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Ronnie Coleman let out a sigh as he took...
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Ronnie Coleman let out a sigh as he took the top of his workout suit off. He had built a pretty good sweat this time around, but he was still the one lifting the most heavy-ass weights, even in this elite gym.

"Ready to hit the showers, uh, Coleman?" Ronnie was surprised to discover he was not alone in the gym locker room. His mind wandered off for a moment looking at the slicked golden hair and glistening wet massive figure, stopping at the towel wrapped around the washboard abs before he could recognize Jay Cutler to return the greeting.

"Good evenin', Mister Olympia, sir!" His own towel fell off from his waist as he raised his hand to perform the appropriate salute. The blond haired bodybuilder let out a heartily laugh as he eyed Ronnie up and down, who was keeping his posture the whole time, seemingly unconcerned about his nakedness. Cutler finally patted him on the shoulder and continued on his way, still laughing.

"What a nice fella," Ronnie said to no one in particular, as he stopped at the shower he always used.
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Ronnie was almost done, happily enjoying the feeling of hot water against his body, still tired from his previous workout. Suddenly, he felt a strong grip on his sore arms. "What's up, Coleman?" He recognized Jay Cutler's voice from behind him.

"Jay? What-" he tried to turn around, but his grip was just too strong. "Cut it out, dickwad!" Cutler's strong commanding silenced him. "Don't pretend like you don't know what's happening!"

"Umm...no, Jay...listen, maybe ya got the wrong idea, but-"

"THE WRONG IDEA!?" His fellow bodybuilder leaned in to roar in his ear, and Ronnie felt a big, hard shape against his ass. Was that Cutler's dick? It was like a baseball!

"You prance around showing off that hot ass of yours, and when one tries to give you exactly what you're asking for, you act all prudish!" Ronnie had already given up on trying to break free from the bodybuilder's firm grip.

"I jus' really like prancin'!" he explained desperately.

"Don't tell me you didn't know there was a camera in here!" Cutler's powerful arms turned Ronnie around, making him look up at a corner. For the first time, Ronnie noticed a hidden camera lens on the ceiling, pointing directly at his shower of choice.

"Don't try to deny it, you just love showing off your stuff! Tell me you weren't begging for prick when you flashed me just minutes ago, you cocksucker! Yeah, 'budday' my balls! Since you joined this gym your ass has been hungry for a Cutler dicking, and that's just what I'm gonna give to it!"
His grip on him suddenly changed from Ronnie's arms to his hips, lifting him off the ground. Ronnie flailed his arms around desperately, trying to break free to no avail. How did Cutler ever get so strong? He felt the thick cock against his lower back, and with a sudden motion the bodybuilder jammed the head up his ass, slamming Ronnie's face against the wall and muffling his shriek of pain.

For what seemed like hours, Ronnie was ridden by Jay Cutler, crying out for help to no avail. He finally gave up, and the only sound that could be heard was the Mister Olympia's pounding motion and his demeaning insults. Finally, he felt Cutler's tool in his rectum swell up and explode. He heard him grunt with pleasure. "You know why they call you 'Unbelievable'? Unbelievable hot ass, that's why."

The bodybuilder let his man cream come out on Ronnie's ass for a while, before pulling out and turning him over, finally allowing him to see his face. He was red from the effort and lust. "Swallow, bitch," he ordered simply as he directed his white gob shooter at his face. Ronnie was too tired and humiliated to fight back, so he just complied.
"I'll let you in on a secret, cunt" Cutler said, finally done emptying his release. "See that camera over there?" Ronnie noticed a remote control on Cutler's hand as he pointed up. "It's been broadcasting to all the gym's tv screens since the start of our little ordeal." A look of terror appeared on Ronnie's face. "I'd love to see what your beloved fellow gym-goers think of your performance." The bodybuilder smiled in a wide grin.

"Open up," he ordered, as his strong arms lifted Ronnie by the shoulders and pinned him against the wall. Leaning his hips upwards, he started to pee, his still semi-erect dick delivering a glorious golden shower on the former Mister Olympia's body. He let go of one shoulder and used his free hand to direct his yellow stream against the black bodybuilder's face.
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With his tool finally empty, Jay Cutler unceremoniously dropped Ronnie on the floor and left. Lying face down, water falling down on his ravished ass, still hearing the blonde's jovial laugh, Ronnie turned his face up towards the camera. "Buddays..." he cried out, as a single tear streamed down his face.
Hay buddies
Hay buddy
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"Bodybuilding fans totally aren't gay"
>read all this
>didn't pop a boner
>not even half chub

Being hetero on /fit/ is weird
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