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/fucko/ General Thread v0.9.0

"Stop fapping, fucko! Squad, take his computer and all other weeb shit!"

This edition:

How to handle the weakest link in computer security: your waifu?


>Computer security

>Home security

>online privacy

>PC and data destruction methods

>How to hide questionable images, video, audio, etc. (stenography)


>B-but I dont have anything to hide!


>B-but if you've done nothing wrong you should have nothing to hide!

If I've done nothing wrong there is no reason to search me.


>LiveUSB/LiveCD Review v1.1


>Web Posting Assessment v.2


>TrueCrypt 7.1a [Last official release]




>The Paranoid #! (now #!!) Security Guide


>Fake info Generator


>Pretty Good Privacy [PGP]



>Off the Record messaging [OTR]


>Cell Phone guide for Protesters


>Team 1: #Squad


>Team 2: #squad


>/fucko/ squad irc

#Fucko @ irc.rizon.net

All and any supportive comments, template contributions, are welcome and encouraged. NSA shills need not apply.

Template ALWAYS here: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Fucko

Previously on /fucko/:

Security of truecrypt, stenography, told "i-don't-need-security-:^)"-fags along with no new posts in 2016, microsoft shills and much more
everything i do is from a live-cd
my laptop shuts off when the plug is pulled b/c tfw no battery life

tell me, how fucked am I?
you're a loser, bro. hang yourself in your closet with a belt.
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My democratic gov went full orwell last month.

In 2 weeks police will have free and unlimited access(no warrant required) to:
-phones billing, bts where my phone logged in
-internet metadata from isp
-"internet communication" - mails, fb etc.
-gps localization for car

Funniest part politics who made this regulation think that they can control three liter agencies.
okay /fucko/, i switched to Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS for more privacy

but how do i full disk encrypt my system drive and storage drive? can i encrypt my external drives aswell?

the ubuntu installer only mentioned encrypting home folder

i'm lost O_o
Regular visitor of /nsa/ here. There was a post sometime ago regarding the insecurity of truecrypt. Has this changed? Saving that irc for later, btw. Great to see something non-consumerist posted here for a change.
I hide my loli in a folder in my steam folder called globallocaltemp
If you encrypt your whole pc is till be slow as fuck.

Its better idea to make vm with linux and ecrypt it.
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Kek, you're fucked operator nigga
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I hope that I am safe because I am not doing anything illegal, but I do not feel okay that anybody from police can have access to my messages or my shitpost statistic from 4chin.

It will hit politics and top100 rich people the most. I am pretty sure that creators of this legal act will regret it after their gov will fall due to some scandal.
Does this actually happen? Don't all intel processors past i3 have built in AES support to make the performance loss minimal

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Where i'm at the govt finally bought some software to track criminals cause they actually had nothing for that, i'm sure it's just some shit tier skid ware but it's useful enough to track android phones and fuck with old vulnerable versions of windows.
Lots of criminals related to drug dealing are safe cause of the tech they use needs to get fucked by the murrikans after the govt deals with the local FBI office at the US embassy.
The problem itself isn't the drug related business since most of drugs here are on traffic to other places and it don't really cause civilian deaths but low tier criminals do robberies and hijack banks with cartel rented guns and a part of the money goes to the Narcs which they later on invest on drugs to grab an even bigger profit.
Opposition senators got scared as fuck since they won't be able to hide their money laundering and deals of top criminals that easily and they ended up pulling out the privacy card which doesn't really apply here since it's just a surveillance system capable of targeting select individuals with a judge's permission. So like you said it'll probably hit big politics players.
The formatting of all of this is horrendous. What is this thread even about?
If you travel around world, if you are journalist, if you work in IT security/defence department, if your gov have you because you released information then you should consider secure your data in case somebody is going to steal it or try to get you into prison.
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so irrational paranoia general? /ipg/
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we /operator/ nao?
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I do nt know if you are so fucking dumb or 10yo, back to /v/

Pic related, it is notebook after airport control of german security researcher

and here is story of Appelbaum

>Appelbaum has been detained at airports and had his electronic equipment seized several times.[34][35][36][37] In 2010, the US Department of Justice obtained a court order compelling Twitter to provide data associated with the user accounts of Appelbaum, as well as several other individuals associated with Wikileaks. While the order was originally sealed, Twitter successfully petitioned the court to unseal it, permitting the company to inform its users that their account information had been requested.[9][38]

here Greenwald part

>David Miranda, who lives with Glenn Greenwald, was returning from a trip to Berlin when he was stopped by officers at 8.05am and informed that he was to be questioned under schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000. The controversial law, which applies only at airports, ports and border areas, allows officers to stop, search, question and detain individuals.

>The 28-year-old was held for nine hours, the maximum the law allows before officers must release or formally arrest the individual. According to official figures, most examinations under schedule 7 – over 97% – last less than an hour, and only one in 2,000 people detained are kept for more than six hours.
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kek pic of notebook
Wow, look at that, a full page of useless bullshit in the OP.
Instead of being a fucking faggot how about you include useful shit next time? OpenBSD is piss easy to install, the system security is far better than Shitnux, and Xenocara means you can use all your graphical shit as a user. Also use
to set up your sshd and ssh configs.
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The furthest I've done anything with encryption is using Veracrypt (originally used Truecrypt) to make an encrypted container to store all my sensitive data in. (Plain text document of various passwords, banking records etc). This container uses AES-256 bit encryption but I've noticed there are various versions of encryption available for use when first making the container. Is there any advantage of using those over AES.

What is Luks? I think it is. Heard it mentioned on /g/ before.

Last, is full disk encryption worth it? I have a dedicated Linux machine for browsing, school, etc. While I don't care about encrypting my gaming PC because
>lol windows
I do however care about privacy on my other machine. Booting from and ssd, will disk encryption make a noticeably slower user experience?
God Damn. Just imagine hitting some turbulence and rolling out the side gap. Probably wouldn't be able to pull you in. Just dangle there until landing
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