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I'm actually considering boutin Creative Aurvana Live Headphones for gaming and music, and been told that it doesn't make sense to buy these without a proper DAC (it was in a YT video so it might be bs). Is it true and what is a sensible price to buy this device for? I'm from Eastern Europe and even though I'm not too poor, I don't want to blow a shitload of cash on it.
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What are some open-back alternatives to something like MDR-V6's (what I currently own) that are in about the same price range ($80-120)?

Are AKG K240's good? What's the difference between the MK 2 K240's and ordinary one?
Grado SR-80
Sup, /hpg/.

>the scoop

I have a year old pair of 250ohm DT 770's with a detachable cable mod and swapped out 250 drivers for 80ohm drivers the other day since I fucked up the 250's modding the cable and I had bought 80ohm cans from Guitar Center to steal the drivers and ear pads. They are decent, but I'd like a NEW pair of 250's. Returned the 80ohm headphones back to Guitar Center for a full refund -$18 tax. But paying $18 for 80ohm drivers isn't so bad I guess.

>the plan

Order a new pair of 250ohm DT 770's from Amazon, swap out the good pair for my old ones (With the original coiled cable attached), and return them for full price claiming it was a false purchase.

I'd only spend how ever much it is to ship them back to Amazon.

Would this work? How well does Amazon check their returned shit so much that they dissemble the headphones to see the insides? I doubt it.
Always remember
Never Forget

HD 598 > DT 770
I just got HD650's and Dragonfly 2.0 (only [paid 70 for it)
Right now the cans are directly plugged in the Dragonfly is it true though I can some kind of external amp to make them louder?
I tried using my 25 year old Onkyo but I think it's starting to go bad cuz I get major crackling noises.
I wanna spend around a $100
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what's next?
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So, /g/, I'm curious, how's the AKG situation? i read multiple times that they're pretty good and pretty neutral, which is something I'd like in contrast to my DT770. But I also read that quality of AKG went downhill somewhat because they started outsourcing their manufacturing or something.

At particular, I looked at the K272 (a bit expensive for my tastes, is it worth it?), K612 & K551. The latter two are extremely cheap in Germoney so I'm somewhat tempted. The K551 say something about microphone and Apple controls, so that scares me off somewhat. I would like some

I'm curious, how different are these from the V6? I got a pair of V6 and am just wondering whether I should treasure them like a newborn or if they're easily replaced by a pair of 7506?
I don't know how well it work, but probably not. Also you should probably maw some lawns instead, kiddo.
The next step is naturally the M50x.

>maw some lawns

the fuck are you talking about
>When western artists try to draw anime.

Jesus Christ, where's that arm coming from?
So that you could earn the money for the headphones.
Do I really need a DAC? Can you really hear the difference or is it all placebo?
>I'm curious, how different are these from the V6? I

I can hardly tell the difference.

Really? Aren't those just an exaggerated version?
>I can hardly tell the difference
That's a relief, thanks.
>non-audiophile brother tries my K551s
>says it sounds like he's "listening through a piece of fabric"

You'd be fine with even a $60-70 DAC (price of decent parts and reasonable build quality). Anything beyond that is just placebo. Or you could listen to shills that honestly believe there's a difference in sound between a $1000 DAC and a $60 one.
Why is that fuckin ugly vietnamese cartoon girl wearing my headphones?
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1 MB, 1959x1469
What's a good headamp dac combo? I don't plan to use USB interface on the DAC, not a fan of proprietary drivers or finnicky USB audio in general.
So, I got myself a pair of DT880, the 250 ohm version. If I plug them directly into my motherboard I can get them to ear-bleeding high volume levels, usually, in Windows I usually stick to ~35% volume. Would I still profit from an amp and/or dac?
Looking to get some headphones for about £200.

I was thinking of getting a Beyer Dynamic DT 880 Pro and don't mind stretching to a small part over £200.

Any ideas /g/.
MDR-7506 -> MDR-V6 -> MDR-7510 -> MDR-1R MDR-7520 -> MDR-1A -> MDR-Z7

Also from 7506 to 7510, not too hard make same:
An earphones guide that is less out of date than the one that constantly gets posted. Comments appreciated.

There's a lot difference between the v6/7506 and the 1R and Z7.
I have MDR-V6 and got MDR-7506 for xmas. They sound a lot more different than I thought. I honestly thought I would not be able to tell just for being a retarded. But, I got the velour pads, the soft kind not the plastic shit, when it came apart.

Do the pads effect the sound at all? I rather just wait untill these pads start to come apart cos i'm jewish
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MDR-MA900 seriously, DT 880 Pro is not for ordinal home user and you need AMP/DAC so it is not "small part over £200".

I meant I can spend a bit over £200 for the headphones then the amp is separate, apologies for that.
also I can never find the pads on amazon, and it's no longer in my order history. a nice anon once linked me to a soft ones and sheepskin ones. if i find them i will link, still looking.
>There's a lot difference between the v6/7506 and the 1R and Z7.
Probably, yes.
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Why do you have such a small amplifier?
cuz it works and satifies my minimalistic pleases
Wouldn't you feel better with a proper one though?
no, normal amps take up space and the resolution improved compared to my previous setup

i had a denon pma520 and pro-ject usb box s before

the maia all in one amp is great for my needs
>the resolution improved

That has nothing to do with the amplifier anon. You're thinking of a sound card or digital audio converter.
and so what? have you tried the maia amp/headphone-amp/dac?
If you're looking among those headphones, buy the AKG K612. It's seriously good for the price.
>fucked up home
>TOTL headphones

Expected of a true placebofag.

nice setup. Where'd you get that cable? Also, are there any downsides to the X2?
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2 MB, 3264x1836
It's so sad people don't post their setup more often.

How do you like the X2's?
i had x1 before. they broke on me on the hinge and i sent them in for guarantee repair. X2 came back, man i was happy as fuck.

other than that, it really is noticably improved, soundwise and builtwise

but the downside on the hinge still remains, it's a plastic screw which is connecting the cups to the frame

other than that, it's a really great headphone, just don't drop it ^^

the cable is from amazon:
that looks like a garage, anon
>fucked up mancave

Never do that.
No? What? What does that have to do with anything?
the maia is everything

>SNR > -90dB (IEC -D)
You can buy MDR-Z7 ¥42000-45000(about $320 - 350 from japan) but sadly I can't find at this momet cheap than 49000 http://kakaku.com/item/K0000698868/ is it little over your buget?
Also MDR-Z1000
Ok, I'll post my poorfag setup.

No noise at max volume, btw
if by everything you mean gay
What does everyone think of Marley headphones? I like their construction with wood casings and fabric but I'm not sure they're the best bang for my buck. After all, audio quality is the most important thing when it comes to headphones.

Anyone own them or try them out?
I had a pair of the in ears about a year ago and they broke with in the first week. They sounded like shit anyway.
plz respond
That's because you didn't smoke enough ganja.
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>wearing headphones with the earcups reversed
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The people with actually good setups tend not to post because these threads are generally shit.
Tips for cleaning ear pads? I have a pair of HD518s that are getting a bit nasty
>250 ohm
Wont hear shit without an amp or DAC
Lysol wipe if leather, brush off grime with a toothbrush or something if fabric
HD650 > all other sennheiser headphones
uh, those are kinda shit man. I wouldnt even call those high fidelity headphones
Are you refering to loudness only? Because, as I said, at 35 in the Windows volume control panel they are loud enough. Higher than 50 would probably blow my ear drums.
which amp should I use to make my mx50's suitable for gaming ?

in terms of price/performance I believe this is true

but in absolute terms it is probably the HD800

im not including the electrostats because they're awkward
100 dollarydoos, with a bit of wiggle room
>Requirements for Isolation
>Preferred Type of Headphone
>Preferred tonal balance
neutral, with good soundstaging
>Past headphones
Superlux HD668b
>Preferred Music
vidya gaems
I posted in the last thread, but basically I have a pair of ATH-M50x's and I need a dac/amp beacuse my onboard shit the bed. Any ideas of what I should get?
alright /g/
what would be best upgrade?, currently have Shure SRH440

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x
2. Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones
3. Sennheiser HD 558

problem with current headphones is volume is low even at MAX.
I need a pair of bluetooth headphones for the gf. Refuse to buy shitty beats or skullcandy, but running out of options with it this close to the holidays. Don't mind something showing up after, I just want to make sure they aren't fucking pathetic.
If they're super quiet then you could just get an amp and that'd make them louder. If you really need a new pair I'd go for the 598s.
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