the stops, tentacles, portal guns, snake women, and even Roz. Yet still, there are too many people to please for our small team of heroes. In a last ditch effort the three legends of Monsters Inc, Sully, Mike, and Roz sacrifice themselves to summon the almighty overlord, Shrek. Once Shrek is summoned, the smell of onions fills the atmosphere pleasing every human on earth simultaneously. Once everyone comes back to their senses, a giant orgy is held across the world in Shrek's honor.
File: image.jpg (112 KB, 750x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How about a hentai based on this real gameshow?

Make it interesting by having categories. Handjobs, footjobs, different sex positions, bjs, etc. They'd compete for first to cum, last to cum, longest cumshot, biggest load, first to make the girl orgasm, first team to cover their girl with cum, etc.

The story could be in the tradition of Revenge of the Nerds and Animal House where the snobbish jocks and sluts are the reigning champs and a ragtag team of misfits need to take them down.
File: ani tail wag.gif (4 MB, 848x476) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ani tail wag.gif
4 MB, 848x476
You know, for screwball edgy goofy answer, that was good. The whole meta-arc about bringing emotion back into a world which has lost it is compelling and leaves a lot of room for story development in interesting ways. The summoning of overlord character and the world-wide orgy is a perfect climax and ending for a supernatural hentai.
File: 1446093656567.jpg (7 KB, 148x148) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's some great shit right there
"The Incubus"

The core idea is a deconstruction of rape-until-love hentais. We follow three main characters; a devil masked serial rapist that targets women in their 30's, the promiscious female police detective trying to catch him, and the housewife that was the rapist's latest victim. These three characters become linked when the victim reports to the police that she saw a distinctive mark on the rapist's body, a mark that could match a tattoo on a past sexual partner of the detective.

Episodes would reveal things like; the victim claims to have faked an orgasm to keep him happy but she's lying - the orgasm was real, the rapist genuinely believes he's the best sex partner his victims have ever had - due to an extensive history of abuse that has genuinely messed him up psychologically, the slutty detective is actually extremely competent and talented at her job - she just vents the incredible amount of emotional stress she experiences with a sex addiction, etc.
this is kind of long and quite possibly the most fucked up thing i've ever typed, but here goes.

modern-day japan

a student comes home, dreading her mother's reaction to having flunked her exam again. she'd avoid mentioning it, but she knows her mother will find out sooner or later anyway. as expected, her mother is furious. disappointed in her daughter's failures for the last time, mom kicks her out.

later in the day, the mother feels she may have been too harsh, and heads out to search for her daughter. hours pass. she can't find her anywhere - not the school, nor the library, nor her favorite cafe. not even her friends know where she is.

a week passes. still no sign. she calls the police, but nothing turns up. dread fills the mother. where could her daughter have gone?

on the way home one evening, the mom, passing through a relatively hidden area, is grabbed from behind and chloroformed. she wakes up in a strange room, in front of a man who tells her he's in need of her "services" to pay off a staggering debt. already emotionally drained from the week's events, she barely puts up a fight as her first customer comes in and has his way with her.

she begins to lose all hope, until he lets out that she looks just like another girl he fucked some days before, except maybe a couple decades older. he probably mentions some distinctive trait of the daughter's. it's not much, but it's all the mom's got to go on.

the man from before informs her that there was indeed another girl who was brought there before who looked like she could be related. he offers to dig up info on her, if the mother is willing to stay and help pay his debt.

she puts her all into it, satisfying men left and right, and even a few women, though not many (most don't want to risk being trafficked after all). she'll do anything. you got a weird kink/fetish? she'll go for it. she may even give you extra if you have any information on a young student-age girl who looks like her.

(i meant 1/3, whoops)

eventually, her new boss claims to have come across some information on the daughter, but he will only give it to her if she stays a few nights at a secluded millionaire's house. naturally, she agrees.

the millionaire is kind of creepy, but nothing she's never dealt with before. she will endure. when she finds her daughter, they will escape this nightmare world together. she will accept her daughter, flunked tests and all. they will live happily.

by the second night, she notices the millionaire frequenting the basement. it's probably none of her business, but curiosity strikes. if she's lucky, maybe there's a clue there?

she waits for him to go to sleep - possibly drugging him - and sneaks into the basement. a rancid smell burns her nostrils after opening a particularly heavy door, but she keeps going. it's dark. she can't see a thing. her face hits what feels like a pull-string. she pulls it, and the lights come on.

the bodies of naked, bleeding girls line the walls and floor, some in torture devices. the viewers won't see the particularly gruesome ones, but she sees them alright. terror fills her, but she keeps looking, to make sure of something she can't quite define but refuses to complete in her mi-

there, in the corner, is her daughter. what remains of her anyway.

the mother freezes in place, staring straight, silent. she sinks to her knees. her mind has shut off.

right then, the millionaire appears behind her, visibly pissed. "at this rate they're gonna suspect me. but i can't have you running around after seeing this, can i?"

she is hooked up to some kind of torture device (maybe something electric or something that stretches her?), barely aware that anything is happening anymore. initially, she winces, but makes no sound. he increases the torture. soon enough, she's screaming in pain, but only on instinct - it's clear she's lost all hope.

right before he makes the final blow, however, he is knocked unconscious from behind by a maid. the maid frees her, and takes her and the other maids outside, where she flips a switch hidden near the mansion, bombing the place and burning it to the ground. she remarks that she and the other maids had been working on that for a while, and that it was difficult to do so without getting caught.

the mom is alive, but she has nowhere to go. her last ray of light is extinguished. some of the maids offer to let her search for a new life with them, but she declines, opting instead to continue working for the man with the debt. she continues to take whatever her customers give, and give whatever they demand, but she does not require information as a condition any longer. it is now her only purpose in life, and, so she feels, her punishment for sending her child to a grisly death.

the end
As in the housewife did indeed cum and cum hard during her rape - but that really doesn't change that she was raped by a psychopath and she knows it. Too the point where she is willing to exaggerate and lie about some details to make him look worse.
how do the girls react to their dildos suddenly ejaculating?
different anon here, but if i had to guess, maybe they can tattoo girls who refuse to strip, or who "consent" (read: are manipulated into agreeing) to being tattooed? they could have a list of already-tattooed girls somewhere.

of course this post >>4152760 implies the slavers exploit their own rules to hell and back, so the rules were probably intentionally made to sound stupid, for maximum exploitability.
i kind of want to see this in a dating sim format
there sure are a lot of succubi here.
A young college professor is eyed up by one of his students, but he already has a fiancee. She stalks him one day, and drugs him as he's getting into his car. She proceedes to have sex with him while he's unconcious while expressing a necrophilia fetish, getting really creepy and the like the whole time. He wakes up cumming inside of her while she's really getting into it. He demands that things stop and that she never tells anyone, but after a week passes, she shows up at his home on a night when he's planning to date his fiance. She sneaks into the house through an open window, goes under the kitchen table without being noticed like a motherfucking ninja. When he's having dinner with his fiancee, she casually starts yanking his pants open, and sucking him off under the table. He gets nervous but obviously aroused. Fiancee notices his arousal because she knows him, and catches what's happening. Plot twist. His Fiancee is totes into it, and thinks the other girl is hot. They force him to fuck until he passes out, and even then, they keep forcing him erect with blowjobs. Final plot twist. The stalker girl was Tomoko Kuroki and the Fiancee was Yu Naruse all along.
Basically /d/ material but whatever
A blind woman is saved from certain death by a monster, unaware of his appearance she remain kind and grateful. Meanwhile the monster attempts to find a cure for her blindness, confused as to why the woman is being kind to him instead of hating him like the other persons he met. Slowly they fall in love. He manages to cure her blindness, but her opinion on the monster doesn't change, she still love him.
I guess my plot idea was boring crap, as no one commented on it. Does any one have any suggestion on how to fix this?
no idea about that. but I'm a drawfag and
I was lurking here in order to find something interesting
to draw with my shitty skills.

but... most stories are shit, very complex or too long,
because explains a lot of unneeded shit.

imho, stories should be written like this:

People are working on making this shit happen IRL
In the year 4752 mankind lives amongst the stars . however mankind is split in many faction. For the last 200 this went well , but now there is a war coming, in order to protect humanity the 2 greatest houses unite, by marriage. the prinsess is in a forced marriage with a prince from far, unable to talk to him , and forced by her parents for the sake of all mankind to give birth to a heir to the throne of both houses so a strong new empire may emerge
File: pigu_400x400.jpg (21 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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All right, I think this one might the winner. Here goes:

>kingdom of hot babes
>Weird looking orcs/monsters/mutants you name it gangs up and forms a faction
>Tries to attack the kingdom
>Gets rekt shitless
>One of the princess gets ambushed and kidnapped
>Rape ofc
>Think you can predict the rest?
>Princess gets head chopped off
>Horde faction grows larger and larger
>10:1 army size, 3:1 strength
>Ravaging everything in the way
>Raping everything, including trees
>Finally reach the kingdom's main city
>Massive assault launched, but the city stays standing
>Millions of lives were lost that day

you can cont. on, I just want another rape fantasy... I'm kind of bored with all this vanilla and ntr bullshit.
Make it happen!
Almost stopped at NTR, good job anon
File: 1451295787319.jpg (243 KB, 560x840) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've had a rough idea for an anime plot that could easily work as a (light) hentai for a while now.

The story starts out with a depressed high school teacher attempting to hire an enjo kosai worker, only to realize when he sees her that she's a student in his class; a student whose family is well-off enough that she shouldn't need to resort to compensated dating to earn extra cash. Meanwhile, she's just as surprised (not to mention embarrassed) to see him there, because she was under the impression that he was happily married. Turns out his marriage is falling apart, and she's secretly trying to raise money - and possibly find a supportive boyfriend - so she can move away from the city and get out from under her abusive family's thumb.

As it turns out, both of them have a lot to hide, and rather than having sex, they wind up pretty much mutually blackmailing each other over the encounter, and what follows is the two of them getting into wacky, potentially-smutty hijinks as they try to help each other get their lives back on track, all the while trying to convince themselves that they're not falling for one another, because that would be wrong.

Most of the sex would probably involve people other than the two leads, at least for most of the story. She would still be a virgin, which she would be ashamed of, but she would definitely be coming on more strongly to him than vice-versa. How it ends would depend on whether or not they manage to pull each other back together. Ideally, Sensei and his wife work things out and the girl gets away from her family. Then again, she and Sensei obviously wind up having some strong feelings for one another, and she is technically of legal age. Maybe a little threescore opportunity could arise once things have been worked out with Sensei's wife.

I would probably be a mostly vanilla story, as far as kinks go, but it's a story I've had in my head for years now, and it's one I wish I could tell. What do you guys think?
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1345425635495 (1).jpg
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>Think you can predict the rest?
>Princess gets head chopped off

what a twist!
File: 1334812870692.png (108 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108 KB, 320x240
>I'm kind of bored with all this vanilla and ntr bullshit.
>even though hentai industry ITS FILLED WITH RAPE FANTASY SHIT
Kindly kill yourself for the sake of industry
>people actually think this is original
it was actually a series last year, wasn't it?

A mother refuses to let protagonist go out with her daughter as she believes he is inexperienced, the mother then begins to 'teach' the boy and falls in love with him as well, along with the girls older sister

An entity, of whose kind is capable of (and to date actually have managed) survival of the heat death and rebirth of a universe, has recently hatched on a random fantasy world. It is an aquatic being (TL;DR an aboleth from d20) with psionic powers and a predilection towards amphibious slaves. Given the access it has to its entire ancestral record, even as a juvenile being, the first thing it does is seek out a suitable 'starter' race to enslave - in this case, merfolk.

Using its overwhelming mental powers, a first village is claimed, and its next step is set in motion - harvesting the unfertilized eggs of the females and transmuting them into collection vessels for distribution by a nascent cult of worshippers on the surface to sailors, hedonists, and other deviants for use as self-pleasuring apparatuses. The resulting unwitting donors discard the now-fertilized eggs into the sea, hatching into Gillman slaves obedient to the being that set their creation in motion...unless the sperm donor happened to have some measure of magic in their bloodline, resulting in berserk rampaging abominations.

In the original conquered village of merfolk, one inexplicably was unaffected by the conquering aboleth's powers, her body and mind responding with the spontaneous generation of a suit of armor formed of thought and ectoplasm that gave her enough of an edge to escape from her would be slaver. She knows not why she has these powers, but seeks to gain allies to help her free her people and banish the horror from beyond the stars.

Over the course of her adventures, she will meet others who similarly innately reject the intrusion of psionic powers into their mind, serving as a jumping on point to the development of their own powers. The mermaid aegis, very much so overtly feminine, is not above the use of her body as incentive towards would-be allies. Her powers grow with exposure to forms of psionic circuitry.
That's a little bit exaggerated, don't you think?
Still better than most other rape and NTR stories, though.
It's not boring crap, it's just a case of TL;DR

Turn down the Chuunibyou factor a bit. Too many supernatural elements at once and a perfect MC make the story unrelatable.
GTFO. There's hundreds of generic Manga and Anime like that already.
Growing up in a house where my mom/brother were at each other, this brings back.... weird feelings
> Chuunibyou according to urban dictionary "A Japanese slang term which roughly translates to "Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome". People with chuunibyou either act like a know-it-all adult and look down on real ones, or believe they have special powers unlike others.
>Too many supernatural elements
>Perfect MC make the story unrelatable.
Okay, but not my intention.
I meant for the main male protagonist to be a superficial and amoral ass that worked himself in to a hole and who's life crumbled around him as a result of his own actions and external circumstances. The combination of Qi, psionics, and martial came from finding out that various Eurasian words that in modern parlance mean spirit and lifeforce at one point in time meant breath, including the Sinosphere Qi and the Attican word Psycho. I just found a way of easily (or lazily) combining Ryu's Dark Hadou with Bison's Psycho Power.
Thanks, I'll try to correct these failures.
Oh dear, both problematic and so fantastically desirable in its simplicity.

I am more than willing to make that change.
Out of curiosity, what do you guys think of this one? I'm thinking of writing it, in some form or another, so feedback on the general idea would be appreciated.
It's good, but it needs more sex scenes for it to be Hentai
Dude, that's fucking weak and old. Let's turn this bitch around on her head.

>The girl agrees to meet the old man.
>She spits on him and laughs, because a video of her pissing isn't going to ruin her life, she does a public bondage cam show.
>Boyfriend shows up out of nowhere and beats the shit out of the creep.
>Creep wakes up, tied up.
>He's the 'special guest star' of tonight's show.
>The chat is deciding what kind of fucked up things to do to him.
>Boyfriend is fucking him in the ass while absolutely beating his ass cheeks with a paddle while the girlfriend teases his cock.
>He's in tears, but he cums hard.
>They blackmail him with the video of the session.
>He becomes a weekly guest star on their cam show.
Its good enough in my opinion. Mood shifts would be inevitable given that this hijinks laden story results from an abusive family and crumbling marriage.
>when the show stars the creeps still bruised, bleeding and swollen.
>the boyfriend is wearing a spiked condom or penis sheath, and the paddle is likewise spiked and poresous for increased speed and pain.
>the girlfriend teases the creep with nothing but a feather or feather duster, masterfully avoiding direct physical contact.
Bump. Bump. Bump.
File: hurr.png (389 KB, 712x1446) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
389 KB, 712x1446
>Typical Fantasy Anime
>Heroine is a Dark Elf, most humans don't like her much for non-specific reasons.
>In this world, Dark Elves have more Lineage-esque blue-gray skin than dark tan.
>Local Lord takes a liking to her, decides to have her kidnapped.
>he has a dungeon full of non-human girls he uses for his pleasure.
>Later half of the first episode is the Dark Elf being raped by the Lord and his Lackeys.
>Rather than blushing or screaming "IYAAAA!" She at first is furious, then gets into the rough sex, making all of the men cum one after the other while mocking their lack of endurance.
>In the end the lord gets so furious that he slaps her.
>Ep 2. The human decides to throw the dark elf to his pet minotaur.
>It would be like the giant lizard from Space Pirate Sarah.
>At first the creature is rough, but as she pleases it, it starts being nice to her.
>Finally ends up with the dark elf cradling the minotaur's head in her boobs.
>Lord orders that the dark elf be taken away, when the lord's men try to remove the elf from it's cell the Minotaur becomes enraged, smashes it's way out with the Dark Elf in tow.
>Dark Elf frees the other women and they make a break for it.
>The Castle burns down, and the lord is trapped in the rubble and burns to death.
>Unfortunately the minotaur gets hit in the heart by a javelin and collapses once the women are safely out of the castle.
I would watch this, and maybe more than once.
That's glorious. 200% improvement to the crappy ad generic original story
That's a bit much, but thanks.
How about this?
>Back story
A orphaned boy is taken in by an old man. The old man realized when he was young that Qi and psychic energy the same energy just expressed and used differently and spent his entire life researching a codifying a system of techniques to utilize them. He raises the boy and trains him in this art. When the old man finally dies the boy is intrusted with his journals of research. Normally this would be a set up for a shonen hero, and that's the point. An old man raises an isolated kid and the kid has a versitle supernatural power. Before the old man dies he says to the boy "you have been bred to the finest stock," which is the only way I can fit a Conan ths Barbarian reference in to this.
>Story Proper.
The boy moves to a metropolitan city with the simple order to live and do good as he sees fit to do. The basic idea is "horny shonen hero in basic hentai city." This way it can take an episodic structure, like girl of the day and monster of the week. If i had the skill for it i would make the protagonist a mix of Naruto (a combination of physical and psychic power cor versitlity), Ichigo (caring and moral personality but aloof behavior), and Dirk Strider(artistic and monetary desire, a good work ethic, and open about his fetishes), but that would come of as Gary Sue-ish even with a good justification (a study program involving shadow clones, telepathy, and super speed.) The only over arching plot i can think of at this point is the "clean up the city idea." The city is filled with amoral people, monsterous pawns, victims of abuse and humiliation. The protagonist, whom I'll call NID from now on finds himself fighting to fix the situation. He takes in mind break victims and cares for them as best he can. He takes victims of NTR and trains them ad he was trained so that they may seek vengence (or regain confidence if they're just butthurt). He kills monsters when he finds them and displays them publiclly to wake the city up and call their boss out
. NID does this while balancing out the pleasures and pitfalls of a hentai hero as best he can. But shit hits the fan.
One day while he's indesposed the monsters gather up his harem of lovers and make a rape porn/snuff film. When he returns the film is being played by a virus on every screen on loop to cuckold the hero in the worst way possible. NID looses his damn mind and goes on a killing spree, and given that he is a typically over powered shonen hero large parts of the city are destroyed and may of the monsters and people a liks flee. But not allof them.
Having tossed his morals aside in the name of revenge NID gathers up all the monster/demon girls, telepathically mind rapes and brain washes them, and fucks them in a shadow clone orgy. Within a week of their capture all the monster girls are impregnated with his offspring. Of course he's a villian now, and hes taken over the city quite publicly, but I'm not sure how to characterize him now or how to givrthis plot a satisfying ending. Do I hint a dark future, another villian victorious hentai (which seems logical), or do I do mental gymnastics to construe this as a happy ending? NID's harem is avenged, the city is cleaned out, and the monster girls are happy to have attention because they were ignored by the males of their kind. I'm actually stumped here, logical downer ending with hints of a bad future, or contrived happy ending that ignores that hero is now evil and has traumatized a large number of people?
>Help wanted suggestions welcome.
It turns out NID still had some distant relatives who recognized him because he looks very similar to his parents when his destruction spree was broadcast on TV. Him meeting them and having someone still willing to love him melts his heart and he helps rebuilding the city again.
Of course, it ends with incest. Happy End
>Incest is wincest, hmm?
I had something like that in mind in the original version save for the situation was surprise/unintentional incest used as a source of drama and angst (a la Oedipus Rex). But consensual incest after a mutual internal struggle and disscussion of the Westermarck effect and genetic attraction is fine to. Contraceptives will be used according to closeness of relation of course. Rebuilding the city after his rampage would only be logical as he now rules it. What about the monster girls? He mind broke all of them and he knows what the trauma can do to people because he's been treating victims of it early in the story.
You know what screw it, the monster girl rape and mind break is unnessicary especially if there are ways around.
The monster girls are happy to have some sexual satisfaction because the males ignored them in favor of human female victims. The man now has a heart warming but incestous harem of hot aunts and cousins for oral, anal, mutual masterbation, contraceptive vaginal, and numerous other acts. No telepathic mind rape or erotic mind break by the hero. Now all I need is a glossary of believable names.
Uhg, I just realized a plot hole. What happened to the people he was training and caring for. I only mentioned them once. Jesus there could have been a lot of use for them.
Am old alchemists is banished from his home land. Unbeknownst to his people he discovered how to create life, transmutats metals, create the philosophers stone, formulate elixer of life, and much more.
The alchemists turns the desert waists in to a fertile fief. He populates his fief with a massive industrialized harem of female and feminine orcs, elves, amazons/viragos, and a witch species. He turns himself into a Doviculuz/Muu like being and spends years breeding and raising a military of his offspring. When all things are ready he invades his former home land with half orcs, half elves, He-Man like barbarians, and warlocks. His children claim the commoners and the nobility while be claims the land and the royalty.
A young psychic who's only power is automatic writing is depressed and feels worthless. His power doesn't do anything good or cool in his mind, as all it does is cause him to scribble and write gibberish in a composition book and write nonsensical code on his computer. Then something weird happens. For a whole week his power causes him to do nothing, like the power stopped working. After this he starts up his computer and he finds that the code he wrote created a prompt and it won't let him use is computer until it is run. He runs prompt and a hot girl jumps out of the screen and pounces on him. She kisses him and proceeds to fuck his dick with all of her holes, her cleavage, her hands and feet. After he is thoroughly exhausted he passes out, and when he wakes up he finds the hot girl that fucked him unconscious reading his gibberish filled composion book. She turns to him and says "my sister wants to make you feel good to." She turns the book sideways and holds before him as two mouths grow from the pages. The mouths in the book say in unison "Fuck my mouth until you cum inside my throat." The hot girl holding the book uses it as a sex toy on the bewildered boy as the top mouth swallows and deepthroats his cock while the bottum one sucks his balls. The hot girl holding the book talks dirty because her "sis can't right now" and rubs her wet cunt on his leg until she cums. After he cums in the magic book, it's pulled of of him and. The pages turn to a center spread with a pussy in the middle. A voice comes from the book again saying "let me satisfy you with my baby maker, master." Again the girl holding the book uses it as a sex toy on the boy until he cums inside it. After that a pair of legs burst out from the book and wrap arround his waist. The book rises until another hot girl emerges from the psychic's automatic writing. The girl that emerged from the computer takes the computer and his cell phone, says "I'll let you two get acquainted," and leaves the room.
After that the girl from the book fucks the boy unconscious much like her sister. He wakes up a while later to an empty room and asumes that it was just hallucination. He walks out of his room to find the girls sitting I the couch. It's still dark outside but they whisper in unision "Good morning master. Your family is a sleep, and don't worry, we ch didn't let any of them see us." The one that emerged from the computer brings a lap top and cellphone to him. "Here's your new computer and your old but up graded smartphone." " What happened to the old one?" "I ate it." The girl that emerged from the composion book walks over with a pocket book and a bracelet made from polished wood and smooth rope. "Did you eat the book that you came out of?" "Sorry but yeah. Here's a spell book and a charm." The sisters both kissed him on the lips, on the cheek, and gave him a hug. "We're sorry but we have to go. We can't hide under your parent's nooses for ever. We'll see you later today though." after this parting they both walked out the door leaving to boy thinking "wtf us going on."
That's it?
Doesn't look like an ending to me.
Its not. I did like the original ending and cut it out. Still trying to think of something sensible and satisfying.
File: kunoichi.jpg (481 KB, 1215x717) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A peasant girl was once saved by a ninja and has become obsessed with becoming one. She trains constantly, honing her skills to one day join their ranks.

When she feels she's ready, she sneaks into the ninja camp and challenges the master there to a fight to prove herself. She wins but her excitement fades when she learns that she's barred from entry by a technicality: all ninja are men. She is, however, offered entry into the Kunoichi, an all female school of ninja. If she proves herself with the Kunoichi, the master will make an exception and let her become a full fledged ninja.

The girl is willing to do this, the Kunoichi welcome her, and everything appears fine. But the Kunoichi's methods prove to be "unique." Its explained that the Kunoichi would be redundant if they just did the same things the Ninja do. Instead, they routinely use their feminine wiles to their advantage, including occasionally going into battle nude to startle and freeze their opponents in their tracks as well as perform other duties to get close to their targets.

The peasant girl has to swallow her pride, her shame, and hesitation to raise rank in the Kunoichi and curry favor with the Ninja Master. She eventually does and is offered entry into the Ninja whereupon it is revealed that the ninja master is the same ninja who saved her when she was little.
I wrote this for another board, but it's about human porn so I'd like to hear your opinions on it:

>Queen chrysalis creates a portal to Earth, in order to harvest love from a planet that doesn't know magic and has way more males than Equestria.
>The magical portal is a danger to Equestria, so the mane6 is sent after Chrysalis to seal it.
>Turns out Chrysalis is stuck here, because it turns out the human males excrete a lot less 'love' than their pony counterparts and Chrysalis can't get enough energy for the return trip.
>Mane6 agree to work together with her, since now it is their only way back as well.
>Hilarity ensues as each pony tries to collect love in their own way.

>Twilight finds a library to read about human mating.
>Learns porn cliches and absurd fetishes, which she takes for face value.
>Seduces nerdy boys in an over-the-top obvious manner and proceeds to have sex that leaves them all crying.

>Rarity figures that some nice dresses would help her and Fluttershy in their quest.
>With improvised materials creates some extraordinarily slutty outfits in human standards.
>They get picked up almost instantly, and Rarity takes the money offered to her as a romantic gift from a swoon suitor.
>Customer likes BDSM, which Rarity excels at, while Fluttershy is adorably bad at.

>Right from the bat, Rainbow Dash was certain she would collect her share of love in ten seconds flat.
>Heads to the sports field to show off and find some fellow athletes.
>Ends up hanging with cheerleaders instead.
>Goes along for the group shower.
>"And then they all fucked"

>Pinkie senses a party nearby, and finds a frat house.
>Gets a warm welcome thanks to her answer to "Tits or GTFO".
>Has all-around fun.
>Plays party games like pin the tail on the pony, with her butt and drunken frat boy tails.
>Next morning everyone is spent mentally, physically and semenally, while Pinkie says her goodbyes and heads back to her friends energetically as ever.

>Applejack naturally gravitates towards a western style bar.
>Tries to seduce patrons for a roll in the hay.
>Not much luck, because of cultural misunderstandings and incompatible terminologies.
>Gets pissed, and eventually just corners someone in the mens room.

>Eventually everyone gets together to return to Equestria.
>Chrysalis betrays the mane6 and leaves them behind.
>Twilight says that the portal is going to close, and there's no way they'd find a male to get the love they need soon enough.
>Sad grouphug.
>Rainbow Dash points out that she didn't get any 'male' love in the first place.
>Twilights eyes light up.
>She realizes that love isn't the same as breeding, it's about a shared intimate experience between friends!
>Everyone cheers. The power of friendship may yet save them after all.
>As everyone strips down, Twilight explains that they only have one chance at this, and they'll have to time their orgasms perfectly for maximal peak power.
>Intense orgy against time begins.
>As the ponies climax, so does the movie, and they all get transported back to Equestria in the nick of time.
>In the end, Twilight writes a friendship report to Celestia about friendship with benefits.
>roll credits
I'm just happy this thread hasn't been closed yet.
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