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>Why don't you add Myriad Pro?
>Because that is not a royalty free font, you have to pay $35 so I can use it.
>Here, I downloaded it from the internet *sends 4 pirate files*
>This is copyrighted material.
>Then use this other *sends even more files*
>Those files are not the right format, the template you bought only allows swf fonts.
>Are you ok designer?
This all fucking day.

Pay the licencing fee yourself, keep it, and charge them double for it.
I'd like to do that, but I was hired as a template editor, I'm under flat rate...
First I heard of a designer giving a fuck about that..
If it's possible, let him sign an agreement that he is responsible for providing the right material and all the material used for the project is his.That way you can use it, and any fuckups are going to be his problems.

It's good that you inform your clients about the issue; but honestly; take the money, do what they want and let them ruin themselves if you are designing for a company that owns like one shitty store in one shitty part of the country.

>B-but my principles!
Do you want your money or not? Fight for your principles when they actually matter.
Client´s a 35yo blonde who does advertising.

>Hey, hi...We recieved your design, uhm, can you send us the illustrator file?
>Hey. Sure, is there any change I have to make?
>Yes, we need some changes in the schedule design
>Ok, tell me where do I apply them.
>Can you send us the file? We´ll do it.

>We´ll do it.
>We´ll do it.
> W E ´ L L D O I T

fuck my ass and fuck my job with a giant vibrator

P.S: >The Illustrator file doesn´t seem to open. What can we do? Can you come here to make the changes?
If this is the shit that upsets you, you have only just begun to touch the surface of how annoying clients can be.
Do you have story to terrify us?
My client wanted a dancer as the identity of her webpage, then she didn't want it, I had already done the dancer, she liked it, she wanted it bigger, but then (like 4 hours later), she remembered that someone told her not to use the dancer, just plain text.
As I'm just the template editor I'm not actually doing the creative process, so my client asked her niece to edit the pictures I shall be using on the webpage, but I've seen her niece's work, she shrinks and expands images on Photoshop until they look hideous, then she tried to delete the background of some pictures and she ended up delivering hairless pixelated models, and my quality standards do not allow me to use such things, they'll make me look bad...
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In what kind of trouble can i get myself using pirated fonts commercially?
Oh boy, I got so many..

My all time favorite is a client who was unsatisfied with a business card we had made for them, (this is a high end customer and they do have their own design department but use our service for certain projects because we're basically better and faster). We said we would happily make changes (every project get two changes/proofreads for free). He said to do it all over, while at the same time he let his design department do a design. When we give him the new design, he refuses it bluntly, call us incapable and say his design department did a better design which was the exact design we had given to him first; only that the typeface had been changed from Regular to Light.

Also a favorite of mine. Client gives a Word document with 123 pages of pure text. This is all really neat and I get working on it. When I give him back the design; two days before deadline he messages me back the day after and goes: "Phew! Just got everyone to write their part! The design looks great but please change the text from last year with this the text from this year. I just sent you the text from last year because I figured you wanted to see what it was all about!" Attached was 134 pages of new text. He never once told me it was the text from last year he had given to me.

When I worked for an extremely bad bureau overall;
One client comes in one day, screaming his head off and threatening to kill us because things are spelled wrong in the design we gave him; we calmly explain that he provided the text, signed a contract that he was responsible for giving the material and had proofread it two times before we sent it to the printers and we had offered to proofread it for him for only $25 which he didn't agree to.Same client did not provide images, nor did he want to pay for any. "Just take a burger from McDonald's website, they have nice looking burgers!"
Low res jpg logotypes attached in a Word document are extremely common.
same i wanna know this as well
If you get caught, depending on where you live you can get everything from a small/hefty fine to jail time. Look up copyright laws in your country. The sentence will most likely vary how often you've used it, what kind of spread it had etc.
I'd just use the pirated font, but have a varifiable paper trail of emails detailing that the client is fine with not paying for the font, and that you did your best to persuade them otherwise.
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>Working at a dye-sublimation print shop, making event and convention dressing.
>Client is a large international bank.
>Send color proof
>"The logo color isn't right- the rest of it's great, except for the gold."
>Spend days trying to find a solution. Each proof sent is met with "no, this isn't right."
>Matching to proofs kept on file- these fuckers are EXPLICITLY the same on a molecular level.
>Client representative decides to come in in-person to discuss the color.

>Turns out, colors we were matching to were from another office branch that used the same photo assets, but had different standard of what constituted "gold" for the logo.

>MFW large international bank doesn't have a explicit standard for its printed materials.

Follow-up: we had printed "gold" that they liked in the past, but from what we could tell, we were making a duplicate of a previous order.
Once you make money using a font, pay for the font.

Type designers are hard working people too. Designing a good type is Extremely meticulous work.
It depends on your country's laws, in mine you wouldn't have any kind of issues unless you're a big business that is not in cahoots with the government, those business get an audit each month.
If you're a simple freelance working for a small business you'll probably be ok, but I dislike using pirated things because I know how hard it is to produce something. That's basically part of my conduct code based on empathy for fellow creative people.
Oh boy, these are dime a dozen.
Two favorites though (these happened a long time ago though):
>Send the client a link to a banner
>"I can't open this?? Do I need Spotify?"


>Send a GIF banner to client
>No answer
>11 PM I get a text message from the client
>It is not working. I have a feeling that it is because of CMYG colors.
Once, as a VB.Net developer my cheap ass client wanted me to use the picture of a STD as the background of a game about STDs I was making, I was making a native app for Windows 7 and the client said "it looks so normal, I want it to be awesome" the texts were impossible to be read with the red colored texts he wanted, over a freaking gonorreic vagina or some shit like that, I never knew what happened when he delivered that project, I was so ashamed of doing that that I didn't even signed the app.
That's a memory I blocked years ago and just remembered.
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