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General Build Fuck ups Thread
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General Build upsThread

>Building a computer for the first time
>Order components
>friend told me stuff would fit. right sockets etc
>building a computer is ez pz
>google how to build computer as stuff arrives
>utube video instructs to put on your electric retard strap before touching things
>lolwut no
>proceed to attach ram to motherboard
>have processor and PSU but forgot to order HDD and ordered video card today
>leave processor in box same w/ psu
>wrap motherboard in plastic bubble wrap
>walk to closet
>put motherboard into closet
>touch motherboard to make sure secure and won't slide out

I won't know how fucked i am until i get the last 2 pieces and put the rest together. I guess it's potentially 95 bucks i threw away if it just like..bricked...

sad4me ;.;

pic is my motherboard
Oh well, $95 is two hours salary in any decent job.

...You do have a decent job, right, anon?
Oh. For sure. Yeah i definitely don't work at Target and make 9 dollars an hour. I...

oh. right.
If the motherboard has video output and the cpu supports it you can try to boot it and see if it posts.

Even if there is no gpu, you can try to power on the board and and understand if it posts from the beeper attached on the motherboard!
I've never fucked up a build, really. The closest thing was when building a PC for a friend I found that the USB 3 plug connector for the case front port had a broken contact so didn't work. He said he didn't give a shit and that was that.
didn't know I could see if it works without a hdd. I knew i could run it w/o a gpu because i got an i5 4460 but I think i'm prolly just gonna wait until the shame fades away and the HDD gets here next week.
If you bought the motherboard new and it does not work, just send it back and say that it just did not work. You will just propably get a new one.
File: tess.png (8 KB, 592x132) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 592x132
yeah that also might be worth considering. It arrived today so according to the email I have today and tomorrow to report it damaged.. I removed a DPC/UPC sticker from the back but it's probably still worth checking out. I'll prolly test it tomorrow.

Thanks for the advice everyone.
I have 2 systems that boot off of a usb stick, my freenas box and my esx box.

You can put ubuntu on a live usb and boot that to see if everything works.
I've never fucked up any of my builds but I will monitor this thread so I don't fuck the same shit up in the future, your experiences are my safety
oh neat. how much space do i need on a usb to do it. I've got a USB i use to format new HDDs with Windows 7. i think it's 8gigs.
das p smart dewd. I personally reccomend the retard anti-electric bracelet
I've never used such a bracelet but never had a problem. Just touch something metal (such as your case) before touching your components to ground yourself.
you're not wrong. but also you're probably not a retard. As can be seen above, I am.
First build (2005):
>Instructions for both the mobo and the case were bullshit (Both companies are no longer around). Youtube isn't like it is now and the only online tutorials were ancient.
>Did not put the motherboard standoffs in.
>Did not wire it correctly. Had to take it to a local shop that told me about the standoffs and show me the wires I fucked up.

Build 2 (2008-2009ish)
>Has a lot of trouble with the system panel cables, mostly nerves that I would screw it up.
>Went with a case that had a front door that more or less fell apart.
>When I switched over to a new case, I choose a acrylic case. Fuck those things are obnoxious. Worse, I had no way to do anything if I needed to work on the back of the motherboard without dismantling it. Was also flimsy as fuck and overheated to hell.
>In my stupidity, I bought a $20 chinese 1000w power supply on ebay for some stupid fucking reason. It was fine at first, but it caused major issues later on where the PC would turn off every 20 minutes.
>Because of said shitty power supply, I fucked up my mobo and GPU and I decided just to do a new build at that point.

Build 3 (2011) and Build 4 and current build (2015) both had no major issues and went off without a hitch. Say what you will, but I learned a lot from Build 2 that helped me later on how I did things.
that's plenty, linux has a smaller footprint than windows
> >proceed to attach ram to motherboard


> >wrap motherboard in plastic bubble wrap


First off, why are you inserting things into the motherboard before it's mounted in the case?


1) Mount PSU into case.

2) Plug PSU into grounded wall outlet. LEAVE PSU OFF YOU IDIOT.

3) Touch a bare metal surface (unpainted interior or a screw) every time you go to reach into the computer.

4) Mount all your shit onto the motherboard.

5) Mount drives and all your other retarded choices.

6) Boot that motherfucker up.
> >Did not put the motherboard standoffs in.

I remember you.

Never had a problem with ESD and I usually work on my computers on the floor of my room (it's carpeted)

the fuck you doin OP
might be fine

I just put a pc together last week, and learned afterwards it being plugged in makes it grounded

so at the end to make some final adjustments I unplugged it and then touched the GPU and felt a fuzzy volt, but all was well
You're probably okay op. I've never seen a motherboard fail from that personally.
being dumb mainly. 'I like to learn through experience'

or something. I wasn't even wearing socks.

yeah maybe. I'm cautiously optimistic. But I'm just glad im self aware.
I've never fucked up a build, and I've assembled some on carpets and shit. Static electricity and retard bracelets are memes. Most motherboards have protection anyway, go wild.
When I was moving, I turned off my media PC and pulled it out of the entertainment center. It looked dusty, so I popped the lid and vacuumed the interior out. I used the brush attachment on my vacuum.

The computer never booted again.

I replaced the power supply and it worked. Coincidence? No idea.
yeah. like I said, cautiously optimistic. I just don't like that i felt the shock. Like legit static shock. google that, see everyone freaking out about just leaving it on the carpet and zero even accounts of someone touching a mobo and shocking it and asking for 'ohgodwtfhelp'

>cautiously optimistic

>but forgot to order HDD and ordered video card today

This is even worse than the rest of it desu senpai. How the fuck do you just forget to order half a fucking computer?

PSU, Mobo. RAM, CPU, Case. I won't even count the monitor
>forget half the computer

bb pls
what's the difference between anti-static bands and touching the metal case anyways? Also, will the method of touching my PSU while it's plugged in work even of my house has no grounding sockets?
one keeps you tethered to the ground. The other one isn't consistent. I'm the OP though so like....maybe not
It's probably fine
webm related
>connected fans incorrectly
>they were constantly at full blast
>tried different set ups with no success
>realised the case had a fan controller
>connected up properly
>fine since

>rattling noise after the fans were fixed
>was annoying me for 2 days so checked
>forgot some washers on the fans on the radiator

That's it really.
File: 1452321998915.gif (6 KB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 500x333
>Did not put the motherboard standoffs in.
>It's probably fine
>webm related
but theres no static charge build up. i'd feel better if he rubbed socks on the groud prior to touching it

ty neways bb
you do know what a bios and posting is right?
File: 1431290557216.jpg (44 KB, 300x460) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 300x460
I haven't fucked up an actual PC build (yet), but I did give one of my friends my old computer case because bros will bros. I didn't bring any standoffs because I thought he had some already in his old case, but he didn't the ones in his old case were pre attached. So right now my friend motherboard is just on the case without standoffs and from what he is saying it still works fine.
I wouldnt consider it a fuck up because my pc still works. It was my first build, everything went fine except for having a bad psu. Realise about 3 months later that I was supposed to use standoffs. I used these other screws...

how does he even mount the thing without standoffs?
i know what a bios is. I hadn't heard of a posting until it was mentioned here, but based on what>>52373801 said i just assumed it's a very basic bios screen or something similar. Kind of figured it was something that I could just hash out as I went. Hook up video output to monitor. On button. stuff on screen. If stuff then not borked

File: shrugs.png (12 KB, 560x407) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 560x407
>it's potentially 95 bucks i threw away
Why don't you simply return the board if it doesn't work anon?
Power On Self Test

While booting the BIOS tests your hardware out and displays a diagnostic message on the screen. If it cannot display the message on the screen for some reason there is also a speaker that beeps out coded messages. 1 short beep is usually "all pass" while three long-ish beeps might be RAM failure.
>plugged in mobo without standoffs
>sparks flew everywhere
In what kind of shithole do you live? Can't you just RMA it if it doesn't work?
>1 short beep is usually "all pass" while three long-ish beeps might be RAM failure.
Note that these aren't necessarily applicable to all motherboards and there may be other messages as well. Check your motherboard's manual.
one of my coworkers put an HP server together, sitting on a carpet with his shoes off (because he has size 16 feet and sitting cross legged with them is incredibly uncomfortable)
it came with one cpu and 1 16 GB stick of ram pre-installed, we added 1 more CPU and 3 more ram sticks, plus 8 HDDs, and it refused to boot, LEDs indicating a power fault

never noticed any static, but never powered it on before opening it, so not sure if he screwed it or if it was DOA, but HP sent us a new board anyway
Not on a new build, but I once was troubleshooting my graphics card and unplugged and plugged it back in without turning the PSU off.
The board bended a bit from the pressure of me pushing the card in and the back of the board touched the case. It never booted again.
>bought all parts on cyber monday
>got £500 to spend
>build a piece of shit that doesn't reach the minimum reqs for oculus rift

just fuck my life up famalia
I bought a pre built pc from cyberpower one time. Not really a build fuck up but just a stupid thing my 15 year old self did 6 years ago
ah okay ty


ordered the parts from B&H. the email is what the return agreement says. Dunno what you mean beyond that. I'm in Ohio

facebook owns rift anyways you can't fuck your waifu neways
>I'm in Ohio
>return agreement

I had no idea America had such retarded return laws. In Europe there's no agreement. You send your shit back and they have to swallow it up. Repair or money back, no questions.
I remember one time I was plugging in a SATA cable while the computer was fired up because I was lazy and the metal clip on the SATA cable briefly touched the power connector pins on the graphics card and sparks flew. Amazingly the computer didn't really do anything, and nothing seemed to happen. But thinking about it now I guess it's likely I fucked up the power supply somewhat. It has been at least 2 years since then and the PSU is still running though.
File: reac852.png (260 KB, 424x508) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
260 KB, 424x508
>pic is my motherboard
pls no bully
muh freedum
You should be fine. Modern boards are real resilient and should be able to take a static discharge and still work okay. I believe HDD's are the only ones you gotta look out for. If all else fails, just claim it arrived DOA and RMA it.
>Have not actually checked my temps in months.
>Notice some funny shit going on with my pc.
>Go on /g/ to ask for upgrade advice
>check my fan speeds and my shits at 61c with a 212 evo
>anons telling my retarded as to check my temps and re-apply thermal paste
>ok go do that
>temps still on fire
>looks to the left of the graph
>0 RPM

I honestly have no idea how i haven't fried my cpu yet i replaced the busted fan with a new one a while ago and got an extra one as a back up. Deciding now if i should use the shit for push pull configuration.
File: end_my_life.jpg (11 KB, 320x275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 320x275
>May 2015
>order micro ATX
>expect it to be about the size of an Xbone, maybe 1.5x the size
>case arrives
>putting it together
>not enough space to put in screws normally
>have to use needle nose pliers to put some in
>put my CPU cooler on
>literally less than a cm of space between the cooler and the side panel

Fast forward to last week...

>looking at new CPUs because I might have enough cash to upgrade my $60 placeholder chip
>hear AMD's Zen line is coming and I should just wait
>see that it doesn't have a dual controller
>only supports AM4
>realize I'll have to replace my mobo, RAM, and CPU
>fucking expensive
>worst of all, have to nigger rig my mobo in again
>torn between upgrading to an 8320 or waiting for Zen and shelling out $450+
File: i'mretarded.gif (2 MB, 240x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 240x180
>buying amd cpus
I know this feeling
I genuinely feel sorry for you. I recently sold my 8320 and my 4690k just arrived today. Gonna wait for the mobo I want to be restocked and finish my build.
My advice, don't fucking get the 8320. It's just not worth it at all. Had mine for about 3 years now and I'm so glad to get rid of it. I suggest you sell your board and cpu for the near new price and pay the difference for an Intel build. Hell even a skylake i3 will be much better than that 8320. That's the best part about computer components nowadays, you can sell them for near new price. Sold my cpu for 115 bucks, and my motherboard for 100. Each of those were 130 each when I bought them so only a 45 dollar cost for the past 3 years.
>be me
>be first time system builder
>dont have magnetic screwdriver
>drop screw
>dont care
>rewiring computer nicely a few months later
>find screw in psu
how have i not burnt up
>Hell even a skylake i3 will be much better than that 8320
>watercooled gpus
>messing with build and accidentally kink tube
>liquid begins to pour out a bit over PSU
>Everything us happening in slow motion
>watch as water continues to trickle into the psu and sizzling sounds start.
>try as fast as possible to shut off switch.
>tears rolling down my cheeks.
>throw psu into a bag of rice
>it has to work... Right?

I started using the psu a few days later and plugged it back in hoping nothing would pop or blow up. It turned on but my screen was black. Turns out my 2nd gpu died and my motherboard got fucked... I still used the system for a few weeks.
Idk if I should get another gpu for cheap to keep the SLI setup or just sell the card before pascal drops and buy one of those.
It's an unbiased opinion and fact. I assemble PCs as a side hobby and sell them for profit. I tested it myself. The AMD cpus are a bottleneck for sure. A 4.5 ghz overclock on the 8320 got me 20 fps more on Valley benchmark. At stock however the i3 was beating it by 7 fps. Naturally anyone would just take the 8320 and overclock it but the performance had major dips. It was never consistent and I hate having my fps all over the place. So yea, I'd choose the i3 over my 8320 anyday as long as my fps stays consistent and smooth.
You'll be fine. Back in 2003 I had a shitty old rig with a broken heatsink but I didnt have the time or money to buy a new one. I ended up laying the entire case on its side and kept pressure on the heatsink by putting a rock on it. The fan was fucked as well so I stuck a box fan on top of the case. Ran it like that for a good 3 months.
Wait what? I thought dual-core CPUs were terrible for gaming these days. I'll admit that I'm not too knowledgeable where CPUs are concerned. I know more about GPUs
2 cores 4 threads, they seem to keep the gpu fed alright

god i just love memes

just kill me
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 4018x2214) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 4018x2214
I doubt it's kill op.

But I digress - no tech fuck ups here >$0.05

Here's a picture to make you feel slightly less retarded.
Means nothing if the per core performance is better than the actual amount of cores. It's like this I suppose.. Would you rather 8 weak workers or 2 strong ones(with 2 friends) to load trucks up. Although the 8320 might be better for multitasking, it really didn't change average usage at all. Things like extracting a large file from a rar file were a bit faster on the 8320 though but not by a whole lot. Since we're talking strictly gaming with like Skype and your Web browser opened in the background, it's not different at all. The gaming is more fluid and frames are not as jumpy so yea, if I was cheap I'd go with the i3 no problem.
If a person is dead set on having a 4 core but want it to be as cheap as possible, I can't recommend an Intel. Their only option is an fx chip which is terrible or an athlon 860k which is not too bad at all. Unfortunately, the athlon is on fm2+ socket and not am3+
>Trying to get a Scythe Mini ninja installed on my AMD system
>Can't get the damned clip over the lug no matter how hard I try
>Ask my brother to try to use his superior brute strength to muscle it over
>He can't either
>he slips
>nicks a trace
>ded board
>go to microcenter for a new one
>out $90, returned the hellspawn of a cooler
That's actually a really good explanation for someone who knows jack shit about CPUs. I'll be saving my money and going for the i3-6320, then. Thank you very much for breaking that down for me. I've honestly only gotten into PCs 2 years back. I've come a long way, but I still have a ways to go it would seem
>last wire to hook in motherboard
>put front panel USB 3.0 wire into socket backwards
>bent pins
That reminds me

>installing USB 3.0 header for the first time
>Bend pins
>unbend pins
>all better.jpg

Previously in my life
>Phenom X4 9650
>Had it out of the build for some reason
>fucking drop it
>bent pins
>unbend pins
>it werks
I unbent them but one of them still doesn't work. I don't really mind because I rarely use USB ports.
quick question
my friend is looking to run a 3 monitor setup for office shit, and wound up convinced he needs an evga gtx 960. It lists itself as 4 monitors max, but is this duplicated outputs or individual streams?
I just really enjoy making builds for people and seeing them extremely satisfied with their Pc. It's not simply picking parts out, putting it together and giving it to the person. You gotta talk to them, find out what they want the pc for and give them options. Being able to explain it for everyday normal people is a must. Been doing it for fun these past 5 years about and I haven't received any calls about any breakdowns or problems so far. I've been using the i3 6100 in builds lately and it's amazing. I'm thinking about using skylake pentiums for Facebook/work machines. I've been using celeron g1820 paired with SSDs and people(usually girls or parents) always do a followup call and tell me how unbelievably fast their Pc is and how they've never experienced anything like it. Things like that keeps me doing this stuff but I'm still waiting for that one butt hurt customer that downloads tons of viruses and blames it on the pc lol.
its a cluster fuk of my asshat friends convincing him he needs a big gpu and me trying to get him on 2x dual output baby workstation cards to save money. if the one card will do it, i'm going to stop fighting. it's his fkn money anyway

That looks pretty good for your first pcb assembly OP.
Lol had to delete the previous post. When you first have all three monitors plugged in, they will probably all be duplicated. So just go into Nvidia control panel or maybe even display options and set each monitor to be "individual streams". It's simple.
The thing is, you don't need a gtx 960 for that UNLESS he wants to play some games at 1080p. If it's strictly for work, any cheap card will do as long as it has the outputs. I guess he can get a gtx 750ti and save himself 100 bucks. That card barely uses power and some of them don't even even come with a 6 pin connector on it. They simply use the power from the pci-e slot.
People should learn how to build pc (including choosing parts, making sure everything fits, reading a lot of stuff about how to not desteoy your new pc) themselves. This way you will not be dependent on other people and you will know a lot better what to do.
First pc i had i got from some guy on his way to throw it in the dumpster, i got a whole ancient gaming setup from him. 2004ish. And it had a amd athlon 1ghz and 192mb ram. My dad put windows on it for me and i played around with it for a while and quickly got bored. I was maybe 9 at the time and had absolutely no use or idea what to do with a computer. Well i quickly figured out how to get into the bios and overclocked that bad boy to 1.1 and even 1.2ghz, that got boring quickly since pinball ran the same at any clock speed so i started messing with the internals. I decided to see how hot the cpu gets. To a 9year old taking off the cpu cooler, and touching the processor while turning on the computer seemed like a good idea. I got a burnt finger and that was the end of my first pc.
Some people just don't have the time or interest. They just want a pc that does xyz and they're willing to pay for it. What got me into the whole pc thing was me watching carey holzman do a build many many years ago. Whenever a friend asks me to look at prebuilts and tell them which one is the best, I usually tell them they're all garbage. If they want to game, I tell them to watch one of careys videos and I'll choose some parts out and chill while I watch them build it. Not everyone should know how to build one, but if you really want to game on pc, I feel like it's best to know your own machine. You save a few hundred bucks and have your own custom build that you can proudly say I BUILT THIS.
Good to know that not everyone who does tech stuff for a living only cares about the bottom line. I've had some seriously bad experiences with tech people (part of the reason I've taken matters into my own hands), so it makes me happy to know there's at least one person out there who is in tech for the right reasons.
Wouldn't the rice get caught inside the fan and shit?
This actually happened to me on my first build. The fucking pins are so damn delicate and the connector didn't fit snugly so I kept fucking w/ it. Had to unplug the PSU and unbend it w/ a screwdriver and now they work.
>>5237463 you're ducking dumb too you shit. Don't listen OP
Definitely did lol. I was desperate and not thinking straight. Ended up having to shake out all the rice from inside. Took forever but I got them all out.
>mounting motherboard
>forget about I/O shield until after
Nothing major, but it keeps happening.
Carey Holzman inspired me to do my first PC build a month ago.
For $650 I couldn't be fucking happier, and when I tell people I built a computer their minds are blown, and my mind is blown from how easy it was.
The only thing I doubt myself on is getting a 4690k, as I really didn't do a ton of CPU research.
File: IMGP0017.jpg (2 MB, 4000x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 4000x3000
>Doing first water cooled build
>Ordering new case to go with the loop
>Looking at review of my desired case to find out how much radiator it can fit in the top
>Review says 85mm, extra compartment for fans on top of the frame
>Sweet. Order case and 360mm Alphacool Monsta
>Get parts
>Radiator hangs over the edge of the motherboard
>Clearance issues with VRM heatsink won't let it fit
>Oh well, time to get the Dremel out
>Made that bitch fucking fit.
People who don't know think building a computer is all soldering wires and chips and stuff, when really it's just Legos and you just need to buy compatible components and touch the metal first.
You were 9 when you got an "ancient" pc from 2004

How old are you now...
You must be at least 18 years old to post on this board.
Well it was 5- years old the time, so it wasnt quite ancient yet. Im 20, soon 21.
How old are you, that you still don't know how and when to use a question mark?
2004-9 2016-20. This happened in 2004, the pc wass from 99 i think.
>order video card today
Motherboard in pic has no pci-e
You bought a pci video card?
How did you get into building PCs for people? Using Craigslist or something like that?

Honestly I just like building PCs and that sounds like a fun thing to do.
tfw always been shit at legos and need someone to assemble the PC
people generally just start building for their friends/family
>tfw i've picked parts for and helped assembled 3 of my friends computers since being into pc building (last year or so) but i still haven't built my own
Got an amd cpu
Why plastic just why

Does sitting on a brand new CPU (4th gen i5) and breaking it count? Cause a friend of mine did and he didn't tell me until I found out why he kept asking me for advice on a new build "for his uncle" (it was actually for him).

Oh and he also spent 1000€ on a GTX Titan to play TF2 and other shitty games on an old-ass CRT monitor.
Fuck off
Its very usefull to do a testrun outside of the case to see if the hardware works
But keep your mobo on the box it came in.
And yes grond yourself.
thoughts appreciated.
Go intel i3 4160
Another power supply
>building a computer for the n-th time
>buy AMD cpu
>he also spent 1000€ on a GTX Titan to play TF2 and other shitty games on an old-ass CRT monitor.

This and I have shocked motherboards with static electricity before and they were totally fine. In my high school computer repair class our teacher gave us an old motherboard he let us purposefully shock it. we used balloons and an old rug until our hair was standing on end then we would shock the board so hard that you could see a flash of light it was still fine after doing that a bunch of times.
First build:
>got a psu with a wattage too low for build
>got a dvd/rw drive for no reason

Apart from that seems good so far, not sure about this thermal paste thing though. I only put a light coat, if this is not enough will anything happen? Temps are fine so far.
File: u1T1ZmZh.jpg (147 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147 KB, 768x1024
This tip is good for new builders. On my first build I mounted the mobo first and thanks to making this mistake it worked fine despite being totally ignorant to the concept of being grounded.
>psu 80+ efficiency or spend more on a higher wattaged shit one
>This >>52380379
>Maybe go for a 1tb drive, the price difference is not huge and can save money in the long term
>Oh. For sure. Yeah i definitely don't work at Targ
>Anon didn't graduate college.
I've put together dozens of builds, never used a static band or anything, never seen anything related to this static electricity thing.
>watercooled rig
>trying to drain and a fitting comes off as i cycle the pump
>bricked a 980ti
>got anotherone because gaymer and had a waterblock already
also /g/ what should i do with it its a nice ornament but can i oven it or something?
it did work after i left it to dry for a few days but then, from what i can tell the vram fucked itself and its bricked
Make sure you hose clamps and drain when it's not plugged in
yea i learnt from that $1200 mistake,
but does anyone know what i can do with a bricked 980ti that i cant RMA
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