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Closing Ports
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Ok /g/
yesterday I had a problem with my Internet connection which I didn't know what was it about and I had to contact my ISP to solve it
and they could solve it and Internet connection got to work again BUT WITH CLOSED PORTS!

yes my ISP closed my ports and I checked them through many sites as portchecker and found that ports were used for online games, Vpn and firefox update don't want to work
I tried to port forwarding this ports 100 times but no luck, It's my ISP

I contacted my ISP again and they said that they did nothing about ports closing!!

Has anyone faced a problem like this before?
what should I do now?
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Open them
>Go to the Modem.
>Activate Bridge mode.
>Get a cheap router or a computer running PFSense.
>Congratulations you now have a completly fucking independant firewall from the router and shit no long cucks your ports
Just don't connect a bridge port directly to your pc, because by the looks of it you would fuck up the firewall in the PC and go bust big time.
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>I tried that more than one time but no luck
they have been blocked by my ISP even before reaching my Internal connection
I'm sorry but I have no experience with PFsense
Will it Unblock closed ports from ISP? you know when ISP stop it from their side it will force my internal connection to go in their way whatever I do to my internal connection, right?
Nigger switching to bridge mode means your atribuiting the modem IP directly to that port no firewall no shit no nothing.
You can just buy a cheap router if you don't know what you are doing.
If you know what you are doing you can get a PFSense router and fuck around with it.

they are almost certainly not blocking ports, except for maybe 25. Connect a different computer direct to your modem and see if the issue remains.

Just because online tools say your ports are closed, doesnt mean they are. Ports will show as closed if there is nothing actively responding on that scanned port. This port is still open but because nothing replied, it will show as closed.

ISP port blocking is almost always done at an ISP router level. Blocking ports for you means blocking ports for thousands of others. This is a very unlikely situation for obvious reasons.
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If they're not blocking ports then why the hell my online games and firefox update stopped working? I did nothing to my router configuration page the only change was from my ISP side then everything went down hill
any further explanation?

honestly, youre going to have to trial and error this. connect your computer direct to your ISP modem. If issue goes away, its your own networking equipment that's at fault. If issue continues, connect another computer direct to the ISP modem. If issue remains, there is likely something wrong on ISP end. See if you can get a modem swapped or a service tech out.

If any of these tests "fixes" the issue, something is wrong with your own equipment and has nothing to do with your ISP. I wont speculate what is wrong with your equipment but at least that will get you pointed in the right direction.
You don't need open ports for firefox updates.
It's so fuckin obvious
everything was working fine
my ISP fucked up some commands at their side to solve my No-Internet problem
everything is not working

even after trying to open ports thousands of times it's still not working
it's obviously not from my side
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well I was able to download firefox updates at my full speed, but now with existing shit situation firefox updates only uses 25% of my speed
that's also applied to my online games which started to use 20/30 kb/s only and of course stopping working after that
complete fuckin shit

You're only wasting your own time. These are basic tests that would take you 15 minutes to perform. You are throwing away your own time by discussing this further when you havent done anything to troubleshoot the problem. You are blaming your ISP and yet you've done no testing. Unless your time is completely worthless, do the tests direct with 2 computers. If the issue is present on both, go ahead and blame the ISP. It's your time. The ISP doesnt give a shit that youre a "computer expert" and think they can diagnose issues without testing. The rep on the phone has troubleshooting they need to perform before they will take your issue to the next level. This testing means your computer, direct to ISP equip, with no customer network in between. The more combative you are and the more you fight the process, the longer it takes. That person gets paid by the hour. I can guarantee you there is no risk to them by not assisting you the way you want and as long as they are polite in telling you know and have good reasons, you're going to be spending hours back and forth with them. If youre "lucky" you will get someone who just doesnt give a shit. They will send a tech out. You will wait days for this tech who will come, swap the modem, test with their own laptop, see the connection works, then leave you as you currently are; stuck with what's most likely your own equipment issues.
Program a shitty server that sends you penooor back on a connection then connect to it on a different network
Also i doubt blocked ingoing connection s is the problem desu .Det er ikke
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what specific tests do you mean?
I have done everything I could to determine the root of the problem, I completely restored router configuration to factory settings and started it from the scratch and problem still exists

I think you assume that the problem from my side but seriously I told you I haven't touched any Internet configurations, the only thing happened was my ISP making some what they called "solving steps" to solve my No-Internet connection

and here we are, Online games, firefox update stutter hard with utilizing only of 20% of my speed with closed ports after checking them

I recommended you put your assumptions aside and test 2 computers, direct to your ISP equipment. If you have your own router or switch, not through your ISP, remove them. Connect direct to your ISp modem and test 2 computers. Im going to leave things at that as im just repeating myself now. My recommendations are above, youre free to try it or not.
OP, you're retarded. If you do have the possibility to test with a second computer and haven't done so already, you deserve to die choking on your mother's breast milk.
This thread is literally the epitome of the XY problem.

First of all, I don't have another PC to test on it
second I said for the tenth time, why do you think this is my problem when it started when the other side made changes himself?
whatever I'll try to get another PC soon to test on it
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I have one last notice I have found while trying to port forward ports, that Only one can be affected by my changes I means when I turn it off and check ports it goes off when I turn on it goes on it's 49152, any other port like 5000 or 8088 are like dead people whatever I turn on/off they do not respond to me all off all the way
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here's wat you do op.

1. get a vps, digital ocean is best.
2. install openvpn or other vpn software on said vps.
3. change port of said vpn.
4. browse said internets
5. opah!
after using a VPN I checked the ports with port checker and opah! It's opened as I expected
tried online gaming and they're working too
so it was all about forwarding closed ports which refused to be opened 1000 times
I'm on my opinion, it's something on the other side at ISP
Thanks for everybody contributed in this thread, very appreciated
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Thread images: 8
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