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Bad tech purchases thread.
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>Buy $1,500 gaming pc.
>Don't even feel like playing games that require more than integrated graphics these days.

Well, that was a waste.
>have $1300 planned up and ready to push button
>realize Warframe and deus ex run on laptop hardware just fine
>work up a g3258/960 build for $480
>have money left over for new guns

Not too bad.
>buy laptop
>it's shit
>buy ereader
>don't read
>buy tablet
>never use it
>I don't know how to spend my money.
A real "gamer" isn't someone that cares about this shit. games are games and you are paying to have a reliable platform to play games on. fucking deal with it
>optiplex 960 with monitor and keyboard on craigslist
>ah ha ha this kid's an idiot
>buy it and it works like a charm
>it sits in my basement as if it had already been there for a decade
iPod shuffle back in 2005. That was the last time I ever bought an Apple product. The fact that you can't just copy the tracks directly to the device and have to sync it and wait for it to convert and encrypt all files in aac, fucking retarded.
>buy $285 gaming PC
>all I needed was more drives for my $150 gaming PC
>still out of space. Now no money for drives.
>spend $2000 on gaming setup
>proceed to buttblast noobs in unreal tournament alpha, counterstrike, league of legends, dota 2, HotS
Sell for $100.
I fell for the gaymen pc meme as well. The only game I really played recently was Rollercoaster Tycoon in a VM and New Super Mario Bros Wii in an emulator.
Maybe you should understand what you're going to be using the computer for before you buy parts.
>Buys 2x390x's
>Approx 6 games in my 250+ library can use Cross properly

Shoulda went single jewvidya 980ti.
>Spend all this money to get certain pc genres (like tactical rts)
>They end up being shit and now wish you just stuck to the stuff you play on consoles + ganoopad or whatever, even a nice laptop like XPS for computing with the extra cash
>buy very high end graphic card
>play high end games with it for few weeks
>realize none of these were worth the money
>pc capacities now only used to render port in 60 fps and bruteforce encrypted zip coming from Japanese websites

Can't say it wasn't worth it, but still, that's a lot of money.
Playing a lot of csgo, buy 144hz monitor, lose interest in csgo as soon as it arrives, it's how tech works
>build nice pc, never use it.
>buy new home server, still use my old one.
>buy nice headphones, still use my old in-ears because they are easy to use and set up.

the only things I stick to in life are sports.
I accidentally:
* Seagate
* Seagate again
* 1333MHz
* 1600x900 monitor
* MSI motherboard
* AMD radeon HD GPU
* noname power supplies
* Microsoft

I fucked up a ton before I started to learn.
>gaming PC
>Build i5/GTX 770 gayman rig in xboxhueg Air 540
>want more performance
>get another 770
>get more RAM
>all I do is play minecraft

I'm selling it soon and building an i3/GTX 960 ITX machine though. Thinking about the Node 202.
You should've gone i3 at least
>Don't even feel like playing games that require more than integrated graphics these days.
Go play Alien: Isolation and get back to me. Fucking hell that games makes me feel genuine tension like basically no other.
>save up for gaming pc
>to get it faster I slashed my food budget to nothing so my allowance can be maximised
>get scurvy after living in instant ramen and Pepsi for months on end
>still can't afford my ultimate gaming rig
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>unironically playing warframe post U10.

>spend $2500 on GAYMEN PC
>start working on a surf map for CSS
>hardly touched desktop for whole year due to working on map on laptop
>only just now playing into my backlog, finished tomb raider yesterday
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>old gpu dies (purple lines, artifacts on boot, etc..)
>buy new one
>I got fucking scammed, it doesn't even output signal

I didn't know IGPs were a thing yet... so anyway, a friend of mine pointed that I could use it and I'm still using it to this day - almost 10 years later.

I don't understand you people...is it worth it getting a new computer every two years or so?
>take life
>never use it
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i fell for the meme
>outdated hardware
>shitty speakers
>shitty cameras

That's easily my worst buy, espeaclly cause I buy it to play pokemon when I wan in the army
I could with the same money buy a laptop or a better phone in which I could put an emulator on since nintento shitty games can run even on calculators
2 years is too short for a complete rebuild, agreed, but 10 is too long a cycle. I got a machine in 2010:
>Athlon II X2 255

In 2012, I added a second HDD.
In 2014, I added an SSD and another 4GiB of RAM.
In mid-2015, I finally moved to a Haswell i3+Gigabyte mobo.
In late 2015, I finally moved from the shitty no-name PSU to an XFX one.
Earlier this month, I got a second SSD for OSX (hackintosh).
I'm still using the 5770 but its fan is making some alarming noises and the iGPU isn't good enough for games, so I'll probably get a 950 or 960 soonish.

Fortunately, I don't regret any of these purchases because I did thorough research before each one.
The only thing I've replaced is the old PSU...

My CPU fan should be probably changed soon, though, because it grinds really badly during cold boot and I can't oil it.
>gaymen pc meme
"Gaming PC" is just a marketing term for "computer you can run Firefox on without burning your house down." Almost every non-low-end pre-built computer in retail is sold as a "gaming PC."
>buy linux
>install it on T420
>Never have a reason to use Linux
>buy Linux
>be wanting to develop apps
>buy tablet and new smartphone
>everything has already been developed
I guess I'll wait for the next tech/trend
My gaming tastes are very limited, but I do find things I like to play. My game collection is limited to fighting, racing, RTS, and classic games. You probably just need to broaden your horizons a little. On the PC, it seems like 99% of people are just playing the latest FPS game, but there's other stuff out there.

Also you may be overestimating how good IGP is. Unless you have an AMD APU, the Intel graphics on a modern i5 will only get your sub-30 fps even on a game like Trine 3.
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>spend $800 on mid range pc
>spend $700 on peripherals
>dual monitors, god tier keyboard, god tier mouse and everything
>have a much better experience than friend who spent $1800 on a PC and $100 on peripherals
The peripherals really do make you want to play games. God tier monitor and keyboard is necessary, mouse can be shit if you don't play twitch based games. Powerful system != fun.
>mfw Reddit buttblasted normies spend thousands on a gayming rig to play dota 2
Was an Oculus Rift included in those $1500?
>Don't even feel like playing games that require more than integrated graphics these days
The more time goes on, the more I'm in the same boat with you.
I'll keep dropping 1500 bucks every time I buy a computer though, but that's still only like $300 or less per year average. While I spend the vast majority of my time on FTL and similar but shorter games, I still enjoy playing the bigger games once time passes and they drop to 20 bucks. That's what keeps me spending. I just don't want to buy anything now days that forces me to sink 100s of hours into it. And I usually want a few hours per play-through and some replayability.
>have money left over for new guns
My gun budget is also what keeps me from wasting my money on useless crap I won't use. At 16 grand and climbing. But I get a lot more enjoyment from that than my gaming. Social shooting and just interacting with real people is 10/10 fun compared to gaming when I'm bored and alone.
I have a military grade Z97 MSI motherboard. No problems with it since I got it a year ago.
>buying a gaming pc

>military grade
is that just synonymous with overpriced?

>ESD protection
>humidity protection
>EMI protection
>high temp protection
It still bugs me how people just don't seem to care about monitors, as if it's all the same. High-end monitors are kinda shitty right now with the QA issues but to me the monitor/monitors are basically the most important part of your build because all the power in the world is worthless if you just have a shitty generic 1080p/60hz TN monitor to go with it. I'd even spring for an ultrawide if 21:9 support for games wasn't so fucking shitty.
And I meant military CLASS, not grade
>buy £400 desktop build plus three monitors with rotatable stands
>one monitor gets rotated occasionally to read 4chan or doujinshi
>doing exactly the same things as i was on my laptop that cost £300 four years ago, just with a bigger HDD
>don't even really play PC games, just emulate pre-N64 stuff
>don't do any video editing or anything high-intensity
>do the odd music production with FL Studio, which runs fine on my laptop
>i'm on the laptop most of the time anyway

a-at least the portrait monitor is good for 4chan
Except for EMI, none of that stuff sounds very important to me.
ESD protection doesn't sound important to you? Sorry bro, you accidentally zapped your motherboard while you were installing it, be it initially, or moving it to another case. Sorry man, the board is fucked.
at least you haven't fall for the gaming mouse meme.
kill me
I bought a meme keyboard for $100
>brand new chinkpad R500 in 2009. Lasted me 5 years but it was literally falling apart, usb socket broke within a year and it was a huge waste of money for what I got in return.

>Thinkpad X220T (tablet is neat but kinda useless and the screen is dogshit. Worst of all the only resolution available is 1366x768 which is in no way satisfactory)

>an SSD for said X220T

>3DS XL, barely ever use it

>dirt cheap chink usb charger: housefire edition

>dirt cheap BT dongle. Worked for 2 years then started to malfunction and get extremely hot when plugged in, almost frying my usb port.

>PSP1000, absolute dogshit handheld, should have gotten a 3000

And my €1000 gaming PC from 2012 can be somewhat regarded as a waste of money, but I do use it every day and I play games occasionally.

On the upside, I made some great tech purchases recently as well, including
>Casio F-91W
>Kobo Glo HD (got it very recently and I've already been reading a fuckton on it)
>Wileyfox Swift for €150. Hurray for decent budget phones
Oh and the worst tech purchases were a Dell U2312HM (shit AG coating) and an el cheapo samshit tv with insane ghosting.
But they don't really count as I just returned them and got my money back.
>want to build a pc
>decide to go with 6600K
>people telling I'm stupid and should go with 4690K as I don't need the latest and will be cheaper
>Actually more expensive than the 6600K AND out of stock

Welp, pays to do research I guess.
I don't value it much. I work on computers for a living, NEVER happened to me.
I don't do my work on shag carpet wearing wool socks.
I build computers on the side when I'm not in class, or doing Work Study for my instructor, so I take the right precautions as well. But for your average consumer looking to build a gaming rig, it's a great motherboard.
>PS Vita
>GTX 980
Now that I have the money to spend on vidya, I don't have time time to play them.
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I can't believe appleniggers were stupid enough to fall for the "you don't a need a screen" meme when there were much cheaper and much better alternatives.
>falling for the gayming meme
I almost did that when I was 17 years old, lucky me that I had no money at that time. When my 18 birthday came up I was ready to pull the trigger on a 4690/290 build that was popular at that time until realizing that gaymes that require more than integrated are a fucking scam anyway
980 Ti.

Barely used it, sold it after two months and bought a 780 for a third of the price instead.
Most of my customers just want pre-built dell stuff, which is easy to do. I love getting the chance to build something better, but it barely ever happens.
At least I've gotten a lot of them onto the SSD train.
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>buy used PSP Go
>bluetooth suddenly stopped working
>nobody onfuckingline know how to solve it

Well spent $80
Pretty much the same with me, since I live in Southeastern US. Buncha tech-illiterate fucks around here. But every now and then, I'll come across someone who needs a rig for CAD, or someone who wants the beefiest gaming rig they can get, not only for playing, but for recording, and rendering in 4k.
The sansa clip and clip+ are both pieces of shit. I hated them so much I returned them.
>Beats Solo HD. I should be shot. I thought they couldn't be that bad and the replaceable cable was nice. I'm retarded

>Kodak Slice (2010) and Canon 600D (2013).
The Kodak was a POS, took decent photos but shit battery life and a terrible touch screen interface.

The Canon is nice but after I bought it the excitement wore off and now I rarely use it. Not going to dump hundreds in lenses and waste time editing in photoshop for photos that will be forgotten.

Ideas how to make use of it again?

F-91W hell yeah. Got one of those and the calculator watch.
>Buy graphic tablet
>Never use it
I still have it one the table next to my pc

>bought T420 to little brother
>piece of shit doesn't take proper care of it
It makes me sad every time
>got a 390 a while back
>still only play doom1/2+wads

I guess in my case I just don't care about games anymore.
Got a bluetooth adapter for four bucks. I just don't have any practical use for it and only connected my phone once for the novelty.
I have a G502, G440 mousepad, and...hmm...
Oh yeah, a G910! Love all three.
You grew up, anon. Congratulations.
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>Buy Sapphire 9800 Pro
>find out much later they are crippled

Also fell for the early 2000s watercooling kit meme.
>be me
>kill myself yesterday
>post today

How did I do it?
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>be poor
>use the same old laptop you've used 5 years ago
>it's 8 years old right now, because you bought it used

I really wished I had the money for a decent desktop.
A high-end consumer CPU with intel's iris integrated graphics would be just fine.

Throw it in a nice big tower case with a good, quiet air cooling and load it with SSDs and HDDs for speed and storage.

pls donate
>UT alpha

thanks for reminding me of this desu
There were sweet times when I used to own PC with 9600GT in it. Then I saw some ad in store, they were selling so-called 9600+ with discount. Well shit, I thought, that's ought to be better than my GT!
Fuck me, it was 9600GSO. I was retarded back then.
Isn't the 380 on the same price bracket as the 960 with better performance in most cases?
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