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SSD Thread: How many do you own?
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(let's ignore the significant reliability concerns and focus on the positives for once)
128GB Samsung 830, 4 years old, 8TB of writes and still running at 100%
120GB Samsung 840 EVO, 2 years old, only 700GB writes on it.
Four at the moment. Six if you count the two that I have installed in an old system sitting in my closet unused for the past 3 years or so.

One in my desktop, one in my HTPC, one in my laptop and one in my tablet. I'll never go back to a mechanical drive in any of my computers again. The only mechanical drives I still have are the six 1tb drives in my media server.

I have zero reliability concerns. I have yet to have any of my SSDs fail in any of my computers. If and when one does fail, no big deal. I'll just replace it with a new one.
>let's ignore the significant reliability concerns
What concerns? SSDs are more reliable and have better warranties than HDDs.
Only one, a Samsung 850 EVO. 250GB, just got it past Christmas. Surprised at the boost it gave my PC.
3. Two 128GB 850 evos and a 1 TB 850 Evo.

By association I also "own" 2 Sandisk 256GBs as well.

Never any issues with any of them for over a year.
It's just a really thinly veiled bait thread.
>reliability concerns
Fucking lol

256GB mx100 desktop
256GB mx100 laptop
128GB m4 other laptop
64GB m4 HTPC

Gonna sell my crappy laptop though.
120gb Kingston HyperX Fury

120mb/s write is laughable but 500mb/s read is nice, also the 120gb one costs $65 usd here because this country a shit.
At least nine by now
>1 Samsung 850 EVO 500GB
>1 OCZ Vector 180 480GB
>1 Mushkin Reactor Enhanced 1TB
>1 Crucial MX100 480GB (gave away)
>1 Samsung 850 PRO 512GB
>1 Transcend 250GB M.2 (???)
>1 Samsung XP941 M.2 256GB (gave away)
>1 Samsung SM951 M.2 ACHI 256GB (gave away)
>1 Samsung 950 PRO 256B
128GB sandisk z400s

the read/write is shit (145/170 write/read) but at least it's faster than any drive i've ever used before.
it was also cheap as shit at 42 bucks
Got one 850 Evo, 250gb running two partitions for Windows/Linux. With a little over a TB of other data on other older drives this thing will probably last me a while.

P happy with it desu, wanted an SSD since Windows 7 came out.
>reliability concerns
nice meme

3: Intel X25, 80GB; Unknown chinkshit, 40GB; Samsung SM0256F, 256GB.
I have a crucial mx100 iirc, 120gb, used it in an old chinkpad for a while but it's now a win7 drive in my desktop

Desktop also has a 250gb shitty 840 evo, the read speed issues aren't that bad anymore after an update last time I checked anyways, even without running magician (it's my linux drive)

And my t450s has a 256gb 850 pro

I've also owned a 60gb ocz agility, which was not great, but I've never had any problems with it either
Kek that's slower than the 64gb sandisk extreme usb stick I had

>He fell for the M.2 meme.
Is SSDlife free or do I have to torrent it? Do I really need it?
3 x 250gb 850 evo
1 x 256gb 840 evo

Got the 840 at an expensive price of $120 and the rest under $80
>Do I really need it?
I've bought 4 ssds.

Kingston 64gb - failed (read only)
Mushkin chronos 120gb - failed (bad controller)
Crucial 64gb - failed (bad firmware bug caused a completely fine gaming system to be junked by an ex after nobody could figure issue out)
Crucial mx200 250gb (currently in desktop)

All failed within 2 years.
Kingston 120gb
Arc 100 256gb

850 pro 500gb

Gf laptop
Bx200 256gb

No failures yet but I'm scared about the kingston.
3 x 16Gb, half size, weird PATA-over-pcie interface for Dell 910 netbook
1 x 32Gb Samsung, half size, same weird PATA-over-pcie interface for Dell 910 netbook
1 x 30Gb 2.5" KingDian S100 SATA II (not installed yet, probably going in an ASUS 1015PEM)
1 x 60Gb 2.5" KingDian S180 SATA III (not installed yet.
1 x 60GB KingDian S200 SATA III in my x200

1 x 64 Gb KingSpec Sata III mini-Pcie on the way from ebay, probably will be boot drive for x220

I love cheap chinese shit and laptops. I hate hdd spin noise
>those brands
No wonder they failed you dumb poorfaggot

Buy Samsung or Intel.
Just a Crucial M500 240GB. I was considering buying a 480GB or 960GB drive recently, but I couldn't really think of anything to use it for. Ended up just buying a 3TB WD Red for storage instead.
In order from oldest to newest:

>Crucial BX100 120GB
The boot drive for my main desktop. 1 year old.
>Crucial MX100 256GB
Boot drive for my daily driver laptop. 9 months old.
>Crucial MX200 250GB
mSATA complement to boot drive in laptop. 8 months old.

Boot times are godlike now. I plan on shitposting about them if more than one fails.
2x 256gb in desktop
1x 500gb in laptop
1x 256gb in second desktop
1st SSD : 64 gig Vertex. Back when OCZ was considered a good ssd brand, right when ssds first came to consumer market.
2nd SSD: Intel msata 16 gig ssd for laptop.
3nd SSD : 300 gig Crucial for laptop a year or so later.
4th SSD: 90 gig samsung ssd for server.
5th SSD : 120 gig samsung ssd for desktop.
6th SSD: 120 gig intel ssd for gaymen machine
7th SSD: 500 gig ssd kingston for desktop to replace storage drive, this black friday.
8th SSD: 120 gig cheapo ssd for dedicated swap drive.
9th SSD: 16 gig samsung ssd for 4 bucks, why not, it's handy.

That's of course, not counting the ssds I brought for my parents, nor the ssd in my chromebook, but I think that's all of them.
I like ssds.
Of them, not a single failure, all used daily except the intel msata, and the 16 gig samsung.
Also, that first OCZ drive cost me nearly 200 when I got it.
Now, I got that 500 gig drive for 100.
Meanwhile, hard drive prices are pretty much still hovering around pre flood level.
>Meanwhile, hard drive prices are pretty much still hovering around pre flood level.

They'll continue to stay there too since SSDs are flooding the market and stealing all the market share for consumer devices. The only place mechanical drives are still viable are in cheap, bulk storage situations like servers/archiving. And even there, they'll soon get undercut by SSDs and get pushed out of that space too.
I can't wait for ssds to outpace hdds, and I can finally not only move my storage nas to ssds, but finally upgrade space.
Been stuck at 15 terabytes raid1 for far too long.
120GB 840 evo, 3 years old, 21tb of writes
500GB 850 evo 1.5years old, 10tb(?) of writes
I have two. One is a 128GB Samsung 840 Pro which I have in my desktop, and one is a 60GB OCZ Agility 3 I bought refurbished back in 2013 and used in a number of a different systems. The latter has held up surprisingly well. I didn't expect it to last this long.
I have two, blows the HDD meme right out of the park.

1x 250gb Samsung 850
1x 1tb Samsung 850
2 Intel 530 Series @180 GB each in raid0
1 Samsung 250 GB drive that I forgot the model name of (not currently hooked up to anything)
s i l i c o n h o l e m i g r a t i o n
check if the data is still there :^)
I just went full retard on a build and got a 950 Pro. I don't even need the performance but the big numbers make me feel good.
Used to have OCZs but sold them all. All that's left below from newest to oldest:
512GB Samsung 950 Pro M.2
512GB Crucial M550 mSATA
480GB Samsung 840 Evo
240GB Kingston HyperX
120gb intel 320 (laptop)
250gb 850 evo (desktop boot drive)
960gb ultra ii (game drive)
2 cruicals and they have been the best.
Now the PNY has been having issues with writes but reads fine.
Samsung 830 128gb
OCZ Trion 100 240gb
TeamGroup L3 120gb
Verbatim 120gb

All still work and have never caused any problems.
bought a 32gb sandisk for my designated shitposting build, it's amazing, makes an embedded dual core celeron computer run something close to g1840 at times
4 x SanDisk Extreme II 240 GB
2 x SanDisk Extreme II 480 GB
1 x Intel 330 120 GB
1 x Intel 520 240 GB
1 x Kingston V300 120 GB
2 x 500gb.
One for games.
Other for OS.

Fuck migrating though, shit looks easy till your dealing with a boot that doesnt just werk after cloning and switching.
Had to buy the easymode tool in the end.
1 x Samsung 120gb
1 x Intel 120gb

Soon to be a proud owner of a Samsung 950 M.2 drive. 2.5gbps read, keen.
Would Gentoo literally kill a SSD with all the compilations
I'm thinking of putting a SSD in my libreboot x200
>Would Gentoo literally kill a SSD with all the compilations
>significant reliability concerns
Disguised bait couldn't be more obvious

>Buying Samsung
>Firmware issues with almost every SSD they've released

Good job dickhead
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Crucial M4 64GB 3 years 11 months (34492 hours)
Samsung 850 evo 500GB (308 hours)
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as ssd.png
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Post scores
I have 3, they are great for laptops and desktops.

500gb EVO in MBP - 6 months old

240gb Vertex II in Acer laptop (was in MBP) - 5 years old

60gb Vertex II in Dell server - also 5 years old.

60gb Kingston in Toshiba laptop - 3 years old

60gb KingSpec PATA in PowerBook G4

Fucking can't stand hard drives for OS/apps any more.
What's a good cheap ssd? Do not need much storage, like 100gb will do just want a quality one that will last.
I've got 2 120GB Patriot Blast SSDs in RAID 0

Shit is cache
Can I partition them without risks?
One 3 years old Samsung 840
It's alright
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