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post /fit/ recipes
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post /fit/ recipes
400g low fat cottage cheese
400g oats
4 eggs

Mix errthang together in a mixer or whatever, then make the disgusting slurry into 6 or so portions, put it in the oven and a while later you got yourself some neato protein rich bread thingies. 'Bout 300 calories and tree fiddy protons each, I reckon.
>bread thingies
sounds delicious
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yo gimme a chicken recipe
Put little pot on stove
Add butter hot sauce and honey
Melt that shit together
Put chicken in oven
Pour sauce on chicken
Enjoy spicy sweet chicken meat
what sauce u use senpai
Who is this cock temptress?
Looksnlike TayTay

Probably is
put soy sauce on chicken
cook it in a pan
serve with brown rice
nah she's a porn star, I have a few of her vids saved
karlie kloss
Beer and Honey Bread

Baking Powder
Agave Syrup
Maple Syrup
White Sugar
Brown Sugar
Butter, melted

Heat oven, mix everything together except butter.
Pour a bit of butter at the bottom of a pan, pour the batter, and then pour all the butter on top.

Fucking awesome for healthy carbs
alright broby ill give it a try
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She looks EXACTLY like TayTay
what a no self respecting slut

thats the problem with women these days

revealing too much, wearing too little

willing to open their legs to any dick

makes me sick
Idk the macros for my recipe

>1lb chicken breast
>chicken stock/broth/ chicken cubes x 2 if ur lazy
>1 knob of butter
>spring onions

>heat the frying pan and add 1-11/2 tbsp of olive oil
>once the oil is hot put in your seasoned chicken breast (just salt & pepper)
>cook both sides until they turn a bit brown
>remove tits and add the butter same pan
>once melted add a bit of cayenne for taste
>add 1-3 tbsp of flour (depending on how viscous u want the sauce)
>add chicken broth/stock
>remember once you add the broth you cant add more flour
>mix it up until you get the desired consistency of the sauce
>bring back chicken tits to heat it up a bit
>add diced spring onion

Chicken breast with homemade gravy
damn bro can you just come cook for me thats a lot of work
my dad showed me this one.

Curried eggs n rice

>eggs (i usually use 4-5)
>curry powder
>rice (brown rice master race)
>1 tomato
>oil (i use coconut oil, my dad uses peanut oil)
>some green veggie eg beans, peas, broccoli etc

>cook rice. dont start step 2 until rice is cooked
>put oil in frying pan
>break all eggs into the pan
>chop up tomato and green veggies and put them in pan
>fry it as if you were making scrambled eggs
>when fully fried add curry powder (1 teaspoon/1 tablespoon) and salt to taste
>add cooked rice
>fry for about 5-10 minutes or until nothing is soggy
>serve hot

bon appetit motherfuckers this easy meal is like 1000cals with like 50g protein fuck yeah motherfuckers
you can also make it without rice for a quick cutting snack
and if you're bulking:
Hillary Clinton’s super PAC has tried to “flag” stories about Bernie Sanders, but the group does not want its name attached.

Daniel Wessel, Correct the Record press secretary, contacted the Burlington Free Press by email and phone to offer "off the record" story pitches.

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Wessel offered to send more information on Sanders' record if the paper was interested in the story.

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fuckshitballs, must not have copied the link right
this is what I meant to post https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOhaS9Qucdg
>curry anything
no thanks pajeet, me no shit in street

I do these and fry them up like pancakes.
1/4 cup steel cut oat
3/4 cup water or whole milk
bring to boil, lower heat to simmer approxamitely 20 minutes.
add 4 tablespoons white sugar
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1/4 cup maple syrup
1tsp salt
Add side of bacon or sausage if desired

My daily breakfast
Hah, wut
But not yoouurrrsss

I thought Taylor Swift had a big thing about not showing her belly button.
She ain't going full Miley is she?
3 sticks unsalted butter
Microwave til liquid
-2400 calories
read the whole thing waiting for bulking advice
oh well

thats becky
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You fat shit, tell me you don't do this
Tell me this is a ruse
I do this but not all at once. I am on a deep cut so I drink 3 servings of bulletproof coffee a day, along with a multivitamin.
1 cup cottage cheese
1 cup oats
6 eggs
2 tsp vanilla extract

Blend all ingredients until batter.

Heat oil or butter on nonstick pan. Pour in batter a good bit at a time and make pancakes.

Put syrup on, low fat or not or whatever you want. Fruit maybe.

I really need to get a blender so I can make these ASAP.
I spread it out
Similar to this anon

But the context of drinking 3 sticks of butter is comical to hear
This works real well with pork too, but since you probably got chicken in the house anyway. Basically BBQ food for people who haven't started/can't start BBQ season yet.

Prepare your rub:
>1/4 salt
>1/8 black pepper
>1/8 cayenne pepper
>1/4 finely chopped garlic
>1/4 paprika
A wee bit water to mix it with

Assemble ingredients - This recipe is scalable
>4 chicken breasts
>Huge sweet potato or two smaller
>~4 strips of bacon
>500 ml / 16oz beer of your choice (Can recommend a pale ale (I'm so white) or a good lager, porter or stout mightn't work too well) ALTERNATIVELY watered down Sprite Zero if you don't have drank in the house

Cut one of the chicken breasts into little wee bits. Rub the chikkum with the rub - Since you mixed it with some water, you can just brush it on. Leave the chicken for a moment while you prep your sweet potato(es).

Core the sweet potatoes. Easiest done if you have an apple corer, but a solid knife works out fine too. Fill them with the cut-up chicken breast bits. Wrap the potatoes in bacon, brush your rub over, then wrap them up in aluminium foil.

Dump the remaining chicken in a deep ovenproof dish, pour beer over (Do not submerge the chicken tits entirely).
Stretch some aluminium foil over the dish, and shove into the oven at 175°C/350°F for 3-4 hours.
Towards the start of the second hour, chuck the potatoes in the oven too.

Once done, take the chicken out of the liquid, shred it, consider serving with this entirely optional (defo if you're cutting) sauce and eat your chicken and stuffed taters.

>100 ml brown sugar
>100 ml ketchup
>100 ml tomato puree
>100 ml water
>2 tsp cinnamon
>1 tsp ground anise
>2 tbsp chili sauce (Sriracha works OK)
>1 1/2 tbsp liquid smoke

Stir continuously: Melt sugar in a pan with a little of the water. Once melted, add ketchup, tomato puree, chili sauce, spices, liquid smoke, and leave at medium temperature for 20 minutes. Leave to cool a little bit before using.
Keeps OK when bottled.
Why is she so perfect? *sigh*
25g whey protein concentrate powder
~300ml water
Put together in shaker

I think you mean 'isolate' desu senpai
I think you mean 'hydrolysate' famalam
Here's the fucking gallery m80.
Slow cooker FTW
>chicken stock
>onions, quartered
>potatoes, cubed
>carrots, rings
>green chiles go in everything because I'm from New Mexico
>slow cook for 6 hours
You can also use pork loin, or use a beef roast and use beef stock instead.
bread thing
8 eggs
2 cups of cottage cheese
1 cup of oats
vanilla extract
(if you want)
some milk
a banana

throw the shit in a blender and then pour into a baking sheet to cover the whole bottom and but in the oven for about 15 minutes at around 345 F
when it has cooled cut it into squares

1/4 cup of greek yogurt
2 bananas
4 teaspoons of sugar/sweatner
2 table spoons of beanut butter
vanilla extract
(if you want)
1-4 cup of oats
3 table spoons of hemp seeds
some milk

put the shit in a blender then put in a bowl to dip the bread stuff
bread thing (the whole thing) (without extra shit)

1,300 calories
66g of carbs
63g of fat
110g of protein

sauce (the whole thing) (without extra shit)

490 calories
86g of carbs
15g of fat
15g of protein

I doubt you will use the whole thing of sauce though
This fucking guy.
look at those legs. Like a fucking giraffe.
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karlie and tay.jpg
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they're bffs :^)
IRL Shiro Masamune.
gyno detected
>6'1" beauty
That's hot.
I'd murder my mother with a tea spoon to have a 3 some with those two
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