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> latest stable windows builds for mpv:
- https://mpv.srsfckn.biz/mpv-i686-latest.7z
- https://mpv.srsfckn.biz/mpv-x86_64-latest.7z

> latest windows build for youtube-dl:
- https://yt-dl.org/downloads/latest/youtube-dl.exe

> lowest vo configuration:

> low vo configuration:

> medium vo configuration:

> high vo configuration:

> insane vo configuration:

> medium ytdl-format config example:

> display statistics for the currently played file:
- https://github.com/argon-/mpv-stats

> sharpening post-shaders:
- https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/wiki/user-scripts#pixel-shaders
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The latest (experimental) plex media player release here:
Change your low conf to
and remove your lowest conf
scaler-resizes-only is deprecated, enabled by default now
it will be in 0.16
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Should I enable ANGLE now that its in the windows builds?

Also why might I seem to be getting judder and stuttering when I have a 144hz display and I don't see any dropped frames

I see delayed and mistimed frames in stats, but I shouldn't have to enable interpolation when I'm running at 144 to get rid of stutter, but I do.

# Video settings

# Audio settings

# Subtitle settings
sub-text-font="Source Sans Pro Semibold"


# On-Screen-Display Settings
osd-font="Source Sans Pro Semibold"

# OSC Options Via Script-Opts

# Screenshot settings

# Window settings

# Cache

# Miscellaneous settings

# ytdl - Youtube Downloader



# Extensions - Do not add custom settings that are not extension related below this line.





Anything interesting happening in mpv development?
>Should I enable ANGLE now that its in the windows builds?
Only if you have problems with opengl.
any way to make interpolation not look like shit?
try tscale=oversample, it's supposed to be not as blurry.
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I want to use vapoursynth-mvtools for motion interpolation.
How THE FUCK do I do that? Do I need to compile this myself?
Don't bother, performance is utter shit and it's going to be a headache to get working. If you REALLY want to have motion interpolation, I hear svp works with MPC or something.
Does anybody have experience making MPV work inside Kodi?

Alternatively, the MPV guy works for plex now, right? Does that mean Plex's player is becoming MPV?
that's what I'm using, it's better than triangle, but still blurry as fuck at times
The desktop application for Plex is built on top of MPV if that's what you're asking, however Plex Media Player is currently premium only.
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Since directshow subtitle engines are shits, I have to use mpv.
However I fall in love of crispen edge and super-res algorithms from madvr.
Unfortunately they are no equivalent feature inside mpv, that's so pathetic.
Write your own, senpai. mpv supports external shaders.
Yes, you need to compile with the vapoursynth flag set. RTFM for instructions.
Off the top of my head:
- tscale now does nothing when video FPS == display FPS
- ANGLE now supports 10-bit
- there is now a delay between decoding a video frame on the GPU and reading it back, so the CPU doesn't wait on the GPU
- wm4 is working on A-V filters for ffplay-style visualisations (spectrogram, etc.)
- wm4 is working on 10-bit HEVC decoding with DXVA
So interpolation or no interpolation? Does interpolation still cause a blurry effect?
Why lanczossoft instead of lanczossharp for cscale? Just personal preference?
I don't notice the blurriness at all with oversample, just the extra smoothness. Obviously, if my monitors supported 24/48 Hz modes, I'd use them instead, but they don't.
it does and always will
I honestly don't notice judder from playing 24fps video on a 60hz display. Are my eyes just broken?
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What went wrong lads?
The effect is pretty subtle, especially if you have accurate VSync and mpv is presenting the frames with a proper 3:2 pattern. It's only really obvious with certain panning speeds.
video-sync is a global option, not an opengl suboption.
>windows 10
must have been the Piracy Prevention Program
From the picture it looks pretty neat anon
Not at all. You're just use to seeing 24fps video everywhere. You'll start noticing it when you start watching a lot more 60fps videos.

I've only just recently started watching videos at 60fps, and can notice when frames go down. Sometimes it's subtle and I don't notice and then there's times when it's extremely noticeable.
Windows 10 is arguably the best Windows version for mpv because you can finally resize console windows with the mouse. It's almost as good as using it on an OS with real pseudoterminals.
>especially if you have accurate VSync and mpv is presenting the frames with a proper 3:2 pattern

How can I determine if this is properly occurring? I'm using the "high vo config" from the OP.
If you're using the :interpolation suboption, there should be no judder (it will be replaced with slight blurriness instead.) If you remove :interpolation, but keep video-sync=display-*, you should get a proper 3:2 VSync pattern. Either way, you can confirm it's working by looking at the thing on the end of the status line. It's in the format <vsync ratio>/<total dropped frames>, so you want to see 2.500/0 for 24fps material on a 60fps monitor.
Do you prefer interpolation or no?

Do I put "tscale=oversample" under opengl options to reduce the blurriness that interpolation introduces?
Yeah, I use interpolation with oversample. oversample should be the least blurry, but not quite as smooth as the others.
How do I know which config in supposed to be running? I use an amd r7 370 for example. What is the default config? Is it good enough?

And what difference is one supposed to notice exactly?
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2 MB, 1284x1197
seems like this is the best place to ask:

what's some software I can use audio/video sync? basically I'm trying to take a raw release and re-mux the audio from an older release into it so it has the japanese and english audio. last time I tried this I just adjusted the offset in mkvtoolnix and in the player until I got it right, but there must be a better way that the "pros" use, right?

it's the best I can do considering this will probably never be picked up by a proper release group because it's old, there are only a few known versions online (all bad), and the only sources are VHS and LD, and the only existing sub is an old hardsub with terrible font. so really it needs a new script and new sub, probably a new rip altogether, but that's beyond me.
I have a 7870 and I use the "high quality" config and it runs well for me even on massive 15GB bluray encodes. Your card is a tad weaker than a 7870 so should still do.

I've tried the "insane" quality preset which uses nnedi3, and the 7870 definitely can't handle it. You need a 980Ti or some shit for that.
>Plex pass needed
i5 6500
r9 390 8GB
Tested on Kernel 4.3, 4.2 and Debian Stable's Kernel

Last week I posted saying I was having problems with mpv playback with any added shaders past the default configuration where it would cause white artifacting when a shader was applied or simply the sane default of opengl-hq was applied.
Finally found the fix today after some related issues popped up, the r9 390 has issues with dpm enabled (this is done by default). Setting the kernel parameter radeon.dpm=0 (disabling it) fixes the issues and allows vo to be modified again without problems. The issue can also cause gpu lockup during general use, this is also fixed by using this workaround.

Obligatory sorry for the blogspot, hope it helps anyone having issues.

Ref: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=91880
Is there anywhere else we can can nightly builds of mpv for windows?
For the windows users.
Which backend do you prefer?

dxinterop, ANGLE, or win.
Thanks for the link. What happened to rorgoroth though?
Are there any significant advantages using ANGLE/dxinterop over the default backend on Wangblows?
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Someone on github seems to have done more extensive research but I agree with his findings.

ANGLE/dxinterop produces much less jittery output when using interpolation.

Also potentially improved performance.
What exactly is the difference between angle and dxinterop?
dxinterop uses directx for prisentation
angle translates opengl calls to directx
So if I use dxinterop the interpolation is smoother but I lose out on all my fancy opengl scaling algorithms?

i like shit quality aswell desu
Thanks, I've been fucking myself in the ass with msys2 for like a week glad this is over.

I messaged him on BB a few days ago and he replied back saying he didn't use it for a while now and someone (obv from here) kept messaging him stupid shit about being a shill and he had no idea what they were on about so decided to completely remove it.
you won't lose anything
>I've been fucking myself in the ass with msys2 for like a week glad this is over.

You must be doing something wrong. I got compilation with msys2 running in like 10 mins and
now I just run a script to update source and compile, takes like 2 mins. It's way faster this way than downloading binaries.
Yeah but it's still a pain in the ass compared to just downloading it ready made. It takes less than 20s to download and upzip them in place for me.
Then why would anyone use angle when dxinterop exists?
cuz it only compatible with amd and nvidia
>Works on Nvidia and AMD only.

>australian internet speeds
>because you can finally resize console windows with the mouse

You could always do this, just by increasing the screen buffer size.
Lanczossharp vs Lanczossoft?

Subjectivity aside, which is objectively superior? I guess I mean to ask, which scaling method is the least "destructive".
>using a mouse to resize console window

don't be a pleb

mode con: cols=X lines=Y
The place I work at records conferences to multiple sources. If there are problems with the audio from one source I remux it from another source.

I sync the audio from an external source to the original one by simply importing the videos into Audacity and drag the external until it matches the original. Then I cut any leftovers so the lengths match and export the prepared external audio which I then mux with the original video.

If you don't want to recode the audio, then get the length of the initial offset and the total length and use those as input options in ffmpeg let's say.
How to prevent 720p60 videos and more to be chose by youtube-dl with mpv?
This doesn't completely work:
what about this?
this won't work on youtube tho.
something like this will:
use --list-formats
This line works for me:
When will mpv integrate SSimDownscaler?
maybe in a very distant future
Why? Is the shader licence incompatible with the mpv licence? The next madVR release will implement it, so I think there is no problem.
What about drm-egl?
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Hello /g/
I have used Potplayer for a long time and wonder if mpv is able to do the following:
Resume last played file,
Keep video position saved,
60fps or use svp 4.
Also from what I remember it might have been less straightforward to change processing range to (0-255).
>Subjectivity aside, which is objectively superior? I guess I mean to ask, which scaling method is the least "destructive".
There is no objectively superior as long as you don't give the goals you have for a scaler. Is the picture supposed to be as sharp as possible? The least amount of ringing? Alasing? You have to define what a good upscaled picture is for you. Some of the traits I just mentioned (and the ones I left out) unfortunately also cancel each other out to some extend, so it really depends on what you like subjectively the best.
The trait "smooth" usually does better in hiding artifacts created by upscaling.
>Why? Is the shader licence incompatible with the mpv licence?
- shift+q
- don't know
- use interpolation instead
- that should be configured in your gpu drivers
thanks for the reply. I've used audacity a bit so I think I can get it right.
I use MadVR with MpcHC and some mods or whatever, am i doing good?
Yes! This is the /a/ standrard for a reason.
Yes, but Baka MPlayer has the exact same quality out of the box and has more inbuilt features.
Basically, just use whatever you want.
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