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This this push/pull split OK or is it terrible? What would you change? Goal is a happy medium of size and strength. Also Routine General.

Day A (Push):
(1) 5x5 Squats
(2) 3x5 Bench
(3) 3x5 OHP
(4) 3x8-10 Incline BP
(5) 3x10-12 Lateral Raises
(6) 3x10-12 Chest Flies

Day B:
(1) Deadlift up to 1RM
(2) 3x10 Pullups
(3) 3x8-10 Bent over Rows or Seated Row Machine
(4) 3x12 Curls
(5) 3x12 Rear Delt Raises
(6) 3x12 Face Pulls



personal preference, I don't like doing bench and OHP 3x5 in the same day - I feel the second exercise is compromised from fatigue. So i'd personally alternate bench / OHP 3x5 followed by bench / OHP 3x8-10 each push workout.

also, if you can do 3x10 pullups id start adding weight to stay in the 4-6 rep range.
My split:
AxBxAxxB repeat
A=Full Upper body + HIIT (cutting)
B=Full Lower body + HIIT

(All heavy)
Total time: 60 minutes

HIIT cardio 10 minutes, 30 second alt.
Lat pulldown 5x5
Seated row 5x5
Cable exercises (push/pull for chest) 5x5
Deadlift 5x5 + every two weeks PR attempt 1x5
Bent-over BB rows OR kneeling DB rows 3x10
Incline DB chest press 5x5 OR 3x10, depends on how I feel.
Lateral raises 5x5
Skullcrushers 3x10
Chest dips 2x8
Combo exercise (BB pendlay rows/overhead press/hammer curls) 1 set == 5 of each. 5 sets
Bench (depending on how I feel) 5x5
Incline Situps 2x30

(All heavy)
Total time: 60 minutes

HIIT cardio 10 minutes, 30 second alt.
Rear squats 5x5 + PR attempt every two weeks 1x5
Seated leg extension 2x10 + 5
Calf extension 2x10 + 5
Incline Situps 2x30

2.5 mo into lifting, cutting on 2190 cal, 35/25/40 Carb/Fat/Protein.

amidoinitrite sempai?
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Thanks. Yeah I was thinking I would alternate. So one day do bench first, next time around do OHP first and so on.

3x10 on the pullups is more of a goal as I can only do like 3x6-7 right now.
alternating is definitely a good idea.

and fair enough for the pullups, but adding weight is actually a really good way to increase your unweighted max. maybe alternate 3xF and 3x5 pullups each pull workout for a good balance.
That's a lot of volume for your Upper Body day, mang - especially on a cut.
You think too much? I also full body stretch for 15 min + 100 jumping Jacks prior each day. 5'9 manlet, 203 lb, down from 218 when I started a week before Thanksgiving 2015.

Good idea, thanks!
good to see someone with a split really similar to mine.

do you ever feel like your triceps are lacking?
Shite forgot to add 5x5 Hip adduction and 5x5 abduction to B day. Sometimes I forget.
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I haven't started it yet...

So you feel like your triceps are lacking? I figured the two benches and OHP would be enough work, but I guess not?
Snatch 3x3
C&J 5x3
StiffLeg DL 2x5

Bench 3x5
DB OHP 3x8
PecFlys 3x8
TriExt 3x8

OHP 3x5
DB Bench 3x8
LatPulls 3x8
BB Rows 3x8

FrontSQT 5x3
DL 3x8
Bb Curls 3x8

Some weeks I feel like they didn't get as much pump as I wanted so I'll throw in an iso

do you think you're going to do ABxABxx?

I'm going to have to switch to that as my schedule has changed
For me I like having at extra 2 days off per week to fully rest and recover before diving into next week. AxBxAxxB has really worked well for me.
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Yeah I'm not sure yet. I think I'll start with every other day, and then maybe mix it up.

I think both are probably equivalent though(?)
A: Pull
Weighted pullups
kettlebell swings

B: Push
weighted pistol squats

C: Rest

Also fuck having 7 days in a week, those morons should have made it 8 or 6.
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How's this? I know I could throw front squats right after squats and so on but I don'T want to waste time resting and doing nothing.
Say that to God you heretic scum.
Oh, wait, you won't because he doesn'T accept faithless in his Kingdom.
Maybe add dips on A to hit lower chest nicely.
And I'd throw chest flies away, watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6Y3WDY1tUo .
Im currently doing an upper lower split, could someone please rate my upper day.

3 X 5 Bench Press
3 X 10 Incline dumbell bench
3 X 5 Bent over row
3 X 10 Lat pulldown
3 X 5 OHP
3 X 10 Lateral raiser
3 X 12 Barbell curls
3 X 12 Tricep extensions

Also, should I be having two different upper days a week?
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Did you make that routine yourself?
you could also go with something like pic related if you wanted to
I would recommend adding dips and hammer curls and maybe do pull-ups before doing pull-downs, or throw pull-downs away altogether.
That looks like a good program, but i too weak and heavy to perform a pullup or chinup. And is ppl + fullbody best or a upperlower split?
I'm getting the feeling that you are a beginner who is making up his own routines/searching the internet for who knows what.
Jump on SL5x5 or SS and stuck with it for at least 5 months.
I'm going to sound like an idiot, but what do the 'x' mean. Sorry, thanks.
Rest Day
Read the sticky
How is this for legs day on a PPAPPBx routine? Wondering mainly about any muscle imbalances that would result from this.

> Day A (1st legs day)
Barbell Squats: 4x5
Romanian DL 3x8-10
Reverse hyperextension 3x8-10
Single leg press 3x8-10
Hamstring Curls 3x10-12
Standing Calf Raises 5x10-12
Cable Crunch 3x25

> Day B (2nd legs day)
Deadlift 3x5
Front squats 3x8-10
Reverse hyperextension 3x8-10
Single leg press 3x8-10
Hamstring Curls 3x10-12
Standing Calf Raises 5x10-12
Cable Crunch 3x25
>2200 calories

Also there's no way that upper routine is 1 hour with proper rest times.
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fight mode.png
77 KB, 931x596
What do you think of this? I don't know which his main exercises are though.
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Posted in previous thread. Im' focusing on chest because that's my dream is to have a big chest and because it's my weakness.
I want to change Low Cable flys by something and add some Barbell OHP. Any help ?

//A Volume day//

Bench Press 5x5 80-90%
Squat 5x5 at 80%
Snatch Deadlift 3x5 75%
Cable Crossovers 3x8-12
Low Cable Flys 3x8-12

//B Light Volume day//

Spoto Press 3x5 70-75% / Closegrip Bench 3x5 70% (alternate weekly)
Paused Squat 2x5 70-75%
Cable Rows 3x8-12
DB OHP 3x8-12
Cable Crossovers 3x8-12

//C Intensity day//

Bench 3x5
Squat 1x5
Deadlift 1x5
Chinups 3xF or Lat Pulldown (Chinup Grip) 3x8-12
DB Incline Bench 3x8-12
Cable Crossovers 3x8-12
Low Cable Flys 3x8-12
3 days a week
Bench/OHP alternating 3x5
Squats 3x5/Deadlift 1x5 instead middle of the week
Barbell curls 3x8
Dips 3x8
Lat pulldown 3x5
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How's my routine? Do a 4 day cycle that I continously repeat in the order below. One or 2 rest days a month. Also superset the logical things to superset. Once I plateau, I'll do a random routine I find on here (pic related), or bb.com for a month. Current stats are:

>6'2. 190lbs. 25 years old.
>Bench: 225. Squat: 185. DL: 225. (Have a bulged lumbar disc, be nice).

Flat Bench or dumbell bench: 4x8
Decline bench: 4x8
Dips: 4xfailure
Incline dumbell press: 4x8
Lower cable flies: 4x8
Butterfly machine: 4x8 drop sets.

Deadlift: 4x8
Pullups: 4xfailure
OHP: 4x8
Lat pulldown: 4x8
Cable/barbell rows: 4x8
Arnold press: 4x8
Lat raises: 4x10

Standing curls: 4x8
Dumbell triceps extension: 4x8
EZ-Barbell curls: 4x8
Triceps rope extension: 4x8
21's: 4 sets
Skull crushers: 4x8

Squats: 4x8
LEG press: 4x8
Hamstring curls: 4x8
Extensions: 4x8
Lunges: 4x40
Calf raises: 4x25
Just do coolcicada ppl
image is photoshopped.
i'd add more back volume if I were you!
Actually you're right, my training sessions are 120 minutes not 60, don't know what the fuck I was thinking.

And my maintenance is 300 above my cutting cals. My training burns over 300 cals per session, around 3500 cals per week or more which is a lb of fat.

I'd say that's cutting no? Made the mistake of cutting too low too fast, maintenance was around 2720 at 218, I cut to 1900...which really fucked me up. But it got the process going and I rebounded to cutting 3-500 cal below maintenance.
god tier lighting
Also, cutting at 2190 seems to be working . Losing about a pound per week. Next week dropping another 100 cals back. By August I should be down to my goal weight of 175 @ ~15% BF
do your cardio after your weights bro
Been curious about that. Any specific advantage? Usually by the end of the session I'm fucking destroyed, glazed over look in my eyes stumbling about so that's why I've been getting it out of the way at the beginning.
how my routine?


bench 3x8
ohp 3x8
dips 4x10
lat raises 3x10
tricep extension 3x10

barbell row 3x8
lat pulldown 3x10
chinups 3x10
barbell curls 3x10
Rowing machine - 3k+ meters

dead 1x5
squat 3x8
lunges 4x10
1 or 2 ab exercises
rowing machine - 3k+meters

I have barbell, a rack, a bench, lat pulldown machine built into rack that i also use for tricep extension, rowing machine, and gymnastic rings that i use for dips. What else can i add? These feel like they are kinda short, take me 45 mins to an hour.
then i think maybe split your leg day in half and your upper day in half, and do 4 different less intense workouts a week
you're meant to do cardio after because it fucking drains you, and you dont want that to affect your lifts
there was also a bunch of scientific shit i read about it but dont remember, but just google it bro
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Look at all of that bb.com grammar in this post. Go on, just look at it.
I might consider it though with a 50 hour a week job on salary, gonna be difficult to fit it in and live to tell the tale. :) thanks for the tip bro

you shut your whore mouth no it isn't
get an ab wheel

>just do memecada

No thanks I want to actually make some gains
Deadlift 2x3-5
Press 2x6-8
W. Chins 2x4-6
Rows 2x6-8
C.G. Chins 1x6-10
B: Chest Day
Bench press 2x6-8
Incline DB bench 2x6-8
Barbell curls 2x6-8
Triceps extension 2x6-8
C: Leg day
Squat or leg press 2x6-8
Leg curl 2x6-8
Leg extensions 2x6-8
Calves 1x12-16
Cable crunches 1x8-10
Start out with heaviest weight on first set. Second set is 25% of heaviest load.
Literally the best routine for mass for an intermediate lifter there is.

Literally not. It's a meme from bb.com that has been propagated by roiders and delusional dyels who think they can achieve a roider aesthetic by doing some magic routine.

Memecada is the shittiest routine around and it baffles me how people keep doing it despite no results and ending up weak as a girl.

Literally the only people with decent results from memecada are roiders.
Calf Raise 10x5

Pendlay Row

Deadlift 1x5
Hexbar Shrug 10x5

All 5x5 unless otherwise noted
5 minute rest between sets
Dips 4x failure
Incline bench 4x 12,12,10,10
Dumbell press 4x
Flat dumbell chest flys 4x
Super set skullcrusher/closegrips 3x10
Pull-ups/chin-ups alternate 4x failure
Lateral pull downs 4x12s
Hamercurls 4x12
Bent over rows 3x10( going to replace with deadlifts soon)
Barbell curls 4x12/10
seated cable rows 4x12/10
Shrugs 3x15
Squats 4x12/10
Ohp 3x10
calf raises 3x15
leg press 4x12/10
Then i do kick boxing training 4-5 days a week
These threads suck without TC...

can we talk about what the fuck that chick on the left is wearing? why does her bikini go up like a foot past where it should?
She's into retro fashions (haha no she's self conscious about her tummy).
Can I add upright rows and lateral raises to SL5x5 to make my delts grow. They are seriously lagging behind everything else. Also would I add them to the day on which I do the press?
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I honestly feel like Push/Pull routines suck. They take a long time and aren't the most efficient. What I mean by that is, a lot of your accessories may suffer as a result of lack of energy or interest, nearing the last bit of the session. I would much prefer Upper/Lower or P/P/L.
Currently I do U/L with an additional Arms day. Works for me. As quick example I do

1) Lower (Anterior Focused)
2) Upper (Horizontal Focus)
3) Lower (Posterior Focused)
4) Upper (Vertical Focused)
5) Arms
You're seriously better off doing Ice cream fitness. Fuck blaha but his program is amazing
File: vdCCU3E.jpg (54 KB, 500x754) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You have been doing it? Are you seeing gains?

I thought that was like a replacement for SS? I ask because I've already been lifting for a while and don't strictly consider my self a novice.

I didn't include my concept2 rowing that I do for cardio.
Where is trappy hanging around now?!?!?
And what exactly is wrong with it?

Do you have any good routine for losing fat from the legs and the lower back. I am sick and tired of cardio. Thanks
Hopefully on a noose
File: 1453427685178.png (45 KB, 601x701) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Saw this like a week ago but fucked off from my pc before i read what people said about it. Thoughts?
A: Shoulders + Legs
Shoulder press 4x8
Dips 4x12-15
Upright row 4x12

Squats 4x10
Weighted lunge 4x12
Leg press 4x10
Seated calve raise 4x15

B: Abs + back
Ab wheel 4x20
Cable crunch 3x20

Chin-ups 4 x maximum effort
Dumbell row or Hammerstrength row 4x8
Rear delt fly 4x8

C: Chest + arms
Bench 4x8
Incline dumbell 4x8
Machine flys 4x10

Tri pushdown superset with cable curl (4x10 each)
Overhead tri extension superset with dumbell curls (4x12 each)
I've been doing this "http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/beginner-to-advanced-bodybuilder-in-12-weeks-phase-3.html" for a few months now.

Is there a better 3 days split I could be doing? Sorry if this question is stupid.
Day 1
Bent over rows 5 sets
one arm cable rows 5 sets
pull downs 5 sets
dbell concentration curls 5 sets
straight bar curls 5 sets
preacher curls 5 sets
rear delt flys 5 sets

day 2
bench press 7 sets
incline dbell press 5 sets
crossovers 5 sets
front raises 5 sets
lateral raises 5 sets
tricep pushdowns 5 sets
overhead extension 5 sets
dips 3 sets

day 3
squats 6 sets
leg press 5 sets
front squats 4sets
stiffleg deadlift 5 sets
leg curls 5 sets
seated calf raises 5 sets

pull 2
deadlift 6 sets
cable rows 5 sets
stiff arm pullovers 5 sets
straight bar curls 5 sets
incline curls 5 sets
reverse curls 5 sets

push 2
>delts first
dumbell press 5 sets
side laterals 5 sets
cable front raises 5 sets
bench press 5 sets
incline flys 5 sets
triceps pushdown 5 sets
overhead extension 5 sets
dips 3 sets

front squats 5 sets
leg extensions 5 sets
stiff leg deadlift 5 sets
leg curl 5 sets
standing calf raises 5 sets

>inb4 too much
if you've got a job and aren't on gear, forget it
Day A :
10 minutes elliptical trainer
6x5 pull ups
5x5 bench
5x5 inclined bench
3x30 inclined situps
5x10 barbell row
4x10 Lat pulldown
3x10 dips
some more abs exercice
10 minutes elliptical trainer

Day B :

Day C :
10 minutes elliptical trainer
6x5 pull ups
5x5 squats
3x16 lunge
5x15 leg curl
3x30 inclined situps
5x20 machine where you sit and it's supposed to work on your calves, dunno what it's called
some more abs exercices
10 minutes elliptical trainer

Day D :

Day E :
10 minutes elliptical trainer
6x5 pull ups
5x5 deadlift
5x5 inclined bench
3x30 inclined situps
5x10 barbell row
4x10 Lat pulldown
3x10 dips
some more abs exercices
10 minutes elliptical trainer

Resting on the week-ends

This looks like not a bad routine, should I try it?
Certainly looks solid. I might change my routine to something similar. I especially like the idea of ABCxDxx
File: 2olysun11.jpg (288 KB, 2100x1313) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A normal week of training for College Track and Field (Hammer, weight, discus throw). This is our strength-building program. Explosive workouts start in a couple weeks.
ATG Front Squats 1x8 1x6 1x4 1x2
ATG Back Squats 1x8 1x6 1x4 1x2
To Parallel Box Squats 3x4 3x10 3x20
(^These are meant to be at 90,80, and 70% of max respectively, but I've only worked up to 85/72.5/55.)
Light RDLs 4x8
200 reps core
Day 2
Push Press 1x8 1x6 1x4 1x2
Power cleans 3x4 3x10 3x20
(Same as before, but i'm at 75/62.5/52.5)
Event-specific medicine ball work, 100 reps
Bench Press 1x8 1x6 1x4 1x2
Day 3
20 Minutes Cardio, 200 Core Reps
Day 4
Same squats as day 1
Leg curls
200 Core reps
Day 5
Close grip snatch 1x6 1x4 2x2
Same Power cleans as day 2
1 arm kettle bell swings, 2x20 each arm

We also have practice on days 1,2,3, and 4.
>ITT: Evereryone posting routines but no ones comment on it.
/fit/ not all that knowledgeable when it comes to the human body.

At best it's,
>m-muh macros
>do weights mutha fucka
File: trapz.jpg (80 KB, 640x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm doing an upper/lower split. Will I need Shrugs as im not doing DL's or will OHP get dem traps?

OHP 3x5-7 \ 3-4'
Pull Ups 3x5-7 \ 3-4'
DB Bench 3x8-12 \ 2-3'
Cable Rows 3x8-12 \ 2-3'
Triceps 3x8-12 / Facepull 3x10-15 \ 1'
Biceps 3x8-12 / Lateral Raises 3x10-15 \ 1'

Squat 3x5-7 \ 3-4'
Walking Lunges 2-3x8-12 \ 2-3'
Back Extensions 2-3x8-12 \ 2-3'
Unilateral Leg Curl 1-2x8-12 \ 2-3'
Calf Press 3x10-15 \ 1'
Abs 3x10-15 \ 1'

Format: Exercise - Repscheme \ Rest(mins)
Progress: +~1.5-2.5kg at reprange completion (or next set of DB's or next weight on cable).

You'll probably need something for traps. If not shrugs, then something like (hang) high pulls or power cleans or whatever. Getting something hip-heavy in there might not be a bad idea and those could hit both with one exercise.

If you want comments you should try the general instead >>35795985
you could add some tbar cable rows, some rear delt work like face pulls and a bit more leg volume.
Laughed out loud haha
Did you design that for yourself? Looks weird. Order your exercises after their priority. i.e. curls before rows doesn't make sense to me
What do you think of PHAT?

Obviously his priority is huge biceps
5x5 Back Squat
5x5 Pull Up
5x5 Dip
2x10 Barbell Curl
3x10 Leg Press
5x5 Bench Press
3x15 Crunches

5x5 Front Squat
5x5 Pendlay Row
5x5 OHP
3x5 Deadlift
3x10 Wrist Curls
3x10 Calf Raise
3x15 Leg Raise


Is this a good routine? I've been thinking of swimming on weekends.
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