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Snap city stories
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Sitting in the hospital after taking the one way train to snap city. Any tips on recovery fit?

If anyone wants to know how I don't mind sharing. Now I know what it feels like to do crossfit.
What happened to you dude ?
Probably did a first time squat and tried to squat his body weight.

It has "dead" in the title how the fuck do you guys don't get this
>on my 3rd warm up set trying to pr Deadlift yesterday.
>Was at 410.
>chatting with gym bud waiting for next set.
>get text from gf about some bs fight going on with her and her sister at my house.
>get ready for next set.
>phone rings just as I'm about to lift
>lose all focus. 404 form not found.
>hips shoot up. Turns into stiffleg Deadlift out of nowhere.
> 410 goes up no issues then pop goes the L5 just as I lock out.
>think it's no big deal didn't even hurt
>try to get one more set before going for pr
>Can barely get into position
>realize that pop was the sound of my snap city ticket getting punched before leaving the station.
>wake up this morning at 1:30 to piss nearly pass out from the pain.
Did you wear Sandals OP?
Fuark that blows.

I feel bad for feeling shitty today about my stuff.

I just fucked up my hand dicing up mean for stir fry. Got to close to hand without noticing. Probably should have gotten stitches, but the bleeding stopped and my hand still functions.

Probably won't be able to grip a bar for a week tho.

Good luck on recovery breh.
Damn bro, that's fucked up.

As for your question concerning getting back into fitness: swimming and yoga has helped me a lot with recovering from injuries in my back, shoulder and knees. Worked miracles for me. You'll lose gains, that's a no-brainer, but this way you stay a little in shape.

And here's my main brotip: don't let hunger for gains get into the way of recovery! Heal first, the lift again. To many guys keep having trouble with past injuries because they start again to soon.

Take care man, shit like this sucks.
This, you'll recovery your lost gains quicker than when you first started, don't freak out Bros
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not snap city story but similar

was in my first year of lifting and really proud of my gay ass 3pl8 5x5 squat. my pride and joy

go home to NJ, squat day at a gym i wasn't used to, LA fitness. different rack heights in the power rack. also didnt get sleep the night before

load up 3pl8 for squats. go down... lose balance on the way up and fall backwards. like an idiot i don't drop it and catch myself on my back foot and muscle it all back up to the rack. which was fucking horrible for my neck

tweaked some shit. had stiff neck recurring for a few weeks at which point i slowly stopped lifting. at one point my right neck area and shoulder were completely numb... basically a pinched nerve..

some chinese doctor in chinatown massaged my neck back to full recovery after i had tried emergency care and acupuncture (LOL). so yeah i'm back into lifting and this shit was over a year ago but it was terrifying at the time
Leave it to two arguing grills to be the ultimate gains goblins.
Having just snapped my back I still value Deadlifts. It wasn't the lift that was bad it was my fault.
No worse, was wearing running shoes.
Ohh ohh God I belong here. Hold me /fit/. The cute nurse said "I hope you feel better." to which I said "Y-you too." only after she walked out did I realize.
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witnessed a few days ago

>arrive at gym
>squat day
>some skinny guy doing lmao2pl8
>see ptbro watching him
>watch the guy with him
>his form is terrible
>back rounding, more of a good morning, knees caved in, using a belt and all
>pt says in an ironic tone "this guy doesn't have long until he snaps something"
>5 seconds pass
>the guy struggles to get it up when suddenly he screams and faceplants
>lucky the gym has rubber floor
>bar on safety pins
>ask him if he is ok
>"I can't get up"
>mfw he can't get up
>pt looks at me in horror
>"I can't move my legs"
>we don't move him to not aggravate things
>he starts crying saying he won't be able to walk again and that he wanted to join the army
>receptionist runs in with ice packs
>trying really hard to not criticize his form
>he lies there on the floor for 30 minutes until paramedics pick him up
>did squats after they left and everybody was looking at me
>probably expecting to break my shit too
glad i dont have a gf, r-ri-right ?
Just get a gf that is an only child. Problem solved.
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From now on I'm doing machines only like Scooby told me to. Fuck this noise.
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