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Tell me about your gymbro, /fit/.
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Tell me about your gymbro, /fit/.
>supports me even though I can only lift half as much as him
>helps keepme motivated
>always late when I pick him up though
>gymbro sick for the first time since forever
>go to gym
>no one who's laughing with me
>no one who's shouting at me
>don't trust any of these dyels to spot me
>a dark hole of sadness replaced my heart
>feel empty inside
>all motivation is lost
>finish my lifts
>shower alone
>miss him touching my butt under the water
>drive to gymbro and bring him soup
>we chat while he eats
>gymbro is tired
>falls asleep
>I-I love you
>stay at his house
>sleeping on his couch
>nohomo tho
>pic related its my gymbro
File: 1310419656875.jpg (8 KB, 355x397) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 355x397
that image name
>had a gymbro for years
>he finds gf and a job
>leaves me
>I train hard for another year
>get injured
>still injured
>still no gymbro
Miss you bruh ;_;
I feel you anon. Best to just kill yourself now :(
>gymbro with my younger brother
>first time in year I'm really enjoying it
>crazy gains in size and strength
>tear rotator cuff
>take time off
>bro no longer trains now
my cat. i work out at home.
I don't have one, but I observe two loverbirds in my gym

>me and them walk in at the same time
>I'm done bench pressing by the time they walk out of the locker room, so it's my 2 minutes changing + my 8 or so minutes warming up and doing 3 sets just for them to change
>incline db press + flies + cable flies done while they are still benching one after another
>doing retarded stretching after every single fucking set despite having done like ten minutes of it before they've even started
>chatting after every set
>all in all, each one rests for over 5 minutes between sets, what the fuck
>tricep routine done while they're on like their second incline press set
>hiit done, they're still on incline bench
>change and walk out, they're stretching for squats

60 minutes workout done in time it takes two faggots to literally do two fucking exercises.

fuck that shit really.
don't have one any more
f..fuck him right /fit/? he was probably just holding me and my gains back
god damn it I miss those good times I had with him
Post catbro
He's non-existent.
That won't get my bruh back ;_;
File: 1447636628775.jpg (104 KB, 640x619) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104 KB, 640x619
exists as much as my gf
Same here familia T_T
>tfw when its my dad
>raw with dad
>raw with dad
I did not need that mental image, anon.
File: 5QdBVLe.jpg (45 KB, 311x311) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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He is short and fat and he is my best friend

He asked me to help him get in shape and I'll be damned if that isn't what I am going to do!
You're doing God's work Anon.
The lonelyfags need to find and join their nearest powerlifting or Oly lifting club.
File: just.png (144 KB, 392x324) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
144 KB, 392x324
hes a fegit
File: 1442187724130.png (151 KB, 374x363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
151 KB, 374x363
>have no gymbro

>start gym again on my own
>friend tells me he started too
>suepr nerdy guy, super lectured, and super cool
>never played sports or lifted anything, still have faith in him tho
>forward 3 months, we are now gymbros, he's coming to my gym we train together every single day with same routines
>forward 3 more months he's squatting 20kg more than I, t-that's impresive gymbro-san
>forwarsd 3 more months, he moves to annother gym cause he says the benchs in my gym are shit
>can't go with him cause gym is expensive and I'm poor

fuck you, I never asked for your help, I never needed you in first place, what is this water coming out of my eyes.

We still talk regularly and exchange articles and opinions on nutrition and lifting. We no longer have same routines.
File: feel.jpg (983 KB, 1920x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
983 KB, 1920x1200
I don't have one



I agree with: >>35682862


S-Sorry to read anon. How did he get ahead of you so quickly?
>Gymbro is bestbro
>Motivates me like no other
>Like no other can
>Everytime I make a rep he spits in my mouth
>Calls me a fucking faggot
>Grabs my arse
>"Love you son"
he did SL when I was doing a shitty defranco for athletes program. He squatted 3 times x week, I only did once.

I have the upper hand on everything else tough.
post catbro
My first thought was "That's a cute story." What the fuck is happening to me?!

Oh right, well you seem to know your shit, so best of luck to you anon :>




Post catbro.
Gymbro is down for the count for at least two months. Inguinal hernia that he's been fighting for about two years. He eventually got tired of training through the pain. So I've been training at home instead of his house.

I miss my senpai.
Today I'll lift for senpai, breh
I have none, I hate going to the gym with a bro.
File: 1453196759640.gif (748 KB, 286x155) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
748 KB, 286x155
I thought the queerposting was memes, but it's starting to get to me
>Be me.
>Gymbro is based friend from childhood.
>He's /fit/ and teaches me the ropes.
>Has a lot of trouble with grils because beta and kinda autist.
>He's reaching 30, single and depressed.
>I'm his only real friend.
>"Only you understand me, Anon"
>Be close like brothers.
>Share everything, hang out always, cook food together.
>I'm gay, he's straight
>"I'm never going to find a gril, Anon"
>Yes you will
>Find him grils,. He's to passive to do moves. Goes to gym instead.
>"Jesus christ you autist fuck"
>Starts seriously talking about 'going gay'
>Asks if we can experiment to test stuff.
>tfw can't you just be my gymbro
>Tells me he has feelings for me
>"No you don't. You've just given up on grils."
>Thinks I'm rejecting him.
>He gets seriously depressed. Stops calling me.
>Me worried like fuck.

I just want my gymbro back. What do? :(
I hate people who go to the gym in pairs or in groups. They end up talking and wasting time. It affects me because I will sometimes have to wait for those faggots to finish.

Do everyone a favor and go to the gym alone. If you need a spot ask someone to spot you. The best gymbro is yourself.
Found the person with no friends
I think you know exactly what to do breh
File: Mwv17dS.gif (231 KB, 800x508) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
231 KB, 800x508
> start frequenting the gym while i am 16 years old with my twin brother and a good friend
> 19 years old now, good friend has met this horrible fat girl and stopped going to the gym
> says he is enjoying life now
> he is becoming quite skinny these days
> it is just difficult to look at
>needing validation from a woman to be happy
>enjoying life

pick one.
I'm not going to fuck gymbro, senpai.
File: 1436391345136.jpg (34 KB, 600x662) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 600x662
I don't have any and it hurts.
File: 1452480394772.gif (630 KB, 245x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
630 KB, 245x245
I-I can be your gymbro, senpai. B-but you'll have to teach me the ropes.
>hes a degenerate faggot.
>Can no longer spot me or lift because he took one too many anonymous dicks and got the aids.
At least rim his /fit/ hole, bro.
We've had sex twice, actually. He's obviously not gay imao, he's just very fucking lonely.
I want him to find a gril, but he doesn't want to get hurt again so he clings to me instead :(
>have sex with men twice
>not gay
pick one
File: 1424287971669.jpg (88 KB, 467x453) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 467x453
we were bros

Then he got really fucking gay, clingy, and needy. Always texting me, grabbing my hands, jealous when I hung out with my non gym friends.

Now I have to go to a separate gym...I just wanted someone to lift and play basketball with. Fucking faggots, making it really hard to not go full day of the rope.
You live a boring life, don't you anon.
File: 1450305064797.png (234 KB, 375x466) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
234 KB, 375x466
>I'm not going to fuck gymbro
>We've had sex twice

Your story is quickly degenerating
I briefly thought I was in love.

No joke. Legitimately felt love for the guy.
Sorry. I meant to say I'm not going to fuck him (again). Happy now? More sex would complicate things.
I met my gymbro on /fit/ in a uni thread 2 years ago. Thanks /fit/, no homo
You obviously fancy him.

Make him yours, fgt.

That went so gay so quickly
It's too late. You've already convinced me that none of this happened. You don't even have a gymbro, do you?

You just have your titillating gaysex stories to try and get a rise out of the faggots on a Cambodian hoisting forum
My gym bro.

Well. I love him.

I love him, I see him as an equal partner in life. I see a world in him, a future. I know that he's the perfect partner, greatest friend, and I know he'd be a perfect father to our children. I know that with him anything is possible.

I didn't realize all of this at first. I had spent time with women, and even close to marrying one once. But I never saw the other side until about a year and a half ago until I met him. Though it took me a lot of time to realize this about him, and see all of this in him.

I've been lifting with him for about a year now. He had to take some time off when I deployed, but after I returned him and I went right back at it together again while I kept going.

Lifting with him is fun. Him and I share a lot of jokes, engage in gossip about friends, and even discuss the more serious issues about life. Talking to him is easy, being around him is even easier.

Even though he can't lift as much as I can, not even close. I still love spotting and encouraging him along the way. I love the days when he gets eager to up his own weight, sometimes he can manage, sometimes he can't. But it's safe to say that he wouldn't be getting any gains if I wasn't around because he didn't know what lifting was but I love helping and guiding people, especially him.

Sadly him and I aren't in a committed relationship anymore. I dearly miss his warm embrace or when he'd hold my hand driving, despite my hand being sweaty from being nervous. I really loved that he put up with my dip habit and even kissed me a few times when I had a lip in. Of course the sex was fantastic. So many sleepless nights spent rolling around in the bed with him.

Truly devastating to me to lose him. Though I think he may come back. Each day we see each other, when we look in each others eyes I get that feeling that there's still something more between us. Sadly I am waiting for him to mature and realize what I am offering.
File: pete pls.jpg (122 KB, 740x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
pete pls.jpg
122 KB, 740x960
He does exist, little troll. Now shoo.

I need him to move on and find a gril, so I can date people again without him getting jealous.
File: 1442583266762.jpg (60 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Someone post some more gay sex stories for fucks sake
Is this the homosex thread now?
I have 3. King Gucci, Shit Eyes, and another bro. They are all about equal in strength, except me, I am the weakest of the group. They call me Big Meat. They are good men, we have a pretty good time working out diffrent muscle groups daily.
>tfw no gym bro
>no one to help me to bench press so I have to either do low weight or stick to dumbell press
Why even live?
My gymbro is a grill actually and she's pretty cool. Goes hard in the gym, brings me food when I need it, good to talk to, etc. She is pretty good looking now but has much more potential and hoping dat squat ass makes it better. She just got her diet in check and is going up 2.5-5lbs in most lifts a week.
>Sadly him and I aren't in a committed relationship anymore. I dearly miss his warm embrace or when he'd hold my hand driving, despite my hand being sweaty from being nervous. I really loved that he put up with my dip habit and even kissed me a few times when I had a lip in. Of course the sex was fantastic. So many sleepless nights spent rolling around in the bed with him.

Man, you tell me.

Also, I swear /fit/ wasn't this gay before. What's up with the recent surge of gays in here?
>not posting catbro
not gonna make it, brah
>At gym
>Always get a boner when I squat
>Did I mention I was squatting on my gymbros hot cock?
You responded to the wrong guy, but I got you senpai.

Normally I don't talk about it, but man I am burdened by these feels and have to express it.
File: 1414360320539.jpg (146 KB, 1500x773) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146 KB, 1500x773
same. None of my friends from high school and college lift anymore and the ones that still do live in different states.
No, I responded to the right guy, I just quoted you.

I thought you might be a copy pasta. What the heck is a dip habit and having a lip in?
chewing tobacco
Hey bro, you're not a baker just because you bake a couple cakes
Gym bro competes at a national level for a sport (American football) I play for the same uni team and seconds football, workout 3 times a week depending on our schedule and do his workout. Push myself harder and he's always ready to go. He can outlift me by about 1.5 times everything so I try my hardest not to dissapoint. Really nice lad and good mate
It's almost as though we were human. Ha, just imagine.
My roommate's gonna start lifting with me tomorrow.

>tfw i'm still beginnermode myself
>tfw i don't take it seriously enough
post catbro

That's a cute story. But don't hang on too long for him. You sound like too nice of a boy to not share your love with someone.
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sansa clip.jpg
5 KB, 275x183
small, great music taste and good battery life
>gymbro and I meet up in front of Victoria's Secret to go get dinner with other friends of ours
>we were there first
>decided to go in for some reason
>tfw two large bulky men giggling like schoolgirls in the panties section
We'll see, as long as I still hold feelings for him I don't plan on giving up. There's a lot of potential in him that I see.
Kekk'd audibly
File: 1452639105060.jpg (17 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>gym bro is best bro of 15 years
>I started off as a fatass looking to lose weight
>he was a hungry skeleton
>after a year we both reach our goal weights
>one day he trips over a plate that was left lying on the ground with an oly bar in his hands
>snaps his wrist
>year of recovery
>lost everything
>hungry skele again

He's starting coming to the gym with me recently and is making great progress.
>tfw gym bro stopped going to gym with me in order to spend time with his new girlfriend.
File: 1449317638057s.jpg (3 KB, 125x120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>We went to the gym 6 months together
>Those were the happiest days of my life
>He moves out to pursue his dream
>I continue lifting alone
>Until I finally switch to home gym
>Now I lift with my feels and myself
They are the best companion ever. I don't need you Paul
>me and gymbro just started taking fitness really seriously
>still both skellies
>whenever i feel down about how i'm skelly i talk to him about fitness and i feel better about myself
>we're all gonna make it.jpg
File: thisniggagay.jpg (31 KB, 500x292) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 500x292
>Have black gymbro
>call him chocolate thunder
>be me, going for 4 rep max skwat
>feel his oh so loving warm embrace as he spots me..
>I can feel his warm breath on my neck.
>the very hairs on my neck start to stand
>he whispers into my ear with his strong yet sweet chocolate voice
>"you got this baby... its all you.."
>the weight was to much to handle
>fall into his arms
>look up at him, into those gorgeous light brown eyes.
>"I-I love you"
>"I have been waiting for you to say that for so long"
>we passionately kiss on the spot.
>everyone looking
>go back to his house and make sweet, sweet love.
>when we finish we are holding each other in a loving embrace.
>I stutter "no homo bro"
>mfw he still hasnt said no homo
You've only got 72 hours before its gay
>gymbro was a former fatty before i knew him
>got pretty fit and kept it off
>go to the gym almost every fucking morning
>we joke around and spout le epik meems while working out
>come up with nicknames for regulars we always see
>his lifts are kind of shit but whatevs so are mine
>my competitive bone always makes me want to do better than him
>good times were had

he's a really cool guy. 10/10 gymbro.
told me he had a crush on me once, but i said i wasn't interested.
sometimes i wonder if that was the right choice...
we still lift as if nothing has changed.
Been my Best friend since i was 4. Live with him now, we're the biggest lifters at our gym, and we don't talk to anyone there. We lift heavy ass weights and talk exclusively to each other, we must look gay as fuck and i wouldn't have it any other way. no homo
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Thread images: 23
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