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hey /g/, I wanna attempt to replace the micro...
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hey /g/, I wanna attempt to replace the micro usb charging port on a NuVision tablet, this one here

well anyway I cant the exact micro port replacement anywhere, is it safe to use a similar one?? Will it even work? Ive never changed one before, but have fixed plenty of other tech shit, just not sure about this. its soldered right into the board and isnt the ones with the ribbon cable. I was just gonna get this one

thanks in advance for any help and advice
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bump for some help
no idea, bumping for interest
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I know someone on this board has some experience with micro usb charge ports.
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I can't make out the way the pins are set up on those, but so long as they protrude out the back you should be fine. These look a bit easier to deal with, maybe http://www.ebay.com/itm/251436451556

Anyway, once you crack it open and desolder the port you'll see a pad arrangement like so. Just drop your new socket on, and make sure you don't bridge any pins when you solder it down. Do the frame/chassis gnd pins on the outside first and it'll be easier. Everything should be pin-for-pin identical, or you wouldn't be able to use third-party cables with the device.

Don't know if you've removed an smt port before, but desolder the outside pins first with a bit of braid or whatever (cut them in a pinch), then use an angled tip to heat the actual cable pins (the narrow ones) all together and gently lift the socket off the board.
well the port thats on it now has the pins that stick waay the fuck out, nephew mustve broken 2 off when trying to plug it,prob the wrong way, so im not sure if that one suggested would work cause the pins on it look like little nubs. Ill take a pic and upload it next
File: nuvisionport.jpg (12 KB, 508x849) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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see its got the long pins that stick out. I believe there were 5 but 2 bent down and broke off
here I found this, it loks identical to this one pretty much
No d00d I'm talking about the other side. The pins that you solder to the motherboard. Every microUSB type B—what you have there—is electrically identical. That's the point of having a standard. Those should be fine to replace it with.
File: nuvisionport00.jpg (65 KB, 508x849) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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oh okay. heres a pic, gonna have to remove the board to get to it of course
yep. Just pull the board, suck the solder out of those four points however you prefer (or cut the legs leading into them, then desolder the four pins in the back as a group being very careful not to pull before they're loose or the traces will come up and you will have a bad day.
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it doesnt seem to have any connectors on the back of the board. All i can see is the 4 solder points and some type of silver plating or something. I dont see where those pins would solder onto
Can you get it all the way out and take a picture from that top side?

Here's a video I found of someone doing the swap, though he uses a fancy desoldering station https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxxpLYf16fc

You can do it with the method I described about. Anyway, I'll bet you the port is laid out the same way.
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ok took it out some more and see where the pins connect, looks like theres more than 4 though
yes, it's safe, USB is a standard for a data lead and ground, and power lead/ground
can't see shit, but there's probably five. It's going to be a generic part if you can charge it with any microusb cable. Just order the socket.
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