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ISP hate
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Anyone else have horrible experiences talking to ISPs?

>move into grandmothers house to commute to college cuz old roomate had a mental breakdown
>she's still on DSL and paying $40 a month for it
>I call the small ass ISP company called frontier
>on hold for 30 mins
>try to cancel but the lady on the phone says only my grandmother who is deaf can
>I have the account number, pin, everything and the lady wont let me cancel
>I get pissed and hang up
>call back and get a new guy
>grandmother is dead, I wanna cancel my service
>"I' sorry to hear that, do you want 2 months of hi-speed internet for free?"
>guy comes to house to install new lines
>mfw highspeed internet is 3mb down, 3mb
Back when I had Verizon DSL I was trying to set up a webserver, but they were blocking Incoming port 80. I called Verizon to see what they could do about it and had to explain to the rep what a port was.
it's sort of ironic that the best service I ever had was when I stole it from comcast. Had business class speed and it never went down.
How the hell did you steal service? Like split the cables?
>>mfw highspeed internet is 3mb down, 3mb up
>3mb up

shit that's bretty gud for DSL,
I remember a local magazine doing a comparison of the service provided by different ISP's and when they called the biggest ISP in the country (Elisa) and asked for the address of the SMTP server, the rep said they don't have one and hung up on them.
The problem is its not even DSL, they upgraded the lines but im sure theyre throttling
Definitely the connection my parents used to have
>Really shitty HomePNA connection chosen only because it was literally the cheapest option
>About twice the speed of dial-up and no real way to speed it up because then the whole house would have to buy more bandwidth, but nobody wanted to pay more
>Customer service was absolute dogshit
>Only open on weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM
>Wasn't guaranteed that you'd get ahold of someone even then and often when you did, it was somebody out on a callout who'd promise to sort it out the next working day
>Connection would start to suffer from problems of really high ping (as in 50k ms) every now and then
>Meant that there was a serious delay in just web browsing and all online games that were more real time than email chess were completely unplayable
>Had to call them up and every time the guy was skeptical if rebooting the router in the building would fix the problem despite the problem persisting on multiple devices and always being fixed by rebooting the router
>One time the connection went like that on a Friday around noon and when I called them around 2PM the guy I got ahold of was doing a callout and promised to have a look at it the next Monday
You used to be able to use the network with custom firmware on modems
>At some point the company changes it's name from an easy-to-remember name to something that translates to roughly "Wired and Wireless INC"
>Didn't fully understand the implications of this until my mother accidentally threw out the information brochure and the massive ping problem happened again
>Company is literally "un-Googlable" with at least the first 50 pages results when you tried to search for the company's name being just talk about internet connections
>Can't find them with ether their new or old name in the yellow pages
>Old website doesn't work ether and isn't found on the wayback machine ether
>Try to ask neighbor who also had the same connection if they have the booklet left
>"lolno, we got rid of that shitty service"
>Mother refuses to upgrade to something that isn't dogshit because it would cost more
Moved out not long after and a couple of years later the apartment complex moved to genuinely good cable internet and got rid of the HomePNA shit. Wish they had done it a lot earlier.
Thats kind of what I had to deal with, as much as comcast and verizon can suck, the small ISPs are the worst because its impossible to resolve problems.I'm really fucking missing fiber optics, which apparently there are no lines even installed in CT so I'm out of luck.
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>provider get called "unitymedia"
>better name would be "unityfaget"
>in germany you don't can use any router for your connection from provider
>we're getting our connection above koax-cable
>we got a modem from provider to change koax to ethernet
>this box can also be used as a router
>we closed every services on this box until it's just converts the connection and not more
>using after this box our own router we bought
>everything worked fine all ok
>until one day I cam home after workday
>saw on my end devices a wlan network that we don't have activated
>i got really mad of this fucking niggashit
>find out provider connected to this fucking box
>changed configuration
>wlan activated with WEP
>FTP user got created with root rights
>and and and
>portscan from outta my network told me over 30 ports are open on box
>disabled any shit they changed
>I got more mad of this niggashit
>called my provider and ask them what the hek went wrong
>they told me this is normal after updating firmware the default configuration get load
>I asked him if he is serious?
>he told me yeah this is normal
>I said to him this is really bad technology
>I asked him why I don't got any message of changes or their connection on MY box
>he said this isn't my box this is the box of "unityfaget"
>me again if he is serious because his naughty answer?
>I really got mad over 9000 at this point
>I said him that I want any changelogs of changes on my box
>he said there are no changelogs
>I said you MUST HAVE to do changelogs
>now I got an email address where I can ask for them
>so the support were naughty as shit
>and I never got any answer on my mail
>fuck "unityfaget"
>fuck their configuration
>fuck their compremised network devices
>fuck everything
File: logo-SFR.jpg (159 KB, 1000x966) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I had my share of problems with that french ISP.

>one day
>check the speed
>7.5 mb/s
>it's usually 11 mb/s
>call the ISP
>first people told me it's because too many Wifi devices were connected
>it didn't matter how I yelled that they weren't using bandwidth
>Hang up
>next is a ching chong trying to tell me about attenuation over copper
>tell the chink I calculated the attenuation, and that I had 11 mbps yesterday
>he gives me my 11 mbps back

I think these jews didn't want to upgrade their shitty main distribution frame, as there were new people inhabiting this city.
They are the worst.
Yeah, I don't even need to read more. They suck. So bad. And the worst part is, when you live in the middle of nowhere, it's the only option you've got aside from dial-up.
>parents get HD TV years ago
>can't even experience HD because HDMI won't work
>have to use component
>don't know if it's the TV, cable, or cable box
>tried different cable, still doesn't work
>call Comcast
>they send a technician
>they refuse to believe they had anything to do with it
>tells us it's the TV, not the cable box
>call Sony
>they refuse to believe they anything to do with it
>tells us it's the cable box, not the TV
>still no HD
>one day try again with the HDMI cable
>it works
>unplug to change something around
>plug back in
>it doesn't work
I've got satellite internet.
I get 20gbs a month.
I'd literally kill someone to get 3mbs; eat a dick.
>this is normal

lmao, ive heard this a million times
motherfuckers would cut my internet connection at least once a week, then I'd call them , they would put me on hold for some 10 minutes, then tell me their systems are fully functional and the issue is at home. Then I'd get connected, just like that, out of the blue.
Fuck you fag, I only get 17gb/month with my satellite isp, asshole. Those 3gb must be nice to have.
Hate that shit, and its impossible to prove theyre doing it on purpose most likely
File: 1435090833852.jpg (64 KB, 231x283) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 231x283
For anyone trying to read this niggershit, essentially in Germany and Benelux our choice of modem is restricted to the piece of shit we get from the ISP. Unitymedia, also known as a now dead company UPC, was known to constantly fuck things up. These days we usually get a piece of shit wifi-modem, which not only has flaky firmware, but also resets to default configuration if it receives an update. The thing being a modem/router, it means all router settings are reset too, so you're stuck dealing with either:
>use integrated router, settings constantly get fucked up and you have to input them from scratch every update
>use external router, disable router functions on modem, functions turn on after an update and it fucks everything up
Personally, I nag the living shit out of my ISP for modem-only models so I don't have to deal with this shit.
yeah, this fucked up...

thanks for the help
any particular reason to why modems are restricted by ISPs?
Test the tv with something else with hdmi out you poor dipshit
Mostly for support reasons I presume. It's easier to troubleshoot if they only have to deal with a tiny list of supported devices. I wouldn't mind it if those things worked properly, but every once in a while they introduce some piece of shit model that can't even keep a stable connection to the ISP.
well...a PS3 connected with HDMI works on it...so it must be the cable box
I guess I'm just retarded

I still hate comcast
I have a real ripper for you about the main ISP here in New Zealand, fairly recent too.
>Telecom, the virtual monopoly of Telephone and Internet service has changed their name to "Spark" to save face
>People know that they're changing name and brand because they're a shit company and have been useless in terms of customer service
>They're not buying that crap
>Landlords are retarded and stay with Spark regardless, even though I warn them that Spark are nothing but trouble
>One day while playing MMO the internet goes down
>Check modem, modem says the connections lost
>What the fuck
>Search google on phone for next few hours
>The companies DNS servers have been poisoned by some fuck up and the ISP goes down from a huge DDOS
>Spark puts out some bullshit story about being hacked and that everything would be back up asap
>No internet for 2 weeks
>Spark blames not themselves for letting their DNS servers get poisoned, but instead blame their customers for having 'bad modems' that let their servers be compromised
>Biggest load of shit I've ever head
>Spark puts out a PSA that they're going to block literally hundreds of modems and routers and my $200 NZD one is on that list
>So fucking furious.jpg
>Have to search their list of approved routers
>Vast majority of them have their brand slapped on them
>Finally find another $150 one that's on the list and not a huahue piece of shit
>After 3 weeks and nearly having a coronary I have internet again
>No reimbursement for loss of internet
>No reimbursement for blocking of router
>Cant sell router because majority of people won't be able to access internet with it
>Majority of people STILL stuck with this shit company after this
I don't fucking understand. This incident is one of MANY times that Spark fucked up monumentally in this country and yet people STILL insist that they're not all that bad.
>Landlords are still on Spark
Yeah thats right it easy for troubleshooting. By unitymedia the mac address from the modem is configured on your uplink that means you can changed the modem with another one, it wouldn't work and you get no connection to your ISP. You just get ethernet access when you have the modem with the configured mac address on your uplink. But nvm the modems are generally compremised. Some configuration changes you did as consumer on this modems don't success. You will get the success systeminfo when you changed something but this isn't true some services are activated after try to change it. When you are interested read this: http://freetz.org/wiki/WikiStart.en
>New Zealand

I'm sorry

That's really a great example of how much ISPs lie to cover their asses
Is my potential build alright?
PCPartPicker part list: http://nz.pcpartpicker.com/p/htfYMp
Price breakdown by merchant: http://nz.pcpartpicker.com/p/htfYMp/by_merchant/

CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor ($389.00 @ 1stWave Technologies)
CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D9L 46.4 CFM CPU Cooler ($119.95 @ Computer Lounge)
Motherboard: Asus Z170M-PLUS Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard ($228.00 @ 1stWave Technologies)
Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4-3000 Memory ($136.00 @ Paradigm PCs)
Power Supply: Cooler Master 550W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply
Sound Card: Asus Xonar DGX 24-bit 96 KHz Sound Card ($67.20 @ Ascent Technology)
Other: Cooler Master PSU PRICE ($160.00)
Other: Jonsbo V4 ($140.00)
Other: 2TB Barracuda (Purchased For $116.00)
Other: EVGA GTX 750 Ti FTW ACX 2GB (Purchased For $200.00)
Total: $1556.15
Kinda completely unrelated but yeah it sounds like a good build, but idk why you would only get a 750 ti when ur also getting DDR4 RAM and a sound card
Meant to post to /SQT/ sorry people!
The 750 ti is what I'm keeping over from a previous build, im considering trading it up for a 960.
I have to pick cards under 220 mm otherwise they don't fit the case
haha its all cool man
is there anyway to do something similar now?
Where i come from, we call them fucktier
Are they just in CT and NY? Because I never heard of them before when I lived in MA
worldnet is a pretty viable ISP, but you can and will be talking to Asian tech supporters.
>say that I can't understand his accent
>he basically starts deepthroating the mic
>it actually helps
File: 1379908561554.jpg (37 KB, 800x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>ISP hate
I don't care who you are or what our reasoning is. If you have Comcast or if its your only option, never go with it.

I dot care if you have 33 times my current ISP speed (I've checked this a few times), at least mine won't shaft me every fucking way possible.

Comcast needs to die. Timewarner too but Comcast first
didnt comcast buy timewarner?
and is that fucking water cooling on a router?
File: 1444373687350.jpg (781 KB, 1600x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I recall yes but I still consider them separate.
And yes. You ever feel how hot that shit can get?
Only if you know about and can find a flaw in your ISP's systems....so very unlikely

You'd have to correctly guess a MAC address to spoof on a given node
The acquisition was dropped because the DoJ threatened an anti-trust lawsuit if it went through.
No. Merger was shot down by the government
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The worst ISP I dealt with was when I still lived with my parents.

>mfw 0.5 kbps download speeds
>can't watch YouTube
>can't play any games online
>4chan pages take 5+ minutes to load if they even do at all
How the fuck is that even possible? That's well below even the earliest dial-up modems people were sold when all they did was want to read text only BBS's.

Did they try to block youtube and 4chan or something? The ISP my parents had at one point didn't block, but discouraged people from playing any online games except flash-based browser games, but didn't actually try to stop people from playing online games.
Two words: satellite internet. Pathetically slow yet outrageously expensive.
I know that pain, I'm using them now(since they got bought by DirectTV or whatever) for satellite internet, and dear god, the ping, download, and upload are complete shit
It took me over an hour to download a single 10 minute video
Ive never got why people buy that shit, especially people that could get internet by cable. Same thing with satellite TV, like why the fuck are you paying for something that's gonna shit itself whenever there is a storm
If you live really isolated areas, satellite internet is often the only option.
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>Tired of xfinity's bullshit, talk to our cable provider about any nearby services.
>Shithole town has only four ISPs and all of them suck.
>Cable provider tells us about these people called viasat communications
>Sounds like some kind of bootleg ISP but at this point I have no other options
>What I amuse was a mexican and a high-school drop out fuck with our roof and wall.
>Tells us it's broadband dispite it being cable
>Didn't give us any "registration plans" dispite us needing it.
>Getting 797 ping currently
>Cant call support because they fucked up our home phones and my cellphone has an absurdly high bill to keep me from calling anyone.
>Used neigbors cellphone
>Had them called 7 times and had the same retards come to my house three times.
>Still nothing is fixed
>mfw I have to deal with that internet atm.
>mfw even comcass would be better than this.
>797 ping

dude.... fucking sue them
You can't just "get internet by cable" anon. The infrastructure is already there, or it never will be. Comcast and it's ilk don't give 2 shits about you and will never EVER run new lines unless suddenly 1000 people are on your street wanting cable internet.

It's literally a captive audience. You have dial up, or you have satellite.

Viasat is satellite internet. 600 is about the best latency he'll ever see out of it.
>get college apartment
>got Northland because they were the only company that would install cable in short enough order
>wi-fi will periodically drop, have to disconnect and reconnect
>have had times where the time between reconnects was less than a minute, and repeatedly so

Fuckers manage to make me miss Charter, seriously.
>sattelite internet
chat log with small isp that provides cable and sat internet

Mark S' says: Thank you for contacting EarthLink LiveChat, how may I help you today?
Mark S: Hello, My name is Mark S. How may I assist you?

>me: hello, i am inquiring about your cable speeds as i wish to switch isps

Mark S: Okay.

>me: is 20mbps down the fastest cable speed possible for residential packages? its rather slow

Mark S: Yes, that is the fastest available.

>me:I'm looking for about ~100 mpbs+

>me: is there any other plan?

Mark S: Unfortunately No.

>me: thats a shame
>since my area only has Comcast and Verizon for cable internet providers

Mark S: Okay.
>me:and im locked to Comcast as my only provider

>me: is the business class package the same speed?

This dipshit: You will have more options in Business packages.

Markus: I mean, you will have more than 20 Mbps.

>me: what speeds can i get?

Mark S: You need to contact our Business support regarding this.

Mark S: They will check it and provide the available options.

>me: also, does your company allow any modem/router and has no data caps?

Mark S: You need to contact our Business support regarding this.

>me: how may i connect to that?

Mark S: I will provide the contact number.

Mark S: Please give me a moment.

Mark S: http://You need to contact our Business support regarding this.


>me: how may i connect to that

>me: i just asked that

>me: what is the contact number

>me: its a fucking telephone number you dont have to decode it

I tried to print the chat but it seemed he disconnected me with no disconnect message.
sounds like a dick
Open the box and rip out the antennas.

yeah its fine unless you want your cpu to not randomly freeze up when doing some odd thing cpus never done before

crunching numbers
if you're talking about him i dont agree since hes probably somewhere in sub-asia and is just reading out of a manual, but with cs like that im better off sticking with comshit
They are in Illinois also and I've heard nothing but shit about them from speed support and connection dropping
Where do you live? Frontier is only in Wa, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and the reservation portion of NM.
Can confirm had Hughesnet back in the day when I lived in the sticks. Couldn't even shit post back then
Fuck you both, 15gb here.

They exist in MI as well.
keep in mind component in an analog format, there's no means for the devices to detect what each other support

you might simply need to change a setting in the cable box in output 1080i/720p
>500 baud
reading this thread makes me grateful for my gigabit Internet

Thank you Google fiber
Calls it niggershit
Is definitely 100% white design
Elisa is a shit ISP desu. I used to get my internet from them and couldn't open ports. Is the article online?
I had the same experiece back in 2005-6... those were the days, man. Still have the modded Motorola Surfboard laying around somewhere, too.

NC aswell, I called, it's about a mile short of being at my house.
>botnet fiber
>mfw highspeed internet is 3mb down, 3mb

Um yeah, thats the standard speed for frontier....

I lived in a house in Western NC and they told me I could get 12 initially but we ended up with 3 down 768k up.

Their customer service is a joke.... They sent me three modems because I had to keep calling to complain that they never arrived and then they all came at once 2 weeks later. Terrible.

I called to complain about the shitty speed and was told I was lucky to even have internet as they tell everyone they can get "Up to 12" so long as they can get any kind of service from frontier.

a few houses further up the mountain only got 1 mbps since they were too far for 3 mbps.
Bridge their shitty modem/router into a dual band. I guarantee living in an aprtment 2.4ghz is gonna suck.
OP, my internet here is 200kB/s Down and 50kB/s Up. Canada is quite the pain, eh
File: cox.jpg (108 KB, 1024x596) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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who else cocks?
No, stfu nigga. It's niggashit, nigga.
Elisa a shit. No SSH, no HTTP. I called the support and they had no idea why it didn't work. Sent a new router. Still nothing. Port forwarding just doesn't work.
>mfw still on Elisa
>thankfully getting Sonera fiber soon
>better not be this bad
>be Canadian
>pay $50 a month
>get 1.5Mbps up, .5 down

And that's the fastest available to me because I live 1km away from the main road and the internet providers don't have any infrastructure on the road I live on, so instead I have to use Internet connected to a satellite.
My modem's signal levels shit the bed when I get any form of precipitation which causes nonstop T3 time outs. My ISP refuses to do anything what do?
>live in WNC
>go to regional University
>stay off campus, but right across the street is health building
>university fiber is decent
>everywhere else uses Frontier

It's okay if I'm here during a break and nobody is up here to hog the bandwidth. But during a Wednesday night when everyone is at home? You're talking barely able to keep the connection and stream videos, even.
Still selling that router bro? Sparks garbage but I'm with the second devil so it's all good.
File: che-guevara-1.gif (15 KB, 1065x1207) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Time Warner

>move into new apartment
>the one and only service i can get is from Time Warner
>already have a spare modem from my previous contract
>repeat no less than a dozen times on the phone that I WILL NOT BE NEEDING A NEW MODEM
>technician brings a modem anyway
>swears to me up and down the fucking sky that there won't be a monthly equipment rental fee
>insists that he NEEDS TO USE THIS THING or i will not be allocated an IP address

>one month later
>check my bill
>Equipment Rental Fee: $14.99

We seriously need to raise pitchforks on these faggots
they make me pay money to shitpost

wtf is this?
Elisa doesn't have SSH or HTTP? What?

Sonera is fine, I'm currently with DNA and it's like hell.
>Any torrents cause them to throttle my speed
>Random maintenance without warning
>Packet loss through the roof
All on 'brand new fiber network so nothing can be wrong t. customer support'.
I am literally waiting for the Google Fiberoptic botnet to finally roll out in my city.

At least Google won't fucking charge me a monthly fee *after* cancelling the service to continue spying on me.
Can't open ports so no use running sshd or httpd except for LAN.
So you can't open ports at all with Elisa or just 80 and 22?
Either way it's fairly stupid.
Could be to avoid problems with some weird network setup maybe.

Remember reading about somebody who was on Welho (now DNA) cable internet and suddenly found that he could access a bunch of other Welho subscribers' shared iPhoto libraries because they were somehow on the same network and their iPhoto installs saw themselves as being different machines on the same network. Apparently the guy didn't find any nudes, just some couple's baby pictures.
I suppose so, but it's still stopping people from fully using their service.
Even more so for the more common ports.
>Verizon starts advertising and boasting that they're going to bring Fios to my neighborhood.
>in 2011
I guess it isn't coming.
>have 200gig a month downloads
>1.5mebabyte down 1 up connection
>Pretty happy since it's cheap
>company suddenly bumps my downloads per month up to 1TB for free
>internet speeds instantly drop to 300kb down about 70 up
>call them to complain
>line attenuation restart router blah blah all shit I checked and know works
>put through several different people over a few days all make me do the same tests, all respond with literally with I dunno and just skirt my questions until I would hang up
>final offer from them is to send someone out to check the wiring and if no problem is found they will bill me $200 for the callout
>resist urge to berate person on phone just doing their job
>about 2 weeks later speeds go back to normal

I was pretty fucking mad that whole time and was doing research to make an offical complaint with a government ombudsman.
tons of people in rual australia have no choice , it's not like a company is going to roll out 1000km of fiber per person. I was looking at pricing out of interest and it's like $70 a month for 1 gig, or $600 for 20.
Is that a cluster of mac mini's
How is that cost effective at all.
it's not, but they probably had some specific reason to need to run OSX server, apple stopped making Xserver rackmount machines, this was the solution
I don't see my employer on here

>feels good
Holy shit do you live in paradise because I work for an isp in the area.

3mb down is pretty standard for that area though.
Every time I've called TWC about network issues they blame every single device they possibly can that wasn't provided by them.
You can't build an Xgrid cluster with just any computer
kek, maybe time to move to a city
What did your old roomate do?
>$15/month for a cunting modem
Jesus nigger is that some fucking 4x4 MIMO spec 10 gigabit shit?
>implying that component doesn't support HD
Thats your problem
>only cable ISP competitor is Kabeldeutschland
>both operate in different regions
>be forced to use ISP issued modem that also acts as a crappy router
>lose connection three times a week
>carrier grade NAT/Dual Stack lite (aka shared IPv4 and unique IPv6)
>ports still not publicly accessible
>must pay 3€/month so they enable wifi on the modem/router/clusterfuck (yes it's the same hardware)
>switch to 1&1
>sees 50mbit VDSL
>talk to them on the phone to confirm that it's accurate
>rep says yes
>mfw only get 16mbit/s
At least they reduced the price as an apology.
File: trolled.png (43 KB, 402x475) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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CenturyLink contracts its tech support to really shitty low paying companies like TeleNetwork. TeleNetwork hires people who work from home taking your calls for $8.00. CenturyLink is often the only ISP in many rural areas. In those areas they purposefully do not allocate funding to support their infrastructure. Customers are therefor stuck with really shitty service and no way out.

Customers call up several times in a week asking why their internet has been down for (days) or has become unimaginably slow. The $8.00 wagecuck who is working from his home PC and browsing imgur on the side does not give a single fuck. He does not choose when his phone rings, inbound calls are answered automatically. He hates his fucking job and he hates you. Many of his calls are password resets for legacy email accounts, during which he must teach an 85 year old man from Tennessee how the capslock key works for 30minutes.

He notices that your account has been flagged as repeat / disgruntled caller and reads you the script he was given: "I'm sorry for the inconvenience, there is a bandwidth exhaust outage in your area. Our technicians are currently in the field working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible." Which is 100% bullshit. What that actually means is: "We know your service sucks in rural Oklahomoa, but there isn't a high enough customer density in your county to justify us investing in the infrastructure there, so your service will stay shitty, get fucked."
tl;dr CenturyLink sells more bandwidth than its infrastructure is capable of delivering.
>move to Shanghai for work
>go to a China Telecom shop at the mall near my community
>"You have to go to our other branch 12 blocks away to sign up"
>fuck it, call an ISP called Great Wall Broadband because I see a billboard advertising 50M/50M for $200/year
>two guys come within an hour
>they come with a spool of ethernet cable and no tools or equipment
>one guy cuts the cable to length with his teeth while the other fiddles with a box outside the building
>they want to use my laptop to test the connection
>can't read English so they give up and leave
>I figure it out on my own

I do get 50M if I do a speed test with a server in Shanghai, but I get 0.1M when connecting to anything outside China

Every torrent tracker is blocked, DHT is blocked, random ports are closed, speed drops to 0 randomly throughout the day, VPN can't maintain a connection for more than a few minutes.

Not to mention, at work I have to use a 4G wifi thing because "the building manager won't let us install internet"
OP here, Cox is my only other option but it's fucking $65 for just internet
Came in towards the end of last semester, nigga drank all my booze and was crying on the phone to his mom cuz apparently his professor told him his screenplays were shit.

>50k a year tuition
>goes into screenwriting

I should have known
Sounds like China alright.
>Telefonica, Argentine Republic of the Congo
>Shitty ADSLon telephone lines that haven't been maintained since a decade and a half ago
>8 down, less-than-1 up
>I'm actually paying for more than that, but this is all that'll come through the shitty lines and the next step down is 3 down and fuck-all up, which is unbearably slow for me
>Hosting a webpage on this thing is suffering, AT LEAST they don't block port 80
>Lights go out every once in a while because lolthridworld, the shitty router they gave me fries itself one day because of this
>Don't want to bring that broken piece of shit to them to replace, they send one of their tech guys over
>Tech guy shows up with new router, but tells me that it's my fault for not having the fucking router on nothing short of a fucking UPS
>Lol, k, whatever I'll just buy a new one, take the broken hunk of junk away
>No no no, that router was OUR property and it was being borrowed to you, you have to pay for it now that it's broken, since it was in your care
>Ask how much it costs
>Nearly 70 US dollars
>It didn't even have 802.11n WiFi and it had 4 10/100 ports
>He's asking me to give the money directly to him
>Tell them that this is a scam, I'm not an idiot, and to go fuck himself
>Gets angry and says they'll cut service, that he's a "qualified tech" and not a con
>Tell him again to go fuck himself
>He takes the router and storms off
>Way back from uni buy a basic TP-Link ADSL soapbox
>Plug it in
>Working fine a year later
Hi guys how do our ISP's get the internet? if they can set it up can i set it up too? my own ISP would it be hard?
They lease a connection directly from backbone/tier 1 providers.
Yes it'd be very hard and expensive
>if they can set it up can i set it up too?

Contact your nearest Tier 1 service provider. Pay a gorrilion dollars for a 100Gbit pipe to your house. Shitpost so hard you pierce the heavens.
I have Centurylink in a big city and they're complete ass. Download speeds are okay but the upload speeds are abysmal.
And if I download more than 250GB a month for several months in a row, they redirect all traffic to a service notice telling me to use less bandwidth or upgrade, but I have the best they offer in the area, which is really mediocre given how populated it is.
At least they don't charge for going over their supposed limits, but fuck em anyway.
I dunno why I even get those notices when they can't and won't do jack shit about it.
Looking at american ISPs make me glad to live in the UK.

Pretty much fibre everywhere, no data caps at cheap prices. I pay £12 a month (after tax for you amerifats) get my full 24meg speed that I pay for with no data caps or throttling.
Maybe they're bigger than I thought because I'm in Connecticut
Yes, in Brazil is absolutely normal to take about 1 to 3 hours trying to solve a ISP problem on phone.
>cable one
>forced data caps
>if you go over they force you to take the next plan up
>basic monthly limit is 300gb

Cancer, when will data limits go away?
>force you to take the next plan up
Is that even legal?
I pay for 200 down, get 210 down and 15 up.

Can confirm Hughes' Net a shit.

Grandfather was on Hughes for internet, and Dish for television at the same time.

20GB daily and 20GB "extra" from 2AM-8AM every day (but they tell you it's a 40GB package).

He was paying $100 a month with Hughes, but I finally managed to convince him to go with Dish Net, which is only $60 with rental fees included.
Same speed and he's still getting 20GB daily, with a huge-ass 50GB limit from two to eight AM.

How does Hughes' Net stay in business?
What's with ISPs and not giving any upload speed anymore? I'm guessing it has to do with 15 year olds and LOIC
When I was with Bell they kept coming out and cutting my cables. And good luck getting tech support that isn't in India.
>live in shitty apartment complex
>owned by a large real estate company
>sells local isp service to renters for a huge premium, calls it their own service
>$55 a month, 12 up 3 down
>multiple providers at competitive prices right down the road
>they don't allow any other service in the complex
>mfw when 200gb cap
It was utter garbage, I work for them now doing tech support though. I have no shame.
>http://You need to contact our Business support regarding this.
Did you follow that link?
>move into grandmothers house to commute to college cuz old roomate had a mental breakdown
>old roomate had a mental breakdown
What happened? Explain pls
I pay for fios 25down/25up, and I get around 10 down and 15 up on average.
I'm using Teksavvy and they're mostly alright but it's very prone to going down, especially at night.
>sitting up late watching movies over KODI while off work
>goes out
>comes back half an hour later
>goes out again within two minutes
>comes back five minutes later
>goes out again literally right away
>give up and just go to bed angry
ISPs are great, super customer service (answer phone fast and get free months if you have a problem), super cheap and super fast. As you can guess I am outside America so we don't have data caps either.
I have a cap but my ISP keeps raising it for free, not that I've ever hit it before.
I worked at frontier as internet tech support for 2 years ask away
Modem+routers are 100% restricted for Jew reasons. They do it so they can charge you a $10 "utility fee" every month, for a $30 piece of shit.
>search LOIC
>some stress test gnu shit
>low-orbit ion cannon
Where would 15 y/os get low-orbit ion cannons?
>come in to the room end of semester
>all of my booze is gone
>roomate is drunk and crying to his mom on the phone cuz professor said his screenplays were shit
I hated this guy so that was the last straw, I can go on and on about how fucking weird he was.
Do you hate your life?
>live in NY
>can't get verizon despite there being FIOS like 3 miles up the road
>TWC is only option next to Satellite which is trash regardless.
>Oh you'll get 50mb/s download and 5upload
>ok well 50mb is a lot, why can't I get the 25mb/s package with 5 upload?
>thats not a package we offer, 5mb/s upload is a LOT
>no it really isn't I have a hard enough time using drop box and stuff trying to sync between my computers
>well if you get the 50mb/s package you won't have that issue
>yes I will because I need more upload
>50mb/s download supports up to a family of 6 at once
>I don't care about the download I need more upload speed!
>you can play games and stuff great with the 25mb/s down 3mb/s up package
>I don't care I need more upload than 5mb/s
>well our business packages will get you 100mb/s download and 5 upload
I swear TWC is retarded, literally fucking everything is a hassle and they won't do jack shit between the hours of 3pm and 8pm when the service becomes literally unusable because of all the shared usage crap

Are you excited for Batman v Superman?
dumb frogposter
Usually if you just start saying "can I speak with a manager" or something else, your service gets escalated.
It's a fish you faggot
Its never a manager its just another guy they pass along the tech support hotline

I know because I've gotten jessica 3 times in the last month. First she was the person that picked up the phone. When I asked for a manager, she directed me to "Dave" who was some indian. Another guy named "Steve" picked up who was most certainly hispanic and I got Jessica again as my "manager" The last day Jessica picked up and then she transferred me to a manager 45 minutes of holding later and she answered "Hi this is Jessica what can I do for you today?"
That's because you live in fucking China
Tough shit then. I'm in NY and literally like a year apart I made service calls and "Neo", a chink answered. Another time I got someone who didn't understand what I was saying, and the next person was a lot better english speaking and helped quickly.
Bait made me respond 2/10
I always got Indians with names like Bob and Roger and Larry. Before I left I flipped my shit on the phone, called "Steve" a curry-nigger and Pajeet a lot.
I called Verizon one day and asked to rent a static IP when I wanted to start up a web server for myself and they kept telling me all they offered was dynamic IP's. When I questioned the guy on "how do people put up servers then on their home networks" he said "I don't work with business relations"
Actually legit story here:

>Shit Teir ISP in NW Ireland
>ISP is actually WiSP
>Uses UBNT hardware
>Uses Unsecured, out of date, UBNT hardware
> RIP backdoor insert
>Call ISP
>Put on hold
>Tech guy comes on phone
>Ensures me he runs a secure network
>Use AirControl to backdoor about 900 nanostations/bridges
>Write up legit report and send it to regional manager
>*A long time later*
>Bench warrant
>You going to court nig for hacking our shit
>Go to court
>Quote dataprotection act
>Section 2 part 7 point d (I think)
>Yall nigs as datacontrollers gota provide sufficent security to keep the bad kids out
>Their lawfags are turning red
>Judge sees me as freeked out minor who can barely afford a lawfag of his own
>Emotional damage awarded
>That went flipside didnt it bitch?
>ISP drops you because they don't want you as a customer
File: Capture.png (97 KB, 2368x783) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97 KB, 2368x783
thats just the name m8
They did, yea.
>not knowing what LOIC is
spot the newfag
don't even get me started
Is that one of those British TV license enforcement vans that claims they have a device that sniffs TV signals from your house?
>I can go on and on about how fucking weird he was.
Please do
no it's an MJ Quinn/BT OpenReach van, 2 of the most incompetent companies to grace the british isles
>Have comcast
>charging my mom $40 a month for 512 KBps down & up
>Finally convince her to upgrade around christmas
>Supposed to be getting 25 MBps down/3 MBps up
>Highest download I get is 12.5 MBps
>Upload is 128 Kbps (Yes, kilobits) on average
>Call them up, bitch whine and moan
>Say it's not their problem
>They want me to pay $75 an hour for some deadbeat contractor to come out here and tell me nothing's wrong

The only reason we don't have a data cap is because FiOS is a competitor in my neighborhood. It's incredible, really. Too bad my mom doesn't like Verizon for whatever reason
>first night as his roomate I turn off the lights around 1am, 3am I awake to the sound of his MacBook yelling JOHHHNNNN CENNNNA
I wake up and the lights are on and his is just giggling like a maniac, I kind of just ignore it and go back to sleep
>it's 4am now and it's a school night.. I hear him blasting "real nigga hours"as loud as fucking possible through his headphones
I wake up and the lights are still on and he is asleep like a baby while this shit is blasting through his ears
I kinda of realized I was fucked real quick cuz this kid would whisper to himself stuff they made no sense, and whenever I tried to make conversation with him it would have to revolve around memes like no fucking joke or else he would steer the conversation to be about memes.
>he never left the room until anime club
>he would eat $40-50 worth of chicken wings in his boxers on his bed and not share anything
>he would cry about his screenplays constantly
>he annoyed me to be in his video project until I have in... and then made me do it at 2am and it took fucking a week at around 3 hours a day. Then he says we should celebrate finishing this project... then fucking asks me to pay for the pizza even though his mom is filthy rich and gives him tons of money.
Is he /b/?
More like r9k shit
Did he ever ask you to netflix and chill with him?
He would prefer pornhub and chill, since he was always just watching porn... like just watching it and not jacking off.
Be glad yo could even get 20mbps down. My provider doesn't do cable, so we had to do satellite, and I only get 1.1 mbps down.

>who Windstream here?
Reminds me of my brother. Our computers were always in the living room, but rather than jerking off in private like a normal person (and his room was two feet from his PC) he would whack off right there and just scramble to get his pants on and close the window if he heard anyone coming, as if we didn't know what he was doing. One time he was too slow and I got a pretty good look at his anime dickgirl collection.
Fucking lol, like if this dude was chill he could just say I wanna jack off and I would be like sure and leave for an hour. But no he has to be a weirdo
I would always fumble with my keys for like a minute outside of the dorm cuz I could leave for 5 mins and he would be jacking off
I think that's weirder than my brother, yeah. But like nigger if you want to whack off there are ways to do it in your room. This was pushing ten years ago and even then I had solutions to get my fap material while I wasn't at the PC.
I'm glad my bedroom door squeaked whenever it was opened because at least he would usually hear me coming and stop.
Just go with the 50/5, you tard. Better than 1/0.5.
I don't fucking care I need more upload

god damn you autistic shitter I don't care about download just gimme more fucking upload
Do you work at TWC ?
Why exactly do you need more upload?

I'm a NEET, so no
>Why exactly do you need more upload?
m8 I gotta run so much god damn shit that relies on uploading to my other computers and fuck
I know a guy like that. He literally just watches porn for hours - as if he were watching a really interesting movie - and doesn't even move. Doesn't look aroused, doesn't leave to fap, just watches. Weird.
File: 1453394741030.jpg (23 KB, 601x508) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 601x508
ISPs should be hung upside down and castrated for throttling for no good reason
Instead of saying you have to run a bunch of shit that relies on upload, tell us WHAT you're fucking running that relies on upload
File: snapshot1.png (920 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
920 KB, 1920x1080
I had no problems with Cox until this shit rolled in last week on the bottom right of my page.
Dude go away I don't wanna catch zeus from you
Wtf, did you download some kind of Cox program?
I've seen the shit Telefonica pulls off in Peru. Movistar is pure shit.
Some ISPs have the audacity to hijack whatever webpage you're visiting just to tell you>>52623450
some stupid and inane shit.
Nah. We use all Linux PCs in my house, they tried to sell us the McAfee Suite

>rubs my fiber optic connection against your router.
File: 5029035675.png (31 KB, 300x135) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 300x135
Switched to a local ISP that uses point-to-point millimeter wave radio dishes for infrastructure. I've haven't looked back since.
File: PANIC.gif (387 KB, 269x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
387 KB, 269x270
Anyone have Verizon fios? I have twc and am thinking of switching. Is it any good?
its the same in Cali too. Im paying $172 for cable and internet(still live with the parents so I pay for the internet and their shitty channels)

I cant get a plan that gets me 50down20up. I dont need more than 30down but i need the 20up to stream. When I explained this at a time warner store front they said that they only offer packages and will never do custom plans.
> Small Australian ISP
>Run by two blokes in an apartment just reselling other services
>Got $700k Government grant for providing "regional NBN services"
>Recognise owner at strip club
>Start hanging out
>Buys me multiple lap dances
>Boasts that the grant is pretty much gone, due to strippers and coke over the last few months
>Few months later
>Company goes into administration
>Director starts new broadband company immediately
>Tone Abet gives them a $1.2m Government grant for providing regional NBN
Wow, leave it to Australia
File: Nail.jpg (69 KB, 480x266) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 480x266
File: 1453754897356.png (344 KB, 624x414) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
344 KB, 624x414
You called?
ViaSat / Exede here.

Satellite internet.

Ping is HORRENDOUS (600ms average) but the free zone is great. I download about 25 GBs a night, and sometimes up to a terabyte a month (all access totaled).

Speeds are 28 mbps down, 3 mbps up.
File: Angry-Frog-Meme-11.png (135 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
135 KB, 900x900
Fairpoint's fix for everything is to just send you a new modem.

>DSL drops everyday at the same time
>sends me a new modem, still have the issue
>Speeds drop to dialup speeds in the mornings
>sends me a new modem, still have issue
>have 15Mbps plan, get 2Mbps
>sends me a new modem, still have issue

After I swallow my pride and call the tech support it always ends with them telling me to do a speakeasy speedtest (because they don't want you to see their 1 star rating on speedtest.net) , turn the modem on/off, then 30 mins on hold they come back to say a tech will be out to check the lines.

>Tech shows up
>gets in cherry picker
>spends 20mins up there
>calls me to say he found the issue,
>says they cut some extra line

Net works fine again for a month then it all starts again. But I have a stockpile of modems new in box.
Man I remember when I had Verizon DSL in NYC.
That shit was awful. It would go down during every storm.
They also went down without notice for 2 weeks due to some shit going down in a nearby tunnel or whatever. Right at the start of my college semester. TWC had the same issue but restored service to all affected customers in 3 days.

Hope you guys enjoy my blog <:'^) Rate and subscribe.
Newfaggot here. Could you explain to me, please?
Are there any ISPs that aren't nigger-jews?
Depends where you are in the world, and even then, non-nigger-jew ISPs are few and far between.
File: hitting pentagon.gif (1023 KB, 852x568) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hitting pentagon.gif
1023 KB, 852x568
>Depends where you are in the world,
How do I figure that out?
A map?
Maps have nigger-jew ratings?
yes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_population_by_country
Okay, wiseguy, but is there a map that will tell me who the best ISP is?

Fucking TDC.
that feel when 50 kb down
Welcome time traveler!, it seems you made a few errors and said you MOVED TO China

As a fellow time traveler i know this is reversed in 10 years, and china will be the free market, while the west will have all of this, all in the name of the great leader of glorious republic of the west

Doland tramp!

But fret not, everyone gets a free wig here!
No one here has it as bad as my family, here's the story.

We live in the UK, bit of a rural area but theres good internet only about 10 miles from us.

The only line going to my parents house is owned by BT, so it doesnt matter which provider we use its the exact same connection. The speed? 150KB/s down, 50KB up.

My dads a vet and has to be on call at home most nights so the phone line is essential for him. While I was in Uni, theyre phone and internet was down for fucking 3 months. Theyd ring everyday, they would deny there was a problem and it was our set up causing it. Eventually they admitted a fault was on the line, they couldnt fix it unless my parents upgraded to business broadband.

Now this is the ONLY line. My parents had no fucking choice to do it, its essential for my dads job. They upgraded, got it fixed within a week.
It works for a month, still as slow as it was, then just breaks - the internet would just stop, I'd phone them and theyd say its our router set up (it isnt) then when theyd try and fix it on the line, our phones would stop as well.

Currently we have no phone line for the 6th month in a row, and internet that takes about a minute or two to load up a simple google search. My dad has to sleep in his veterinary surgery when hes on duty to take phone calls.

(We have inconsistant mobile signal either)

I've vowed to never give BT a fucking penny for how much theyve fucked my parents back home.
File: 1405226997349.jpg (54 KB, 375x560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 375x560
File: FairPoint.jpg (37 KB, 930x383) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 930x383

>new modem new modem new modem new modem new modem

>okay we'll put in a support ticket and get back to you in a few days
>call them back two weeks later
>oh sorry we don't have that on record

>over billing
>call them up
>takes two fucking hours to get it fixed

>absolutely garbage speeds
>connection randomly drops
>they send a tech guy out
>he pokes around for a few minutes and says there's nothing wrong
>no you're fucking wrong
>different tech guy comes out
>says he found the problem it should be an easy fix and he'll be back in a few days because he doesn't have the tools right now
>he never returns

Fucking sue them you cluelss nerf herder
File: Untitled.png (6 KB, 307x138) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 307x138
I don't think there are pure "Best" isp maps. There's this http://www.broadbandmap.gov/technology

also anyone else keep getting pic related with no image even selected
how the fuck would I go about that

this isnt the US where you just sue someone as part of your daily routine
Theyre scamming you for one

Theyre making sure your dads business can get in huge trouble and make a massive loss of money

Basicly tell some guy at the goverment or whatever that you might also be immigrants or whatever and theyll look into it
I recall hearing about this, but I can't remember where. Was it in the news?
A port is a number used to direct incoming connections to the proper program. There are standard port numbers for certain services, web servers generally use 80.
Does anybody have any good stories about their isp?
My isp, telstra, gives me about 15megabits down and .9 megabits up.
WCU is where you go.

I graduated in 2014, the new health building is pretty nice. I hope your not renting from elizabeth st johns apartment complex. lol they have this IT guy actually throttle down the internet during peak times.

Also, I remember one apartment complex near the health building provided free internet from their one D link wireless G router lol was like 3 mbps for the whole complex. Idiots.
Come to think of it, that probably explains a lot; would nearby routers cause me to periodically drop my connection? I'm an idiot so I'm asking.
Check out No-IP dynamic DNS. Its what I use.
>point-to-point millimeter wave radio dishes
care to exxplain?
I think this isn't actually Skylake's fault and requires mobo BIOS updates. I forget though, could be wrong. In any case, motherboard manufacturers are going to fix it assuming they haven't already.
Actually I just read into it and it is Intel's fault. Still fixed through BIOS updates.
Came in towards the end of last semester, nigga drank all my booze and was crying on the >phone to his mom cuz apparently his professor told him his screenplays were shit.

>50k a year tuition
>goes into screenwriting

Holy shit that is hilarious
>>50k a year tuition
50k for me gets me tution, food, books, housing, and a bit of discretionary money for two whole years
So what's the least shitty isp in Finland right now? I live in Helsinki if that matters
>be curry-nigger
>isp is a government run skunkhole company called bsnl
>paying close to $60 (adjusted for lower cost of living) for a 4Mbps plan
>gets throttled to 512Kbps after a mere 8GB of downloads
>I finish the 8GB within the 3rd of every month
>27 days of 56KB per second downloading starts from almost the beginning of the month

The connection is pretty solid and I get what they offer. Also, cyber security here is a joke and no one cares what you download. The speeds are a joke but I've got these things going for me, which is nice.
So the internet there is as absolutely horrifying and corrupt as everything else
I have UPC here in Austria without any major problems. Generally speaking, they even have better service then Telekom Austria, because Telekom can go eat a dick.
File: ISPs.jpg (64 KB, 480x357) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 480x357
>data caps
How can anyone be this fucking greedy?

4mbps isn't even good.
50mbps isn't even good. Well it would be in a third world country.

8GB is like one decently sized file. Just how much money are they making per terabyte of bandwidth, exactly?
Actually using mobile netwotk which had problems. Maybe get cable retard.
omg thanks! it just connected me to the business support chat! I feel stupid ~_~
God tier finrand
Paying 55€ for 11MB down and 1MB up. Sounds like a third world country right? Nope, germany.
Euros are worthless now anyway.
Just install your own fiber line out to the telephone line.

It's not that hard and all you need is about 40-60ft of fiberline, duck tape, and your life.
>>I'm about ready to do it
File: XrPXN2g.jpg (66 KB, 633x622) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 633x622
3mb is slow, unless you mean 3 Mb
Its Mb, I think everyone assumes that now haha
>Look at me, I gave away literally all privacy for speeds I will never use.
Good job you fucking retard.
Enjoy ur botnet
>Be American
>Use Comcast the jews of the ISP buisness
>All good
>60-70 bucks for 75 mbps down
>Downloading 1TB a month
>Never receive a phone call or anything
>Implemented a data cap
>It's literally only 300 GB a month
>10 bucks for every 50 GB used over the cap
>Now I have to watch what I download and be careful with everything, pay around 90 bucks now.
I fucking hate them, but I feel like I have no choice but to use them. I just want Google Fiber to reach Miami.
... use chrome, too
Is somebody else, beside retired persons, living in Miami?
What is this that I hear about Comcast charging people to rent routers? Do they force you to have one of their routers for service?
A lot of people live in Miami, not just old retired people. I live in Hialeah, so mostly just a bunch of Cuban people, it's pretty good desu not that bad at all.
Naw, you could get your own. It cost around 10 dollars a month to rent.
>Real nigga hours
I love that song man.
>have verizon fios
>50 up 50 down mbps
>only problem is you have tobuse cheap verizon router
>dont complain because I have good internet and HDTV for $70
It is Intel's fault but they can avoid the problem via a bios update
>Shitpost so hard you pierce the heavens.
Sides are kill.
I still can't believe some dude went out there and made a company called Cox
File: 1444746438370.jpg (57 KB, 710x727) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 710x727
>>"When do you want the technician to come over Sir? "
>Tuesday would be good.
>>"Okay, Sir. From 08:00 till 12:00 or 12:00 till 16:00?"
>from 12:00 till 16:00 would be good
>>"Alright Sir, have a nice day."

tuesday 11:50
>get home
>wait hours and hours for technician
>go out
>see note on my door
>>You have missed the technician schedule. Time: 11:30
>get charged 80€
UK has never really had massive upload. I would assume it's to stop non business people running their own servers without paying for business grade Inet.
>get new place
>internet and tv included in rent, comes up to about 20 usd
>move in
>theres a modem
>can set up wifi if i want i have control over it
>getting 100/100

The one time there was a problem I emailed the management of the building and a guy was there to fix it within a day. That was 2 years ago
Same here but I only have 20/25

The only thing is that the router is kinda shitty since it restarts itself due to overheating. But then again I have it hidden away under a bed so it's partially my fault
Internet service in america sucks and is sufficient evidence to think we are living in a corporate dystopia (we are)
File: 1424355133293.jpg (36 KB, 780x438) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 780x438
>be german
>get fucked in the ass by the telekom monopol everyday
>been waiting for 4 months till this new connection gets activated
>every time the cable was supposed to be activated they had an excuse
>literally took 2 months for them to realize that the past occupant of this house still hasn't canceled his subscription or whatever

pic related compares how much mobile data volume you get for 35 EU in Europe .

Hitler had one fucking job...
I would pay for a good VPN at that point and send all traffic from the router through it, not just mine
>35 euros for 50 gigabytes
I know I said ISPs screw people and Euros are worthless earlier but mobile is really the worst of them all. It's unreal. I'm so glad I don't have a phone.

At least they're not charging those rates for minutes anymore.
>pic related compares how much mobile data volume you get for 35 EU in Europe
There's no way you pay 35€/gb, i pay 5€/month for 3gb in Italy
I think I should make a thread about TV providers now.. Fucking bill just came in the mail for my grandmother from DirectTV and it's $110 a month for basic
Is there any easy way to do that? I've always wanted to do that without setting up VPNs on every single device I own.
I'm in the UK and live, as best as i can tell, less than 500m from my cabinet for FTTC. yet my attenuation is 29db and i only get ~30mb instead of the 40 i should be with a lower attenuation.

Could they have fucked up the wiring in the box or is it probably something on my end?
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not indian.jpg
62 KB, 470x316
I work for a major ISP in broadband support. Our service is incredibly bad. Everyone you speak to on the phone is very limited and we're usually just trying to get rid of you.

The best thing to do is complain that you're receiving less than 60% of your allocated speed on a wired connection. After several speed tests and with wireless turned off we have to dispatch a technician. If the technician can't resolve the issue we're required to issue credits on your account...

If you're rude I've seen coworkers:

>Place people on hold and prolong calls for over an hour
>Disconnect people
>Reduce their provisioning (speeds)
>Break modems
>Change SSIDs to rude names
>Change customer PWs
>Schedule technician visits for months away
>Change customers to copper fed lines (extremely slow)

The list goes on...

Also, we have to take detailed records every time you call in, so we know how often you've called, and everything that you say (complain) about already...
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I'm always nice to the tech support people when I call. They're not even in my same state, I always get someone from Georgia or South Carolina that call me sweetie. But talking to the reps in the billing dept always test my patience.
Yes, also
File: 1448228933569.gif (3 MB, 413x273) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 413x273
Also have cuckcast. I tried to pony up the 30 extra for unlimited, but they said "we cant do it until the next billing period". Like nigga it's a cap, just cancel the old bill and bill me again. I've been in person, and sat on the phone for more than 4 hours trying to fix this. I'm using my phone as a router for the rest of thew month because I'm at 296 of 300 GB. Last month was my last courtesy, and I used over 2 TB. Next month when I have unlimited I am gonna shoot for 5 TB. fuck them.

Miami is a vacation city, lots of people live here, though, not many autist; you have to be able to function normally to order pan con bistec, or a cafe con leche.

Hialeah is no mans land. But also filled with great deals/cheap housing. You can get shit like 80 percent of retail if you know the right warehouse employees.
Yea dude fuck Comcast.

What do you mean no mans land? Houses are also getting kinda expensive, and for the retail thing I don't think so.
Your grandma is their only customer.
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>gets enrolled by zeus botnet

>Sounds like a third world country right? Nope, germany.

To be fair we're well on our way
>sign up for century link hi-speed internet
>gets installed
>7mb down
File: RefugeesAreWelcome.jpg (252 KB, 709x738) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Le rapefugees
>getting ass-raped for 1.5 Mb DSL for years
>ISP sends letter saying they'll double the speed for free
>OK, fine
>goes into effect, upload and download double to a whopping 3 Mb
>a few weeks later, drops back to 1.5 down, but upload is still increased
>call ISP tech support explaining situation in detail
>"let me just run some test on your lines"
>"it says there's noting wrong, let me try something else"
>this goes on for about half an hour
>guy gives up and transfers me to another, this time in India
>identical troubleshooting steps, even after I mention it and explain problem
>get transferred again to "level 2" support
>"oh, there's the problem, it was just a database glitch"

Apparently they use some kind of database so shitty that it randomly courrupts data with no checking.

More to come.
>months later, exactly the same thing happens again despite me repeatedly explaining that exactly the same happened before and how they fixed it in only an hour and 15 minutes
>again takes over an our of fucking around getting nothing done before they fix it again

One more after this...
>be me
>be brazilian
>found shit cable-isp that is not trying to ass rape me
>1mb DSL
>120kbps down and 120kbps up (I don't know why but at night shit go down to 30kbps)

Life is suffering
>years later, get offer to upgrade to new service, again double speed for like $35 a month less
>call, try to confirm price really will be less
>"well, it doesn't include fees and taxes and surcharges blah blah blah"
>go for it anyway
>after jumping through all their hoops to get signed up, it costs the same
>receive new modem, seems to work
>POTS replaced with digital so phone system now has to go through modem
>configure modem, start having weird problems
>can't dial 800 numbers, some long distance, random other numbers
>enter the number, it's just silence
>online chat support since I literally cannot call them
>nothing but Indians going through the "have you turned it off then on again?" routine
>finally get one of them to make a note to have someone call me
>they fuck around and try a few things and keep having to call back because it doesn't help
>eventually they just stop calling and won't help anymore
>I go through online chat again to get them to RMA the modem

cont'd. This is gonna be a long one
>they this modem is an old model, new one should fix it
>while waiting for new modem, learn that resetting to defaults fixes it
>continue messing with settings and find that if you turn on the "forward all ports to router" option, it fucks it up
>manually configure like 30 NAT rules, it finallly works like it's supposed to
>while messing with it, hit the delete button on a default null rule (no name, no ports set up, etc.)
>web interface freezes
>pick up phone
>can't dial any numbers, dial tone is badly distorted
>could not dial 911 if my life literally depended on it
>finally get new modem, it is exactly identical to the old one, same model, same firmware, same problem
>get shipping label to send modem back, it's for the UPS store
>there are no UPS store locations for ~40 miles
>jump through a bunch of hoops and argue with them for a while to get a new label, finally get one for US mail
>ship new modem back because it's shitty firmware at fault and replacing it doesn't help
>a while later, get letter demanding that I pay for the modem for not sendng it back

cont'd again
>call support again
>"oh yeah, I see here where we got it, you can just ignore that"
>ignore it
>get another letter threatening with debt collectors
>call support again
>"no, we never go it"
>"that's not what the last guy i talked to said, he confirmed you had received it"
>"nope, definitely never got it. You owe us for the modem."
>"actually, I have the tracking number right here that shows where you sent me a tracking label, was shipped to this address, and was received and signed for."
"...well, uhh... OK, here's what we'll do. You pay for it, and we'll credit it back towards your bill when."
>"no, I don't owe it, I refuse to pay."
>argue for a while
>"OK, fine, just pay the amount on the bill minus the cost of the modem and it'll eventually be removed
>continue doing this for like 4 months
>charge finally disappears

one more after this...
One other thing I forgot to mention.
Before switching to the new service, the old DSL had gone to absolute shit (I mean, it was shit to begin with but it was at least reliable).
Start having 30% packet loss, pings in the multiple thousands, complete loss of internet for hours at a time.

Replaced the ISPs modem with one running embedded Linux, so I can get some proper logs. Signal is fine, ISP is just dropping connections, DNS servers stop responding, new modem keeps switching to backups trying its best to keep things working.
It improves slightly but still unacceptable.

>months later, move
>somehow, I let them talk me into keeping same ISP (I guess because there's only two choices around here, and the other cockblocks a shitload of incoming ports I need open)
>same worthless piece of shit modem with defective firmware
>now I get 18 megabits + basic phone service for like $5 less than before, still totalling to ~75 a month

I have no words to express how much I fucking hate AT&T.
Welp, works for me.
I have a shitty cable modem from Elisa, but at least I can run one physical port as DMZ, so I bought a router and plugged that in.
Everything just works when I can conf my router freely and forward ports and so on.
I run ssh, two web servers, IRC bouncer and much more.
>only 4

My city of 200,000 only has Comcrap and CenturyTwink.
Some of the boxes you have to turn on hdmi
They are in Minnesota, as well.
Glad I moved out of Miami before that happened.
3 millibit?
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Have fios, Its great, but hella expensive and if you have FiOS tv then you can't replace thr router because its some jury rigged shit.
I live down south before the keys. Redlands are big and cheap, Hialeah is trashy and cheap depending on the location.
Depends. I live in a very nice house in Hialeah.
Where did you go?
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