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Apple products are all beta products.
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Apple products are all beta products.

Operating systems:
Yosemite - Lags like piece of shit, graphical user interface is sloppy
El Capitan - Another fast release OS with more features, this time they tried to correct problems in Betamite, some people report having wireless bugs on it.

Macbook - single port mac, with shit cpu and no replaceable parts.

Macbook pro 13"- Just a minor update and price rise. woow it's fucking nothing (they are stalling in making something interesting)

Macbook pro 15" - Gets uncomfortably hot when doing really heavy work on 15". Some models throttle.

iMacs - Only high ends are actually worth something but not for the price of 3 grand, problem with boot camp and having to use specific Apple drivers apparently. (on windows)

iPad pro - Tablet with no real professional programs and locked down piece of shit OS. Doesn't even come with pen. Just iPad with bigger screen and better specs with "pro" joke slapped on product name. Yes, base model doesn't even have 3g/Lte how can it even have a "pro" on it

iPhone 6S - let's face it, the 3D touch is gimmick bullshit and you very rarely use it, you paid for this beta test with battery life and increase in weight. Most problems lies in iOS which is too locked down piece of shit.


Apple watch - niche product with shit battery and needs phone to get best of it. Stupid, inconvenient and expensive.

Apple pen - A 99 dollar pen accessory for thousand dollar "pro" tablet.

iOS - Locked down piece of shit.
>Needs iTunes to transfer music onto it
>Apple music advertisements all over music app, even when disabled the user interface has been turned to clusterfuck.
>no customisation
>locked down to only Apple store apps.
>Kimoji being one of top paid (1st to 10th place in most countries) apps tells lot about mentality of iPhone users:

Why are you dumb fucks paying for beta testing?
Are you blind to see decline in quality?
Lmao look at this poorfag
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I do have macbook pro and iPhone 6S. That doesn't make me "richfag" though.
>posting old news on /g/
Neo /g/ doesn't care about that anon. All they want to have is the newest shiny device.
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Learn to shit in a fucking toilet, Sanjay.
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Apple pen
>Apple pen

I'd rather use an apple computer than a windows-based poorfagtron 2000.

A beta product beats the fuck out of your indian trash.
So yeah.
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you eat shit from your hands and pay for beta testing. I don't have anything else to say to you.

Everything Apple has done in 2015 has been beta test or money grab.

>being this booty tickled

just stick to your cheap chink phones anon
you obviously don't fit the target demographic

i use both android and apple
there is no reason for exclusivity in 2016

i use apple products in my kindergarten classes
ease of use (even a 3 year doesn't need instructions)
& always remember
locked down ios gets all the newest apps first no matter what
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What indian trash?
I don't think I mentioned Microsoft or windows-based machine in any way here.

Your Apple shit is made by Chinese and assembled by 12 year olds in China like most computers.

Besides,I am posting from mid 2014 macbook pro you moron.
Nice virtual machine

10/10 Will contact you for further shilling
Iphones are free on contracts, and I'd say about 80% of consumers take a contract to save 500 on a phone
cool down jewnichi
Hey, dipshit. That phone you get on contract isn't free. You pay for it with your contract. Fucking idiot.
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Taken with 64gb iShit 6S. Hope they cut off audio jack next because muh thinness
I don't understand. Why would you buy two Apple products when you don't like them. Are you some sort of autist or are you lying. You aren't lying on the internet anon, are you?
>Everything Apple has done in 2015 has been beta test or money grab.

How do you explain El Capitan then, an OS that was focused on polishing and refinement while still being free?
I've had plenty of laptops.
Asus zenbook - Hinge problem
Asus G751 - network dropping
Lenovo x220 - worked fine.

This macbook pro is old, I don't dislike it but for the price it's quite shit, I will probably sell this one and try out one of those dell xps machines or something else. iPhone 6S is boring and too locked down. I want to try upcoming Android phones. Phone I got for free but I fell for macbook pro meme
>beta products
>still better than then competition
must be hard desu
They had no choice but to polish that laggy/crappy piece of shit that was yosemite because it was driving people away from Apple computers. El Capitan could have just be an update to Yosemite. Windows 7,8 and 10 and linux distributions all works smoother than El Capitan, even have better window management.
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