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Questions That Dont Deserve Their Own Thread

GD Edition

seeing alot of useless threads now that really dont deserve to have their own thread
but theres no place to ask them otherwise.
please ask your questions here and help out one another
I'm using Photoshop and I'm trying to make a selection from one layer and move the contents of a different layer to align them properly within the selection, but when I move it, the selection moves as well. It wasn't like this before, driving me crazy.
What tool are you using? Use the move tool on the selection (not free transform) and it should work.
I don't have time to read every book on the wiki page, are their one or two books out their that are a must read? a "loomis" or "vilpu" of /gd/ if you will
sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but does somebody have "Professional Issues & Legal Rights for Graphic Artists"?

have you tried the pirate bay or KAT?
yeah, no results
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One of these is the default in Illustrator, the other is one which I manually edited.

Why is this even allowed?
>what is optical correction
>tl;dr: what to read to design info-heavy flyers? Or sales flyers?

A place I work at is having me design store flyers for sales and in-store deals. I research possible examples to see how they do things online, but all store flyers look so ugly. I'm also trying to go by grids but even then I feel at a slight loss.

What resources could help me out in beginning to design attractive, loud, and easy to read info-heavy flyers?

Condensed font, double column, thick gutters/bleeds

really depends on the amount of copy. If the guys up stairs have already decided they want to publish mini books on takeout menus then you just have to smile and nod.
But it looks like shit
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Alright, how did I do?

This is my 3rd poster so bear with me a little.

It's for a themed friday-bar at the chemistry department at the university. The name of the bar is "Arts Bar" where "Arts" is the faculty of humanities. So we're joking about who they are and what they do, serving wine, doing croquis, poetry slam, stuff like that. Oh, and @lkymia is the name of our partyorganization (or fraternity I guess you could call it".
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art thing.png
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I think you should get rid of all the stuff on the right, maybe all white background and make the colors more pastelle, at the moment the are quite dark.
Thanks for the suggestions, I just feel like there was something missing on the right side...
it's called negative space dumbass
Also, get rid of that clip art. It's distracting and contrasts from the font and tone.
does anyone here knows if the word UI or UX design strictly applies to only website, mobile applications, software?

I'm thinking of the interior of a car, the layout of the dash panel. Is this belongs to ID?
How do you guys deal with that weird feeling after looking at the same words for a long period of time?
Like when you stare at a word and it loses all meaning and just looks wrong. For example "Much", that fucking word looks so weird. Just look at the letters in it, and say it, much much much much. I can't deal with it.

tl:dr Is there any way to keep from losing your mind while looking at the same word?
just get rid of everything! post the blank page for a classy minimalist feel
This always happens to me when I'm making stuff. I always end up spell checking myself or taking a minute away from it so I can regain my sanity.
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Gimp by default does not have subpixel rendering for text. I do not have Adobe ____. I want to feel leet. What do? Or should I gtfo and kill myself?
There's a reason it's industry standard. I was once in your position, but one day I upped sticks and moved to camp Adobe. Within a week I was at my GIMP skill and within two I had far exceeded it.
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Another question. How does text wrapping work on this site?
I used gimp for like 3 years before learning how much better photoshop is within about 2 weeks.
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Do you know CSS? Study this part of the source code. (press F12)
Thread replies: 27
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