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itt we post our cpu history
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itt we post our cpu history

amd cpu's:
>fx 8350
had it overclocked to 4.4ghz. it was truly a house fire but it overclocked like a champ.
>phenom II x4 965
overclocked to 3.8ghz and ran nice and toasty but the thing was a beast.
>amd 4800+
i simply loved that processor. raped everything intel had to offer prior to the c2d's. i actually used it on my gentoo machine back in the day.
>amd 3500+
at stock speeds it was faster than intel extreme p4. the thing was a beast. had it in my gaming rig with a 6800gt

intel cpu's:
>i7 6700k
my current processor. runs like a champ and plows through everything i throw at it. overclocks so well it takes the fun out of it. runs a lot cooler than my previous 4790k did. 61c with linx.
>i7 4790k
very beefy processor and destroyed everything. wasn't great at overclocking though. at 4.4ghz it would hit 82cwith linx.
>i5 4670k
had it overclocked to 4ghz and would only hit 75c in linx. was a beast of a processor.
>i5 3570k
had it overclocked to 4ghz and wouldn't go above 55c in linx. wasn't much of an upgrade over sandy.
>i7 2600k
absolute beast of an overclocker. had it clocked at 4.5ghz and didn't go above 60c intel burn test. face raped everything out there. intel has never released a true upgrade to this and the 2500k because of their overclocking performance.
>i5 2500k
had it overclocked to 4.2ghz and didn't go above 55c intel burn test. is an amazing overclocker and ahead of its time in performance.
>i7 980x
it destroyed everything out there in compile times with gentoo. was a decent overclocker.
was such a great processor intel discontinued it shortly after release and replaced it with the "q9400." the q9400 came stock at the same frequency, 2.66ghz, but offered half the l2 cache as the q9450. 6mb vs 12mb. .
the processor that faced raped amd. amazing overclocker. had mine at 3.2ghz. it plowed through everything with ease. paired it with a 8800gts and ddr2 800 @ 933mhz.
why did you go through so many cpus
i like screwing around with hardware?
k6-2 300 mhz - hated it every day and wished i could afford a real pentium 2 450 mhz or something nice.

2.4B northwood pentium 4 - raped and pillaged all of the villages

amd 3620 llano apu - cheap quad core i never should have bought but it was a cheap HP machine and i still use it occasionally to game away from home. not with the apu obviously.

amd bobcat core apu in a laptop - absolute dog shit but would play ut99 and ut2k4 on the go which is all i cared for

amd 4500m - would actually play skyrim on medium and pretty much any game up to 2007 on med-high

i5 4440 - yet another too cheap to pass up purchase. i keep trying to justify a 4790k but i can't. i'll just spend more money on my next gpu instead.
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Amd CPUs

>Amd athlon x2m
Mobile athlon dual core with radeon 4250 in a gateway Best Buy special. Played WoW at 50+ fps at 1366x768
My first ever cpu. Bought it when bulldozer first came out and at the time I was completely new to building. Saw the term "quad core" and bought it for $120 cheaper than Intel's 3570k. Had it clocked to 4.7ghz under a 212+
Replaced the 4100 because I knew all about processors at this point, but was too poor to afford a new motherboard and cpu. Clocked to 5ghz under custom water.
Full on AMD fanboy at this point. Clocked to 5.2ghz. Was only $20 more than a comparable fx8350 at the time.

Intel CPUs

>Pentium 4 housefire edition.
Ran hot, ran loud. Was in a Gateway prebuikt machine with integrated graphics. Got me 13 fps on lowest settings in a non pooulated area in WoW.
>Intel single core celeron
Was in my first ever laptop I ever bought myself Gateway laptop with the money for my first job. 1280x720, 3gb ddr2, single core celeron, 500gb hdd. $750 at best buy (shoot me)
>I5-4690k (current)
Bought to replace my 9370 after popping the VRM section on my 3rd motherboard
Thinkpad T410 when I finally learned how to puter
Thinkpad T420
Currently in my T420. Swapped from a broken T520.
>some AMD duron shit
later still
Why are all your cpus beasts anon
why are yours not?
Loads of old 386, 486, PII's, PIII's and various other old stuff that i couldn't dream of remembering. After that it was.

Early socket 478 2.4ghz Celeron processor. Was slow as hell, had 128k cache iirc? Maybe it was 256. Had it OC'd to 3ghz, paired with a TI4200 and Radeon 5200 eventually.

Had that thing forever, until i got a laptop with a T7200 which was just a beast. Paired with a 7950GTX Go and a monitor resolution of 1920x1200. Monster of a laptop

Then a couple years later bought a smaller 13.3" XPS with a T5300 in it, not a bad cpu.

After that bought a desktop with a Phenom II x3 740 oc'd to 3.8ghz IIRC, paired with a GTX560 TI

Currently using a laptop with an i7 2670QM and a GT555M. The processor is still a beast, certainly for a laptop. The graphics card is useless.

Also for my desktop, an ancient Athlon II x4 641 (FM1) oc'd from 2.8ghz to 4ghz with a Radeon 5770.

Posting this from an Athlon 64 x2 5000+ and a 6600GT.
pls give me money you rich fuck
Pentium I (first computer I got from my uncle's company)
Athlon Thunderbird (second computer I got from my cousin)
Pentium D 935 (first self-built computer)
Atom N450 (first laptop/netbook)
Core i7 2600K (second self-build computer)
Core i7 620LM (second laptop/thinkpad)
why is it so hard to find pentium 3's and early athlons in the used market?

any time i see used pc's for sale it's pentium 4 machines. i've already got an athlon 64 5000B but i never seem to find anything from the glory days of the 1 ghz barrier.
I'm going to list my CPU history from the point where I got to choose

>AMD Duron 999mhz

Never overclocked. I still have the computer, just recently got it back. I did some cable management today and now it won't boot to bios, beeper is giving a long-short-short noise which indicates something is royally fucked. I'll take it to bits and reassemble it.

>AMD Sempron 2600+

My first *own* computer. Never overclocked, served me faithfully for a couple of years.

>Intel Core 2 Duo E6750

My first serious CPU, first one I overclocked. Went up to 3ghz with the stock cooler (which I later realised was a decent cooler compared to the new shit cooler) and was fine. Served me faithfully until just recently.

>Intel Core i5 760

My first big mistake. I got this when my dad offered to buy me a new computer. The 1155 boards were taken off the market because of something wrong with the SATA ports (I think) so being impatient I went with the 1156 based CPU. Could've had a 2500K but nah, I just picked the one I thought fit my budget. It overclocked somewhat but I mostly ran it at 3ghz because of stability issues. I guess I hurried my decision before my dad decided to not buy me a computer, he did that sometimes.

>Intel Core i5 4690

My second mistake. I got this cheap but not that cheap. Initially it was for a temporary build until kaby lake/pascal but it later dawned upon me that I'm not going to dump money again on a computer rig. Should've just fucking coughed up $50 more for a K model, all that overclocking potential lost... Though really it's just the poor street cred, I know most people who run a 4690K don't even overclock it.

>Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300

Got this to replace the E6750 in my old computer. Just for fun, mostly. It was super cheap and takes the performance to a new level.

yeah i remember guys buying the p4 based celerons and cooking the shit out of them. the good p4's weren't cheap and that's back when they still sold shit in 100 or 133 mhz bumps, that's why i got the 2.4B instead of the 2.53 which was significantly more expensive.

anybody here still got a p4 running rambus??? i had ddr333 which was still a compromise.
I've got the same problem, even more so when you're trying to find PII or old 386, 486 stuff. There seems to be two extremes with these.

On the one hand, people think they're useless and just throw them out. On the other, people charge insane prices for it.
No idea what's in it, but i have a 2.5ghz P4 running in my kitchen PC, along with 1.5gb of ram and a 40gb HDD.

The board on it is an absolute piece of garbage, no dream of OCing it. Although, i did notice a jumper box, and i recall OCing with jumper boxes back in the day. Wonder if it's related. Last time i remember doing it though i think was PIII or PII days.
Pentium III
Pentium 4
Phenom II X3 720

Had various others (and still do), but those have been my main systems over the years. That I can remember anyway. I had a PC (maybe even two) before the Pentium III one, but I don't remember the specs.

Athlon XP 2000+ (1.67 GHz)

P4 3GHz (socket 478)

i7 920 (just upgraded my psu and pushed the clock, at 3.465GHz it passes memtest and looks stable, gonna run prime95 as well)
in chronological order:
Pentium 120MHz
Duron 800MHz
Duron 1.2GHz
Athlon Thunderbird 1GHz
Athlon 64 3000+
Athlon XP 2400+
Athlon XP 2500+
Athlon XP-M 2000+ @ 2.2GHz
Pentium E2180 @ 3.0GHz
i5 2500k @ 4.0GHz
Xeon W3530
Xeon X5650 (current)

i'd love to have a 450 mhz P2.


good taste. durons and tbird!
>Intel single core celeron

op here
i feel your pain. my first computer in the 90's had a 300mhz celeron in the thing. even after upgrading the ram to the max the motherboard could take, 256mb (99), the thing was still incredibly slow.
>100 MHz PowerPC 603
>Pentium 90
>Pentium III 450
>Celeron 1300
>Pentium 4 2.0A (desktop) + Pentium II 400PE (laptop)
>Pentium 4-M 2.0 (laptop)
>Core 2 Duo T5500 (laptop)
>Core 2 Duo E8600 (desktop that died after 3 months and I never fixed it)
>Pentium M 1.6
>Pentium 4 Extreme Edition 3.2 (desktop) + Core 2 Duo P8600 (laptop)
>Pentium M ULV 1.0
>Pentium M 2.26
>i7 2720QM + C2D P8600
>bunch of other random shit
>i7 2620M
>Xeon E5507
>next will probably be dual Xeon X5450s
yeah, they were great bang for buck at their time. I did a pencil mod to the Thunderbird, the one which removes the multiplier lock, and I ran it at 1100MHz for a while.
File: Untitled..png (1 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1280x720
Pentium 4

Core 2 Duo E7500 upgraded to Xeon E3110

i5 3570k
Waiting to see what Zen will offer
I only recently built my first rig so:

FX8320 (first, never overclocked it, it ran really hot and really didn't perform all that well, decent for everyday stuff but I really wasn't impressed)

i5 4590 (runs a lot cooler, runs everything just fine with speed being no real concern)

And I'll probably stay with the 4590 for a while. It runs everything pretty fast. If, one day I get more disposable income and there's a hot new CPU on the market that destroys everything maybe I'll upgrade, but for now my 4590 is just fine. Really, my hardware overall is overkill for what I typically do: 16GB of ram and all that, no graphics card but I don't play games so it doesn't matter.
>Pentium 75 (1C/1T)
Just temporary a PC I used when I was 5-6 years old and wanted my own computer. Overclocked it to 120MHz via jumpers later.
>AMD Turion 64 ML-30 1.6GHz (1C/1T)
My first computer, got pretty much ripped off by a PC shop. Overclocked it to 2.4GHz and had been used by one of my dad's employees until recently.
>AMD Athlon 64 x2 6400+ 3.2GHz (2C/2T)
The first computer I picked parts for myself. It was pretty okay for 2008, didn't overclock for shit though, 3.4GHz was the maximum it achieved I think.
>AMD Athlon II x3 450 3.2GHz (3C/3T)
I was kind of disappointed that the fourth core was unstable... I overclocked it to 3.53GHz or something.
>Intel Core i7-920 2.67GHz (4C/8T)
My first big boy processor. Overclocked to 3.8GHz, it ran pretty much everything I wanted.
>Intel Core i7-4820K 3.6GHz (4C/8T)
Broke the previous CPU's motherboard, got this baby pretty much on release. Set it to 4.5GHz and pretty much forgot about it.
>Intel Core i7-4720HQ 3.6GHz (4C/8T)
It's alright, I guess. Gets pretty toasty since it's inside a laptop.
>Intel Xeon L5639 2.13GHz (6C/12T)
Realized I didn't need an i7 for CS:GO but moar cores were good for encoding, so I got this thing. Overclocked to 4GHz 24/7, works perfectly as of today. Also earned like $200 by selling my old CPU and mbo and getting these ones.
>mfw I have Pentium 3, Duron, and Thunderbird CPUs in storage
Current and probably will always be. Xeon x5690 x2, has served me well and will always work because server hardware is gud senpai
I'm going for dual X5687 next, I've had it with consumer hardware. Would prefer dual X5690, but I'm too poor for that.
Copam 286 - hand me down, everyone else had 386s
Pentium 75 - a digital starion 910, first internet pc. Tried upgraded with a pentium overdrive but ended up returning that for..
AMD K6-2 450 - my first build
Athlon Thunderbird 1ghz - freakin supercomputer on a single chip
Athlon XP 2800+ Barton - watercooled with my cold cathodes and led fans
Athlon 64 X2 6000+
Phenom II X6 1090T - used same socket as x2 so straight upgrade
Core i3 6100
File: DSC_0092.jpg (1 MB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2048x1536

Core 2 Duo E4400
Core 2 Quad Q6600
Core 2 Duo E8400
Core I7 920
Core i7 965
Xeon E3-1241v3


Atom N270
AMD E-350
>some p4 2.0ghz
first computer (mom bought)
>c2d 2.4ghz
bought at fry's with combo deal for $120
2nd computer (1st computer assembled)
>c2q q9450 (2.66ghz quad core)
price: $60
worked at dell building computers. some guy told me how easy it is to sneak parts out. gave him 60 bucks cause i was too scared to take it out myself. retail: $300+
>i5 2400
price: $0
guy at work did electronic recycling programs.
he received dell testing parts that needed to be destroyed. i found a complete working system (windows7, 4gb ddr3 ram, i5, 320gb hdd) in the pile. i asked if i could have it. system was 2 years old at the time.
every time he did a recycling event, i was always surprised how nobody ever wiped their hard drives. even big companies. loved those events. i probably saved a few hundred dollars by taking a ton of computer hardware.
Intel 80486DX 50 MHz

Intel Pentium II Deschutes 400 MHz

AMD Athlon 1400B 1400 MHz

Intel Core2 Quad Q8200S 2.33 GHz

Intel Core i7 3770K Ivy Bridge 3.5 GHz
can you overclock them?

dual 6 cores in the 4ghz range would be insane
Some terrible 1ghz 32 bit thing I had in a brick of a toshiba laptop straight outa 2003

AMD Athlon X2 of some variety

AMD apu 3650

now i5 4690
Yes I can but only on specal mobo, or soldering on a higher rated pll crystal (I tlrefuse to do somthing like that to my mobo)
>Pentium 4
Long time ago, was pretty good I guess
>C2D E5200
First one I bought myself, managed to get it up to 5.2ghz with an 212+ cooler and 2 decent fans
>I5 2500k
Last big upgrade to date. Got a watercooling setup few months after I bought it and OC'd to 5.1ghz. Had to drop it down to 4.9hz because of unstability

Currently looking for next big upgrade.
Sure is a lot of rape being described in this post

how did you end up with the 3650 apu? similar to my 3620 apu.
iirc someone gave me a prebuilt they had and it ended up becomming my main PC. Ended up throwing it and the mobo into a cardboard box, pulled it out this year and the damn thing still works.
>Athlon 5600+
Decent performance
>Athlon 2650e
Piece of shit

>2x Xeon X5690
Imagine having 2 i7 990xs in one computer, beast performance all around.
>2x Xeon E5520
Basically 2 quad core i7s (only at 2.26ghz-2.53ghz, though)
>Core 2 Quad Q6600
Got the job done, great for it's time.
>Core 2 Duo E6420
Good for it's time, could handle lightweight gaming.
Same here man, best decision I ever made. I don't think there is any reasonable workload that these things won't handle with ease. Gaming and video encoding at once? No problem.
>intel 486, 300 mhz or so
This was my first computer. It got it for free when I posted on an online forum from the school library that I wanted a home computer I didn't have to share with my parents. It might be rusting in a shed somewhere. I got my hands on a copy of Windows NT 4.0 to run on it. Somehow I found a better 486 processor to upgrade with, even though it was several models out of date.

>AMD Athlon XPM, 1.1 or 1.2 ghz or so
This machine sounded like a vacuum cleaner and was built from parts collected for free or second hand over Kijiji. It was a hodgepodge of parts, even the two RAM sticks had different makers. This was an XP machine.

>AMD something on an HP pavilion laptop
The laptop was sort of shit. It was on sale for $300 or $400. It eventually died.

>PowerPC 700 mhz, ball-and-stick mac
I picked this up for fun because some guy was selling it for $50 and I needed a computer. I tracked down some old RAM and maxed it to a gigabyte. I still have it because it has an interesting design, but I'll probably get rid of it eventually. It runs Mac OSX 10.3. It's a fun computer, but it's not much good for doing work anymore. I've been thinking of putting a BSD or a mac hardware friendly linux on it.

>intel i5 2.5 ghz x2
New-ish laptop. I don't have the budget for both a desktop and a laptop, so a laptop I have with external storage. The whole laptop was $650 or something, and is Samsung. It's nice and snappy in comparison to the other machines I've used.
Oh, first processor was a celeron, I remember now.
You sure the 486 wasn't 30mhz? Don't think they went that high.

Sounds like a PII if it was 300mhz
That makes sense.
why doesn't your processors rape things?
mainstream 486s hit up to 133 MHz and AMD's maxed out embedded ones hit 200 iirc
My processor rapes my heatsink with a 1.2ghz oc.
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you need a watercooler
Yeah, paired with a good exsi setup on the weekends, my gf can play games on her virtual desktop while render for work
>random Windows 98 PC
>Laptop that broke that my dad gave to someone who stole it
>Single Core Laptop I used for 6 years that ran Skyrim at 20fps 640x480
>Built 5600K Machine
>Upgraded to 5800K

and here I stand waiting for my summer job and zen
>C2D T6700
>i3 3217U
>i7 4720HQ
Celeron @ 400mhz
Pentium III @ 1.33ghz
Turion X2 @ 1.6ghz
Athlon X2 @ 2.6ghz
Phenom II X4 @ 2.6ghz
Core i5 2520m @ 2.5ghz
Pentium G3257 @ 4.3ghz
Why have so much CPUs? 2600K > 4790K isn't a huge upgrade considering the performance gain on same clock. 6700K is total bullshit, you should have upgraded to X99 if you needed the performance.

My personal history:
>Celeron 300 MHz (Laptop)
>AMD Athlon XP 2100+
>AMD Sempron 2300+
>AMD Turion 64 2.0 GHz (Laptop)
>AMD Phenom X4 9600
>Intel Mobile Core2Duo T8100 (Laptop)
>Intel Core i7-3610QM (Laptop)
>Intel Core i7-4700MQ (Laptop)
>Intel Core i5-3570K
>Intel Core i7-3770K

Switched to the i7 only for rendering and multitasking. Will serve me fine until 7820K.
File: 20151129_022021.jpg (3 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3264x2448
Still works like a charm, I'm >>52338559
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>intel p4
It was a shit cpu but did the job
>Intel i5 2500K
Great cpu love it
>AMD Fx 6300
Great multitasking cpu but shit single core
>Intel i5 6600K (Current)
Great all around cpu
going to upgrade to AMD zen+ later mabie zen just because i might want more core
Let's see...

I've only had two PCs, so here they are:

AMD Athlon II in my Inspiron 570, my current desktop.

i7 4750HQ in my Galago Ultrapro, my current laptop.
dear god man
Considering my whole PC is worth about $200 of ebay parts and free stuff, buying a watercooling setup doesn't seem smart.

In another couple of months i'll be building something new though. Plan on doing all ebay purchases though, not going to buy anything new. Pretty much just going to be an experiment to see how cheap i can make an adequate gaming pc.
what the heck are you overclocking then
>Core 2 Duo
>Phenom II six core something

I can't wait to go back to MAD so I can feel okay about myself.
Heh... AMD*
Why would you ever do that

also the Phenom 6 core would be superior to each of those APUs
Never kept track of the processors i had in my pre builts.
The only thing I know about is my current FX6300 and its just awful.
my FX-8350 laughs in your face
>1 GHz Pentium 3
>i7 920 OC'd to 4.2 GHZ

Literally that's it for desktops. How do you guys manage to go through so many CPUs?
Doesn't sound all that bad.
File: cpuz.png (35 KB, 403x402) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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kek, literal housefire
With all that cash ur rolin in y dont u give us a

sMaLl lOaN oFV A mIllLieN dOlLerZ

All things considered though, i see between a 35-45% increase in performance, which is huuuge considering how slow this CPU is.
>386: DX-16, DX-40, 486SLC-33, 486BL-75
>486: SX-33, DX-33, DX/2-50, DX/2-66, 5x86-133
>Pentium: 60, 75, 90, 133, 166, MMX-200
>Pentium Pro 200
>Pentium II: 300, 450
>Pentium III: 450, 550, 1000, 1400
>Pentium 4: 1.3, 1.7, 2.0A, 2.2, 2.8, 3.0, EE 3.2
>ShitBurst Xeon: 2.2, 2.66, 2.8, 3.06
>Core 2: E8600, Q6600
>Core 2 Xeon: 3040, E5450, X5450

Only AMD chip worth mentioning was an Athlon XP 2000+ I used for maybe about a month or so.
-Family PC had a Pentium 3.
-My first PC had a 1.6ghz atom back in 2009 (for a netbook - can't remember specific models)
-My second PC had a a4-3305m in 2011
-My third PC had a g3258 in late 2014
-My fourth and current PC has a 4690k which I bought in 2015

Pentium 3 -> 1.6ghz atom -> a4-3305m -> g3258 -> 4690k
> Athlon 64 3200+ 7600gt
Stock clocks, played the first crysis and the early betas of windows vista.
> Q6600 SLACR G0 stepping + 8800GT 2GB DDR2-800 4-4-4-8
The mighty Q6600, what a charm that chip is. The gigglebyte board decided it couldn't handle life and an hered on me. I got a +1 GHZ from it on stock voltages.
> FX-8320 HD6870, and then a GTX970
Current hotbox, shitty chip at the time and a even shittier overclocker, can barley get +500 out of it, oh well. Turns into a furnace when im [email protected]
Celeron Tualatin 1.3 ghz
Walmart special, that computer lasted a good 10 years though both the PSU and hard drive died at some point. Ran Windows XP, ME, and Ubuntu.

2004 or 2005
Celeron Prescott 2.93 GHz
Also wal-mart special from HP, PSU died and CPU overheating damaged the motherboard. I always wondered why that PC had overheating problems until I looked it up and learned it was a Prescott.

AMD Athlon X2 "Brisbane" 2.3 GHz
This computer lasted a decent while but IDK what died. It ran Oblivion and stuff fine after we put a 9500GT in it.

AMD Athlon II x3 Rana - 3.2 GHz
My first homebuilt PC - 8 gigs of RAM and 500GB seagate. Had a Biostar motherboard and later got a Biostar to overclock it and unlock the 4th core.

2013 - AMD FX-6300 - OC to 4.0 GHz
Kept everything else but overclocked it a bit.

2015 - Intel Core i5 - 5200u
got this because I wanted a cheap computer with a dedicated GPU, it's fine

Retro machines:
AMD Athlon (Slot A) - 550 MHz
Solid, runs UT/Quake 3 pretty well, can play THPS3 and stuff

Intel Pentium II (Mobile) - 366 MHz
Pretty good, runs Windows XP fine and can play games that have software rendering. The ATI graphics are shit.
Intel 80286, 10 or 12MHz, don't remember. It was an IBM model 30 computer.
Cyrix 486, 100Mhz. At least was faster than a 386.
Intel Pentium III, 450 MHz.
Intel Celeron 1200, 1.2 GHz. Loved this one.
Intel Celeron D 320, 2.4 GHz. A housefire, replaced it with a...
Intel Celeron 420, 1.6 GHz. Much better.
Intel Atom N720, 1.6 GHz. On a MSI netbook that died due to broken hinges.
AMD E-350, 1.6GHz. Mini ITX board, still working as a Chinese cartoons player.
Intel Core i3-4339, 3.5 GHz. Current system.
1). 486 SX/20
2). Pentium OverDrive 83 MHz
3). Pentium 100
4). Pentium 120
5). Pentium Pro 200
5). K6-2 450
6). Dual Pentium II 400
7). Pentium 3 600
8). Pentium 4 1.6 GHz
9). Pentium 4 Northwood 2.8 GHz
10). Pentium D 945
11). C2D E4500
12). C2Q 6600
13). i5 2400 (this machine)

That's just desktops. I have had a shitload of laptops over the same time, but since I couldn't really piece them together, I didn't pay much attention to which CPUs they had.
>It runs Mac OSX 10.3.
It'll run 10.4.11, Tiger.
>> I've been thinking of putting a BSD
That's what OSX is. Customized, for sure.
>>or a mac hardware friendly linux on it.
Let us know if you find one with the repos intact. I've tried a few including good old Yellow Dog.

Intel's highest-clocked 486 was the DX4/100. All the licensees said that their CPUs were faster clock-for-clock than the 486, so they claimed the same performance as a 133 MHz 486, but of course those claims were dubious at best.
Mine are:

2006: Intel q6300 at 3.2ghz

2016: Intel i7 6700k at 4.2ghz(gonna try and ger baseclock up high enough to get me to 4.5)

Yes I did not get a new pc for that long, I just turned 18.
Cyrix 233MHz
Athlon XP 2000+
Athlon XP 3200+
Core2Quad Q6600
i5 750
i7 4770K

Home server:
Atom D2700
i5 4570S

Also OP, why do you do retarded shit like "upgrade" from a 4.5GHz 2600K to a 4GHz 3570K?
See >>52336239
See >>52339644
Also who said I "upgraded" and didn't just build another rig?

Cause I build multiple rigs



Cyrix Mark 2

Athlon XP 2400+

Athlon XP 2500+

Turion TL-52

Overclocked to 3.2GHz

Current: i7 930
Overclocked to 4.1GHz

The power consumption is absurd though, >100w idle on the proc alone
Forgot the Pentium 3 500MHz
Kind of, Intel's fastest clocked at 100 MHz, but AMD pushed it to 133 and beyond with the clock-quadrupled 5x86/X5 that was fifth-generation in name only.

The only company that PR rated was Cyrix, whose 5x86 actually was more efficient clock for clock than a conventional 486 since it was a cut down fifth-generation part.
>80486 sx25
>80486 dx2 66
>pentium 90
>celeron 333 @416
>p4 Northwood 3 ghz @3.4
>e6600 @3.4
>q9550 @3.7
>3570k @4.7

Mfw Intel master race
80486 cyrix knockoff
amd socket 7 k5 then k6

and then too many to care about
Bruh, I have a 450 P2 Slot 1 CPU
Price and shipping method. Paypal I hope :b
where's yo ram at?
Don't forget though, there was a point where AMD was the obvious master race.

Never forget things like the FX-60. That thing was a beast at the time, but was also a beast of a price.

Still remember the days when clock for clock the AMD won every time. So weird seeing Intel be the dominant these days.
In the other ram slots.

Multi CPU mobo, also more than one set of RAM slots. At least i assume.
Other side, 64 gbs of it, cpu 2 has a damaged memory controller
>Also who said I "upgraded" and didn't just build another rig?

This guy here said it:
>>i5 3570k
>had it overclocked to 4ghz and wouldn't go above 55c in linx. wasn't much of an upgrade over sandy.
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I'm the op and I still have my 8350 rig, e6600 (now a file server at stock speeds), 2500k was built along with my 2600k because it was a matx with a nzxt vulkan case while the 2600k was my main rig, 3570k was a second matx that I built to fuck around with ivy, 4670k I got at haswell release to fuck around with haswell, 4790k I bought to replace my 2600k as my main and now serves as another file server, and the 6700k is now my main since I got it to screw around with skylake.

Main rig:




Sold a few months after buying it
Sold a few months after buying it
Sold after getting my 6700k
Nice, I like reusing this kind of junk anyone in business would pitch.
Because I'm a moron I'll ask: What is the use for older P's?

They have the war chest to innovate when they're pushed. AMD doesn't.
current processor

Last processor

My first processor and first pc i built

Guess you could say my parents aren't poor. Waiting for skylake-e for my next upgrade.
>486 sx 25mhz 1 core
>Pentium II 333mhz Deschutes 1 core
>Pentium 4 1.7ghz Wilamette 1 core
>Athlon 63 3200+ Clawhammer 1 core
>Opteron 170 2.4ghz Toledo 2 core
>Core2Duo E7400 2 core
>i7 920 3.2ghz Bloomfield 4 core
>i5 2500k 3.8ghz 4 core
>i7 2600k 4.0ghz 4 core
>i7 3930k 3.4ghz 6 core
>i5 4570 3.2ghz 4 core
Anything that can be done with a modern box but much slower. Best option would be web server, asterisk pbx, or something similar
>Athlon 64 3000+
Then back to athlon XP?

Thats unusual.
how well does your 5960 overclock?

seeing how hot my 8350 gets, those -e's must get toasty.
I don't overclock, it runs nice and cool thanks to Intel.
At that point in time, when pushed, AMD will always come out on top.

Not long after though, Intel dominated ever since. It still feels weird to me, when looking to built my next PC seeing AMD at such a pathetic position.
> Celeron (don't know thew model but I remember its 1.8Ghz)
> Pentium D e2180
> core i5 3210m laptop
> core i5 4690k (current)
I can't help but notice a disturbing lack of Celeron 300a entries from the oldfags.
My 8320 goes to 4.6..
Why not the 5820k?

i know right?

if i didn't already have a tie into the 1150 socket platform i'd have went directly for this cpu and platform.
im installing slackware on a p3 right now....
The SX25 was actually an 80386. Albeit the first 32-bit one.

Source: Second ever CPU. First was an [email protected]
that jump from the celly to the p4 must have felt like crossing the sound barrier
>Celeron 300
Pre milenium buyld later wit riva tnt2, good quake, quake 3 on crt performer., but obsolete in 2 years
>Pentium 4 prescott
Overclocked to 3.7, good preformer for 2005, but obsolete in 1.5 year. Muh bibelines. But played crysis 1 on.
>core 2 8400
I miss days when cpus were not locked.

>fx 8320
OC to 4.6ghz, ready for winter
3 years and still going strong.
>tfw when i'm an old fag

MOS 6510
Motorola 68000
PowerPC 603e
PowerPC G3 and Intel Celeron something (don't recall; I had Mac and PC from this point on)
PowerPC G4 and AMD something
PowerPC G5 and AMD something that was dual core (Athlon I think)
AMD Sempron in HP notebook
Intel Core 2 Duo in MacBook (went back to one computer since I could run Win VMs on Mac)
Intel Core i7

For some reason lately I've come into multiple older computers. Fixed and upgraded an Acer notebook to C2D 2.6 GHz. Came into another Toshiba notebook C2D 1.6 GHz (OK for browsing). I've got a dual G5 tower, dual G4 tower, G4 PowerBook, G3 PowerBook, Power Mac with a 601, and I dug up my old Power Mac with the 603e.
What do you guys use all that cpu performance for, when you are overclocking an already top-of-the-line cpu?
486 at 50 mhz or so
P1 at 133 mhz or so
P2 at 233 mhz ro so
P3 at 800 mhz
P4 at 2.4 ghz (should have when with an Athlon)
Core2Duo E4xxx or something in that range

AMD Phenom 2 X4 940 BE
AMD FX 8300 (current)
wireshark is single thread but does better with heaps of cache

so highest end + fastest speed possible is actually better productivity

same thing done dozens of times in a session as i filter and re-filter adds up.
>For some reason lately I've come into multiple older computers

this is your new hobby. enjoy it!
>Sempron single core 1.99GHz
>Athlon dual core 2.2GHz
>2x Opteron 2222 dual core 3.0GHz -> 3.2GHz OC
>Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz -> 3.6GHz OC
>2x Xeon E5440 quad core 2.83GHz
>Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz -> 3.4GHz OC
>2x Xeon X5672 quad core HT 3.2GHz

Just bought a Xeon L5420 for a home server.

Also had a Pentium I Packard Bell, a dual Pentium III build, and another computer I used for a while but have no idea what was in it since it was passed down when I got the Sempron system.
op my name is rj roberts on 3dmark firestrike i currently run the gauntlet on the amd fx 6300 oc @ 4.9 ghz out of a sample with around 4000 people,I also have the highest oc of the gtx 660 on that bench, ive owned an amd phenom2 975 and also an amd 1100t after that.want to do the intel i7 6700k for my next build any tips anon? im an avid overclocker ill take any lead i can get
>The SX25 was actually an 80386.
what? no, it was a fully fledged 486 with the FPU lasered off

lots of companies made "486" chips based on 386SX/DX designs though, Intel was never one of them
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best gun evar.jpg
153 KB, 1280x730
for me its gaming anon,most people who buy processors of this caliber are enthusiasts who want to push things as far as possible. i oc my processor to get better triple monitor performance ion AAA titles and in that circumstance physics processing is unimaginably taxing even on latest cpus. all depends on the needs of the user, if your not going to take advantage of that power there's no reason but if you can benefit then there's always a reason to push it :D what is redundancy anyway? :P i call it future proofing
File: win95pepe.png (37 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> P3
> P4 with HT
> Q6600
> i5 2500k
>pentium 4 2.8ghz
old dell my parents bought
>atom 1.8ghz
lenovo netbook i got right before college
>i3 2100 3.1ghz
lenovo prebuilt i bought during college after my netbook exploded in a car accident
>fx8320 3.5ghz
current cpu in current computer

maybe someday i won't be a middleclassfag with responsibilities and be able to enthusiast build.
965BE was truely ahead of its time.
I am still using mine
File: 1451864954022.png (710 KB, 576x864) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
710 KB, 576x864
>dunno some commodore shit
>Pentium 4
>Dual AMD Opteron 8435
>AMD FX 4300
486 SX
Cx DX2
K5 PR100
Celeron 300A
Some a6 amd apu and now I have an 8350
6700 is 1151. Retarded to buy this socket. X99 can also handle 6xxx Broadwell-E.
cyrix 6x86 150+ (133mhz)
pentium III 450Mhz
<family computers>
P4 1.6Ghz (the $15 settlement check came in the mail last week!)
P4 2.4Ghz
</family computers>
PIII based socket 1.13Ghz celeron
C2D e6300 1.86Ghz
C2Q q6700 2.67Ghz
i7-940 OCd to 4Ghz
xeon x5650 OCd to 4Ghz

Ironically the xeon is the highest price/performance chip out of the whole lot, bought early '14 for $90
>Not overclocking a duron
first desktop I had: AMD Athlon 64
laptops that came after that desktop: i7 3612QM,
shity old netbook I used after my laptop died: Atom N270
Current desktop: i5 4460
>Intel Pentium 3 at 1 GHz
First PC I bought with my own money.
>Athlon 64+ something
Back when AMD was still relevant.
>Core2Duo E8500
I was still skeptical of the use of quad-core chips, especially considering the shitty clock speeds on them.
>i7 940
Nehalem was pretty swell, finally got onto the quad-core hype train.
>2x Xeon E5-2667 v2
Ok fuck it let's get more cores.
What's the difference between Intel Xeon and Core?
Will 4 GHZ on an AMD CPU be different than 4 GHZ on Intel CPU? will the performance be different or the same?
i already have a house fire 8350 so why would i go into intel's house fire haswell-e?
intel 80286
amd k6 333 mhz
amd athlon xp 1800
amd athlon xp 2400+
intel q6600
intel i5 4670k
Xeon is for servers and workstations, Core for consumers. Xeons support ECC memory (and a fuckton of it), a lot of them support more than one CPU in a system. Some Core processors have an unlocked multiplier and can be overclocked, Xeons generally can't. Core processors generally go up to 4 cores with 8 being available in the new extreme edition chip, Xeons go up to 18 cores per processor (and remember, you can put up to 4 in one server). Generally, Xeons with a lot of cores run at lower clock speeds than most Core processors.

Companies are throwing out their old Xeon 5600 servers, so you can make a double quad-core build for next to nothing.
all intel except for an early athlon one time, but i got a refund for it because it was useless for gaming.

Now only one intel chip in my laptop and everything else in my house is ARM


>fx-8120 (first)

>fx-8350 (second)


>i5 6600k (current)

i only started building my own pc's like 4 years ago.
AMD Cpus:
>Phenom II X4 955BE
My first experience with an AMD CPU, and I enjoyed it.

>Phenom II X6 1055T
My last experience with an AMD CPU, didn't like it. It wasn't any better than my i7 920, and was worse than it in several respects. I'll consider trying them again when I see how Zen does.

Intel CPUs

Current CPU. Can't complain, does what I want well.

Previous CPU, currently in a media center / lan build. Upgraded to the 6700k because I needed the extra threads.

My second attempt at an ultra-low-power build that could still perform. It's running my media server now.

>i3 2125
First attempt at a very low-power PC. Hated it. I thought a hyperthreaded dual-core would suit my needs, but I needed an actual quad core. Lesson learned.

>i7 920
Gave it to a family member so they could have a gaming PC. My first Intel chip. Loved it to pieces, but was way too much power for me at the time, should've went with the i5.
When will AMD start making good CPUs again bros? I don't want an Intel monopoly
We have to wait for Zen. They either succeed, or we start buying CPUs from another company altogether. Wonder who will buy them out.
mmm i really can't recall any hardware specs of PC i used pre-12 years old so the list is gonna be a little short.

>Pentium 2
Ran hot as shit
>Pentium 4
Ran even fucking hotter, mobo was kaput when the fan was clogged with dust.
>Pentium 3M (mobile)
On a Thinkpad R40, owned the thing until 2015~ was given away in working order (need a mobo battery swap though)
>Athlon XP2400+
Was quite nice until it committed blazing seppku after 5 months.
Wonderful CPU and was fine for the time.
Beastly CPU, was given as a gift from a friend of my father who works at IBM.
Afterwards sold to a friend, still alive and kicking.
Was okay for a while, unsure what happened to it (pc was given lil bro whereabouts unknown)
Current CPU, does everything i need and will continue to since upgrades won't give a massive improvement. Might get a 3770K at some point though.
Some AMD K6-2 chip, don't recall clocks on a win 95 machine.
Pentium 4 single core at 2.4GHz for XP. Had that machine for YEARS.
First laptop with a Core2 Duo, I think it was a T6200? it was clocked at 2.2GHz. Fun chip.
AMD Phenom II x6 1055T at 2.8GHz. If the stock cooler wasn't so shit it'd have been a good machine.
Second laptop with an A8-4500M. Overclocked the iGPU from 540MHz to 1.15GHz which made it run GTA 4 semi-well and all source games. Before the cooler shat itself it was a good laptop.
AMD FX-6350 self-built machine. Serves me well enough but wish I got an ivy bridge i5 or something.
i3 4020Y in a Surface Pro 3. It's a meh chip but it works for all that I need it to do.

Next I hope to get a Zen CPU if they're not shit. (Please AMD, don't make them shit.)
>phenom II x4 965
>overclocked to 3.8ghz and ran nice and toasty but the thing was a beast.

Isn't that a very mild OC? Pretty sure I had it at 4ghz
What board do you need for a 9370? And how did you clock is that high?
>Intel 486DX, IBM PS/2, 1991 (still works)
>Pentium II 333MHz, Dell XPS D333 (dead)
>Pentium 4, Toshiba Satellite 1905 (still works, but AC adapter broken)
>Pentium D, unknown model, thrown away
>AMD Phenom II 955BE, first custom-built PC (still works, parts taken for new PC)
>Intel i7 4790k, second custom-built PC, current PC
>pentium 2
>core 2 quad
>amd athlon 4x
>core 2 duo
>fx 6300

all my main computers, I have dozens of other computers with atoms, arm7s, cure2 duos ect...
Prices, just for laughs.

PS/2, 1991: $3,500 (if memory serves)
Dell D333, 1996/7(?): $3,100
Toshiba: $1,999
Unknown model PC, 2007: $599 + $200 graphics card
Custom PC #1: $899
Custom PC #2: $1,150
> i7 2700K Home desktop
> i5, whatever is in an Optiplex 3010, Work desktop
> i5 M560 in Dell Latitude E6410, work loaner laptop
> Handful of Core2's in Thinkpads/Latitudes
> 2x 4core Xeons in R610, work server only i maintain
> 4x 4core Xeons in two 2950, work, only i maintain
> Pentium D in home server
> some random ARM processor in my pocket
> 6x 8086 mainframe
> 8Mhz 680000 "webserver"
> PPC [email protected]
> PPC G3@???Mhz
> 400Mhz P2
> there has to be something im missing

Recent Past
> Whatever was in the late 2013 Macbook Pro
> Fucktons of Core2's in desktops
> Pentium D's in socket 775
> 4x 6core Xeons in R900
> who knows

Distant Past
> 600Mhz PIII (babby's first cpu)
> 700Mhz Celeron
> Sempron 2800+ (1.8Ghz, babby's first homebuilt)
> 3.2 Ghz P4 w/ HT
> Some Athlon XP's
> Some Athlon X2's
> MBP w/ 2.8Ghz C2D
> Q6600
> Phenom X4 965 Black
> C2 Q8200
> i7 2600K (later downgraded to i5 2500K)
> fucktons more, tons of P4's, C2's, PPC G3's, G4's, G5's, Xeons, Pentiums, etc.

i wasn't implying skylake was 1150, i was saying i already had an 1150 chip so i'm not buying a new mobo for haslel e.
File: images(14).jpg (8 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>post our cpu history
Someone has to say it. OP is a faggot.
Get a life. Tracking CPU's and their perfomans, grand fucking wizard detected.
you people make me feel real old

>Intel 386SX 25mhz

>Intel 486DX-2 50mhz

>Intel Pentium MMX 133mhz

>Intel Pentium 3 450mhz

>Intel Pentium 4 1.8ghz

>AMD Athlon XP 2600

>AMD Athlon 64 3000

>AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200
>Intel Core 2 Duo E8300

>AMD Athlon II X4 640
>AMD Athlon II X3 435

>AMD A10-3870

>AMD Athlon 5350
>Intel i5-4670T

Intel Xeon 1265Lv3
Intel i7-4790T
because he's 16 years old and his parents are rich
but you are old
Pentium 2 with 450mhz
AMD Athlon XP 1600+
AMD Athlon XP 2000+ (still have this beast)
Pentium Dual-Core 945 Housefire
AMD FX-4100 with hd 7770 still in use as family computer
(current) i5 in my Thinkpad t420
next build is

Athlon XP 2200+
Phenom X4 9650

Some Pentium 4 from 2004
Core 2 Duo E6400
Core 2 Quad Q8200
i5 2400
i7 4790

I didn't upgrade that often.
Sorry for super late response! First board was an asrock 990fx ext9. The power in my house went out during a storm. Power surge guard did its job but the usb ports on the board were dead or would intermittently turn off.

2nd board was the only board Microcenter had I felt could handle the 9370 even at stock. Was a gigabyte 990fx ud5. Turned off one day and never turned back on.

3rd was a 990fx sabertooth that handled the 9370 very well. It was the board thatd allowed me to dial up the 9370 to 5.2ghz at 1.57v. I got greddy one day and wanted to push for 5.5ghz. After repeated BSODs trying to get stable, I forgot to turn on LLC in my last run. Voltage spiked to 1.9v. Heard the VRMs whine and then pop. Out came the magic smoke.

Bought a 4690k and z97 shortly after.
Very long list, starting with Commodore 128.

Of note:

Dual P3 1000 (HP Visualize X-Class) + Ti4600 + dual voodoo2's (Unreal still ran better on Glide)

Dual P3 1400

Something AMD socket 754

A64 3500+ (I think, it was my first dual core)

Pentium D 820

Dual Nocona Xeon 2.8

First, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gen i7's

Now? Well, anything from a first gen i7m ULV to a couple Xeon E7 rigs.

Not really much on AMD these days (though I'm still hopefull they'll improve) but I have a couple trays of Opteron 6028's. Not sure what I'll end up doing with those.
> pentium 4
> Amd 955BE
>Pentium 90
Windows 95 that originally belonged to an uncle.
>Athlon XP 1600+
Our first proper PC, purchased at the release of Windows XP and ran until 2009 when capacitors started to vent.
>Sempron 3000+
My first laptop in 2005, it was ok at the time but it really struggles with the modern internet.
>Turion mk36
Second laptop purchased for my mother and it felt like a breath of fresh air compared to the other computers.
>Core 2 duo t5550
I was just excited to finally have one of these fancy new dual core cpu's in the house, it did not disappoint.
>Core 2 duo p8600
Laptop paired with a mid range graphics card allowed for some light games on the move.
>Core i7-3770 (non k)
Built for a proper gaymen rig in 2012. the non k version was to save on cost.
>Turion x2 TL-60
Upgraded the single core turion mk36 laptop to a dual core TL-60 as it was struggling with modern versions of flash player (youtube). It was cheap on ebay.
I've got my 5960x at 3.7 with a Noctua NH-D15.
hahaha you fucked up your cpu, people who overclock are always greedy newfags
I didn't fuck up the CPU at all. I still have it and tested it on an RMA sabertooth I got before getting z97. It was simply the voltage required to keep the CPU stable at anything above 5.2ghz was insane. Heat was taken care of via a custom water loop.

>Greedy "newfag" because I made a mistake
Yea nah. You're a cunt. Been overclocking for years. I was greedy though. Wanted to see if 5.5ghz was possible. It is, but only on LN2. Heat wise I was stressing the limits of a 480mm and 360mm radiator working together.

I was originally going to go back to 5.2ghz on the new sabertooth, but I saw how much better at gaming even the stock i5 was with much less heat/power usage and motherboard stress, I said fuck it. Haven't looked back.

Currently at 4.4ghz @ 1.2v on air.
LOL I'm using a GTX 660 Ti, as well. How much RAM you got in there?
I got a dual X5690 build for $1k, plus it came with 48gb of 1333mhz RAM. It was a Dell Precision T7500. Best decision I've ever made lol 12C/24T at 3.46ghz+.
>Motorola 68k
68030 @ 16MHz
68030 @ 20MHz
68LC040 @ 33MHz
IBM G3 @ 500MHz
Motorola G4 @ 400MHz
Motorola G4 @ 700MHz
Motorola G4e @ 1GHz
Motorola G4e @ 1.25GHz
Motorola G4e @ 1.5GHz
2x IBM G5 @ 2GHz (970)
2x IBM G5 @ 2GHz (970MP, one core per CPU disabled)
R5000 (MIPS64) @ 180MHz
JZ4780 (MIPS32) @ 1.2GHz
Intel Pentium 4
Intel Atom N270
Intel Atom N455
Intel Atom Z3740D @ 1.6GHz
Intel Atom Z3736F @ 2.16GHz
Intel C2D E8335 @ 2.66GHz
Intel C2D SU9400 @ 1.4GHz
2x AMD Opteron 2356 @ 2.3GHz
AMD Phenom II x6
AMD FX-6100 @ 4.5GHz
pre 2011: no idea
now: i5 2500k
>up to 4
More like 8, and if shit like the Integrity Superdome X are actually similar to the original Superdomes instead of glorified poorfag clusters you can run any more
>Celeron D @2.53 ghz (circa 2003)
My first PC, dead
>Core2Duo E4400 @2Ghz(2006)
Dell prebuilt, still in use today
>Core i7 920 @2.66Ghz(2008)
Dell prebuilt, still in use today
>i5 3570k @4Ghz(2012)
Built myself, arguably the 920 would have done me fine if I got a motherboard to OC it. This will probably do me for another couple of years, depends on how the 14nm GPU's turn out.

>Atom N270 (2008)
Acer AOA150, Gave it to my dad who threw it away without gutting it when he got a new laptop.
>i7 720QM (2010)
MSI GX660R, still in use today
>i3 2357M (2011)
Thinkpad X121e, still in use today (hinge broke through design flaw, for shame lenovo)

Phone processors a shit. I remembered all these stats, I may have autism.
>pentium iii 866 MHz
Shit was so chill, playing MAME, minesweeper etc.
>Pentium T4200 2GHz
My first laptop, BOUGHT 10 YEARS later the actual pentium iii.
>Pentium D 3.2 GHz
It felt like having 2 pentium 4 taped together. But was chill af.
>core 2 duo last gen (don't remember number) 1.8 GHz
Found used at school and since it had the same socket of the pentium D, it got in there.
>Core 2 Quad Q9550
Had to buy a new MOBO since I forgot to check the FSB, and It went right in the old mobo of the pentium D. The mobo was running at 1033MHz at max and the cpu was too fast.
It's my actual CPU and I love it.
It has 12 fucking MB of cache L2 it was love at first sight.
Bought 5 years ago for 157€, used.
Never had a fucking flaw.
Kek, I have an actual pentium III
>P4 631
>i5 4670k
loaded slackware on a p3 last night so i can use some old ISA gear im learning about.

only took an hour to install. what a beast.
486 DX2
Pentium I 166mhz
Athlon Thunderbird 1,4ghz
core2duo e8500
xeon x5470
It seems like the p4 was a huge failure because of the heat.
And the fact it was SLOWER then the Pentium 3's at launch, despite having a higher clockspeed

>INB4 Rambus lel's
p4 was a huge failure because amd performance was so much higher.

p4 was a huge success because despite amd chips being better intel still scored huge contracts and cut amd out of the picture for a lot of vendors (looking at you dell) which later proved to be antitrust i think
> intel still scored huge contracts and cut amd out of the picture for a lot of vendors (looking at you dell) which later proved to be antitrust i think
Intel had to pay AMD a huge settlement, even though the cost to AMD ended up being more than the settlement.
In addition Intel also doctored benchmarks so that P4 chips would use unfairly advantaged RAM to give an advantage, write the compiled code to cover up certain shortcomings, and downclock their Pentium 3's to make the P4 comparatively faster. Intel lost a class action lawsuit as a result.
fucking intel
Is the P4's shittiness where Intel's compiler's cripple AMD function came from?
>Intel had to pay AMD a pittance

FTFY. The settlement was fucking NOTHING compared to how much intel gained from the deals.
I don't remember what I used to have as a kid, but from cpus that I bought

e3300 - Worked fine I guess, no complaints. Hell, I fucking played wow on it for 2 years with some motherboard intergrated gpu.

e8400 - My biggest regret is selling it, would love to still have it, absolute beast.

i5 2500k - I don't think I'll upgrade it anytime soon, there's nothing I use that even fazes this thing, 5 years and still rocking solid.
And even then AMD overtook Intel to have have the majority of CPU market share back in the P4-C2D days.

If Intel hadn't done the shady shit they did, they'd probably would have turned out how AMD is now, or worse.
Phenom X4 9850

i5 4690k
dumpster diving:
P3 333mhz(first CPU, given by my dad)
celeron 700mhz(socket 375)
celeron 1gHz(decent CPU, housefire)
P4 1.8ghz
sempron 2400(cant remember exact name but i think this was it)
p4 2.4ghz
celeron D(worst CPU i've ever touched)
p4 HT 3ghz
p4 mobile 2.5ghz? second worst CPU
some mobile celeron in an acer laptop. third worst CPU
pentium D 2.66ghz(still shit but tolerable)
some atom chip on a toshiba nb200(great laptop, i loved it)
powermac G5 970MP 2.66ghz X 2 (current file server/backup desktop

core 2 duo macbook pro 15(liquid damage, but i fixed it)
core 2 duo macbook air 11 (loved this machine to death)
i5 macbook air 13

i7 920(good CPU, but ate lots of power. THis rig was my GAYMEN OVERCLOCK OVERKILL phase
atom z-whatever(dell venue 8 pro)

went through tonnes of chips from the p3/p4 era, but most were sold within weeks
Piece of shit P4 2.4ghz couldnt do anything!around the year 2004_2005
Atom.When I decided to give netbooks a try.
Realized intel aint for my budget called quits. till a few years later I changed my mind
Athlon 1ghz.XP I believe it was called.Rekt the shit outta everything when it came out
Athlon x2 pretty neat shhit
Phenom x4 965 black edition or some shit.phenomenal cpu kept it for years
Until 2012 which I got the biggest piece of shit ever.
A-10 6800k.doomed to have got it.Still have it.It's not completely useless but it struggles a lot.
Oc'd at around 4.5ghz.
cutting edge enthusiasts,
selling their current systems for about the same price as new and getting new hardware for a slight performance boost.
possibly they work on their computers and legitimately can use the increased power.

you are basically guaranteed a 4.4ghz oc with their current 8 core, luck of the draw will get you anywhere from 4.5 to 4.8 in normal off the shelf cooling solutions.
pentium 2 333mhz
this got used just until doom 3 came out

pentium 4 3.0 or 3.2 prescott
this was an alienware, and because of how a flat 500$ off coupon and 20% off stacked together, we got the computer for cheaper than you could build it from parts.

phenom II 955 black (no oc)
after the p4 systems motherboard gave up the ghost, and not having the ability at the time to diagnose what part failed, we took it to a shop, they offered me a core 2 duo or a phenom 955, to me the choice was obvious as i was looking into computer builds for a while at this point.

currently waiting on zen to do a full computer build, if zen is good and has a price to match, im getting it, if its not, i can't wait anymore so its intel i7.
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