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Did you ever fuck with your school's...
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Did you ever fuck with your school's computers/technology?

>Old thread hit 300 limit.
>Went into the sever room... runs Windows.
>Turns off all the servers using the power switch
>Runs away.
It went so crazy. Even the dumb IT workers cannot find a way to just flip that switch. The IT Workers were just baiting to put Windows 8 and Google Botnet shit.
>In last year of highschool
>Webfilter blocks most websites
>Tell everyone in the class that I know how to bypass it
>Write simple program to start up a hidden bitcoin miner and start firefox with a proxy enabled
>mfw entire computer class is making me money
>booted up Ubuntu from a pendrive on a PC in the computer lab
>copied the files where XP stores password information into a pendrive
>went home, downloaded XP rainbow tables
>used 'password recovery' software to extract the admin password
>back in school, installed airmouse
>control mouse from iPod touch
>12 years old (year 7 britbong high school)
>Gained access to DOS by being a master haxor of the highest regard
>Sent a netsend round to all the computers saying "LOL"
>Get called in for a meeting with parents
>They try to tell me parents I was hacking the network
>My dad is an IT guy and laughs in their face and tells them how stupid they are and I was just testing stuff
>Instead of suspending me they let me do my ICT GCSE 3 years early
How many BTC did you end up with? 1? 2?

fukkin trashed
About 0.02
Felt good anon.
Had a bunch of portable games that I copied to a network drive. For some reason they couldn't be launched off the drive so me and the friends all copied the games folder down to the computers we were using. It was the end of the year so we spent the whole day dicking around playing games. By the end of the day the folder had been duplicated at least 100 times all over the school.

That was all well until they tried to backup the schools data (they had a few scripts and a shitty external drive, small school) and it took over 7 hours. Ended up getting called to the office over it.

Then there's the time I used all the boxes available to me at university to mine bitcoins. Managed to raise the temp on a floor by over 5C.
GCSE r sick m8
reposting since thread started saging after my post

my school had a mac lab separate from the library, i guees it was for the typing class but they let teachers reserve it because there wasnt a typing class that year

>english teacher takes us there to work on senior year thesis paper
>dont feel like working so start browsing whats in the mac
>find all the computers that are connected to the network
>figure out which ones are in the mac lab
>notice remote connection is possible
>connect to random one and start clicking out of windows and then disconnect
>connect to another and open hella programs
>people freak about 'ghost computer' but no one is taking it seriously
>show friend sitting next to me how to do it
>friend opens up safari for someone, googles 'osama porn' (this was like after he died)
>everyone laughs
>mess with everyones computer for days

>start remote connecting from other computers at school during classes
>school thinks its a problem now
>tells librarians since they double as IT
>whole school no longer able to go to mac lab
>library macs
>cant remote connect

>No one thought it was a virus? It had to be a ghost?
because stuff was moving on its own, it has to be a ghost
not school, but Macs on display at retail stores.

>turn up volume to max
>open terminal
>type "wait 30; say penis penis penis penis ....(infinity)"
>hit enter
>casually walk away and observe from a distance
>9 years ago
>school is using windows 2000 computers
>create a script on almost all computers to kill explorer.exe at random times
>create scripts to restart the computers after a random delay of 1sec to 15 min after they open a shortcut of my choice
>a few days later the IT crew is running rescue CD's on all computers
>borrow all classmates computers at some time to give me access to their files
>fuck around with home page
ITT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rj3ub9f0fAk
>15 yr old
>pretend to be super hacker to make friends
>they ask for me to hack the school
>"y-yeah sure... no problem"
1 week bypasses
>walk by teachers desk
>notice the login info for the program used to enter grades on a sticky note
>stealthy spaghettily pull it off and place in my pocket
>wait a few days
>go to web design class and sit in secluded corner like usual
>enter the login info for the site
>change some peoples grades slighty (it was restricted to whoever shared the same teacher as me cause it was just their info)
>tell them
>make many friends
>people eventually begin to pay me/ buy lunch for me in trade for grade changing
>no body ever found out
>thats how it played out in my head
while true; do say penis; done

Mostly just randomly shutting computers off in teh library, got called in to the office for "hacking" after some bitchy librarian caught me in the terminal.

Me and some friends set up CS portable on the main backup computer senior year, so we could play whenever we wanted on any computer in the school
My friend's high school used primarily Macs and thus, had laptop carts full of MBA's. He found out some way to essentially boot the computer straight into a root terminal and create a new local administrative account for the machine so he had unlimited hardware/network access.
nothing because i was a retard in high school

that spent my days playing cubefield at lunch
>get dem credentials
>get every test in advance
>last year of high school 2010
>bring thumbdrive full of porn and viruses to school
>sneak into server room
>dumbass IT guy always leaves his comp on without a password
>insert USB
>download everything onto the servers
>within 30 minutes every computer in the building has flashing CLAIM YOUR PRIZE popups while simultaneously having slideshows of digusting fetish porn flashing by
>it took 4 hours for the IT crew to clean most of it up
>some of it still left over
>nearly everyone laughed their asses off all day
>save for the retard feminists who got offended and their beta white knights
>some of the shit never got cleaned up so throughout the rest of the year random popups and porn would appear

Good times. I miss high school.
Reposting my story from old thread
>library had 30 user computers and 1 admin computer at the librarian's desk
>librarian went to take a shit
>admin left their fucking password on a sticky note under the keyboard
>dicked around on their comp and it turns out it had a RDC
>remote deleted all system32s on user computers
>nobody ever shut off those computers so over the course of 6 months I would slowly reboot each one I'd used
>by the end of the year 23/30 computers had paper with "OUT OF ORDER" scribbled on them and taped to the CRT monitor
It was glorious the whole ride, each month two more computers were out of service
>be in school
>install Quake 3
>install Duke 3D
>spread both over the lan
>play the shit out of them
>forget where they were due to obfuscated folder names
Sweet times.

>decide to browse the net a little
>everything is blocked, even google image search
>decide to bypass filters
>do so
>tell teacher about the vulnerability because he's cool
>tells me that kids nowadays are too retarded to abuse it anyway
>tease classmates with blocked resources
>proceed to browse resources that are not blocked anyway
I still don't know why I did that.
I'm doing engineering projects for my university.
I'm fucking with my school's computers/technology as we speak.

Yes, OP

>computer lab
>school have some t-link routers with the default password
>change dns
>Man in the middle
>get them passwords
>school have webpage
>connect to school lan
>computers have xp
>le h4x0r
>get dem credentials
>all the machines have the same admin password
>do nothing
>still have acess (backdoor)

wat do?
Thanks for telling us how, Anon!
tor exit with no restrictions
Can someone explain DNS + MiTM exploits to me?
File: Main_the_middle.jpg (72 KB, 569x316) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 569x316
i did in 9th grade
>went to high school for the first time
>youtube blocked
>used tor all the time to watch youtube
>once got routed through russia and saw russian ad
Oldfag checking in -- when I was in school, they dropped 100K (in 80's dollars) on getting a slew of Apple II's into the junior high and high school...

Then locked them in a room and threw away the key because they were too expensive to risk letting kids use them. Ah, school logic...

The laugh being this was SO late in the Apple II's life cycle, I had a 286 clone at home.

This was the same school system that switched from F's to E's because F had the negative connotation of failure, which is why the report cards read "E - Failure".

I can remember my old man thinking I was faking report cards because "What the hell is an E". Laugh is, it gave me the idea to...

Print fake report cards and sell them to kids at school... Laugh is I had access to a daisy-wheel printer just like the school used, and was easily able to match the cheap ass paper ... by swiping a box of it from storage.
I know the basic idea explained in the pic, but how do you execute the DNS attack?
>getting F's in school
Stole RAM.
change the dns in the routers webpage, redirect all the traffic to your dns.
as simple as that
2 stories one from 7th other from 11th
>Start to get into comps at home
>Sign up for only tech related class, mostly learning how to use spreadsheet or some shit
>windows 2000
>All computers in specific room have semi-admin privelage
>ms-dos blocked
>open word place dos file
>open dos from word all year
>Shut down other comps from my pc
>Never get caught
>whenever teachers would do presentations i would shut it down
>never tell anyone about it
>never gain popularity
>boring story
Happens when your grades are based more on the teacher than the subject; my report card was great -- A E A E A E, with nothing in-between and no rhyme or reason with what subjects failed and which passed from year to year.

Well, other than music -- straight A's there.

Just further proved to me what a giant pile of bullshit school is after sometime around the 6th grade. They should just call it what it is:

Forgot to type up second story. Not going to.
When I was in school, I stole one stick of RAM from each dual channel desktop PC I could.
>school gave each of us a macbook
>they have school-installed spyware that gives them remote access (like vnc), as well as keylogging
>made by some shitty third world company

>bet IT guy that I can disable it
>says ok

>on OSX, there's system and user configs, user configs take presidence over system
>create /Users/student/Library/Application\ Support/Spyware
>copy /System/Library/Application\ Support/Spyware/config.plist to /Users/student/Library/Application\ Support/Spyware/config.plist

>spyware process isn't running
>show IT guy
>become bros
is it legal to do this?
I wouldn't accept that "gift"
it's not our property. no different than doing that on computer lab computers except we're allowed to take them home. had to turn them in when we graduate, or we can buy them and they reset to the apple default without spyware
I got a laptop from my school as well, the lockdown was pretty good but... I called the manufacturer and got the default bios password for the laptop and overrode the password they set. So I could boot from USB and after that they didn't stand a chance.
our macbooks had a firmware password, which only a few people in the state knew. there was a defect that let you bypass the firmware password by booting with one stick of ram removed, but I never really had a reason to.
we got also some hp laptop, just installed debian on it and it all worked fine
Good job.
Kind of, but not really.
>middle school
>we were all little shits
>me and my friends would run magnets over the computer monitors
>colors would go all weird where we put the magnets
>get scolded, luckily no long term damage


>still in middle school
>still a little shit
>Me and my friends would steal the little balls in all the mice
>school gets pissed we had a huge school meeting in the gym
>keep stealing them
>school realises they can't win and switches to laser mice
>never got found out

one more

>high school
>in computer lab
>I pick the computer in the back corner
>class is doing boring graphing stuff
>hop on a free proxy and surf porn
>teacher immediately comes over and shuts off my computer
>everyone's staring at me
>turns out I picked the computer that was connected to the projector
>everyone knows im into preg porn
>get detention for the next two weeks

luckily the next week some kid shit his pants in front of the whole school and it took the heat off me.
bash: say: command not found

Mac only?
who the fucks search porn in the school?
it's a mac built in, there's speech tools on linux though, just typically not built in
This is a good method: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=skiddie+dns+spoof
>a disgusting fetish
>browsing porn in school
>being a spaz and not paying attention to what your PC was connected to

Jesus, I can't hold all of this cringe.
So you need access to the router?
That last one, you are fucking retarded sir.
CETHv7 or v8 is a good start
No, you fucking idiot. Look here >>42640755
> school went all digital
got these
> screenshots taken each hour
> keylogger
> camera access (front and back)
> vnc
> access files
> access stored passwords

So, what I did:
> get the administrator password used to setup all the tablets
> sell admin password for $5 a tablet
> I would change their "Administrator" password (not one used to setup but the actual host machine of course)
The main reason people bought the pass for me was so they could play games and install pirated copies of MS Office (which I also sold)

As for my own tablet,
> wiped drive
> installed ubuntu

I still wish I could have found the password to the tablet controller thing... Anyway we had to return the tablet at the end of the year and the IT department was not happy I had installed linux lol
underage b& detected
>Have a whole bunch of 512 MB Sticks of RAM
>Swap them all out for 2 GB Sticks
>sold them to a few friends/put them in my own computers
>mfw the computers ran like shit for the rest of my high schooling because vista
This sounds like something only a europoor would do. Please tell me I'm right.
I used that comment that made your screen turn 90 degrees on every computer on about 20 computers. It was CTRL + 6 or something.
>be inna high school
>be basically before smart phones existed
>everyone has flip phones/etc
>figure out you can send texts via email with gifs and sound
>create gif of meatspin along with "You spin me right round" sound clip
>send from email to txt
>you can now get meatspinned from opening a txt
>send to a few friends as a joke
>this spreads like wildfire throughout the school
>after a couple of weeks it has pretty much spread to the whole school
>occasionally hear it playing from someones phone in the halls
>got these chrome books in highschool
>installed ubuntu 12.04 and set up a vpn
>goes onto facebook and ninjakiwi
>it works
>charge my class mates $20 a computer for me to crack it
>make almost two grand over the year
>faggot demanded i tell him how to do it, guy was a little shit, i say no
>he goes full autistic screaming fit, goes to the office
>i get expelled for 2 days as the school scrambles to figure out what it is and who has it
>The whole district goes on a witch hunt, speculation of underground "hacker" group, i wasn't the only one to do this.
>top kek
Where are the hackers? A good amount of these are
>Lel, they left a password lying around and I logged in
They all have awesome jobs and don't browse /g/ in their free time, like you and I do.
I too did this...
Not a great story, but the only thing I did in high school that I got in trouble for.

>10th grade, 2010
>in C++ class, and in order for our programs to work that run via the command prompt, the school had to give our user accounts additional permissions
>our school has a few drives, the user drive (H:/), shared drive (S:/), teacher drive (T:/), etc.
> while I could just right-click and delete all the files in the shared drive, it took a LONG time
> write C++ program that just deletes whatever directory I type the letter in for, also for shits and gigs it beeps
>i didn't care to understand why, but it deletes the drives contents, in seconds, a LOT faster than the right clicking

Now, I was dumb, and I did it on my own user account, so they could see 2012lastnamefirstinitial deleted the files. I did intend to use someone else's login
>had a second file where people typed in their username and password and said it would remove their internet block, it stored it in a random garbage named text file.

High school was a much better life than I have now, and you don't hear that that much.

also, i only got 3 days of In School Suspension, 1 day taken off because I guess sitting in there and actually doing schoolwork as opposed to being a little shit in the room means I got off early on good behavior.
>have fat teacher
>huge feminist
>one day she forgets to log off
>go to her email and send an email to the principal, declaring he is a nigger
>copy internet explorer over and over all over the desktop
>clear browser history, no history no proof i was there.
>Sky darkens as the atmospere explosively decompresses in the direction of the mass
>desks and walls pulled from the earth and flows to the direction at mach speed
>a student is pulled like a noodle as te gravic grandient reached an asymtote and the atoms themselves are stretched
>time dilation allows me enough time to turn my face
>at first i see nothing, no light escapes the event horizon
>a voice booms from the darkness
>I'm about to get sucked into the portal, i endure a 10 minute psychedelic light show
>principal comes running in, shoots mass
>she does a triple backflip with tuck and pike and lands in dogshit
>she dies
>and pisses herself
>and farts the star wars theme song
>go to hack another day
Back in the day, I think the only real big deal we ever managed was to upload a modified version of Quake onto the school/district network where literally anyone logged into a computer could run it, then proceeded to lag out said network for weeks. At that point I was honestly surprised they'd caught on at all. We're talking upwards of 36 people in the school playing Quake simultaneously at times, there was talk of organizing a tourney.

Besides that, all I ever did was boot machines in Edgy on occasion so I could use Open Office because I saved a document improperly.
I was going to call you underageb& for being in grade 10 in 2010.

Where has the time gone?
straight into 4chan.
I used to punch the front of the computer to knock out the CD drives and just pull shit out. Then I'd sell it on eBay.

One day they put CCTV in all of the IT rooms.
My high school made all the admin and wifi passwords the same so as soon as the wifi password got leaked this one kid logged into the servers and messed with stuff. He only got suspended for 2 weeks.
"say" on linux is "espeak

espeak penis
you mean "yes penis | espeak -s 250"
Even better would be this applescript:
delay 30
repeat forever times
set volume 10
say "penis"
end repeat

Save as an application in Script Editor, set as startup item if you can and run it.

Good luck doing all this without someone noticing you doing it.
>set up cgi proxy to get around school filter
>put rotating password for only my friends and i
>wrong password gets goatse
>browse edgy websites for the time like totse and fark

>years later IT tells me they knew about my proxy but they liked me so it was fine

oh and

>created very basic keylogger
>installed it on a couple computers
>hid process as official windows-looking binary
>it works
>i never did anything with the captured data. it was just an experiment
>year later see tray icon for some cnet botnet keylogger on like all the computers
>notify IT and the kid gets suspended
In 8th grade I made a batch file with notepad to open CMD. Then I thought it'd be a good idea to use netsend command, and tried to send it to only 1 other user (my friend). I fucked up and it sent it to every single user account (about 1300 students + staff). And it also came back on the persons account on on each computer in the school if they hadn't logged onto it after the netsend before.

Ended up having my account blocked, and went to see the IT coordinator. As I walked into his office he took one look at me, laughed, shook his head, unblocked my account and said "Go back to class anon..."
>tfw IT is a bro
File: rott-2.jpg (2 MB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1600x1200
>1996 ~ 1998
>had dial up at home
>downloaded full version copy of Rise Of The Triad
>was going to private christian school
>tiny ass computer lab
>installed Rise Of The Triad on all the computers
>first lan party during class while teacher was away
>was a good day
Let's see...
Net send, yep, we used that on purpose to send obnoxious messages to entire classrooms. In the end, the admins had to restrict its use.

I personally would scan the network for open telnet machines, log in to them (all HP laser printers) and disable both networking and whatever else I could find. Ended up shutting down half the printers for 2 weeks, never got caught.

Was accused of hacking for using google and wikipedia instead of the provided sites that the school had paid subscriptions to (Grolier Encyclopedia, for instance).

I'd put up copies of half-life deathmath and the original counter-strike on the shared drive, letting there be multiple deathmatches going on during the lunch periods. At one point, there was easily 3-4 games with 16/16 people. Apparently those shared files are still on that network in one way or another, 10 years later.
ye. looped a net send * in a .bat script and caused all the computers in the library to crash. got a three day suspension iirc.
Let's see..., Well I had the advantage of knowing Batch and how to view and change the source of a web page, so everyone thought I was a 1337 h4x0r, I also got into circuits and electrical engineering at the time and made a bunch circuits that people were impressed with (I mean making a 1-bit adder with transistors at 13 has to count for something, right?)
I took an online psychology class in high school, and I used to use TOR to get onto Facebook and a few other sites during class. The teacher was baffled but she never yelled at me for it.

We also sneaker-netted around Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and San Andreas onto at least 40% of the school's computers. It was a small school. Looked like a Gulag. Sometimes I miss that place, and sometimes I don't miss getting lunch off a fold-up table.
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>tfw favourite computer in the lab isn't working
>me and a bro open it
>reseat the ram and hdd
>close computer
>get yelled at for opening the computer
> teachers face when it worked
>back in 2007
>2nd year of aprenticeship
>had cnc-programming (manual like 1930)
>25 students but only 24 workstations
>connected one single pc to the network
>atached power and DVI
>mfw werks fine
>two days later, it staff called me, i did bad for crumbeling network infrastructure
>told them: i connected a pc via network which is using DHCP all along, if it not should happen that it connects, it should not connect.
>adminsface: woot
>told them this is crap, hire better people for this retard network
>mfw principal and classteacher listend the whole conversation
>got blue-letter from school
>rejoind school in 2012 for further education.
> still the same admin and still the same shitload of networking
>Be me
>Be 15 years old
>Great interest in technology, want to learn
>Download Cain & Abel, cus want teachers pass, so I can write funny messages on the website and info displays
>Poison couple of local IPs, actually get a hotmail account with no encrypted pass(based microsoft)
>whole school network crashes, over 120 students don't have access to internet
>get chased by some people who knew it was me
>reset computer, IP, everything on a toilet, while screaming for my life, cus they wanna put brooms up my ass
>our "IT professional" doesn't know shit, never get caught by any teachers

Got another one:
>freshman year
>computer lab
>open CDROM drive for shits
>notice rubber band inside
>knock it out, launch it at the person beside me
>close CDROM drive because teacher
>it dosent open again

>end of freshman year
>not a single CDROM drive that works
>never found out
File: vhs-art.jpg (101 KB, 474x570) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101 KB, 474x570

Why not:

>sophmore year
>liveboot all the leenucks
>never booted windoze once
>IT catches on
>"Why have you never signed into your account?"
> quickly retaliate "I have, there must be some issue with the logs or something"
>he believes it
>full install Lubuntu from USB by accident
>"oh well, it'll be windoze again by next day"
>mfw its not
>mfw IT didn't notice

Highschool was fun...
Definitely Underage
I did that once. I was expelled.
Around 2002-2003 someone discovered a nasty bug in the Windows 2000 console that if you repeatedly printed backspace character it sometimes overwrote some critical section in memory and actually BSODded the machine in less than a second. I compiled a simple program that exploited this and left it on the desktops of several computers with the title "RUN THIS EXCITING PROGRAM!", caps and all. For several weeks I observed dozens of people BSODding their computers while trying to figure out what that thing was. Some didn't learn and kept repeatedly running it.
>be in middle school
>H:/ is shared drive
>make a batch chat client
>mfw 40 users online
>the "chat room" was really a file on H:/ being read/written
>me and friend delete all contents
>replace with "This is the principal, everyone on this chatroom will be suspended!"
>landwhale in the back of class throws desktop
>entire schools in shock
>top kek
'Shitload' just means 'a lot', not 'bad'.

I received a shitload of money this month. This does not mean that the money was bad in any way.
My school had just upgraded to Win95. I found out (completely by accident) that if you went to the applications folder, Ctrl-A, Ctrl-M, Ctrl-A, Ctrl-M, ... about ten times, then Ctrl-A [Enter], the computer would instantly shit itself.

Naturally, I immediately shared this wondrous discovery with all my classmates. Y'know, for the lulz. Chaos immediately ensued, leaving me free to play Chip's Challenge completely unnoticed 'til the end of class.
File: 1305975847663.jpg (28 KB, 484x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 484x400
>>make a batch chat client
>>mfw 40 users online
>>the "chat room" was really a file on H:/ being read/written
mfw i did this too
Not really a school story and didn't do it in purpose but when I was in 7th grade I was at my local library waiting for my ride, I got bored and started looking up books on there computers when I accidentally type in a, this was a pretty old system they had and so if you typed in something it's going to match it with every word in every book they had. Well doing that caused it to look for every book that had the letter a in it which froze every computer on that network. Unfortunately I got caught but they didn't do anything though, took a few hours to bring them back up.
They stored all the user accounts files on a some shares I could access.
They then fucked up permissions on those, which gave me access to most of the accounts files.

Accessing the shares required the use of a shell, but they were nice enough to leave me that.
>be on an IT education
>do a random port scan of school network
>find some interesting open ports
>try some random ones
>mfw default xampp page
>no passwords were changed
>go to phpmyadmin... no password needed
>download the whole userdatabase of the school site
>have everyone's phone number, adress, password (md5)

i later found out that that laptop was a teachers laptop that had a backup of the database because they were working on the site back then...

Needless to say a few months later i found a blind SQLi in a page a teacher made where we could do english tests.
I did this too, teachers were very confused and sometimes would tape "OUT OF ORDER" signs over the monitor because they couldn't fix it. Good times.
>arrive early for presentation with other tech savvy friend
>boot school computer
>zillions of power points in the desktop
>throw them all in the auto start directory
>power it down
>presentations start
>our sides leave orbit
You were expelled for that shit? Lol
File: 1398225000304.gif (2 MB, 235x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 235x180
This was last year.
> be me
> go into computer lab surrounded by kids
> go into the SC:\ drive, look into the directories
> all of the fucking schools accounts are in that drive
> log out and log back into the principals account (i watched her type in her username/password before)
> go back into the SC:\ drive
> del/ SC:\accounts
> watch as everyone gets locked out of their computers
> the teachers faces when
Yep. Private schools, name was Archbishop Molloy High School.
What kind of retarded school expells a student for installing shit on their computer? Get the fucking IT guy to kill that shit

Oh wow
File: 1397344047146.png (108 KB, 1196x898) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108 KB, 1196x898
>on campus network
>Cain&Abel + WireShark + unsecure connection = free Cookies
>free access to everyone's FB
>list everyone's IP and name in a .txt
>never actually do anything
>friends wants in on it
>show them how to do it
>need to make step by step guide
>all of the sudden a massive outcry about hackers on campus ground
"its the internet like just close the screen nigger like walk away"
>everyone is going abeshit
>IT department is clueless
>friends are pretending to be "anonyimouse"
>lose interest in IT
It was fun messing around and see what actually could be done with a compromised network, but that shit was just too much.

old fags will know

> Ping of death
> on Windows 95

> NET SEND in a batch file with a recursive call
> on Windows XP (< SP2)
They are just paranoid I guess
Eh, Jamaica is a shitty neighborhood to commute to every day anyway.
yeah, you went there ?
File: 1391931591149.jpg (97 KB, 626x460) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97 KB, 626x460
>Be in highschool.
>Junior Year.
>Have flash drive with some movies on it.
>Me and a friend of mine decide to upload some of those to the shared folder in a hidden location.
>MFW all of my friends would be bored and I would just lean over and tell them to watch a movie from the shared folder.
>This becomes a sort of cloud.
>Goody-twoshoes kid finds it and deletes it because were in school and not supposed to be goofing off.
Nah, know of it though.
Oh man this shit takes me back. I was at a private Christian school basically my whole time at school.

> In primary school
> IT was literally 1 guy at the time, so there was no accounts for each student
> there was a computer incorrectly set up, that let you install programs on it
> nearly always got the computer, and hid anything I installed well enough so all the other kids didn't notice if someone else got the computer
> Christian school means that everyone is hardworking
> also means be self-sufficient, so nobody really looks at other's screens
> always do work in first 10 minutes and play games rest of class
> eventually XP comes out, computers are immediately upgraded
> my computer got fixed
> find out about net send
> this'll do
> slowly start messaging about 5 people over the span of 2 weeks
> someone finally goes to teacher
> IT get called in
> asks who got messages
> I put my hand up with several others
> he goes round to each computer, logs in, and sees if he can find any suspicious-looking software to remove
> when he comes to me I note the admin password
> success.png
> start logging into admin account
> figure I'd stop with net send, to fool him into thinking he solved it
> back to my games for the rest of the year
> next year some other kids found out about net send
> becomes major problem
> they start cracking down on it and disable net send on all computers
> new admin password as a result, and muh games are gone
> I first develop my hatred for idiot computer users.
Why do you need a continuing thread for this? I was here yesterday in class and there was a thread too.
I was the guy from the first one. Second one was someone else.
>sophmore year, 16
>gain admin access to old computer from 2001
>it's 2011
>password is the same for central server
>remote into admins computer
>write him cute messages
>create anonymous account with admin access
>fuck it, install linux
>install linux on 3 computers
>IT gets pissed
>called into office
>deny all
>get away with it, still have access
>finally upgraded to windows 7
>changed password, now they use special characters
>password is no longer abc123 but abd!@#
>creative admin
>create server share to store porn on
>store no porn on
>still have access
>changed the windows 98 startup screen to a naked woman

>put a bat file to reboot in the startup folder

>on school computers, there was a program to apply policies to the computer, it was also blocking the registry, i just had to merge a reg file to unlock the registry

>in english class we had computers controlled by the teacher, to bypass it i changed my computer ip adress to a computer hich was shut down
>enjoy freedom
>at the end of the class when i wanted to put back the real ip, the teacher froze my screen and came to stand behind me saying "what are you doing?"
>then he sais fortunately he is good at networking n he will fix it instead of calling the support
>i as telling him i was about to put everything back
>he said no he fixed it
More stories

> secondary school
> first year they spend a big budget on complete upgrade of whole IT sector, including hiring of 3 new IT staff including a dedicated IT teacher
> old IT guy no longer working there, left for a different job
> start getting in to UT
> decide fuck it, copy it onto computers via home copy that I put on a CD
> gets removed
> try putting it on network drive
> IT never noticed, or if they did they just played it when they had nothing to do
> also on network drive and never removed were fun things like porn, and Reign In Blood
> IT teacher is a bro, if we finish early can do whatever
> we started all doing parts of class work and sharing to cut down on time
> as ICT is elective we have a double-period of it each week
> each week we have 1h of uninterrupted UT matches
> school became fun for 2 years
> next year
> narc kid has first year in secondary, so he gets to use computers
> social networking becomes popular at school
> narc kid has next to no friends, nobody will add him
> gets butthurt and manages to talk the principal into blocking the sites
> school gets the great firewall of China
> narc kid now trading how to get around firewall in exchange for adding him
> nobueno.png
> manage to lock him in a room for an hour
> narc won't rat me out, knows I'll mention his service and get him expelled
> expulsion from private Christian school means no other decent schools in the area will take you
> never got in trouble over it, and narc never knew about the network fun times

I got transferred to a new school shortly after, due to fighting.
alright man here we go

>year 2 of highschool
>"business package" classes, basically word and excel, some old guy who's really mental and likes to shout at kids when they ask him questions, knows bad english, mispronounces half the things but it's okay since its just basic word & excel stuff
>kids all hate him
>during the last few weeks, some kid brings a VIRUS on a usb flash stick, its some really fat but not fat cunty kid, he's kinda cool, quiet, nerdy a bit, and doesn't socialize that much but when he does he's okay
>"my uncle from australia sent me this over msn, lets see how it works"
>pcs in the classroom are all shitty celerons (prescotts i think), and all running XP SP2, illegal, obviously, school's too poor for that shit
>he puts the USB into one of the PCs, runs the .bat file
>opens up an XBOXHUEG command prompt with like green hacker font and shit and keeps listing C:/Windows/whatever DELETED C:/Windows/whatever2 DELETED etc etc etc
>can't minimize the thing, just move it around a bit
>can't turn off monitor either because we're working on some word document as a class too and the professor is right behind us and he'll see something's fishy
>thing finally deletes system32 and reboots so it won't work without the thing being reinstalled
>we think that its because of the virus that this all happened, but apparently 4th graders did something to the circuitry

>locking a fag into a room
>literally holding him against his will

you're a bigger fag than him, that isn't some minor kind of joke
>login to library printer from library PC because lol no pw
>fuck with printer presets
>change printer language to mandarin
>printer out of order for weeks

it was a simple time
yes it was.
>freshman year
>gotta build my hacker rep
>open notepad
>write a batch file that prints random number to the scree
>color 02 (green, if I remember correctly)
>run it
>show class mates
> 1337 h4xx0r rep + 1
Another one.

> at new school
> is public
> w/e last year before I'm done anyway
> entire state uses the same networked system for all public schools, as well as for government colleges
> sign up for an online one to get a user/pass to use
> can sign in anywhere that uses the system
> I find out it gives me more freedom than teachers get
> trade site access for teachers in exchange for dicking around in class
> can't install programs, but can run them from USB
> all the games
> others want games too
> tell them you need to run a script when you plug in to get it to work
> all the free lunch
> people start sharing the code
> have a batch script that autoruns with a 1/39 chance of restarting the computer immediately
> decide to 'upgrade' it for them saying it'll improve the quality
> get about 5 free lunches before they all share again
> people start getting the restarts
> nobody has the old script
> eventually someone thinks to check files, realised I was bullshitting them
> no more free lunches
> got in fights over it
> total of 3 suspensions
> got punched in the face and had a black eye, suspended even though I didn't fight back
> ISS for giving a kid a concussion
> second fight in my life I actually hit back
> his friend still owes me $20 for damage of property and should have been expelled for recording a fight at school
> final one was getting in a fight with the first guy again

I think that's all.
>Freshmen year of high school
>Fucking around with grading system
>they don't block virtual directory listening
>Spend my lunches exploring the virtual directories
>Find "MEA" (Some standardized test in Maine)
>Open it up. Everyones scores
>Super confidential.
>Print out the scores of everyone who is mean to me.
>Tape them to popular places in the school.
>Don't give a fuck
>Get caught
>get suspended
>> have a batch script that autoruns with a 1/39 chance of restarting the computer immediately
>> decide to 'upgrade' it for them saying it'll improve the quality
>Live in the middle of bumfuck nowhere
>Everyone has sat internet, data caps are like 25 gigs for 200 a month
>Fire up a proxy client
>Pirate ass loads of shit every day
>Notice computer lab computer stay on all night
>Set up deluge and make it remote accessable
>Pirating 50+ movies a day
I did this with Galo Sengen one time
Because the fuckers were stupid enough to not realise that anyone could run programs from USB, and then tried to get around buying me lunch.
>Around 2003
>computer lab teacher uses restroom
>get on her pc
>change homepage to meatspin
>delete registry keys so she can't ever change it
>she gets back and is ready to teach us computers
>opens ie on the projector
>free day
one more:

>grade 7
>teacher give me access code for private student network
>use it to guess admin network password
>no websites blocked on network
>go on flash game sites and youtube
>classmates beg to know how I did it
>tell them shit akin to how to get mew in Pokemon Red
>when they tell me it doesn't work I tell them they did it wrong
>eventually tell my friend for $20
>he starts doing the same shit as me
Reminds me of a friend of mine.

>Realizes every computer in the school can be enabled to have remote access in the network
>Day before state testing
>He rigs up all the computer lab computers to have remote access
>Me, him and another friend tell the freshman we'll take the test for them for 40 bucks a test
>All the dumb niggers pay us
>Make like 300 bucks a piece, never get caught

Pretty fucking sure that were felons now.
>School gives us laptops to use each year
>Students are assigned a laptop with number they can take home
>School has webfilter software, but no software to block installing applications
>Setup VPN/Proxy can't remember
>No more webfilter
>Tells other kids I can make laptops webfitler free for 20 bucks
>Make 240 dollars

Another time

>Realize web filter doesn't seem to care about LAN connections
>Get quake 3 and install it on a bunch of laptops
color 0A is a lot better.
>be in highschool
>change PSU volage
>school caught fire
>be in school
>have small computer class
>do nothing
>be in uni
>have basically full access to comps with linux and windows with almost no restrictions
>do nothing
File: Charlton Heston.gif (3 MB, 290x189) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Charlton Heston.gif
3 MB, 290x189
>>landwhale in the back of class throws desktop
top fucking kek
thanks for letting me know, i have so much to lern
>in sixthform
>A Level ICT (shit)
>don't learn anthing in class as teacher are dumb and I know the subject better than them
>told that I'm not alowed to use my laptop as it may have viruses (runs OpenBSD)
>tell them that it's not possible as different OS
>get sent out of class
>start walking to the study area while pissed of
>connect eth cable and start messing about on my laptop
>have a router flooding program I wrote
>decide to mess with the students in the room
>run it
>computers stop working
2 Hours later
>go back to class for last lesson
>see IT teacher shaking her laptop
>mfw all computers including the server stoped working
>mfw school closed early

They had problems with the computers for two weeks before they stopped randomly crashing
after I spammed the router for 5 min at the start of the school year.
They had just installed win7 and thought that was the problem... one teacher did CS at uni and
knows less about programming than someone who hasn't even started yet.

I'm thinking of taking CE as she was retarded even after taking CS and I don't like python.
>I don't like python
>In college
>Be exploring steam tunnels
>Come across random room with servers in it deep underground, appears to be a main router
>For kicks, bring my laptop down there and see what happens if I plug into one of the Ethernet slots
>Ended up plugging directly into the university's backbone Internet connection, maxes out my 1Gbps Ethernet connection.

Would have loved to set up a discrete router but it was too far underground and nowhere near my dorm.
>>Be exploring steam tunnels
>>Come across random room with servers in it deep underground
This guy has never been to yale's steam tunnels
Obviously you get an obscenely long Ethernet cable.
Since it was near an academic building my guess is all the routers for the individual buildings are there, since the fiber optic cables run underground as well.
seniors is highschool can be 18
the only way they are underage is if this happened this year and they are of the few people that are 17 in senior year, and im sure airmouse isnt brand new...
copper ethernet cables are only good up to about 100m, past that you'd need fiber

i'm not referring to the routers, but rather the existence of underground rooms/"steam tunnels", is that normal where you live?
Yeah, many campuses (college, hospital, mental hospital) in the US were built at a time when steam was the most popular way to heat buildings, so there are steam tunnels that connect the superheated steam pipes from each building to the main steam power plant that is also located on the campus.

Pretty much any college or university built in the 19th century to the mid-20th century will have this.
interesting, i suppose the steam equipment has been removed and replaced with gas/electric heating?
I had a typing class in during my freshmen year in high school. The entire student file network was unprotected, I'd just wait until a smart kid would complete their assignment and then I'd change it up on my computer then hand it in.

I also made some class lose an entire years worth of work on Mavis Beacon simply by renaming a folder. One of my friends told me I saved his ass because he was failing.

One other time I flipped a few monitors using a hot key on the keyboard and my teacher thought the computers were broke, the IT guy was mystified by it and didn't know how to fix it.

oh yeah and I remember I got in school suspension and they put me in a small room with a computer connected to the internet. I torrented the movie Superbad and watched it with no fucks given. A few days later every student was asked to delete their big files since the schools servers were filled up.

It was a small school so it's not too surprising, no security, no hard drive space on the servers, and best of all I was friends with the IT guy at my High School.
>University network, various(Windows, VMS, Unix sysV ect..)
>Require more local access for work, request...denied...
>Windows 2k clients setup with image and script to set admin details.
>Previous 3 year local admin cred left on some machines, all clients use same local admin details.(y1:teletubbies yr2:spider*web yr3:[email protected]@d1um). Every windows client with student acces uses same administrator password....every...one..
>Specific machines in a dev room I require access to are the only exception...
>Identify library machine an IT admin uses to teach IT 101..
>Add keylogger driver, remote access with hidden vnc service.
>Add ftp server and fxp roms from a slow US server(uni machines always on 24/7 ..why waste my electric)
>Do the same to many machines in the same room for kicks.
>Add ftp servers for kicks, most tagged by some french group(Amelie DVDRip bloody everywhere).
>Troll some users keylogger recorded, msn messenger is on everything... (closet homo talking dirty to some old man..send email to all staff/all students informing them of his new lifestyle+conversation)..girls looking up abortion info...more google porn searches that can count....
>Admin logs in..finally....use creds to gain local access in dev room...happy..
>Note, IT staff seem oblivious to french ftp taggers..
>All machines are static IP and public....win2k..all ports...no firewall..no NAT....JANET network speeds...
>Setup ftp server in lab with friend..Undernet IRC chan server with ftp at home maxing out at 1.5mbits/sec...would like a quick euro dump..
>Ftp working fine for months....partiton is maxed out with latest warez..leech off what we like...JANET speed uploads...
>IT support turn up and connect to switch box in room...people were complaining about slow speeds...IT find nothing and blame Napster use...wipe brow..
>Library machines eventually discovered...huge traffic....questioned by a year tutor as suspect..no evidence...
>Admin used domain access on machine several times......failed to investigate further...leeched full TOSEC roms (circa 2000-2002)+ psx/saturn isos..happy...
>Ftp in lab still running after leaving University..
>IT heads rolled later on after discovery by University staff....
>Still enoying my roms...
I installed ubuntu once.
I partitioned the hard drive so that it could dual boot, but they thought it was broken.
I got off with telling them it was broken because when you went into the bios and entered a blank password 3 times it just gave you access (it actually did)
They reimaged every PC in the school (~100 or so) and changed the bios.
Turns out they all boot from the usb by default though so that technicians could reimage without knowing password. Basically they just made it easier to install ubuntu.

Another time the teacher froze my screen using remote assisstance software because I was off task.
I removed the ethernet cable and continued what I was doing.
By this time I am notorious for being a script kiddie.
Get asked how I "bypassed" it by head of department.
"If you change the slot the keyboard is in" (keyboards/mice are plugged into front io) "it unfreezes"
he buys it
They dont find a problem
They buy new remote assisstance program.
my sides are yours. take them.

>One other time I flipped a few monitors using a hot key on the keyboard and my teacher thought the computers were broke, the IT guy was mystified by it and didn't know how to fix it.

We used to do this when I went to highschool, the teachers knew about it though, it would only fool the dumbass freshmen that would get culled by the end of the semester.
What uni? I've had some good fun in the tunnels of mine, although getting in undetected requires evading anti-hobo motion detectors

It's hacking. Sometimes hacking is "lel cybersecurity expurt" as it is "take advantage of opportunities handed to you" or "find a workaround".
Most of it I'd consider more phishing rather than hacking.
I saw that a teacher had a remote access tool for everyones computer that could freeze your screen and show all open programs a computer had open. It was a shitty tool, so for the lulz I told everyone to hit ctrl A in the shared folder and hit enter. They opened about 1000 different programs and crashed the teachers computer. heh.
>technology admins on group vacation.
>school went full "21st century" with everything running on the servers, all grades, yearbook pages, school lunch prices etc.
>login username
>Login password
>lunches were now $2000.
>changed everyone's senior quotes and shit.
>if you had an F you now have an A. Vice versa
>posted login credentials on /b/ once we had our fun.

Wasn't my school, it was a friends school system.
File: cf-dafuq.gif (2 MB, 250x187) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 250x187
>school uses online elections for first time
>html poll on unauthenticated page
>2008 ishygddt
>memorize url
>go home
>while true; do wget url --post-data=all_my_favorite_candidates; done
>results come out
>principal announces there are 2000 at the school but 50000 votes cast
>they have no idea who did it
>friend rats me out for no reason
>mfw I get suspended for rigging a school election
>principal announces there are 2000 at the school but 50000 votes cast
>Having friends
I poured juice into a monitor once and a full row of computers turned off
>Install keylogger
>people log on Facebook, email etc
>no one finds out
All my school's computers had this done to them.
told this story before but probably sure everyone else tells theirs each time this thread comes up

>middle school computer class
>they only put permissions on a class level
>first day: "just make a folder as your name"
>wait a week, nothing new set
>tell a few people that they can trade notes through text files by making them in their friends folders
>they tell everyone else, which is fine for a time because everyone respects each other's shit
>someone figures out this means you can also delete at will
>someone's folder gets deleted
>soon everyone's folder gets deleted every day, the only time it's left up is to leave an anonymous "fuck you" note
>halfway into the course we start to do two day projects
>entire class can't do the second day because all their shit gets deleted
>teacher doesn't give a fuck
>get out of doing half the work but everyone hates each other
>Trying to get grades off a school website without doing any actual work
>Have wget download everything
>Working for a while
>It finishes
>No grades are downloaded, but I got a bunch of documents I wasn't supposed to see
>Don't do anything
>5 years ago at high school
>graphics design class
>all computers were running windows xp
>pulled out network cable while logging in
>gives me less restrictive temp profile
>goes into services
>messaging service running
>writes a quick batch script to message the teacher
>puts cable back in and runs it, works
>unknowingly messages all computers on network
>called in next morning
>threatened with police due to my "hacking"
>slapped 3 days later with a computer ban

Even to this day I don't know why the service was enabled in the first place.
I once printed something without using the pay4print system.
Felt good.
>high school library
>librarian uses ranger to supervise computers
>decides to use ubuntu livecd and browse via tor
>10 minutes later i get asked why they can't see what i'm doing
>explain i'm using linux, not mentioning tor
>warned about being banned from the library

I did it a couple times in IT lessons too. Good times.
>teacher on the computer with the beamer
>logs in at start of class
>forgets to hit tab

but he was a cool guy and we didn't do anything with it, it was a chill class
>types his password in the name field as well, fully visible
I have to say, these threads are the most entertaining I've come across in a while.
>computer room with XP computers
>has some control software on it done by a local company or some shit
>open IE before teacher unlocks internet via anti virus help file
>manage to open cmd or task manager via keyboard shortcuts and kill the service
>"why isn't my screen transmitted to yours?" / "I blacked all screens to get your attention, why isn't it working with yours?"
>teacher could a bit of programming, but wasn't really computer literate, or just very oldschool
>never got in trouble because we never did anything bad

>after summer break
>"we deleted your folder from the main storage because it was the biggest"
>had thumbdrive Firefox and some other shit in there for muh efficiency
oh and
>ball mice
File: laughing deko.png (158 KB, 454x404) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
laughing deko.png
158 KB, 454x404
>see exposed switch in library
>bring a cable next day
>cause a loop
Took them two weeks to find it.
File: 1399186332989.jpg (64 KB, 848x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 848x480
Sophmore year try to go to YouTube to see if webfilters in high school is any different (my HS was a three year school not four). http results in the blocked go away screen, and https show the front page but doesn't play videos. I procreed to enter the address "https://boards.4chan.org/g/" shit works and I could browse blue boards without being blocked, but I never tried NSFW boards for obvious reasons.
School filters are retarded, yo.
my old uni worked dynamically and depended 100% on how many bad words were on the page

so if you said "fuck" too many times you indirectly banned me from viewing. basically I would join a thread and it would be great but one too many shitposts and suddenly the filter would say no more
thats retarded
Nothing noteworthy

>high school
>1st contact with C
>me and a friend made a program that goes full screen and flashes random colors
>put it on each library PC and labeled it as Counter-Strike
>sit nearby waiting for people to launch it
>some 1st grade kid opens it
>starts panicking, instead of hitting the reset button he goes to the library lady
>she calls the janitor
>he thinks it's a virus
>janitor unplugs PC and carries it to the IT personnel
>the kid never showed up at the library again

>have tablet with infrared
>download app that lets me control compatible stuff
>fuck with projectors while lecturers give lectures and show presentations
>noone knows it's me
>lecturer doesn't know what the fuck is going on
>he goes to the next room thinking it's some kind of devilish IR interference
>lecture ends
>he still hasn't figured out what happened
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