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Autism at the gym thread
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>Sitting in the lat pulldown machine about to make some gains
>Guy appears behind me
>M8 I'll give you an advice, use a very wide grip
>I know that thing it's a meme
>Don't even look at him or change the expression of my face
>No, I do it this way because it provides a greater ROM
>Continue with the pull
>See him in the same machine doing behind the neck lat pulldowns with a very wide grip and a lot of weight
>Not even half ROM
>Imagine his glenohumeral joint being damaged
>Laugh internally

So /fit/ share some autism at the gym stories
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Saw a guy today doing lat pulldowns instead of just doing pullups. What a faggot
>be squatting
>some dumb black woman who i've only seen squatting 35 kg or less tells me to "look up"
>don't say anything, don't react at all, just carry on squatting as rip taught me
>she smiles and carries on writing in her notepad
You're an asshole.
Why didn't you tell him why you don't use a wide grip? Instead of imaging him injuring himself you could have given him some advice if you really know better.>>35780539
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>see a guy staring at the wall on the lat pulldown machine
>He is pulling like 20kg so i offer my tutelage
>say "oi m8 use a wider grip for better lat activation"
>He doesn't even move or respond wtf?
>looks at me and I think he replies to me in his head, doesn't actually speak.
>he continues pulling
>later on I'm in the machine doing my wide grip and he just keeps staring at me muttering 'tee eff double u' trembling

Theres my autism story lads
How do I access this /fit/verse where strangers give strangers unsolicited advice at the gym?
You can't read you idiot


Except wider grip has poor lat activation you dumbass.
2/10 apply yourself.
I can do 8-10 BW pull ups at 235 lbs but I feel it mainly in my biceps. Lat pull down machine gives me more control at hitting lats/squeeze so I use it instead.

Why is this wrong?
It ain't. Don't take the b8.
>at gym
>some rather qt asks "heyyy what's your name"
>"I don't know"
And I walked away and kept going on with my workout.
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It isn't. Most people here don't lift. You'd have a bad time at my gym. You can't change the grip on a Lifefitness pull-down. I miss the Nautilus machines at the community college.
>going to gym yesterday
>wanted to do a bit of warmup on a crosstrainer
>only 1 crosstrainer empty next to a qt3.14 in yoga pants
>look at my phone while getting on the crosstrainer to avoid looking at her
>she says "Hi" and smiles at me
>quickly look at her, stare back at phone and say "hello"
>go to free weight room after 2 minutes

I didn't do that bad I think
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By going to the gym.
Nice reddit meme
>"I don't know"

Fucking hell, I nearly died.
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ay no mames.png
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>Be doing my work out
>Couple of argentina qts try figuring out some dumb leg thing to work glutes that doesn't work as well as squatting.
>Try to figure out how to use it, right in front of me.
>mfw I could just go there and tell them
>Do nothing
>go prepare my protein shake
>Return and they dissapeared.

I felt pretty autistic, I could have started a conversation or something, but a part of me wanted to leave unfullfilled because they were a couple of NYR.

My autism and my antisocial biased work against me
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Saw a guy today not doing both
I don't know, I saw some sexy dumb bitch misusing equipment and corrected her and I feel like I just came off as a douchebag. And I'm very good with women.

Also she seemed coked out of her mind once I spoke to her

>TLDR don't give advice at the gym unless someone asks
alpha as fuck
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This is sort of cute actually

I like to say hi and smile at everyone who gets on a machine next to me, or whenever I go in the circuit room and someone's in there (it's usually quiet.) Don't get me wrong, I can't abide small talk and loathe social interaction of any kind, but I like to project an illusion of extraversion, and knowing that I have made the other person a bit nervous establishes my dominance of the situation from the get-go.
also I know the correct spelling of extroversion
>Go back to lifting
>See new qt3.14 at gym
>She is doing squats
>Think of a way to aproach her, cant think of anything
>We go to rerack the weights at the same time
>Try to think of something to say
>"excuse me?"
>"Uhm, are you doing squats?"
>"good job"

Why am i socially retarded?
I went to my commercial gym during peak hours just to switch it up.
There was this one middle-aged bitch who kept glaring at me, and I have no idea why. She looked like she was genuinely angry that I was there. I don't think I did anything with poor etiquette
Any ideas anons?
Because you killed the conversation, you shoulda laughed it off and asked what her name was then continue the conversation from there
>curlbro came up to me while squatting
>bro, don't squat below parallel, it'll fuck up your knees
>say thanks, keep squatting deep
>saw same guy in the power rack
>pussypad on bar
>pussypad wrapped in a towel
>doing standing calf raises
Sounds like your physique intimidated her

n1 m8
I'm stuck somewhere between skelly and ottermode (6'2 150lb) so I dont think she was intimidated but idk maybe
Then her reaction goes from "Well, that was weird" to "Oh god, why do they always approach me" Yer not gonna recover from dumb shit like that.
I guess you've got a point there, the real problem is anon spaghettied, also good facial genetics helps.

>stuck between skelly and otter
>6'2 150 pounds
m8 these are literally my stats, we are both skelly sorry to say

that being said, my shoulders are relatively broad for my weight so i dont look too terrible, grills still mire just bc abs

>yes i know they dont count
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>Lanklet with long, shaggy, thinning blond hair is doing little bits of exercises all over the weight room but doesn't finish any of them
>One set squat, one set flies, one set calf raises, etc. but then goes and does more at totally random intervals
>He sits his phone on the floor right next to him at each location, and it beeps
>like a microwave beep
>get curious, time it on my phone and the beeping is happening at 8-second intervals, and it's a loud beep that gets everyone else within 20 feet's attention.
>beeping appears to be irrelevant to his routine
>he trips over one of the benches and spills his protein shake everywhere
>he bends down and whispers "sorry" to the bench
>As I walk by the spill zone later I smell a very distinct, not at all protein shake smell
>It's baby formula

I love the gym
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Can't stop laughing

>behind the neck lat pulldowns
>not even half ROM

how did you know he was going behind the neck if he didn't even make it half way through his ROM? Or was he only going half way to the top of his ROM?
Back angle?
What the fuck is up with people giving advice in the gym.
Its t
The ones who shouldnt be giving any.

>training with an old m8 who got fucking big when we left school
>asks him for tips on bench press
>tells me not to curl back my wrists, it feels better doing it his way
>out of nowhere this fucking faggot comes
"If you have issues with your wrists try thumpless grip m80"
>try it, tell him I like the other thing better
>faggot leaves
>"hey anon, just saying but.. Dont do the thumpless thing, it will just make your wrists bend even hard"
Legit, this guy gave me advice on how to do the thing I was trying to avoid

Another day
>training a rookie friend
>he wants to be better at chinups, but cant do them himself
>so I just spot him by grabbing his shins when he is up, gives him some control
>I can only do 4 myself, because I'm a dyel fag, but hey, gotta do them till I get better
>this old geezer comes
>"you two look like you struggle, you should use an assisted machine instead"
>"there isnt a machinr like that in this gym"
>old faggot "oh, well you can do the pulling machine instead, works the same"
>me "yeah,but I want to get better at chins. And I can spot my friend its ok"
>old fart "oh okay, it wasnt to annoy you haha"

The old man was dyel as fuck.
Why do people who dont know shit have the need to share their broscience with everyone else?
>baby formula
Holy shit what
Are there any gains in drinking it though?
File: 1451843410318.gif (993 KB, 499x208) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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RIP My sides.
File: dam son.png (103 KB, 576x541) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dam son.png
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I thought new years was over but christ I still see some shit. I'm a chink myself but now I see why this board hates them.
>return from rest period of week and half
>get ready to bench and pop out because I feel a turd log approaching the sphincter barrier
>leave my towel and bottle next to the rack
>come back dyel as fuck asian guy curling in the power rack
>ask wtf
>"oh yah brah, just two more sets"
>see probably his mate
>also in the half rack doing curls with the bar
If you're a baby and drink it you can more than double your size in just a year, 2 years on it and you can start to toddle around and walk short distances.
File: 1446680282840.gif (2 MB, 331x197) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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jesus man
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>"I don't know"
Wait what's wrong with standing calf raises?
okay im pretty sure this guy is a /fitizen/ so i hope he fucking reads this

>2pm on a tuesday
>doing squats at the rack (there's only 1 here)
>bald manlet comes in running
>runs upto me and asks if im using the rack
>"ofcourse im using it, but would you like to work in"
>he says sure
>i do my set and take a break
>guy takes off the weight until there's 10kg on each side (okay)
>does 20 reps
>by this time im a bit bored and ready to do my next set
>watch him do 20 more reps
>decide i should say something
>before i can say anything he racks the bar and gives me a nod like he didnt just do 40 fucking reps
>I go to put the weight back on and he's vanished

all of my what
top kek and im mirin those trips
what's wrong with gloves?
>whispers "sorry" to the bench
>baby formula
Top zozzle
What's wrong with a belt?
Extraversion is correct.
una vela
dos velas
>doing skullcrushers with full ROM like Rip-sama taught me
>DYEL skelly gym staff comes and tells me to "not lower the bar so much"
>stands right there staring at me for the rest of my sets
>do as he says because fuck, he's right there staring at me

how am i gonna make it while being this betat god dammit
mirin dem quads son.
>suicide grip

that fucking faggot was trying to kill you, bro.
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what does this story even mean? It just doesn't make sense.
File: sUEbP1h.jpg (159 KB, 960x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What in the actual fuck are you trying to say
File: 1431651059260.jpg (51 KB, 400x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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tres velotas
File: 1447654550141.png (516 KB, 988x562) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> be dyel
> doing bench press
> trying to do 155 lbs 5x5
> 4th set was pretty tough, lads
> some girl had walked over to directly in front of the bench i was at and was standing there waiting for a bench to open, awkward as all hell just staring at me in between sets
> made me nervous
> got up to get a drink of water to get out of the situation and to give me some time for me muscles to recharge to go for that last set that i know i wont be able to complete
> back to bench
> get to 3rd rep
> dying
> cantgetitup.webm
> not referring to my dick
> im struggling with all my might to get at least one end of the bar back on the rack
> why didnt i ask for a spot
> oh yea because im dyel and who needs a spot for 155 lbs wtf
> also mrs awkward pants standing there made me nervous so i was like fuck it lets get this last set out of the way, lads
> back to the struggle
> i manage to get the left end on the rack and i feel my arms giving out
> barely get the other end on the rack, at the last moment just before i lift it up there, the girl rushes over to help me
> mutter "thanks" and feel all available spagherti reserves within a 10 mile radius spew out of my pockets
> unrack bitch weights in shame
> go to get another drink of water i dont deserve
> start doing bicep curls even though i've never felt more inclined to kill myself
> as im feeling the bern from my 25 lb dumbbell curls, look over and see the same girl benching 135 lbs
> tfw she could probably bench more than me but i left before i could see it with me own eyes
>benching 1pl8
That wasn't a girl bro.
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>worrying about weight instead of progress

Haha I'm 6"2 200lbs and I'm not even ripped. You're skelly as fuck.
>weak everything
>not at 1 pl8 on anything yet
Weight distribution you stupid fuck

It's basically powdered milk with some added nutrients that babies need.

It would have little to no benefit to a full grown adult. May as well had a glass of milk.
i cant even bench 1pl8. Im a skinny dyel, who cares anon. No one will remember you tomorrow, so lift for today
The fuck?
How long have you been lifting? I started recently (about 5 months) and I finally hit 1pl8 bench about two weeks ago. I'm 5'8 140lbs, skelly but gaining weight. 140lbs doesn't sound so bad to me when I remember I was 130lbs about 2 months ago. Just keep at it.
shit, I haven't laughed that hard in forever.
File: 1442253184685s.jpg (3 KB, 125x111) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yeah, you're right. I'm a pretty pessimistic person. Hopefully I see some progress and keep going
File: canadianlaughing.jpg (12 KB, 240x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>being a coalburner
File: 1452966512445.jpg (90 KB, 575x523) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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the sad part is I've shut down like this before when a girl spoke to me
she was good breeding stock, ya goof
cuck, if he asked to fuck you in the ass while he watched would you keep letting him?

These guys want to have a word with you

>what's wrong with being weak?
File: 20160127_002102.jpg (1 MB, 1152x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1152x2048
Here is one that happened today;

> bro and I finishing intense back day
> hear a possible singer muttering in the distance
> ignore as usual and continue with lifts
> all of a sudden someone shouts out "in the salsa" in the most classic of retard voices
> confusion
> whatever must have been noth- "IN THE SALSA"
> wut
> at this point I exchange glances with my gymbro
> must be singing a song?
> "IN THE SALSA" again and again this retard in his retard voice is screaming "in the salsa" whilst grunting
> continues for 5 mins on and off before ww finish our day and leave
> literally had to stop myself from laughing because I couldn't figure out if it was a real retard or not

Never got a good look at the tard, I didn't feel like tracking it down. But damn if it continued for long after we left. I wouldn't be able to workout with that.

> mfw LA fitness allows retards in the gym
How much test do you run?
I bench 3pl8 1rm and I only ever use suicide grip
Lol this has to be bait. 150 at 6'2 is skeleton. Pure skeleton.
not gonna make it
Less than you would think
What's wrong with pussy?
File: 1394682435898.gif (56 KB, 505x437) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The experience of reading that is what I imagine getting stabbed feels like.
ya but how much yo?

File: 1453647932769.jpg (119 KB, 617x932) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> a few days ago, leaving the gym
>headed towards exit
>two normal doors that you push to open
>receptionist chick walks up to one of the doors with a sign
>tapes the sign to the door
>stop at the doors as she's putting the sign up
>point to the opposite side of the gym at the other exit
>"so, should I use that door?"
>she looks at me and starts laughing after a second
>"no, the other door here"
>points to the other door I'm standing in front of and starts walking away laughing
>laugh myself out of the gym
>drive home and hope that she thought I was joking

what is wrong with me
I'm on a blast at the moment, so 250mg/ week.

I'll move back down to 125mg/week after 2 months at this level. Thwn two more months then pct with nolva.
Instead of laughing at him, help him understand what he's doing wrong so he can become a better person who works out safer/
this desu
in fact i always remove weights until 1pl8 to lower peoples expectations of me
If people tilt their heads through the window it's behind the neck, even if he doesn't even get down to the head.
Do you have any idea what you're doing? Blasting at 250 is literally nothing, even for an extreme beginner. And you take your pct right after your blast, depending on the the ester strength. There is also no point of cruising after a 250mg blast. Your body will barely have a shutdown.
File: Kek'd.jpg (48 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 720x540

> 16

he's on trt dumb dumb, he has low test
Honestly thats my apprpach too, not everyone wants advice
What's wrong with the power rack?
You're not the loser in this story anon. You're making progress and you know what you're doing. You done good. Get your water.

The girl was the autist of your story. Things she could have done
>Asked to work in
>Found another exercise to do while waiting for a bench
>Helped you when you failed your final rep

Things she did
>Stood in silence watching you struggle
>go to the gym one day
>one of the workers is organizing some casual contest thing for everyone
>includes fun challenges like most push-ups, longest hand stand and some more serious ones like biggest bench (relative to your bw)
>join the bench one
>realize none of the stronger powerlifters are at the gym today, only some baby crossfitters, friends of the baby crossfitter gym worker
>win the bench contest with a 120kg bench (lmao)
>prize is a reebok t-shirt
>make a statement that I don't like reebok and tell them to give it to someone else

I am autism.
Pretty alpha desu. If she didn't realize you were joking she ain't worth it anyway
>doing two plate weighted dips
>spider sense alerts me an attractive cougar started doing crunches next to me
>this is my biggest fetish by far
>can't help checking her out after I'm done with my set
>she checks me out at the same time
>our eyes meet
>she smiles and says "wow that's impressive" complementing my two plate dips
>start sweating and shaking, ears start ringing, anus clenching
>mumble a "heh ye" and leave

I want to die. Seriously. I just don't understand.
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>Doing my daily squats
>Just did my 150kg pause warmup
>Girl appears behind me
>You shouldnt squat everyday its bad for you
>I literally say Whatever and do a 160 squat.
>She tries to squat 90kg outside of the rack
>She gets stuck
>Cant bail the fucking squat like the "pro" she is
>Falls flat on her ass and hits her back on the bar
>Tfw i didnt even whiteknight to help her up or ask her if she's ok
>she deserved it

Fuck off cunt, you're weak.
I hope this happened but I really don't believe you.
>At gym last night
>Pretty late, not many people in
>One black guy sitting on a bench, weights scattered around him
>I mean like at least a quarter of the barbells
>And two bars
>What are the odds, I need to use one of the 12 sets of weights he has out
>"hey man, can I grab those 20's off you?"
>gives me nigger glare for a solid 10 seconds
>I turn around and decide it's now leg day
What's wrong with curls?
File: 1452567134777.png (23 KB, 500x294) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 500x294
File: image.jpg (111 KB, 557x711) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>weighted dips
super epic meme

love it
What's wrong with you?
What do you mean whats wrong with him?
What do you mean?
He has a right to give these fags shit famalam.
>not recognizing the meming in the replies
What's wrong with towels?
Nah, you skelly m8.
>see guy out of the corner performing absolute shit form ass in the air 2.5 pl8 bench
>not even going all the way up
>bouncing it off his chest each rep
>think how stupid the woman there are and will probably be impressed by this guys 7 shitty reps and wont care about my 3 perfect form no leg drive bench
>faggot loads up another 5 on each side and comes up to me and ask for a spot
>tell him to go fuck himself
>no one else is anywhere near strong enough to spot him so he stops benching
Back to where you /rbelong faggot boi
Sounds like you had the autism in this story
it's a joke, you autist.
nothing,it's just a way retards try to feel manlier that others
In the immediate sense they reduce your grip on the bar which is potentially dangerous an will limit your training.

Long term they will reduce (but not eliminate) callus buildup which means you won't be able to lift as much without gloves.

There are valid uses for gloves such as protecting an injury but if you use them because lifting hurts you should learn to grip the bar properly and develop some callus.
>at the gym
>first time some guy talks to me
>he says "what kind of work do you do?"
>I say I go to school i dont have a job
>I guess he was asking about what workout i do and tells me i have really great triceps.
>i say thanks and walk away not knowing what to say next
you should have been the bigger man and helpped her
Ajajajajaja muy bueno
Ikr fuck thes nigger lovers
Not surprising, c u c k
File: phil-fish.jpg (15 KB, 600x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 600x338
>overweight dude comes lumbering in
>sure, good for him, but I know where this is going
>starts with a whole lot of nothing
>goes to fly machine
>sets it to 200+
>mi cara cuando
>does one very strenuous rep
>I swear his arms are going to break
>rests for 5 minutes
>ups the weight
>does another
>I'm freaking out because I think he's going to explode or something
>quits after about three of these and does something else
>I'd say something but he always looks angry and I think he'd hit me if I did
>also known for doing very rounded deadlifts with 3 plates
File: QYPlmPQ.png (20 KB, 638x547) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 638x547
Shit gets even better, it was a guy asking and no homo there, I'm an actual female sperglord autist.
send pics to reaffirm confidence
nah, your a cool guy anon.
Hello, Faggot!
File: 1435769602071.jpg (226 KB, 333x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
226 KB, 333x500
>At gym
>Mixing protons powder with water near the sink
>A DYEL skelly comes up
>"Y'know, steroids are bad for you! They make your balls look like raisins!"
>"Nah, man. I'm natty! Going for that bear mode"
>"The what?"
>Cringe because I showed my power level
It was manlet man!
File: 1392594001661.png (147 KB, 405x330) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147 KB, 405x330
When I went to the locker room after my workout today, there was this ugly paki cunt who had brought an electric shaving machine, and was grooming his bodyhair.
This went on the entire time whilst I undressed, showered, and put my clothes back on. When I left, he still wasn't finished. Fucking revolting.
maybe he's not an amerifat and was referring to 20 kg plates c u c k
>Jealous of somebody else's shitty form.
Get a load of this guy
Who the fuck goes up to a random guy in the gym, accuses him of doing steroids, and tries to give (incorrect) medical advice?

Should have knocked him the fuck out.
File: 1453068666193.jpg (453 KB, 982x1320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
453 KB, 982x1320
At this point you might as well pretend like you were just joking.
>black people
>civilized anywhere other than US
>black people in the US
Satanic trips calling everyone in this thread out.
File: 1453603112655.jpg (53 KB, 476x356) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me fatmode last year
>protein comes in mail
>free preworkout packet
>also took a ritalin
>amped af
>doing chest/back/leg split because vacation in 2 days gonna get a good one in before im stranded and gymless
>going really heavy on everything
>try to do 210 on incline bench press
>220 is max on regular
>get one half assed rep
>arms slowly failing
>rack right side
>lefty doesnt make it
>RIP lefty
>bar pins head to bench
>guys run over and lift it off of me
>come up with bullshit excuse
>about 4 hours later have huge scab that is unmistakably the same pattern as a barbell grip
>literally cannot lie to anyone about it
>have to tell the story to everyone
>mfw shame
Fuck this hits home
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