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> tfw you realize that every girl/gf you...
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> tfw you realize that every girl/gf you ever/will date turn into gain goblinz
yeah pretty much.

i dated a few artsy girls and gamers and shit and tried bringing them to the gym with me

never again

pump n dump get your rocks off and dont waste your time
No. You turn into your own gains goblin when you lose your convictions, and allow yourself to become slack. I had a girlfriend who never asked me to skip the gym once. Actually, we went and worked out together even when we travelled.

It's beyond beta to blame women for your problems.
my only girlfriend is your mom so she just gives me all your protein powder haha get fucked faggot
this desu
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>gf was in gymnastics, basketball and track growing up
>played soccer on scholarship during college
>hates fat people
>regularly kicks my ass during runs

life is good
>not having a gf who supports your hobbies
>Not having a cardio bunny gf
>girl wants you to hang out
>you go to gym instead bc you don't skip gym for anyone except mom
>she wants you even more bc she can't control you

If she ends up getting irritated she can leave, she never wanted you to begin with, famiglia
this girl im trying to get something going with works her ass off in the gym and ive never been so turned on.
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What now guys

>pls respond


>Not using the archaeologist line.

What are you? A new fag?
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>have a gf who goes to the gym
>she will either annoy you by going with you every time
>if you go separately she will cuck you with chad or jamal
>if she doesn't go she will feel insecure and be mad at you for going
>only solution is a home gym where you can lift naked with her

why even bother
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Fair point anon.
>if she doesn't go she will feel insecure
>she will feel insecure
That's good. Now exploit the insecurity
Did she ever respond
My gf and I go together almost everyday. She does her thing, I do mine. You can't leave her for an hour and go workout?
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>tfw my waifu is a gain provider, always pushing me to do my best
If she's sucking your seed then she's a gainz goblin

You need your seed to build muscle
Nah, probably asleep, she hasn't unmatched or anything.
I sent my 2nd and 3rd messages about 30 minutes after her response.
How does that ass taste m8?

Soccer grills have the nicest butts.
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Well guess what buddy? One day you will have to grow up and be an adult and have adult responsibilities like a wife and family and you won't be allowed to play in the gym anymore, so you better just resign yourself to that reality now and get used to liking it because THAT IS GOING TO BE YOUR LIFE AND YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.
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Set expectations.

I just got off a skype chat with my gf and I told her I'm going to have to be very deliberate with my time for the next six months (studying for June lsat+working full time+working out).

I let her know that getting my workouts in was as much a priority as studying or working and she understood.

She's similar; very bookish, very studious.

Talk to your girl, establish boundaries. Let her know where you're going and if that's a ride she wants to be on with you.

And most importantly find a girl with similar values and goals.
Thus this <-------------------this-----------------> much.
>not answering "me too"
>started dating last summer
>just finished my cut, look decent
>depression kicks in, stop lifting and start eating shit
>gained 10kg of fat
>month ago started lifting again
>week ago started my cut measuring everything counting mactos and shit
>gf start worrying
>she sits me down and tells me she is scared I will die because of this crazy turn in my lifestyle
>tell her this ia necessary for me so I can be healthy and look better
>she just says she doesnt understand
Anyway going to keep cutting until im at 12-15% bf
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What do I write to the girl I saw 2 times (at a friends party). Should I ask my friend for help? His gf is her best friend. How do dates work? It has been 10 years bruhs. No memeing plz
When I was younger yeah girls will steal your gains and not think anything of it but as you get older you realise that you are lifting for yourself and not to get sluts.
Just ask to setup a double date

Do something low-key like a concert you all can see. Get some drinks with her there and you'll be set
Joke's on you, I'm ugly and will never have my gains stolen by femgoblins!
T-this could work thx. So I'll ask my friend first what to do? I have her number though.
Yeah don't text her. At all. Get to know her better at the concert or whatever event it is before you do that.

Don't do the "HEY EXCITED TO SEE YOU TONIGHT" or make shitty small talk. If she only spoke to you briefly twice before she won't be interested in you...yet
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TFW the girl i'm dating said we should go to the gym together
Why don't you just get yourself a gf at the gym?

If you are a homo that visits Golds Gym or some shit then you deserve nothing but cock. If you are a well-rounded individual who isn't scared of women then you should have a decent chance at your mixed-sex gym
I really hope Trump wins
>And most importantly find a girl with similar values and goals.
Can't stress this enough. Beyond looks, body, personality, yeah those things matter, but every hottie I broke up with was because we were headed in different directions in life and didn't want to change that. The woman I married wants all the same things as me, and it's so damn easy to get along and be happy.
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Well we had a good talk and quite a few laughs within the group. I wouldn't try anything if I would consider my chances below 25%. The last girl I had a crush on didn't even know it, I just waited around 3 years until the feels went away, had to skip some uni classes but that's ok I guess, more time to train r-right? Plz kill me, my hands are soaking wet.
Me too bro, and I'm not even from the USA.
A strong America is what's best for the west, I truly believe that, and Trump looks like the best bet for that to happen.
Neither am I.
True dat.
Also him not being a whipped ass bitch pussy liberal who wants every country to be like Sweden is fantastic.
PLZ be is Lond-I mean, Sydney.
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