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CPU Basics
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Guys what should I choose out of these two:

Core 2 Duo E4700 $170
FSB 800 MHz

Core 2 Duo E7600 $165
FSB 1066 MHz

The most important thing is that the cpu will run at FSB speed of 800 MHz in both cases ,due to chipset limitation.

Ofcourse I will buy used so prices will be less.
Depends on the multiplier and cache sizes.
Please elaborate,
I will list any details you need ,just tell me.
If you even can get that e7600 working in a 800fsb motherboard it will run at 2.3ghz at stock. It does have 1mb more of l2 cache though.

I'd just use the e4700 desu senpai.
What year is it
What do you recommend?
Prices are somewhat same,
Will the e7600 perform worse than e4700 @FSB 800 MHz?
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I'm pretty sure they will perform pretty similar. Since you have an 800mhz mobo I'm sure that the e7600 is not officially supported which is why i recommend the e4700.

Also, that's way overpriced for a c2d. Don't pay more than 30 bucks for it.
Well it is a very peculiar thing.

In the first edition of monbo manual ASUS P5GZ-MX, they said 1066 Mhz fsb is supported in oc mode if dedicated gpu is present.

In the second and final revised edition of manual,they removed all references of 1066 mhz fsb

Also ,the chipset is intel 945gz whose fsb is 800 mhz,so i can't understand how 1066mhz fsb was possible in oc mode.

Any idea what to make of it?
Also, can anyone tell me why e7600 is cheaper by a few dollars than e4700 ,everywhere i look?
VT-X, sse4.1, 3mb l2 (vs 2mb l2), and 45nm (vs 65nm) will make e7600 way faster. If it works on 800mhz bus it will work with higher multiplier.
Just go for a c2d 8400, i got mine for 15 bucks and its oc to 3800ghz, eventhough it's old tech and has just 2 threads seems pretty cheap to me as an upgrade from Athlon xp
Well buddy,the thing is its FSB is 1333mhz and my mobo can only do 800/1066mhz max
What is setfsb ,can you explain?
If it's 945 chipset get a E6600 or E6420 or pinmodded Xeon
How is E6600 better than E7600?
C2D had locked multiplier and will run slower. I googled to make sure.
For one it will actually work in an 800FSB motherboard
OP, get an E6600 like the others said. q6600 would be even nicer.
Both E6600 and E7600 are 1066 MHz FSB.
so how is E6600 better?
Ok OP, googled your mobo. Here is the officially supported cpus.

Core 2 Quad is not supported (not in cpu support list) on my mobo P5GZ-MX
Quads probably won't work at all.

OP, why do you want to keep this motherboard (which probably originally came with a Pentium D) when you can get a late core 2 era Optiplex with an E8400 or something for less than the cost of a bare CPU?
Well thanks for helping buddy.

I have seen that page many times ( that whole section ) and as E6700 and E7600 are similar I am in the belief that E7600 will work.

Can I be wrong?
>Please elaborate
Core numbers and clock rate are only half the story when calculating the performance of a CPU. That's already too much elaboration as you need to go read up on how CPUs are constructed and their various parts and functions.
Else you are just a dumbshit being ripped off by marketing speech (lying by omission AKA marketing products by only 2 characteristics that are far from painting a full picture).
Damn boy,you are correct.
I have Pentium D 925 currently.

Well basically i want to max out my pc without changing mobo at stock speeds,And i dont earn enough to perform major upgrades.
Thus i am upgrading like this.

In future i will retire this whole system and make a current gen pc , if i could afford it.
Your last line makes no sense to my dumb ass.
If it's not on the list, I wouldn't bet on it.

You can also see that it says that any cpu that's over 800mhz fsb will not run at it's full speed.

E4700 seems to be your best bet. That's an ancient mobo. Make sure you have the latest BIOS for it.

You could probably get a cheap P45 mobo and E8400 on ebay.
This is getting spooky!
First someone correctly guessed my Pentium D.
Then you correctly guessed 2007.
I guessed Pentium D because I got an Optiplex 745 with one of those for literally 1 dollar. Added a core 2 E6600 and cheap video card.

These days though OP can find better parts in the garbage for free if looking in the right places (garbage rooms of office towers mostly)
Basically, people are too stupid or unwilling to understand how a CPU works on a basic level,
and sellers utilize this by inducing the idea that core numbers and clock rate are all that decides the performance, by only marketing these 2 figures along with the CPU.
It's basically a choice limitation trick.

The same works even better with GPUs for instance, as GPUs also have electronics that is specialized in texture processing, in which case you need to understand what texture is in order to understand the performance gain, or situational gain, that the GPU provides, beyond just memory and base clock rate.
For being in right places i should have right contacts or friends.

I have neither.
Well ,for the record, I understand that core numbers (2 in pentium D 925) and clock rate (3.0 ghz in d 925) do not accurately depict cpu performance.

That's why i asked here,searched mobo site,cpuworld.com.
Well I checked for P45 mobo and E8400

P45 mobo is around $60-100
E8400 is around $10-20

I could have bought the e8400 but the mobo is too damn costly,i can't spend that kind of money.

>i can't spend that kind of money

wow its just like you dont even want a sweet honeybadger 2008 gaming rig to play crysis on

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>Core 2 Duo
>Third World
Well...I guess its decided then.
I'll go for Core 2 Duo E4700.

Thanks for participating.
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