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>Studying graphic design
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>Studying graphic design
>school starts tomorrow
>first class is a design class
>feel like im going to perform like shit
>while others making shiny posters and graphics

Cant really see myself being successful at the design field. Trying to get into ui design
>got lost

Share yours anon

Honestly, if you think you're going to do badly, but still give it your all, you usually end up on top or at least near the top. (unless you truly are that bad)

Don't worry, anon. You'll be fine as long as you have at least one creative bone in your body and an IQ above 90.
What uni you trying to get into?
lel, you're at uni because you want to learn shit, not because you can already do it. If the others can do the shiny shitty stuff, then it's those who waste their fucking time. dont be scared bro.
GD school's so far a hell of a rollercoaster. Anything from absolutely unrelated, inapplicable, work-intensive crafty assignments to god-tier typography professors breaking us down on fundamentals and drilling grids and functionality into our mind.
College is what you make it OP.

I had no experience (drawing or desing) going into my first GD class, but I has patience and persistence.

Every homework assignment was 30+ hours of work, and the teacher was so picky about his deliverables that one ink blot or overshot line could land you a D (60%) as a maximum grade. When learning to draw perfect lines with an ink quile I drew page after page of just lines until I got it right everytime. I took my time, read resources online, copied styles from the greats, and got the highest grade in the class (92%).

So work hard, and practice everything you need to do on a project before you do the project.
Fuck, I'm decent at gd and I want to study it in uni, but the only affordable uni has only 150 avaiable placements over 3000 people attempting, and to get in you need to pass an hard test. So now I have to both study for my final year of highschool and for the test and I still have a very slim chance to get in
>tfw I need a bristol tablet
>i have no fucking idea what a fucking bristol tablet is
>google wont help
/gd/ please help
e-mail your prof
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>tfw all my friends are doing one, even two internships at known firms
>im still a scrublord who never worked a job

I just wanted to be an academia baby /gd/ ! I never asked for this !

Im fairly sure it just mean a pack of bristol sheets, like from starthmore.
Remember i did really bad last semester when i started off very badly. Hope it will be better this time
>read greensheet
>topic of the semester is
>social justice in the US
>oh boy nothing triggers me more than that

I see they are doing greatly and the professor able to point out problems with their designs

Guess my problem is i didnt spend enough time...

Well i really hope you will get a decent education and be a great designer. Im went from CS to gd because cs is too hard for me and i do art as a hobby before uni...

Bristol paper?

Wish me luck this semester :^)
> unrelated, inapplicable, work-intensive crafty assignments

God I fucking hated that the most (I'm looking at you package design class). Even aside from package design, most of my classes involved project that needed a shit ton of glue and cutting and me making a huge ass mess. It literally felt like tedious arts and crafts. My typography instructors were pretty awful too.

At least Towson University was cheap.
what's the context behind this image
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I know that feeling man. Im in my fourth year and I still get really nervous when I have in progress critiques and the like.

My advice? Just stick with it. If you never stop learning and never stop trying you'll make it. I know it sounds cheesy but you know.

My classmates and I are so different sometimes I feel like shit not being top tier at everything but that fact that I stayed and kept going has shown me what my strengths are and that was worth all in its self.
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What got me through my design degree and freelance and etc was my love for typography, colors and shapes. You know, design/art related shit.
My best advice for you is to find an aspect of graphic design you like and go ham in it. Find your style, what sorts of designs you like, designers you like and emulate that until you develop something unique and most importantly something that is /you/.
Something equally important is to separate yourself from your work. This is so crazy important especially in design classes and later on in life. If someone critiques your work, please, for the love of God don't take a personal offense to it. Have the balls to properly defend your work; explain why you did x over y and why z would've been a bad idea. You have to be objective about your designs otherwise you're just going to get tangled in a big emotional mess and it'll never be fun for you.

Remember pal, there are a lot of people in this field, but fuck them because they're a bunch of twats.
The key is to stick with it, the only people that really dont make it are the ones that give up.
Remember that there are various career paths you can choose within graphic design:

Im kind of interest in ui design and web design. Seeing those css animation and all those layout. Even the most useless website will keep me going back just to look at the layout. But i rarely create any design in photoshop or illustrator...

Ill always stick to it. Told myself this is the only road i can go

It has been a while since i discovered varies jobs related to graphic design. Guess ill revisit it again to refresh my thoughts.
Not OP, but thanks for sharing.
to hurt your eyes and soul as much as possible with minimum effort

>start studying graphic design
>apparently 95% of graduates get hired straight away by agencies
>just got out of army, super high work motivation
>school starts
>two months of fucking orientation bullshit, teachers telling you where the toilets are
>half a year later, we've just learned how to use fucking microsoft word
>no one has been able to tell me what the fuck "graphic design" even is
>the only fun part are drawing classes
>my classmates are varying degrees of shit
>all my motivation goes down the toilet
>take nothing seriously
>half-ass all assignments in five minutes, while others work their asses off for days and lose sleep over shit no one will even see
>expect to get my shit trashed by teachers
>"wow anon you're pretty good"
>pass all classes with decent grades
>don't know whether to laugh or cry
>economic depression hits
>graphic design gets shit on, companies shut down, designers fired
>graduate to unemployment
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