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Your first home built computer and a story
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The first computer I built after lurking /g/ was back in December 2007.

I built it around an AMD Athlon X2 4400+ processor (codename: Brisbane). Asus motherboard, WD blue hard drives, corsair RAM and Thermaltake PSU, and a Lian Li simple black case.

I loved that computer, it was the first one I built by myself, and I browsed /g/ with it, and played all kinds of steam games.

It is now 2016, and I have relocated to Brisbane, Australia a few years ago. Today I just realised what the processor was called. When I bought the CPU I had never heard of Brisbane. I think it's prophetic, or at least poetic.
Thanks for letting us read you're blog OP.
We have many feels over your lack of geographical knowlege.
To sum up my first building process:
Thermal paste. Everywhere.
i stupidly got a small case with awful options for cable management. and i had a gtx 460 or someshit which i'm pretty sure i was memed into buying from 4chan, since the card was an overheating piece of shit.
Built it a week ago, it turns on for 3 seconds and shuts down.
i was rebuilding my mothers Facebook machine yesterday with new PSU and Motherboard. It was starting and switching off instantly. Turns out I connected USB 2.0 to Com port or something.
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oh and btw shit thread
congratulations, you're retarded. read the fucking manual, and *crucial* follow the instructions
the party's just getting started. unless...

you've never built a computer before, have you anon?
I actually got my first home built pc only 6 months ago
I've built pc's for other people for years but I always just got some cheap old pc's which I didnt have to build for myself from family and friends or would use a laptop.

Also, sage
my first build was a horrible povertyrig i bought sometime in 2007.

iirc it was
sempron 2800+ 1,6ghz
256mb ddr1
radeon 9250
seagate 20gb, and some shitty plastic case
i was a macfag who have ppc imac g4 and ibook g4 (daddy's bought it for me) and completely blind about PCs guts. yes it was in 2007, and i paid 250$ for a 2004 low end machine, because the chinese guy who sell it to me actively promotes it price and if i said "i want a core2duo based PC" the guy offer me the brochure for the most expensive 2500$ built
>December 2007


>AMD Athlon X2 4400+ processor (codename: Brisbane).

I built mine in Brisbane, but was a Q6600 build.

WD 500gb HDD
Thermaltake PSU

I built it with this case because Alienware was cool amirite?
it runs winxp like shitsnail and makes me wonder if i did the right thing by migrating to windows. not after my tech savvy senpai told me that i got duped. he brings me to some online shop (amazon was it?) and showing me that he could build that 2500$ machine for 600$
and for 250$ he can built a dual core pentiums with 1gb ddr2 that obviously much faster than the shitbox that i got.
ah yeah, i had 2gb of DDR2, a 320 WD Blue sata though (wew sata), as well as a collection of ide drive i had accumulated over the years, ran xp on it.

That Q6600 was a beast though, could probably still be a decent machine with the right os, hey?
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4 MB, 3984x2988
Well, I just built it a few weeks ago off of Christmas money and a bonus check so...
>be me
>go on /g/ with my PCpartbuiler for weeks asking if it's good and what changes to make
>ask my IRC buddies if it's all oodles
>finally pull the trigger and order all of it at once
>"your credit card has been declined"
>call them and say yes it's me buying all of this shit, it's okay
>go back through and fill everything out and repick all the parts
$1800 later
>go off on a pheasant hunt, get many birds and have a great time
>come back to a case, the HDDs, the SDDs, and the mouse.
>few days later the CPU comes a day early
>go check the Newegg package order
>Reported lost and damaged on December 23rd, it's now January 2nd
>$800 lost by UPS
>file claim with Newegg myself, they expedite the order and give me a free warranty on an item I bought (placed it on the pcs R390
>few days later everything arrives and I begin to build
>follow install gentoo instructions and the instruction manuals in the boxes
>takes me about 8 hours total before I am happy with it
>plug it in
>install mint just until I install wangblows for Muh gaymes
>move computer to new house
>plug it all in and hook it up (pic related)
>plug monitor in
>No signal
>work for a frustrating hour try and figure out what is wrong
>replace HDMI cord, it werks... Wtf
>Oh well, now to try and install wangblows 7
>try and use my old CD key
>doesn't work
>download a clean torrent from somewhere else (windows requires a cd key for 7)
>try and launch it into a USB
>plug it in, get to launcher,
>"drivers not found"
>spend entire day trying to install to find out that you can't install windows 7 with USB 3.0s
>give up and install 10
Fuck you Bill
>everything going fine
>play some heavier load games like Arma 3, Squad, and Space Engineers
>Crash after crash after crash
>see the whole "skymeme crash" thing and install prime 95, and torture test my CPU for 6 hours
>install RAMtest and test for 10 hours
>everything is perfectly fine
>crashes instantly
>install the drivers and everything from windows to fix it
>haven't had time to test if it's better
I blew my first PSU on the first day because it was set on 110V and I live in a civilized nation.
04 or 05

P4 2.8GHz
9800 Pro 128MB
Gaudy lime green Raidmax with edgy etched window and mass amounts of blue lighting.
Worked all summer doing landscaping/irrigation and spent a grand on the parts from newegg using my mom's CC. Honestly don't remember why it finally died and got replaced, but it played A LOT of CS1.6 and BF1942 + DC
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