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Did anyone even buy one of these things?...
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Did anyone even buy one of these things? How can someone justify spending that much on a watch?
>how can someone justify spending that much on a watch
people on >>>/g/wt regularly spend that much or more on mechanical watches

you're just poor
You're seriously going to tell me that poorfags on here have $10,000 to spend on a fucking watch?
the apple watch ranges from 500-1000 dollars
that's fancy watch territory, certainly not unheard of for fine watches

nobody is buying the 10,000 dollar apple watch, you moron
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Stay poor
normies buy them like candy
they would even if it didnt have any functionality
only beacause it's cool and apple.
some people that i know actually call it iphone watch
Jesus Christ, I bought mine for business purposes, I was looking for a new watch at the time to replace my stolen Omega and I figured I had the phone, might as well get the watch to add some functionality that can help me with my day to day while also being a pretty nice watch. Ended up getting the space grey sport because I just liked the way it looked more than the steel models and saved some money in the process.
"I wear my bank account on my wrist"
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Got the sw3 instead.
It's great, waterproof, great battery, has a screen you can actually use in sunlight, standalone gps and wifi so I can go for a jog and leave my phone at home. Even runs full android apps depending on how well the meet certain criteria. Best part was it was only ~$220 aud.
My issue with the SW 2 is that it just looks like a cheap Chinese knockoff. I know it's functional and fairly well made but it's a blatant rip.
So much this, it just looks cheap and poorly made.

I'm not a huge fan of the Apple Watch but it's at least a nicely made very nice looking thing.
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>Did anyone even buy one of these things?
I did to fuck around with it.

> How can someone justify spending that much on a watch?
It was cheap, like 400 bucks. I got the sport one.

Ended up giving it to someone that wanted it. Overall it was pretty stupid. I'll wait a few more versions. I bet eventually they'll be pretty cool, they just don't know what to do with them yet. The whole operation is kind of clunky too.
> great battery
Top kek.

Get a pebble
Theres fake bluetooth smartwatches that look almost identical to apple watches being sold for $50 on aliexpress
Are you talking about the sw3 or the 2? I agree the sw3 isn't that pretty especially with the large bezels but you do realize that the sw3 was announced half a year before the Apple watch came out?
Since Watch OS 2 dropped it has been a lot better, I wouldn't say it's clunky by any means but it does take some time to get used to. I'm a sales manager for a Harley Davidson dealership in Northern California and for someone like me it's SUPER useful. I'm always taking calls and I might not necessarily have my phone on me so it allows me to never miss a call in my day to day. It's also nice for reminders, updates from my sales team, directions while on my Harley, quick calculations, and keeping up with work emails.
I'm sorry I meant SW3.

I do know it was announced before
The Apple Watch but I just feel like apple had a better design team and made a much nicer product and with Sony not being what it used to be not a lot of people know about it and it really comes off as a cheap Apple Watch clone with Chinese knockoff qualities to it. Anyone who knows about it knows that it's a solid product at a pretty good price for what it is but it just looks shite
Put them side by side and the difference is clear. Plus they have nowhere near the functionality. I'm good friends with a few well known tech youtubers who have featured the knockoffs on their channels and all of us can spot the fake immediately before even getting close to them.
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I am curious, how long can you last on a charge with the SW3 under normal conditions? I've had my Apple Watch off the charger since 7:00am and it's still going strong.
>he didn't get the chrome version

Stay poor
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I didn't like the way they looked. I got the 42mm space grey model because I liked the look of it the most and I wasn't about to drop $10k on the gold one. I haven't been too happy with the band on it but I have a black Milanese band coming in the mail tomorrow.
Harleys are clunky so you are used to it.
"Everyone should dress like the poor slob that I am"
You're not wrong. I'd honestly rather have a victory or an Indian but I get mad deals on Harley's so it works for now. All joking aside watch os 2 really did speed things up my allowing apps to run natively on the watch vs through the phone and the UI as a whole is extremely responsive
You should dress like a human being and not like a corporate shill
Should I stop wearing headphones and tear off the tags behind my shirt collars too?
If you wear shit with massive corporate logos you might as well.
I've been thinking about getting a Moto 360 or Gears2 since they at least can look like a regular watch that just so happens to be a smart watch. Currently I have a fit bit HR and I like it for what it is but I can't help but wish it could do more.

Reasons I'll eventually get one
>Fitness tracking
>Biometrics (Heart Rate)
>Know when you're getting a call or text message if you keep your phone on vibrate or silent constantly
>change music
>Put music on the smart watch for when you want to go on runs
>Alarms, Timers, Calender

With that said the majority of the apps for smart watches can be a bit silly.
Please show me where on the Apple Watch there is a massive corporate logo. Take your time.
I can usually get at least one day of heavy use, with gps, wifi or 2 if im just using it as a watch and keeping it in theatre mode. However when playing games or listening to music with Bluetooth earphones the battery drain a lot more.
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Not bad not bad. The claimed 18 hours on the Apple Watch seems about right. Plus once it gets low on battery it can switch over to power reserve more which will allow it to last 72 additional hours by disabling every feature besides the watch. Obviously if I'm playing games on it and using it for GPS it does get a little worse but I can live with it because I'm rarely somewhere I can't charge the thing if I need to.
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>all these salty jelly poorfags
What I don't get about the Apple watch is why there is no always on ambient mode. Are they going to add it in a future update? The screen is very crisp and would be very good if they added an ambient watch face mode.
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>there are actual literal retards who own applel watches
They could add it any time but the hardware is good enough to that whenever you want to look at it it turns the display on so you don't really notice that the display turns itself off when you put your arm down

>tfw slowing becoming a Macfag

>have iPad
>apple watch
>looking to buy an iMac
>starting to dislike Windows more and more by the day
I didn't have to justify it. It was a christmas present.

Also, its pretty great. I've only had it a week or so, but its usefulness is starting to justify the price point.
is it even waterproof ?
Hows the battery life ?

I like my basis peak enough, I got a good enough price on it that its ok.

this guy is tryin SO HARD to justify it.

i can smell the insecurity.
Android wear has that as well but the only problem with it uses a LOT of battery. Maybe on Apple watch its different but I think it they had an option for an ambient display it would save a lot of battery.
>is it even waterproof ?
Essentially it's "water resistant" and passes the "IPX7" test: Protection against temporary immersion in water (at depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes)
But they say not to immerse it

>Hows the battery life ?
Obviously it depends on how often you use it, but I find it's pretty good. I use it overnight to track sleeping/wake up alarm, running with the GPS on, and use the microphone/touch screen regularly. I charge it when I take a shower every day. It's not enough to fully charge it though, so it takes a few days to a week for it to hit 0%, then I charge it for a few hours back up to 100%.
>Your Band isn’t intended to be worn in the shower or tub. Remove it before showering or bathing.

I think I will just keep my basis peak for now.
>Water-resistant to 5 ATM so it’s safe for swimming.

All I really want is notifications on my wrist, I don't care to reply to them from my wrist, using that stupidly small screen is a waste of time.
I can probably go nearly a week with the basis peak before I drain the battery. up[dates on it seem to come consistently, recently there was one about increased accuracy of BPM and calories

Obviously not in the same sort of market as the band or other smartwatch,

>im happy with it for now
I have the 360. You can't put music on it.

Really they are a bit of a gimmick and not too useful yet.
It is cool being able to screen calls from my wrist and send/reply to messages along with notifications but for most people it will hardly be useful.

When I don't use it for work ( sync notes from phone, I need alot of PO numbers handy when dealing with people ) I might only use it a few times a day, but it's super convenient when I do.
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"i hand craft all of my clothing like a real human bean"
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I got the one on the left. Ask me anything.
Does it even work
So, I got mine half off and it made work easier. That's the only reason I got mine.

I don't care for the sport band. It doesn't breathe well. The backing of the watch is uncomfortable.

The fitness stuff is fun.

The speaker is way too quiet. It's not worth getting the first gen model of this watch.

It can't pull up information from apps unless it's close to the phone. There's no actual personal information stored on the watch safe for pictures and what apps are installed to interact with the phone.
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I did.
The sapphire crystal version comes in both chrome and jet black.
The black was still too shiny and I didn't like it, I really liked the matte black aluminum because it matched my phone and my motorcycle
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