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Seriously when did /g/ become so slow?

It was always a circle jerk of generals but now that the moderators seem to have left, the board has gone to shit

>Watch General
>Linux General
>Private tracker General
>crt General
>Desktop General
>Stupid Questions General
>Humour General
>Headphones General
>Another Linux general General
>Think pad General
>Guts General
>Battlestation General
>Another battle station General
>/g/ reaction images General
>Web dev General
>Hacking General
>Another thinkpad General
>Home server General
>Router General
>Verizon General
>Another private tracker General
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>/meta/ General
Shit, at least in the generals you can sometimes find some interesting discussion. The non-general threads are all just /v/ kiddos, retard crossboarders and redditors posting dank memes, dumb questions and boring gamer trash.
were you under a rock? 4chan in general is loosing users. Only the most dedicated shitposting autists and 12 year olds remain.

>generals with occasional nice discussion

most of the good posters left.
some died (really)
some are still here but barely contribute worthwhile content anymore, due to shit moderation.

8ch isn't bad, but it isn't the /g/ you want either.
slow ≠ bad. the amount of quality posting on this site as a whole has taken a nosedive in the past few years.
So what? Would you prefer hundreds of "muh battlestation" threads instead?
/g/ is both slow and bad.

watches are not technology.
desktop threads are not technology.
battlestation threads are not technology.
headphones are not technology.
guts are not technology.

At least programming and webdev general are technology.
>technology is not technology

also do something about it instead of making /bitch/ general
what is with the butthurt surrounding the watch threads? I don't get it at all, technology isn't just limited to electronics, and the generals feel no more shitty than any other general in quality of discussion.
Because it's not technology, it's consumerist bullshit.
>b bbut other consumerist treads exist
They shouldn't exist either.

Once upon a time, /g/ used to be an interesting place, now it's full of the same idiots that fill /r/pcmasterrace and otherwise pretentious consumers.

Watches ARE pretentious consumer shit, it isn't 1890 anymore, we aren't keeping the fucking trains running on time.
I get that aspect of it and totally agree with that sentiment, I just mean the watches themselves. There's a lot of pretty interesting, complicated shit that goes into their construction and there's really no other board that's good for truly discussing them. /fa/ of course has their own watch threads but the board obviously doesn't have a large audience of technically-minded posters and their values/goals are different.

no really, they make little /general/ communities of autistic fucks and just bathe in their own semen together, happens all over this site.

truly horrifying.

never forget that 4chan attracts an inordinate amount of legit crazies.
>>Graphics card generals
>>Graphics card recommendations
>>Mega Corp x is better than mega Corp y / blind fan boy threads
>>ssd are a meme tech threads

Yeah it used to be better but prob not by much. It's 4 chan after all, v and b tards are still gonna make threads and it can be hard to ignore them since they post so much
I'm new here. I'm a regular, mid 30s dude. I've been enjoying it 4chan overall...only /g/.

Pretty much this, whenever a community or culture forms online that is when you know it's pretty much the same unimaginative fucktards reposting the same drivel over and over again. This is legit autism, because these fucktards have such limited interests.
There used to be a cyberpunk and LISP general. I miss those.
>i font know how to use filters-the thread
Look here bud,i have more than 10 thread filtered on /g/ with filters u use for /tv/.Take this as you will but you need to dig a lot to get to the good threads where shitpoating is on minimum and in good spirit,where people dont scream autist every two seconds and want to share what they know and have.
Generals used to be like that example is ptg,but then some fucktards came and influenced their paranoia to the point where they are reporting anyone on the private trackers that shares invitation with other anons.shit took nose dive and boiled down to everyone leaving except 5 tripfags that brag about the trackers they are on.
Its the same shit in other generals.few people create this hell and the smart leave with time others dont know any better and stay for the shitpostin.
At least when some faggot posts a vape general it doesn't stay around for long
>it was always a circlejerk of generals
no it was not. It was either the thread topic is good and gets replies or nobody is interested and it goes to page 10.
>90% of the Linux Community are /v/ trying to get their video games working on Wine
>Push away sysadmin and poweruser userbase that consists almost entirely of Windows
>Complain about the lack of quality discussion
Every time
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Lisp general guy moved over to lainchan, you should find the threads there more slow paced
Thread replies: 24
Thread images: 4
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