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i will start
>dad text me saying "anon, pc makes beeps at startup and the keyboard got no light and screen is not turning on"
>wtf yesterday i used the pc for checking stuff and everything worked fine
>text back "alright, how many beeps?"
>dad text "6"
>keyboard controller or keyboard dead
>find 2005 keyboard
>hand it to him saying "Get a new keyboard with LED light" (living room is kinda dark sometimes and he complains about it sometimes)
>"thank you, anon."

post some pls

<- i might get him this
>come home from church one day while I left my pc on to complete a download
>mom says she unplugged my pc because it was making "strange noises"
>turn it on and everything's working fine
>ask her what she meant
>turns out the "strange noises" was just the fan running
>she's 47
>she's also a Mac user btw
what about turning on the light in the room he's in
Worst thing I've read today.
Fuck that story was a rollercoaster. That plot twist about the beeps had me on the edge of my seat. "6" fuck I was floored. Will there be a sequel centered around when you give your pops the new keyboard? Maybe it's DOA fuuuuck that would be intense!

So long OP, best wishes
Oh wow
Holy shit, this is too ebin. Someone screencap this asap.
>I got hit in the feels by this thread.
why are they texting
is this what happens when social autists have kids
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hahahahHAHAHAHAH oh wow
underrated post
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>work in retail
>sell shitty, on-sale PC to immigrant because they fucking love cheap shit no matter how shit the product is
>immigrant return a few days later
>"I get de popup on screen everytime I explorer what is this?"
>Try my hardest to understand his butchered language
>Ask him to drop by with his PC so we can check it out
>Immigrant returns with PC
>Check web browser
>Shitloads of ads when booting up IE
>Instantly tell him he's go adware
>Check installed software
>"YTdownloader" and loads of other shit like "Pro shopper", etc.
>2 days after purchase
>"It was there when I bought I did not do anything"
>Have an internal struggle so fucking intense trying not to burst out laughing in front of other customers
>Explain to him in simple terms what adware is and how it potentially got there
>"I didn't do anything it was there when I bought why you have to be difficult?"
>Stand my ground as he moans about warranty
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based aywun.jpg
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I once cheaped out in my psu and lost 2 hard drives.
I then proceeded to cheap out again and it's currently running my i5 760 at 4.1ghz and a gtx 670 with +130 core clock and +250 mem clock.

$65 80+ silver psu 550w.
Australian dollars. Being tech illiterate I let the salesperson trick me into buying his shaw 860w psu.
>be me, 12 years old
>playing Sims 1 on CRT monitor
>press some buttons and screen goes upside down
>couldn't figure out how to reverse it
>dad turns monitor upside down

Immigrants are truly the worst. They assume warranty covers absolutely everything, even the mistakes they have made. This one guy dropped his computer and thought warranty of the first world would get it fixed because he isn't in his shithole country.

Where the fuck do they always get those ideas?

Why do they always buy the shittiest computers, then complain when their new $300 computer isn't blazing fast. Nigger of course it's not fast it's the cheapest piece of shit we have.

Then they always ask if something is new. This isn't Pajeeet's uncles PC shack, of course it's fucking new.
Here's my story

>Artsy looking hipster (the sort who never works for a living) kinda guy walks in just before closing
>He wants the cheapest Macbook we had listed online but with more memory (a custom build)
>Apple personnel already left work so I'm stuck with this guy
>Look up specs of said mac pro
>13.3" screen, 1280x800 resolution (seriously)
>4gb of DDR3 (granted, 1600mhz)
>5400rpm HDD
>2012 model
>Listed at over $1200 because dat logo
>Ask the guy if he's sure he wants it, it'll be way more if he wants to customize it with more ram
>He's sure
>I'm not sure, I try to convince him to buy a new macbook instead
>For like $150 more he could have a very high res screen, a much newer processor, 8gb of ram, SSD, list goes on
>He's saying he can't afford it
>Dude has 1200 cash, he could take the remainder on credit or installments
>Actually says the screen is too sharp, makes it blurry
>No, it doesn't work like that...
>Try telling him the computer he's buying has the same hardware specs a sub $500 asus laptop has
>Eventually tell the guy to come back the next day when the apple people are at work

I just didn't have the heart to sell him that outdated piece of shit mac, I was sure the apple people managed to make him change his mind. After all they wear that stupid garment which has the logo.
Topkek, when did this thread transform in "bullshit thread"?
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>that one person that buys a POS laptop anyway even after you convinced them to buy a decent computer instead
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