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dont be evil.jpg
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I don't know how to get out...

I wanted to get out of the Google Ecosystem, but its nearly impossible...

I began to think of replacements for everything:

Gmail? Outlook!

YouTube? I'll just download subscribed videos automatically.

GDrive? OneDrive (dropbox too small)

Chrome? Palemoon

Google Music? ...Spotify?

Google Books? Kindle maybe...

Google Search? DuckDuckGo I guess...

Android? Uh...fuck.

Should I bother? Maybe the ecosystem is better and more convenient for me anyway?


Help /g/entoomen!
>GDrive? OneDrive (dropbox too small)
Your own storage, obvioulsly.
>Chrome? Palemoon
Or Chromium. All browsers are shit.
>Google Music? ...Spotify?
.ogg vorbis files, opus if you're patrician.
>Google Books? Kindle maybe...
libgen and calibre
>Google Search? DuckDuckGo I guess...
Install gentoo
stop fighting it embrace the google
eat curry and shit on the shit its fuckin gr8
>wanted to get out of the Google Ecosystem


You do realize nearly all of the replacements you mentioned also spy on you.
Nah, i'll stick with Arch.

I'd like to be alive by the time I finish compiling my installation.
Waste of your time. Stop or stop using any computer.

>G0 70 7H3 D4RK N37
File: 1452617400830.png (768 B, 125x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
768 B, 125x125
>mfw 4chan bullies me in to paying to post on 4chan if I don't want to be buddies with google
you can't completely escape google, but you can compartmentalize your actions to a degree where you only give them information you don't mind giving them.
Even if you use your own storage, you still want offsite backup; and the cheapest option for most people is something like Dropbox, GDrive, or OneDrive. Unless your data means nothing to you, of course.
>opus if you're patrician
My nigga
You could just buy a hard drive and keep it in a safety deposit box
protonmail and bitmessage
youtube-dl and get-flash-videos
>GDrive/google drive
run an vsftp server, if you're desperate use mega; just use libreoffice or abiword on a thumbdrive
xombrero and w3m or heavily modified firefox or fork
>google music
dl your music in .ogg/flac and serve it via mpd, or youtube-dl to mp3 files
>google books
irssi+undernet.org#bookz, libgen, calibre/evince/okular
>google search
ixquick, ddg, yacy
remove telemetry and google play services for AOSP/AOKP, install f-droid
also use unbound as dns, run bsd on your servers and linux on everything else, dd-wrt on your router. get a vpn and use tor. etc etc etc tinfoil hats obligatory
I use Google Drive to open shit at work and on my phone.
>YouTube alternative is google, just not in web browser
Dude you can start by not putting double breaks between every half sentence your derange mind shits out.
just use youtube-dl i guess
>google drive
you're own server with owncloud, syncthing, etc
chromium, firefox
>google music, google books
literally just download this shit
>google search
startpage, duckduckgo
firefox os, android without market
Intel is partnered with Google.
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of the

Request an account for ProtonMail and wait (2 weeks to 2 months) (https://protonmail.com)
Or just signup for Tutanota (https://tutanota.com)

>Cloud Storage
Choose any (free) OwnCloud provider
Or just use Cryptomator (https://cryptomator.org/) with your service

>Web Browser
Just use Firefox + ublock0 + self destructing cookies + random agent spoofer (https://www.privacytools.io/#addons)
You'll have decent protection without sacrificing too much usability

niconico douga if you're on Japan

>Cloud Music
Libre.fm, Jamendo, Soundcloud
Or just use a free client for NetEase Music (chinese spotify-like service)
No time to read the source code?
This a chinese (untranslated) client which is auditable in an hour
I use this and has no (client-side) botnets

>Cloud Books
The Gutemberg Project (http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page) you can download over 33,000 free ebooks to read on your PC, iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone, Android or your toaster
Everything else

>Mobile OS
Cyanogen MOD or Replicant
Or just use the Blackphone which worked for ElChapo organisation until he decided to contact directly with Kate del Castillo (citation: https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2016/01/sean_penns_opse.html)

>Web Serch
Just use any Searx provider (http://stats.searx.oe5tpo.com/)
If you have a couple of hours to burn and and some computer with bandwith
1> Install YaCy
2> Install this userscript, so you get "custom" results in YaCy
3> Install searx
4> Add your own YaCy peer to your own Searx instance
The ones I'm struggling with is Gmail, YouTube and Android. I have a proton mail account but I never use it because I'm too lazy to switch every account I own to a different email.

I guess the downloading subscriptions thing could work for youtube, but its a hell of alot easier just to use the website.

And as for Android, well Chrome is the only useable browser for it. It scares me that for how much of 'freetard' I am, I can't escape google's clutches. They make things way too convenient. I abhor the though of all the data Google has collected from me and sold over the years. It's sickening to think about.

Maybe I just need to try harder.

Is life without Google really possible?
Yes, you just haven't realised to use the alternatives in a convenient way, without a 3rd party intervention.

This is the key to defeating the botnet, the ability to DIY in a pragmatic and easy way. Software must be free as in freedom and as in free time.
For me, the hard part is android, i have replaced everything else, i've tried ubuntu touch, firefox os
Install Replicant.

Android with just open sauce components - that one shouldn't really be a big problem.
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Evaluate what is a modern ecosystem
just having someone else managing your data

Go to wallmart, buy a pair of western digital 2tb usb 3.0, and say goodbye to 'muh cloud'

Install syncthing, and fdroid
And manage those google inmortal cookies
Literally why? Google is the least evil, and the most innovative. And if you just want to get away from botnets, you literally can't now.
you must be new here, friend.
just read it, faggot
You read this:

Apple just defines a ton of shit as not private (free for all) and even the specifically private information can be shared with "strategic partners", and they can disclose to anyone it if it is "appropriate" by their judgement.

They can also just sell it:
> Additionally, in the event of a reorganization, merger, or sale we may transfer any and all personal information we collect to the relevant third party.

And more. Basically, with Apple, you have fuck all for privacy.
File: Jolyne.jpg (480 KB, 643x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
480 KB, 643x1000

You don't need an account to use YouTube. Just download the videos you really enjoyed.

Never used it, I don't know what people use 'cloud' storage for. Can't you just upload things to upload sites?

Pale Moon or Firefox

>Google Music? ...Spotify?
Uh, why do you need a service to play music?

>Google Books? Kindle maybe...
Again, why do you need a service to read books? Isn't a PDF player all it takes? I've never bought a digital book but can't you just open the PDF?

>Google Search? DuckDuckGo I guess...

>Android? Uh...fuck.
AOSP based ROM
>powered by google chrome
>niconico douga
That place makes youtube look like heaven.
By the way, to clarify what Apple considers "not private":
> occupation, language, zip code, area code, unique device identifier, referrer URL, location, and the time zone
> customer activities on our website, iCloud services, and iTunes Store and from our other products and services [aggregated]
> our services, including search queries [which will be not associated with IP addresses "except in limited instances" - which could be limited by two cases where it is not, eh]
> data about how you use your device and applications

And this is free for all data. They can:
> collect, use, transfer, and disclose non-personal information for any purpose

So basically, lel, Apple & privacy.
I don't exclusively use Google.

I use Gmail for my phone and school stuff, and a different email provider for other stuff, and cock mail for jokes.

I use YouTube for videos but I don't login. Because.. Why should I? To comment on videos? No thanks.

I use Firefox.

I use duckduckgo, except for Porn I use Google search. Maybe it's just me but duckduckgo blocks out Porn for me even when I turn off the safe filter.

I don't read books, I don't use cloud storage. I don't use paid music services.

I use android.

I use Google maps / navigation.
>>52701004 (cont'd)
Lastly, those things were just "some examples". What it really means is that all information like the stuff mentioned that is equally "does not, on its own, permit direct association with any specific individual" can be treated as not private.

Yea, you can identify many individuals by "location" or occupation and zip code and language, but fuck it, this is not private 'cause it requires like, a phone book or a map.

Do not trust Apple. Do not trust any company whose legalese so massively says something else than the marketing shit they tell people, OR is as wide and abuseable as Apple's.
>Gmail or Outlook
Tutanota or better yet, your own roundcube properly configured minding DKIM, PTR and SPF.

+1 to you, since there is no alternatives on par. You can, however, set proxies or VPNs between you and the google servers if privacy is the issue there

>Gdrive or OneDrive
Owncloud on your own server

Firefox is the least worse alternative there is as of now.

>Google books
scribd or better yet, RainbowNation

>Google Music
Your own server with CherryMusic streaming your hosted stuff to your devices. What.CD feeds yours server

>Google Search or DuckDuckGo
Disconnect has the benefit of forwarding Google hits on top of other adding a bunch of other sources without being Google

Mock the data you send to the apps using XPrivacy and carefully remove unwanted Google apps with root access. Google still has you to the balls though so a better alternative is trying Cyanogen. If you are just concerned to go from one master to another there's iphones and windows phones.
I've had a Gmail since it started. If you did a well... No reason to try and fight it
Random anon here, how to delete Google spyware from my Android? Have root and original OS
Host your own mail server, a DigitalOcean machine is $5/mo
> YouTube
Why would you want to replace YouTube?
> Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox
Your own storage + BitTorrent Sync + stop using proprietary formats and write your documents in Markdown or TeX.
> Chrome
Firefox, I guess.
> Google Play Music All Access
Pirate your music.
> Google Books
Calibre for organizing and syncing, libgen for getting books, a Kindle for reading. If you're on Android you're kind of fucked though.
> Google Search
DuckDuckGo is adequate. Train yourself to use the !s bang when you need a Google proxy.
> Android
CyanogenMod without Google Apps, I guess? Look into µg and whatnot, there are articles about having a Google-free phone. Or just buy iOS like a normal human being.
> Should I bother?
Fuck no. Google is best Korea.
Nice guide, especially the links. How reputable is this Tutanota thing though, and what sort of selection and quality does NetEase have?
>You do realize nearly all of the replacements you mentioned also spy on you.

At this point there's still an advantage to having them separated. I've been working on an info graphic explaining all the things that Google, now Alphabet, could know about you if you used all their products, including some the companies they've invested in. There are the obvious ones like chat, email, search history, etc. But then things like Project Tango can catalog and map every inch of your home (and everything in it). And they funded 23andMe to learn everyone's genetic code. Not to mention the now defunct Google Health which they claimed wasn't covered by HIPAA. If you take all the information they potentially have about you and your life it's fucking terrifying.

Google is going to achieve total knowledge in our lifetimes.

And it's all to sell advertising.
Not defending Apple, but that information you pointed is known by your friends too, and probably the government.

I'd say it becomes a privacy problem when it wants access to your files, to your folders, to the websites you access, when it wants to know what programs you have installed on, your search queries, etc etc. Things people don't know about you except you explicitly told them.
Google knows where you live, work, eat and sleep. It knows how you look, who you're talking to and what plans you have. It knows your browsing history and that you like loli threads on /b/. It knows what your hopes and dreams are, and what you fear. It knows where you are right now, what your street looks like and when you'll go to sleep. It literally knows you better than you know yourself.

And it's using that knowledge to increase the likelihood of you clicking an ad by 0.5%.
I can't tell you how to escape completely but this is what I do
I just use my own server.
iredmail is a neat project that makes it easy to setup your own.
>YouTube? I'll just download subscribed videos automatically.
this is what I do as well
Owncloud is really easy to setup and has a decent file sync.
Photos from your phone can be automatically uploaded, the desktop client works on all platforms.
You have to use a verified certificate for the desktop client to work, I use letsencrypt, easy, fast and free.
I use the same domain as I have for my mail server.
I use firefox.
>Google Music?
I keep local files on all my machines I play music from (laptop and phone).
Since I want to sync files directly between my laptop and phone, I don't waste space on my server, I use syncthing here because I can select which folder I want to sync and the phone client lets you turn it on iff the phone is being charged.
>Google Books?
Didn't knew this was a thing. I prefer physical books. The image quality and battery life is impressive.
>Google Search?
Right now I use android without gapps, f-droid has the primary applications and I am still looking for an alternative.
>Google Scholar
web of science / IEEEexplorer. nah, I can't escape that one.
>Google docs
latex + git
>Google maps
Is it any good? The UI was kind of shit last time I tried it, and there are better-looking ones out there today.
It is passable.
I could use something better, but I don't use it often enough to experiment with these things.
The voice instructions are terrible though.

what do you use?
Google Maps desu
Can you post a WIP of that infographic?
then I have to install gapps.
I would rather just have something I could run when I need to instead of having the tracker run all the time
>your own mailserver
>your own fileserver
>physical books
>don't use a mobile phone
"oh gee why can't I get out?" maybe because you are a lazy piece of shit who exchanges his freedom for convenience without a second thought
Society is all about exchanging freedom for convenience, kouhai
Enjoy your Google masters
Thanl you!
I'll give a try ;)
Protonmail. Encrypted, 0-knowledge and C O N S I S T E N C Y

Use it if you want, there is no problem with it. I wouldn't mind if it disappeared but I use it anyway.

Backblaze, Cozycloud

I still use Firefox.

>Google music ?
Qobuz, Bandcamp. Bandcamp is unlimited but shows you a message when you've listened to the music a lot of times without buying it (which you can probably turn off on desktop with uMatrix). Qobuz costs 20€/month, CD quality, both include unlimited lossless downloads.

>Google books? Kindle maybe…
A botnet for another is not a pretty good idea, but as I don't read ebooks I don't have another idea.

>Google search ?

>Android? Uh… fuck
There are several Android forks without the closed source Google apps, including Fairphone OS, Firefox OS and Replicant. There are still apps markets (F-Droid, Firefox Marketplace), and even the Firefox OS one is consistant.
Oh, about Google maps : OpenStreetMaps obviously.

To kill Google, don't forget to use uBlock Origin and, if possible, NoScript. You won't miss a lot of things anyway.
I give Google all my lewdy nudy pics :^)

You probably use Windows 8/10 and think google is the bad spy guy here.
>And it's all to sell advertising.
I pray several times a day that this is true. I don't want to even imagine the damage google could do.

My phone recently spilled the spaghetti about what data it's logging, things I had unticked specifically. Google knows more about me than I do, literally.

Unlocking phones via face recognition and finger print scanners, we're fucking doomed.

If I make it back to my computer before the thread dies, sure. But the meat of it's most ly still in a text file. The image itself has a title, some graphics, and section headings. It needs a lot of work because connecting together all the things that they "could" know is a bigger task than the graphic itself.
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