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I need help /fit/
I've never been lean in my life. I fucked up every cut I did by losing a lot of muscle.
I decided to gain muscle and never go on a cut in my life.
What I need to know is what kind of training should I do.
Since the begining, I try to lift as heavy as I can but since I'll eat less and better, I'll probably have less energy.
+ HIT are known to help for fat loss but on the other hand I have to lift heavy to gain muscles mass.

I know about the food I have to stop and start eating. I'm just lost about the training I should do.
Make your cardio incline walking on the treadmill. Eat right at your maintenance level. Get lots of Protein.

when you do cut, just go 3 days Zero carbs and 3 days light carbs. Do it for 12 days and go back to bulking. The Keto will keep your muscle and target the fat
I'm usually going for a "general" feel for my food. I don't count how many calories I eat but I just check and avoid unhealthy food and try to get as many protein as I can.
About the training, should I stick to what I'm doing or should I go for a more intense workout ?
Tell me your current stats, height weight and maybe post a pic, then tell me what you want to do and I will tell you what you should do to get to that goal.
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Fuck I just broke my phone and have no picture of me.
I'm 84kg for 1m81.
Bench Press: 90kg
Deadlift: 140kg
Squat: I have no idea, it's been a long time (knee injury)

Since I don't have a pic, I'll just descibe it. I'm in a good shape. Like I really look like a well built man since people makes me compliment about it.
Let's say that I look good but as soon as I take my shirt off, all there is are good arms, no chest, good back slight visible abs. No definition anywhere.

Pic related is the only recent clothed pic I could find, sorry.
I look like B5 and D7. D7 has way much better chest than I have. So closer to B5
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I have a good chest exercise.

it requires a real bench press. preferably Olympic. Start with 135lbs and warm up, maybe 5 reps or something.

Then add 10lbs. Do two reps. Add ten pound. do two reps. Repeat this until failure. Do this 3 days a week. It made my chest pop and raised my max bench by about 80lbs. Also if 135 is to low for you, try 155.

now as for your over all goal. I recommend a 6 day work out every week, 3 days lifting and 3 days cardio+abs

your goal is going to be lifting 3 by 10. Ideally on your 3rd set your struggling.

This is what I do for example on Triceps. I do a pull down machine, isolate my body and move only my arms. By my 3rd set I am having a hard time getting to ten. week 2 I was able to go to Ten a little easier. By week 3 on my last set I went past 10 and did it until failure. So now Next week I will have to up the weight and start all over again trying to get to 10 and push beyond.

Also consider making a spread sheet of you food intake, count EVERY calorie. Decide what your calorie maintenance level is and go 500 under for a cut and 500 above for a bulk. Now the hard part is balancing your Fat/Carb/Protein intake withing that calorie limit.

Here is an example of my diet spread sheet. The top row is what I ate that day and the bottom stuff is food I do eat sometimes but put off to the side for later use, I can plug it in on a different day if I ate it. The green stuff is breakfast and lunch and its the same every day.
I dont look like any of those guy, I have such a big chest. I like it and hate it. It makes me look bigger than I really am but makes my arms look small.
im e5 or e6
feels... bad?
d4 reporting in
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I guess I should take some pics, all I can find is something from 2012 and I hadnt been to the gym in 4 years.
> Your chest exercice 3 times a week
Does that mean that I have to do it on every lifting day other than chest day or replace this by chest day entirely ?

> Overrall goal tips
Not sure I got all your workout explaination. So I should lift heavy 3x10 on every exercice and go to failure on the last set the next I do 10 reps easily ?
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I recommend Full upper body when you work out. So say Monday, Wednesday, Friday can be full upperbody.

I tried the Shoulder day, chest day, arm day thing and lost all my strength so I just had a bad experience with it.

3 x 10 and do it with a weight that is hard to get to your 30th rep. If you do 30 reps and didn't struggle you should have done it with more weight. If you can, when you are done with your 30 reps, push yourself as hard as your can and do more on your last set, do it until you fail.

For me my 1st set feels like a good warm up. my next set feels like its heavy and on my 3rd set I am thinking, "can I do all 10?" and I push myself to 10. After doing this for 2 or 3 weeks you will get to that last rep easier and its not as hard, so go more than 10 on your last set. the next time your work out that particular exercise, add more weight.
Okay I'll go for it.
Can you post your routine since I'm not familiar with lower/upper body workouts ?
I'll try this tomorow morning.
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Monday: Upper body
Tuesday : Legs+abs and cardio
Wednesday: Upper body
Thursday: Legs+abs and cardio
Friday: Upper body
Saturday Legs+abs and cardio
Sunday: Recovery - Stretching/Yogo stuff

Go light on the legs since your cardio will also work your legs. If you can do the treadmill on the steepest incline it will go to and walk at at 3.0 MPH. Its not running but it will wear your ass out when you do it for 20 minutes.
Thanks but by routine I meant what you do on Upper Body day like wich exercices and all.

I do this order

Bench press machine (wish so bad we had an actual bench)
5 x 4 and then a 5th set of 20 reps.

Lat Pull Downs: 5 x 4 and a 5th set of 10

Dumbbell Curls: 3 x 10

Tricep Pull Down: 3 x 10

Shoulder Raises with dumbbells 3 x 10

2nd Heat Dumbbell Curls: 3 x 10 with less weight.
Thanks m8.
I'll probably go with a full body routine since I can't get to the gym 6 times a week (I'm a student)
>literally chestbrah
He never posted. This old piece of shit needs to fucking be thrown away and NEVER posted again.
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