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Last thread seemed like it was dying >35939915 I'm sure there are more anons that wish to share.

What depressing/angering/terrible event pushed you over the edge to begin the path to making it. For me it was one thing that made it bad, followed by it getting worse and worse.

>be me at uni, trying long distance with girl of 1.5 years
>decided to transfer somewhere closer to be with her
>spend most nights and weekends in, talking to her. Not even trying to make friends
>10 weeks later, the quarter ends and I come back home for winter break, see her life is awesome
>seems mostly happy to see me but something in the back of my mind is bothering me, cant tell what
>break ends and I head back to college
>get a call one week later
"anon we need to talk.. I dont have any feelings for you anymore"
>it ends and lay in bed crying all day and night like a bitch, dont eat, barely sleep
>find out she made out with some dude the night we broke up at a party
>depression wears on me, stop going to class, barely sleep, barely lift, barely eat, grades going to shit
>5 weeks later, standing on roof ready to an hero
>call friend to say goodbye he talks me down makes me feel guilty
>need an outlet decide to get back in the gym
>give uni a chance try making friends, but doesnt really work out (went to UC San Diego)
>keep lifting, grades not doing too hot but not failing
>finally summer arrives life is alright
>ex and I start talking again, have one night stand, she ignores me completely after
>back to square one, but never stop hitting the gym
>apply to ASU, grind out one more quarter
>now I'm at CC for a semester will be at ASU in the fall

We officially broke up about a year ago. I still love her, but I will not be broken by her. I changed my number, blocked out most of the old people in my life, including her, and now my life is about making it. There will be time for fun and living when I get to ASU. Just have to make it like 6 more months. Still think about anhero daily tho.
sorry if anything is confusing I wanted to fit it all into one post. Didn't go into great detail either. Keep grinding anons. Some of us aren't there yet, but we will make it. I know we will. That hope keeps me going.
> Be me, new student
> stopped biking 2h/day
> one day, notice im losing weight, legs looking smaller
> realize i'm starting to look skinnyfat
> go to gym & join sports clubs
Damn anon this made me lol. Just outta the simplicity yknow?
i lift cause i hoped it would get me girls

only i found out after lifting that you still have to talk them into sleeping with you

at this point (3+ years later) i just want to look different than everyone else and dont wanna waste all the time ive put into it
why the fuck does r9k leak into fit all the time
I hate to break it to you, but you're not gonna make it. Shit listing feels on /fit/ like a fag is you going in the opposite direction of making it. No one cares about your women problem, we don't want to listen, we don't feel sympathy, we think you're pathetic. No wonder she left you.

Act like you have a pair of balls you dickless bitch.
greentext the phone call to your friend
>Be me
>Want to have better body
what did you expect on a thai ladyboy coloring book forum full of muscled feel men?
>be me
>grow up in abusive family and broken home
>no money
>barely food
>get bullied
>one bully trys to kill me at age 8
>get fat because of low quality shit food
>go secondary school
>get bullied for 3 years because fat
>think im gonna do somthing about this
>fight bully
>develop anorexia and bulimia
>get skinny
>bullying stops becuase keep getting into fights
>basically drop out of school
>become severley underweight
>look at my self one day and think what a disgusting skinny peice of shit i am
>go gym
>gain 3 stone in the first 1.5 year
>get juicy
>180lb now
>traing gave me control over my life
over my body
all the things i hated about myself i have fixed through training
but anorexia never leaves so i have to be on my game 24/7 if i fuck up i start to get anxiety
plus i want to be 210lb lean
i have never and will never lift for the vanity of wanting to fuck girls
if there is one thing i learned, it is that you have to controll your feelings for other people untill you get married. im not saying dont fall in love, but controll it so if you see shit failing you can easily avoid being hurt. im really safe in my shell and have a gf for 3 years now. she thinks i love her, and i do to a certain degree, but if i saw that things coming to an end, im not afraid of it. thats just me though. i like focusing on myself and that is my top priority in life. i dont tell anyone and very much of my social life with friends are acting from my side. i just dont have the space for other people when it comes to feelings.
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here we go boys and grills.

>at ten, I was a pretty smart kid. Mum and dad made me do all this extracurricular maths, got really damn good, won county awards and stuff. did pretty good in most other subjects, notably maths and english.
>at sixteen, when exams came around I managed to survive on very little revision
>at eighteen, assuming my A-levels would be the same as GCSEs I did no revision and completely flunked, resulting in no good universities for me
>went to third-rate university doing introductory course to natural sciences 200 miles from home, spent most of my time jerking off, playing videogames and smoking weed like a fucking loser
>eventually smoked away university loans and grants, smoking myself into paranoia, idiocy and obesity
>left uni after six months in april 2014
>hung around until 2015 working for my parents' business acting like a bitch the entire time, moaning about having to do work like a filthy normie.
>eventually got a job at local supermarket in january, 6am starts every day, hated it but did nothing about it until parents' business started to get intense again in september
>worked damn hard for my parents all season, trying to make up for the last two years of general failure
>wew lad it's 2016, decided to sit down and write a review of the last year
>realised I had nothing to write about
>realised I had spent my entire life since I was a little kid just coasting along on the waves of my parents and gf I've had since I was 16
>decide 2016 isn't going to be the same thing, I'm going to achieve something damn it

So I joined a gym and started going on codeacademy. shit's going ok for the first time since I became an adult, actuallly feels pretty good.
are you me?
>social retard up until age ~18
>get into pickup and shit and somehow manage to bang a handful of chicks
>(sidenote, first girl i fucked, i missed her pussy and started rubbing my drunk, condomed dick between her ass cheeks. mfw i thought it was in she laughed)
>start dating one girl, she turns into an LTR
>pretty much right away become codependent (bad)
>broke up last summer, it was a long time coming and i was happy for it at the same time as i no longer knew what to do with my life
>partied two months straight until i suddenly just lost all life motivation
>realized this is not what i want my life to come down to
>changed everything about my habits, from sleeping to drinking to eating and working out
>went from hamburgers to 0.5-1kg meat per day
>over the course of two weeks i went from feeling like shit not knowing what my purpose is to feeling amazing

i still feel great and on top of that ive now lost 15kg in a year, put a bunch of muscle and girls/friends are starting to notice
>i am the master of my future
>Named after the norse god of lightning and all I was thunder thighs.
>Promise myself that I'll live up to my name
>started going to gym
Hei Tor
>Have girlfriend
>We're pretty good together, but we never actually do anything just kind of hang out all the time
>Eventually we break up because we've been dating for like two years now and it's just not that serious
>6 months later she still sends me hate filled messages from time to time, which is extra bizarre as we were perfectly friendly at the time.
>Additionally I'm a very ambitious person, and she literally does less than the bare minimum to maintain her life (Often getting fired from jobs, running out of rent, letting debilitating medical problems run unchecked)
>Often makes fun of the progress I'm making in my life with music, fitness, etc.
>Realize that I was just settling for whoever was around, ignoring that they're actually a shitty person
>Feeling so good about myself since that it's literally like two different lives I've lived.
>Associating with people freely and confidently

I know lots of people start lifting to get "her" back, but I'm lifting to keep "her" out of my life.
>Be skeletal
>Want to do things.
>People preventing me doing said things.
"Fuck anon, you can't even hold the rifle. Piss off"
"Fuck anon, you can't hold her leash. She'll pull and you'll lose her."
"Fuck anon, you can't come climbing with us. No way you can keep up."
"Fuck anon, I know we said you could come but it's not like you can be any help anyway."
"Fuck anon, You'll creep the grils out. I mean look at you. Skin and bones."
>Start lifting.
>Didn't really fix anything.
>Oh well
If there's one thing these thread have in common is stupid worthless whores. When are you blue pill faggots gonna wake up and realize MGTOW is the only way?
But if they had been MGTOW and avoided the women, they never would have started lifting
It wasn't what got me started, but what kept me going was a girl telling me I was the ugliest person she knew
>What depressing/angering/terrible event pushed you over the edge to begin the path to making it.

i ripped my 511s because i got fat
> we
Please stop this shit
I fell in love with a girl. I never took initiative and let her know how I felt. Looking back, I think there were signs that she felt the same way, and she could have been mine. But I was a pussy, and I think she lost patience. Regardless of how she felt, I am in love with her, and she's not mine. I watched as she started dating this other guy and she's still with him. Guy happens to be muscular. I'm not letting myself lose another one. I'm going to make it.
> be an arab
> in the uk
> not getting any british grills at all

life is sad m8
MGTOW wouldn't start either

Move to Sweden
trying to heal my broken heart
my flatmate is swedish, dear god i don't want to get close to them

have no problems with spanish girls, they're probably the best

is it me or british girls tend to be cold as fuck even if they like you ?
>never had gf

thats it. also 0 confidence and self esteem.
Its not about the girls, muh aeshetics or anything like that, I just wanted to become manly, quit being a little bitch..

After long day of work I just wanna go to gym and pull some weight, thats all. It's my zen state.
>Kinda get a gf
>Feel happy for the first time in my life after I started school
>Want to be a worthy bf
>Go to the gym to improve my confidence and trust in my body
>Bitch didn't give a shit about me and had issues
>She came and went without a warning
>Finally broke up with me
>Mad as fuck for not treating my feelings with respect, issues or no issues
>Lifting though made me happy
>Lifting till this day
>Will lift for a long time probably
Now looking for a decent woman
Im proud of you anon, really proud.
>be me
>look at scale
>it's almost 100kg
>that's not good
>start cut
At 78kg now, going for 72 for dat dere 10%BF
The more I lost the more potential I saw and the more I wanted to lose.
>be manlet
>be rejected by some girls
>lack self-esteem and confidence to actually form a relationship with the few girls who get interested in me despite all odds
>start lifting
>build walls around me, do not let anyone in
>no one can hurt me, but my life feels perpetually empty and unfulfilled
>have friends but never love
>am strong now but just as frightened as ever
>afraid of the fa├žade breaking
>unafraid of death, but afraid of dying without having lived

Each of us is dying, each of us secretly believe we won't.
>anorexia never leaves

How right you are, friend. Forcing yurself to eat and don't overtrain are terrible at first, but get better. It's always in the back of your mind though. We are going to make it.
File: 1442176672036.jpg (58 KB, 914x514) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Gym where I got free passes closed down
>found a great gym for really cheap recently
>was gonna lift today for the first time since last Wednesday
>Get some horrific flu

I think after a while lifting becomes part of teh routine but probably genuinely makes you feel better so giving up feels like shit.
Keep going anon and buuulllllllkkkkkkk
File: 1452002257170.gif (1 MB, 400x221) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 400x221
I do it so I look like my favorite weeb characters.

Also it feels great to improve in lifts. Just that feeling of self satisfaction after hitting a new max...

Also it's very functionally useful. For example, lifting heavy stuff is noticeably easier because you're stronger (so you go "its a lot easier now to do X than it was couple of months ago...") and this also feels really great
What a bitch
At least she was honest

>Each of us is dying, each of us secretly believe we won't.

A few years ago my girlfriend at the time and I were walking through a park on our way home from the cinema. It was about 11pm.

3 niggers followed us. They ended up beating me up pretty badly, then one of them held me down and made me watch as they raped my girlfriend.

Never again.
Things that didn't happen for 300
I fucking wish.
Pic or it didn't happen. Post beat up face
Was sick of being intimidated by most guys I met at parties and class.

Also was severely depressed about still being a virgin as a junior in college. Shit seeps into every part of your life. Still got the card but I'm slowly lifting the depression/anxiety away and feeling better about myself
No offence brah

But most british girls don't like arabs unless you look like Zayn Malik
>20 year old 5'8" 285lb manlet with bloody hemorrhoids
>looked at my self in the mirror when I was sticking prep H up my ass
>something snapped and I wanted to change
>currently 178lbs at 20% bodyfat a little over a year later
>half my family was coal miners
>half were soldiers
>good legacy
>joined marines in mid '90s
>just like my pap did
>wanted to make him proud
>wanted to make lucy from down the street proud >came back
>she's married
>dad's in worse shape
>his pacemaker acts up all the time
>not many friends left to talk to
>just have been lifting ever since
>fight to live everyday
>no wife like i planned
>got canned from my job as a steel worker
>dad dies
>most everyone i know dies
>gotta spread my expierence and help others >now i'm here
lol eat shit blue collar
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because someone called me lazy

because I saw a girl I crushed on make out with another guy at a club

because I didnt like what I saw in the mirror

this is why I lift, to be a better man.
Grow up, bozo.
I went to college and joined a fraternity.
>got away from my parents shitty food and their overeating which I thought was normal
>still am the only fat kid in my fraternity but 0 pounds lighter from the start of last semester.
>they take me to the gym and helped my shape my current diet.
>doing good in school and have a great social life
am i gonna make it bros?
Because I was fat my entire life.

I have pictures of me at 4-8 years old where I was already fat. Fucked over before I was even old enough to understand what nutrition was.

At my absolute worst I was 5'10, 350lbs, at the age of 19. I never had any friends and ate food and smoked weed and played wow to forget about how fucking shitty my life was.

Lifting weights, losing a shitload of weight, actually being treated like a regular human being after 20 years of being a hamplanet omega that no one wanted to associate with...

It filled me with determination.
30 not 0
>turn 27
>first time I am not exactly thrilled about getting a year older
>married to qt wife with 2 awesome kids
>challenging career that takes up lots of my time
>feels like nothing I do is for nyself
>have always hated my skeletal body
>go on /fit/ and read sticky
>realize I'm skinny bc I eat like a pussy ass bitch
>drop soda energy drinks and reduce alcohol
>go to gym early morning

Now I'm 28, and about 20 lbs up. I don't lift for anyone but myself, although my wife really likes my more muscular frame. I just really enjoy lifting heavy ass weights early in the morning,and the process of improvement. It feels good to no longer hate my body
Won't get qt wife if you never look senpai
Good luck brah
Thank you.
>bullied since elementary school
>generally an annoying sperg, not a very good person to be around
>get isolated
>fix my autism by middle school
>still isolated
>girls make fun of me
>get beaten up a few times
>instead of trying to be normal, reject it all
>spend time alone freshman year
>2nd semester do mandatory weight class
>dreading it
>afraid I'll get beaten up or made fun of
>get there
>a bunch of football players 3-inch squatting 3 plate, marking it as their max
>because of this, they have to quarter squat all reps for the whole year (based on max)
>none of them do proper depth, they all want to seem strong
>coach puts us into groups
>I'm alone
>group of seniors (aspiring marines) decide to take me when coach announced I diddent have a partner
>nicest guys ever
>taught me proper form
>I only squat 110 lbs atg
>football players laugh
>marines stand up, football players shut up quickly

>fast forward through semester
>use 4chan, change home board from v to fit
>isolate myself, lift like crazy
>squatting 3 plate atg after 6 months lifting
>sophomore lifting under a year lifting more than football players who have been lifting for 5 years and roiding for 3
>everybody is amazed
>continue transformation
>girls that made fun years ago straight up propositioning sex
>I refuse, only focus on myself
>decide to join sof
>decide to improve myself to the breaking point
>going to BUDS soon
>one day, I will hoist the flag in pic related
Feels good man.
File: 1454951792073.png (52 KB, 203x209) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hate to break it to you bruv, but passing BUD/s has nothing to do with how much you can lift. Hope you have that cardio up nigga.
File: 1440177427632.jpg (67 KB, 659x549) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>decide to join sof
>going to BUDS soon

Another cherry fag thinking that he will super fucking operator

Fuck off
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This is why I lift
I never really had this moment that suddenly turned me around.

>be me
>play soccer for 10 years because that is what everyone told me to do
>hated it, never got good, but at least it kept me active so I stayed with it
>turn 16, say fuck it, I know I hate this sport, call coach and tell him I quit
>be sedentary for 6 months
>don't like being sedentary, start picking up my dads weights in the basement after school
>also realize it will increase my chances of getting laid, and I always believed in self improvement
>start browsing bodybuilding.com
>misc was pretty funny at the time
>end up lifting regularly.
He's right mang, it's all mental toughness and calisthenics but if you're in good shape you're ahead of the pack but I wouldn't concentrate on weights. The heavier you are; the harder those sand runs and O course runs are gonna be.
Y u so mad bro everyone has a dream let him find out. Don't be butt hurt because you probably failed or washed out.
Of course I did my cardio.
I run a 17 minute 5k. Lifting just got me into general fitness
And I bet you're a real operator, right?
Damn sorry you wasted your life with the marines anon. I wish more kids had the common sense to see that it is a bad idea.
File: REN RIKKA TS.jpg (437 KB, 2762x733) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Because I want to lift heavy ass weights because it makes me feel better about myself, why the fuck should I have a deep traumatic experience that would be the reason for doing so? I AM NOT AN ANIME
I'm also ugly so I want girls to actually look at me and not just 'omg uugh' look at me

Fellow britbong here.
What's 'codeacademy'?
> inb4 Google

Good luck anon, and you've made the first few steps of positive change. Keep at it.


> wanting grills
> /fit/

Anon, pls.
File: zyzz is watching.gif (944 KB, 275x428) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
zyzz is watching.gif
944 KB, 275x428
So here I go first time ever telling this story

>be me an underweight little manlet
>overexercising/overtraining all week long
>there is this girl training with me. I'm really in to her we usually have a great time together
>not showing how much I like her too afraid to ruin it
>but I'm mostly happy desu. Talking to girls and having decent friends
>some day get sexually assaulted
>shit happens again some month later
>starting to isolate myself from people cant tell anyone
>social anxiety becomes a very real thing
>stop doing sport and gain some pounds (get up to 130 at 5'9'')
>go to a new school and get a new job
>someday a hot girl comes up to me and wants to arm wrestle. Im way stronger
>realize she asked me because she thought she could take me. That feel
>eventually find out i have an eating disorder
>tfw breathing air in to your stomach to control your hunger is not normal.
>life is getting worse and worse
>cant go on like this
>tell my self to eat or die
>start going to the gym

Recovery is a fucking mental rollercoaster. Currently at 163 pounds and 13% bf.

I will see the girl from the beginning again an then she will be mine. I'm not going to let life fuck around with me any longer.
desu = desu?
Damn dude, that's some stuff. Just stay strong and hang in there. It can only get better, remember that
File: 1338100401079.jpg (40 KB, 500x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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goddamn /fit/ you are in serious need of some mental gains.

>lifting for people other than yourself
>lifting for vanity
>lifting because negative motivation (i hate myself fat) instead of positive motivation (i want to be /fit/)
>lifting because you think it will make you less of a sperg

this list is not exhaustive, but if you do any of these things you are not going to make it in the long run, unless your definition of 'making it' is being a husk: ripped on the outside, but empty on the inside.

if y'all 'd spend half as much time on your mental health as you do on your body we'd all be approaching buddha-levels of enlightenment.
She'll prob be fucking some tall nigger

When will they learn
File: 2016-01-31_00007.jpg (400 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I lift to have the strength to claim mastery o'er the eternal ring.
I started lifting for girls, now i just go daily because it's fun and feels good
absolutely not
I'm with this anon >>35956495
what do you want this to be.a soul less board of just PRs?
>Some day get sexually assaulted
>Shit happens again some month later

You can't just throw that in all casually.
>DLC armor
File: 1439612349997.jpg (19 KB, 552x386) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Many things really mainly anger I gathered over the years (sounds edgy but it really helps me)

>Be me, is summer, walking down the sidewalk to friends place
>wild car out of nowhere, filled with chicks
>possibly drunk idk, but they ask me to lift up my shirt and are wooting
>mfw I didn't know how to react, just smiled and kept walking
>mfw noob gains
>Continue walking to friends house with the confidence of hercules

man that really motivated me been going hard since!
File: ab.jpg (442 KB, 800x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>New woman starts going to my gym
I know this doesn't mean much on the internet where you can find millions of naked women, but she is literally the most attractive female I have ever seen, looks like a /fit/ Alice Braga, 95% similarity to pic related, with the remaining 5% being an improvement.
>Does squats
>pistol squats
>kegel exercises
>hip abductor
>leg extension machine,
>rear leg extensions
>other ass lifts I can't even name
>skin tight leggings

I lift because I want to be an operator and escape this lanklet prison I've been in my entire life, but having gf would be nice...
>NEET for about a year after deciding not to go to uni straight out of highschool
>Second year comes and i go to community coll instead
>Keep it up for a while until i drop out because of the pressure and huge change to lifestyle.
>NEET again but worse
>Start going stircrazy after not getting any kind of physical activity for a long time
>Decide to start doing light exersizes to help me sleep and just generally feel better
> I really start to enjoy it so i decide to take it a bit more seriously
And here i am.
Not a neet anymore but never went back to school. I might soon though.
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