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Would Linux be more popular if the major...
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Would Linux be more popular if the major programs on it didn't have retarded fucking names?
Sadly Linux is a meme.
Thing is that no sane company would develop a commercial program for Linux with a good name.

Fuck, I recall that space sim from 2000 with actors and everything. Released for PC and Linux.
It would be more popular if it came preinstalled on computers.
That's all it takes to gain market dominance.
No normal person would go out of their way to install an alternate OS.
>it's 2016
>adobe still pretends that linux doesn't exist
>GIMP is absolute shit bogged down by developer hubris and rejected pull requests because "THIS IS OUT OF SCOPE OF THE PROJECT -- CLOSED"

I seriously believe that GIMP is purposefully being poisoned from the inside so it will never compete with photoshop.
Not really. The biggest reason it's not popular is that it's not included on computers by default.
If computers came with Linux, normal people would go out of their way to install Windows.
>implying Windows is a good name
It's just not installed by default.
No they wouldn't.
They probably wouldn't even notice so long.
You have no idea how unobservant people are when it comes to computers.
Right now yes, since everyone is used to windows.

Though even then, preinstallnng it is the best way to spread it.
Too bad nobody buys computers anymore unless they're Macs or laptops.

Laptop buyers are mostly college students and you can't really expect them to use Linux. Normies just use tablets and phones for facebook.
The best sounding and most marketable name among distros is Arch, but sadly, it belongs to Arch.

Mint and Debian sound good too.

Ubuntu, Fedora and SUSE are disasters when it comes to branding. These names only harm the business.
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>lol i am different and better than people with good social skills and friends i am in good company
>us geeks right? XDD
fuck off
No, they would ask why can't I run photoshop/quicken/word/ fallout 4 etc. on this shit, then someone would tell them to install windows.
>and you can't really expect them to use Linux
Funnily enough it seems like this would be the best time for anyone to switch to Linux.

Why are people so against learning and gathering information anyways?
Sadly, this "XYZ is a meme" is a meme
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>almost every server and phone on earth run Linux
>chromebooks running Linux are now on more laptops than ever

Yeah, Linux is so unpopular. Damn neck beards need to shut up and switch to Windows like everybody else.
>never compete with photoshop
from what i understand, gimp is not intended to be a competitor with photoshop. i'm not a graphic design professional but i used both programs - photoshop as a kid and gimp since i became linux-exclusive some ten-odd years ago. i cannot off the top of my head name any major features exclusive to either program. maybe photoshop integrates into other adobe products, but strictly as a standalone raster editor, that doesn't really mean anything.
actually now that i think about it, photoshop had some convenient text layer effects that could render outlines and glows and other shit, and i never could find a similar setting in the gimp, but to be fair, inkscape, being a vector editor, is much better at handling text and text effects. and i'm pretty sure that there is a way to script something like outer/inner glow using selection manipulation and gradients.
ok i'm done rambling
Desktop Linux wouldn't be, it's not preinstalled on computers.

And Linux the kernel almost can't be more popular. It now even owns personal computing after owning almost every other big segment of the computer market.

Sure, unlike many imagined, it happened on Android and not on desktop Linux, but yea, it is pretty much entirely dominant now.
And it would still reach more people, because for ever 10 people who complains about that, there is 1 who only wants facebook. You know, applefags who aren't yet complete fags.
Isn't Linux the single most used OS if we include all devices?
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Only if you count the locked down, proprietary, botnet abomination that is Android, sure.
photoshop is simply better because it's easier to use and most of it's features are laid out neatly and it's workflow is quite intuitive to newcomers.

GIMP is a steaming pile of ass.
It wasn't enough that they decided to explicitly NOT compete with photoshop, they also had to fuck up the workflow in an ass backwards way just to be unique.
Your skills in photoshop do not translate 1:1 to GIMP.
That is why gimp will never be relevant.
Because for the most part, this information is not relevant to them or their interests and the laptop predominantly serves one purpose.
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Are you kidding me? I just build a new pc and installed ubuntu on it. I would consider myself pretty good at using Windows, definitely more than any normie. And ubuntu right now makes me want to kill myself. Nothing fucking works right. When I want to add a package it just says no. It doesn't do anything other than say your can't do that anon.
> install package
> congratulations it was unsuccessful!!

Hopefully I can figure this out in a week, but right now it's total shit.
I have no interest in banking or economy but I still read up on stuff relevant to it because I use a bank. If people just took a few minutes every once in a while to read up on stuff the world would be so much better.
>struggling with Ubuntu
Most people don't tinker with their computer.
They just open the web browser and expect to see facebook.
If the wifi works, that's all they care about.

Also, ubuntu is platinum shit held together with debian repos and python scripts making up most of the "ubuntu" operating system.

Just use debian.
Don't fall for the "testing" meme, you pick stable or unstable, as both receive security updates and testing does not.
I'm an experienced programmer who knows their way around a Unix console and the amount of effort I had to put into getting Linux installed, downloading proprietary wifi drivers (because I had to), and configuring fake volume buttons because apparently my real volume keys aren't recognized by Debian, goes to show that Linux is not going to reach the market.
Pros to Linux:
1) freedome
2) _better_ integrated programming utilities (compilers, etc.)

Cons to Linux:
1) less available programs
2) not trivial to install anything that isn't on apt/yum/etc. ESPECIALLY for your average joe who isn't interesting in learning a dozen cryptic unix commands and an entire language just to install programs
3) shitty sound drivers etc., hardly any work done into making sound work seamlessly on linux

Linux won't become mainstream any time soon. And it shouldn't have to, just don't fucking expect it to at this rate.
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Should I just an hero?

But seriously, I can already navigate it fine, it's just that I'm having serious compatibility issues. Can you recommend any place to help me learn how to into ubuntu?

Pic related, I'm giving fucking trying m8
If I got debian would it be easier to install and extract stuff? I'm having issues getting any thing to extract properly.
Just do "sudo apt-get install program" for your packages m8. Should work fine.
how are you extracting things?
I just use
tar -xzvf whatever.tar.gz
And when its not in the repository just copy and paste 4-5 lines of code and hope for the best! And when you need to extract something just 'cd' to it and then learn 'tar'! It's SO intuitive ;-)
>Your skills in photoshop do not translate 1:1 to GIMP.
your skills in the GIMP don't translate 1:1 to photoshop
your skills in sucking cock don't translate 1:1 to taking it up the ass
what exactly is your point?

I don't find the GIMP to fuck with my workflow. When I was still used to Photoshop, it was a bit inconvenient to find where certain dialogs were hidden or how setting were defined. Now, I know where everything is, what the keyboard commands are, etc. When I started using Photoshop, it wasn't any more intuitive than the GIMP. If I had started using the GIMP first, then Photoshop would have seemed less intuitive.

Many years ago, I fucked around with Reason on a Windows computer, and I also had a MC-505 groovebox. More recently, I tried various Linux audio programs, from full-fledged DAWs to standalone synths and sequencers. The interface is different, but they all fundamentally do the same thing: generate waveforms according to certain parameters, record/program and playback sequences of MIDI commands, apply various effects and processing chains. Image manipulation/editing programs also use the same basic tools: color manipulation, transformations, masks, etc. Just because they have a different target audience and choose to take a different approach to solving problems doesn't make one program inherently better than another. Most of the time, if one program seems to be worse, it's because the person using it is worse at using it.
Yeah see the thing is that's what I have been doing from the very start. I'll do that, put in my password, and let it download. Once it's fine though it'll say something like packages not installed, which is confusing to say the least. Sometimes it won't even get to that point, it'll just say it couldn't find the package. I double check what I typed but I can't figure out what's wrong.

What are some of the basic utilities I should really install on ubuntu though?
You can just extract tar with file-roller or the tar command (who cares about the flags, just use tar -xvf or whatever).

Then it's just ./configure, make, and sudo make install. It's possible to make that all one command, but who cares?

What does the terminal output say exactly?
Are you trying to install non-free software?
Otherwise, you probably misspelled the package name. Use "apt-cache search ..." to look for the name of a package.
Welcome to Linux ;))

>Then it's just ./configure, make, and sudo make install.
I don't install from source often, but when I do, I usually get fucking compiler errors. I've lost all hope in installing anything from source.
>I usually get fucking compiler errors
Read and understand the errors. You shouldn't have to compile from source often, but it's really not a big deal.
running ./configure should warn you when you're missing packages or compiler features
just install build-essential
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It gives me differing messages. I don't have access to it right now though, sorry. It's usually asking the lines of, this repository could not be found, or error: some packages were not installed.
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No it should be free for the most part.

Does the ride ever end? How long will it take to get used to it?
GIMP stands for GNU's Not UNIX Network Object Model Environment Tool Kit Image Manipulation Program.
Even if computers came with linux pre-installed, it would inevitably be some branded garbage with every manufacturer and OEM having their own fork of ubuntu and adding bloatware and shit.
Any person who isn't a total illiterate would just wipe the drive and install a fresh copy of their favorite distro.
Not to mention, the idiots who don't do this will absolutely destroy the already shitty linux community by watering it down much like "eternal september", asking the same shitty questions over and over and asking to troubleshoot the shitty bloatware portions of their branded linux distro.
So really, there is literally zero tangible benefit for linux to come preinstalled on a computer.
This is part of what defines a "nerd". A knowledge seeker.

Most people aren't like this.
>_better_ integrated programming utilities (compilers, etc.)
>shitty sound drivers etc., hardly any work done into making sound work seamlessly on linux

Shitty sound drivers thanks to the better tools to develop them?
>they also had to fuck up the workflow in an ass backwards way just to be unique.

No. Adobe would sue the fuck of their ass if they made GIMP too similar.
Matlab, Mathematica, Nvidia CUDA SDK, Intel Parallel Studio...
How do you sue an open source project?
No really, how?
Also, PS is decades old, I'm sure their UI patents have expired at this point.
>GTK Image Manipulation Program
>(GNOME Tool Kit) Image Manipulation Program
>((GNU Network Object Model Environment) Tool Kit) Image Manipulation Program
>(((GNU's Not Unix) Network Object Model Environment) Tool Kit) Image Manipulation Program
GIMP was originally General Image Manipulation Program
it is now GNU Image Manipulation Program

GTK+ was originally GIMP Toolkit
it now officially has no expansion
it was never GNOME Toolkit
GNOME's only relation to GIMP is that it adopted the widget library and continued developing it. that and they are both "GNU" projects, which means almost nothing.

the only correct multi-level expansion would be

GNU's Not Unix Image Manipulation Program
GNU's Not Unix Not Unix Image Manipulation Progam
GNU's Not Unix Not Unix Not Unix Image Manipulation Program
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>GIMP Tool Kit
>(GNU Image Manipulation Program) Tool Kit
>((GNU's Not Unix) Image Manipulation Program) Tool Kit

>complains about package installation being "unintuitive"
>doesn't google error messages to find out what happened

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Hey come on now I have searched stuff up and did what people said. Somee things worked but not all.

> putting unintuitive in quotation marks when I never said unintuitive
grĂ¼n sind mein pfeffer
There is two ways to extract stuff.
One is to make a script that does it, put that into your file manager of choice and then right click on a file and select extract.
Another option is to use 7-zip for more things.
Third option is to make this function and just call "unpack filename" and it will extract.

I personally prefer the last model.
I use dolphin as a file manager.
It has a built in terminal (f4) and then calling scripts like these are really easy.
unpack() {
if [ -f "$1" ] ; then
case "$1" in
*.tar.bz2) tar xvjf "$1" ;;
*.tar.gz) tar xvzf "$1" ;;
*.bz2) bunzip2 "$1" ;;
*.rar) rar x "$1" ;;
*.gz) gunzip "$1" ;;
*.tar) tar xvf "$1" ;;
*.tbz2) tar xvjf "$1" ;;
*.tgz) tar xvzf "$1" ;;
*.zip) unzip "$1" ;;
*.Z) uncompress "$1" ;;
*.7z) 7z x "$1" ;;
*) echo "don't know how to extract "$1"..." ;;
echo ""$1" is not a valid file!"

Fair enough, I was just a little salty because I've never seen an error that vague from my package manager, and kind of assumed there must be more to it.

I probably shouldn't be defending ubuntu though, since I've never actually used that distro for any meaningful amount of time
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>relying on file extensions
It is a decent starting point.
And it answered "how to extract"
Do you have quick suggestion to improve the script?
No, people don't want to learn about computers, they want to use computers. People don't want to know what a terminal is or what a package manager is. That's why Linux will never be popular
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Just google i.e search on stackoverflow/serverfault for it.
Is the "linux names are bad" the reason gnome/unity is renaming all their applications?
eg evince -> document viewer
eye of gnome -> image viewer
I found it a bit confusing at first as launching an application from a script was less intuitive than if they had just called their applications the same as the binary.
>shit that's not even pirated

>implying that UI interface patents is an issue
Ever heard about Paint.NET?

>le recursive acronym maymay
Dayum! Ladies, form a que. There's enough of Kekmans for everyone.

you do know that, when installing software from the terminal, you need to
sudo apt-get update
first, to refresh tha package cache?
when using the software center, that step is automated.
>gnome/unity is renaming all their applications?
They are? GNOME and Unity aren't the same thing btw.
Yea, I know. In >>52496045 and >>52496213 I intentionally shifted the daisychained acronyms aroud to make GIMP appear to resolve to something as long as possible. Tough, my troll was uncovered and exposed by your scholarly wisdom. Hats off and fedoras tipped, gentlemen.
Gnome is a stupid name as well. Sounds like something a 30 year old kissless virgin would come up with.
>not relying on file extensions
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